“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, November 03, 2006

Murder, Murder, Murder in the Darfur Desert, The Daily Work of Islamic Youths

Well, what part of that inflammatory headline is not true? It is murder alright, and has been going on for some time. The numbers are all over the place but 200,000 seems to be the number of choice. Muslims? Oh yea, they are a black Arab tribe, by euphemism, a militia. They are not a militia, they are a gang of the murder wing of the cult of Islam. Do they give a hearty "Allah Akbar" when they do their butchery? In the spirit of the BBC, we will call them "youths", We will be slightly more accurate and call them "Islamic Youth".

Here is what one ex-janjaweed had to say: BBC
A former member of Sudan's pro-government Arab militias, the Janjaweed, has told the BBC's Newsnight programme that ministers in Khartoum gave orders for the activities of his unit in the Darfur region, which included killings and rape.
Following are excerpts of the interview with ex-fighter "Ali", who is now living in London.

The people who trained us came from the north, from the government. They gave us orders, and they say that after we are trained they will give us guns and ammunition...

They were wearing the uniforms of the military...

I tell you one fact. The Janjaweed don't make decisions. The orders come from the government...

One very well-known and regular visitor was Interior Minister Abdul Rahim Muhammad Hussein.
We will be split into two groups, one on horses, one on camels...

The aircraft went ahead of the Janjaweed. We saw the smoke, we saw the fire, then we went in...

Whenever we go into a village and find resistance we kill everyone. Sometimes they said wipe out an entire village...

We hear kill! Kill! Kill! And we shoot to kill...

Most were civilians - most were women...

Innocent people running out and being killed including children. And those who escape will die of thirst.

There are many rapes. But they don't do it in front of others. They take the victim away and rape them.

And it goes on and on. This is from the BBC today

Darfur militias 'kill children'

The Janjaweed are accused of ethnic cleansing. Militias backing Sudan's government have killed at least 63 people in attacks in Darfur in the past week, African peacekeepers say. At least 27 of the victims are thought to be children under the age of 12.

The attacks were carried on camps for the displaced in the rebel stronghold of Jebel Moun, in West Darfur. The government says it is disarming the Janjaweed militia but a BBC correspondent in Sudan says all the evidence points to the exact opposite.

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has urged the Sudanese government to restrain the militia's following the attacks.


Militia wearing government uniforms, on camels and horseback, swept into the camps in Jebel Moun on 29 October.

The African Union (AU) investigation team has just returned from the area to make its report.


  1. They were just making a joke about Bush and botched it.

  2. Darfur, outside of the US Zone of Concern, rufus has told US, many times.
    Just like Somolia & Warizistan, as well as Georgia.

    We have never discussed the triborder region of South America, but the Mohammedan pressure is building there.

    Went to the State Fair, yesterday. A new twist, at least for me, is the elevation of Emilio Zapata as a cult or ethnic hero. My favorite Mexican revolutionary, he has now surpassed both Che and Poncho Villa in T-shirt views.

    Along with news of Revolution in Oxaca, to cool! The wheel turns, again.
    Viva Zapata! Viva la Revolution!

    Watch that oil infrastructure in Ecquador and Mexico.

  3. Today, as is the norm, I checked out what the gang had to say, while I was away.

    I saw the comments about Saddam and the Bomb & the NYTimes. Well, well I thought, this would make for some interesting reading, as the "News" hit the MSM, above the fold.

    But then, as I gazed upon the morning briefing at RCP, I see not a mention amongst the many articles and stories. Not a one, from either Camp.

    There's gonna be a Revolution, just don't know where.

  4. how could you diss Charo like that. I mean Emilio is Emilio but Charo ..

    State fair...did ya use the big mallet and ring the bell?
    Did you stick you face in one of those cut outs that makes you into a desperado?
    Were the port-a-johns odor free?
    Hope you had a great time.

    Oh yeah Dafar. Too bad.

  5. The pre-mortum of the Republican's losing the House and a governing majority in the Seante is given here by Charles Krauthammer.

    Losin' ain't no big thing, historicly, it'll be "small" potatos.

    And not Mr Bush's fault, either.

  6. the simple problem with Darfur is that there is NO way to BLAME the JOOOOS....

    Really it aint news that arabs murder...

    it aint news that arabs take slaves

    it aint news that arabs rape and mutilate women and little kids...

    another day....

    Want a solution?

    Boycott chinese cheap crap and arab oil...

  7. Rang the bell, but Jr missed.
    No desperado cut outs for me

    And if given the chance, I advice passing on fried Coke.

    The demolition derby was great fun, since my little girl is pushin 16 and we brought her boyfriend along, I went this year.
    Figured there may not be another chance to enjoy it with my "little" kids.

    Some wierd lookin folk come out for the State Fair, though. Some of the fattest folk I've ever seen.

  8. To be honest DR, it could be interesting if the Democrats do take the house. The Senate would be a disaster. The only important thing they will do over the next two years will be Supreme Court nominations.

    The House is different. If the Dems win, it will be razor thin. The only thing that will happen will be investigation after investigation. No legislation can pass a Bush veto. The 2008 Presidential Race will be in gear by next summer. The loss will sober the Republicans up and a Democratic House will prove a useful foil for any candidate. On balance it will be no more or less efective than the House we presently have.

  9. Good morning, Elephant Bar.

    Boy do I have a link for you - its the stuff of Islamic legend, crafted by Adel Zaanoun:

    PALESTINIAN mothers and wives braved Israeli helicopter gunships today to rescue 15 fighters besieged in a northern Gaza mosque, using their heavily veiled bodies as human shields.

    One side celebrates its upping the ante, the other hates its restraint.

    The sun is setting on our old obligations, on our old regimes.

  10. Hey Rat,
    You wanna put up any money on the Dems taking the house?

  11. This might be a bit long but a quick review is in order of the ME.
    1.NIE 2002 & Geo. Tenet say Sadam has WMD
    2.Intel agencies of GB,Germany,Russia,China,Israel all agree Sadan has WMD's.
    3.1998 Bill Clinton,"If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force,our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat poaed by Iraq's WMD program"
    4.1998,Mad Albright, "For the risk that the leaders of a rogue state will use NBC weapons against us is the greatest security threat we face(Iraq).
    5.Sandy Berger,NSA Adviser."He will use WMD again, as he has ten times since 1983"
    6.Carl Levin."He has ignored the mandate of the UN and is building WMD's and the means of delivering them"
    7.Hillary 10/2002 "In the four years since the inspectors left,intel reports show that S.H. has worked to rebuild his NBC program and delivery systems. He has also given aid,comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including AQ.
    Jay Rockefeller "will likely have nuclear weapons within the next five years"

    Joe Wilson turned out to be a liar. The above Dems are all shit birds, fair weather shit birds.

    Source. Congressional record, Commentary Magazine, Wash Post. NYT.

    So we went to war. The KGB moved the stuff to Syria but we won't go there to prove it.
    The world said go. We did. The world chickened out when the going got tough and we failed to conquer the Iraqi's. We did topple the statue though, capture Saddam nad set up an election process and government.
    They're just too tribal to grasp what the Enlightenment taught us.
    So lets take the oil fields and fuck'em.

  12. Rufus, There is no legistlation that can get passed with the majority the Dems will have if they have it. Are you saying Bush will sign an amnesty program. If he does that, I will not care if the Republicans ever win another election.

  13. How much effort would be required to take down the Sudanese air force?

    How difficult would be the task of cutting utilities to Khartoum?

  14. ppab,

    Your link cannot be true! Everyone knows that brave Muslim warriors fight to the death, and would never be so cowardly as to take refuge in a mosque or hide behind women.

    Israeli timidity is the fault for the escape. No mosque. No terrorists. No escape.

  15. doug. No, I still am sticking to my origiinal projection, the Dems win small, 12 to 16 seats in the House, 3 to 5 in the Senate.
    Not enough of an edge for me to bet on.

    I discount the talk of a "wave", flushing the House of Republicans.

    But the pundits do not. For Charles to have already ceded the House just shows, to me, how depressed the "conservatives" in DC are.

    Few of US will end up voting for Librarians, so the status que will win. Regardless.

  16. DR, when I took my kids to the fair we always had a beer belly contest.

    My son or daughter would come up to me while I was gazing at a tractor or an antique irrigation pump or some quilt or jar of jam and say

    "Dad, we have a winner". then we'd all oh so subtely wander over to check out the contestant. Usually it was some guy buying a deep fried twinkie that hadn't seen the tops of his shoes since the sixties.

    I limit myself to one beer a day during the week. My theory is simple. Nobody, but nobody is ever accused of having a cheap white wine belly!

  17. What a touching photo, lusty Muslim lads gleefully experiencing the joys of youth: murder, rape, pillage, bigotry - everyone the apple of some mother's eye.

    In the words of the Prophet, a family that slays together stays together.

  18. from ppab's 9:49 link:

    PALESTINIAN mothers and wives braved Israeli helicopter gunships today to rescue 15 fighters besieged in a northern Gaza mosque, using their heavily veiled bodies as human shields...
    Militants from various armed groups, including Hamas, had been besieged in the al-Nasr mosque since yesterday, seeking protection from Operation Autumn Clouds, one of the biggest Israeli incursions in Gaza for the past four months.

    Surely all the besieged Muslim fighters will need Viagra after this insult to their manhood. The debilitating effect of this episode could be exceeded only by a nuclear strike or by catching an accidental glimpse of Madeline Albright's thighs.

    It doesn't seem likely to me, however, that the Israelis will remove the restraints against firing on 'civilians' soon. Too many NGOs without borders are chomping at the bit to drag them to the Hague if they do so.

  19. rufus,

    re: Social Security

    I did not know if the guy was serious until I read the whole article. It is still hard to believe. And Germany, the grand-daddy of all social security plans and scams, beginning with Bismarck, who woulda thunk it?!

  20. After watching that Gaza Mosque footage, this morning, of the women of Mohammed rushing to shield their men, it made me wonder, yet again.

    Were or are they "civilians"?

    I tend to think not, what say you, ash?

    Were those women actively invoved in the fighting?
    Were they supporting the Mohammedan combatants?
    Are they not also part and parcel of the Enemy force?

    Should they have been fired upon to stop them from tipping the battle in favor of the Mohammedans?

  21. stoutfellow,

    re: Hague

    At some point the Israelis are going to catch on, as did a bunch of kids in Warsaw. If they are going to kill you, no matter what, why not go down fighting?

  22. That link had much more to say about Zogby, in particular, then polling in general, rufus.

  23. DR,

    Ash could find something nice to say for Islam despite a pile of freshly severed heads.

    Do remember, DR, Ash has told us the brave Palestinian "peoples" have their backs to the wall. Only the Israelis would so overreact to a few dozen rockets a day fired from Gaza into Israel.

  24. You are right about those Israeli over reaction, allen.

    They should learn from the US example. Uniformed Mexicans have run cross border Ops into the US over 100 times in the past few years.

    The US never responds in kind. The Israeli need to learn how to go with the flow, like US.

  25. allen,

    re: Warsaw ghetto uprising

    I sincerely hope so. The day of reckoning for the Jewish state is rapidly approaching.

  26. stoutfellow,

    re: day of reckoning

    From what I gather, it could come any day. As usual, the Egyptians are playing a double game, so look for them to get involved when the shooting starts.

    While it does no good to cry over spilled milk unless some lesson can be learned, the Israelis made a monumental strategic blunder in not taking out Syria during the action in Lebanon. The price of this timidity will now have to paid in blood.

    Since the Lebanese government and the so called peacekeepers are ignoring the daily, material violations of Dr. Rice's much vaunted Franco-American UNSC Resolution 1701, Israel should not be reluctant in hitting the Lebanese infrastructure lethally.

    I'm dreaming, to be sure, but why not? Madame Rice has her illusions and delusions, so why not I.

  27. Desert Rat, they certainly joined in the battle, so, yes, the became combatants. Should they have been mowed down? I don't believe so, they didn't tip the battle one way or the other and to have done so would have made for some bad press.

    allen, and others, keep screaming for some muslim, any muslim to stand up an condemn some of the crap we are witnessing. Here is one:

    "How could the Muslim world stay silent? How could there be no outrage at the ugly atrocities being committed in Darfur? As of this writing, there is not a single mention of the Darfur crisis on the website of the Organization of Islamic Conference. What shameful hypocrisy.

    The Qur'an is unambiguous when it comes to Muslims fighting Muslims: "If two parties among the Believers fall into a quarrel, make peace between them. If, however, one of them transgresses beyond bounds against the other, then fight (all of you) against the party that transgresses until it complies with the command of God. If it does (then) complies, then make peace between them with justice and be equitable, for God loves those who are equitable" (49:9).

    Where are the Muslim armies that should have been dispatched to protect their Darfurian brothers and sisters? The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), before being commissioned by God, was a party to the Fudul Alliance, a pact among the pagans of Mecca which vowed to assist anyone oppressed and in need."

    A Midwestern Muslim
    Hesham A. Hassaballa

    Shameful Hypocrisy

  28. Sure they tipped the battle, ash.
    The Mohammedans that had been besieged in the Mosque were able to escape, to fight another day, rather than being killed or captured by the IDF.

    A defeat for the Mohammedans became another draw.

  29. rufus & DR,

    Should the Dems mount a campaign strong enough to regain the House, it seems counterintuitive to think they would no also carry the Senate.

  30. The majority of the 12 to 15 House seats, allen, that are in real contention are in the Blue States where the Dems already control the Senate seats, or like FL are split purple States.

    It is only in a "wave" that the Senate would switch.

    For anyone interested, I found that House report on the Border that was discussed a couple weeks ago. It is one thing to read reports based on the Report, another entirely to read it yourself.

    Crisis on the Southern Frontier read it and weep. Our Homeland Security is not up to par.
    Hell, it double boogies each and every hole. Not an eagle in sight, well, not a bald eagle.
    That Mexican bird is everywhere.

  31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. Ash may not appreciate it, but I do; the links kindly provided by Ash make my case against the international Muslim elites. These elites, in failing to act against the Sudanese government are, thereby, supporting the Sudanese government in not only its extermination of inconvenient Muslims, but in its decades’ long genocide of the Christians and animists of southern Sudan.

    Thanks Ash. I didn’t know you had it in you.

    “There is no religious element in this conflict, unlike the decades-old conflict in the South between the minority Christians, who are persecuted by Muslims. Both the janjaweed and tribes of Darfur are Muslim. In fact--and this makes my blood curdle in fury--the Human Rights Watch report documents how the janjaweed have destroyed mosques, killed imams, and desecrated Qur'ans of the Darfur. The report lists 39 mosques in Darfur that have been destroyed by the janjaweed. Muslims are killing Muslims; Muslims are destroying mosques; Muslims are desecrating Qur'ans.”

    DR, note the number of mosques destroyed. The Israelis should take this as a green light for similar action in Gaza. The killing of imams and other Muslims is a bonus.

  33. rufus,

    re: never happened

    Given an infinite number of elections, it will. This could be that time.

  34. This Bird is nesting further and further North, while this one makes the endangered species list.

    The truth is bitch, sometimes.

  35. DR & rufus,

    We all will learn one thing next Tuesday: did the bipartisan, incumbent favoring redistricting of House districts work.

  36. allen, your welcome. I fully realized that the gentleman was very critical of Islam but also, the salient point for you, is that he was arguing using the Koran as a basis and as a muslim.

  37. I think it will have, allen.

    The Blue States will be bluer, at a Federal level, the Red States, redder.

    Only a couple of Purple Districts are really in play.
    Plus the two Districts impacted by the Foley follies. FL16 & NY26.

    If either of those switch it will not be due to demographics but disgust with the status que.

    The rest of the Game is pretty secure in the results.
    DeLay may have saved the Republican majority with that Texas gerrymander, if the Pubs hold on by a seat or two in the House.

  38. DR, hmmm, the unarmed women tipped the balance and a couple got killed... if only the pali's realized the power they could exercise if they took Ghandi's route....

  39. But the Palis follow Mohammed's model, not Ghandi's.
    Which is the crux of the problem, around the World, or at least in the Mohammedan Arc.

    Symbols of the French state, including policemen, firemen and postmen, are under intensified attack from disaffected youths as the country faces the worst race relations crisis in its history.

    Hardly a night passes without gangs — many of them from immigrant families — attacking police cars, buses and emergency rescue teams.

    Yesterday, the weekly magazine Le Nouvel Observateur published a confidential report drawn up by a public service trade union, the CGT, containing scores of eye-witness accounts of brutal attacks on public servants who work in the worst suburbs, or "banlieues", from gas board workers to staff from the electricity company.

    Its publication follows the revelation that attacks on police have soared this year, with some 14 a day, and a growing number of incidents in which officers have been lured into ambushes.

    This has prompted a warning that the day France witnesses the lynching of a policeman is not far off.

    The CGT report painted a graphic picture of violence: blocks of cement dropped on paramedic crews; washing machines pushed off balconies on to fire engines; electricity company agents too scared to cut off customers who have not paid bills, after being attacked with knives, guns and fists.

    On the Right and Left, politicians have accused youths of singling out symbols of the state, in an attempt to show that they, and not the French republic, are the law in their run-down neighbourhoods.

    Shortly after three weeks of rioting that gripped French suburbs last November, Nicolas Sarkozy, the interior minister and favourite to be the Centre-Right candidate for the French presidency next year, said the violence, which left scores of businesses in ruins and nearly 10,000 cars burned, was above all "territorial". Gangs were trying to seize control of a piece of territory, "and rule it by force", Mr Sarkozy said in an interview with Le Point magazine.

  40. Ash,

    re: salient point

    No, Ash, the salient point was that he was disparaging the international Muslim elites whose blatant disinterest in the fates of millions of their fellows in Darfar and millions of Christians and animists to the south condoned the murder of the Sudanese government.

    Good try, but no cigar.

  41. desert rat,

    re: French Youts

    And they'll have fun, fun, fun,
    till the Gendarme takes their jihad away.

  42. The French used to know how to handle anarchists.

    The Paris Commune

    “The French army spent eight days massacring workers, shooting civilians on sight. The operation was led by Marshal MacMahon, who would later become president of France. Tens of thousands of Communards and workers are summarily executed (as many as 30,000); 38,000 others imprisoned and 7,000 are forcibly deported.”

  43. Allen, it is you who have stated that every muslim is bad.

  44. This morning the guy was on his way to Iraq, but adverse publicity brought a change of heart.

    Deployment of Convicted Soldier Stopped

    Now for that name.

  45. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  46. Ash,

    My position is that Islam is a neo-fascist ideology.

    My position is that Muslims, i.e. those who have submitted are, therefore, fascists.

    I leave to you the use of such words as "bad" and "good". You find some fault in calling a turnip a turnip?

  47. Depends on whether you think burying women and stoning their heads is "bad," or "good."
    I try not to get too JUDGEMENTAL.

    Hell, a little Meth never hurt no-one and probably made sermons more riveting.
    And what's wrong with letting a fag rub your back?

  48. And what's wrong with letting a fag rub your back?

    Dunno, but Pastor Haggart seems to think there was something wrong, he denied knowing Mike Jones when asked by reporters earlier in the week before the story blew up.

  49. Ya just can't trust them
    Crystal Methodists.
    No more Crystal Cathedrals for poor Mr Haggart.

  50. Teresita said...
    And what's wrong with letting a fag rub your back?

    In retrospect that seems to be the least of his problems.