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Friday, November 17, 2006

The Enemy Won't Defeat Us But Despair Will

"When I come to Washington, I feel despair," he said. "When I'm in Iraq with my commanders, when I talk to my soldiers and Iraqi leadership, they are not despairing."

Those were the words spoken by General John Abizaid during testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee this week.

Those are sobering words which all of us should remember as we look into our mirrors.

If the commanders, the soldiers and the Iraqi leadership are not despairing, who are we to give in to despair and defeat? Remember three years ago, before the invasion, the forecasts of KIA in the tens of thousands? Realistically, with just over three thousand dead and three years later, we should be gratefully thanking the Almighty. But with so little faith and confidence in ourselves we swallow the poison presented nightly by a MSM which refused to wear American flag lapel pins and derided those competitors who dared to display "old glory" during the nightly news casts in those uncertain hours before Baghdad fell. After a steady diet of defeat and failure from the opposition party and it's propaganda arm, its no wonder that we despair. Perhaps too, our institutions have forgotten the importance of maintaining public morale when America's finest are dying on foreign soil. Granted, baby boomers were taught that propaganda is bad, but during WWII and throughout the cold war, the US government actively and vigorously engaged in morale boosting campaigns. Admittedly, that is harder to do in a satellite and cable era when the viewer choices are not limited to three broadcast networks but there is good news to be heard and seen.

Unfortunately, in a disinformation era, many of us are left not knowing what to believe.

But, to despair, is to admit defeat at the hands of nothing more than an Islamist rabble who must resort to an "irregular warfare" in order to break the will of both the Iraqi and American publics. Here is some good news about how the military is learning and adapting in Iraq.

Yes, we are caught between Iraq and a hard place as Abizaid acknowledged;
He confirmed reports that police in Anbar province -- where 40 U.S. troops were killed last month --have not been paid for three months.

"People in Sunni areas are not being paid in order to advance the sectarian agenda," he said.

But the two key centers in the province, Ramadi and Falluja, are in good shape, he said.

Despite such issues, the addition of more American forces would simply impede Iraqis from taking responsibility for their own future, Abizaid said.

Asked again whether more troops are needed, the general responded, "We do need more troops and the more troops we need are Iraqis."

And yes, we can argue the point with "the Man" who must surely know better than any civilians.
McCain asked whether the general really believes U.S. troop strength is sufficient to accomplish his aims.

The general acknowledged the military could send 20,000 more troops to help stabilize Baghdad, but said he is not prepared to recommend such a commitment.

Such a move would achieve only "a temporary effect," he said, and further strain an already stretched military.

"The ability to sustain that commitment is simply not something that we have right now, with the size of the Army and the Marine Corps," he said.

Abizaid also responded to questions from McCain and Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida about the situation in Anbar province, considered one of the most dangerous parts of Iraq and an area where al Qaeda in Iraq is active.

"Al-Anbar province is not under control," Abizaid told McCain.

"Al-Anbar province is critical, but more critical than al-Anbar province is Baghdad. Baghdad's the main military effort," Abizaid told Nelson. "That's where our military resources will go."

"There will be some hard things on the horizon," Abizaid told the senators. "We'll have to do something in al-Anbar province. We'll have to commit forces to deal with the Mehdi Army.

"Each of those things will be battles in and of themselves that we can win if we set the right political and military conditions. And I sincerely believe we can do that."

John McCain is convinced that more troops are needed and given the admission that we have four to six months before we lose control, maybe this
argument by Frederick W. Kagan and William Kristol for a heavier footprint
will carry the day. Maybe Abizaid is simply unwilling to make that call. Maybe that is a decision that must be made by the Nation.

There is little time left for a debate. Now is the time for decisions and if there is a silver lining in the result of the off-year Congressional elections, it may be that the Democratic party will be forced to decide whether they wish history to record them as the "cut and run" party or as an integral factor in the defeat of a virulent and worldwide threat to the freedom of mankind. Almost from the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the minority party embittered by BDS and aided by the MSM has opposed the war and all things "Republican." George Bush's exhortations to stay the course have long been ridiculed for political gain but now that the Democrats have secured both houses of Congress, politics must be put aside as the mission is debated on it's merits by men and women acting in the best interests of the country. Its doubtful that the American public will tolerate partisan politics as the deciding factor in the decision to stay or leave Iraq and Afghanistan. The hard core of the "cut and run" crowd will remain committed to that policy but, with a slim majority in both Houses, it will be the measured and rational men and women of Congress who will decide whether we will "stay the course" or withdraw in ignominy. In either case, the decision will be made by a Congress which will be held to account for the consequences of their decision.

This was Frederick Kagan's May 29th Plan for Victory in Iraq

Here is a very interesting development in an Islamist stronghold.


  1. What pray tell would be wrong with levelling Ramadi to rubble. Only has 400,000 people who obviously support the terrorists who have made it a bad, bad place to be.
    So in our attempt to secure Baghedad we obliterate Ramadi as an example. Should have been done a long time ago. If the new Iraqi government raises hell we just apologize, take a few billion off the tab they've run up and say it was a navagational error. It's not like accidents don't happen in woah.

  2. I go to Atlanta for a day and you barflies viciously attack W.C. a.k.a. Teresita et al.

    To bad I can't send a big ole hankie over the net.

  3. allen wrote:

    I go to Atlanta for a day and you barflies viciously attack W.C. a.k.a. Teresita et al.

    Unfortunately, Allen, you just got officially thrown under the bus as part of my scorched earth policy on being linked to nicks other than "Woman Catholic". But then I suspect you didn't want me reading your posts anyway.

  4. rufus said:

    This is the exact same kind of bullshit I was hearing in 67'. If you're not paying the Police, you can damned well bet somebody is.

    "A system of payoffs was set up and soon the Corleone organization had a sizable "sheet", the list of officials entitled to a monthly sum." (The Godfather, page 214)

  5. Crystal ball on Sino-capitalism...just a bit about them rounding up the world.

    Chinas Takeover

    But notice the number of "disturbances" mentioned. These are in the interior where the money isn't being made and the small people are getting shit on daily.

  6. Allen,
    We just spoofed her a bit. I guess she's not in the habit of being spoofed.
    I looked at her site, quite impressive and now devoid of (at least from what I could see) the old lesbian themes and sordid stories. She explains her filing system (zzzz) like we care and I noticed that I was on some list along with Buddy and a few others.
    I'll tell ya if she's do'in any other work, like for the government we're gett'in cheated out of some time. But we know she has "issues" so we humor her now.
    it does show some maturation however going from some "squatting position" avatar to becoming a Nun.
    But then I go from a Habu to a PossumTater so who really has "issues?"

  7. Doug,
    Your first Boo is surreal. Has she got Ora-gel work'n overtime?

  8. Classic Posts, rufus:
    This has been an exercise in MASSIVE incompetence from an administration whose legacy will be
    "Damn the Brick Wall!
    Stay the Course!"
    No Effective Police 3 years later, yet original Garner DOD Plan was to have them immediately after the drive to Baghdad.

  9. Habu,
    The latest procedure loosened up her wide eyes a bit, I think.
    Not that she now looks normal, or anything.

  10. Ya'll see what the Dutch are looking to do? No more burqas? Somebody's growin' a pair.

  11. Rufus,

    Gotcha. No grumpiness apologies needed, although I'm not Whit but I'm sure he understands.

    Perhaps a pick me up:

  12. When W was talking to a bunch of conservatives at the WH, Steyn made a comment about a thankless policing excercise.
    W replied that committing troops to combat was a grave decision.
    ...this to supposedly "explain" why no action has been taken against Iran or Syria.

    Forgetting, I guess that the CIC also oversees the World's Premier Air Force.

  13. Rem 870..
    You're right it looks like a tiny pair are gaining mass and strength. Now maybe with some Gatorade they'll learn how to send the muzzies back to the ME.

  14. Welcome aboard, rufus.

    As I've said before,
    Performance Counts, eventually.

    Each comes to their own conclusion in their own time.

  15. possumDieter,

    Sir I believe you're right. Some good hydro tomato-colata will do wonders for any sore throat one might develop while in the Islands. Maui ah yeah.

  16. What ever, that anonymous welcoming rufus onto the Team was me.

    Dispair, none is needed to face reality square on. Nor is dispair appropriate to the problem.

    The Master Plan is in play, don't visit Israel and you'll all be okay.

  17. Guess Ms T don't like to paste my cuts. Oh well, another editorial cut I missed. Good thing I can self publish.

  18. Rufus 9:18

    I scoped out her site early on and I'm here to tell ya that the one she has up now is NOTHING like the lesbian encrusted one she had fact this is Alice in Wonderland, down the rabbit hole stuff.
    I'll be interested to see her next transformation ...what would be 180 degrees from this ..Satan?

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  20. dieter,
    I would recommend 20 min in a warm oil bath followed by a high colonic irrigation w/aforesaid hydro tomato-colata.

  21. didn't even make the Malum Prohibitum List:

    Buddy Larsen

  22. Forget it!
    Anybody that can come up with:
    "You can bet they're missing the bio-energy paradigm shift that's already starting. "
    Don't need no High Colonics.
    ...and he'll be runnin on recycled Sauna Oil.

  23. Damn, after all she didn't mean to me

  24. Rufus,
    You're right about that. The last futureologist who got it right was Jules Verne

  25. How did lover boy Bobal make the list?

  26. anon..OMG what a Xena super freak....wonder how many layers on this onion?

  27. That's because Mr Verne was really a Knight Templar. Had the secret code to Nostrodomous's dialetic.
    Kid you knot.

  28. This war is too expensive. The US is being played in Iraq in exactly the same way as the US played the Soviets in Afghanistan.

  29. were just too nice and 99.9% of the time too damn right..ok no big head..93%

    As for Bobo..he'll be crushed if he finds out..maybe it was his overt fondness that closed her loins and dialed up a lesbian rage for the people with the penis.

  30. That young lady has some fine legs if I may say so, even if she fancies Xena more than Batman

  31. Can one believe what has happenned to aristide? Super freaky, that Ivy Leaguer.
    Has to be a case of stolen or at least misplaced identity.

    That boy don't look like he could string sixty words together and say nothing

  32. Robert Heinlein is said to be in Jules Verne's league.

    hey, what did we do to get "listed", i wonder?

  33. Aristides,
    I bow to your genius..It's the second squatting pic that just gaffaws me to tears.

    Now she's a stealth flying none.

    Of course you realize you're gonna make THE birthday card.

  34. I do not think Robert Heinlein was a knight Templar, but his "Starship Trooper" is still on my shelf

  35. Buddy,
    When I saw the list earlier I was surprised by you and Bobol being on it too. I couldn't remember any causus belli between you and Teresita-Xena-Lesbos-Woman Catholic


  36. It was a pretty good movie, too, Starship Troopers. A little cheesy, but entertaining. Heinlein is said to be the philosopher-king of the extreme librarians, but the lefties call him a proto-fascist. of course, who ain't a proto-fascist? Or a proto-librarian extremist?

  37. aristides said:

    That young lady has some fine legs if I may say so, even if she fancies Xena more than Batman

    Setting down OJ's new book for a moment, I could imagine the gal in question being flattered by such a comment, notwithstanding.

  38. Ok if we gave a test to those who are familiar with the site and asked which word or words don't fit in this group what would be your choice.

    Woman Catholic
    ...survey says....(for me) WC hands down. and you other folks?

  39. "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" is the one I want to read, if i can get my eyes to cooperate. the CRT is so much easier.

  40. Oh, I remember where I offended. It was doppelganging Teresita and WC.

    Jeez, WC, that's a little thin-skinned wouldn't you say? I get called "runtchard" and it don't even faze me.

  41. Mətušélaḥ said...

    This war is too expensive. The US is being played in Iraq in exactly the same way as the US played the Soviets in Afghanistan.

    Putin stands in a Russian Orthodox Church to watch his sister's baby get baptized while his "accounts" are settled and our boys get a "Moe Green Special" right through the eye.

  42. Looks like this thread has crossed the silliness event horizon but...

    Crips and bloods on YouTube

    So to recap:

    Information warfare & Psyops are appreciated by the crips and the bloods as well as the jihadis and the leftists.

    But where is the IDF & where is the US, Britain and Australia on this?

    I see videos of soldiers playing pranks on one another, and while hilarious, there arent enough of us brutalizing and mocking.

    I never would have thought those two things would be assets - virtues even, in a conflict growing so dire.

    Then again, these past few months have been full of alot of "i never thoughts" - how do you do it DR?

  43. That "cathode womanlic" over on BC, you have to admit, was bust-a-gut funny. I larfed outloud, for a good long hoot or two.

    It's all just comic relief, WC, to relieve the seriousness of the topics of these politics blogs.

  44. When the crip propaganda video is through, YouTube links to other videos "linked" by their IT in a way conceivably similar to Amazon's "those who looked at A also looked at B etc

    One of those videos is the minuteman protest at Columbia.

    Make of that what you will.

  45. aerial combat vs the Empire of Japan

  46. Buddy,
    Thanks..I'll be watching not blogging for the duration. As you know I knew more than a couple of these men.

  47. I've got three mile island melt down



  49. My tv only has these fellars that zip up their eyes and mouths and just hang themselves

    They tryin to get back inside Plato's cave?

  50. Aristides
    If they reentered the cave would they face the wall and see only the shadows?

  51. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  52. Just more of the same, rufus.
    habu says it's the little pork sausages that set him back, not the Chivas.

    Be Army Strong,
    Sausages all around!

  53. Remember the p-38 can opener? small very effective

  54. Speaking of despair, S. Korea Won't Back Bush on Inspections. Seems that those nasty old inspections aren't sufficiently sunny for the Sunshine Policy.

  55. Seems lookin' down the barrel of 12,000 or so 155mm tubes has got 10.3 million people in Seoul feelin' a little less aggresive than Mr Bush feels in DC.

  56. especially since there's more than just HE stacked next to those guns.

  57. desert rat wrote:

    Seems lookin' down the barrel of 12,000 or so 155mm tubes has got 10.3 million people in Seoul feelin' a little less aggresive than Mr Bush feels in DC.

    Point well taken, DR. There may be chicken flu in Korea, but there ain't no chicken hawks.

  58. rufus said:

    I saw the most amazing number for the 07' War Budget (Iraq, and Afghanistan) while ago. It seems to come out to $230 Billion.

    In negotiations you always start by asking for the moon. Bush knows that this Congress will try to whittle him down.

  59. Now you become worried about Federal spending, rufus?

  60. worried about it, from which end, incoming or outgoing--and too little or too much?

    Have to construct a matrix.

  61. I am coming in late to this post. The last article, which discusses both a strategy and the tactics, is a long but worthwhile read. It is based on the premise that The US must choose a side. Now that is about as basic an idea as you can get.

    The only conceivable goal must be to stabilize Iraq. That is more important than achieving other higher idealistic goals that were never in our power to achieve in the first place. Kagan recommends coming down firmly on the side of braking and eliminating the Sunni resistance. That is fine with me. It does put us on the same side as Iran and that may have some interesting consequences, but it does seem realistic and achievable.

  62. No, I got into Bobby Kennedy & Jimmy Hoffa, and now the assassination itself, on channel 285. dunno why--morbid self-flagellation, going back into that era.

  63. Our Sunni friends in Jordan and the KSA still will pressure US not to step to hard on the Insurgent Sunni Iraqi.
    Mr Kissinger has a vested interest in promoting the Saudi point of view.

    Four to six months of super op tempo in Anbar? We'll see, the gauntlet's been thrown.

    The flying none dun flown the coop
    Ms T is back in full facial frontage

  64. We could ask our Sunni friends to put up or shut up. I love triangulation.

  65. anybody see that Fox show "Obsession" ?

  66. well, do, if they rotate it again. chills.

  67. I was going to do a post on him Buddy, but passed on it for other events. He was an inspiration for Reagan but even more so for maggie Thatcher and that has had a monumental impact in making Britain a very wealthy country.

  68. Rufus, i think the problem is that we have been trying to be impartial and going for a win that brings Iraq to some balance democracy. We need to pick a side and crushing the Sunni insurgency is about as good an idea as I have read.

    I am very sympathetic to your earlier comments about the idiocy of the conduct of the strategy in Viet Nam.

  69. Gotta Stay the Course.
    "Prove" you can win a war without hurting anybody.
    A First.
    ...In W's mind and those poor schleps that will forever believe in the coming fruition of the Master Plan.

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