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Friday, November 24, 2006

"The bastards got me. But they won't get everybody." Alexander Litvinenko dies.

And let's be clear who the head of the bastards is, Vladimir Putin, the dour little son of a bitch and former KGB friend of George W. Bush. We have been posting and warning about Putin and what has been going on with Russia. I can post and link story upon story about what Putin is up to but there seems to be surprisingly little real interest in what the massively nuclear armed state of Russia is doing. Pick an American interest or initiative of any consequence and Vladimir Putin will be amongst the opposition. Yet again and again, Bush will be practicing his own cynical Real Politik with his good friend Vladimir. While Alexander Litvinenko was dying in London, Bush and Putin were posing in silk dresses and celebrating Russian entry into WTO.

Hat tip to Sam:
sam said...
Litvinenko poisoning: the main players

Alexander Goldfarb

Alex Goldfarb and Alexander Litvinenko met in a Russian prison. In the late 1990s, Mr Goldfarb was director of a George Soros-funded project to tackle TB in the Russian penal system.

Boris Berezovsky

Since arriving in the UK six years ago, Mr Litvinenko had been close to the man who was once one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in Russia, Boris Berezovsky. Mr Berezovsky, 60, is thought to own the north London house where Mr Litvinenko lived, and is said to have employed him as an adviser in the past.

Lord Bell

Another figure whose hand could be detected as the strange poisoning story unfolded was Lord Bell of Belgravia, the man who, as Tim Bell, came to be synonymous with the advertising campaigns that helped usher the Tories to power in 1979.

Main Players

9:40 PM, November 23, 2006

Former spy 'poisoned by Russians' dies

By Matt Barnwell
Last Updated: 2:23am GMT 24/11/2006

The former Russian spy who claimed he was poisoned by his country's secret service died last night.

Alexander Litvinenko died following a rapid deterioration of his condition

Alexander Litvinenko, 43, died in intensive care at 9.21pm. University College Hospital, which had been treating the former Federal Security Service colonel since Friday, said the medical team had done everything they could to save him.

However, the hospital admitted that despite extensive tests, it still could not confirm the cause of death.

Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism unit, which is investigating the case, said that it was treating his death as "unexplained". It was not currently a murder inquiry.

Shortly before his death Mr Litvinenko is reported to have told a friend: "The bastards got me. But they won't get everybody."

Both the Kremlin and Russia's security agencies have denied any involvement in his alleged poisoning.

It was unclear last night whether there would be any diplomatic ramifications following Mr Litvinenko's death.

It came after he was placed on a ventilator following a cardiac arrest. He had been receiving treatment under police guard.

Mr Litvineko's condition deteriorated sharply overnight on Wednesday. He experienced the failure of his digestive system, liver and bone marrow, which affected his blood, and also had problems with his speech.

Confirming news of his death, a spokesman for University College Hospital said last night: "He was seriously ill when he was admitted to UCH on Friday November 17, and the medical team at the hospital did everything possible to save his life.

"Every avenue was explored to establish the cause of his condition and the matter is now an ongoing investigation by detectives from New Scotland Yard."

Mr Litvinenko's wife, Marina, had been at his bedside all week. She has still to speak publicly.

Her husband, a fierce critic of President Vladimir Putin's Russian regime, was allegedly poisoned on Nov 1.

It is known that he had two meetings that day — one at a hotel and another at a sushi restaurant in central London. He later fell ill and was taken to Barnet General Hospital where he was treated until his condition worsened last Friday, when he was transferred to University College Hospital.

Scotland Yard said last night: "Inquiries continue into the circumstances surrounding how Mr Litvinenko became unwell.

"The matter is being investigated as an unexplained death."

The Telegraph


  1. "W"TO indeed.
    VDH says the allies in Arms Syria and Iran work in concert in Iraq, so let's set up a Peace Process utilizing them.
    At least they'll know they have our attention after 3+ years of killing our troops, Iraqui troops and civilians.
    Hanson says the Syrians help the Sunnis kill Shias while Iran helps Shias kill Sunni. Very effective, if less than Kosher.
    Mark in Mexico contributes some levity:

    "You know, I'm having a thought. If I were to pay AMLO's entire 50,000 peso salary every month, would that put him in my pocket? Would he be, as they say on the streets and in some of the crummy movies they make these days, "my bitch"?
    Many years ago, Marcel Bich, scion of the French family that manufactured disposable pens and cigarette lighters, decided to begin selling his wares in the USA. He wisely hired an American marketing company to support this effort. The marketing whiz-bangs immediately informed him that he would have to change the name before offering his products to the US market.

    "Americans," he was told, "will not pronounce your name, 'Bich', as 'beesh', but will instead gleefully say, 'bitch'". He was further informed that the possibilities and permutations would be endless.
    "Hey, where's my bitch?" (I have missplaced my writing instrument.)
    "Ain't this a bitch?" (I am more than pleased by the performance of my disposable ball point pen.)
    "Heh! I tossed that bitch aside." (I have disposed of my disposable pen.)
    "That bitch burned me." (I held my disposable lighter too close to my nose.)
    "Man, my bitch don't put out no more." (My disposable butane lighter no longer contains sufficient gas to ignite.)
    "I'm dumpin' this worthless bitch." (My disposable lighter fails to function in even the slightest breeze so I will resort to large phosphorus kitchen matches which I can strike on my jeans zipper or on the unshaven face of whatever moron happens to be standing around.)

    Marcel Bich sagely accepted the marketer's advice and America was soon blessed with the Bic Banana.
    True story, I swear."

  2. Putin is fighting a demographic battle for Russia's life. Too bad Alexander Litvinenko was too stupid to understand the seriousness of the situation.

  3. Thank God For Poland. the BBC is almost teary eyed reporting that the Poles, who know the Russsians better than most have not acted in solidarity with the EU because the Poles are not afraid to defend their interests.

    Polish veto mars EU-Russia summit

    "Finland is hosting the EU-Russia summit in Helsinki

    Top officials from the European Union are about to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin for a summit in the Finnish capital Helsinki.

    But a Polish veto means the EU-Russia summit will not see the beginning of talks on a new strategic partnership.

    Poland is upset at a Russian embargo on its meat and plant products introduced a year ago.

    It is the first time that one of the 10 countries that joined in 2004 has blocked such an important EU agreement.

    The summit appears to be doomed to failure before it has even begun, says the BBC's correspondent in Helsinki, Jonny Dymond."

    Boo f'n Hoo.

  4. Mətušélaḥ said...
    Putin is fighting a demographic battle for Russia's life..."

    Please expand on that.

  5. Deuce,

    The reason Russians gave up the Stan Republics, is the same reason Sharon gave up Neve Dekalim.

  6. Out of Russia's 140 million people, 30 million are muslims. And you think Britain and France have problems. Plus, Russia is facing another 70 million muslims in the Stan Republics.

  7. I read someplace the muzzies are headed for 50% by mid century at present rates.
    Take a whole lot of sushi to solve that problem.
    Luckily, I don't eat Sushi.

  8. 'Rat was talkin about a
    "Skull and Boner"
    a thread or two back, Deuce:
    You should fire up photoshop and your immagination and work on that graphic image.
    Probably get old Compassionate George to come up with a Posthumous Viagra Prescription Drug Benefit.

    For tater we'll spell it Postumus, since that's ok too.
    Postumusly, it was hard on old Tater.

  9. Never expect to get into the spy world doing black ops/wet works and expect to live a normal long life. It never is paranoia, it's just that world and it is unforgiving. You just accept it. Yep,"they" got him. It's not an unusual thing. It is hard for most to even ever have it on their minds, for who "knows" a master spy or one under deep cover?
    Master spy Marcus Wolf died a few weeks ago but few would have ever heard of him. In the CIA he was called the man with no face.
    Obituary: Markus Wolf

    Markus Wolf said the downfall of Willy Brandt was an "own goal"
    The man who came to epitomise the ruthless world of the East German spy machine during the Cold War, Markus Wolf, has died at his home in Berlin.
    It always seems so horrid when one dies like Litvinenko but there is an admiration for those who succeed in such a ruthless world, unknown by ninety nine percent of the world. He paid for his success he way many pay. It's in the contract.

  10. Alexander Litvinenko: "I consider the war continuing in Chechnya as a crime. In 1997, a peace agreement was concluded between Russia and Chechnya. Thus, Russia recognized the independence of Chechnya de jure and de facto. Being a FSB officer, I was at war in Chechnya during the first war. But I am convinced: peace treaties should be observed. Aslan Maskhadov is the legally elected president of Chechnya, and the president Putin who began the second Chechen war is a criminal. The war should be stopped, Russian troops should be immediately withdrawn from Chechnya and replaced with an interim international administration and international forces, the Russian government should compensate the Chechen people for everything it destroyed in the course of the war, and military criminals should be brought to justice."

  11. Off topic, but for Woman Catholic, Building a North American Community.

    EU envy. They love to play God with peoples and countries.

  12. "The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a statement three minutes after the quake, setting its magnitude at 4.5. Other reports placed it at 5.0. The event occurred at coordinates off the northwest coast of the Big Island.

    "Some areas may have experienced strong shaking," the tsunami center said
    "Dr Seismo, Dr Seismo, we can't nail down the magnitude of that quake off Hawaii.
    What's your call?"


  13. The bastards got me. But they won't get everybody.
    - Alexander Litvinenko

    Great last words.

    Putin is starting (a la Stalin 1933) to lose any remaining inhibitions on his power and happily all bar openly murdering anybody who crosses him?

  14. Russia: "Britain must investigate spy's death"

    The Kremlin has said that the death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko is a tragedy, but is a matter for the British police to investigate. 43-year-old Litvinenko died in a London Hospital on Thursday, three weeks after being mysteriously poisoned. He was a former lieutenant-colonel in Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) -- the successor to the Soviet KGB. His friends have blamed Russia for his apparent poisoning. The Kremlin has denied the allegations. Prior to his death, Litvinenko was involved in investigations of the murder of Anna Politkovskaya, the Russian journalist and opponent of the Chechen war who was murdered in her Moscow apartment block last month.

  15. yesterday rufus said...
    "Deuce, the Europeans in general, and the British in particular, have been resentful of us for 300 years. They still like the Dollar, though.

    12:32 PM, November 23, 2006"

    They do not seem to like it much this morning.

  16. All's well, Deuce, 'Rat, Allen:
    Everything under control, stay the course.
    Gates advice in the old days:
    Don't talk to Yeltsin, Stick with Gorby.
    Another Medal of Freedom performance there too.
    The appearance of cluelessness is a clever ruse by the master poker player.

  17. "You have shown yourselves to be as barbaric and ruthless as your most hostile critics have claimed," said Mr Litvinenko's statement, read by Alexander Goldfarb, a friend. "You may succeed in silencing one man but the howls of protest from around the world will reverberate, Mr Putin, in your ears for the rest of your life."- Some of the reported last words of Alexander Livinenko.

  18. Musta had some Italian Blood in him.

  19. Cutler said...

    Off topic, but for Woman Catholic, Building a North American Community.

    EU envy. They love to play God with peoples and countries.

    I've already debunked this piece of WorldNetDaily sensationalism. The CFR report recommends greater cooperation between Canada, the US, and Mexica qua seperate sovereign states.

  20. doug said:

    Musta had some Italian Blood in him.

    Maybe the KJB didn't do it. Maybe it's a frame up, like when Hyman Roth had his boys mutter "Michael Corleone says hello" when they tried to have Frankie Pants garrotted.

  21. Wake up fools! The King David Hotel, the USS Liberty, the occultic assassination of Litvinenko - any GS-5 can see the trend line, leading straight to the teak Ark of the EoZ.

  22. Sky News is reporting:
    Poisoned: Alexander Litvinenko
    Spy 'Poisoned By Radiation'
    Updated: 17:02, Friday November 24, 2006

    A large quantity of radiation, probably from a substance called Polonium 210, has been found in the body of dead ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko.

    The "major dose" of alpha radiation was detected in his urine, said Government experts, who added that Polonium 210 is only dangerous if ingested.

    They also revealed that police have found radiation in a central London sushi bar where Mr Litvinenko ate shortly before falling ill - and in a hotel where he had met two Russians that morning.

    Russian's home searched
    Dr Pat Troop, head of the Health Protection Agency, said the death was an "unprecedented event in the UK" and he had "apparently been poisoned by a type of radiation".

    The development came as Home Secretary John Reid revealed the police were searching for residual radioactive material at a number of locations.

    Sites include Mr Litvinenko's house in north London and reportedly the sushi restaurant in the capital where he met an Italian contact shortly before he fell seriously ill.

  23. I was thinking of the defiant Italian before his beheading.
    Defiance not welcome in DhimmiTimes Masquerading as PC.