“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bugler, Sound "Recall" and "Retreat"

The morning, the MSM, apparently not satisfied with the results of the US mid-term elections, advances the leftist defeatist agenda with relentless calls for retreat or as they like to phrase it, "redeployment."

Of course, we in the traditional west aren't helping matters with leaders like Ehud Olmert. Olmert is in the United States and so far the money quote is:
"They (the Iranians) have to be afraid of the consequences if there isn't a compromise," spokeswoman Miri Eisin cited Olmert as telling journalists on the flight to Washington.
"I dare you to step over that line. Okay, I dare you to step over this line. How dare you! I'll slap you silly with sanctions" Sorry, folks, that is not confidence inspiring leadership in the face of a determined threat.

Contrast Olmert's call for "compromise or else" with the on-going offensive being waged by Iran.
TEHRAN, Iran - Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman said Sunday that his country's Revolutionary Guards would strongly and immediately respond to any Israeli attack.

"If the Zionist regime commits such stupidity, the response by the Iranian military will be swift, strong and crushing," Mohammed Ali Hosseini said. "Iran will take no longer than a second to respond."
Perhaps we have entered the new, Teddy Roosevelt, "Talk Softly But Carry a Big Stick" post Iraq/post Lebanon phase of diplomacy but I doubt it. The west seems to have lost what little will it had to resist. TWAT fatigue is the new malaise. Canada, never stalwart, has had enough. 32 dead soldiers this year and they want to call it quits. That's terrific resolve in the face of adversity. Admirable multi-culti people, those rational, peace loving Canucks. But like their fellow leftists in Britain, Mexico and the United States, at least they know who the real enemy is.
TORONTO - A majority of people in Canada, Britain and Mexico think President Bush and his foreign policy pose a threat to world peace and worry the U.S. will invade Iran or North Korea within two years, according to polling released Friday.
As the Mullahs and Imams lead the Muslim world and rail against the Great Satan, westerners turn to their own Moral Authorities. I don't who is more frightening, us or them? This morning, is there any doubt who will prevail?

Bugler, Sound "Recall" and "Retreat."


  1. Redeploy to Warizistan, now that's a plan I'd support.

    Doubt that's happenin', though.

  2. Well, according to the WaPo, the Dems position may just come down to that Marine from the Reagan years, no not Ollie, but Senator Webb.

    Webb, an early opponent of the war in Iraq, might make his mark in the Senate in foreign and military affairs. Current and former politicians said they expect him to become the face of the Democratic Party's antiwar movement.

    "It will make him a very important person," said former Nebraska senator Bob Kerrey (D)
    < Navy SEAL), who had urged Webb to run. "If the question is how you structure our military for the future, he is going to come with a lot of knowledge."

    Kerrey said Webb will become a magnet for senators who want him to co-sponsor their foreign-policy bills to give them credibility.

    Webb May Be Senate Maverick
    Newest Member Expected to Take Antiwar Lead

  3. I've just been shocked.
    Over at the BC, good ole' aristide has caught up to where I was three years ago. He has abandoned his call for translating Moby Dick. Now he sees the need for rapid action, on the transnational propaganda battle.

    Wow!, aristide says "... Start flooding the airwaves. Capture the narrative. Own the context. ..."

    Finally, the chickenhawks are staating to see some sense. He must have signed a multi-media company to front for, in his never ending quest for Federal funding.

  4. DR,
    I don't think they were capable of remaining blind to the realities of Islams aggressive tenets. The more they learned of Islamic history the less they could deny that we are in a ear of civilizations. That VDH piece I reference in the other thread is really good..Not to force it on ya but here she is again in case ya missed her
    The New Appeasement"

    His secretarial help and editor.


  5. rufus said:

    Got Damn, Habu; my wife's going to come in here one of these days when I'm clicking on one of your links, and you're going to lose a correspondent, and friend.

    That's why you gotta set "F2" to display a spreadsheet and keep your left hand over that Boss Button in case she comes in.

  6. Tell her it's part of the war effort ..that the Marines voted her the best morale booster and several erected monuments to her.

    That should get you sleeping with P-Tater down in the bog

  7. I do know what you mean though. I have her in my workout room and my wife thinks it's an insult to her.

    I explained that blah,blah, none of which worked..but she's still there.

  8. Rufus,
    All married men spend a good deal of time'splain'in...

    Let me give ya an example. When I got up this morning it was 64 degrees in the house. I said
    "Dear" I think 64 degrees is a little chilly ...then I had to 'splain my way to get it all the way up to 69-70..took about 10 minutes.
    I know I was being unreasonable, and all but I like my indoor comforts. I do enough Jeremiah Johnson stuff outside.

  9. Rufus,
    I feel for ya but remember i married a Montanan with a Black Belt 2nd degree in Tae Kwon Do, Korean. And she's an alpha female. Put herself through Univ of Florida waiting tables. Unreal grit.
    I usually cry "uncle"....if momma ain't happy, ain't no one happy.

    Here try this pic:
    OK PIC

  10. catherine
    you must remember men have fragile egos and suffer from "shirkage" in cold weather of water.

    and that is writ small!

  11. Ok Rufus here she goes..THE ULTIMATE:


  12. of course it's a '59 not '62

  13. catherine

    of course if i proofread anything you would have read "shrinkage", but I do beleive you got the message..Hey what's a vowel here an consonant there..but maybe I better look up ..whew shirk but no shirkage ..I never shirk, head ache maybe, but not shirk.

  14. oh, that shirkage is WAY worse than mere shrinkage. apples and oranges. day and night. flick and flack.

  15. of course not, Florence King--I mean, Catherine.

  16. whit said:

    Most people are not rational, they are TRIBAL: "my gang yay, your gang boo!" It really is that simple. The rest is cosmetics.

    We saw this on November 7th when the Big Government soft-on-immigration Demlicans took over the House and Senate from the Big Government soft-on-immigration Republicrats.

  17. Exactly. The western way is still superior, for its land-holding power. western way keeps the necessities of life flowing. The 4th gen stuff operates only in the crevasse between the domesticated herd and it's shepard dogs.

  18. tess, you'll see the difference between the parties soon enough. say, when Jay Rockefeller takes over the Intelligence Chair.

  19. UI think we've sold 'em some KC-135s, two, IIRC. But, Gen McEnirny (AF ret) on tv has mentioned that USA could do it with a short bombing campaign--did he say 72 hrs? I just have no idear how good the Iranian air defense is.

  20. I'd be surprised if Israel didn't have they own bunker-busters--they've had a couple years in crisis mode, now.

  21. Redactor is right--Israel is past the point of owning the luxury of worrying about the rest of the world's pique.

    They'll probably lose a lot of planes, too.

  22. The rest of the world already asked them to shut and take it like a man, to keep WWII from starting. And it didn't work anyway.

  23. Gawd amighty, that Doolittle raid was ballsy. Unbelieveable. But true.

  24. Why does the thought of Jimmie Doolittle keep popping into my head?

    It was a tactical pinprick, but it caused the Japanese to choose to strike East across the Pacific instead of polishing off Australia and locking down their oil assets in Indonesia. And that, in turn, led to Midway. Scratch four flattops.

  25. Catherine,
    Priceless comment.

    Now the Israeli vs Iran can they do it question.

    I don't think they have a choice.
    It would be damn nice if we joined them and they got to use the direct route over Iraq.
    I believe that will be on the table for discussion, but a very tough discussion with Baker in the mix now. That would mean screw the Iraqi's but, ah golly too damn bad as they have shown to be ingrates so far anyway.
    If they have to go the long way they will. As far as what they have to bust'em with I'm not sure any of us can get close to the answer.
    Of course I had my "wish" for a pre mid term strike fizz, but I knew, and said at the time, that it would be much tougher after the mid terms to get us involved. Bush, however has a moral duty to get Iran off the worry list.
    I'd prefer the B2,B52,B1,cruise and laser options. It just needs to get done or BOHICA for the Israeli's and the world.

  26. we already have four seperate terror group threats advertised worldwide, to attack Americans in retaliation for not censuring Israel's gaza kassam-interdiction, at the UN t'other day.

    Oh, yeah, we gonna get along FINE with Iranian nukes scattered all over the world.

  27. OK, I wasted my time reading the war nerd article.
    I'm not going to go point by point but let me cherry pick a few time honored war maxims.

    His point that you don't win by killing the enemy in large numbers. It hardly deserves a response, but let me say that if we level,level,level a few large cities with airstrikes these asymmetrical wars would end quick, quick quick.
    Winning hearts and minds...some acedemic Quaker thought up that one. Let's take a look at his tribe vs. tribe, and place it next to winning hearts and minds. How's that accomplished on both sides simultaneously? Nothing can simultaneouly be and not be. Everything that is ,exists...if tribes hate other tribes forget the hearts and minds.
    Setpiece wars. Right now on the wane but they will never disappear.

    The unfortunate
    truth which he doesn't dilate much
    is that we are much too soft on prosecuting the conflicts we've ben engaged in. In Somalia, in Iraq, in LA..we use a tiny portion of our power.
    I have said it before, these illiterate people don't understand "shock and awe" as destroying with pinpoint accuracy the building next door while their kabob doesn't even get knocked to the floor. You have to communicate to them on their level, which means shock and awe is leveling half their city the first night and let them ponder that in the light of day..if they don't buy into to quiting then on night two the other half of the city goes, along with 3-5 million people.
    For my money the guy is full of crap.

  28. I had a simyilar thought--that he assumes our current level of war-will is a non-variable constant.

  29. redakt0r

    Israel will use its naval assets to go after Iran's oil infrastructure. This will slow the Iranians, and give the Israelis a bit more time to prepare the next move.

    When a little guy with gadgets goes after a big guy with muscles, he's got to make sure he knocks the big guy out early on. Because it if turns into a slugging match, the big guy with muscles is gonna win every time.

  30. well, it's important to Frensonians who need to know where they are

  31. nah, Frenso is Bakersfield Californy Hillbilly. Buck Owens country.

  32. well, the worst Iran can do, non-nuke, is spasm out a bunch of theater weapons at the Israeli cities and maybe the Sunni oilfields if they go down hard. That and the terror cells scattered around. it won't be pretty, but will it get better any other way? They can interdict the straits for some limited amount of time. What else?

  33. Fresno is the non-descript city of billboards you have to plow through to get to the good stuff (Yosemite)

  34. Then you weren't in Frenso. Anyway it might have been that other Buck Owens, the guy at the Frenso Exxon station.

  35. You're either WITH us, or you're a Frenso Puppy-Killer. now we're getting into the think tank stuff.

  36. FYI, I posted this at the BC:

    2164th said...

    Interesting how things work out. When Wretchard closed comments down in a decision he eventually reversed, a few of the more prolific posters moved over to the Elephant Bar. I set it up as a back-up. They continue to blog on both sites as there is a fair amount of differences on both blogs. I love the Belmont Club. It has the finest mix on intelligent commentary on the net. I will continue to blog here because it is an opportunity and a challenge to exchange ideas.

    Since the forming of the EB, C4 has been making a larger foot print at the BC. I have been following his commentary, which is 85% brilliant, 65% right and usually 90% sullied with anti-Jewish rhetoric. It occludes his vision and judgment and flaws the man, or exposes the flaws in the man. He has never entered into a one on one over at the EB, because he knows he will get his clock cleaned on a toe to toe. I would welcome an engagement here or at the EB and ask Wretchard to suspend the rules and open up a forum to allow C4 to respond in real time, with the suspension of the Queensbury rules.

    I am sure C4 is up to the challenge.

    11/12/2006 03:42:30 PM

  37. I can't get anything past you rufus.

  38. The question is not. really, how fast can Irans' 4% of the market be replaced, but for how long the markets can doe without the 20% that transits the Straits?

    As the IDF proved in Lebanon, air superiority cannot stop rocket launches. With tankers as targets, the Straits could be down for months, at least.

  39. redaktør

    i'm all wif ya frend ona casional mispelted wurd. it ain't like day don't git it, they juz be stclers for propper gramer
    i knew xacto what you was say'n 'cept i always taught it was frectoe.

  40. Now that the French nuclear arsenal has been modified to extend its' range, with the presumed target Tehran, could it now as easily reach Tel Aviv?

    The Russians as well?

    Yeah, that's what I thought.
    Unintended consequence.

    The Plains of Armegeddan, just outside of Haifa.

    The "Roadmap to Peace" runs through Jerusalem.

    So says Mr Blair, Baker and Company.

  41. Closing the straits would result in a remarkable shift of voting patterns at the UN Security Council by France and China, and there would suddenly be a dearth of EU commentary about how the hyperpuissance militaire Américaine is the most dangerous threat to world peace.

  42. Don't forget to imagine a world without Iranian pressure in the jihad. Iraq would flower under its own power, and the jihad will be back in awe of them big mean muthers.

  43. Yes, redaktor, them insurance companies and the reciprients of the cargo, it will concern them as well.

    Those be the Indians, French and Chinese. All our dear friends and trading partners, they will seek remedy as supply dries up.

    I am glad that you foresee no unitended consequence. My powers as a seer must be less accomplished then thine.

  44. Shakespeare said do not take counsel of your fears. Good advice, especially since we're f**ked for sure the other way--just a little slower.

  45. I believe that the alternate fuels will get a big boost in the next few years. This is our second go 'round with gas as a problem (potentially this time so far) and now there are enough (I can't believe I'm about to say this) Democrats who have an alternate fuel constituency to get big oil to move on the issue. Particularly if they take the WH in '08.
    Of course that might be offset by all the other horrors they may visit on us.
    Rufus has really opened my eyes to the potentialities of alternate fuels and huzzahs for him are in order, huzzah,huzzah,huzzah.

  46. Israel massively attacks Iran, w/ nukes to be effective, or not.
    Iran closes the Straits with Silkworm terror

    The Chinese or French or Russians or Iranian/NorK react with a nonproportional response against Israel.

    If the reaction comes from Iran, the consequence will be as intended.
    From another actor, well that'll be somethin' to watch now, wouldn't it?

  47. Isarael has to measure those risks, for sure, rat. against what she knows is coming if she sits.

  48. DR,
    I think it's too hard for mankind to factor in what I agree with you on, and that is unintended consequences. It's chaos theory with a chain saw. (what the hell does that mean? I don't know I just wanted to fit in chaos theory and chainsaw. We'll ok you did it,now move on)

    I always harken back to Apollo
    13. The scene where Ed Harris trashes the original flight plan and they do what the human brain does best..think about I mean think about work arounds.

  49. The interested parties will lay claim against Israel, for the unprovoked preemptive attack.
    Coming to the defense of the Iranians.

    Israel is, after all, just a "shitty little country" to the French. Even less to the Chinese or Russians.

  50. "...I'll send you crack, at the first oppurtunity" Well, ok, I've always wanted to "be a hep cat".

  51. Without over flying Iraq, buddy, the Israeli have no hope of success. Look again to Lebanon for the number of sorties flown, as well as the limited success of the strikes.

    If the Israeli go nuke, someone will take the opportunity to spank 'em. The target will be to tempting to resist.
    All the tit for tat justification that Mohammed needed, granted for eternity. Or a chip with the Sauds to be cashed in by a major player

  52. It depends, rat. If the Iran regime falls, the world will forget achmadinejade in a trice, and start dealing with the successor--the future oil supplier. Achmadin will join Hitler as a total f**k up. This scenario will be laid out for all them big players just beforehand.

    Right--it's gut check time. measure the risks, then go.

  53. rufus, no, they didn't think it thru because it was a hidden issue--lost behind GWB "incompetence".

  54. No, I do not think I'm streching very far, not at all, really.

    There are only 6 million Israeli, not a grand price to pay for control of all the oil in the World, so to speak.

    From Mr Putins' point of view.

    After all Mr Stalin killed close to 20 million Russians for far less reason.

    What would be the US response to such a fait acompli?

    Genocide was accepted in Rowanda and today, in Darfur. What's another in the big scheme of things, anyway? I can hear Mr Baker, even now.

    Get on board the Peace Train.

  55. The Regime in Iran will not "fall" buddy, it's organic, like the Baathists in Iraq.
    Still carzy after all these years.

  56. i don't think America will follow that. It will be Cuban Crisis again. "Go ahead, then, mutherf88ker, shoot".

  57. It all depends on the presentation, rat. there is some degree of dissension even now. You yourself not long ago held out hope for Shah junior.

  58. Indeed I did. Those hopes have fallen on hard times, as the conditions based schedule did not materialize, last August, as the young Shag predicted/ proposed.

    To my mind that makes it an ever more difficult mission to accomplish. If the Israeli nuke Iran, all bets are off. The "Rules" will be rewritten, and the US will not have pen in hand.

    That's what I think. The French and Russians, as well as the Turks are already in the Levant.

    We are a ways away, on the other side of Syria, in a sea of Shita, so to speak

  59. They're there, but not in strength. Expendables, depending on the play.

  60. DR,
    Of course it's all speculative but I don't think China or Russia will defend Iran in an attacked scenario. If they intended to that they would have made it known to the world by now that they have mutual defense treaties in place.
    Russia has plenty of oil for their immediate needs and Israel has no intention of taking anyones oil fields, and the world knows that. Hell a few years ago they offered Yasser 98% of all he wanted and he walked away.
    But I believe the probability of a strike on Iran is VERY high given their hostile intent and pursuit of the bomb to turn intent into action.

  61. we would be in SUCH better position if we had started building about 6 new armored divisions on Sept 12,'01, and called them the "Africa Corps" or something, and stationed the Corp in one of the Emirates or Kuwait, facing northeast.

  62. PRC needs the sea lanes more than anyone, and is years away from challenging the USN in blue water.

  63. Why telegraph intent, when the mission is the destruction of Israel?
    What is needed is provocation.
    For US against Iran
    For the rightous against Israel.

    The French, I'd not put it beyond them. Lose a platoon in Lebanon, a nonproportional response. They'd have all the Mohammedan trade concessions they'd ever dreamed of in return.

    Even the Sauds themselves, with some Paki warheads. The genie would be out of the bottle, tit for tat, forever 'til the end.

    The Israeli would be living on borrowed time, more so then they already are, with the Iranian threats.
    The new reality would be worse.

  64. Plus, the day we embargo their goods, they have 600 million unemployed. Hell to pay.

  65. It's da Bears and da Giants ..seee ya at halftime....

    Grossman was a great Gator QB and I was a great Florida partier so hey..gotta watch..
    Of course my freshman year at UF the quarterback was Steve Spurrier.
    halftime..if you're headed to bed, rest well my compadres.

    Rufus ..I'm look'in at that Go-Bog Juice. Sounds like a winner.

  66. Russia wants to legally, peacefully, take the capital out of western europe, and has the way to do it, without war. They will want to milk the deal they already have cooked in.

  67. Targets of opportunity, buddy, can't let those slide on by.

    Poor boys from the KGB understand that, those born with a silver shoe in their mouth, well Ms Richards lost, didn't she.

  68. Senate Ratification, now that'd be an interesting debate for '07, wouldn't it?

  69. What you're missing, rat, is that Israel is already backed into a corner, with no way out. She ain't gonna just roll over and die. Past that fact, all else is commentary, as they say.

  70. we could slow down the NATO encroachment.

  71. That pretty low-life politics, tho.

  72. I do not miss it, buddy, it just does not matter.

    The numbers tell the tale, if not this round, then the next or the one after that.

    Syria, Eygpt, Iran, the proxies France, Russia and HB.

    There are 5.2 million jewish Israeli and 5.3 million Palistinians, 'tween the river and the sea.

    The population of Palestinians living in Israel, the Occupied (2004)Gaza Strip, Occupied East Jerusalem and rest of the Occupied West Bank combined now exceeds the number of Israeli Jews, a U.S. government report has revealed.

    The Palestinian population stands at over 5.3 million while the Jewish population stands at 5.2 million.

    The figures come from the U.S. State Department's annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2004. The report provided population figures for each of these territorial units separately but failed to connect all the dots to arrive at the explosive new demographic reality that an Israeli Jewish minority now rules over a larger number of Palestinians living between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.

    The section on Israel and the Occupied Territories states that the population of Israel stands at 6.8 million, of whom 5.2 million are Jews, 1.3 million Arabs and another 290,000 are other minorities.

    Let alone the bordering countries and their populations, Lebanon and Jordan. Egypt and Syria.

    A sea of Araby and a tiny ship of state.

  73. I wonder how many Jewish fellows belong to the "Skull & Bones"

  74. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  75. With Mr Baker and the 41 team back in charge of US Foreign Policy,
    redacktor takes offense, but has no facts to dispute.

    He dislikes the scenario proposed.
    So it's back to PC name calling for him. The attempt to orstricize and thus limit the debate.

    So bush league.

  76. Every solution is short-term, you're right.

    Long-term, need a peace somehow. But the short term is what has to be dealt with, next minute.

    It's a non-sequiter, anyway--nobody lets themself be murdered on the grounds that mother nature is gonna get 'em eventually anyway.

  77. Arafat always said that the palestinian womb was his greatest weapon.

  78. Well, redactor gets no madder'n you would if he were dispassionately discussing the Chihuahuaians taking Arizona and putting the rat tribe to the sword.

  79. The Peace of the Dead
    or the Peace of the Victor, buddy

    Those are the choices available.
    The downside to the "Long War" is that the US lacks grit. Called it the first day I heard the new meme.

    Not much has changed, the prior predictions are falling into place.
    Nov '07, that'll be the target date for US to be already leaving Iraq. The pullout will be underway by August. The window of opportunity for escalation closing.

  80. rufus said:

    The main thing (basically, the only thing) Russia's worried about is their sizable business deal in the Iranian Reactor(s.) Somebody will, somehow, some way, have to make them whole.

    Putin is busy these days making the Soviet Union whole.

  81. Unions, rufus--they don't go for all this free trade shit, and they will get their pound of flesh now. Been in the desert a long time. Can you say "trouble"?

  82. Redactor, rat has signed the whole west off to the Mohammadans already--don't take it personally. The modus operandi is to get readers to face the worst-case scenarios, and think about them. A good G2 man.

  83. I share 'em with the world, a good dry hump.

    Limit the oil monies, that'll be the day. Don't hold your breath, or you'll be dead, from the waiting.

    The US had its opportunity to "roll on" it decided not to. I thought it a bad choice, but it was not my day to decide.
    Now i just get to comment on the obvious facts and the untold back stories that abound.

    The Israeli are between a rock and a hard place, and my choice of costume will not change that. How many Palistinian refugees are there in the UN canps in Lebanon, sixty years on?

    The Israeli are playing in a fixed game, marks in a sea of sharks.

    I sure did not write the rules they play by.

  84. the rat package oughtta come with a handy wrist-razor, tho, for sure.

  85. yep, rufus--i tried to read publius the other day, and just could not stand it. what a major f88ked up deal we done did.

  86. the election just keeps washing over me in waves. don't really know what to do. the trainloads of destructors steaming into DC is just freaking heartbreaking.

  87. I've got lots of fighting spirit, amigo, tell me, where is the fight?

    And with whom?

    The Religion of Peace? I think not.
    Mr Bush has made that clear, my Country is not at War with Islam.

    Iran, no, no war there. Not even after ample provocation, smae with Syria. Darfurs' Mohammedan genocide, not my concern says Mr Bush. The UN will surfice.

    Israel is not my country and faces no US enemy. Why the US funds the Palisinian Authority, how could we be at war with them?

    Hezbollah is part of the new Iraqi Government, one of our devout allies in Peace.

    When the Mohammedans are the Enemy, I'll fight 'em, but today they are not. LAst month the Ramadan Fast was broken with Feasting at the White House.

    My fighting spirit is fine.
    The US has, by Law. no dog in the fight. I do not write the Laws, either, just comment upon them.

  88. well, that's an interpretation of the official line. But Hez is in fact your enemy, and Israel is in fact your ally.

  89. I just think, that in the end, the Israeli will go the route of the Shah, or the Catholics in 'Nam, if they depend upon US for the existence.

    Same tune, different lyric.

  90. We did not shoot them, we talked.
    The Soviets became Russians and the Game goes on. The threat remains the same, though.

    The Russians are still armed and MAD takes care of the rest.

    Mr Olmert says that option is not available to Israel, he should know.
    The options that depend upon US, he should be wary of. Mr Diem or the Shah could give him adequate advise on how fast the tide can turn, in regards the USA.

    Any US President would sacrifice Tel Aviv to save New York. Count on it. Hell, look to Coventry, not Dresden for the proper example of Allied thinking in WWII.

  91. You'll like it, the Texas coast south of Corpus is pretty open--not much development, even in this day and age. I'm in the book, rufus, in DS (you know the town, west of Austin). Just a mile up the hill off hwy 165, two miles south of the hwy 290 junction. If you get up this way, gimme a holler. I'm out in the sticks a way, but not all that fur off the beaten path. we'll drink a cold un and cuss rat.

  92. Maybe it'll all work out. Maybe the Dems'll be looking to '08 enough to get through all this. Have to admit, tho, the nat'l security & economy issues--*the* issues--don't seem to interest voters unless both issues are in the shit can. (*sigh*)

  93. That's the spirit, redactor--can't do squat without the spirit!

  94. hey, you're right--might need that loan!

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