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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Non-Muslim Malasian Men Like a Little Strange, a Lot.

BAD news for Malaysian women. Local non-Muslim men, it seems, prefer to marry foreign women from countries such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

Women from these countries are said to be gentler, soft-spoken and less demanding.

"As far as I know, and from what has been conveyed to me by men married to foreigners, the demands of these foreign women are not as excessive as their Malaysian counterparts. They are also unassuming and soft-spoken," Deputy Home Minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho told reporters at Parliament lobby yesterday.

Earlier, Tan had members buzzing with this revelation — that the number of men getting hitched to foreign women was increasing and records showed that from 2000 to June this year, there were nearly 34,000 marriages involving local men and foreign women.

The number of such marriages had steadily increased over the years. In 2000, there were 3,953 marriages, followed by 4,085 in 2001, 4,847 in 2002, 5,123 in 2003, 5,701 in 2004 and 7,277 in 2005. As of June this year, 3,009 marriages were recorded.

Vietnamese brides were the most popular with 1,185 marriages last year and 1,711 involving girls from China.

Indonesian and Thai women are also favourites with Malaysian men. Their numbers have increased by 46.9 and 36 per cent respectively from 2001 to 2005.

In contrast, a total of 2,478 marriages between Malaysian women and foreigners were recorded in 2000.

The number went down to 2,209 in 2001 but increased slightly to 2,434 in 2002. It dipped again the following year to 2,240, and went down further to 2,140 in 2004 and 1,456 in 2005. As of June this year, only 509 such marriages were recorded.

Tan said the ministry was keeping a close watch on locals marrying foreigners to ensure the marriages were genuine and not marriages of convenience.

He said the Immigration Department was investigating about 10 cases of foreign marriages which were deemed suspicious as there were huge age gaps between the brides and grooms.

"We cannot say the marriages are illegal as love transcends all ages, but we are investigating them based on complaints," Tan said, adding that if a marriage was found to be a sham, the foreign spouse would be deported.

On the matter of divorce in the country, Tan said there were 24,000 divorce cases recorded since 2001.

There were a total of 3,236 divorces in 2001, followed by 4,342 in 2002, 4,734 in 2003, 5,940 in 2004 and 5,244 in 2005. As of May this year, 694 cases had been recorded.

Tan said 30 per cent of the divorces were due to irreconcilable differences, followed by financial problems (20 per cent). The rest were due to among others things, sexual problems, physical and emotional abuse and third-party interference.

Comment: Do foreign women make betters wives? Do you have one? Do you have a trade-in? For the Elephantettes, do you have a foreign husband or worse? Enquiring minds want to know.


  1. Had a "foreign" wife, brought her to the big PX, she dropped a kid & kept it to her breast and left a little while later. Language, culture and other turmoils caused her to return to her country of origin.

    Second wife was born in AZ, language, culture and other turmoils caused her to keep me around, to both our amazements.

  2. I an sure that will amaze all your friends here at the bar as well Rat, except your number one fan>> ⚁

  3. Ohio wins by 3 they say on FOX,
    42-39 Final.

    Michigan did not score enough points to win. The clock ran out, dejected fans reject defeat ...
    ... mutterings of "MSM" and "bad calls" and "homefield advantage" heard in Detroit and Dearbon.

    Ann Arbor is in double mourning

  4. Oh well, 2007 will be a good year for Michigan football and California cabernets and hopefully Pinot Noir. I predict a good year for Flying Fish ESB as well.

    OSU 42, Mich 39

    Congrats all of you Cherry and Whites!

  5. I was on a plane almost every day in my 20's and eqarly 30's travelling to foreign countires.
    I made a point of getting a flavor of the local culture. I never found ONE particular culture that had any really unappetizing cuisine.
    After sampling,even making a pig of myself I settled on a flavor from a very strange place..Cucamonga,CA. A "flight attendant" for the old Western Airlines. She finally went away and went on to marry five other guys...she was a "looker" and a golddigger.
    Then number two several years later, like seven, kick ass Montana gal ...but as Freud asked at the end of his life.."What do women want?"

  6. A jury in Federal District Court in Manhattan returned a verdict of not guilty in the second trial of a Jordanian immigrant who was accused of trying to mislead a grand jury investigating the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

    The jury of 9 women and 3 men found the immigrant, Osama Awadallah, not guilty on all counts. In May, a different jury became hopelessly deadlocked over Mr. Awadallah’s fate, with all but one juror favoring conviction.

    The jurors, who deliberated for about an hour on Thursday, sent a note to Judge Shira Scheindlin at 3:25 p.m. today saying they had reached a verdict.

    As the verdict was read Mr. Awadallah turned and smiled at his father, Ismail, who clapped quietly with the palms of his hands.

    Thanking the jurors for their service, Judge Scheindlin said, “There’s an old saying — the government always wins because at the end of the trial justice is done.”

    She added, “This verdict gives finality to a long-running case.”

    Prosecutors had contended that Mr. Awadallah lied repeatedly when he told a grand jury in October 2001 that he did not know Khalid al-Midhar, who took part in the attacks, and when he denied writing Mr. Midhar’s name in a school notebook.

    “Mr. Awadallah didn’t tell the truth over and over and over,” Karl Metzner, an assistant United States attorney, said on Thursday in his closing arguments. Mr. Awadallah’s lawyer, Jesse Berman, countered by saying that his client never meant to give the grand jury wrong information, and did so only after enduring 20 days of incarceration that left him confused, frightened and paranoid.

    Read about the evidence they had on this fellow. Speaks to the competency of the Federal lawyers, no doubt,

  7. glad y'all are so swede to your spouses. mine was a spain in madrass.

  8. a dead deer sex story and greek...damn not a word about killing entertaining.

    hey I once had a sock puppet that I took to the ba

  9. i still miss her a lot, tho. i think it's the windage.

  10. damn rufus ya did it again..ya flanked me and i never saw it..but see you guys have a big advantage on me. i don't read the daily paper, i don't watch even Fox anymore. i just make stuff up if i feel like it, but ev'er now and then i'll catch a thing on the net 'bout this stuff and as i recall he did say some funny shit for a guy honcho'in an army in hostile territory

  11. i meant to marvel at that training manual--"if you notice an Arab man around the house"--that was TOO funny. i think.

  12. jane,
    you'd think that manual would be worth posting but as rufus just pointed out, basically why bother anymore...i just keep buy'n ammo and mak'n napalm grenades....ain't that just falafel?

  13. plus it really wouldn't bother me much if we whittled down the US population to where it was in say 1960.

  14. we--the usa--needs to help people like Wafa Sultan And that Lebanese lady Bridgette something. and a few others. millions for media.

  15. jane,greek to me is after the fact, a "bonus" to be enjoyed.

  16. bobalharb,
    i got some sorrowful news for ya bobal. on teresita,whitw catholic site she has you on a list, along with me and some others. i wear it as a badge of honor but you seem to favor her a bit..none of us could figure out how you made the list..there's only about seven of us. sorry to have to be the one to tell ya but somebody needed to.

  17. Wafa Aid concert Buddy.

    we'll round up the best accordian players in the country and work north and soth dakota til they're gitty with polka fever.
    throw in a fiddle player and some sausage and you got a Wafa Aid Wonderland

  18. Bedtime..into the fog of night

  19. re: Ms. T's site, as reported by habu

    We should all start worrying if she turns to voodoo. Those pins can be a real pain in the arse.

  20. While the wankers in DC continue to miss the point, the women get it.

    "‘I believe he undermines our credibility by saying that,’ said Sultan. ‘We came from Islam, and we know what kind of religion Islam is.’”

  21. rufus, i have a file called 'rufus' where all these alt energy links are getting stored and read when feasible. just wanted to say thanks--it's good stuff.

  22. allen, being on the list means she does not repond to your posts, I think.

  23. rufus,

    re: Take away the cash

    Hold that thought!

  24. The troops may be sending a message to General Abizaid about giving peace a chance.

    Kerry and Abizaid 2008

    You have wonder how the kids get it and the leaders don’t.

  25. We are all about understanding the RoP and giving peace a chance. When that doesn’t work, there is something delightful to be said for a writhing Tasered body.

    Give Peace a Chance


  26. Jeez--I can't feature myself screaming like that, sober. Shameless dude, ain't he?

  27. Joe Katzman joins a growing list of those with buyers’ remorse or, more appropriately, those who ask, “Will you still respect me in the morning?”



  28. LOL--Groucho and the duck. funniest dude ever.

  29. half of the funny was that he was so obviously annoyed with what he had to do on his own show. like "Look here what i have to do to entertain you idiots!"

  30. The University of Georgia is having plumbing problems. Send any helpful hints to,

    Drosophila Melanogaster
    Dean of Student Affairs
    University of Georgia, Athens

    I’ve Lost My Codpiece



  31. Katzman is good--has been for a long long time. hate to see him so disgusted.

  32. I quit wearing my codpiece in the early 80s, when Reagan brought in those yuppie stylings.

  33. yeh, me too, time to take off my boots and jacket.

  34. rufus said:

    You don't get back in power unless you win elections; and, you don't win elections by moving Further From the Middle.

    I'd be happy if the GOP actually moved a little to the Right, got control of the borders, got the federal government out of family decisions like the Schialvo case, and stopped sucking at the public trough like a bunch of little socialist piglets.