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Friday, November 10, 2006

150,000 Dead in Iraq, Millions to March for Peace?

Stunning news this week from Iraq:
BAGHDAD, Iraq Nov 9, 2006 (AP)— Nearly simultaneous car bombs struck two markets in predominantly Shiite areas of Baghdad on Thursday, killing at least 16 people. Iraq's health minister said about 150,000 have been killed by insurgents since the war started, giving the government's first overall casualty estimate.

ABC News reported that 150,000 Iraqis have been by "Insurgents." I would call the murderers Muslim terrorists but ABC is obviously bound by political correctness.

Did this news make the front page of International ANSWER Did it make the frontpage of Code Pink? Did it make the frontpage of Amnesty International? What about Michael Moore's website? Remember the kite-flying children? What about CAIR's website? Surely they care about their fellow Muslims?

Don't bother to look. The answer is NO! Not a word.


  1. No reason not to turn Iraq over to the Government chosen by the purple fingered lovers of freedom.

    If that Government can control the Country, end the Insurgency, and restavilize the security situation, why should they not be allowed to?

    The only folk that say they are not qualified are US, not them.

    Unless giving Iraq to the democraticly chosen Iraqi would be empowering the Islamo-fascist enemy.

    That is what what I've been saying for over a year. Now even rufus seems to agree. What a difference an election makes.

  2. And you can be sure the groups listed above would make sure the world blamed the US for the bloodbath.

    Only if it was Bush's idea. If the House starts to defund the enterprise and forces Bush to withdraw to bases outside of the cities the world will praise it as an enlightened policy.

  3. Killing is not the answer.

    Would we kill all of our enemies?

    Retribution is mine sayeth the Lord.

    We must learn that war is not the way.

    Become a Flying Nun $49.95 plus tax.

  4. At the $100 level you can get the schizophrenic ultra light flying nun kit plus goggles.

    That's the best deal, but if you go all the way at the $500 level you get a tattoo of the Sistine Chapel on your back plus a free hot wax pls all the above.

  5. "He's just a Shi'ite militia-leading, shitbag. Over a hundred civilian casualties/day, I don't think so. The last two months? Yeah. Over the whole time? No way, Jose. He just wants to kill Sunni. Period."

    I'd give my two cents, but choking up with tears and all, I don't think I can do it.

  6. Yeah, Rufus, I know what you meant.

    If we still had hope in Iraq becoming a democratic example for the rest of the region, it'd be bad knews. Personally, though, I've just about given up on that outcome.

    So, punishing the people who did the most to ruin it and kill Americans seems like a bit of a consolation prize. Aside from such an admittedly ghastly emotional reaction, however, is a practical rationale. Although converting your enemies is the best policy, making examples of them is typically the second-best solution if you can't accomplish the more optimum one.

  7. Course, it would be better if we were the ones making the example, rather than Shi'ites who working at cross-purposes.

  8. Iraq's Health Minister Ali al-Shemari is part of the elected Iraqi Government, the Government that 2,800 US troops have died to install.

    How dare you call him a piece of shit, rufus.

    Those 2,800 US troops died to install pieces of shit as the Leaders and Ministers of Iraq?

    How dare you belittle their sarifice, by belittling the results!

    How many more US casualties should the US take, to maintain Ali al-Shemari as Minister of Health?

    Why can we not hand the country over to its' Ministers? Those that have been elected, majority rules, no?

    Or are those Ministers that the US has empowered the Enemies of the US and not deserving of the costs paid?

  9. "... The bodies of 11 apparent victims of roving sectarian death squads also were found dumped in Baghdad.

    Such squads are believed to have strong links to Shiite militias sponsored by political parties whose support is crucial for the survival of al-Maliki's shaky government.

    Al-Maliki rebuffed pressure from U.S. officials dispatched over recent days in a bid to pressure al-Maliki to quickly disband Shiite militia groups and death squads, a top aide to the prime minister said.

    Al-Maliki told National Intelligence Director John Negroponte there was no way that could happen this year, but indicated that was on the agenda for 2007, the aide told The Associated Press, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the issue.

    Sunni lawmaker Salim Abdullah warned that his Sunni bloc, the Iraqi Accordance Front, would withdraw from the political process if the militias aren't dissolved.

    "We are under political pressure, and if these demands are not met we will abandon politics," Abdullah said. "And this will leave us with only one alternative, which is carrying arms, and then it will be civil war."

  10. The second of those posts who linked to tell US why we can begin to leave, rufus. Not why we should remain

    ... Like the fact that Iraqis have complete provincial control in 2 out of the 18 provinces? Or, that Iraqis are leading security efforts in a majority of the provinces now? Or, that the Iraqi military is losing more than twice as many soldiers/police as the Multi-national forces ..."

    Faster please. They've got the ball, we can come home, except that Mr Rumsfeld said it'd be "Worse than Saddam" if we did.

    But Mr Rumsfeld's out of the loop, now. So it's full speed ahead.
    Declare victory and leave.

    All the where as's and goals of the Authorization have been fulfilled. That's a fact.

  11. When Palance accepted his Oscar for best supporting actor he delighted viewers of the 1992 Academy Awards by dropping to the stage and performing one-armed push-ups to demonstrate his physical prowess.

    ''That's nothing, really,'' he said slyly. ''As far as two-handed push-ups, you can do that all night, and it doesn't make a difference whether she's there or not.''

    That year's Oscar host, Billy Crystal, turned the moment into a running joke, making increasingly outlandish remarks about Palance's accomplishments throughout the show.

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    New York Times

  12. a couple of thoughts.

    First, on the post. It seems to me that arab on arab violence is the same as black on black violence.

    the fact that black people kill other black people, here in America, is a sign of the failure of the white man to correctly assume his burden.

    The fact that Arabs kill Arabs is the same damned thing: our failure.

    After all, real Americans who had proper sense of noblesse oblige would have prevented this carnage. It's not about the arabs lack of self control, its about the judeo christian euro marxists failure to provide the perfect setting for peace.

    Screw that. If sunni shitheads and shi ia shitheads chose to kill each other the rational POV is Oh well, Fewer Shitheads. Period. Yes, I know that we will never exhaust the supply of shitheads, that's not the point. The point is to stall the shithead factory long enough for us to stop yelling at each other and get to a war footing.

    Next: let's not over react to the election. Instead, let's crack a cold one and listen, once again, to Who's Next.

  13. I am on a stop over lounge trying to catch up. You have all been very busy.

  14. Speaking of multiple personalities. Anyone have a theory on who runtchard is?

  15. doug said:

    It was a magic moment that epitomized the actor's 40 years in films. Always the iconoclast, Palance had scorned most of his movie roles.

    What a contrast to Kerry he would have made as a Senator. Kerry is all, "I'm ready for my closeup now, Mr. DeMille."

  16. actually it is listed on an arab blod, but you will see they dont say it was insurgents that caused it.

    "A stunning new death count emerged Thursday, as Iraq's health minister estimated 150,000 civilians have been killed in the war _ about three times previously accepted estimates."

    scroll down to the "a stunning..."

    notice the morons that post there

  17. actually it is listed on an arab blod, but you will see they dont say it was insurgents that caused it.

    Outlets like al-Jezeera are actually good sources for figures on Arab casualties, they can't stand Muslim-on-Muslim violence, and aren't willing to fudge the numbers or call the perps "youths" to make political hay like (as Rush calls them now) the "International Left".

  18. rufus said:

    Runtchard has to be Habu, when, from time to time, he gets his alcohol-intolerant schizophrenia meds mixed up with his Prozac-laced LSD.

    Lately, Habu has been feeling quite mellow and revised his demand from 1.5 x 10^9 Muslims to be incinerated down to a mere 1.5 x 10^8.

  19. Nah, tain't me--it's gotta be habu. Sense of fun, and all, is beyond my sour, pissed-off, ken.

    Buzz mentions Spengler--who is Spengler, a real person or someone using *the* Spengler as a nom de ploom?