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Friday, November 17, 2006

Forget About Ittt! Go Michigan!

Ohio State-Michigan: Biggest college football game ever?
By Kelly Whiteside (Hat tip Skip)
USA Today
COLUMBUS, Ohio — How big is the biggest Big Game?

"About as big as it gets," former Michigan coach Bo Schembechler said about the epic college football game between No. 1 Ohio State and No. 2 Michigan on Saturday. "I see this game as being a great classic."

If former Ohio State coach Woody Hayes were still around, he'd likely agree. If this game were any bigger, it would have Roman numerals after it or a crystal national-championship trophy waiting for the winner.

"It has the makings of one of the greatest games ever, a national-championship flavor," Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith said.

Even if the game itself isn't as thrilling as the enormous buildup, it doesn't matter, given what awaits the winner: a Big Ten title and a trip to the national-championship game on Jan. 8 in Glendale, Ariz. Always the final game of the regular season for both teams, this is also their last chance to build their résumés. The loser, if the game is close and well played, could retain enough support in the Bowl Championship Series standings to land a Jan. 8 rematch, though it more likely will head to the Jan. 1 Rose Bowl — not a bad consolation prize.

It's the 103rd meeting between the teams, but the first time the game has featured teams ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in the major polls.

"To have this be the first time in over a century that both teams are ranked 1-2, it may be a long time before it happens again," Michigan coach Lloyd Carr said. "It's a dream to not only to coach in this rivalry, but to be able to play in a game like this certainly is very, very special."

The rivalry is one of the sport's best because of its impact on the Big Ten title seemingly every season, and its sheer competitiveness — during the past 50 years, the series record is 24-24-2. For the first time since 1973, both teams enter the game with perfect records.

In Columbus and Ann Arbor, Mich., they must be running out of hyperbole by now, along with face paint and anything scarlet and gray or maize and blue.

"Well, it's finally here, what you've been talking about for six weeks," Ohio State coach Jim Tressel said. "The whole world watching two outstanding football teams."

Along one wall of the Buckeyes' practice facility this week is a large sign that reads: "BEAT MICHIGAN." As if anyone needs a reminder.

"I have to remind myself not to think about that at times," said Ohio State defensive tackle Quinn Pitcock. "Lying in bed trying to sleep, that's all you think about. Maybe NyQuil will help."

Few rivalries in college football can match the storied tradition of this one. The teams have produced Hall of Fame coaches like Schembechler and Hayes, 18 national titles, 72 Big Ten titles and nine Heisman Trophies. Then consider the aura of the 100,000-plus-seat stadiums nicknamed the Horseshoe and the Big House, the singing of "The Victors" and "Carmen Ohio," dotting the "i" in the marching band's famous script Ohio formation, the buckeye leaves on Ohio State helmets and the winged helmets of Michigan.

If Ohio State wins, this will be the first Buckeyes team to go from start to finish in the regular season ranked No. 1. A victory also would give the Buckeyes a shot at their second national title in four years. With a win, the Buckeyes would have their second victory against a No. 2 team in the same season. No top-ranked team has done that in 61 years. On Sept. 9, Ohio State defeated then-No. 2 Texas 24-7.

A Heisman Trophy is also on the line. If Troy Smith performs well, the Buckeyes quarterback is expected to win the sport's most coveted individual award.

"That's probably the last thing in my world right now," Smith said.

Another big game against the Wolverines will only add to his legacy. In both 2004 and 2005, Smith led the Buckeyes to comeback victories against the Wolverines with two long scoring drives in the fourth quarter.


  1. The tension is building for tomarrows college football show down between No.1 Ohio State and No.2 Michigan. It is predicted by many polls that if Ohio State loses to Michigan they will fall in the rankings to No.3 or worse. Tomarrow, Ohio State not only needs to win; they must defend their chances at a the National Title.

  2. Thus quote from First Footballians,section g, row 23,seat 14...

    "And he goeth for the jockstrap for it protects the "package". And then doneth the UnderArmor for to add strength, if in name only. Then pads and uniform adorn the lad, now he be ready to play, the sun it be shine'in on the fans all merry and gay."
    seat 15 sayeth..
    "The game is joined, the grunts are mighty, but the package is safe all wrapped up and tidy. Hit'm higheth, hit'm lowest, strike,strike,strike the mightest bloweth"
    seat 16 sayeth..
    And now the points are scored, the clock it runneth down, and some are filled with sorrow and while others act like clowns. The victor has the spoils, and girls await to party, the "package" it won't be tardy for it now is hard and hearty"
    seat 17 sayeth..
    So whip it whip it good....

  3. From First Footballians, Swampians I..

    "And the Gators went forth when the season was done with crowns on their heads for the whoop ass they'd done"

  4. Rufus, I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure that I'm NOT Habu.

  5. wait a minute--"rufus' and "habu" have almost the same number of letters in they names. Hmmm????

  6. Holy Cowl !

    habu is a woman catholic !

  7. No, the flying nun look is in, today'

    GO Irish!

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  9. When the going gets tough,
    call on someone that gives a shit

  10. had a big crush on Sally Field back in those Flying Nun days. Now she's doing osteoporosis ads. ah, well.

  11. Seemed to fit the picture.
    I thought.

    More so than Ms Fields or someone from the Nunnery.

  12. what is this, "Quit Making Sense Day"?

  13. football mania
    See those titties we got in the duece photo.
    They don't make my day, not a Friday, anyway.

    When we're watching that kind of action, it just don't make no sense, buddy.
    Don't even make cents, for that matter

  14. Footballians maxim:

    Give the Islamofascist a dose of Night and Fog.

  15. We should all adopt the Nun avatar

  16. It only suits those pure of heart, habu. I'm 'fraid I do not qualify.

  17. Here's a funny: Russian steelmaking consortium about to bid for US Steel, but is worried about the labor unions.

    Somehow that tickles me, Russians worried about labor unions.

    Flying nun flying in circles.

  18. don't forget "The Singing Nun" and her big 1960s 45 RPM hit, "Dominique". She sang it to raise funds for her order, the Dominique.

  19. Buddy,
    Exactly which day in the past had you chosen for the day that did make sense?

    I've been a spider,a squadron insignia, and atom bomb explosion, but do I even exist?
    Rene Decartes famous "Cogito, ergo sum" (I think therefore I am) was a misquote.. It was really "I drink therefore I am"

    And yes Buddy the Flying Nun and osteoxxx. She is no doubt also afflicted with poor bladder control.
    So lets try to sum this all up.

    " I think I am alive but can I prove that it is not a dream?

    ( cue Disney music, When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are etc etc.)

    So Buddy if you can make any sense out of it all please shape shift into runchard (your not runchard, we all know that) and give us the long word...or runchard if your out there guide us to what is reality and not a dream.

    but most of all and number one make your avatar the flying nun.

  20. first, I object to Rufus' demand that I prove a negative.

    Next, as proof that I"m not Habu let me point out that Habu is a hell of a lot smarter than me. how can I tell this? Well I moved from Tucson, AZ, to Cleveland, OH VOLUNTARILY.

    That has to qualify me as probably the stupidest man on the planet.

    and, having lived here in Ohio for some six years I predict that Ohio State will lose.

    You know how states put their "motto" on their license plates? Well the license plates in Ohio should say:

    "Ohio, we simply can't stand success."

    Now here is my plan for game time tomorrow. I'm going grocery shopping. I figure that the store will be packed with bored housewives and girlfriends whose men are stitting on their asses at home drinking beer and watching the moron-o-scope. Thus this will be a target rich environment.

    I figger I'll stand next to the cucumbers in the produce section and use that line from animal house: "Mine's bigger"

    Whaddaya think? do the many personalities of CW think this will work?

  21. I just checked and I am still deuce.

  22. DR,
    You heart IS pure ..just relax and let the Democratic metrosexual you have an avatar day of play.

    Imagine a host, a page if you will of flying nun after flying nun avatars ...the lurkers will be special for you..inpiration.
    PreGame Warm UP Up

  23. speaking of mottos, i once had a small pr company which specialized in mottos. The company motto was "Always Have a Motto".

  24. right after that, i worked in a window shade factory, where i pulled down about 500 a week.

  25. Skipsailing,

    From Cucumberousians,ailse 14
    "And sayeth to all women of good looks and perky ones, mine is bigger, won't you have some?"

    I have usd that approach. It works and the extra plus is that as you "hang" around the produce section(which is usually a cooler area) you get the headlight effect.
    Nice bonus.
    A nice twist on the cucumber is to ask which is the best dip for it to go in.

  26. a bonus, as far as the produce section, it's in the rear of the store near the loading docks, so that when the SWAT team is dragging you out, they'll use the loading dock exit, thus avoiding the checkout lines in the front of the store, where your neighbors are likely concentrated.

  27. LOL--and a third assumption, that you wouldn't get a $3mm special on Fox, anyways.

  28. "IF I Accosted Women with a Cucumber, Here is How I Would Have Did It"

    Fox Entertainment Special, check your local lustings.

  29. Takes guts to type jokes on a blog. the feedback would kill a Jackie Mason or a Jerry Seinfeld. but not us, we are tough, here in this end of showbiz, one rung below the lowest possible rung on the ladder.

  30. If I Changed Personalities, Here's How I Would Have Done This Crime, Of Which I Remain So Very Innocent

  31. ppab wrote:

    Does this qualify as a Singing Fat Lady technology?

    No but this does.

  32. Beware the Heismanites, that they not run a jinx upon young Smith of the Buckenesians!

  33. hope she don't chew up the "Star-Spangled Banner" again, singing her own version, the "Fat-Speckled Platter".

  34. I would make a quip about Habu's new less-than-manly visage, but how can I when my team will be little more than Gator Bait on Thanksgiving?

    As for Michigan vs Ohio State, I became a big Ohio State fan after they beat Miami for the national championship in the Orange Bowl a few years back. Go Buckeyes!

  35. Miss Foxy Lady,
    Everyone is welcome to the EB.

    We have a very nice group, Let me introduce you.
    Gentlemen would you rise for Ms, Foxy Lady?

  36. Ok who was rude and chased her off?

  37. Great, great football game. I was there, a kid, getting a coke at the concession stand, when the roar started rising. See it on youtube!

  38. Youtube and google, gonna change TV forever, won't be long now, at all.

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    Caroline Glick
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    For her part, Livni told the crowd in California...

  40. OK, I just got seriuos and got through to Amy Carter. We had a brief discussion on nuclear disarmament and then she said she had to go floss, or was it flush, well anyway we're back onto serious stuff.
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    Might be more enjoyable than watching history being made in contemporary life.

  41. yeah Billy C. won the Heisman Trophy in '59

    But Vince Lombardi said Frank Sinkwich was the greatest football player he ever saw play the game.

    And as a curiousity it wasn't until 1961 until an African American won the thing..Ernie Davis,Syracuse.

  42. Ho, ho, ho
    It's magic, you know
    Never believe it's not so
    It's magic, you know
    Never believe, it's not so

  43. Tater,
    She's hidin in a habit.

  44. Meanwhile, here, where 130,000 US troops are tasked with providing security to an occuppied country:

    The influential Association of Muslim Scholars called on Sunni politicians to quit Iraq's government and parliament, angered by the government's decision to issue an arrest warrant for the association's leader, Harith al-Dhari.

    Abdul-Salam al-Kubaisi, a spokesman for the association, said the arrest warrant was political cover for "the acts of the government's security agencies that kill dozens of Iraqis every day."

    Al-Kubaisi called for "political groups to withdraw from parliament and the government, which has proven that it is not a national government."

    Sunni Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi called for the government to cancel the warrant.

    Al-Dhari, who is in Jordan, said the arrest warrant was illegal and "proof of the failure and the confusion of the Iraqi government."

    Interior Minister Jawad al-Bolani issued the warrant on Thursday night, declaring on state television that al-Dhari was wanted for inciting terrorism and violence. Afterward, however, government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh, also a Shiite, sought to minimize it as an "investigation warrant." The spokesman said it is up to judicial authorities to issue an arrest warrant.

    And Deputy Prime Minister Barham Saleh said the Cabinet and the president's office had no knowledge about the arrest warrant, which is seen as certain to inflame Iraq's raging sectarian violence. The interior minister is a Shiite, while al-Dhari is a Sunni extremist who recently mocked a government offer of reconciliation in return for abandoning the insurgency.

    Al-Dhari, who has been outside Iraq for months, said: "The timing of the warrant came when the Iraqi government felt embarrassed by its failure in security."

    President Bush, speaking Friday in Asia, promised to stand with the embattled government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

    "We'll succeed unless we quit," Bush said. "The Maliki government is going to make it unless the coalition leaves before they have a chance to make it."

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  46. They say ole Bo's heart just stopped. They say he had a pacemaker put in in October.
    He was in a TV ya reckon any of that equipment gives off microwaves?

    Darn I like my shin'in tractor.

  47. A time to live
    a time to die

    enjoy it while you can.

  48. We were discussing the tour, yesterday. This fellow is on the International leg, Take a peak someone's takin' a leak.

  49. 'Rat,
    A thing of beauty is a joy I just need Edward Bolands gravesite.

    PS. If someone is in Arlington that's strictly OFF LIMITS in my world. I don't care how big an SOB he/she might have been while in Congress of Senate.

  50. I'm telling ya, this whole Bo thing just shows that the people of Michigan will stop at nothing to gain a victory tomorrow.

    I tell ya, the best thing about football is the names of the players.

  51. It's a guy thing, no doubt about it

  52. All I really need to do is get a good book. Know where those Librarians are hanging out?

  53. Skipsailing,
    Bet ya at least half the player for Michegan have Mohammad or Abdul in there name.

  54. Skipsailing's wearing dark glasses to cover his bright reds from bawlin about Bo.
    Very Metro.

  55. yeah, Rasheed Hickman. Deangelo Suggs. I just have to laugh.

    I heard of one lady here that named her daughter Placenta.

    Kinda has a ring to it, no?

  56. possumDieter

    today we did a homage thing to the flyin nun..would you car to join in and change you avatar for a few postings...cleansing, very cleansing....Possumtater did it made a new marsupial out of him.

    I did it for a while it made a tractor out of me..

  57. For those curious about my newest avatar, that is a new F-22, the latest in the US Air Force inventory.
    source Wikipedia

  58. Well then, I think I'll get checkin' the ripeness of this pair of peaches.
    Back in a bit

  59. habu, stay away from the brown acid. the brown acid is baad, man.

  60. Man I tell ya. I like this blog more and more everyday. Top notch discourse here. And now, College Football.

    It don't get no better than that.

  61. Do you have to hold the cup when you collect them samples, Kelsso?

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  63. Ode to Bo (Row,Row,Row yur boat)

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  65. Crap, Kelsso, now ya gotta worry about unspeakable bloodborne diseases from them Bay Area Donors.
    "He went to Donner,
    Now he's a gonner."

  66. The Camel has a single hump,
    The dromedary two,

    Or else the other way around,
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  67. The Lord in His wisdom made the fly
    And then forgot to tell us why

  68. Why did the Lord give us agility,
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  69. I lack a book,
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  71. Okay, I'm sorry,
    no more of this,

  72. Buddy,
    Add a banjo and yo got a gig at Scotty's Castle.

  73. ah, them bluegrass intruments--you can heare your anciente clan howl in the twangy reverb

  74. [ibid ibidoo]
    He's gotta case of
    insipid libidoo.

  75. There's a really nice Website about old Scotty and his castle, Habu.
    Turns out his Bio is purty interesting.

  76. bagpipes, too, whether fighting Napoleon,
    or drunk in the kitchen,
    flat on the Linoleon.

  77. The night before this season's biggest College Football game, College Football lost one of the best coaches in NCAA history. The former Michigan coach Bo Schembechler died today at 77. In reports presented by ESPN and ABC news; Schembechler's heart may have not been able to take all the excitement and build-up of tomarrow's game. It is also stated that he had a heart-attack the night before the Rose Bowl in 1970. Schembechler was a seven-time Big Ten coach of the year, compiling a 194-48-5 record at Michigan from 1969-89. His record in 26 years of coaching was 234-65-8. He never had a losing season. Impressive! Read More...

  78. Four minutes, wolverines down ten.

  79. Have to do the onside kick. What a game.

  80. Oh well, 2007 will be a good year for Michigan football and California cabernets and hopefully Pinot Noir. I predict a good year for Flying Fish ESB as well.

    OSU 42, Mich 39

    Congrats all of you Cherry and Whites!

  81. Damn good game. Game Ohio State!!!

    Too bad, Wolverines, two great American iconic teams!!