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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Some come. Others don't. Is a "dry orgasm" in your future?

Ever vigilant to health issues, we at the EB pay close attention to matters that may be of interest to our rising audience. Now our demographics show that many of the EB may have a slightly greater interest in matters of ED but we wish to be inclusive and welcoming to the younger generation of political sports fans and conservative issues.

The Guardian discusses the wish of many woman for a male contraceptive, "the pill for men". I am uncertain that this product will be based on the demands by males, but one should never underestimate the persuasive power of woman at times when these things may be of interest.

Clearly the inspiration and pent up demand will come from woman.

It seems as if some progress is being made but there are some "issues". I will highlight a few as I see them. Enquiring minds may wish to read the entire article.

ISSUE No.1, There are several drugs at various stages of development, with the latest a single-dose pill that produces a "dry orgasm", the slightly eye-watering notion that the man experiences sexual pleasure, but does not produce any semen. This may be a small problem.

ISSUE No.2, It takes around five hours to take effect, which might take some of the spontaneity out of a one-night stand. This may be a problem.

, Researchers found a high blood pressure called phenoxybenzamine. In a test on people, the drug had the side-effect of temporarily preventing ejaculations in males. Talk about a silver lining to what most men would find to be a rather dark cloud.

, Another drug used to treat schizophrenia (thioridazine) had a similar effect. This synergy could be very reassuring to woman.

, Both drugs act in the same way. They interfere with muscles in the vas deferens, the tube leading from the testes. Is that where men want someone or something running interference?

ISSUE No.6, Both drugs have unhelpful side- effects. The schizophrenia drug causes drowsiness and the blood pressure pill can cause dizziness. "Is something wrong dear?"

ISSUE No.7, This drug is not delivered as a pill, but as an injection or an implant - and there are hormone-related side-effects. The clinical trials show that it works but a lot of men complain about the injection. I have nothing more to add.


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  6. Because I care, let me share from the Belmont.

    What’s Next?

    allen said...


    I respect what you say, and hope with all my might that you are proven entirely right. As a citizen, nothing would bring me greater joy than to find my low opinion of the President's character repudiated by the future you predict.

    Having said that, allow me to offer a thought for folk to start getting their heads around. If Mr. Bush makes a deal that leaves the Republican base angry and vulnerable, I predict that the base will join with interested Democrats to impeach the President. Mind you, I do not imply his removal from office; rather, his ostracism.

    I cannot imagine the Republican movers and shakers wanting to go into the 2008 election with the blood of 500,000-1,000,000 Iraqis on there hands because of a botched deal that left Iraq open to unrestrained civil war and the depredations of a three pronged thrust by Turkey, Syria, and Iran. Additionally, the Republicans will not want to take the blame for a ME where Iran controls the Strait of Hormuz and the distribution of the petroleum resources of Iraq and the KSA.
    11/27/2006 11:24:37 PM