“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gunga-Rush-Din is Liberated and Relieved.

" I feel liberated...I no longer am going to have to carry the water for people who I don't think deserve having their water carried." Is that like being against the Republicans while he spoke for the Republicans. Now that has a familiar ring to it. Hardly inspiring words from the "Mr. Big".

Can we understand that had they won, he would still be fagging for his masters? Not good Mr. Limbaugh. I find it remarkable that he would admit to such a thing. What else does he talk about that he does not believe in? Oh well, the show must go on.


  1. Just another big-mouth Asshole. He's always been a big-mouth asshole, and he'll die a big-mouth asshole.

    I would rather spend an hour trapped in my car listening to my ex mother-in-law, than listening to that prick. At least, with the old witch I might get some constructive advice on how to make my sorry ass a better person.

  2. Well, he doesn't have to carry water for Rick Santorum, or Jim Talent, anymore; I guess now he can just carry water for those who really deserve it like Trent Lott, and Ted Stevens.

    Or, maybe, he's just going to retire, and let us enjoy a couple of hours of Rap Music, or sumpin.

  3. I'll tell ya what ruined this here nation...stretch pants.

    Use to be you could tell if things wer gett'in outta hand cause your trowsers got tight on ya.
    Then came stretch pants which let you fudge (pun fully intended) a bit.
    So then you psychology says, well if I can do that I can do 60 in a 55mph zone, park in a handicap spot or not floss.
    Yep it started with stretch pants.

  4. BTW, it seems we've suddenly discovered that Teddy Roosevelt was a "Libertarian?"

    Might I suggest a wikipedia search or This brief summation.


    End of Rev

  6. I find it remarkable that he would admit to such a thing. What else does he talk about that he does not believe in? Oh well, the show must go on.

    Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer, just like that other radio personality Mike Savage, or that Teresita chick, so he often plays the Devil's Advocate to give his ratings a boost.

  7. Let's keep one thing in mind, guys, a bunch of those dems got elected by getting to the "Right," supposedly, of the Pub opponents.

    The country didn't turn left; it just got tired of the Foleys, Abramoffs, bridges to nowhere, and an endless, war to nowhere.

  8. Too bad guys with the clout of Limbaugh didn't comment on facts, e.g. the sorry state of the leadership of the party they profess to love. All over the conservative blogosphere today you find the same: rabid partisans who have suddenly seen the light and the errors of the Republican leadership. What a sorry bunch of hacks. While it might have made no difference, the President occasionally might have had a different viewpoint if he had not had so many willing "Yes" men enabling him.

    As to Limbaugh, I gave up on him years ago. Once a shill, always a shill.

  9. quit listening to the Rush miester about 10 or 12 years ago. Well before he lost his hearing.

    Each diatribe had become predictable and selfserving.

    Then his problems with drug abuse made him less a "point of light" and more an example of hypocricy.

    He does maintain a loyal audience, though it has diminished from the days he was feted by the "new" Republican Majority.

    Ahh, the glory days of yore, when all was sweetness and light. Before "points of light" were Federally funded, as well.

  10. Deuce,

    re: water carrier

    Are you certain that Limbaugh wasn't the chamber pot carrier?

  11. Well. well,

    I just discovered that I must belong to the Reformed wing of the Libertarian Party, or find another oufit..why?
    In their statement of principles they renounce the use of force.

    Well I'm just a tad to the right of that position....
    maybe I should join the Bandito Party.

  12. Good one, Allen :-)

  13. Well one thing about Rush. He made some big time dinero. But his ties were OMG ugly.

  14. Just a tad, eh Habu?

    Just an itty, bitty, tad?

  15. I decided..I don't need no stink'n party.

  16. Those were ties?

    I thought he'd thrown-up, and bled all over the rags they'd tried to Hang him with.

  17. Why don't we start our own party. The EB Party, also known as the party of grown-ups; OR, of "Grown-ups who Party."

  18. The people who don't want to fight the W.O.T. are sometimes called,"Nevilles".

    Hannity and Limbaugh?

    ... why, they're "Monikas"!

  19. Rufus,
    I never thought they were ties. They were just as you described. Vomit stain with some guacamole and salsa wipings.

    Ok maybe more than a tad ..more like how far could you throw a baseball in your youth.

    I'm stink'n wit no damn party,Jolly Roger, hooligan. Vot'n free.
    I want every citizen to be able to grow a six foot cannibus plant.
    I want $1.00 gas tops..but were prefer one of your alternate fuels.
    I want a Swedish housekeeper Housekeeper

  20. YIKES!

    10-4 On the Housekeeper, Good Buddy!

  21. In which Friedrich A. Heyek explains "Why I Am Not a Conservative" (note: "liberal" is used in its original, pre-Socialist sense):

    "Let me now state what seems to me the decisive objection to any conservatism which deserves to be called such. It is that by its very nature it cannot offer an alternative to the direction in which we are moving. It may succeed by its resistance to current tendencies in slowing down undesirable developments, but, since it does not indicate another direction, it cannot prevent their continuence. It has, for this reason, invariably been the fate of conservatism to be dragged along a path not of its own choosing. The tug of war between conservatives and progressives can only affect the speed, not the direction, of contemporary developments.


    "The picture generally given of the relative postition of the three parties does more to obscure than to elucidate their true relations. They are usually represented as different positions on a line, with the socialists on the left, the conservatives on the right, and the liberals somewhere in the middle. Nothing could be more misleading. If we want a diagram, it would be more appropriate to arrange them in a triangle with the conservatives occupying one corner, with the socialists pulling toward the second and the liberals toward the third. But, as the socialists have for a long time been able to pull harder, the conservatives have tended to follow the socialist rather than the rather than the liberal direction and have adopted at appropriate intervals of time those ideas made respectable by radical propaganda. It has been regularly the conservatives who have compromised with socialism and stolen its thunder. Advocates of the Middle Way with no goal of their own, conservatives have been guided by the belief that the truth must lie somewhere between the extremes - with the result that they have shifted their position every time a more extreme movement appeared on either wing.

    "The position which can be rightly described as conservative at any time depends, therefore, on the direction of existing tendencies."

    The Constitution of Liberty
    F. A. Hayek

  22. Rufus ,
    just light cleaning and buffing

  23. Once in a while I listen to the beginning of Rush to see what real position the Administration holds on an issue. A few minutes is enough. I decided long ago that there will never be a political party that agrees with me, but I know the socialism of the Dem's is not my way.

    There is a good letter from a retired AF at NRO. The Challenge Ahead.

    If you missed the Austin Bay interview at Mudville, I enjoyed it.

  24. You certainly DON'T need a party, habu.

    I'm a small-l libertarian - a Cato Institute libertarian, if you will - without a party all my adult life.

  25. Typical, dumb-ass Russian, Putin is Overplaying his hand.

  26. Allen, looking at that pictyre closer, it could be a dual use.

  27. The country didn't turn left; it just got tired of the Foleys, Abramoffs, bridges to nowhere, and an endless, war to nowhere.

    Sex with pages, accepting Indian Casino money, pork barrel, and nation-building used to be considered left-wing causes until the 109th Congress made them fashionable for the heirs of the Reagan and Gingrich revolutions.

  28. We need to outlaw stretch pants in this country, and mandate Spandex.

  29. I like Rush Limbaugh. I believe the man has done more than anyone to advance Conservative causes. I listen to him daily and understood what he meant when he wasn't going to carry the water for Republicans who weren't able to articulate their own conservative values. Sure, at times he shilled for the Republican team but he also called them on the carpet when they needed it. The United States is richer for having Rush Limbaugh on the air. He has opened many, many formerly liberal eyes to conservative truth.

    No one's perfect and its not in human nature to agree with anyone 100% of the time but imagine if the only source of information was the monopoly of National Public Radio.

  30. Rush could use Spandex, be good for him.

  31. Re: The Cato Institute.

    I see they made the People For the American Way's Right Wing Watch.

    That's a plus for them.

  32. That is what makes the elephant a great place to deabte. I am a Rush "used to be", the pre-institutional Rush. I liked Glen Beck before he went on TV. I prefer college football to NFL. I like the less varnished versions.

    Sorry Whit, but when the man makes a statement as he has, he has no standing with any issue. He is a propagandist.

  33. Trish,
    I always enjoy reading the CATO Institute.. I guess I've been doing it (reading) for 25 years or so.
    Yeah, You were right about the Librarians..I saw that "no force" ideology and end of story there.
    I just read where gun sales and ammo sales are through the roof. Some of the most popular ammo, like .308 you have a dickens of a time finding. What's it mean?
    Apparently it means people feel they need guns and ammo..duh..well really that's all you can deduce at this time. Should we venture into the inductive reasoning world we could say that they are prepared to fire those weapons. Continuing from there there will be an object fired at...tin can? paper target? human? Time will tell.
    I'm just one of those atavistic Americans that believes that the Second Amendment guarantees all the others.
    Now in Sausalito and Tiburon they believe that ferns will protect them from all evil..ferns and a latte.

  34. A Propagandist?

    Aren't we all?

    He's a big-mouth asshole? A shill?

    Aren't we all?

    He may be an SOB but he's our SOB.

  35. If you want to see a real propagandist. Check out the lying, prevaricating, distorting Keith Olberman on MSNBC.

    Now that's a propagandist.

  36. I asked this question over at Belmont.

    If the next Senate will be made up of 49 Dems, 49 Republicans and 2 Ind.

    How does that translate to a Democratic majority and a Speaker Pelosi?

  37. bobalharb

    We need to outlaw stretch pants in this country, and mandate Spandex.

    No way. Kerry wore Lycra spandex to Mass during the campaign in 2004 and it was a mortal sin.

  38. Trish,
    Your 1:34 was great. You also made a VERY important point right out of the starting gate:
    (note: "liberal" is used in its original, pre-Socialist sense):
    For those interested in the original thinker on liberalism pre socialist check out Jeremy Bentham.

    This is not an endorsement of Bentham ,just a resource for learning about the initial phases of "liberal" thought. So when you read about "animal rights" and other "things" he was one of the fons et origo (wellspring)

  39. whit said:

    I asked this question over at Belmont.

    If the next Senate will be made up of 49 Dems, 49 Republicans and 2 Ind.

    How does that translate to a Democratic majority and a Speaker Pelosi?

    Because the two independents, Bernie Sanders and Joe Lieberman, will caucus with the Donks.

  40. Thank You, Sister.

    Are we sure about Lieberman though?

  41. 2164th said:

    That is what makes the elephant a great place to deabte. I am a Rush "used to be", the pre-institutional Rush.

    Hugh Hewitt is smart and blog-savvy and features Professor David Allen White and Yoni Tidi, but he's a bit too pragmatic (supported Chafee) and he really does carry the water for the Bush Administration (supported Harriet Myers).

  42. Rufus--


    For years the University of Idaho has boasted it leads the world in oilseed and biofuel research.

    Wednesday that boast was bolstered by the announcement of an investment partnership with a Gilbraltar-based company that plans to use the university's know-how to develop worldwide altenative fuel production.

    Ian Rosenblastt, chief executive officer of Eco-Energy Ltd., said his company will make a $2million initial investment to research how canola, rapeseed, and mustard seed oil can be used as biofuel in such places as North Africa, South America and elsewhere.

    "The object of the research is to develop a crop which will grow in all climatic conditions, has high oil yield and...has a high standard of quality," Resenblatt said during a newes conference at the university's agricultural biotechnology building.

    Although using biofuel to totally replace fossil fuel in the U.S. is unlikely, Resenblatt said the plan is to help smaller countries become self-sufficient by growing and producing their own fuel.

    "There is a huge awareness--massive awareness it's not absolutely driven by money. It's also driven by this need for people to find an alternative to fuel which doesn't harm the atmosphere."

    People chipping away at the problem everywhere, Rufus.

  43. Are we sure about Lieberman though?

    All of us have entertained thoughts of being Fighting Joe and sticking it to the establishment Dems who walked over him in the primary, but he will keep his word because that's the kind of man he is, and also because after Baker takes away the Iraq War from Dubya, the only thing left will be classic lefty issues which Lieberman will be quite comfortable supporting.

  44. bobalharb'
    That sir is great news. Good for the Idaho economy and good for the USA.

    Now you folks, Idaho is prettier than Montana and has better everything so if you're look'n at the NW USA to relocate Idaho is the place..just drive right on past Montana, honest, would I fib over sump'in like that?

  45. Nan may have Alcee Hastings as chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence.

    Hastings was impeached for corruption and perjury by the dem controlled House by 413-3, and the dem controlled Senate by well over the required 2/3 vote.

    Mr. Hastings is only the 6th judge in the history of the Republic to be removed by Congress.

    Sleep tight.

  46. Habu--As I posted on an earlier thread, Montana is colder than an Islamic hell in winter, and can be hotter than a Christian hell in summer, I might add. But I forgot to say, Idaho is filled with Nazis and and other disreputable groups, including Libertarians. Also, the economy here sucks, and you can't make a living, except as a Wal-Mart greeter, and there is a long waiting list for that.

    I wouldn't recomment either place, unless you are tough as a mountain man--you know, a man tough enough to match the Rockies, and know how to run a trap line.

  47. Out here, the style is not stretch pants, or Spandex. Animal furs have always been the 'in' thing.

  48. You can listen to Hugh Hewitt for longer than most because he is smarter and does challenging interviews.

  49. My first day at an old fashion Catholic School, which had grades one thorugh three in the Church Basement, we learned how to greet the Sisters and Father:

    "Praise be Jesus Christ, Good Morning Father.", or sister.

    Being a five year old, I screwed it up the first time I saw the priest coming towards us," Jesus Christ, here comes Father." It was afew years till I figured out why the adults were howling with laughter.

    The new Woman Catholic look jostled the brain cells.

  50. David Frum writing in the Telegraph, "America is Still a Conservative Country." cautions the Brits not to get too excited by the US elections.

  51. Damn I'm glad we will finally clean out corruption in D.C. Hastings and Harry Reed, that's the clean ticket.

  52. I don't think the Bush Administration has been neoconservative since the last election. It might had been better off to stay more so. Much of the description is from the media.

  53. We'll see if Baker wants to trade Lebanon for Iraq.

  54. What is to stop the Republicans from passing immigration legistlation now before the next session? Then any attempt to change it could be vetoed.

  55. From the comments after Frum's article
    Unfortunately I have to agree with Mr. Frum. Americans are conservative for three basic reasons: A) Religion: the majority believe in God and tend to favor politicians who talk about family values an all the "sacred package". B) Taxes: the majority believe in small government and tend to favor politicians who talk about reducing taxes. C) Security: the majority believe that democrats are soft on crime and terrorism, and tend to favor strong politicians with John Wayne looks and a loaded riffle at hand. Mr. Frum, I can only hope that things will change one day because of three basic reasons: A) There is not a single evidence of the existence of God, and most of the "sacred package" that the republicans sell so well is plain hypocrisy (consider Foley and Haggard) ; B) Small government and reduced taxes means bad health, bad justice, and bad education for the not so rich, which consequently creates a state of unhealthiness, unfairness, and crime for everybody; C) The politics of aggression may turn catastrophic (consider Iraq). I have a dream, Mr. Frum, that some day America will be blessed not by God and hypocrisy, not by a lazy government, not by guns and belligerence, but by respect and tolerance, by open-mindedness and sense of common.

    It must be our God-fearing, arrogant, imperial hubris.

  56. Habu, I have a project near Livingston , Montana. You near that part?

  57. The EuroAmerica posted here earlier pointed out when the state takes care of you, God is not needed.

  58. Whit, I'll guess not long. They seem to think in terms of personalities. If we can kill one person, it will all be over.

  59. Here's something I am waiting to see.

    How long will it be before the Dems broach the idea of withdrawing our troops from Iraq and sending them back into Afghanistan to get Osama? After all, their mantra has been that Afghanistan is where the real war on terror was left unfinished.

  60. I don't think we'll hear them chant that mantra anymore.

  61. Might be a good idea 2164 about passing immigration now. I think the pubs are too shell shocked to think clearly at this time however/

    I have learned never, never, too make predictions, much less bet, on politics or sports, as every time, every time, my desires get the better of whatever rational analysis I might possess.

    It's really starting to sink in today. What a disaster.

    I kind of hope Hasting does get some position--it would make such a mockery of the whole charge and counter charge about corruption.

  62. Maybe the only thing for it is to simply take the Italian view of politics--they are all corrupt, just accept it and vote for the ones that might possibly, in some inconcievably remote time in the future, help you or the nation out a little.

  63. Aren't democrat's traditionally more protectionist, job protecting kind of folks? Listening to Lou Dobbs go on, and on, and on, and on, about Broken Borders and the Broken Government on CNN I would think that the Dems would be more likely to tighten immigration laws then republicans, escpecially the free trading lookin' for cheap labor kind like Bush.

  64. The Republicans need to put up an immigration bill. It has majority support of American People. They pass it and let the Dems run against it or try and change it later. The Repubs have nothing to lose because if a Democratic bill with amnesty passes, there never will be another Republican majority.

  65. Oh my.

    I listen to Rush. I find him entertaining and he often provides insight into daily issues.

    I recall him reading the poll that said that 30% of Americans think that Bush planned 9/11. His reply: when Elvis hears this it will kill him.

    As for insight, today he asked a listener who he preferred for the next republican presidential candidate. The caller said that Newt wouldn't work because he had baggage. Rush's response: the MSM will insure that every one who isn't a liberal will have baggage. They beat allen with a single word: Macaca.

    I don't agree with everything he says, and sometimes his monologues are little more than tantrums, but there are other talk show hosts that simply don't deserve the time. I can't take a whole lot of Hannity or Savage. Especially Savage. If I want the rude new yorker POV, I'll call my brother the retired NYC cop.

    As to party affiliation, well recently I was on a first date with a lady who was very, very liberal. She asked about my politics and I told her that I was slightly to the right of Ghengis Khan.

    No second date for me!

    I called the office of the Ohio Republican party just to express my disgust. these guys are lost, just lost. To them it was all about mechanics. I asked why the didn't do more to distance their candidates from the failed and tarnished Govenor Taft and got no real answer. Ken Blackwell was an opponent of the govenor's and yet little was done to remind the voters of that fact.

    Essentially we beat ourselves here. The republicans proved incapable of acting like a majority. They winked and indiscretions and allowed big egos to turn small issues to huge problems.

    One example: when Ted Stevens threatened to resign over the bridge to nowhere the correct response was " Au revoir" or however the f word you say that in Inuit.

    I'm just furious with these guys, just furious. Last night Hugh Hewitt was so angry we was banging on the table. I don't blame him.

  66. The Republicans will lose my guaranteed three votes if they do not put up a pre-January Immigration Bill.

  67. Deuce:
    Have you heard any talk of Congress taking up immigration before the next session?

  68. 2164,
    Livingstone is east of Bozeman. I am west of Bozeman about two hours on the interstate.
    If you have time sneak down to Chico Hot Springs Resort south of Livingston.
    Beautiful country. Made my biggest hike around there, up to 11,000 ft.
    Spending any time there? If so get to Yellowstone, out the east side and take 212 to Cooke City. Charles Kurault called it the most scenic drive in the country. 212 goes on past Cooke City..oops's gonna get closed for the winter it's high up 12k and gets snow.
    Montana Web Cams
    scroll down to the Cooke city cameras..those gas pumps will be under snow in another 6 weeks.

  69. Hannity says that 100,000 or more ballots haven't even been counted in J.D. Hayworth's district. Hayworth is on Hannity now. The race has not been decided.

    Newt is coming up.

  70. 45 to 50% of the ballots in Hayworths race haven't been counted and he's down by about 6,000 votes.

  71. Hayworth's projections are that the race will be a dead heat.

  72. Whit, I have not but to me it is a no lose strategy. It is like the Republicans always trying to pander to the black vote. They never get it. Let them show some courage and pass an immigration bill that disenfranchises illegals from getting the vote. I'd wager 70% of the public would support that.

    Of course the pres, snaps towels and gringo Spanish at his farm hands and that is where he develops his laisez faire attitude about Mexican immigrants going to be future Republicans.

    If I left $1 an hour for $12 and then was able to get Social Security and a US passport, why would I vote Republican?

  73. I don't think they could get anything passed. Last time, the House refused to sign off on the White House/Senate amnesty version so the most they could do was vote on the fence. Nothing's changed since then.

  74. I peaked at Whit's next post. Good one and ready to go.

  75. Sure it has changed. They don't have a majority at risk!

  76. bobalharb,
    I hear ya. I reckon the best advice we could give folks is to maybe get to Oregon or Washington.

    Idaho and Montana can bite ya hard and with wolves and cougars, badgers,wolverines it's not safe.

    But I hear tell Oregon is a place where a child of the 60's could prosper without a care.
    I know these folks are gonna thank us cause it's good advice.

  77. Charlie Rangel is booting Cheney out of a suite of house offices. He says that he will not push for Bush's impeachment because he "knows Dick Cheney."

    The Democrats will never be able to control themselves. Too much BDS. They 'll overreach. We've got two years to watch the Dem meltdown.

  78. Sorry, Deuce; no way Dubya's gonna let an immigration bill through. All the Pubs know it. He wants the earned citizenship.

    About the best they could do (if they wanted to) would be to guarantee funding for what they've already passed. Ain't gonna happen, though.

  79. Ahh, the perks of power.
    Mr Rengel will enjoy them while he can, he thinks he's waited and suffered long enough, I'm sure.

    Bet I outlive old Charlie Rengel, no telling if Mr Cheney will though, what with his bad ticker.

  80. Yep, bobal's "this is starting to sink in" finally hit the markets today. Down, health-care & transportation (fears of socialism & ME trouble), up gold & oil. Trend? Only de shadow knows.

  81. We can be grateful that two duds will not be around in 2008, John Kerry and George Allen.

  82. is it my imagination, or has there been two days of no bombings in Iraq now?

  83. Maybe they're just not quite as "Newsworthy," now, Buddy.

  84. I think it's your imagination on that Buddy. A fast check shows 199 dead yesterday and 79 today in various shooting and bombings.

  85. on topic, I kinda, without really intending to, did like rat mentions upthread, just drifted away from Rush's show after the Clinton epoch. I was always secretly glad he was so infuriating the lefties, tho. Maybe he did no real good, tho, given the revolution seems to've been an ebb tide.

  86. I guess i just didn't look, bobal. thanks for the update.

  87. Limbaugh and others named here serve a function craved by the Right, they are validaters. Notice, I did not say truth tellers; that, they most certainly are not. Solely in the interest of partisanship, they will say anything to captivate and motivate an audience.

    Look at what happened at the BC yesterday, for instance. Wretchard made what I initially took as an erroneous statement, pointing to the Democrats as being responsible for reducing the size of the Army from 18 to 10 divisions. On three separate occasions in that thread, I presented Wretchard the chance to amend his statement. He did not. Why not? Had Wretchard agreed with the facts, it would have meant an implicit repudiation of George H. W. Bush and Richard Cheney. Consequently, I am led to conclude that he prefers to disseminate an out right lie if it validates his emotional needs and that of his audience.

    What is peculiar is that none of his regular commenters have had the integrity to call him on his prevarication. This is audience that has no problem ripping to shreds anyone else guilty of the smallest infraction BC PC.

    Hypocrites and idolaters all, deserving no better government than they get.

  88. Hey Buddy;
    Where did you write that post about the Dems sabotaging the TWAT. I thought that was a good post and wanted to put it here.

  89. Alcee Hastings...
    He'd be in jail if demographics didn't play such a large roll in our national conscience.

    Now he'll be a big man.
    This nation has turned into a sludge pot.
    Some idolize OJ and vilify Clarence Thomas. wow.

  90. Allem:
    Maybe he wasn't prevaricating. It could be that he just didn't take the time to "look it up" or there could be other reasons. Not arguing, just saying...

  91. Allen too bad your Jewish, You don't have enough practice genuflecting. I am quite practiced at the art and it is a needed skill at the BC.

  92. Just out of curiosity, what percentage of Hispanic votes went for the Republicans?

  93. Allen, I think it was just seen as explainable in the light of the USSR collapse, that, until 911, cutting military spending was explainable. Not smart--just , not a red-meat issue, at the time. Clinton was a huge mess. Plenty of less-explainable stuff there.

    Whit, I'm sorry, I can't recall which post you refer to--about when was it?

  94. 2164, I heard, on H&C show, "about 10%".

  95. I don't think we'll be able to get answer to that question yet.

    Here's and interesting Blue State/Red State by county Map which also shows the changes from 2004 to 2006.

  96. Bombings:

    "Maybe they're just not quite as "Newsworthy," now, Buddy.

    The MSM only has so many resources, and they can't very well be expected to use them up reporting on yet more bombings when the goal of getting the gavel into the hands of Grandma Pelosi has already been achieved.

  97. Buddy:
    It was yesterday or today. You pointed out the twat was going well until the Dems started with antiwar rhetoric or something like that.

    It could have been here at EB or over at BC. I looked but couldn't find it.

  98. The Rush thing. He was great at the beginning back in the late 1980's. He would parody some of these pols with some stuff that would bring tears to you eyes.
    Then he got really notice and I beleive did the conservative cause great service. Plus he gets points for losing weight.
    That he now feels relief, well we all say things.
    All in all I think he's been a plus over the years. I haven't listened to him in about five years but that was all part of my plan to chill off politics...I mean I devoured everything and would debate a dead skunk about whether it was a Democrat or Republican who killed 'em.
    Sanity finally prevailed and I realized the lines were drawn back in the 60's and they're still that way..we're all just older. Yeah a few grew into conservatism but it wasn't rooted.
    Now the country is huge in population,GDP, and Government.
    Soon we'll all have chips embedded under our skin for security reasons.
    Most of you don't realize that when social security was passed it was specifically forbidden to use that number for any other identification ..ha.
    A Senatorial candidate has to raise something north of $45,000 a day to even be in the reelection when do they have time to represent "the people". The legislation is peddled to them by big business, they introduce it and go on their way...governments now a racket, a big socialist racket.
    Ok everybody sing..Gimme that old time religion, gimme that old time religion, gimme dat ole time religion it's good enough fo me...whew.

  99. whit, i was responding to someone--at BC--I think an older thread--I'll try to find--

    now i gwan read the dee-lightful habu's scalawg sh*t--

  100. From: "Why I'm not a Conservative."

    There is nothing corresponding to this conflict in the history of the United States, because what in Europe was called "liberalism" was here the common tradition on which the American polity had been built: thus the defender of the American tradition was a liberal in the European sense.[

    Trish, I think this is the missing key to Hayek's thinking. He really was a "Conservative" in the American sense of the word; although, later in life he became more, and more Libertarian, basically.

    Definitions get very dicey as you go through the passageway of time.

    Somebody said recently, "The Republicans have become Democrats; and the Democrats have become "Insane."

  101. I do think the Unholy alliance of European Conservatives and Socialists that spawned "Fascism" was very much on his mind at this time.

    I do see American Conservatives becoming more Liberal, but I don't see them becoming more "Socialist." Think Free Trade and Civil Rights vs. Tariffs and Affirmative Action.

  102. re: Wretchard

    There is enough dirt on the Clinton administration's relationship with the military to keep one in jabs forever. Making shit up is both unnecessary and inexcusable.

    Wretchard managed to make further comments afterward. As to looking it up, it takes all of about 3 minutes. No, I think he was trapped by his prejudice and, rather than revise his remarks, he chose to mislead thousands of the ignorant in the international blogosphere.

    It is this sort of juvenile sophistry that helped seal the Republicans' doom on Election Day. Down here is GA, the commercials were at first so ludicrous as to be laughable. They lost that charm quickly and became insulting. Shameful.

  103. Let me parse my own language a bit. I would say old Friedrich was a Conservative in the "Modern" American meaning of the term, but, certainly not in the "Hoover/Buchanan" definition.

  104. Rem870:
    I see that puke, Chafee, is center stage on the Bolton thing.

  105. Here's an example from my limited experience on how legislation is written by the interest groups. Our Lutheran Church here, of which I'm still a nominal member, got a letter from Verizon Corp., the cell phone company, about leasing a part of the church land for a cell phone tower.

    Big meeting at the church about this. Most for the easy money, some against on principle, a few against for health concerns. One of our lawyers pointed out that in the legislation regarding the cell phone network a municipality cannot turn down a facility, only say where it might be. And also, get this, health effects cannot be considered in the decision or even brought up as part of the decision making process.

    No group of free Americans acting on their own would write legislation saying that the health effects of an action could not be considered.

    I have dealt with a realtor whose father and brother worked all their lives for Boise Electic or whatever it is called. They say, seriously, that near a cell phone tower the cows don't give milk, or as well. Did you know you can read a newspaper at night by a cell phone tower if you take a couple of clips and light bulb and attach to the metal fence? That's what they told me, though I haven't tried it.

    Being a good Lute and wanting to keep my church from making a mistake I tried to guide the business over to some land I have nearby, but failed. Could have used the nearly 2k a month the church is getting. :)

    I think those cell phone towers, and phones, are dangerous, and there will be lawsuits one fine day. I wouldn't be pregnant around one if I were a woman. They put out a lot of energy.

    Can't bring up the health issue--jeez. That is what it says.

  106. Rem870,

    re: Bolton

    Atlas Shrugs will go ballistic!

    It is a shame, but not unexpected.

  107. Allen, I dunno--I don't really follow your meaning, perzackly.

  108. Deuce, the Pubs got 29% of the Hispanic vote.

  109. re: Rumsfeld and Bolton

    Maybe both will write books. Rumsfeld's would be worth a fortune.

  110. Allen:

    You are right about Atlas Shrugs

    There's smoke and steam coming out that place. Man!

    She blowed a gasket!

  111. Gotta tell the truth - I was hoping for one of her video-rants.

  112. There was some little village of minor population out somewhere in the Hawaiian Islands that ran into this. We don't want no stinking cell phone tower. Tough shit, you're gettin' one anyways. That was the argument, but I don't know how it finally came out--I assume they got the tower, like it or not.

  113. Brilliant strategy, no wonder they thing Bush is a genius. Hispancis make up 12% of voters. Bush develops a strategy and gets 29% of that voting block or 3.48%.
    In doing so he turns off 20% of the white vote which is 80% of all voters. So he trades 16% for 3.48% and in doing that will enfranchise another 10-12 million with amnesty. He loses on each sale and decides to expand the volume. Awesome.

  114. Yeah 870:
    You were hoping that she would be ranting from the beach weren't you?

  115. Maybe it's the cell phone towers bringing our sperm count down.

  116. habu,

    I think you asked me about Bentham before. From a classical liberal perspective, he was definitely a mixed bag. So of course was Mill.


    Hayek, as you indicate, defines and clarifies his terms early in the piece from which I exerpted. That there is considerable confusion/corruption of those terms over time has made it difficult, without real effort, to communicate with anything like precision even with those one agrees with, while making deliberate mis-communication easier for those who aim to do so.

    The piece really deserves to be read in full.

    As far as conservatives becoming more liberal, in the original sense, this is true somewhat in the realm of economics. Whether that trend holds remains to be seen. But much lies outside that realm and it is outside of it that conservatives are most actively anti-liberal.

    I think what we may end up with in future is big government social conservatives as the mainstay of the Republican Party.

  117. the goddamn telegraph was fine for me.

  118. buddy,

    re: Wretchard

    If I make a misstatement (which has never happened, mind you) and, say, Rufus calls me on it, I can act like a moron and either bluster endlessly or ignore Rufus (fight or flight). However, as a gentleman of integrity it would be important to me to set the record straight. Were I a gentleman with a large, attentive audience, it would be doubly so as the matter of ethics. At any rate, to answer Rufus' reservations I would fact check. If wrong, I would apologize and correct the record. To let stand a statement I know to be untrue would make me a liar. To do so because it might cause embarrassment to me and my pet cause would make me a hypocrite and a liar. Just sayin'.

  119. bobalharb said:

    There was some little village of minor population out somewhere in the Hawaiian Islands that ran into this. We don't want no stinking cell phone tower. Tough shit, you're gettin' one anyways. That was the argument, but I don't know how it finally came out--I assume they got the tower, like it or not.

    You know, out in Molokai they say, "We don't need no steeking tourists" and when they come anyway, they let all the air out of the tires of their nice rent-a-car.

  120. rem870,

    re: Atlas's video rant

    Nothing like a beautiful Jewish girl talking dirty. :-O

  121. Fox just went over the coming committee chairs--and said that Bolton was going to be a knock-down drag-out fight.

    Dingell yesterday threatened whole industries with star-chambers, and today the PRC issued a statement about "diversifying" out of greenbacks, which was a message to the Dems not to go protectionist.

    The market mavens are saying that statement is what ran gold and oil up, and stocks and the greenback down, so sharply today.

    Leahy gets the intelligence chair--"Leaks" Leahy.

    God almighty, we are in deep shit.

  122. 2164th said:

    Brilliant strategy, no wonder they thing Bush is a genius. Hispancis make up 12% of voters. Bush develops a strategy and gets 29% of that voting block or 3.48%.
    In doing so he turns off 20% of the white vote which is 80% of all voters. So he trades 16% for 3.48% and in doing that will enfranchise another 10-12 million with amnesty. He loses on each sale and decides to expand the volume. Awesome.

    And for his next trick, he will spend $1,000 billion dollars to bring democracy to Iraq, whose oil revenues in the entire decade of the 1980s was $100 billion dollars. In other words, we'll have to squeeze Iraq for every drop of oil for a century just to pay the Chinese leg-breakers their PRINCIPAL, never mind the vig.

  123. allen--prob just an oversight--dontcha think?

  124. "And for his next trick, he will spend $1,000 billion dollars to bring democracy to Iraq, whose oil revenues in the entire decade of the 1980s was $100 billion dollars. In other words, we'll have to squeeze Iraq for every drop of oil for a century just to pay the Chinese leg-breakers their PRINCIPAL, never mind the vig."

    Something about a "noble effort" - one of those things the road to hell is paved with.

  125. well, it's over now--noble effort or ignorant folly, or 911 world-takeover conspiracy, whatever, it's all over now, baby blue.

  126. No buddy, it is not. As you point out the markets have put up a big thumbs down. The Dems have a real herd of cats and many of the wins were razor thin. Now they have to put up real plans. The Euros have to decide if they want to pay or play with the un-Bushies. It will be interesting to watch while the Pubs need to clean house, and it is a house in need of cleaning.

  127. 2164, you're right of course. I'm just spiraling into depression, I guess. The gods must be crazy, that in order to punish the "GOP", the free-world has to get it's teeth kicked in. Hope the crimes fir the sentence. Not optimistic on that, at all.

  128. Buddy:
    Go read the latest post and the comments. Maybe that'll cheer you up a bit.

    (Boss - no more drinks for Buddy tonight)

  129. Take heart, Buddy, it is said not even the gods, not even Zeus, can contend with fate, moirai. Take heart, good man, face thy fate smilingly!

  130. ok, whit--I'll lay off the gloom. No comments on Carl Levin getting the Armed Forces chair, or Robert Byrd the Appropriations chair, or the chance of any conservative judges getting approved.

    I'll lay off. I realize it ain't very upbeat.

  131. Here we go-another sign of the times--doc in Florida getting sued for prolonging woman's life. No do not resuscitate order on the medical chart, even though she had a living will. World Net Daily

    Nough for me today. Remain hopeful folks.

  132. Election results are way, way down on the list of things that can make me depressed. And in general, I don't see a lot of right-wingers going to their therapist in Beverly Hills or threatening to move to Australia because their guy didn't win. Face it, there was a lot of Republican bums who got thrown out, and they won't be there when GOP Remastered comes out in 2008.

  133. Yup. moral victories are what you have when the other guy has the *real* victory.

    Just feel like I've been working on a great artwork for 50 years, and suddenly the dog jumped up and ate it.

  134. Buddy, perhaps you will have something of incredible value and beauty when your four legged friend passes it back to you.....just be ready with the scooper.