“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nanny State England Child Czar Prepares Dossier: Says No More Smacking Children.

First, this is not a joke. This is England's Children's Commissioner for England, Al Aynsley-Green. To be frank, he looks as if he would enjoy having his own bottom spanked. I cannot prove that.

How England found itself in need of the services of a state bureaucrat to tell them how to raise their children is beyond my comprehension, but they have.

Like all well meaning, left leaning, power mad, minding your business bureaucrats, he is available and demanding to help the unwashed vulgar masses do what the nanny state knows best. It seems as if the meddling professor, who heads The Children's Commissioner for England is preparing a dossier for the United Nations to back his case that parents who smack their children are abusing their human rights.

Now when the Brits put together a dossier for submission I get nervous. The last dossier that came to my attention was the infamous IRAQ’S WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, THE ASSESSMENT OF THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT. That little document convinced me, and possibly many others, that an attack on Iraq was probably necessary. Later we learned that whoever wrote that should have had his bottom smacked.

To give you a little more flavor into the good professor's thinking, here is what he wrote in the Guardian (Thursday, 19th Jan 2006): "From the debate that's been going on over the past week, one might be forgiven for thinking that all our children and young people are out of control. The government's Respect action plan has focused the nation's attention on antisocial behaviour and aggression. But we desperately need a more balanced approach which recognises that these difficulties have not arisen overnight. We must also examine how political decisions in the past 30 years have contributed to the turbulence in which so many of our children and young people live"

God help us all and my sympathies go out to the once Great Britain. Read it and weep. Child tsars unite in push to ban smacking.


  1. Where on earth are Habu and Rufus and Teresita?

    What do they do with the time they used to give to blogging!?!!1

  2. In an effort to accentuate the positive, we have too posts that are BDS free.

  3. Only last week it was revealed that the number of under-18s having abortions has gone up under Labour, prompting critics to say the campaign to give teenagers more information about sex has only increased promiscuity.

    Ministers now want to re-educate parents to assist their drive to cut pregnancy, leading to accusation from family values campaigners that they are turning Britain into a "nanny state".

    Sexual Activity

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  5. hu dat,

    re: Impotence Czar

    Hu dat, have you looked closely at the picture of the guy at the top of this thread. Dick on a stick, comes to mind, but I may be too harsh.

  6. hmmm, the nanny state stepping into all sorts of folks lives by preventing them from taking a pill the day 'after' or preventing research on a bunch of cells 'cause the could be a baby sometime, or, or, nooooo, America really is the best, home of free and all that...

  7. "Freedom" is not "license", something all too easly brushed aside by pseudo-intellectual graduate students and immigrants.

  8. "license" to beat kids allen - no problem?

    "license" for two ladies to marry - OHMIGOD!!!

  9. kids are property, right? like your wife?

  10. ash,

    I've turned over a whole, new leaf. Yes, dear friend, "Borat the Movie" has changed my life. Ash, I have surrendered my worthless life to my savior, Moe. Hence forth, it is the life of submission for me.

    Inspired by your latest, I called a family meeting, during which I gave all to understand that they were chattel. Moreover, they were told to submit as if my word was the very voice of Allah. Screaming, "Allahu Akbar", I then laid into my dependents with a flyswatter.

    Sadly, my dear, Ash, I was overpowered. As this is written the mental health people are attempting to force the lock of my refuge, the tool shed. Inshallah, my posting may be light for a while. When last I saw them they were unfolding a straitjacket.

    (Sigh) Dear Ash, the life of the shahid is frought with peril.

  11. allen,

    I'm not sure why you are keen on carrying our discussion over to the BC but these posts are made in the context of this thread and Englands move to make beating children by parents illegal. On the one hand some posters seem to have trouble with the English State inserting itself into lives of individuals to which I replied that the US State, to these peoples great happiness (stem cell research, gay marriage ect) does so as well. You then moaned on about freedom does not imply license, as if that had some bearing on this discussion to which I retorted (to paraphrase) that freedom does not mean you have license to beat your wife nor your child.

    I guess I should follow your lead and post this at the Belmont club as well? Why not follow your 'brilliant' lead on this matter...