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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Crack Addict loses "crack" in Florida Lake

The Sheriff and his four deputies were on Greta van Sustern's show Wednesday night. The Sheriff said that the alligator left the man's left arm hanging by a tendon, broke his right arm and chewed the man's buttocks off. One of the deputies admitted they were "scared as hell and the beast was the size of a bus." The Sheriff said there is no academy training to prepare anyone for wrestling an 11 foot alligator in four feet of water at four in the morning. I guess not.

The photo is not of the big ass-eater but is a 13-footer that was killed in central Florida. Covered at Observanda


  1. First Comment, O/T, but what the hey:

    THIS is pure f'reakin Genius.

    Blue Earth farmer Roger Moore and his son Dan have become wind developers, with the help of John Deere Co. The farm-machinery manufacturing company has branched into wind power and launched a business unit where it works out agreements with local landowners and wind developers. Deere provides the capital and gets the physical plant built, while the local partner gets land easements, wind rights and purchase power agreements line up.

    THIS can bepeated tens of thousands of times across the Country.

  2. Them city fellers couldn't figure out why the crackers had nearly killed them gators to the point of extinction. Any questions?

  3. Rufus:
    Welcome Back!
    The Deere Company should be an inspiration to all of American business. Thinking outside the box, embracing and adapting to change makes for success.

    I like it!

  4. That danged Free Enterprise Capitalist System will surprise you every time, won't it?

  5. Whit,

    The poor fellow was recovering from the shock of hanging chads and Katrina.

  6. Rufus -- this long-time lurker is glad to see you! Can you please dredge up Habu.

  7. Ruins, I think something bad happened down at the bog.

    Possumtater's not sayin much, but he's been acting kind of strange, and he didn't even go see Ms Possum "TooTite"Tater last night.

  8. Oh, that "too-tite' Tater, she's a tease, i'm tellin ya!

  9. Allen said, "Them city fellers couldn't figure out why the crackers had nearly killed them gators to the point of extinction. Any questions?"

    Is this an Islamist terrorist attack by an Ali Gator?