“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Observanda: Continuing To Enable Terrorism

Tiger is on a roll over at Observanda as he continues to pound George W. Bush on his political correctness. Go and watch the Wafa Sultan video clip again to be reminded of the truth.

While you're there, don't miss his post Something is Happening in France.

Make sure you read the Washington Times article.

A Note from 2164th
: I am joining with Whit and commending Tiger for this link. You must see the video of pure beauty and truth. I hope this brave woman lives. She deserves The Nobel Peace Prize. It will make you want to shout for joy and spit on the floor comparing it to the incomprehensible drivel that comes from Bush.

More on Sultan.
Wafa Sultan, the Syrian-born writer and a daring activist struck the right cord by shouting at the top of her voice, while she was having a fiery discussion on an Arab news network. With continuous interruption from an Islamic Sheikh distracting her, she felt that she had to do something. So she just said, ‘Shut up! It is my turn.’

The bold activist believes that this is a way of conveying to all the Muslim women around the world and particularly in the Middle East that it is high time that they should speak up against their male counterparts.

Sultan said:

It is time to stand up and tell your men shut up . . . because you have been making decisions for me for 1,500 years.

Of late, she is drawing wide-scale attention amongst the westerners with her outrageous remarks against Islam, however, many other Muslim women feels that this in no way to bring about changes in the society.
Contrary to Sultan’s hope that she would one day like to be the ’savior’ for millions of Muslim women world wide, Sabiha Khan, spokesperson for Los Angeles Council on American-Islamic Relations says that lot many Muslim women feels that she is not as important as she thinks, she is, for the progress of the women community.

Nevertheless, this 48-year-old tigress has received recognition from Times Magazine as one among the ‘World’s 100 most influential personality’.

Sultan is not going back on her aim to help the Muslim women in the Middle East by these feeble remarks. She aims to build up an education foundation for the women folks and instill confidence in them so that they can stand up alone against any kind of circumstances.
Muslim Woman


  1. These cascading threads.

    Make you think that the Master Plan has become undone. Or not

    When I am overwhelmed
    Holding pieces of my heart
    When I feel my world
    Start to fall apart

    To the cross I run
    Holding high my chains undone
    Now I am finally free
    Free to be what I've become

    Even in defeat
    The face of tragedy
    Still you'd have to say that
    I found victory
    In brokenness comes beauty
    Divine fragility

    The Bush Family Mantra

  2. UNITED NATIONS, Nov. 18 (UPI) -- Israel's ambassador walked out on the United Nations session that resulted in a strong call to Israel to end its military operations in the Gaza Strip.

    The 192-member General Assembly voted Friday night 156-7, with six abstentions, in favor of the non-binding resolution in an emergency special session.

    The United States, Israel and Australia voted against the document, while all the European Union members supported it after last-minute changes were made to soften the tone.

  3. VDH tells US:
    "... We know that another 50,000 or so Americans would raise our profile in Iraq, spur more domestic hysteria, increase the cost of the war, increase the likelihood of Iraqi dependency, and enlarge the rear echelon compounds throughout Iraq that support our frontline fighters. But we are not sure that they would bring about greater security — that is, unless they were allowed different rules of engagement than are currently allowed in Iraq.

    Will the thousands of more troops get permission from the Iraqi government to disarm the militias and smash insurgent enclaves? Can they target a Sadr and his thugs with impunity? Will they be able to kill Syrian and Iranian infiltrators across the border? Will they be able to target those in “civilian” dress who help plant the IEDs? And is all that not happening now because there are too few boots on the ground?

    Before anyone simply cries for more troops, please explain precisely what they are supposed to do differently than what we are doing now, inasmuch as throughout history it is what fighters do, rather than how many of them there are, that determines their success or failure. ..."

  4. Mr Robert Novak tells US this about the White House, Mr Bush, the Republican Party and Lincoln Chafee.

    "... President Bush's political team, after six years of tolerating Sen. Lincoln Chafee's irregularities, was enraged by his final defection following defeat for re-election in Rhode Island.

    The national Republican strategists had excused Chafee's repeated deviations from party line voting on grounds that it was necessary for him to survive in his heavily Democratic state. But with Chafee a defeated lame duck after the election, there was no political justification for his declared opposition to John Bolton as United Nations ambassador. That killed any last hope for confirming Bolton.

    The White House had made a calculated decision to support Chafee against a regular Republican in the GOP primary in the belief only he could be elected. The Bush aides felt Chafee owed the president the Bolton vote since he was leaving the Senate anyway.

    The Federal Republicans dumped on their LOYAL conservative candidate in the Primary to support Chafee, because Chafee would "win".

    Well, Lincoln lost and so did Mr Bush and Mr Bolton. Mr Bush's team, it manages to mismanage one cascading failure after another.
    When will this trend line uptick?

  5. Mor Robert Novak:

    The renowned House Republican whip operation was nowhere to be seen Monday on the first day of the lame-duck session when the Vietnam trade bill fell 32 votes short of the two-thirds necessary for passage, four days before President Bush's arrival in Hanoi.

    House GOP discipline enforced for 12 years broke down with 66 Republican members voting against the president. They did not have to defy the party's whips. There simply was no effort to whip the troops.

    The breakdown in discipline was reflected by a surprising number of senior House members among the 66 defectors. They included Reps. Pete Hoekstra, Intelligence Committee chairman; Duncan Hunter, Armed Services chairman; Joe Barton, Energy and Commerce chairman; and Bill Young, former Appropriations chairman -- all normally dependable in following the leadership. "

  6. It is becoming an increasing challenge for the voters to choose between the "new" party of BIG GOVERNMENT, the Republicans and the old party of BIG GOVERNMENT, the Socialist Democrats.
    Having a viable third party isn't the answer since they usually just muck up the entire process. Just look at Europe for multi party nations..for the most party they're all fucked up.
    The citizenry still holds the power although the amperage is practically zero. We don't need term limits, hell we get to vote every two years, we need to just vote out the entrenched ossified grandees that could give a shit about us. In most black enclaves the Rangels and the mAxine Waters are never gonna get voted out thats why they represent the third world and not their own constituencies. But their constituencies are are losing power to the hispanics who are growing increasingly residivist. That has to stop. It is up to the majority, the demographic majority, to save this country or surly we are headed for the shining landfill on the hill.

  7. DR,
    GOP needs to:

    Now whip it
    Into shape
    Shape it up
    Get straight
    Go forward
    Move ahead
    Try to detect it
    Its not too late
    To whip it
    Whip it good


    Al-Qaeda: Kill the Christians
    Beloved ones, I bring you the great, joyful news, which is the coming attack in America, with the permission of Allah, in a new wonderful method. America will be shocked once more, and this time Bush of the infidels will cry again
    REad the rest
    Kill Americans

  9. The GOP stays the course with the same old team.
    No change in management in the House, they'll just keep on keepin' on.

    Mr Lott is back in the saddle, again.

    Yes, he's back in the saddle again
    Out where a friend is a friend
    Where the longhorn cattle feed
    On the lowly gypsum weed
    Back in the saddle again

    Ridin' the range once more
    Tokin' on his own homegrown
    Where you sleep out every night
    And the only law is might
    Back in the saddle again

  10. Black student faces 'hate' charge: 'Whites only' written on Seymour High School wall

    Thursday, November 16, 2006


    Copyright © 2006 Republican-American

    SEYMOUR -- A black student will be charged with a hate crime for writing "whites only" on a wall near a water fountain at Seymour High School.

    The 17-year-old senior, whose name was not released by police, was arrested Wednesday and charged with breach of peace for a separate incident at the high school. Police said while in custody, he confessed to writing the message, which was found during the homecoming dance on Saturday.

    Police will apply for an arrest warrant for a separate charge of breach of peace and possible other charges, including vandalism and bigotry, Capt. Paul Beres said Wednesday.

    In Connecticut, a person is guilty of third-degree bigotry when they, with the intent to intimidate or harass because of race, religion, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity, damage or deface property or threaten by word or act. It is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in prison and/or a $2,000 fine.

    The student has been disciplined at the school for the incident, said Director of Security for Public Schools Richard Kearns. He would not comment on what specific action was taken.

    The message, which is reminiscent of segregated water fountains during the 1950s and 1960s, was not the first racist graffiti found at the high school this year, according to police. A few weeks earlier, graffiti was spray painted on the side of the high school, but was removed before it was reported to police, Lt. Robert J. Fox, spokesman for the Seymour Police Department, said Tuesday. Several parents met with Police Chief Michael Metzler Tuesday to complain about the earlier incident, Fox said.

    Superintendent of Schools Thomas Petruny would not comment on the complaint, but did say that the school board has a zero-tolerance policy for violations of school policies and that it had no intention of covering up any incident.

    "This board will not, has not, ever taken a position of not doing something about a situation," Petruny said. "We will not hide or cover anything up."

    Kearns said this week he spoke with several students about the incident and was able to pinpoint a suspect based on anonymous tips and interviews.

    "Racism is not tolerated here in Seymour," Kearns said. "It's very upsetting to see that."

    According to the 2000 census, the town is 92 percent white, 3 percent Hispanic and 1.4 percent black.

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  12. Third-degree bigotry...

    Quick definitions (bigot)
    noun: a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own.

    So here we are, America, 2006 where in our PC Orwellian world a person no longer has the right to be prejudice, intolerant of others opinions that differ from their own.
    Guess we better shut down the blogs sites ASAP or the thought police will come and take your ass away.
    Unreal doesn't even begin to descibe the narrowing of free speech in this country.

  13. rufus, didn't you say that the loss of the Viet trade pact should be laid at the Dems door?

    Seems that was not the case. It was the GOP that jumped ship on their Captain.

  14. DR..exactly one was whipping that day and the cows all went there own way. I would say mavericks but that has an inplication of some type of guts.

  15. Law and Order, habu, Law and Order

    When the lefties see other examples they're labeled "moonbats". When someone comment on the loss of freedoms from the "right", well then, you join the "radical right" and can be dismissed as a Kool-Aid drinker.

    Support the Federals through the GOP or the Dems, the only options open to America as a way forward.

  16. DR...Law and's a nice tidy,
    Rollback of our Rights
    Over the years, the Constitution's original meaning has been slowly eviscerated.

    The Commerce Clause has been interpreted as allowing Congress to regulate practically anything, starting with meatpackers in Swift v. United States (1905) and going all the way to hotels in Heart of Atlanta Motel v. United States (1964). The unchecked expansion was finally thrown into doubt when the Court drew a line in United States v. Lopez (1995), but even this was heavily contentious, and Gonzales v. Raich (2005), which Barnett argued for the respondents, re-opened the question of the Court's willingness to enforce limits on Congressional power.
    The necessary and proper clause has been read to allow Congress to do whatever they find not only necessary and proper, but also convenient for exercising their enumerated powers, starting with the creation of a federal bank in McCullough vs. Maryland (1819).
    The Second Amendment has simply been ignored.
    The Fifth Amendment's takings clause has been neutered by reading "public use" as "public purpose". See Kelo v. New London.
    The privileges or immunities clause has been interpreted as meaningless redundancy, starting with allowing Louisiana to create a slaughterhouse monopoly in the Slaughter-House Cases (1873).
    Violating the Ninth Amendment has become Supreme Court policy, starting with the famous footnote four of United States v. Carolene Products Co. (1938), which held that only rights listed in the first ten amendments could be protected by the courts. (Carolene Products itself ruled that Congress could prohibit entire forms of milk.) [N.b., this view presumes that the purpose of the Ninth Amendment is to render enforcable by the Federal judiciary an unenumerated list of substantive rights. This view is itself highly questionable, though, as there are reasonable, alternative readings of the Ninth Amendment would render this criticism a nullity.]
    The Tenth Amendment has been made meaningless, insofar as Congress has assumed (and the Courts have permitted it) the power to do almost anything.
    Barnett uses, as an analogy, the example of going to see the Constitution and finding it filled with holes. He argues that the Constitution followed by the courts is simply not the one written down and under glass, and that the only honest thing to do is to restore the lost constitution

  17. on this day...

    1928 : Mickey Mouse debuts

    Cartoon star Mickey Mouse appears in Steamboat Willie, an animated short produced by Walt Disney. Steamboat Willie was the first fully synchronized sound cartoon ever produced, with Mickey's squeaky voice provided by Walt Disney himself.

  18. Is it a stay the sarcasm course?

    Can we win..absurd question ..yes

    Do we have the guts,leadership to win...not from our people or pols.

    Is it shit, of course it is, we've become a pussy tiger, weak horse nation. Boomers raising tattooed,rap listening,black culture imitating panty waste kiddies (except for the ones with guts to join the service)..

    materialist Mom's and Dad's too tired or cowardly to say "no" to their kids and looking to blame it on the school systems for not being in loco's a sick f'n culture.
    I hope all you porcine Americans who can't do one push up get waxed by the muzzies first when they show up right'll have earned it. Don't come look'in for help from us tough guys..hell I'll just us you as a human ain't worth take'n a bullet for..enjoy your ice cream porky.

  19. i know wutcha mean, tho, habu. i am ofter siezed by the very same horror, that the place ain't worth so damn much anymore.

  20. The best lack all canned victuals,
    the worst are full of passion ate in tent city.

  21. i thought my nose bleeding, but it snot.

  22. Buddy,
    Sometimes this place is like therapy for me. I rant but it's usually well earned.
    I knew that the Vietnam War would divide the country just like the Cvil War did. It did. The same kids I had no respect for in college I have no , or less respect for today. It revolves around what I consider to be cowardice, pure nad simple. They don't want any part of anything close to hardship. The irony there is that their kids in many many cases have grown beyond their control by age six and make their life a living hell. I love that part, but once again that's cowardice on their part for not having the guts to enforce any discipline.
    We've got two parties redistributing money as fast as they can and the beltway is LOADED with con artists feeding off the taxpayers money. Each state should have a Committee of Public Caning that goes to DC monthly and whoops up on the Representatives and Senators just as a matter of course.
    Ya work your ass off for a Reagan and his ideals and in less than twenty years your back to country club Republicans with no guts who end up being corrupt ( but that's the definition of a politician it's it)SOB. They had all the power and I can't name a damn thing they did that will last. Weren't they gonna do away with HEW and few others departments?
    And the Dems are playing a bigger con game..they hate the military but now they're smart enough to not vocalize it. It just pisses me off.

  23. no, you're right. I take up for GOP (a la the AJ Srata link rufus posted) only because them others is woise. But that old Country Club Republican bit took RR and 16 tons of work to live down, and as you say, now it's back and in. Stupid, stupid, stupid, and vile.

  24. RR wasn't a revolution, he was an anomaly.

  25. Commitee of Public Caning Official


  26. This poor child I would take in under my personal humanitarian relief program for those who are left with little but the sand under their knees.

    I am not all heartless.

  27. Reagan was an anomaly and I think in the front and back of my mind that we wouldn't be seeing his kind again in a long long time.
    I have read Peggy Noonan's book ,"When Character Was King" and he was a great guy and made a great President, best in my lifetime.'s good to see the Dutch get some balls.

  28. BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Iraqi and American forces fought Sunni insurgents in an hours-long street battle Saturday in the increasingly violent city of Baqouba, as residents fled indoors under the rattle of automatic weapons fire and the blasts of rocket-propelled grenades.

    City police said at least 18 people were killed and 19 wounded.

    Nationwide, police and morgue officials said the death toll was 53, including those killed in Baqouba.

    The city was chaotic following the fighting, and Baqouba's police media office said it was not known how many of the dead were Sunni insurgent fighters. The Americans reported no dead or wounded among U.S. forces.

    Violence in Baquoba, 35 miles northeast of Baghdad, has skyrocketed in recent weeks, particularly after a major battle between Sunnis and Shiites in the nearby city of Balad last month. Scores of civilians in Baqouba have been killed in the violence in the past two weeks alone

  29. Ohio wins by 3 they say on FOX,
    42-39 Final.

    Michigan did not score enough points to win. The clock ran out, dejected fans reject defeat ...
    ... mutterings of "MSM" and "bad calls" and "homefield advantage" heard in Detroit and Dearbon.

    Ann Arbor is in double mourning

  30. all depends on how you define "victory", rat. The Wolverines came out on top of scoring the fewest points.

  31. Ronnie Reagan was many things, rufus, but "hard right" was not amongst them. As you note by his performance.

    Mr Reagan is just an example of being a better messenger than most of his bretheren in the Presidency.

    Heck, he was a Democrat for most of his life. A fan of Mr Roosevelt, Franklin, not Teddy.

    He spoke to the librarians amongst US, but didn't deliver much beyond the rhetoric, which soared.