“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, October 14, 2006

UN drops a feather pillow on North Korea.

A major nothing from a unanimous UN Security Council Resolution. It includes:

Bans sale of tanks, helicopters and missiles, as well as nuclear and missile technology.

Allows inspection of ships going to or from N Korea.

Bans sale of luxury goods.

Bans travel by those working on weapons and missile programmes.

Any further action needs new UN resolution.

Under Article 41 of Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, meaning it cannot be enforced by military means.
Here is what this means:
  • Israel- Make preparations to be able to unilaterally strike Iranian nuclear assets.
  • Iran - Stockpile cognac, cigars and other luxury goods. UN sanctions bite.
  • Japan- Start building your own nuclear defense. North Korea is ahead of you.
  • Russia- Do what you want, when you want, where you want. You can neutralize the US at a time and place of your choosing.
  • China- Follow Russia's lead.
  • United States- Quit talking about a military build-up and do it. Raise the taxes to pay for it. Face the facts that a new cold war is developing with Russia and prepare to go it alone. Take a lesson on the UN declaring victory. Do the same in Iraq.


  1. What if the Korean ship does not stop. Is military force to be used to facilitate the Inspection?

    Is it worth ten minutes of artillery barrage aimed at Camp Casey or Castle?

    How about a thirty minute barrage of the old 8th Army Headquarters, in downtown Seoul.

    Escalating tit for tat, it's the terrorist way.

    What now LT?

  2. You want to see the Iranian folly take a back seat, fading to insignifigence, pressure Korea.

    There is a reason we've let the Hermits have their Kingdom.

    Blood today trumps tomorrows threat. Millions of people are held hostage in Seoul.

    Mr Bush and Team will tell US that this Resolution Sanction has "teeth" and we've "got to give Sanctions a chance".

    Good for another year or more of staus que, unless the Axis powers want to push even more than they already have.

  3. Buried further under Article 41 section 7, subsections iii & iv & vii further states.

    1. No more "Happy Meals" programs may be conducted by McDonalds
    2. Only Elizabeth Taylors feet may be phtographed for distribution.
    3. All major network "Breaking News" will now be repairable

    Pretty damn tough stuff

  4. "Repairable "Breaking New"..

    McDonald's has just announced it will begin testing above ground test of it's new "Atomic Happy Meal". It also announced that it will donate all hog fat to be reduced to a "Big Mohammad Shake and Spray" to be used againt Muslims. It will be environmentally friendly using compressed air to spray the fat.
    "We be jamm'in" a McDonalds spokesman said.

  5. Jammin', we're jammin', jammin' til the night is thru.
    Yeah we're jammin', we're jammin', we're jammin', we're jammin'.
    And you know that it's true.

  6. Piggy backing on the steel spined leadership at McDonalds, Coca Cola just announced that it would "supersize" it's litre containers to hold a litre and "then some". Additionally it will come with a shoulder strap and hand pump to "reach the back Rohs" of Norks.
    In retailiation the Norks stated they were going to paint the USS Pueblo pink and rename it "Sissy Ship of Running Dogs"
    The UN Security Council is going to recovene at the Bellagio in Vegas to discuss strategy and try to relieve pressure.

  7. Ivanov on Saturday denounced the nuclear test North Korea claimed to have conducted Monday as "outrageous," but warned that any possible international sanctions must be aimed at encouraging Pyongyang to return to stalled six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear program, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported.

    "These sanctions mustn't contain even a hint at use of force and mustn't be directed against the North Korean people," the Interfax news agency quoted Ivanov as saying. Ivanov emphasized that any possible sanctions must be withdrawn if the North agrees to rejoin the six-nation nuclear talks, the reports said.

    "Russia and China agree that means of political pressure on North Korea by the U.N. Security Council mustn't last indefinitely, that is if the DPRK returns to the six-party talks and progress is reached at those talks, sanctions must end automatically," he was quoted as saying.

  8. With over ten million people living within its city limits, Seoul is one of the most populous cities in the world. However, with an area of only 605 square kilometres, it is also one of the smallest and most densely populated major cities.

    Seoul more under the gun the Israel, and a greater potential for loss of life. There are "only" six million Israelis.

    So if Mr Bush has to decide which target must be sacrificed, to assure the world wide defeat of the Axis, which would he choose?

    Which target gets the Conventry treatment? That is the precedent set, by one of Mr Bush's most revered historical figures, Mr Churchill.

  9. All in all it was just a brick in the wall.
    All in all it was just the bricks in the wall

    ....and this next one dedicated to N.Korea nad Iran..

    Feeling alone --
    The armys up the rode
    Salvation la mode and
    A cup of tea.
    Aqualung my friend --
    Dont start away uneasy
    You poor old sod, you see, its only me.
    Do you still remember
    Decembers foggy freeze --
    When the ice that
    Clings on to your beard is
    Screaming agony.
    And you snatch your rattling last breaths
    With deep-sea-diver sounds,
    And the flowers bloom like
    Madness in the spring.

  10. Sad news, but the type that makes me proud that the US still fields such men
    "... Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor had been near the only door to the rooftop structure Sept. 29 when the grenade hit him in the chest and bounced to the floor, said four SEALs who spoke to The Associated Press this week on condition of anonymity because their work requires their identities to remain secret.

    "He never took his eye off the grenade, his only movement was down toward it," said a 28-year-old lieutenant who sustained shrapnel wounds to both legs that day. "He undoubtedly saved mine and the other SEALs' lives, and we owe him." ..."

    News not often heard on the evening news.
    Not a bit like this next piece of headline

    "... A military hearing at the Marines Camp Pendleton Base in Southern California ruled there was a risk Jerry Shumate may abscond if he was released from custody prior to the February hearing.

    Shumate, 21, stands accused with six other Marines of murdering Hashim Ibrahim Awad in Hamdania, outside Baghdad, on April 26 this year.

    Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Meeks, presiding, said he agreed with an initial review which found Shumate was a flight risk. "I find that the danger of conviction is a strong motivating factor," Meeks said.

    Defence attorney Steven Immel argued unsuccessfully that it was an abuse of discretion to continue to keep Shumate in custody.

    But Meeks ruled Shumate was a "young impressionable Marine" with a "desire to please" and a "troubling tendency to follow others." ..."

    Always thought that was what young impressionable Marines with a desire to please were supposed to do, follow.

    Not ask where, what or why
    Do or die

    Who let this man down, who led him to this wicked end?

  11. He looks like a Marine. Just like one would expect a young impressionable, eager to please, ready to follow you to Hell, Marine should look.

  12. Whom ever the Press Agent for the Military is, should be fired and replaced. Replaced not by another military man, but by someone that understands Media.
    Better than the Army of One guys.

    It's never been an Army of One, it's a group, a tribe, a sense of belonging, that boys want to join. The Mens Club, as it were, not the One Club.
    Be a Man, amongst Men

    But the Army bought into the "One" bullshit, hook line sinker.

  13. Monsoor vs. Shumate MSM coverage is an abomination.
    We, you and I and most of the others on this site as well as other sites have been aware of this bias for 40 years. Since Vietnam.
    We've made great inroads in getting our message out but we'll just have to keep work'in.
    It is ashame and a treachery.
    One bright hope are the many outlets for news and that ABC,NBC, and CBS have all lost market share.
    Rush remains huge.
    Blogging is growing and exposing MSM fraud and deceit.
    However with 300 million people in the USA vs. the 150(approx) when we came to being the democratic process is being stressed.

  14. whit,
    Words can't describe Ted Turner. Over the years he's just continued to be a cross between Timothy Leary and Ramsey Clark....and as much as I dislike her he did get some Fonda on him.

  15. It's not the population, it's the gerrymander. Not just in Congressional Districting, but the entire Federal System has been gerrymandered.

    It is unaccountable, now. I think it goes back to the election of Senators by popular vote.
    Prior the Senators represented the STATE GOVERNMENTs, not the "people" of the State. Now, with the power of incumbency, the Senators are unaccountable to anyone.
    The State Governments were diminished at the Federal level.

    The Federal employees, wielding immense power, are held almost totally unaccountable for their actions and errors.

  16. DR,
    The House needs it's member ship enlarged. I can't remember the last time they added US Reps but I don't believe it's been in my lifetime. Now we have double the population.

  17. That would further dilute Party control of the Government, leading to a third or more parties. Fractionalizing control.
    That is the most feared thing, by the Permanent Government.

  18. There is in fact a movement to repeal the 17th amendment.

    The core problem is the voter--single issue, rob peter to pay paul, NIMBY.

    Critical to teach Civics--really, really teach it.

  19. House apportioned info ..ast time


    House of Reps

  20. The debate would widen.
    Deadly to control freaks.

    What if Mr Buchanon or Mr Perot had a block of 20 Reps.
    Jerry Brown or Mr Nader.

    The Greens, Libertarians, and more could gain a voice.
    Cannot have that.

    The debate is nicely defined now, thank you.
    Stay the Course or Cut and Run

    An entire Region, with just two options to choose from, niether practicle?

  21. No, buddy, the voter was empowered beyond their abilities.
    As was foreseen by the Founders.
    The House, chosen by the People every two years.
    The Senate, chosen by the States, every six.

    The people had their voice represented in each case. It was better for the Nation to have it "once removed" in the Senate.

    It gave the State Governments a type of parody with the Feds, one they no longer enjoy.

  22. I would guess that that is exactly why the 17th amend. Diffuse state power, prevent combines of governors & senators.

    The other side of the federalism sword.

  23. The whole world swings
    like a pedulum do
    Federals on bicycles
    two by two

    We've swung to far in the search for reform and democracy,
    to where the cure is gonna kill the Republic.

    Which is what those Black Knights always had in mind.

  24. Bet in Vegas, you're really kidding. The house wins, or they would not have built it.

    Grew up around Horse Racing and those bets, a fella can make a living at. If he bets "selectively"

    Cockfights, now those are a real gamblers delight. I like the lighter colored, tanish birds with red spur leggings, most. Especially if they're just a tad under weight.

    The Hemingway quote fits cockfights as well, with women. Some love the blood and excitement, some do not. I like the ones that do.

  25. The Maya had a much more accurate calendar then the Western one that replaced it.
    The Maya circular,
    the West's linear

    The West had steel,
    cannons and breastplate
    The Maya ran out of rain

    Scenes that we've all seen before

  26. No, bob, life is a journey, an entertaining one at that.
    Everyone, everything dies.

    Agnostic, been told by both Japanese and Koreans that I'm a nonpracticing Buddhist by temperment and ethic, but my passions sometimes interfere.
    Work to keep them in check, but watching a death match is passionate.
    Better chickens than men.
    Much more civilized.

    But I do believe that no man is a god, unless all men are.

  27. Of course, bob, the future, it's the fourth dimenson, time.

    So how to describe it's multitude of options but as some type of expanded sphere, which in a two dimensional plane is a circle, no?

    The macro and the micro, each have a tale to tell and do.

  28. Two good essays on 17th Amendment.
    wiki and a Bruce Bartlett in NRO:

    "Repeal the 17th Amendment
    It’s where big government begins".

    (note that it came out of the 1912 election--which has been discussed here recently, as having some strong parallels with these times--esp the philosophical rhetoric, and the disgust with both parties, leading to the third party run [Teddy/Bull Moose] which lost but did in fact put a Dem in office, who very soon--in months--signed the 17th Amendment)

  29. Enjoying the discussion. Just lurking right now as I have things baking in the oven and a football game on...Bob..good to see you in the EB

  30. I mean, bob, no KFC or Popeye's for you. No Burger King?
    Veggie diet, or no time spent in the stockyards and meat markets of the world?

    I enjoy horses, but there are three meat plants that, combined kill and proccess about 75,000 horses per year in the US.
    It will soon be illegal, for "humane" reasons. But what is to become of those 75,000 horses and the industry bottom they represent.
    Today the low value of a horse is about 30 cents a pound, live wieght. $250 -350 per horse. When the animal is done, there is residual value. After the stockyards are shut, those horses are no longer assets, but a $400 to $500 liability. Vet fees to put down, transport & rendering costs.

    How many people will, like they do for dogs and cats, take the horse to the edge of town and let it go, rather than pay that final $500?
    5, 10, 15,000? Maybe more.

    Quite "humane", no?

  31. A pessimist is just an optimist with experience

  32. I think that there are macro cycles and micro chaos, if I think about it much at all.

  33. In the second inning of Friday's game between Detroit and Oakland, Piniella talked about the success light-hitting A's infielder Marco Scutaro had in the first round of the playoffs. Piniella said that slugger Frank Thomas and Eric Chavez needed to contribute, comparing Scutaro's production to finding a "wallet on Friday" and hoping it happened again the next week.

    Later, Piniella said the A's needed Thomas to get "en fuego" - hot in Spanish - because he was currently "frio" - or cold. After Brennaman praised Piniella for being bilingual, Lyons spoke up.

    Lyons said that Piniella was "hablaing Espanol" - butchering the conjugation for the word "to speak" - and added, "I still can't find my wallet."

    "I don't understand him, and I don't want to sit too close to him now," Lyons continued.

    Fox executives told Lyons after the game he had been fired.

  34. rat, that's why we have oodles of chickens and cows and things that we can raise, buy and sell, but many things we don't eat are on the endangered species list--partly because they are on the endangered species list, and have no economiuc value. The green sea turtle, for example. If they weren't on the ESL, restaurants would serve them, the food industry would raise them, and they wouldn't be on the ESL. Where'd I just read about that?

  35. Bob, re your "self-fullfilling prophecy" comment, this is pertinent--how each part of the conservative base has been, in turn, disappointed by the administration, and how now the base factions will now convert all the disappointment into action, so that they can "win by losing" (likely, followed soon by "losing by losing" the GWoT and the economy, likely followed soon enough by watching the grandkids grow up as impoverished muslims).

    "No half-loafs for ME, I tells ya!"

  36. Well, bod, what I was saying is that most gambling is or can be "fixed"
    Horse races, Vegas, Sports, etc. Anything with a human element.

    Cockfighting is a "pure" gamble, in that people are not in the game. The chickens are fighting for their lives.

    A fight for life is invigorating to watch. The Romans celebrated it.
    Amongst animals and men.

    In the civilized West we've lost touch with death and it's necessity for life.

  37. The horse slaughter was for habu,
    cause he goin' to Montana

  38. I lost my affection for Kinky fiedman when he tried to make a cause-celebre out of stopping a 'horsemeat-to-French restaurants' business up around Ft Worth.

  39. Makes me pessimistic they say, but I don't see it that way.

    Just realistic
    Measure the odds, from both directions.
    Because perception changes the view and the distances are not absolute, but variable to the eye.

    Just what does the other fellow see, and whose measure is most accurate.

    While I have a dog in this Mohammedan fight, I am not blinded by passion.
    Though that passion leads me to disgust with the simple tactical failures, which in the micro chaos were not preordained, but are leading to a nasty macro event.

  40. Montana's already got too many people.

    I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. There's bears that eat people. Cougars eat people. The Unibomber lived there. The Militia of Montana is a wild bunch.
    Yellowstone is one huge volcanic caldera ready to blow. It's cold and windy,really cold and windy.
    Then there's really mean elk,badger,wolves,pika,skunk,porcupine,wolverines,out of control snowboarders....bad place pass the word.

  41. Some see animals as pets like "bambi" and "Flicka" while other see 'em as "livestock"

    I've been a livestock proponent, but stand with flicka on occasion.
    Believe the Feds should obey the law, before they start rounding up and slaughtering "free range" horses.

    Personal beef of mine, bob.
    The Feds and Free Range horses. They keep tryin' to kill 'em you see.
    Which is against the Law. But they don't much care. We went to Fed Court and the whole nine yards, quite the entertainment, for a bunch of basicly worthless horses.
    But we rode with flicka and the public, to enforce the Law, save the herd. Now they need impact statements and a management plan.
    Not to popular with some in the Department of Interior.

    Which can take us to the topic of blog censorship, if we like.

  42. I worked out of Miles City area back in my collich days--found it beautiful, friendly, inexpensive, with weather particularly suitable for Californians and New Yorkers.

  43. I do, bob, or I wouldn't care at all. That's the point in the micro chaos, if the shoal is seen, it can be avoided.

    We've hit many obstacle that could well have been avoided. Depending upon the next course chosen, it could get worse.

    I try to do play by play, of the Great Game.
    We're still on defense.
    The Opfor have the ball

    So they can score, fumble, or get sacked, depends on the defensive scheme we use.

  44. “This is exciting,” said James B. “Ding” Johnson, UI Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences Department head. “By earthworm standards, they’re pretty cool.”

    “It’s good news that this rare and interesting species is still with us,” Johnson said. He and graduate student Paul Johnson are believed to be the last scientists to document a sighting of the worm.

    In 1988, they found several worms in a forest clearing on nearby Moscow Mountain while rolling back moss in search of the pill beetles he studied. They sent two specimens to Portland, Ore.-based Fender-Westwind for confirmation.

    Early observers reported the giant Palouse earthworms could grow 2- to 3 feet long, big but modest compared to relatives from Australia that can reach 10 feet long.

    Sanchez-de Leon discovered the worm last spring while digging the last of five pits in the Washington State University’s Smoot Hill Ecological Preserve near Palouse, Wash.

    To collect samples, she dug five small pits, each about 10 inches square and 12 inches deep. While digging the day’s last pit, she noticed the flash of white in soil about 4 inches deep – and came up with part of the worm. Another shovelful held the rest.

    “I noticed it immediately,” she said. “It’s very white and the anterior part is pink near the mouth.” Two UI environmental science students, Katherine Smetak and Juan F. Villa-Romero, joined her on the collecting trip.

    She killed it, to catch it.
    No wonder they're endangered.

    Wonder how they do on coffee grounds?

  45. Buddy,
    Miles City is full of bad,bad potholes,geriatric's on every streetcorner.
    Water is suspect and the spread of nodofuisis malignanta is almost at pandemic levels.
    tell your friends to just stay away from Montana...go to Utah,Iowa, or New Orleans.

  46. economies only require the "invisible hand"

  47. bobalard,
    North America: As mentioned above, the Linnell Report found no fatal predatory wolf attacks in North America. Indeed, millions of campers and day trippers in North America visit national parks where wolves live, are happy to return year after year, and no one has been killed by a non-rabid wolf. However, during the last century there have been a number of non-rabid wolf attacks in North America resulting in injuries to people. These are covered in the next section by the McNay Report.
    wolf Attacks

  48. How big a safety net you want to throw, bob?

    Who are we supposed to catch?
    180 Million in Mexico, with another 25 million south of there, but north of the Darien jungle.

    Or do we just catch the 20 million of so that manage to cross the US Frontier, plus our own sick, lame or lazy?

    Africa, Asia, there are a bunch of people need catchin'. How many do we try to save, and at what cost?

    Before we decide the life boat is full. Then, while amongst those still in the water, avoid being swamped?

  49. Identifcation of the Conflict is the first step.

    Who is the US at War with?
    What is the US at War with?
    Where is the US at War?
    Why is the US at War?

    All must be answered before

    How do we successfully conduct that War?

    Can be intelligently discussed

  50. I think we have a new Elephant man from Finland, lets give him a warm welcome:

    TP said...

    I discussed this issue on a local forum here in Finland some time ago, and though it was a complex and engthy debate, the basic idea I wanted to present with others was that Islam is simply, well, unconstitutional.

    It is not even necessary to argue whether Islam possess ethically sound basis of core values or not (though it would be easy to condemn them--and for good!), as one merely needs to consider the basic values and principles that are inherently and inexorably pertained to Islam--this can be done by studying the Koran and what is taught therein; and then compare these core rules or precepts of Islam--that are not and can never be subjected to debate--to the word and the spirit of the constitution.

    One can quickly see they do not fit.

    It is also important to understand the immutability of the core of that religion: What Mohammad said and taught cannot simply be "disqualified" only to have the Koran work with what ever happens to be the prevailing values and contexes in which it is being assessed. This I've been told by those who know Islam well. And true enough: If you desire to be a Muslim, you do not simply go and say that Mohammad was wrong when he declared this or that! No. You either adhere to all that is there (in Koran) or to none of it.

    And because so much of it is stridently illegal, the religion is also illegal. That is, unless those who practise Islam also clearly state that they do not follow all of Koran, and thereby selectively drop out parts of it or alter them so as to have the teaching of this new "cult" withstand a critical review.

    That ain't gonna happen, as Mohammadians will never compromise the role of Mohammad. Mohammad was always right: He spoke of God's words. The small differences in the interpretations here or there are not important.

    These issues I discussed, and though it was somewhat difficult at first, I think some people grasped the idea. You can't do anything you want, neither can you teach anything you want; be it in the name of a religion or of something else, that does not matter. The freedom of religion does not spell a freedom to undermine the constitution. That's what I believe.

    The constitution is heavily based on Lutherian Christian values, and in my opinion, that is a wonderful source to have it based on in the future as well. Unfortunately, people may realize the threat too late.

    Sooner or later Turkey will be a member of the Union, despite what ever hurdles there are on their way now. From that moment on, Islamic values will be officially OK.

    The writing is already on the wall, as they say.

    I need to go to bed now, it's already a bit too late at night.

    7:15:38 PM

    2164th said...


    I agree with everything you said. I have only been to Finland a couple of times and then in Helsinki. My impression was of a very conservative and balanced society. I have been impressed by the historic and heroic defense of Fiinland against the Russians during WWII. I am curious as to where you see your countryman today in regard to Islam. Islam is antithetical to all western culture and the only compromise that it will offer anyone are terms of surrender, I sense a growing realization amongst the people in Europe if not the leaders that a horrible mistake has been made by accepting them in our countries. The Dutch and the Danes are getting it. The English do as well, but not the media or their horrible masters.

    Paint us a picture of what is going on in Finland. I and my fellow Elephant men are committed to seeing this thing won. We will never accept that Islam will win. Never. There are many more of us than you can believe. We are not afraid to tell these bastards enough and if necessary get out. Stay with us, keep the faith, we will win. We will have to sweep the Left away to defend what is ours but that will happen. Keep in touch. - 2164th


  51. By the way, and I have no opinion here, does the Elephant Bar have a position on eating horse meat. Habu brought it up. I offered an Italian recipe, but I may have crossed a line that should not have been breeched. I looked into the rules of the Bar but it is silent regarding the consumption of horses.

  52. Perhaps whit has a more updated "rules of the bar".

  53. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  54. Billy's mother was called into the school one day by the principal. "We're very worried about Billy," he said. "He goes round all day cluck, cluck, clucking." "That's right," said Billy's mother. "He thinks he's a chicken." "Haven't you taken him to a psychiatrist?" "Well, we would, but we need the eggs."