“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Niqab Nonsense. Her Feelings Were Hurt, English Bureaucracy Folds.

First, the scam: Her deeply felt religious beliefs were put aside to get the job. It emerged she had not worn the veil during her job interview. You see this little Islamic princess cannot have a man, other than her husband look at her. Who knows what some randy Englishman may do. She does believe that she should teach little English children dressed as a stove pipe with a visor.

Second, the victimhood: Someone in the school still had a functioning brain that had not been pickled in multicultracide. they told her to get real and take it off. Mrs. Azmi could not conform to what was done in England, even though she was in England. "Sadly the intervention of ministers in my case makes me fearful of the consequences for Muslim women in this country who want to work."

Third, the claim: The school subjected her to a course of conduct that had the effect of creating intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for her and should reasonably be considered to have had that effect. It is heart breaking to read, culturally painful.

Fourth, the outcome: In the spirit of Dunkirk, The Employment Tribunal retreated from the fray and found one of three claims to be of merit and awarded Mrs. Azmi one thousand pounds compensation.

Fifth, the "unexpected" epilogue: In a statement Mrs Azmi said she was considering an appeal against the decision to dismiss three of her claims. "It is clear that discrimination against me has taken place and I am disappointed that the Employment Tribunal has not been able to uphold that part of my claim," she said.
"I am taking the advice of my legal team at Kirklees Law Centre and will be looking to appeal against that decision. However, I am pleased that the tribunal have recognised the victimising way in which the school and the local education authority have handled this matter and the distress that has caused me."

Comment: The English, and sadly most of us in the West, deserve to lose.


  1. I like the hockey mask, gallows humour.


    Stingray Leaps Into Boat, Stabs Man in Chest


  3. Is this stringray attack a terrorist attack, a warning on global warming,a hate crime,a Rove blot to subdue the democrat base in Florida?

    YES or
    NO or
    NO....finish permutations yo sef.

  4. If Israel attacks Iran what will happen?

    A. loud noise.
    B. lots of dust in the air.
    C. won't happen.
    D. Iran will be mad at Israel.
    E. US will wave from the sidelines.
    F. Some people will be hurt.
    G. The UN will be mad.

  5. If Israel has 100 nukes, and Iran doesn't have any, how many nukes will Israel have after the attack?

    A. 100
    B. 99
    C. fewer than before
    D. not gonna tell

  6. You're window shoppping in Tehran for a new burka for the wife.
    They have one size and one color in all the stores,black. You.

    A. Are happy with no choice
    B. Black is her color
    C. You won't be killed or jailed
    D. You don't care, you just hate Jews.

  7. LOL--habu--you de funniest feller ever shat between brogans--

  8. I have to be quiet--there's a couple stingrays wandering around outside, wearin zoot suits and fedoras, carrying gats--

  9. Your Muslim wife has burned the goat kabob dinner and ruined the camel tongue pudding. You.

    A. Go to Kabob-a-Go
    B. Beat her and go to Kabob-a-Go
    C. Hug her and tell her it's ok
    D. You whip it, whip it good.

  10. You're blogging in Farsi. Abdul wants to blog in Urdo. You.

    A. Tell him to Farsi the hell up
    B. Do-do on his Urdo
    C. Use sign language
    D. Beat your wife and go to Kabob-a-Go

  11. At BC, Annoy Mouse is a man with a considered argument and a brilliant plan:

    "To this date, Israel is denied much of sensitive US technology and both the DOD and the State Department recognized that Israel cannot be trusted or controlled. That said, maybe the US should convince the Israeli’s to dismantle their nuclear weapons capability in return for the kind of mutual assistance pacts that we have with Japan and Taiwan."

    O Brave New World

  12. Abdul may have to work it out with a pencil, like the constipated mathematician

  13. Each correct answer is worth 10 points. If you scored 0-20 you can work for.

    A. Donald Rumsfeld
    B. Gazprom
    C. ACLU
    D. Be a professional Congressional wiper.

    If you scored 30-50 you can work for.

    A.Condi Rice
    B.Dick Cheney

    If you scored above 60 yo can work for.
    A. Jack Shit
    B. Diddly squat
    C. G.W. Bush
    D. N.Y. Times

    You scored ____________congrats!!!!

  14. Don't work for Jack Shit--the money's terrible--

  15. Allen,
    That falls into the "Trust us we're your friends the USA"
    Is that.


  16. Kazakstan misspelled "bank" on its new banknotes. Said it was a "software problem". jeez--po bastid with the software--

  17. If you answered "A" score a zero.
    If you answered "B" scroe as correct.

  18. Lieberman is absolutely swamping that little eel Lamont. That's almost worth losing the House & Senate--

  19. You are surrounded by starving wolves. You have a really good automatic assault gun and lots of ammo. A "friend" who lives miles away and is on the other side of a meandering creek yell's, "Throw me your gun. You know this friend can't shoot and has just become regional director for PETA. You
    A. Throw him your gun
    B. Thank him but keep your gun.
    C. Shoot him first.

  20. habu & buddy,

    Since loosing its resident obsessive Jew (me) C4 and others at BC feel free to express themselves with impunity. So be it.

    You know, I have no problem accepting that the BC, in the entirety, honestly reflects the views of its proprietor.

    Lamont just gets my old entrepreneurial juices flowing. Sometimes I have the nearly irresistible urge to sell lottery tickets to pick the lucky duck that gets the privilege of throwing the man under the bus. It is hard to kill a dream...sigh.

  21. Shakespeare said that, too--whip out thy pecker and confuseth yon enemy--

  22. Ask Mr Diem's desendents about trusting in US.
    Or the Shah's son.

    There are many more on the list that could speak ill of our honoring committments made.
    More than one foreigner has been left high and dry, after depending on US promises.
    In Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Southwest Asia and Latin America

  23. tryin, squishy, but no luck--all i do is limericks.

  24. Poland, especially, was terribly wounded at Yalta.

  25. habu,

    re: 400 Israeli nukes

    Paraphrasing Twain, "I would be as confident as a Baptist with five aces."

    As to trust, how did that Viet Nam thing finally play out?

    Dr. Rice promised the Japanese American protection yesterday. You can bet on the Japanese being fully weaponized within a year.

  26. Even on the off chance of being considered rude, something frowned on in these parts, the only persons trusting this administration work in the White House. Fire up the lie detectors at 1600!

  27. i swear a stingray just scuttled across the floor of my hut--

  28. Not you, allen--a crosspost--please, mercy!

  29. squishy,

    re: family maker

    Have you ever considered taking that bad boy professional? I have thought about using mine in pole vaulting. Javelin throwing is out of the question for obvious reasons.

    Whence comes the idiom “family maker”?

  30. buddy,

    re: slithering stingray

    Now, I don't care what ya say, that there was funny!

  31. That old boy is alive, the barb went clean through his heart. He's a WWII vet--with a smile as big as the moon, and --ALL his HAIR--at 82 years old. Must be Florida, staying active.

  32. buddy,

    Despite a near mortal wound, the old bird stirred the boat to port in order to protect a grand-daughter. They do not make them like that anymore.

  33. squishy,

    re: without it what does one have?

    A good book? A bottle of bourbon? No need for a Savile Row tailor?

    "Sir, hung left or right?"

    "No, indifferently."

    By the by, welcome to our little mutual admiration society.

  34. Allen, i do not think C-4 exists. I think he is the alter-ego of someone else who posts over at BC.

  35. 2164th,

    re: the effervescent C4

    Hmmm...That requires a pause.

    You guys are doing a bang-up job!

  36. Swan Island has been reactivated as a base of operation for the coming (new thread already up)revolution/civil war.
    Negroponte and that rake Habu.

  37. squishy,

    re: "Squishy"

    That was a term of endearment used by the paramour of Princess Diane.


  38. Muhammad Ali, a man of great talent,

    Boxed in a way like a Shakespeare sonnet,

    The punching, the years, the bobbing and weaving,

    Left this once darling Cassius,

    In a state of flatus, and really quite gaseous.

  39. Habu, a comment-thread saint,
    a Shakespeare,

  40. OK,

    So my iambic-hexdrameter ain't so gud naw mour. buts i tries.

  41. You guys think Rufus could be our Swan Island scrounger?

    We're probably gonna have to use the cheese nano-gammas we got from the Wisconsin mob.

    We need another Appalachia meeting to get the boys "harmonized"

  42. that's Appalacia, NY, where that meet didn't go so well.

  43. that's Appalacia, NY, where that meet didn't go so well.

    Tattaglia's a pimp. He never could've out-fought Santino. But I didn't know until this day that it was Barzini all along.