“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, October 27, 2006

Germany, Achtung! Worry About What is in the Skulls of Your Politically Correct Leaders and Not About Some Harmless Prank

Germany, please get over yourself. ( Hattip Allen, The Magnificent) Worry about what is in the head of live taleban skulls and not in some dessicated skulls found in the desert. Your young soldiers have a dirty shit job on their hands because your Politically Correct Masters and their multi-culture freak ideas imported you some great big Islamic problems. The young soldiers are out in the hell hole of Afghanistan protecting your right to take six weeks holiday. They are doing a dog's day while most of you sit and wring your angst about how dreadful the world is. Grow the hell up. You are a big power. Open your eyes, take a deep breath and start acting like one. A harmless prank by a bunch of young soldiers in the desert should not bring you weeping to your knees. Get this into your skulls and quit worrying about empty ones in Afghanistan.


  1. I must say, it is painful to watch the Eurabians do the Kabuki dance.

  2. Well stated Deuce.

    You know it's really really getting hard to take Western leadership seriously even though the situation is grave.
    W is hot about it every day but his PR isn't getting through the white noise of the cream puff MSM.
    I truly hope he has a cadre of youts reading blogs all day to get an idea of how we feel out here.
    Mr. President I've got this bet see, and if I lose I lose face and no one will read my posts. Plus I'll be buying rounds at the EB forever. So do me a personal favor and just drop one little nukey on Iran...before the election...good luck and ooooo-ahhhh.

  3. Personal open post of thanks to Deuce and Whit.

    You gentlemen are doing a great job and providing the much needed electronic couch time I would otherwise need.

    Ditto to the contributors. And to those who are just reading or lurking, join in. We're just hav'in a good time spiced with the occasional serious observation.
    We know few have a corner on the skinny all the time so help out the President or your Senator or with us. Do it for the children.

  4. Yeah I know, I just tossed up a prayer.

  5. Rufus, I don't care what Habu says about you or any of his deep covers, you iz all rite.

  6. Coming soon...'round election day to the EB.

  7. You all are too kind. I am, however, the short guy on this team, shooting for effect.

    re: rufus said,
    "This might be my only chance to win a bet all year."

    Hey, if the Cardinals win, this might be my only chance to get lucky all year. And you're worried about money?

  8. Why is Lynn Cheney selling ads for CNN?

  9. rufus,

    The Tigers are about to ruin my day.

    re: Dr.Lynn Cheney

    Voolf Blister done tangled with a lady made of the same stuff as Lady Thatcher. He's probably going to need the Ben-Gay for awhile. (Have you ever really thought about that: Ben-Gay. Hmmm.) I bet a smart ass Jew started the company.

  10. re: Ben-Gay

    Sorry, rufus, I was thinking about Preparation-H. But Ben-Gay used in the same breathe as Voolf Blister was a pleasant thought while it lasted.

  11. istarious,

    re: Have you watched CNN international?

    Indeed, I have. In 2005 I returned from a European tour. Armed Forces Network just LUVS, LUVS, LUVS CNN and the BBC. 24/7 we received three channels each of CNN and the BBC. On a good day, we got about 1/2 hour of Fox.

  12. Ted Turner, citizen of the world, and Jane, cute l'il vegetable entree.

  13. rufus,

    I don't know Chris Duncan, but I'm starting to hate Chris Duncan. Two errors. Yeah, I know, "To err is human, to forgive Divine." Just put me in the asshole column.

  14. re: Gay Olde Paree.

    Now, rufus, you will offend Ash. No doubt, if Paris were incinerated at this 4:00 AM, Ash would find something banal to say. Ash, is a person who would ask the exterminator to only kill the bad yellow jackets. (As long as they were Muslim yellow jackets.)

  15. buddy larsen,

    re: Your "Rosebud". No, scratch the last, I meant your reference to Rosebud.

    Custer was a careless, impetuous officer. Had he waited for Crook's infantry and artillery train, he would have lived to run for political office. He might even have become president. That would have been a trip.

  16. Allen, the Custer remarks --yes, indeed, all you say is true.

    But, had he won the Little Bighorn, those same qualities would've been seen as they were in his Civil War service: great courage, battle-winning boldness.

    See the new VDH, he's on to the question--how victory is everything, even though sometimes it can be just a matter of the breaks.

  17. ...uhh, just call me captain obvious....

  18. I'm a National Leaguer so the Cards did it right by me.
    Now sleep

    Compadres, sleep well.

  19. Rufus,
    Great link to Hugh Hewitt's site in your 9:35 PM comment. Lynn Cheney rips Wolf Blitzer and CNN to pieces. Preach it sister.

    LC: You know, right there, right there, Wolf. Broken Government. Now what kind of stance is that? Here we are, we’re a country where we have been mightily challenged over the past six years. We’ve been through 9/11. We’ve been through Katrina. The President and the Vice President inherited a recession. We’re a country where the economy is healthy. That’s not broken. This government has acted very well. We’ve had tax cuts that are responsible for our healthy economy. We’re a country that was attacked five years ago. We haven’t been attacked since. What this government has done is effective. That’s not broken government. So you know, I shouldn’t let media bias surprise me, but I worked at CNN once. I watched the program last night…

    WB: You were a co-host of Crossfire.

    LC: …and I was troubled.

    WB: All right. Well, that was probably the purpose, to get people to think, to get people to discuss these issues, because there are a lot of conservatives…

    LC: All right, all right, Wolf. I’m here to talk about my book. But if you want to talk about distortion…

    WB: We’ll talk about your book.

    LC: Right. But what is CNN doing running terrorist tape of terrorists shooting Americans? I mean, I thought Duncan Hunter asked you a very good question, and you didn’t answer it. Do you want us to win?

    WB: The answer, of course, is we want the United States to win. We are Americans. There’s no doubt about that. You think we want terrorists to win?

    LC: Then why are you running terrorist propaganda?

    WB: With all due respect, with all due respect, this is not terrorist propaganda.

    LC: Oh, Wolf…

    WB: This is reporting the news, which is what we do. We’re not partisan…

    LC: Where did you get the film?

    WB: We got the film…look, this is an issue that has been widely discussed, this is an issue that we reported on extensively. We make no apologies for showing that. That was a very carefully considered decision, why we did that. And I think, and I think, of your…

    LC: Well, I think it’s shocking.

    WB: If you’re a serious journalist, you want to report the news. Sometimes the news is good, sometimes the news isn’t so good.

    LC: But Wolf, there’s a difference between news and terrorist propaganda. Why did you give the terrorists a forum?

  20. HeeeeHaa!!! It's my birthday...Gonna get some...It's my birthday!

  21. buddy larsen,

    re: Custer

    As you say, had Custer won, he would have been a hero. All would have been forgotten and forgiven.

    I have never liked Custer. Among other things, he was a notorious slacker, whose expectations of his troops far outsriped his personal discipline. He has always seemed unseemly to me. But, opinions vary.

  22. Ash,

    I sense your lurking.

    Those Muslim clerics we were discussing earlier are hurting your cause. Yes, another major Islamic authority, this one from the UK, has made Islam appear, well, queer.

    Leading UK Imam: It's OK To Kill Gays

    I’m still waiting on that voice of “Moderate” Islam. Anyone out there care to be the first? The EB will not leak your name. You will not have to undergo cosmetic surgery and enter a witness protection program.

  23. Don't miss Westhawk's well reasoned case for going forward in Iraq, somewhat at odds with that of Mr. Peters.

    Link to Westhawk

  24. Sheik fufu,

    Would you be so kind as to produce linkage to your statements?

    In case you missed it, Ash and I have had an ongoing dialog today revolving around Sheik Taj Aldin al-Hilali, the Mufti of Australia - fondly known as the Rape Sheik in these parts. You will find the behaviors of the Mufti spelled out in detail by pulling up the Australian.

    Now, the gentleman in the UK advocates the execution of gays in a fully Islamic culture. While I am sure you believe Islam a tolerant religion, perhaps going as far as President Bush, who calls Islam the "The Religion of Peace," the Imam of Manchester is actually permitted to speak authoritatively on things Islamic. Therefore, when he suggests the social good to be derived from the murder of homosexuals, I take his opinion to be that of normative Islam. Moreover, since no Muslim cleric in the UK or elsewhere has contradicted the Imam, I am left to assume his opinion is the prevailing opinion within the Islamic community.

    Returning momentarily to the Rape Sheik, I am sure you would want to condemn his misogynistic, misanthropic statements as well as those of the Imam of Manchester.

    Please, follow-up. Anything less, and I will think you incapable of distinguishing right from wrong, i.e. I will regard you with the same contempt felt for the two Islamic clerics named herein.

    BBC Concerned about Parisian Youts.


  25. France is kinda starting to understand that Security Fence thing. You suppose they're thinking about doing A little fence-building, themselves?

    Oh, that's okay, France's fence would fall under the same category as the one Egypt built along the border with Gaza to keep the Pallies out, which rates no mention. It's only when Israel or America tries to build a fence that it becomes a racist war crime.