“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Monday, October 16, 2006

Down and Dirty Politics in Pennsylvania

Talk about dirty electioneering, U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon (R., Pa.) of suburban Philadelphia is in a tough race. By an amazing coincidence the FBI did a raid on his daughter's house. Don't you just hate the bastards.

From The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Federal agents raided the home of the daughter of U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon (R., Pa.) this morning.
The agents departed Karen Weldon's three-story brick home on Queen Street in Philadelphia with arms loaded with boxes.

A government car pulled into the alley to the back door of the house and loaded boxes into it. Three agents standing in an alley declined to identify themselves.

Over the weekend, a number of papers (McClatchy first among them) reported that the FBI had opened an investigation of Rep. Curt Weldon's relationship to her daughter's lobbying clients -- Karen, who was 28 when she started up her small practice, seemed to trade on her father's position.

Update: In an update of their earlier story, the Inquirer reports that Charlie Sexton, Karen Weldon's lobby partner, was also raided.


  1. So what are you saying, that we shouldn't look into any dirty Republican congressmen until after the election, lest the GOP lose control of the House? Or that we should only look into dirty Democrat congressmen?

  2. So the Dept of Justice, under Mr Gonzalez, is part of a conspiracy to smear Mr Weldon, a Republican?

    As well as Mr Kolbe in AZ?


    Either there is substance to these investigations... or ... the Justice Department is out of Mr Gonzalez's control.

    Niether bode well.

  3. I will vote Republican because the biggest danger to the Country is the Professional Class/Dem/MSM complex and useful idiots like Terrorita and perhaps 'Rat support this shit:
    Liddy, Weldon under the gun, Duke in Jail, Ney on his way out,
    Bergler, Wilson, Reid, et-al get a free pass?
    Not on my watch!

  4. People like Terrorita are typical govt employees working for the enemy with their diversioary nonsense:
    Like Trish posting Larry Johnson as a reliable source, until I showed her otherwise.

  5. Thanks for posting this, Deuce:
    Too many Dupes want to ignore the default liberal bias that is the Govt Professional Class of Pigs at the Trough.

  6. Sorry 'Rat, didn't see this, which is obviously the problem, REAL problem being impotent POTUS hiring women like Alberto.
    "the Justice Department is out of Mr Gonzalez's control."
    I realize you are not an idiot, like...

  7. Republicans are held to account.
    Dems run free and get good press.

  8. Great link, Rufus.
    More evidence of the news inverting reality in life and death, just as they do here in the "game" of politics.

  9. doug,
    how I vote will make no difference, not in a gerrymandered Federal USA. The Propositions, now those are important, but Mr Shadegg will retain his seat, regardless if I vote for him of not.

    It drops to 8% of the Electorate, scattered amonst the States, to decide the US future course, RCP's top 40 Districts.

    I do not live in one of those.

    Mr Bush should have fired every Federal Prosecuter, as Mr Clinton did, that he did not is to be blamed on whom, now that it's bit Mr Weldon's ass?

  10. Doug,

    Good to see you here, with clean boxers. Hope all is well.

  11. Life on Sakhalin

    One of the more surreal side effects of this functionality is walking to your car parked amongst dozens of others in a secure care park and finding several cars sitting seemingly abandoned with the engine running, and several more burst into life as you walk past without another human being in sight. It is like the Toyota Landcruisers of Sakhalin have been inspired by the Terminator films into revolting against their human masters.

  12. "that he did not is to be blamed on whom, now that it's bit Mr Weldon's ass? "
    Rhetorical Question, of course, already answered.
    ...see IMPOTENT.

  13. Allen,
    It took me all day to realize what caused that brown spot on my Boxers:
    Forces Completely Beyond our Control.
    The NOISE is Surreal!
    They say they heard it from the OCEAN in far away Kuai!

  14. I used to think it was structures making the noise, but my neighbor was on his lawn and heard the earth announcing itself.

  15. Could be worse:
    "In order for me to skate after a pipe bursts, the pipe first needs to have had some water in it. This is therefore looking highly unlikely. No hot or cold water this morning, not a drop of anything. "
    Comment by Tim Newman

  16. old dictum one more time.

    In politics, if you're explain'n you're los'n.

    Weldon will now be 'splain'n.

    The Reps just better hope all the elephants show up at the polls.

  17. Yet, almost all Jewish intellectuals say that “only 15% of Muslims are fundamentalists” I caught myself making this lie as well. We do not want to offend Islam.

    Almost always, the first question that comes from Jewish audience is “are you not afraid for your life?”. People who usually ask this question are themselves afraid for their life but are afraid to fight to preserve it. It’s only by attempting to loose our lives that we preserve it, that vigilance is the price for freedom. The only thing they can express is their fear instead of their voice, that voice which got numbed by Jewish love for peace.

    I asked my youngest son as what should I do when Jews ask me the question “are you afraid for your life?” What he told me was astonishing. He said, tell them this “In life we all have two choices - die for something, or of something.”

    Out of the mouth of kids.

  18. I always vote, rufus.
    But not for either of the Parties that control Federal Power, this round.

    Neither represent me or my beliefs.
    I would not vote for LBJ, I won't vote for his clones.

  19. "The idea that you can foreswear breeding, and still think that Western Civilization will survive..."
    Empty villages in Germany,
    to be replaced by Muslims.


    Constitution Party of Arizona
    Arizona Democratic Party
    Arizona Green Party
    Independent American Party of Arizona
    Arizona Libertarian Party
    Reform Party of Arizona
    Arizona Republican Party
    Socialist Party of Arizona
    Southern Party of the Southwest

  21. Teresita, 2:42

    Yes of course.

  22. Evidently, there's a new "Fix-It-Fast" form available now.

  23. One toke over the line...

    US Marijuana Party ...take the US out of bUSt.


  24. It will not put the Dems in power.
    Mr Shadegg will win. The Gov is already a Dem.
    If enough folk are tired of Mr Kyl, State wide, he retires.
    I won't support LBJ policies and practices, no matter the label.

    So there you go.
    I guess I'm more nonPartisan than you guys.

  25. I'm a Reagan Republican, like Mr Reagan was as FDR Democrat

    The Democrats left Reagan
    The Republicans left me.

    Like Reagan, ahead of the curve

  26. Humbert Horatio Humphrey was more of a conservative than Mr Bush and his team.

    I won't vote for Republicans as a protest against Democrats.
    No that does not motivate me, the Dems have not held the helm for a decade, in the House. The Executive for six years, the Senate for as long.
    There is no holding my nose, just to vote against the Dems, I'll vote my beliefs and for those people that seem to share them.
    Maybe split those protest votes.

    habu, medical pot passed here, in a Proposition, and the Feds went zonkers. Mr Gonzalez and Mr Ashcroft before him.
    I'll vote against that, Federal interference in internal State affairs

  27. Hillary in '08, the Mohammedans overstep, not respecting a Feminist President, and the

    She nukes 'em in a PMS overload.

    Works for me

  28. DR,

    re: Johnson clone

    DR, I knew LBJ, and GWB is no LBJ.

    This president has not hesitated a nano-second to sign into law abominations such as McCain-Feingold. He has permitted the expenditure of hundreds of billions in pork without complaint or, more importantly, a veto. Now, he and his DoD head have decided to exercise fiscal restraint on the backs of military personnel with a shameful 2.2% pay raise.

    Anyone can talk the talk. This administration walks the Foley walk. This is to the administration and this is to the horse it rode in on!

  29. DR,
    I don't know do states have any rights anymore?
    I just thought they'd gone the way of the dodo bird or carbon paper.

    Me I'm just a plain ole citizen do'n EXACTLY what the FEDS tell me. I remember Waco and Ruby Ridge..don't f*ck with the FEDS

  30. Allen,
    The man wore a flight suit and landed on a carrier...waddya want magic?

  31. Similar issue dynamics gave us a conservative revolt in 1912, and split conservatives between incumbent GOP Taft and pissed-off Bull Moosers [whose Teddy Roosevelt had not been able to unseat Taft at the convention], and gave the election to the Democrats' Woodrow Wilson. WWI, Wilson's League of Nations and a 20th century of war followed--not that there was any connection.

  32. There was no war in the Clinton era, either, in that the Bush and Clinton Administrations stand united, both mouthing platitudes to the Religion of Peace.

    More military than today,
    less casualties than today,
    % of GDP spent on Defense then compared to now, the number of infiltators crossing the US border, the number of terrorist attacks per annum around the Globe?

    What measure are we to use, rufus, to judge the Military's "doing" in the Clinton era as compared to the Bush?

  33. And today, under the Republicans, buddy, we carry a Wilsonian Foreign Policy forward.
    Wison was the Liberal of his day, agreed. How could Mr Bush's Policy be Conservative, now?

  34. Trish,
    Agree w/your opinion re BC Genius Squad.
    Apologize for the slight:
    My inner child just wanted to bring you out of hiding!
    Where is your homeschooler now?
    The Reid Empire of Sleaze

  35. If we start with the proposition that the GOP is screwed up, Bush more so, we are still left with 80 year old Supremes that are going to be replaced by SOMEONE.
    On that one thing, at least, GWB has been in a league apart from the Dems.

  36. In Ohio, all the TV time 'tween now and 7 Nov has been sold.
    They said on FOX, that means the National Repubs could stop spending money in Ohio, there was no where to spend it, and Mr DeWine got $4.9 Million USD in the bank

  37. rufus said...
    Again, the troops are getting sizable Bonuses that are not in your calculations.

    6:28:40 PM

    Feel free to specifically name one or two, if you can.

  38. Habu1 said...
    The man wore a flight suit and landed on a carrier...waddya want magic?

    6:29:51 PM

    No, a thought process more complex than an albatross would suffice. I would say honesty, but...

  39. Yeah, doug, but they have not even tried to limit Judicial power. Even when they could have.
    So on Judicial management, C+, maybe B-.

    That is about their best grade on the midterm card.

  40. allen said...
    For enlistment and re-enlistment bonuses, see , Link

    CAREFULLY read ALL fine print, recalling that all that glitters is not gold. A government unwilling to pay base pay at the rate of inflation is unlikely to be spendthrift unless there is pork involved.

    For instance, an enlistment bonus of $10,000 for a four year term is paid out with up to 50% paid in year one with the remainder paid in annualized installments. Therefore, $5,000 may be paid initially with the remainder paid in three annual installments of $1,667. All is subject to federal and state income tax. Moreover, if the service member is unable to complete the terms of service, any "unearned" amount is due and payable at discharge.

    Typical re-enlistment bonuses are for terms of six years, with a maximum of $7,000 paid initially, with the rest paid out over the term of service in annualized increments. Unless, the re-enlistment is accomplished while in a combat zone, the monies are subject to federal and state income taxes.

    Suppose the hypothetical E-5 has a rather standard MOS code placing him in the $12,000 re-enlistment bonus range. He may receive $6,000 at the outset, with the remainder paid in five annual installments of $1200 each.

    While there are MOSs paying bonuses of up to $80,000 over six years, these are few and far between.

    5:38:21 PM

  41. rufus said...

    re: Allen, you check it out.

    I did. I linked. If you think $10,000 - $14,000 (average taxed reup) spread over six years is a lot of money, that's what you think. I could go to great lengths posting pages of stats, however, I doubt that would have any impact on true believers - the king can do no wrong.

    An E-5 with six years service will receive a base pay of $2,323.80 per month, beginning January 2007. That is INCOME. EVERYTHING else is IFCOME. One goes to the bank. Again, I could go to great lengths to show the marital and dependent stats for various ranks, but to what end - the king can do no wrong.

    Cut it any way you like, the President has done the troops an insulting disservice by failing to authorize a raise that, minimally, keeps pace with inflation. This does not even address the decades long disconnect between military pay and civilian pay, which, I will add, the President promised to close. Promises are made, promises are not kept. But, again, the king can do no wrong.

  42. A Hillary Dem, that's funny.
    How could I be, she's never run for an office in AZ.

    Nope, registered Republican, so I could vote in the Primary. But the Republicans have abandoned all the positions I think important.

    From the unWar to deFence. Tax uncertainty, not making those famous cuts permanent, when they had the Majorities all around. Spending like drunk pilots on leave. Bashing Gays with Constitutional Admendments while their own Happy Boys on Staff stymie investigations of their "brother"
    Sell outs and thieves.

    No, they can stand or fall on their own, without me.

  43. rufus,

    re: Misrepresent!?

    I give it the BushClintonistas, no low is low enough in protecting the idols.

    Hey, Rufus, the truth hurts sometimes I know, but the numbers come from the government.

    Yes, I once had to eat Australian hard tack and shit in the woods. So what?

    It was Mr. Bush who made promises he could not or would not keep. And you talk to me about misrepresentation? Try examining the facts sometime, you might be surprised.

  44. Mr Clinton did not have 60 votes in the Senate, but lo' and behold how he ruined US.

  45. “Earmarks” are non-contextual pork provisions inserted by members of Congress into various money bills.

    In 1994, 587 earmarks were placed within defense funding bills.

    In 2006, 2,847 earmarks were placed within defense funding bills.

    In 2006, Operations and Maintenance earmarks removed $5.4 billion from defense bills.

    In 2006, Military Personnel earmarks removed $2.9 billion from defense bills

    The President signed off on all these bills with their sundry non-defense earmarks.

    To fully fund the 2.7% pay increase originally approved by the House would have required about $500 million more than the DoD requested.

    The earmarks taken from the Personnel budget were 5.8 times greater than the amount needed to fully fund the House’s 2.7% military pay raise.

    What percent of military members benefit from enlistment and re-enlistment bonuses: 1/4, 1/3, ½, 2/3, or ¾?

  46. I'd guess 1/4 allen
    about 20% reenlist
    and I'd guess about 5% get initial bonuses. Not 13% at a 1/3, but I'm just guessing, what's the answer?

  47. A two party system is a package, a premise, an idea, a tool. The idea is conflict resolution on a progressively less local level, so that issues in the end have universal input, and are resolved to two choices. The desired effect is to bias toward national cohesion, as opposed to encouraging regional splinter factions (which will marinate a rejectionist pov).

  48. ...and, I should add, it's not working very well--the parties are suffering from something I can't quite put my finger on. Lack of character, of course--but why?

  49. Trish,

    You said He was gonna be a U.S. Marine Corps type man. Is that still the way?
    Better start calling him jarhead.
    Semper Fi

  50. Mr Clinton did not have 60 votes in the Senate, but lo' and behold how he ruined US.

    Ruined. Clinton had budget surpluses in 1998, 1999, and 2000, and he added 22.4 million jobs from 1993 to 2001. Meanwhile private firms added only 958,000 jobs over the past five years while state and local governments added 1.1 million jobs and the federal government reduced jobs, for total growth of only two million jobs for the entire U.S. economy.

  51. Do the Islamists understand how much trouble they'll be buying into if they take over Old Europe and the USA.

    I mean people going through Prozac and alcohol withdrawl can get down right nasty, not to mention all the marijuana that they won't allow. There alone are three good reason why it will never happen.
    In fact I left out part of the 60's anthem
    SEX..DRUGS..and ROCK N ROLL...
    how on earth do they think they can stop that train?..Hell the Latin American cartels would be up here fight'in the muzzies while the folks back up in the hollers of Kentuck will be grow'n the wildwood weed.

  52. TigerHawk examines “More on the GOP malaise” by introducing a lengthy lede by Instapundit; wherein, at the very end, a correspondent “gets it”:

    “Is it a tantrum to hold an intervention for a good friend who has become lost to himself through drink or drugs? To confront a good friend who seems to have lost his principles? To have lost his way?"

    Indeed, Republican leadership has no principles, save for winning elections. The base is tired of being forced to choose the lesser of evils.

  53. trish,

    re: Marine NCOs


    Gone forever, sadly, are the days of Gunny Dan Daley shouting, “Come on, you sons of bitches! Do you want to live forever?!”


  54. Trish,
    Man, I would have loved to see your little man decimate the Maui Montessori folk.
    (I'm hopeing they're worse than most)
    What did he like about the Montessori school?