“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Big Boys Ultimate Disaster Preparedness Kit

Here's a brief easy, read on apocalyptic thinking and a mainstreaming of formerly hard core survivalist mentalities.

Personally I don't see the kind of panicked apocalyptic thinking or survivalist metalities. I have seen store shelves emptied and long lines at gas stations because of hurricane panic. I have seen a proliferation of disaster preparedness kits but surprisingly none had duct tape. They are usually the garden variety kit for breakdown on the highway, or loss of power in the home. Ordinary bare bones, natural disaster type kits.

Always looking for an opportunity, I am thinking of putting together a wealthy man's disaster preparedness kit. I thinking big, something that I could pitch to Neiman Marcus for inclusion in their Christmas Book.

Kit includes:
1 - Hummer H2 Lux edition with winch, roof mounted basket and off-road lights.
4 - Five gallon fuel cans: (Jerry type; mounted)
2 - Ruger Mini-14 .223 Ranch Rifles with 10 five-round and 40 thirty-round magazines.

1 - Beretta A391 Extrema, 12 guage.
2- Mossberg 500 Persuader Series, 8 shot, 12 guage.

This is just for starters. We still need more guns, a trailer, spare tires, shelter, first aid, cooking equipment, water purification, etc. Think Safari.

Please add your favorites or preferred items for the Ultimate Disaster Preparedness Kit.


  1. Traditional compass and how to use it.
    Large knife/K-bar
    plastic for H2O collection via condensation
    magnesium firestarted
    several whistles
    H2O purification tablets/machine

    Ok I'll leave some...

  2. Ultimate Kit:

    Fully stocked $500,000 coach motorhome pulling the Humvee.

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  4. The libertarian vote seems to be in play.

    Who are the libertarians? They can be found in all parts of the country and all demographic groups, but they are more likely than the average voter to be male, well educated, affluent, and living in the Mountain and Pacific West. They are more likely to own stock than other voters, making them a central part of the "investor class."
    Gallup consistently finds about 20 percent of respondents to be libertarian. We used a narrower definition, and we found that in 2004 libertarians accounted for 13 percent of the voting-age population and 15 percent of actual voters.

    In a closely divided electorate, that's clearly enough to swing elections.
    Our data show that libertarians have generally voted Republican—66 percent for Ronald Reagan in 1980, 74 percent for George H. W. Bush in 1988, and 72 percent for George W. Bush in 2000. But they are not diehard Republicans. John Anderson and Libertarian Party candidate Ed Clark got 17 percent of the libertarian vote in 1980, and Ross Perot took 33 percent of the libertarians in 1992.

    But for those on the trail of the elusive swing voter, the real news is 2004. The libertarian vote for Bush dropped from 72 to 59 percent, while the libertarian vote for the Democratic nominee almost doubled. It's not hard to imagine why. Libertarians didn't like Bush's record on excessive federal spending, expansion of entitlements, the federal marriage amendment, government spying, and the war in Iraq
    We urge the news agencies that commission the 2006 and 2008 exit polls to include a question similar to one used to identify the religious right: "Do you consider yourself to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal, also known as libertarian?"

    The Librarian Vote

    I voted Librarian
    Love those books.

  5. PossumTater,

    re: blow-up Barbi

    Grrrrr!!!!! I HATE being firsted by a marsupial.

    Barbi's battery pack

  6. the mini-14 Ranch Rifle is real nice - tried to get the Tigress to buy one - she wanted the Beretta Storm instead (the 45, not the 9)...

    there's always Christmas!

  7. There is a manatee in Memphis, now that's news.

    Choice of vehicle has more to do with destination than anything else.

    Where the heck you all goin', anyway? Back to the earth, commune style? Someone elses redoubt?

    First thing that should be on the list, a base camp. Urban, suburban or rural is the question.

    I've got an extra rural one in north AZ. Water is long term issue, though.

  8. Damn, rufus, those are the biggest bongs I've ever seen.
    No wonder that lady has a smile on her face.

    Now, a year late, Mr Bush is giving up on
    "Stay the Course"
    as a media tag line. Two weeks prior to the Election, Mr Bush is already in full retreat. Impolsion, cratering
    pick your own description.

    Stay the Course will no longer cross his lips. Hoped the BCers read them while they could.

  9. Sun block and some hats, socks, lots of socks

    A "good" woman
    though how that gets full value consideration in a catalog...

  10. Good thing I voted against Mr Shadegg, he just said we need a National ID card, non tamper proof.

    To vote in support of that, never.

  11. Support Republican Values
    Vote Foley '06

  12. re: socks

    silk and wool a most



    powdered milk, soy, mega-protein supplement, and eggs

    canned fish

    ax, skinning knife, utility knife


  13. Welding equipment, forge, anvil,
    back hoe.

    chickens, dogs both hunting & security, cats if storing foodstuffs.

  14. re: stills

    I am reliably told that throwing a dead rodent into the mash will speed fermentation. Of course, don't drink anything other than the distillate.

    re: barter

    Have common guage ammo available for bartering with potential allies.

  15. desert rat

    re: chickens, dogs both hunting & security, cats if storing foodstuffs.

    Get a bigger bus. This trip has the look of a bus ride into Matamoras.

    Keep in mind that humans are social creatures. Survival may depend upon the ability to create bonds with others. Consequently, since sharing will be essential to survival, visions of Noah's Ark should be abandoned.

    DR, none of this is questions the need for the animals you name. I would add rabbits.

  16. black iron cooking gear (skillet, dutch-oven, stewpot), comprehensive medical kit (how-to suture & set broken bones), a good .22 semi-auto (and as much ammo as you can haul) to supplement that .308, .270, or 30.06.

    Who makes a good omni-fuel generator?

    Books, radios (someone makes a wind-up, who dat?).

  17. strike anywhere "bluetip" matches

    chainsaw, air compressor, wagon and floor jacks, log chains

  18. This is entertaining, if you can get past the imbedded slurs.

  19. well, that's the idea, allen, where are you going.

    By the second summer without low cost electric to run the A/C Phoenix would be a ghost town.

    Without the pumps to raise the water, the exodus would be even quicker.

    LA would be the same. No water, little rain. Millions of people.

  20. The cities have what, two days worth of food at any one time?

  21. If at all possible, settle in proximity to Mormons or Amish.

    Mormons inventory a year's stock of necessities such as food and water. Barter might be possible.

    Amish households have canned goods, wells, and the ability to live off the land. Barter might be possible. Moreover, providing protection from marauders might be profitable.

  22. Takes more than a breeding pair of horses to be "rich".

    Feeding those buggers, watering them, good luck anywhere on the "great American Desert" after buddy's & duece's Apocalypso

  23. desert rat,

    re: where are you going.

    O yeah, like I'm going to tell you.

    The coins in the buried Mason jars are mine, I tell you. Mine! Mine! Mine!

    Three days without water will turn cities and towns into cemeteries. If survivalists are lucky, the more unruly urbanites will not discover their plight until day three, after burning up all the gasoline in cruising and looting.

  24. With all credit given to my favorite crooner
    Jimmie Buffett

    They say this universe is bound to blow
    But I say we crank up the calypso control
    Apocalyp, apocalyp, apocalypso

    Now I'm no dancer as dancers go
    But this is one step that you need to know
    Apocalyp, apocalyp, apocalypso
    We'll be dancing when we go

    Planets come and planets go
    Undisturbed the dancers flow
    Old galaxies can be cold
    So I'll hold you close
    When this earthly light is burning low
    This dance will take you to the next plateau

    Apocalyp, apocalyp, apocalypso
    We'll be dancing when we go
    We'll be dancing when we go

    Planets come and planets go
    Undisturbed the dancers flow

    Yes we'll ride that final tide
    Gone away just yesterday

  25. Given all the provisions and stock demanded by the collapse civilization, it is apparent why hard corps survivalists band together rendezvous.

  26. o/t, but to rat's librarianism:

    "The conventional wisdom is that we would be better off if politically powerful leaders were less mediocre. Instead, my view is that we would be better off if mediocre political leaders were less powerful."

  27. Playboys and lots of toilet paper. But I'm young, what do I know.

  28. Well, matt, that's a pretty repulsive association, in a word-picture sort of way.

  29. It's why a fellow needs all those socks. Not as wasteful as tissue.

    The socks can be rinsed out and used, again

  30. tator' I found your cousin, made for a hell of a hat.

  31. Heh. What can I say. I like to chow on prudes. Err,.. I mean prunes.

  32. Deuce,

    Although C4 hasn’t risen to the bait, Ash takes you on with characteristic ineptitude, seeing the shadows of impending socialist doom (Bush-fascism) spreading across the amber waves of grain.

    “It is remarkable how much of this applies to the current climate in the US. Of course, in the US context so many would argue that the external threat is real and the lefties and MSM are REALLY undermine all that is right and good...then again I guess the Commies and Fascists also would come up with similar arguments. Orwell was on to something.”

    10/24/06 @ 08.04 AM

    Don’t you wish the disloyal oppostion could field more than a page. It’s like jousting with dwarfs.

  33. re: my 11:49 AM

    I'm not sure how, but I've lost my prepositions. If anyone sees them, shoo them home.

  34. Buddy Larsen,

    re: o/t

    How so? By the way, thanks.

  35. Deuce,

    re: Ash

    "As they say: You can have your own opinions, but you can't have your own facts.
    Unless you're a lunatic. If so, have a party."
    ___Ace of Spades

  36. Yeh, that 'facts/opinions' quote is a daniel Moynihan--a real classical Liberal--from before the tin-pot oblivioido-fascistos hijacked the party.

  37. Whit,

    Thanks for this jocular (?) thread. If my assessment is in error, I am ready to man the barricades!

  38. I have this, paid about $100 in the 70s. Breaks down without tools to two pieces which fit easily into a backback. Mine has never jammed (unless using crappy ammo) and is despite the short barrel the most accurate .22 I've ever fired--due to how easily it 'holds' aim on target.

  39. This is why journalists should master more than writing.
    “Lundgren… a lay minister of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, an offshoot of the Mormon church.”

    Facts are such troublesome things. At the death of the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, his family and a group of followers claimed that Smith had designated his son leader of the movement. Other Mormons disputed this and made the journey to Utah sans Smith and company.

    The followers of the Smith family, i.e. those of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, consider the followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to be interlopers and usurpers. By reason of place and pedigree, Mormons are an offshoot of the Reorganized Church rather than vice versa.

    Ohio executes cult leader for 5 killings

    There are no reports of Mormons of either stripe threatening to take to the streets in violent protest to the execution of a cold-blooded murderer.

  40. oops fed wrong link--it's the little one, on top.

  41. Anyone who gets the bug and wants to do something in Costa Rica, let me know.

  42. hmmm, allen, you do choose to see the world through rose (or should I say amber?) colored glasses. Campaign ads designed around fear, color coded terrorist warnings rising when desired, 'treasonist MSM and lefties' subverting the pure and righteous government agenda coupled with indefinite detentions of uncharged individuals locked away in secret prisons bears no resemblance in your eyes to:

    "They both need to create an external threat and revert to oppression and to scapegoat internally."


  43. Ash,

    You are talking about Putin's CCCP aren't you? Sorry, Ash, I meant Russia.

    This is Amerika, Ash; you are entitled to your opinion.

  44. here's a couple of entertaining links on the topic, Ash:
    Sissy Willis and at Maggies Farm, a real "don't miss".

  45. Here's a snip from the Maggie's (many links in the snip which don't show here, as pasted):

    So how do conservatives hold on to power when the population has been trained for two or three generations of Left-tinged rule to reflexively expect "government to fix it" - whatever it may be?

    There is only one way: to fill the nation with vigorous, optimistic, freedom-oriented, inspiring, courageous talk about the American way of life and the opportunities available to everyone to go out there and try to build whatever life they envision. Reagan knew how to do that. Bush has not the talent, nor the taste, for dramatic rhetoric - and neither did his dad.

    The subject comes up because of two blog pieces over the past week addressing the "totalitarian" impulses of the Left. We have often written on that topic at Maggie's Farm.

    Sisu from a piece titled "Simply an affirmation of naked power":

    The totalitarian impulse runs deep and dark in our species. Curious how often it seems to ooze up through the cracks on the left side of the aisle. We've always distrusted the motives - beyond maintenance of raw power - of our own entrenched "progressive" Massachusetts Senator Edward Ted Kennedy.

    Dr. Sanity, from a piece entitled "The Political Left and their Totalitarian Dreams":

    What interests me is the transformation of the Democratic Party into a tool that every major enemy of this country--from the North Vietnamese, to the Soviets, to the Syrians all the way up to the present day-- has been able to use to advance their objectives at the expense of America. As Feldman notes, this does indeed give new meaning to the term "opposition party".

    It also give new clarity to one of the issues that I have talked about on this blog repeatedly, and that is the complete betrayal by the political left in this country of the values and freedoms upon which the U.S. was founded.

    I do believe that the Left has totalitarian dreams - a morally lost person can decide that the ends can justify the means if he cares about the "common good," and is certain that he's right. That is referring to the Left: I do not believe that all Dems have similar dreams, but I do think that they almost always favor policies which expand the federal state and its power - always for the "common good", mind you.

    C.S Lewis, as quoted by Samizdata:

    (and it goes on, read it all if u can)

  46. buddy,

    re: Maggies' Farm

    OK. Where is the naked surfer girl? I don't mean to seem trite, but I am a busy man.

  47. Nowhere in 2164th's post nor in my reply was it suggested that the "Bush-Cheney henchmen could simply call on martial law." but they shown no hesitation in "..create(ing) an external threat and revert(ed) to oppression and to scapegoat internally"

  48. buddy,

    re: C. S. Lewis

    It is no accident that the messiahs of humanist revolution invariably sail a sea of blood.
    Pol Pot
    When called, the modern humanist will say, “But conservatives oppose affirmative action,” or some equally insipid non sequitur.
    It should also be recalled, these messianic father figures always promise heaven on earth and something for nothing.

    Great links!

  49. All is not lost, Allen, here's a cute Iraqi gal:

    Ash, sometimes when someone crys "Wolf" --there really *is* a wolf.

    So should the boy ignore the wolf, because he knows that a few of the more oblivious villagers will automatically accuse him of "crying wolf"?

  50. Ash,

    re: but they shown no hesitation in "..create(ing) an external threat and revert(ed) to oppression and to scapegoat internally"

    Ash, I am confused. Are you saying that Osama bin Laden and his attack on the continental United States on 9/11 was the creation of the Bush administration?

    Ash, please give an example of the oppression of an American citizen.

    Name someone internally scapegoated, i.e. sacrificed in place of the administration.

  51. buddy,

    re: cute Iraqi girl

    She is NOT a naked surfer girl! First impressions are everything. Only later comes the love of a great mind. Right.

  52. buddy,

    re: cute Iraqi girl

    Thinking about an early thread, I hope the kid is an orphan or only has females as living relatives. Those Muslim warriors just never accomodate themselves to mouthy women.

  53. yep, great mind, but, first impression gotta be them great abs!

  54. hate to keep link-whoring to Flares (this is #3), but them folks is hitting right on the same topics as over here--see this, Sweden turns against the Veil:
    Wonders Never Cease

  55. Might as well have alng a copy of Stephan King's The Stand.

  56. "along" - carry with, include, pack, et al.

  57. What's "the Stand"--oh, I can just google it--but, stephen King, a few years ago, wrote a book about how to write a novel. I lost my copy--the disappearing 'lend'--but it is a GREAT nuts & bolts primer about the writing craft.

  58. crackers, Spam, sweetened condensed milk...?

  59. Eagle brand, boiled in the can for hours, turns to carmel, my grandma's "special" desert, with a little whipped cream. Mouth waters, even now, after all the years..

  60. Ha--Eagle brand--the best. You can make your own legal speed, for pennies--double mug, half Eagle brand, half water, double-double dose of Folgers Instant.

    Within 4 minutes of rollin outta de sack, you is armed fo' Bear.