“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, October 20, 2006

Time is Running Out.

US Generals acknowledged yesterday that US troop levels, increased since August, have done little to stem the violence in Baghdad and that a review is in process.

There's no need for a review. The simple answer is that the Iraqi Government is too weak to police Baghdad much less the entire country of Iraq. There are no quick solutions and the US will continue to suffer a "death by a thousand cuts" until the Iraqi government can impose its will on everyone within its borders.

The only viable plan is to build up the Iraqis until they can police themselves. Its not enough to put soldiers out on the streets for target practice, these kinds of violence must be prevented from happening in the first place. Only Iraqi police acting on intel and information from the Iraqi public can make a civil society. The Iraqis will have to do it. In the meantime, Iraqi borders must be secured to prevent the intrusion of foreign jihadists and the US military should go back to doing what it does best "killing people and breaking things." Here's a group they can start with:
On Thursday, dozens of black-clad gunmen, toting assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenade launchers, paraded down a main street in Ramadi, one of the most troublesome cities in Anbar province for American troops. They waved banners identifying them as members of the Mujahedeen Shura Council, an umbrella group for insurgents. The council had recently announced the creation of an Islamic state in the area, independent of the Iraqi government.

“The problem is that the government is weak,” said Sheikh Fassal al-Guood, a former governor of Anbar province, on the brazen demonstration. “This issue takes time, training and weapons. The police force in Anbar now cannot stand up to Al Qaeda fighters.”

Elsewhere, the northern city of Mosul saw an outbreak in violence on Thursday, with suicide bombers targeting a police station and an American convoy, killing at least 22 people and injuring dozens more, mostly civilians, a hospital official said.

Sheik Fassal says that the black robes are al-Qaeda. So, in August, we move troops into Baghdad leaving the western provinces undermanned and in mid-October, a group of black robes put on a show of force in Anbar. Obviously, there are insufficient numbers of US personnel to "clear and hold" and for whatever reason, the Iraqi Army is simply not up to the job. It appears that we have attempted to win on the cheap by not committing enough troops , by trying to minimze casualties through "force protection," and with too little commitment to force projection.

This whack a mohammedan strategy could go on indefinitely but its becoming ever more questionable whether there will be enough time to build up the Iraqis before the US public tires of Iraq and forces a withdrawal.

President Bush told Bill O'Reilly this week, that he understood why polls showed that the American public was unhappy with Iraq - "They want victory."

I think that's an accurate assessment of the mood of the public. A public which has been patient in spite to the MSM and Democratic efforts to undermine the war. The President knows what the polls are indicating. The public wants to see a forceful, capable US military not a timid, hamstrung, garrison army doing its time in one tour after the other.

The public has sent its sons and daughters, husbands and wives and other loved ones to Iraq. The public wants to see dead bad guys and a civil country expressing a little gratitude for its new found freedom and liberties.

Will the Bush Administration do what is necessary to achieve real pacification in Iraq?

If the public doesn't see victory soon, it may just say "to hell with it, bring our boys home."

Time is running out.


  1. This is long past due from the Wall Street Journal, but welcome all the same.

    “Our Small Defense Budget”

    “In retrospect, Mr. Bush missed a historic opportunity after 9/11 to ask government to spend less on non-essential programs so it could spend more on security…”

    “[O]verall federal spending grew by nearly 50% in Mr. Bush's first five years, as he allowed Congress to spend more on just about everything.”

    “Our own judgment is that the U.S. is going to have to increase defense spending to meet these challenges, and that the time to begin such a debate is now.”


  2. Mr. Lieberman did not get my vote in 2000 because, among other things, he sublimated such conservative tendencies as he had in foreign policy. His being a Democrat might have had something to do with that my decision to vote for Mr. Bush, as well.

    Germane to 2164th’s lede, Lieberman offers a sensible constructive plan for dealing with Iraq and the region. The administration and Republican Congressional leadership should take heed.

    In fairness to Mr. Lieberman, there is no way to compare his Iraq plan to that of Mr. Bush because Mr. Lieberman has a plan.

    “A Democrat McCain”

    “[M]ost interestingly,” among his other proposals offered: “increasing the overall force structure of the Army and Marine Corps to face future threats.”

    Senator Lieberman gets it! I did not even imagine a life so long as to see a “liberal” Democrat with a more conservative national defense outlook than a combined Republican administration and Congress. Will miracles never cease?


  3. Sorry Whit, time has ran out. They all know it as well. All wars start with politics. At the beginning it is all military. Soon after, the political component comes back in force and surpasses the military and eventually overwhelms all else. The military did as the politicians directed. Other than Rumsfeld, the architects of the war had no military or combat experience. They ridiculed those that had the experience and were cautious and sought out those that told them what they wanted to hear.

    All occupations have a very limited shelf life. We converted this thing from a liberation to an occupation when the US fired the Iraqi army.

    Occupations have a very limited shelf life. Any student of history would know that. The allies understood that perfectly in WWII when the liberation of Paris was done behind French troops, under DeGaulle. There was grumbling then as there was grumbling under George I, when he wisely chose not to "liberate" Baghdad the first go around, but it was a wise decision. Hosni Mubarak begged this administration not to "liberate" Iraq. They did not listen. They were tone deaf to the counsel of others and did not appreciate the history of the area.

    The changing mission was more a changing of wishful thinking than of reality. It is past time to leave.

  4. whit,

    re: money for defense

    Certainly money alone is no panacea.

    Given the level of excellence of many of our younger officers, the next administration may do what Mr. Bush failed to do in 2000: fire the current brass en masse. My own observations tell me that a serious chief executive will find the Eisenhowers, Bradleys, and Pattons with fire in the belly, if he/she chooses.

    re: Condi and the wagon

    I fear that "the wagon" will prove another administration illusion.

  5. Well, the situation on the ground, the realities of it, have driven good ole rufus to the Democrats.

    His venting in the AirBus thread says it all, as it speaks to the patience of the Republican base.

    rufus has been aware of "Catch & Release" but, it seems, the latest case sent him over the edge. Says he'll vote for a Dem. Now that may change in the next three weeks, but he may stay home come 7 Nov, in disgust with them all.

    A liitle Knowledge is a dangerous thing, one why the DoD does not want embeds or reporters outside the Green Zone, or even in it.

  6. On FOX News the uptick in violence in Iraq is blamed on the "Insugents", tying to influence the US Election.

    No one speaks of the violence as a result of the US picking up the Op Tempo, in Baghdad.

    It's the Enemy that is trying to wag the dog, not US?
    Who went on offense, in Baghdad, if not US. The Iraqi are in the redoubts, US going after them, capturing them, then releasing them, like trout in a stream.
    Come back next week, catch him again.
    Great for sport, but not a solution for breakfast.

  7. As all here know, two days ago Rufus was off my holiday card list. It would be easy now to needle Rufus in his misery. However, I share that misery, as should we all. We have been betrayed.

    Rather than surrendering to the all too human urge to tell the bastards to kiss off, I hope we take this bitter draught in stride and, for the good of our country, start developing alternatives, no matter how radical they may first appear.

  8. Some of us, allen, have been doing that for years, now.
    We've been ignored at best, derided and insulted at worse.

    But the song remains the same.

    Only the Iraqi can secure Iraq. That was true in '03, it's true today. We've a dismal job in standing up an Iraqi Army.
    Three years we've been at the task. Proven methods, techniques and Doctrine rejected, the Mission subsequently failed.
    As evidenced by events.

    How to readjust, if that failure will not even be acknowledged by those that have failed US.

  9. Yeah ...

    George has been drinking too many Rum&Condis ...

  10. Now that US tactics have failed, the blame will be laid at the Strategic vision's doorstep.

    The Politicians will suffer, but the Military, the managers of the failure, will escape most of the blame. To bad.

    But just wait until the US has to face Enemy Armor Divisions, boy will we kick ass. Go to Fort Hood and watch how.

    Wait, the Enemy don't have no tanks.

  11. The line I hear most
    "Well, the Military Option has failed"

    Which is only partially true.
    The Military, as Police, Option has failed, as MS Rice warned US, before she and Mr Bush took Federal office.

    She was right on in '99
    Wrong in '06.

    I'll vote for right,
    but not for wrong.

    Especially when wrong is so fiercly defended.

  12. The West might as well hang it up. Defeat is predetermined. Could this be the cause of the Bush administration’s meekly bowing to Muslim provocations?

    Ahmadinejad --- “Yes, I have been in touch with God." (And not in that “Now, I lay me down to sleep” way, either)

    Right On: The coming Middle East war

  13. "Anonymous said" is Allen. Go figure.

  14. Although the Democrats have taken a lot of heat for stoking the Foley Follies, the President may be glad to have voters so diverted. Over the past few days in various articles, reference has been made to the President’s plummeting popularity among his most loyal conservative base. On his handling of the war in Iraq, the fall has been in the 15-20 point range. So long as Hewitt, Limbaugh et al are focused on Foley, their attention is drawn away from the real cause for potentially substantial Republican loses in November, Mr. Bush’s unpopularity.

    It is always assumed that it will be a Democratic Congress that will open with the move to impeach the President. That will probably be the case. Something that is never discussed in decent company is the possibility of disaffected Republicans coming on board. Would not it be madding for Mr. Bush to face the loss of office by the combination of wholly divergent political forces angered by his handling of the Iraq war – Democrats for reasons of conspiracy and Republicans for reasons of competence?

  15. Proving that not all Marines are perfect, brave, and true:


    Slippery when Webb


  16. I think 2164 has unmasked the challenge. It turns out to be almost identical to the situation we faced in Vietnam. Black pajamas.
    My fellow Americans Victor Charlie stealthy in his black pajamas and Ho Chi Minh sandals proved a formidiable opponent.
    Now, like bad guys in a cheap gangasta movie the Al"Capone"Qaida are brazenly going "pyjamas noirs" on us. This time it's the fashionable Osama sandal that is the choice to accessorize with. Accoutrements include AK-47 ammo bandoliers and RPG's.
    The solution is before us, provided by a the Rolling Stones.
    "Paint it Black", by now faded and old, needs it's monochromatic updated. But that solution is there also. "I see a red door and I want to paint it black" .... well after an exhaustive study, the Rand Corporation has determined that if we reverse that and have all A. Capone Q's wear RED we can identify them more easily.
    Simply have the new government attach a rider to the new "No IED Bill" saying all anti government forces must wear the traditional red garb of revolution. We could probably get help from the Russians and Chi-coms on this too.

    Meanwhile back on Swan Island training continues ....

  17. There were different options available to dissemenate this information to the faithful, but
    the easiest
    Just check out the first five linked articles on the left hand side of the Threatswatch homepage.

  18. rufus,
    This is just one reason why Somolia is important, as are the other, less publisized battle fronts in the TWAT.

    Concern is growing among U.S. and Canadian counterterrorism specialists that Somali-Canadians are joining Islamist militias in their homeland linked to al Qaeda.
    Former senior Canadian intelligence official David Harris said there was concern that returning militia veterans with "the kind of skills that ... could make them very dangerous" might try to stage terror attacks.
    "We're seeing the possibility of a tragic future unfold," he said.
    Mr. Harris, a former chief of strategic planning for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service who now directs a terrorism intelligence program for a private-sector consulting firm, said he was "extremely uneasy about what their ultimate return would imply for our security."
    If the returning militia veterans were naturalized citizens or permanent residents of Canada, they would also be able to easily enter the United States, he said.
    Worries are especially acute because the groups concerned are not listed as terrorist organizations by the U.S. or Canadian governments, Mr. Harris said.

  19. Well it certainly looks like in the short run our Aussie and English allies are in for some terror.
    Of course these are just training grounds to hone the techniques and sharpen the skills of the AQ who will then migrate to America to provide post graduate instruction to various cells already here. Then it will our turn on our turf, and in spades. Not one or two but hundreds of attacks, malls,football stadiums, airports, banks, and boy would I hate to own a BBQ restaurant. All that pork.
    Australia and England have both made the fatal mistake of gun confiscation and limited ownership. Not so here in the USA. So when the bombings start and the populations declairs open season on all Muslims there will be lots of killing.
    We wanted to fight them on their turf but the difficulty there is that they all look alike.
    Not so here. Will innocents die? You bet ya. But the average gun toting American will know an ME and just kill him or her.
    The police and National Guard will not be able to handle the killings. Neither will the courts.
    Plus the National Guard will have every reason to join in the killing.
    Mosques will be targeted. Practically all of Michegan will be floating in the Great Lakes. It'll be shoot first and drive off.
    Or gillie suit Friday night. Muzzie restaurants will be burned to the ground and muzzies grocery shoppers will be followed home for later dispatch.
    We'll have to call the period "Ugly America" but you do what must be done. They have vowed to kill us and have succeeded in doing so to a degree. Well, come get some Mohammad. You can run but you can't hide here in America.

  20. And we have not , as of late, touched on what happens when Israel,seeing American leave, attacks Iran.

    I am locked and loaded with over 2k of new 6.8 mm, 1k .45 and various other useful articles. Why? Cause I know the're coming here and I know the police only fill out after action reports and then do investigations. They're not pro active. The FBI doen't have the personnel and the national Guard will get some payback time. Night vision is imperative.
    We're gonna get hurt but this will be where the muzzie burial ground will be. Perhaps if we are lucky they'll be some lefest "human shields" around the mosques. That would be a tragedy.
    Be prepared I believe is the Boy Scout motto....not a bad idea.

  21. Haifa gets nuked, 1 kiloton blast.

    maybe two.
    Jerusulem could be targeted, by various means or methods

    The small warhead has been tested twice. Once in Pakistan and again in NorK.

    1% chance?
    Hell, it's higher probability than that

  22. Here we go, habu
    here we go!

    Take a deep swig amigo

  23. Then join Jr and I on the Frontier

  24. We'll be drivin' these, really.

    Harder to find tanks than 4X4s

  25. I'm really surprised, looking at it now, that the Oz allowed the gun control.

  26. Come on habu, we're waiting
    Grab your damn weapon and get in the back!

  27. Hmmm…
    “Stupid is, as stupid does.”
    ___Forrest Gump

    Iraqi insurgents stage defiant parades

    I know nothing!

  28. Ok, I'm a little slow, but where exactly did we ran out of time?

  29. Where or when, mat?

    Where is in the US.
    When, right about now.

    There is no will to continue
    "Americans cannot stand a loser"

    Richard Nixon watched Mr Scott make that speach a number of times. Mr Nixon saw the truth in Patton's movie's message.

    It is an "On Demand" society.

    The Government and the Military has delivered a "manana" product.

    Maybe that'll work on the US border, but not for a War.

  30. d'Rat,

    Time has run out on the Iranian backed Iraqi government, that's all.

  31. You misjudge the US, mat.

    The endevour is soon over,
    Some token force may stay behind, an Air base or two, but the Occupation will end.

    Watch and listen to the silence on the "reAuthorization".
    This is all in build up to that.
    Mr Baker's "Report" and those negotiations will be the drivers.

    On the "demand" of the Iraqis.

  32. After 10 Nov the 31 Dec date will gain importance.

    A New Congress on the horizon, Mr Bush has to take the inititive, or lose it.

    All the road signs are in place. If the Iranians do not cause a provocation, the US will begin to leave, with a long term but much lessened presence approved.

  33. d'Rat,

    There will be announced a US force drawdown in the South with troops and arms moving to the Kurdish areas in the North, that's all.

  34. No, mat, wish it were so, but it will not be.

    The Occupation Authorization will "Demand" a schedule of withdrawl. The Iraqi will insist.

    The "new" Congress will agree.
    Mr Baker will agree
    Mr Warner will agree
    Mr Bush has to get out in front of the "Victory, redefined" movement or lose relevence, when the associated funding is limited.

    A long term US presence will be guarenteed, but a much smaller presence. Command of the ISF will transfer sooner.

    The ISF and Iraqi politicos will blame US Commanders for the ISF failure to secure Baghdad or the balance of Iraq.

    The argument has some validity, from an Iraqi perspective. The honor society... blame others, always.

  35. A series of briefings, a reassessment, change of course, by moving those Goal posts one more time.

  36. d'Rat,

    There is no such thing as Iraq. That fantasy is over. The Kurds will extend an invitation just to make sure Turkey, Syria, Iran, are kept at bay.

  37. Airplanes and the 10th SFG are all it takes for that, mat.

    The mass of the US is leavin' the neighborhood. We'll leave a ghost behind.

    The people will demand it, through their elected Representitives. You really do not understand US.

    We'll go antoher round, but it'll be elsewhere, later. No matter the "higher" costs, later.
    When it's not the Religion of Peace

    It's a Brave New World.

  38. d'Rat,

    I think we're in fundamental agreement. The devil is in the detail of the schedule. I still believe Iran (and hopefully Syria) will get whacked before this is all over.

  39. First let me correct a serious mistake. It was Whit, the couturier, who first linked the black pajamas, not apologies sir.
    DR, like the Four Seasons said "I'll Be There" 'cept I'll just skip the "to love and comfort yooouuuu". Unless you take one and we do one of those, "Talk to me DR (slap) talk to me..where ya from (slap) talk to me DR ...medic TWAT fixer upper needed stat!! ..fade to clouds overhead with music..
    Vera Lynn,
    "We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when
    But I'm sure we'll meet again some sunny day
    Keep smiling through, just the way you used to do
    Till the blue skies chase the dark clouds far away"
    But it ain't that easy to take down a Desert Rat, soon he's back on a crew served weapon, some Vietnam era 109's.
    "Buddy, ammo" risking a steady handed top off of his "canteen" he humps a pallet of ammo to the redoubt, then races back to his quad fifties.

    Yes friends this scene will be played out in countless Wal Mart parking lots across the country.
    "I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"
    Patric Henry
    (a great speech, not too long either.
    Patrick Henry

  40. Good thread, youse guys. Can't do much adding on, as i tried to download that IE7 and bumfugged my unit.

    that quad-50s in the WalMart parking lot is some damn image, tho.

    I'd like to offer something to the Matt/ Rat disagreement, but, who can say, as the script won't be writ until Nov 7.

    Anyone who thinks the Baker Commish will put pen to paper before then, is c-c-crazy.

    The report is not even due 'til January--so to sample the new officeholders' rhetoric between the vote and the convening.

    USS Eisenhower is due in patrol area pretty quick.

  41. I think your right on the Baker thing.
    We're all going inot that suspension period right before the election.
    I read about the AQ parades and wondered why some A-10's didn't just blast'em..then I remembered that it's their country now, at least in name and some amebic form.
    We're outta there, to fight 'em here. And I know I've come with some humor to the party but I fullu believe we'll be under some severe terrorist pressure here.
    There are over a million people in prisons in this country. Many have converted to Islam. Most are black. An attack on a prison with a jailbreak of 10-20k (nationwide) and you've got more trouble. Then Nation of Islam.
    We need to control the Wal Marts and a few Home Depots, Lowes, and a Mustang Ranch type facility ... morale and all.

  42. We're a nation of property owners--that'll help enormously. Remember the crime rates were going up big time in the 70s (remember RMN's "Lawn Ardor" campaign?), but cops own homes in this country and they beat the barbarians back.

  43. Oh, absolutely we'll beat 'em here..too many armed citizens and former military, but we're gonna take some lumps we shouldn't had oudda if we mercilessly killed them there. Including that fuck'in al Sadr...but we went the hearts and minds route way too soon. That should always follow the period when they are so cowered by the SIGHT of a US soldier thay shit their pants..we never get there anymore..we're too small ops with "special" tasks we weren't into the heart and minds deal and we got intel. Then a little honey and let the ants eat the body.

  44. On that notion, how to do, or how to have done, a problem like Iraq, two things run head on into each other, one the they're impossible" idea, best embodied by young W. Churchill who said much on the subject, and, two, the po' bastids is dying like flies trying to get to work, and build the right kind of country. I wonder--what about them--they're muz, yes, but they take HUGE chances every day, if they're involved with the recovery effort. And die, every day, in numbers.

    It must be--and evidence is, it is, crazy-making for the soldiers in the line over there-- having a love-hate between the mission in the ideal vs the relentless numbers of free-wheelin shitheads.

  45. buddy larsen,

    re: the Baker Commish

    Have you noticed all the leaks coming out of this small commission? It looks like classic Baker: sample public opinion by leak and adjust the administration's accordingly.

  46. he's a fixer. Everybody hates a fixer--but there'd be no need for fixers if things didn't keep breaking.

    I never known when/if my brain is overriding my disgust with liberals, but I swear it look s for all the world like the anti-war/BDS crowd has kept this shit going to near it's 'sell-by' date.

    If we'd kept the war face united frowning on the shitheads, I think they'd've pulled back for a decade or five. Not even much difference in the war plan would've been needed if only we hadn't had the useless Idiots pushing hard every day, thru the media that the shitheads watch just as easily as we do.

    It just makes me sick, knowing what's in store. Our lefty pols know, too, they just don't give a shit, so long as they can the bakshish going again.

  47. No, buddy, Mr al Sadr's ascension in Iraq and the continued Sunni Insurgency are not due to or even predicated on the opposition to Mr bush in the US.

  48. buddy,

    re: liberal MSM

    The MSM is what it is. Republicans just cannot get their heads around the fact that Mr. Bush part of the same cliche.

  49. The brilliant Fred Barnes is pontificating on FOX. Yeah, it’s the Iraqi’s fault that the US has not achieved its objectives in Iraq. Wow, imagine that: the enemy resists!

    With thinkers like old Fred, is it any wonder why the US has not had a plan of longer than two weeks' duration. Here is some free advice to Republican leadership (and to observant Democrats as well): THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR VICTORY!!!!!!!!! J. F’n’ Christ!

  50. allen said...
    re: al-Maliki

    A well advertised, focused group coup d'etat is just what I would expect from this administration. These guys could not organize a f**k in a whorehouse.

    Would it be unconstitutional to demand of all candidates for the presidency the filing of a psych profile? This may be the only way to get a president with a personal value system. G.H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George Bush - I rest my case.

    Oh, are we to assume that al-Maliki does not watch CNN?

    If he reads blogs:

    Mr. al-Maliki, the Bush administration is not pleased with you. Get out of town ORRRRRRR, hold a press conference with Oprah. The Repubs will soon be on their knees begging your pardon. If you say its the Jew's fault, Condi will give a speech before the enemies of the US making your case to the entire Muslim world. Mr. al-Maliki, "Keep hope alive!"

    6:49 PM, October 20, 2006

  51. If three quarters of the American people had conveyed the notion to the millions of ears pointedly listening inside and outside the country for clues to our feelings, that USA intended to stay in Iraq until the end of time if that's what it took to stop this jihad, a lot of momentum would've fizzled out of the enemy, I think.

    The assumption depends on the credibililty of the oath, of course.

    But like physics, human nature responds to pressure.

  52. I'm not sure I believe all that wot I just said.

    it's a feeling, not an assertion.

    I'm getting stoopider by the day, re what the hell is going on.

  53. I'm in Buddy's camp on the leftest not allowing a US victory of any type. I think they are not a loyal opposition but a true fifth column...too many were former 60's semi or full radicals full of Marcuse and Marx and themselves... and just like an embolden AQ driving us out of Iraq the left was embolden by Tet and played it for all it was worth.
    They simply grew older, went from Geo. McGovern to Eugene McCarthy and Bobby Kennedy etc. The radicals took over the Democratic Party after '68 and that set in motion a truly divided nation. Now we're really gonna see an interesting five-ten year period.

  54. I just wonder if anybody was listening, in the weeks after 911, when the chiefs were telling us tp prep for 10 or 50 years of suppressing this thing. Evidently not all that many folks believed the prediction.

  55. That 10-50 yr of low-intensity combat prediction will, once we lose our degree of control of OPEC, need to be reviewed in the light of a much enriched enemy, and a much-impoverished west (USA). Maybe it'll be longer or shorter or about the same--but maybe we don't win it. Something that the American left has never for a moment considered, at all.

  56. Well, and this is no lie. I was in Yellowstone Park when I got the word on the twin towers. I looked at my father-in-law and said, it's Osama ben Laden...he had heard of him but that was about it.
    The Islams are not going away. We are going to have to kill huge numbers of them if we want our freedom all those leftests that laugh at the t-shirt wears whose garb says "Freedom Isn't Free" are gonna be converting like crazy ...which when ya think about it makes it kinda nice cause they'll go down too.

  57. Undoubtedly, this cognitive disconnect is due to the fact that the American left thinks it 'won' the Vietnam War--and can 'win' this one, too, the same way.

    They're in for a BIG surprise.

  58. We're swimming up current in a very dirty river.

  59. We can bomb their piplines or laser them from space.
    I just hope we get some of Rufus' knowledge in place and working..
    I do think it'll be a huge shock to our citizenry to have to make some sacrifices that are gonna have to be made and it pisses me off 'cause it's not what I had in mind for my 60's and 70's.

  60. yep--diggin' them taters is a lot easier when you is young.

  61. Good posts whit. I go back to Allen about Bush 8:28 am, missing a historic moment to raise the defense budget after 911. That was the first of many un-siezed opportunities. I think history wiil give GWM credit for a yeoman's job when we needed a flag rank strategist. so it goes.

  62. Pray for that Syrian in matt's link--novel idea, taking Mecca over for a moderate over-council. hope CIA will help him. And find some way to STFU about it.

  63. Unless the CIA has done a superhuman job of recruiting agents then I doubt if they have any influence. They're probably trying as hard as possible to language up every Arab looking employee they have.
    At this point I don't even think they have enough language specialists to translate what they got from five years ago. No when they grab a top guy and his laptop it goes to the head of the line but there's much intel undisturbed.
    At the rate of change, which I am sure will accelerate if the Dems take either House or Senate, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt my coup away with Mubarak for not being tougher and simultaneously invite the Russians back in as their major military provider.
    We are OBL "weak horse" at the moment.

  64. Complex systems constructed so that they're on the boundary between order and chaos are those best able to adapt by mutation and selection. h/t arie@bc

  65. And in seeing the weak horse leaving Israel decides that her future is in preemtive strikes on Eqypt,Syria,Iraq,Iran, and Saudia Arabia. Nuke 'em. An Israeli Kernnacht (nuclear night)

    What would they have to lose that hasn't already been threatened with complete annihilation? And why should they have any doubt that their enemies mean it...they've tried many, many, times before.

  66. If Israel does such a thing, the Islamists will have nobody to blame but themselves. The history is crystal clear.

  67. JPOST is reporting that Olmert basically said to Putin that Israel will not accept Iran with nukes and that Putin was silent on the issue.

    My take: Putin has given Israel the "green light" to do as it sees fit with Iran.

  68. Mətušélaḥ said...
    Complex systems constructed so that they're on the boundary between order and chaos are those best able to adapt by mutation and selection. h/t arie@bc

    9:08 PM, October 20, 2006

    Or face extinction, which is sometimes for the best. :-)

  69. Thank goodness I'm just a simpleton.

  70. Mətušélaḥ said...
    JPOST is reporting that Olmert basically said to Putin that Israel will not accept Iran with nukes and that Putin was silent on the issue.

    My take: Putin has given Israel the "green light" to do as it sees fit with Iran.

    10:14 PM, October 20, 2006


    As a matter of curiosity, did the JPost offer attribution?

    Your take may be correct. But Putin, having written off a zero the probability of Israeli preemption, may have chosen not to belabor the point.

    Do you think Olmert regrets having failed to neutralize Syria and Lebanon in the late war?

  71. Mətušélaḥ said...
    Thank goodness I'm just a simpleton.

    10:33 PM, October 20, 2006

    What did I miss?

  72. Allen,

    Re: Olmert's war. The fix was in. He could have have been a contender, he could have been somebody. But it was not to be.

  73. Mətušélaḥ said...

    Re: Olmert's war. The fix was in. He could have have been a contender, he could have been somebody. It wasn't to be.


    When you put it that way, the resemblance is uncanny.

    Without making too much of it, it is fascinating to see German, Russian, and Chinese troops in Lebanon. It gives a third (if not a fourth) dimension to Armageddon.

    Cosmic chess?

  74. Cosmic Chess? Nah. Just a bad joke.

  75. Allen,

    Re: bad joke. Remember a few days back, Hizbollah raided an Israeli munition depot, and when the Israelis gave chase after them into Lebanon, French Ledrek Tanks were pointing their gun muzzle at the Israeli Mekava Tanks. Wouldn't it funny to see how those French Ledrek Tanks fair against those Israeli anti tank weapons that Hizbollah stole from that depot.

  76. CNN's latest:

    They're not right over there at CNN, something ain't right about those people.

  77. In the same link, discussing the latest economic idiocy from the left ("It's the position, stupid!")--bolding mine:

    While capitalism does in fact produce absolutely egalitarian results—enabling the poor to own high-quality mobile phones, microwaves, and cars functionally equivalent to those of the wealthy—it cannot, critics say, manufacture more and better ‘positional goods’, to use economist Fred Hirsch’s term, because, basically, it is impossible to fit more than ten percent in the top ten percent. No matter how trusty, safe, comfortable, and efficient your new Hyundai Accent may be, the fact that is within the grasp of so many will keep it from signaling that you inhabit the commanding heights of society. And that’s what you really want, isn’t it? To be king of the mountain?

  78. Buddy Larsen said...
    CNN's latest:

    They're not right over there at CNN, something ain't right about those people.

    3:29 AM, October 21, 2006

    Continuing the focus on market forces, CNN behaving as CNN explains the phenomenal growth of FOX. Given the trend line, would you rather hold shares in CNN or FOX.

    From a different perspective, CNN is-was-will be despicable. That is why millions of consumers like me have moved to FOX. When I want entertaining porn, I don't turn to CNN.

  79. I must be on the farm, cause all I see is naked woman.

  80. If she's standing in front of the monitor, matt, log off immediately.

  81. I feel like Gollum, only without the ring.