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Monday, October 30, 2006

German Political Leadership - Feminizing Germany

Just when you think it cannot get any worse, German leadership gets worse. Germany faces some profound problems. It has a very uncomfortable level of Islamic immigrants who are socially segregated. It has a resurgent Russia to her east and it is only a matter of time till that problem will we back on their doorstep. Germany should be asserting itself on the world scene but the opposite is happening. This article from DW- World tells it all.
They are getting hysterical because some of their troops found and took goofy pictures with some skulls.

It is hard to believe but do not be surprised whatever news comes out from the Current German Political Establishment. Is it any wonder that right wing groups are getting restless. Read it and weep.
Defense | 29.10.2006 DW
Germany Reconsiders Sending Troops on Foreign Missions

Defense Minister Jung said Germany should limit its foreign missions

Senior politicians on Sunday said Germany should rethink its role in foreign peacekeeping missions as the scandal over soldiers playing with skulls in Afghanistan battered the army's image.

Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung warned that Germany may have stretched the military to its limits by sending troops on 11 foreign missions, ranging from Africa to the Middle East to Afghanistan.

"Even if we have the support of parliament, many deputies feel that we have reached the limit. We should practice restraint," Jung told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper. "Until now we have failed to accompany the growing number of foreign military missions with a proper debate about their meaning and purpose," he added.

Jung's remarks contrasted sharply with a white paper on defense he submitted to cabinet on Wednesday which paves the way for Germany to increase the number of peacekeepers abroad from about 10,000 to up to 14,000.


  1. from that same article Habu:

    "pragmatism in south Asia does little to excite the comrades in the wider world. Mr Angourakis reserves his greatest enthusiasm for the onward march of radical leftism in South America. In Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, once a hardline leader of the Soviet-backed Sandinista regime, is the favourite in the presidential election on November 5th. Venezuela's Hugo Chávez calls himself a “21st century socialist” but is adored by communists round the world, and returns the favour with subsidies for Cuba and comrades elsewhere in Latin America, especially Nicaragua."

  2. I Can't Stop Thinking About The Foreign-Policy Discussion We Had In The Shower Yesterday
    Who has the loofa?

  3. Aphrodisiacs for German Police Women

    From the desk of Paul Belien on Sat, 2006-07-15 22:35, Brussels Journal

    German police officers get a discount of 7 euros when they buy Femi-X, a herbal aphrodisiac for women which is sometimes refered to as the female equivalent of viagra. When the police officers buy a packet of 15 Femi-X pills they pay only 32 euros instead of 39. In addition they receive a free DVD with sex tips. Andreas Schuster, the police chief in Brandenburg, the province surrounding Berlin, told Bild Zeitung that Germany needs more children and the police want to set a good example. “We all want more children. The Brandenburg Police is prepared to do its duty. Perhaps this pill will be helpful in this regard.”

    Germany’s fertility rate is no longer sufficient to sustain its population. The number of elderly Germans (over 65 years old) is expected to rise from 17.5% of the population today to 27.9% by 2050. While the Germans do not have enough children, however, this does not necessarily imply that they do not have enough sex. Sex and procreation are not necessarily the same. The use of Femi-X pills by police officers will not help the demographics unless chief Schuster can convince his female officers not to use contraceptive pills with their Femi-X pills.

    Germany has another demographic problem. In 2004, for the first time in recent history, the number of Germans leaving their country was greater than the number of immigrants moving in. There were 145,000 German emigrants and 128,000 immigrants. Most of the emigrants leave for the United States. One couple who moved to Florida told Die Welt: “Here our children have a future in which they will not have to fear unemployment and social decline.” Perhaps moving to America will be a better fertility boost for young couples than using Femi-X. The best aphrodisiac may be to leave the welfare state.

  4. Iread this book when it first came out. New Lies For Old read some reviews.

    "It's quite shocking how much of Golitsyn's warnings have come true. How the West is quite blind into trusting "former" KGB types such as Putin whom echo the words of dedicated Marxists that the "fall" of the USSR was a "geo-political disaster". Quite shocking as how even the "peace" movement of today are still in the hands of our enemies such as people Justin Raimondo whom has praised Putin "going after neo-cons". And how members of the "peace" movement see "neo-cons" as a greater threat than someone like a "former" Communist like Putin."
    New Lies For Old

    The book has it's critics but the new lies are surfacing.

  5. Anatoliy of "New Lies for Old"


  6. Again, apropos absolutely nothing, in re photo:

    Rubba dub dub
    Three men in a tub

  7. Interesting that the phantom Rat struck again. Spelling is perfect, the thoughts not.
    Ahh well...

    Imitation is the best compliment, aye. Funny stuff, this blogging.

  8. For those that care, it was in the Germany thread @ 3:30 AM, October 30, 2006.

    Curious to me, but uneventful, what boredom for the forelorn