“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Heinz-Never-Changes-Stripes-Kerry

AFTERNOON UPDATE: Kerry did not really mean it when he said it. It was a joke. Do not believe your lying ears Drudge

There are few more loathsome politicians than John Kerry. Had he not looked into the mirror and saw another J F'nn K, he would have had a marvelous career as an ambulance chasing, rich-widow chasing trial lawyer. He certainly has all the opportunistic charm and qualifications including all essential character deficiencies.

At the end of the Viet Nam war he threw his medals and honor over the White House fence and shafted the reputation of an era of US fighting men to begin his political career. He has spent a lifetime being for things before being against them. He is a tedious pedant, a narcissist to the power of three.

Ever responsive to a change in the wind, he reported to duty at the Democratic Convention, ready for battle and a chest full of new fresh medals. (Did you know he served in Viet Nam?). There he stood, at attention, a smart salute, beaming to the roar of the Democratic faithful, a new more patriotic proud ex-GI, proud decorated veteran of war, fully recovered from grievous injuries for which he received three purple hearts. He fell a little short of his goal, but not before he double and triple crossed the republic reminding us of his service and thanking every military man he met for his. Thank you for your service, Thank you for your service,
Thank you ever so much for your service.

Well, guess what? John Kerry gave another salute to his band of brothers. It seems as if Drudge caught Kerry at it again, telling students if you do not study and get smart, "you get stuck in Iraq". That is how an American Political Zebra supports the troops. Listen to him in his own words: Drudge


  1. Kim Jong-Il Interprets Sunrise As Act Of War
    October 31, 2006

    PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA–Increasingly defiant toward international pressure since his nation's first nuclear test in early October, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il condemned this morning's sunrise, calling it "another hostile, deliberately timed act by the world community" and "a clear and blatant declaration of war."

  2. Where are we Now?
    The big question now is about Russia itself and in what way the old communist power elite is still in command. The popular perception is that the Soviet Empire is gone, the communists out of office, the internal security apparatus dissolved, its army in tatters and the country reformed along modern western lines with a free press, free markets, freedom of religion etc. Apparently enough to refute the Golitsyn line of analysis and relegate that to the status of outdated Cold War paranoia. The reality is quite different. The press, religious freedom and the Duma do exist, but are effectively muzzled; the KGB, on its own and also allied with the Russian Mafiya, is still very active internally and worldwide (19); its military-industrial complex producing ever more state of the art ICBMs like the SS-27 and its military in a far less sorry state than is believed (20); commercial and military ties with China are expanding; and its current president is a former KGB chief, Vladimir Putin, nicknamed 'Little Andropov.' (21) In short, there are plenty of signs that the old communist forces of oppression and militarism made an effective comeback after a temporary tactical retreat, thereby making Golytsin something of a prophet rather than a crackpot. (22)

    Article too long for Americans to read

  3. The Reagan revolution lives, but it is influencing the most unlikely converts.


  4. habu_1,

    re: Article too long for Americans to read

    Interesting read. Thanks

    But, take care, my friend. Forcing people out of their illusions can create dangerous existential crises. Some folk have taken to drink when so challenged, although few have had the decency to resign. Yes indeed, if deprived of the tribute awarded for teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony, the virtuoso Madame Rice might throw a tantrum. She is an expert on all things Soviet (sorry, Russian), you know.

    And make no mistake; Madame Rice is delusional if she harbors snuggly the nonsense she has been spouting about the Palestinians - to the Palestinians and Cal Thomas, among others. We must assume from the record and facts reported from the battlefield that her delusions are universally applied throughout the administration, to the detriment of our fighting men.

  5. PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA–Increasingly defiant toward international pressure since his nation's first nuclear test in early October, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il condemned this morning's sunrise, calling it "another hostile, deliberately timed act by the world community" and "a clear and blatant declaration of war."

    In other news today:

    North Korea agrees to return to six-party talks. Looks like Li'l Kim blinked.

  6. T, the Chinese may have interjected a sharp stick to their eye. It can make you blink.

  7. habu_1,

    re: Pershing

    After the disagreement about the use of pigs in the pacification of the Moro, I did some surfing. There are a number of accounts of porcine products being used. Wesley Pruden, editor of the Washington Times, used one such account in October, 2001.

    Whether Pershing himself knew or chose not to know of the goings on within his command, I cannot say. It does seem clear, however, that Pershing's subordinates did not feel themselves constrained by multi-culti rules of engagement, such as those that may have led to the death of Captain Secher, USMC.

  8. No Ms T, looks like he's back at the table, with a nuke.

    No blinking, unless of course, he gives up that nuke capability.

    No sign of that, especially when he's threatening SouK. Korea threatens war if South joins sanctions

    “South Korea’s participation in the U.S. racket to put pressure upon the North ... is a serious provocation leading to a crisis of war on the Korean peninsula,” the spokesman reportedly said.

    “If South Korea joins the U.S. ploy to pressure us, we will consider it as a declaration of a showdown and take corresponding actions,” the spokesman added.

  9. Limited artillery strikes against US installations in SouK, Mr Kaplan raised the issue, Mr Rumsfeld has been trying to redeploy the US Force south, out of artillery range. He has not succeeded in that endevour.
    Camp Casey is still Camp Casey.

    Ain't that a shame?

  10. trish,

    It has been written here that Captain Secher may have experienced emotional fluctuations, depending on what he experienced on any given day. That is fair. However, the rules of engagement described by Captain Secher have nothing to do with his personality. These rules of engagement have been made known to me from others other than Captain Secher.

    Apparently, I was not clear. To remedy that shortcoming I would say, "Yes, people do die in war, but insane rules of engagement instrumental to causing death are not merely ill conceived; no, they are murderous.

    The death of Captain Secher, occurring while operating under criminally negligent rules of engagement may find resonance among veterans who have found themselves so constrained. Moreover, placing our troops at unnecessary risk because of these rules of engagement would make the President's bravado an empty pledge. As Teresita pointed out, Mr. Bush may be a very little man, wearing an oversized hat. If this impression is conveyed to the public through the diary of Captain Secher, more may be demanded of this administration. If that is the case, and TWAT can be fought along the lines favored by Captain Secher, then, his death will not have been in vain and he will truly be a hero.

    9:32 AM, October 31, 2006

  11. DR,

    re: "Mr Rumsfeld has been trying to redeploy the US Force south, out of artillery range. He has not succeeded in that endevour.
    Camp Casey is still Camp Casey."

    DR, how unfair and unsporting of you to say so. What do you expect of the head of the DoD? You act as if he has the power to get things done. That is not how things are done, as evidenced by his comprehensive reformation of the military, yet to begin, other than downsizing and multi-tasking and multi-deploying.

  12. Allen,
    I answered Rufus and Ms. T thismorning at the end of yesterdays thread. My critique is there.
    It does appear inconclusive but htey didn't come anywhere close to proving it didn't happen. Even Rufus' own citations were iffy.

  13. DR,

    All the "trying" is becoming trying, would you agree?

  14. Yes, allen.

    As Master Yoda told US:
    Try not
    Do or Do not

  15. DR,

    re: Master Yoda

    Can he be recalled from retirement? Even the animation would beat the present reality.

  16. China cited as N. Korea Nuke supplier
    Also, Chinese language documents on how to design a small nuclear warhead for a missile were discovered by U.S. intelligence officials in Libya after Tripoli agreed to dismantle its nuclear program.
    We are the World we are the Children.
    (Nothing like an innocent, childlike approach to Chicom "Allies."