“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How Much Does the English Left, Academics and Elites Hate England?

By the evidence quite a bit. Ever since the radicals of the nineteen sixties started their mission to change England to a nation that conforms to their vision, there has been a concerted intellectually coordinated drive for the self appointed English Left to sort out the rest of them. English traditions and the very definition of what is England and English life had to go. It had to be replaced by something else that was less offensive to the refined tastes of the English effete in the universities, media and leftwing opinion makers.

Slowly, surely, the steady corrosive drip that oozed from this collective self-loathing clique affected all aspects of English life. England welcomed immigrants in ever-greater numbers from Muslim countries. It did not require them to conform to English standards, traditions and culture. Why should they? The same smug cabal of leftist secularists had been declaring to the unrefined masses that England was guilty of imperialism, racism, sexism and other isims all so dreadful that their combined intelligence forgot to notice the danger of Islamism.

Of course you could have gone into any working class East London pub in the 1970’s and the collective wisdom would have warned you that a problem was developing. But their ideas were too parochial, too racist, too unrefined to consider. Now, finally there are signs that a change is occurring. Late in the game, but there is a timid beginning to question what has happened to England. There are still politicians that are wondering why Islamic leaders do not come forward and “do something”. Well here is a hint. They don’t want to. They have no self-doubt. They know exactly what they are doing and are doing it one mosque at a time.

Of course, the English masters had different ideas for their lesser worthies. Laws were passed that would probably preclude this writer from expressing these views. It would be called "hateful". Too dreadful for the less discerning to hear. Too bad. You want hate speech? Then listen to the self hate of the self haters that put the English into the current predicament created by the real haters.

A glimmer of hope and a return to sanity hinted at over at The Telegraph

Our failure to confront radical Islam is there for all to see

By Denis MacShane
(Filed: 17/10/2006)

At long last, the debate on Islamism as politics, not Islam as religion, is out in the open. Two weeks ago, Jack Straw might have felt he was taking a risk when publishing his now notorious article on the Muslim veil. However, he was pushing at an open door. From across the political spectrum there is now common consent that the old multicultural emperor, before whom generation of politicians have made obeisance, is now a pitiful, naked sight.

The 10,000 Muslims in my constituency of Rotherham can only benefit from removing the dead hand of ideological Islamism – allowing their faith to be respected and their children to flourish in a Britain that finally wakes up to what must be done. Despite the efforts of extremists to prevent any sort of rational debate about the place of Islam in Britain, it is at last happening.


  1. I was so turned on by those joyful Babes that I looked at some numbers to cool off:
    Brief Update from Obi-Wan Kenobi, and other food for thought

    Obi Wan to Jim:
    "I'm a believer in polls... But the exit polls on Election Day 2004 shook me.
    I'm afraid it may have gotten worse since then. I just don't know at this point."

    Jim: To refresh, Election Day 2004, we saw from... well, to choose one blogger at random:

    Kerry - Bush

    AZ 45-55 (Bush won, 55-44)
    CO 48-51 (Bush won, 52-47)
    LA 42-57 (Bush won, 57-42)
    MI 51-48 (or MICH 51-47) (Kerry won, 51-48)
    WI 52-48 (or WISC 52-43) (Kerry won, 50-49)
    PA 60-40 (Kerry won by 51-49)
    OH 52-48 (Bush won, 51-49)
    FL 51-48 (Bush won 52-47)
    NM 50-48 (Bush won 50-49)
    MINN 58-40 (Kerry won, 51-48)
    IOWA 49-49 (Bush won, 50-49)
    NH 57-41 (Kerry won, 50-49)


  2. Hell, if I could collect my thoughts, I'd unlock the bathroom door and peek down the hallway.

  3. For example, in 2003, Abdurahman Alamoudi was jailed for attempting to launder money from a Libyan terror-front "charity" into Syria via London.

    Who's Abdurahman Alamoudi? He's the guy who until 1998 certified Muslim chaplains for the United States military, under the aegis of his Saudi-funded American Muslim Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Council. In 1993, at an American military base, at a ceremony to install the first imam in the nation's armed forces, it was Mr. Alamoudi who presented him with his new insignia of a silver crescent star.

    He's also the fellow who helped devise the three-week Islamic awareness course in California public schools, in the course of which students adopt Muslim names, wear Islamic garb, give up candy and TV for Ramadan, memorize suras from the Koran, learn that "jihad" means "internal personal struggle," profess the Muslim faith, and recite prayers that begin "In the name of Allah," etc.

    OH, and, aside from his sterling efforts on behalf of multicultural education, Alamoudi was also an adviser on Islamic matters to Hillary Clinton.

    And it turns out he's a bagman for terrorists.

    Mark Steyn is at it, again
    A Dark Globalism printed in the NYPost

  4. Religion of Peace
    Is the Republican Value in the this Election that under every and any circumstance I will vote against.

    Never to vote for any political party whose Leaders that takes that stance.

    Religion of Peace
    is how Mr Bush describes an ideology of hate.

    To blind to reality for me.

    The War is the only issue, and as that ardent Republican, rufus, tells us, the US is not fighting a War. I believe him

    And thus vote against those that created the unWar.

  5. The President is discussing the Police techniques that are allowed to use when we arrest the eenemy combatant in any local war.

    Of all the ways around Hamadan, the one chosen, by the Republicans, they chose the worse, for the War effort, course.

    The attack on the USS Cole were not acts of War , but criminal acts needing prosecutions.

    Says it all, to me

    "Did this Generation take this threat seriously, and did we do enough? ..." to paraphrase Mr Bush, as he speaks

    The answer to the question is no.

  6. DR,
    I ask this out of lack of knowledge 'cause I'm not following the elections that closely, but are any politicians describing Islam as anything but "A religion of Peace". Which of course is horse shit.

  7. "trish said...
    A few nights before 9/11 son and I sat outside and talked about Entebbe - and Yoni.

    We're a long, long way from home in this war, allen. All of us.
    1:02:54 AM"

    “I would rather opt for living here in continual battle than for becoming part of the wandering Jewish people. Any compromise will simply hasten the end…”

    “[W]hen are we finally going to strike back?!! We have complete confidence in our strength. We are capable of anything.”

    “The real cause is the sense of helplessness in the face of a war that has no end”

    ___Yoni Netanyahu

    Many believed that Israel would be forced, at long last, to deal with the Palestinians. Many believed that Israel was trapped; it did not have the airlift capability or logistical support to intervene militarily at such a distance. But, in the immortal words of Pvt. Gomer Pyle, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!”

    If nothing else, Entebbe proved that where there is a will, there is a way. That is food for thought.

    In 1976, I had no children and had no plans for children. Now, all these years later, I have a one son and you and I are having this conversation. We have sons who may face the same enemies as Colonel Netanyahu. It has been a long war.


    As usual makes very trenchant, cogent observations of Islam. Yet he provides no remedy. I have one.

    Kill 2/3rds of all Muslims. Mitigate the problem before it can't be handled. It is a moral obligation to defend yourself and family against a person or philosophy that intends to kill you nad says so daily.
    Just kill 'em.

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  10. We do have sons that went to face that enemy, and then were not allowed to proceed.

    Call it what you will.

    habu, some where on that list you posted, there is someone, I'm sure.

    If not, then I'll help create him.

  11. DR,
    Lead the way, I'll follow 'cause somebody has to at least call a spade a spade. (entrenching tool,folks or for card player one of the four suits)

  12. RCP has some polling updates, but three weeks out, here's the picture, as they see it.
    RCP Updated Rankings

    Numbers 11-20 on the list are where the House will likely be won or lost. In that group of ten seats there are eight Republican incumbents: Ohio 15 (Deb Pryce), Indiana 2 (Chris Chocola), Pennsylvania 7 (Curt Weldon), North Carolina 11 (Charles Taylor), Connecticut 4 (Chris Shays), Indiana 9 (Mike Sodrel), New Mexico 1 (Heather Wilson), and Pennsylvania 6 (Jim Gerlach). If half of these embattled GOP incumbents can hold on, Republicans stand a good chance of hanging on to the House - but just barely.

  13. Allen,

    Entebbe was a masterpiece but of course things are different now. But that C-130 aircraft is rapidly becoming one of the all time greatest aircraft ever built.

    And allow me to throw in my signature line but it's time to kill 2/3rds of all Islamists. It is our moral duty as civilized people not to be dragged back to the 7th century, or stand around waiting to be blown up.

  14. Watch FOX News latest reoirts from the Border.
    The Mexican Police are becoming a mirror image of the Iraqi Federal Police. Mixed loyalties abound.

  15. You must-read that Mark Steyn "Dark Globalism" piece.

    Steyn was on Hannity & Clammy show t'other nite. He mince-meated the doofless and borderline-idiot Clammy, who, as Steyn was trying to relate the gravity of the situation before us, kept trying to establish that Steyn was a political partisan.

    How do these leftoids keep missing the point? SURE, a person such as Steyn must line up against the appeasement party. But the lefties keep getting it backwards--thinking that FIRST a Mark Steyn will line up with whichever party they fit into best, THEN begin adopting that party's recommended position on the Jihad.

    They just are not mentally-equipped to handle the truth.

    Anyway, per the Steyn essay's recounting of the remarkable Mohammad connections under any surface scratched, I noted on Ollie North's show last Sunday, that the aside was dropped, in looking into "Adam the American", that Adam's since-disappeared mentor--the man who radicalized him in some Santa Monica mosque--has a brother who works for the State of California--in the Toxic Substances Control Department.

    Shit, the FBI oughtta go private and sell shares. Huge growth industry a-coming, because we're gonna need three agents per Muslim, before long. To watch each one of them, 24/7, in 8 hour shifts. Three, no, four or five per Muslim, due to weekends & holidays.

  16. In its ongoing efforts to undermine Mr. Bush and the Republican Party, Power Line is pimping Max Boot’s latest book, “War Made New”. Insidiously, subtly pointing out the flaws in the pseudo-Bush Doctrine, Mr. Boot writes for the Power Line audience:
    “Simply that it’s not enough to acquire first-class technology. You also need the right organizational structures, training, and leadership to take advantage of that technology. Today, the U.S. is the undisputed leader in high-tech hardware but our government bureaucracy is still designed to fight mirror-image adversaries from the Industrial Age…We need to transform the government…”

    When WW II began in earnest on the Western Front in 1940, the English and French were not outmanned or outgunned. By any calculation, they were superior to their German adversaries in nearly every respect. They were, however, out-generaled. (I use “generaled” in the generic sense to incorporate the conceptual paralysis of both the Allied civilian and military elites.)

    Using an old Nineteenth Century battle plan (von Schlieffen) Guderian and his protégé Rommel modified it, visualizing post-War potentialities. The British and French remained stuck in the trenches. (Yes, I know that the von Schlieffen Plan was published in 1905; however, the General had been massaging it for at least a quarter century prior to that date.) In fairness, underrated, seminal thinkers such as B.H. Liddel Hart, J.F.C. Fuller, and Charles de Gaulle greatly influenced both Guderian and Rommel.

  17. Why all the blue to link to Boot and Power Line? Rats!

  18. Mr Kim has many military options short of the nuclear or invasion of the SouKs.

    Asymetric options that will leave US limited recriprical options.

  19. As a complement to Tiger’s “... do you hablo espanol yet?”, see

    Border Patrol, lawmen outgunned by cartels

    "The cartels use automatic assault weapons, bazookas, grenade launchers and improvised explosive devices… In contrast, U.S. Border Patrol agents are issued 40-caliber Beretta semiautomatic pistols."

    "Lookouts for the cartels, using military grade equipment, are positioned at strategic points on the U.S. side of the border to monitor movements of U.S. law enforcement…”

    “Hezbollah members already have entered the U.S. from Mexico, the report confirmed.”

    "Islamic radical groups that support Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamiya Al Gamat are all active in Latin America."

    “Citing federal estimates that the Border Patrol apprehends only 10 percent to 30 percent of illegal crossers, the report said as many as 10 million illegal immigrants may have entered the U.S. last year.”

    Don’t worry; be happy. Cheap labor is all the rage. And the market just keeps rising.

  20. “Ethical fashion industry”! I did not know that. I feel so unclean, so unworthy.
    Potatoes, pineapples to dress environmentally-minded fashionistas

    And the models can be eatten for desert.

  21. The UN stops and boards a NorK ship, thats the tit.
    100 guns fire on Tongduchun, that's a tat.

    There have been cross border fire fights since the truce. The NorKs escalate that aspect of War.

    That will not provoke a US nuclear release. What will the SouKs do? It'd be their call.

  22. A Congressional Report
    A Republican Congress
    citing the Republican Executive's failures on the frontier.

    Could easily be worse than reported. Nature of the beast.

  23. Scroll an inch for this, from Jeff Stein @ NYT:

    A few weeks ago, I took the F.B.I.’s temperature again. At the end of a long interview, I asked Willie Hulon, chief of the bureau’s new national security branch, whether he thought that it was important for a man in his position to know the difference between Sunnis and Shiites. “Yes, sure, it’s right to know the difference,” he said. “It’s important to know who your targets are.”

    That was a big advance over 2005. So next I asked him if he could tell me the difference. He was flummoxed. “The basics goes back to their beliefs and who they were following,” he said. “And the conflicts between the Sunnis and the Shia and the difference between who they were following.”

    O.K., I asked, trying to help, what about today? Which one is Iran — Sunni or Shiite? He thought for a second. “Iran and Hezbollah,” I prompted. “Which are they?”

    He took a stab: “Sunni.”


  24. Religion of Peace, that is the mind set. It's not a "wink and nod" to PC, while the Feds move forward. It is the Reality of their efforts.

    Religion of Peace

  25. Don't overplay it, rat. It was a 50/50 question--Mr. Hulon (chief of the bureau’s new national security branch) could've easily guessed right. It was just bad luck.

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. Guessing right would not justify Federal ignorance, just would have kept US ignorant of it.

    The fellow did not know, does not know the Enemy.

    Wink and nod.

  28. Maybe it's not important to "know" Hezzbollah, or that they've infiltrated the borders of the US, using a variety of means and methods.

    All those Muzzies look alike, typical Police work?

  29. rat, I was being sarcastic with the 'bad luck guess' comment.

    What worries me--even realizing that FBI has been doing some good work (but is it enough?)--is, how easily that question could've been evaded, by anyone with the proper job requirements for the office.

    Anything from accidentally knocking over a glass of water, to suddenly getting a phone call ("the silent buzzer", he explains later), to saying, "Jeff, I don't know the answer, and if you report that, I'll have you killed" would've worked, to keep such a hideously embarrassing wrong guess out of the NYT.

  30. My point is, it's not wrong-thinking, it's wrong paradigm--federal bureaucracies fighting the Assassin Cult. We need a counter assassin cult--with license to kill, and paid in gold, off-book.

  31. Maybe that's the hidden appeal of the Clintonistas--they'd do it, nobody else would. The necessary personality in the USA today, is Clintonista.

  32. Once more, a Republican intellectual (Hewitt) misses the boat; thereby, missing the cause of base discontent.

    From Buddy’s link to Hewitt,
    “GEORGE W. BUSH, DONALD RUMSFELD AND DICK CHENEY are routinely excoriated for not taking every pronouncement from our intelligence community as if it were wisdom handed down directly from Mt. Sinai. I go in the other direction – if the people making the decisions of life and death actually care what these clueless intelligence analysts are saying, shame on them.”

    You have got to be kidding! Of course, people making decisions of life and death actually “should” care about clueless intelligence analysts. They should care so much that they fire dimwits! People like Messrs. Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney should be ashamed for having failed to remove or prevent the promotion of numbskulls like Mr. Willie Hulon. Yes, they should be ASHAMED! Mr. Hulon is, as are no doubt scores of other Bush bureaucrats, the mind of the administration. Is it any wonder, then, that US policy is such a shambles?

    As I said, you have got to be kidding!
    Oh, well, the fruit does not fall far from the tree. We just have to survive two more years of this administration.
    Broken Beyond Repair

  33. buddy larsen,

    Thanks for the Hewitt link.

  34. Like I said--ruthlessness today is on the left. Clinton fired all the federal judges as soon as he took office. Took back the 'correct' ones.

    Force the lady to the extreme right, to get elected, then let her bomb away.

  35. buddy,

    I think you meant to say that Clinton fired all Federal Prosecutors. Your point of ruthlessness was taken. But to be ruthless, there must be an ambitious drive of some sort. Holding the office, for the sake of the history books, is not the sort of ambition that drives the ruthless.

  36. right, allen--would that judges *could* be changed out so easily.

    tp--that's pretty creepy, alright. But, Turkey has a lot of pro-western secularists, too, right?

  37. Never have liked that Constantinople-to-Istanbul thing. The Christian king did die fighting on the walls, though--

  38. Sure buddy, those post in the 2 o'clock hour on the "Accountability" thread were posted by an identiy thief.

    Another desert rat.
    staying on message, to a degree.

    but rwe is still posting at BC

  39. Mister Trouble never hangs around
    When he hears this Mighty sound.

    "Here I come to save the day"

    That means that Mighty Mouse is on his way.
    Yes sir, when there is a wrong to right
    Mighty Mouse will join the fight.
    On the sea or on the land,
    He gets the situation well in hand.

  40. Rat - I understand your reaction to the 'religion of peace' sentiment, but who exactly are you going to vote for as punishment for this sentiment? Utopian big L Libertarians? Insane Democrats? Perhaps you should hold your nose and campaign and vote for more realistic Repubs. They're the best of some not so great choices.