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Friday, October 27, 2006

More Photos Surface in Widening German Skull Scandal, Germans still Devastated

More Photos Surface in Widening German Skull Scandal DW-World.DE

"German defense ministry officials Friday suspended two soldiers for their alleged part in the desecration of skulls in Afghanistan. The scandal meanwhile widened as a tabloid said it would publish more photos Saturday.German defense ministry officials Friday suspended two soldiers for their alleged part in the desecration of skulls in Afghanistan. The scandal meanwhile widened as a tabloid said it would publish more photos Saturday.

Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung said that the two men "will no longer be a part of the German army." Four others, who had also been identified as having participated in taking the photographs, have since left the Bundeswehr.

German private TV channel RTL on Thursday night showed pictures of a soldier kissing a skull that was lying on his shoulder and of another posing with a skull mounted on his patrol vehicle. In a third photograph, several skulls are piled on top of each to form a pyramid."

German Skull Update:
Skull Scandal Raises Questions About Army Training Methods

DW Skull Update Central
German politicians have unanimously condemned the incidents and an official inquiry has already led to the suspension of two soldiers.

"I'm devastated and also worried, both about the abuse of Islamic values as well as the yet unforeseeable consequences of these incidents," said Winfried Nachtwei, defense policy spokesman of the opposition Green Party.
"The majority of German troops in Afghanistan are involved in reconstruction work
Though defense experts have been at pains to point out that the incidents are isolated and that the entire 2,800-strong contingent of German peacekeepers in Afghanistan shouldn't be tarred with the same brush, many are calling for a review of army training programs and the preparedness of German soldiers participating in overseas missions."


  1. In a third photograph, several skulls are piled on top of each to form a pyramid."

    But no skeletons at the end of a leash being held by a butt ugly female German soldier, so comparisons to Abu Grahib are unfounded.

  2. You cannot offend the dead.
    Only the living find fault.

    There is no comparison to Abu Grahib, at all.

    Unless those Haji at Abu Grahib are dead to you.

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  4. You got DoD fighting back, in China, rufus

  5. Shit, the DoD is fighting China--I knew it would happen sooner or later.

  6. So now what about adult motorcycle enthusiasts who adorn their bodies with skull tattoos and their raiment with patches of the same? Will their right to the roadways be suspended?
    Hey it's Halloween. How many little kids will be walking the neighborhoods wearing skull masks? Carrying skull buckets for their treats?
    Have the skulls complained or filed charges? Did Reuters take the pictures?


  8. Pledge Bush drinks burgundy from Geranimo's skull, symbolic of the blood of the conquered.

    While Mr Kerry awaits his turn.

  9. Well it's quite clear that Angela Merkle is no Pol Pot. But the Huns are squeamish about their warriors sporting a few skulls?! Good grief.

    Pour me a cold one barkeep. It's the end of the world as we know it (and I need to feel fine).

  10. Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair
    Shining, gleaming, steaming, flaxen, waxen
    Give me down to there, hair!
    Shoulder length, longer (hair!)
    Here baby, there mama, Everywhere daddy daddy
    Does Cambodia count?

  11. I'm going to start losing sleep about Germans and skulls when I see the latter embroidered on black uniform collars.

    How many discarded skulls could be hanging around a place like Afghanistan? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions?

  12. You might think Chancellor Merkel would be less worried about her troops encountering used skulls and more worried about those still attached to the Taliban. Just sayin.

  13. Great comment allen, I will use it at my next go at the PC German establishment

  14. Mr Santorum blames his failure to poll well on Mr Bush's being a timid leader.

    One way, or another
    it's gonna get ya

  15. I was taking this article seriously until I got to this part:"I'm devastated and also worried, both about the abuse of Islamic values..."

    Then I realized this must be the German version of der Onion.

  16. It is possible, after the spilling of an ocean of ink, that Ash’s armor of moral equivalency has been pierced. Apparently, even Ash has problems with the silence of the Australian Islamic community’s silence about the Rape Sheik. Democracy may have done the trick. The office of Sheik Taj Aldin al-Hilali, Mufti of Australia is elective.



  17. I'm here ta tell ya that femininization of the military and society has really changed the warrior.
    Both in the Battle of Algiers for independence and in Vietnam it was not unusual to find the male genitalia cut off and stuffed in the mouths of the victims.
    People use to be drawn an quartered (eg Wm. Wallace-Braveheart)
    In Vietnam the guys would cut of ears as trophy.

    Now we wince and mince at a pair of panties on the head of an enemy who would cut your head off. And the American soldiers got hard time for that.
    We should have NO expectations of winning a war with that mindset.
    Have our warriors bathe in the blood of their first kill. Revel in killing the enemy. We are the ultimate weeenie class now and can fully expect our "leaders" to bend over frontwards and take it all the way. Cowards and twats.

  18. Victory is impossible in the 21st Century, habu, we can not Win or Lose a War. So says the SecDef and General Pace to Mr Cal Thomas.

    Now that is "Real News" that is passed over, while Mr Cheney's saying terrorist should take a "dunking" and the controversy about that remark is above the fold. But not nearly as important a story.

    Given enough time though, the US Military can deter the terrorists. Containing the terror threat, if given enough time.

  19. " Ok men, todays drill is smooching the enemies anus. As this chart clearly shows it is already puckered up and ready.
    Remove from you medical kit the santizing towelette and the antiseptic lip balm. Apply the balm to your lips and the towelette to the puckered enemy.
    Any soldier violating with more than a lip smootch can expect promotion to E-4 or higher and will receive our newest decoration, the Order of the Rosebud with Fuzz Cluster. It will be ranked above the CIB on you blouse.
    Dismissed, with a kiss..ladies.

  20. Funny, not more than a year ago, there were those that thought Mr Rumsfeld could do no wrong, at the old BC. Now adays Mr Rumsfeld's supporters have abandoned the BC.

    Or has the BC abandoned Mr Rumsfeld's supporters?

    Now there are calls for aggresive action, but they seem more like forlorn sirens, ignored while the ship of State sails by.
    Mr Bush strapped to the mast.

  21. New Army advertising slogan...

    "EAT MORE BE AN E-4"

    (marching cadenace)

    Rosebud,rosebud here we come
    Pucker up you're gitt'n sum
    We want rate , Lt. wants rank
    So tighten up those meaty flanks
    Rose-bud,Rosebud all the way
    Our military's all gone gay,
    We want ta win but don't know how,
    So pucker up cause we want sum now
    Rosebud 1,2 Rosebud, 3,4.....

    Also people oo-rah has been alter by the Pentagon to Ooooooo-ahhhhhh.

  22. Habu and DR, I just read both your posts and yelped and got another, "What are you doing? Are you blogging again." CMTFU (cracked me the fuck up)

  23. desert rat,

    re: Mr. Bush strapped to the mast.

    DR, can't you see Gregory Peck firmly entwined on Moby Dick. Delusions often lead to bad endings. Deluusion is not uncommon in politics.

  24. Gotta be

    "Armstrong Army of One"

  25. habu_1,

    re: rosebud

    cup of tea $0.25
    keyboard $125.00
    keyboard repair ?
    humor - priceless!

  26. rufus,

    The Australian has taken three stumps to Representative Harold Ford, Jr. It appears that Mr. Ford is somewhat lacking in geography and history skills. The Australian gives the impression that Mr. Ford is not to be taken entirely seriously.

    That sweetheart, Nahncee, says of Mr. Ford,

    “(Do we want to mention that Mr. Ford is African-American? Maybe if you started feeding him stories about Aborigines and their treatment he'd be more inclined to sit up and take notice.)”

    Nahncee is blissfully unaware that Australian Aborigines are not Negroid, proving that Mr. Ford is not alone in his ignorance.

    11/27/06; 04:39:18 PM


  27. The Canada Free Press has a scathing opinion piece, examining the decomposition of the corpse of the American MSM.

    the Good Ship Lollipop

  28. I don't know, but I been told
    Kissin rosebud will make you bold.

    I don't know, but it's been said
    STDs will make you dead.

  29. rufus,

    re: RINOs

    I'm thinking Specter and Chaffee. But what can you say when the President campaigns for such and the National Party won't fund genuine conservative candidates.

    Yeah, that's the ticket: Senators Expectorator and Chafing; these guys will really move the agenda.

  30. No, rufus, if the Pubs in Congress had voted that border fence bill last June there would have been no issue for Mr Graf.

    Since they hesitated, they lost, like most who hesitate

    Who Dares Wins.

  31. rufus, i like Rummy, too. You're not an army of one, there be two. I too don't know why I listen to these dyspeptic depressives. Just love the aggravation, I guess.

  32. rufus,

    re: "Yes, Majority Leader Reid."

    Fortunately for the President and the Party, that terrifying thought may save the bacon. But, I gotta tell ya, they don't deserve it!