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Saturday, October 21, 2006

China Gets Religion, Kim Jong Gets Trimmed to Size

American trade warning to China finally worked - North Korea 'sorry'' for nuke test and plans no more
Kiran Chaube
Oct. 21, 2006 India Times

China controls North Korea. America secretly warned China that the consequence of not imposing UN sanction on North Korea will be in trade restrictions on China. China understand money more than anything. They backed out. North Korea now says they are sorry for the nuke test.

According to media reports, North Korean leader Kim Jong II told a visiting Chinese delegation that the communist nation didn''t plan to conduct additional nuclear tests, a news report said on Friday.

Kim told Chinese envoy Tang Jiaxuan that "we have no plans for additional nuclear tests," Yonhap news agency reported, citing an unnamed diplomatic source in Beijing.

Tang led a delegation that met Kim in Pyongyang yesterday to deliver a message from Chinese President Hu Jintao.

Meeting with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Beijing today, Tang said that his trip had "not been in vain."

Chinese officials also expressed hope that the North would return to arms talks that it has boycotted since last year in anger over US financial restrictions.


  1. See, Ms Rice tried to tell us,
    application of sanctions will bring Lil Kim back to the Six Party Talks.
    Mission accomplished,
    the Status Que regained...

    but for a small explosion,
    Sorry about that, Chief.

  2. the munchkin can say sorry all he wants... he has the technology already

    China can verify his technological efforts for him - he doesn't need to test anymore

  3. Rufus, we are having a good day. i am with you again.

  4. If true, it may mean we have Nixon to thank for playing the Chinese card or as you said earlier why would they want to annoy their best customer?

    "This nothing personal Kimmy boy, this is businees."

  5. I should never peck and hunt without glasses.

  6. Kim has the small bomb, it's been tested twice, once in Pakistan and once in NorK.

    Kim promises no more tests and will return to the talks
    China will relax the Sanctions, freeing up his cash reserves

    And the devices will be or have been already delivered to Tehran.

    Cheney 1% Threat Doctrine
    Does the scenario pass that probability test, yep, it surely does that.

  7. Shadow it all the wat to Lebanon or Iran or Somolia or Yemen.

    Sieze it, that's the test of Lil Kim. Are the US Army people that Robert Kaplan spoke to right or wrong in their fears of a limited NorK response to that "act of war".

    My limited experience with Koreans leads me to believe he will tat if we tit.

    Now what, Lt?

    The SouKs still ask that question about Rangoon, 1983.

  8. Germany, Spain, Italy, Britain, sell a lot of product in the US. It's really time to have a frank talk with them about the anti Americanism in Europe. Do they prefer France as they economic and political partner or do they prefer the US.

  9. The SouKs migrated to "sunshine" after the decapitation attempt.

    Wonder why?

  10. Rufus,

    Political and trade agreements go hand in hand. There's absolutely no reason why Germany, Spain, Italy, Britain, can't make that clear to France

  11. Btw,

    My compliments to Whit & 2164th. Excellent blog entries.

  12. Well it's been at sea at least three days, already. Let's assume 8kts, or 192 miles a day

    15 days to your wag the dog moment, rufus, gives the NorK captain a 3,456 mile range.

    Headed to Arabia the ship would be off of Shanghai about now. Three more days & it's between Formosa and the mainland.
    Then does he head for the Straits of Malacca or Jakarta to transit to the Indian Ocean. In either case that's about where he'd be, Indonesia, if he's making way to Arabia.

  13. ...late to last thread

    Mr. Corpus has obviously read a book I mentioned two months ago witten by two Chinese Colonels,Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui. In their book, "Unrestricted Warfare" the same recipe's are developed for the conquest of the USA.

    What the Colonel's nor Mr. Corpus have evaluated in thier "independent threatis" is the last place scores in math and science in an already dumbed down acedemia within the USA. This renders at least half of their strategy unnecessary.
    Other aspects overlooked by these gentlemen are the number of rap artists video ho's that will render their troops slacked jawed and boned up when that booty is hump'n their hormones with a seem ripping lap dance. A young man can't be fight'n when the booty's up and tightened.
    These are only two examples of how decadence can easily corrupt an entire force. Throw in a couple a jolts of horse or snow, XM Jenna Jameson orgasms and they'll be jammed up to get to the piece table.
    It's all good. We can party all the time,party all the time, party all the ti-i'm
    Oh and word to yo mutha.
    Inconclusion if they'll just be a bit more patient we'll just give 'em the keys to the place..Sandy Burger already tried once. Just a few more decades of the sweet road we're on and it's moo goo all chaser.

  14. Whatthe Chinese,Russians and Koreans, as well as others do not understand is Passive-agggressive game we play.
    Usually beginning in the senior year of high school and then going on in a timeless thread is the now enbedded western game between married and dating couples of passive aggressive.
    The Oriental societies are not hep to this because they are still not "in tune" with women as better than equals.
    We have reponded in the West by having our men wearing Harley Davidson T-shirts while waxing their backs and chest. Many wax everything. A splash of fru-fru-juice and a tattoo of a Chinese character they think says "no fear" when in fact it says "go queer", but hell they don't know.
    When miscommunication happens between couples, especially young ones it usually means, "Hey, you left me all the stems and shake, you asshole"..then the passive aggressive sulking cum lip biting (a Bill CLinton trademark) builds.
    The Oriental mind cannot wrap itself around this so we send in Secretaries of State that can leg press 400lbs or a minority who teaches spinning at the local WH.
    Kim Jong got no game.

  15. This thing been work'n tonight or is it the WS?

  16. ..234..I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's
    His hair was perfect

  17. Lawyers, guns and money.
    The blogger was down, I guess

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  19. And the theme song for the Swan Island detachment.

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  20. F'n great song DR passed by unanimous consent.

  21. Germany, Spain, Italy, Britain, sell a lot of product in the US. It's really time to have a frank talk with them about the anti Americanism in Europe.

    Too late for that, unless you suggest we withdraw from the WTO.

  22. Teresita,

    Well then, they can follow the French lead and start selling their luxury product to the wealthy world of arabs. And yes, I would also advocate that the US withdraw from NATO. Turkey and Russia are right next door. They can protect Eurabia.