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Monday, October 16, 2006

Police Allegedly Ambushed by Those Allegedly French Youths, Again.

Police 'ambushed' and stoned by gang in Paris suburb
By John Lichfield in Paris
Published: 16 October 2006
Police had to use their firearms to escape from a gang of youths who allegedly ambushed and stoned a police car in a suburb north of Paris at the weekend - the fourth incident of its kind in recent weeks. One policeman was seriously injured by stones hurled by youths. His two colleagues fired their weapons over the heads of gang members in a housing estate in the normally calm suburb of Epinay-sur-Seine. Their patrol car was trapped when a driverless vehicle was rolled behind it by a group of up to 50 youths, according to police.

The incident is one of several serious clashes between police and youth gangs across Paris suburbs in recent weeks as the anniversary of last year's riots approaches.

Previous incidents, described as "ambushes" by the police, have later proved to be more confused and unplanned. Right-wing politicians claimed yesterday that there was a co-ordinated campaign to provoke an incident and raise tensions.

In the most recent incident, on Friday night, a police car was sent to investigate reports of muggings in the Ogrement district of Epinay, a poor area haunted by drugs gangs and sporadic violence. The police car was attacked with stones and baseball bats and one policeman, Christophe Estève, 30, was hit in the face.

Police said that the officers had been "ambushed" by up to 50 youths. Local people said that no more than 20 youths were involved, and that the incident began when the police began to interrogate forcefully two youths intercepted on the street.
The Independent


  1. Training is everything,
    everything is training

    193rd Inf Bde., CZ
    & Paris Mohammedans, it seems

    Basic training in an urban enviorment.

  2. The Gallic Intafada

    Paris is Burning

    Just a wee bit of atavistic behavior by, oh my, Muslim punks.

  3. It would appear that the fromage eating surrender monkeys are getting a big piece of TWAT.

  4. habu1,

    Re: French intifada

    What’s the big deal? Just send in the pluperfect “Magnificent Condi”. I smell another Franco-American UNSC Resolution on the burner.

    1) Like Jerusalem, make Paris an international city.
    2) Begin negotiating boundaries within France.
    3) Insure that two peace loving peoples (sic) can have the chance to live side-by-side in peace.
    4) To secure a sense of security, supply French yuts with thousands of M-16s and millions of rounds of ammunition, a la Fatah.

    Now, wasn’t that simple? The US must always be neutral.

  5. Allen, LOL, COL (crying out loud).

    But remember, Condi wasn't even born when the Palis went to war.

  6. Allen, Allen, are primo,primo, primo.

  7. My suggestions for solving the problems of France are offered humorously (I hope). The tragedy is that the State Department might just implement them, one day.

    Yes, Dr. Rice cannot be blamed for the Palestinian debacle. She can, however, be blamed for authorizing the release from American stocks of thousands of M-16s and a million rounds of ammunition to Fatah, last week. Fatah is an organization which refuses to disavow the destruction of Israel. Perhaps she sees Fatah as the lesser of two evils. That is the problem with playing with the Devil; he's a trickster.

  8. Chirac should not consider any law enforcement action against these ardent Parisian youths, lest he perpetrate the cycle of violence.

  9. Ouch, Tess--OUCH!

    (speaking for Monsewer Chirac, and everyone who has equivalized with that horrible euphemism).

  10. This Thailand version is the only Cycle of Violence I want to know about.

  11. Teresita said...
    Chirac should not consider any law enforcement action against these ardent Parisian youths, lest he perpetrate the cycle of violence
    Absolutely. Those impoverished yuts need guidance and therapy. Ballots not bombs. Let the burka reign in Paris and Spain. If each were given a Parisian for a dhimi-slave I believe things would be set right.

  12. Where are our Jacobins,Robespierre,sans-culottes,are there any Girondists?
    How can we manage a revolution without a Charlotte Corday?
    Where did I park my Citroen?
    Guatamala or Venzuela on the SC?
    Why no hurricanes this year?
    So many questions. I'll watch old U Thant speeches and seek the truth.