“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Obama Needs to Get Off Air Force One and Get to Work


  1. Work, he's been hard at work, and successful, too.

    Please, do not encourage him to try to do more, because he will.

    Under the guise of stimulating the economy, this one bill contains a generation’s worth of liberal policymaking, an entire Great Society-scale agenda, one that advances the liberals’ view of man and his relationship to government enough to cause LBJ himself to turn red with envy.
    NRO - Michael G. Franc

    How much more success would you wish him to have at implementing his agenda?

  2. 41 Republican Senators will not prove to be enough, as was often mentioned, last Fall, before the the fall.

    Obama has done the 'Big Things' right. Whether the work or not, time will tell, but do not think, not for a moment, that the President is not working.
    He has been and is being successful at the tasks he selects for attention.

    this one bill contains a generation’s worth of liberal policymaking, an entire Great Society-scale agenda

  3. Gotta get past the smoke, the stage management and placement of the mirrors, to see the success he has already achieved, success that will advance his ideological bedfellows.

    If no one else.

  4. "success that will advance his ideological bedfellows"

    What ideology would that be? Bedfellows - ones that carried his water on this blog during the entire campaign.

    Developing, not developed or acquired, according to the Obama administration and the NIE

  5. The Press Conferences Are A Set Up Deal


    Nobody is going to be asking Obama where he was born.

    But, I heard on a radio blurb the other day, Justice Roberts is going to be at the U. for a talk, and I had the thought I might try and go, and maybe ask him why the Supreme Court let the nation down in not airing the issue of whether this guy is actually qualified to be President, though that's not the kind of thing I normally do.

  6. This just shows they were lying all along," the official said.

    From Elijah's post.

    Even bob out here in Idaho had that much figured out.

  7. Another Obama cabinet pick quits

    Judd Gregg was Mr Obama's second nominee for commerce secretary

    Republican US Senator Judd Gregg is withdrawing as President Barack Obama's nominee for commerce secretary.

    Mr Gregg decided to withdraw because of policy differences with the Obama administration, he said in a statement.

    His nomination was announced last week and he was expected to become the second Republican in the Obama cabinet.

  8. I was anti-McCain, but not pro-Obama, elijah.

    Not seeing the election as a binary choice. Beside McCain carried AZ, regardless.

    In PA, FL, and OH, all States that had Bar patrons or barkeeps that were promoting the anti-Obama position, Obama won.

    Lester Crown and David Rockefeller are not my ideological bedfellows, but they are Mr Obama's.
    Mr Redstone and the fellows at the Imagineer Network along with those folks that bring good things to life, at GE, all ride on the Obama posse and are ideologically entwined with the Federal Socialist, "Washingtonian" agenda.

    That Mr McCain was also a paid in full member of that cabal, the reason I did not support him. Better to let Obama get the "credit" for the further Federalization of the US, rather than Republicans.

  9. Both McCain and Obama are peas in the pod, with less than a dimes worth of policy difference between 'em.

    The GOP posturing now, now that they no longer get to endorse those Federal checks. Their bloc unable to hold the Government to the normal process of legislation.

    Powerless in the face of a high flying Obama and a Democratic coalition that is holding solid in his support.

  10. I often called for moving to a Senate Strategy, spending monies to retain, at a minimum, 44 Senators.

    The Republicans failed to heed that advice, focusing instead upon the Oval Office, which was lost in September. They did not shift to a survival strategy that would have maintained their legislative relevence for the next 2 years.

    I tried to carry that water bucket, but no one wanted a taste.

  11. This situation is just perfect for a Democrat. If Obaama fucks this one up he's more incompetent than Jimmah.

    All he's gotta do now is hold a Press Conference sayin, "it's okay now, we got it under control," and go hang out in the gym for a couple of months.

    We're making our "Double-Bottom," now. It's a good time to buy something.

  12. Iran is going to have the bomb, as sure as I'm sitting here.

    Things are spinning out of control.

    What's Israel going to do?

  13. A day after Gregg's nomination was announced, The Associated Press reported that a former staffer was under criminal investigation for allegedly taking baseball and hockey tickets from a lobbyist in exchange for legislative favors while working for Gregg.

    The former staffer, Kevin Koonce, has been identified in court papers only as "Staffer F" in the sprawling corruption probe stemming from disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

    Gregg said at the time that he had been told he was neither a subject nor target of the investigation, and would cooperate fully.

    Commerce Secretary

  14. As to being a financial rookie, Mr McCain suspended his campaign, in the idea that the Federals could meet and act quickly, which would solve the crisis, within a fortnight.

    He was the man credited with getting the 'revised' TARP program passed.

    Well, the legislation passed, but did not solve the problem, Mr McCain not understanding the true nature of the problem, either.

    Again, not using the normal legislative process, but moving forward at emergency flank speed

    "Damn the torpedos
    Full speed ahead!"

  15. We may wake up in the morning, and Israel has attacked Iran.

    What could be more clear than one side saying, "We're going to kill you" and the other side saying, "No, you're not"?

  16. Yet despite widespread awareness that incitement persists and of its detrimental impact on the prospects for peace, foreign governments and NGOs continue to finance the Palestinian Authority without conditioning that aid on an end to incitement. Hillary Clinton’s strongly worded statements on the issue, made while a senator, show that she is well aware that the problem persists.

    As secretary of state, she will have the capability to finally address it.

    Obama already faces outsized expectations for what he can accomplish in the Middle East. However, if he listens to those calling on him to ‘force’ Israel into further concessions, as if the Palestinians have met all their obligations, he will not advance peace.

    Agenda for Obama

  17. I had fallen asleep, and missed this great interchange--

    rufus said...
    Kissing Bill Clinton? Can you imagine where those lips have been?

    Thu Feb 12, 11:38:00 AM EST

    Mətušélaḥ said...
    Rufus, my sentiments exactly.

    My only suggestion might be to 'throw him a kiss'.

  18. Blogger bobal said...

    We may wake up in the morning, and Israel has attacked Iran.

    What could be more clear than one side saying, "We're going to kill you" and the other side saying, "No, you're not"?


    Decisive action by the current Israeli government???

    Jon Stewart had a funny bit last night where he moaned about how we've got to go to a 4 state solution now that Tipi and Bibi are both claiming victory and Hamas and Fatah have done their split...

  19. Jon Stewart isn't looking down the barrel of two or three nukes and doesn't have the safety of his people at stake, only that of his comdy routine.

  20. and the Israelis have a splintered parliament...

    Maybe Lieberman will be able to crown Bibi king allowing the radical right to rule the roost. Will they unite the country and attack Iran or will they be consumed with crafting a loyalty oath. They may do both but I don't think the US government will be to helpful in their endeavors.

  21. the radical right is pure linguistic propaganda

    I don't think the US government will be to helpful in their endeavors

    Not this one, that's for sure.

    As Trish said one time, war is more, not less, likely with the new crew in D.C.

    Because they are on their own, and the situation is as frightening as it can get.

  22. well, if in your books their policies are simply "right" as opposed to "radical right" then so be it - they certainly are not left of center.

  23. Well, I do think Mr Olmert is correct about that apartheid issue, in this age of a renewed Mr Lincoln.

    The US public would shun another apartheid State even one implemented on religious, rather than racial standards. Israel would lose US support, both amongst the public and the Federals. I have to say that Mr Olmert reads the Federals position, well.
    Let Israel give Team Obama an opportunity to repaint the moral picture in the Levant and they will.

  24. There is definately a "radical right" in the United States.

    It does not reside in any of the elected representitives of Government. Certainly not amongst any of the Federals.

    But there is a 'radical right' within the United States. McVeigh exemplifies them, in theory and practice.

    Just as there was a radical left, with Bill Ayers and the Weathermen as the examples, there.

  25. The US public would shun another apartheid State even one implemented on religious, rather than racial standards.

    You should tell that to your native indian nations.

  26. Spray-on Solar Panels

    February 12th, 2009

    Spray-on Solar Panels Solar cells are usually made of silicon coated with a thin layer of silicon nitrate. This silicon nitrate works as an anti-reflective agent to boost cell efficiency. But the catch is these types of cells are costly to produce. This anti-reflective layer deposition happens in vacuum and creating vacuum like situation doesn't come cheap!

    Efforts are on to reduce the cost of solar cells. Australia too is abundant in natural resources and wants to trap these for clean and green energy. Researchers in Australia are handling a three year project which will develop a spray-on coating for solar panels. They will concentrate on cost reduction and efficiency of solar panels too. A new Australian solar company Spark Solar and Finnish materials company Braggone Oy are working with Australian National University (ANU) on the spray-on method. This new technique can be commercially available by 2011. Dr Keith McIntosh from ANU, the chief investigator in the first project, stated, "It will provide an opportunity for significant manufacturing cost reductions by replacing the conventional, expensive manufacturing techniques that are currently employed industry-wide with the spray-on films."

    Creating vacuums for coating of solar cells are costly. If this step can be skipped from the solar cell production, price tags can be brought down considerably. The new method uses a spray-on hydrogen film and spray-on anti-reflective film. In this spray-on method vacuums are not needed. The cells travel along a conveyor belt where the films are sprayed on. The simplified process could trim down about $5 million in capital equipment costs per medium-sized factory. The manufacturer can save and produce solar cells at a much cheaper rate. Testing of the process is now taking place at the ANU, and the technology should be available toward the end of 2011.

    Improved efficiency
    The second aspect of the project is efficiency of the solar cells. This project will be undertaken in collaboration with the German solar company GP Solar and led by chief investigator Dr Klaus Weber from ANU.

    "We aim to develop a range of industry-ready cell fabrication sequences that will offer significantly improved conversion efficiencies" Dr Weber said. Currently solar cells are operating at the range of 5% to 24% efficiency. Solar surface of a cell has been roughened to increase the surface area. More surface area means more absorption of solar light. But a rough surface also disrupts the cell's crystalline structure in the process. So the second project is concentrating on improving the efficiency of solar cells. They will try to change the surface of the solar cells to improve its efficiency. Once a most advantageous surface is created, the effectiveness and power of solar cells would be superior.

    19 Million Cells a year
    A new Australian company Spark Solar will establish a $70 million high-tech solar cell factory in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Their main objective will be to initiate solar cell production in 2010. The factory will take a daunting task of producing 19 million solar cells a year. That volume of production will be enough to power 20,000 homes, along with exports worth more than $400 million to Europe's booming solar markets.

    The astonishing fact is that presently the global market for solar cells is growing at a faster rate than markets for mobile phones, digital cameras and laptops!

  27. The US public would shun another apartheid State even one implemented on religious, rather than racial standards.

    You know, your insistence on using this kind of language, even though it was already explained to you that Israel is of Hebrew national identity and not of Arab national identity, and this has nothing to do with race color religion economics, but is a cultural national differentiation, implies that you are either deliberately baiting and trolling or that you are truly a racist shit. So now, which is it?

  28. Well, at least we took the economic impediments out of their way

    Report: Indian casinos' revenue growth surges
    By Stephanie Vosk
    The Cape Cod Times
    August 24, 2008

    According to the report, Indian casinos nationwide saw a 5 percent increase in gambling revenue in 2007, bringing in a combined $26.5 billion, a "modest" improvement compared to years prior

  29. Well, at least we took the economic impediments out of their way

    Sure you did.

  30. Researchers Look to Butterflies for Solar Cell Improvements

    Written by Michael Ratliff
    Published on February 9th, 2009
    Posted in solar energy

    The butterfly species Papilio paris (pictured) has wings with intricate solar collectors that trap and transport solar heat to the body. This evolutionary adaptation that is thought to help the insects tolerate cold weather may someday help to power our world.

    Chinese scientists at Shanghai Jiao Tong University have recently found a way to copy and template the butterfly solar collectors for use in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs). The preliminary research shows that the insect's solar collectors have a honeycomb-like structure that effectively scatters and absorbs light. By transplanting this honeycomb-like microstructure onto DSCs, scientists hope to increase the cell's conversion efficiency in order to achieve a more commercially viable product.

    The dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC) was invented by Michael Gratzel as an inexpensive and versatile alternative to traditional photovoltaic (PV) cells. Since its conception, the DSC has excited proponents of solar energy with its glass-less structure that is able to both sustain high temperatures and function under low light conditions. A major drawback with DSCs is that they are not yet as efficient at harvesting solar energy as PV cells. This will hopefully change with continued research into improving the DSC's ability to scatter and absorb light from the sun.

  31. It is none of those, mat.

    You miss the point.

    The "controlling legal authority" over the Levant is not Israel, but the UN. As it authorized the formation of the Israeli State, it is still responsible for that States behaviour. It has also found that Israeli settlements in areas outside the '67 borders to be illegal.

    Israel will have to withdraw to the pre'67 borders, without a bogus territory swap. To be compliant with the "Rule of Law".

    That the SOP for conflict resolution charts the course forward, is obvious. The US has made a decided change of course. That you refuse to acknowledge the consequences of that sea change, just another point of light that will be doused.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. The "controlling legal authority" over the Levant is not Israel, but the UN.

    That's nonsense. The UN has zero controlling legal authority. Israel is a sovereign state.

  34. Another AZ Sceptic:

    228. steveaz:

    "I’m late to the energy debate here: I rely on solar energy to power my home, and in the SW’s mountains you can count on sunshine 350+ days of the year - even in Winter.

    Agree with the other posters: Solar only makes sense if you can move it, or move to it. It’s the second option, moving to a sunnier clime, that I think we’ll see as the costs of PV materials drop.

    Which may not be a bad thing. This works against Obama’s urbanization efforts, because it incentivizes migration away from the frozen Northern cities. Imagine the choice: you can stay in Minneapolis, shiver all winter, and talk, talk, talk about being “Green,” or you can pack up, buy land in Kingman, AZ and really live it.

    One of my theories is, most of the people pitching sustainable living are debutants: they would not be able to hack the energy conservation and the occasional, selective appliance use that is required during cloudy spells, and they’re really just pining to be part of a government-sponsored crusade that jibes with a ‘feeling’ they have."

  35. Another AZ Sceptic:

    Who cares? These people have nothing of substance to add other than the same old. Fsck'em.

  36. Mat:
    This household is nearly 100% Solar!
    (for hot water)

  37. Do you support Measure B, the city's proposed solar power initiative? Why? How do you believe it will affect Department of Water and Power rates?

    Carlos Alvarez:
    "Our city is choking on traffic and smog. Increasing the use of solar power is central to this.


    James Harris: "My campaign does not support Measure B."

    David R. Hernandez: "The idea of solar energy is exciting and is already being demonstrated to be worthwhile. LAUSD as well as the Community College District have and are in the process of installing solar panels at their facilities.

    Mayoral Candidates

  38. I thought it was a pretty good critique of you Dreamers to the North!

  39. LA is run by the Mexican Mafia.

  40. Mat and I are both in the "process" of becoming increasingly solar powered.

  41. Process and Product being easily distinguished.

  42. He came, he saw, he listened, but Richard Holbrooke kept his own counsel on his maiden visit to Islamabad in his new role as U.S. special envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan.


    As part of that approach Holbrooke and Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi will jointly lead an inter-agency team to improve intelligence sharing and strengthen security.


    In India, Holbrooke will see ample evidence of an economy on the move, and one the United States looks on as a major partner for the future, but he'll also find a country living in fear of a repeat of the attack mounted on Mumbai.

    Troubled Pakistan

  43. Mat:
    This household is nearly 100% Solar!
    (for hot water)

    That's great, Doug. It's a step in the right direction. But that doesn't give anyone the right to poopoo future solar developments. And these are coming fast and furious, almost on a daily basis.

  44. School Districts are also almost totally devoid of any market restraints.
    The Taxpayer?
    To quote the Sage.

  45. Yeah, like Charle's GM Solar Car.
    ...or the pipedream that desalinization could EVER become a primary source of H20.

    ...unless and until we return to living like animals.

  46. Yeah, like Charle's GM Solar Car.
    ...or the pipedream that desalinization could EVER become a primary source of H20.

    I can't speak for Charles. Be specific to what I post.

  47. Google crashes the smart-grid party

    Google now wants to organize your home's energy information.

    The search giant on Tuesday muscled into the burgeoning smart-grid software business, showing off a prototype Web application that displays home energy consumption broken down by appliance. The software uses so-called smart meters, which can communicate home energy consumption back to utilities every few minutes.

    The driving idea behind the Google PowerMeter iGoogle gadget--and nearly all smart-grid companies--is that giving consumers access to more detailed home energy data will lead to lower usage. There are dozens of smart-grid trial programs now going on, offered through utilities.

    Engineer Russ Mirov, one of the Google employees testing the software, was able to reduce his electricity use 64 percent over the past year, saving $3,000, by replacing inefficient refrigerators and running his pool pump at scheduled intervals.

    Google cites figures showing that regularly viewing real-time energy use will prod people to cut electricity by 5 percent to 15 percent on average through behavioral changes. The product is now in private beta.

    With its smart-grid push, Google is seeking to appeal directly to consumers, rather than working through utility-sponsored programs. Typically, smart-grid companies sell to utilities, giving them smart meters and software to help them operate the power grid more efficiently. As part of those programs, consumers can often get real-time information on energy use.


  48. Pacific Gas and Electric started getting into that in the 70's.
    The left wing govt is now so involved, it's probly been corrupted.

  49. Peace, Love, and Smash Google!

  50. Our Pretend President:

    Obama's Outrageous Oversight

    White House Counsel Greg Craig, often seen whispering in the president's ear during question periods, admitted later to Ms. Burlingame that the chief executive was getting the facts of the law wrong during the discussion with the families.
    Craig asked her if CIPA covers a case in which terrorists defend themselves, noting that "this is something we hadn't contemplated."

    If nothing else, this admission of ignorance is more evidence that the decision to rush ahead with closing Guantanamo and shutting down the military tribunals was ill-conceived, poorly planned, and may ultimately be injurious to our national security. The president may talk a good game about "swift, certain justice," but it is becoming clear that justice will not be swift, is highly uncertain, and in the end may not even be just.

  51. I'd like to have solar power here too, the problem is in the winter the sun doesn't shine enough, but in the summer it might work good running an air conditioner. we have a couple new companies around that advertise in being specialists in solar, so the idea seems to be catching on.

    al-Doug doesn't really need solar over there in Hawaii, where everyone lounges around in shorts, and sips Mai-Tais, and the Temperature Never Varies From 78 To 85
    and his main occupation is keeping Sonia satisfied.

    When it's cold as hell here, I get jealous of guys like that.:)

  52. Ash, I'm sure you don't much like Michael Savage, but he read a list of the expenditures in the
    'stimulus' package today, and it sure sounded like a big patronage program. Not a jobs program, a snowjob program.

    ACORN came out like gangbusters, and there was something about the national census, which I kind of missed, but the idea was we'll count the voters as we see fit, and hold elections based on that. I think he said the head of the census guy quit in disgust, but I'm not sure.

    You might look it up.

    Don't you guys have any shame?

    I'd say Obama has done a pretty good month's work.

    Next up, take your guns.

  53. Who needs a count when the Dems and their masters in ACORN can provide a formula?

    It works for elections, it should work just as well for the Census.

  54. Shame?
    I don't need your stinkin Shame!

  55. Since my property taxes on my house here are based on the 'value' of the place, and the value has gone to hell, when do I get a reduction in my property taxes?

    When do you get a reduction in your property taxes?

    Call your local assessor now.

  56. You know it's a funny thing, thinking about the past. When we moved here, there was only about 2 houses in the whole town that fit our needs, so I bought one, at 89K, which was top dollar at the time. A realtor told me it was the only time in history housing stock had been so scarce here. Now there are houses all over for sale, and I don't have a clue what the value of my home is. I know what the assessor says, but he's out to make money for the state. I doubt I could sell it at any price right now.

    We need a tax revolt.

    Call your assessor, your local politician, put some pressure on.

    We actually have the power to un-elect these local folks, and should darn well do so, if these tax values don't come down.

  57. Measuring state workers: A measure by freshman Sen. Sander Rue, R-Albuquerque, would measure the productivity of state government employees.

    An analysis of Senate Bill 158 says labor productivity is defined as “the output per worker-hour of labor.”


    Be kind to animals: The New Mexico House passed two bills Thursday aimed at curbing animal cruelty.

    One measure increases the penalties for those who cause death or great bodily harm to animals by mistreating or abandoning them. It also makes clear animal cruelty includes leaving an animal confined in a vehicle if the animal is injured or dies.


    Teen pregnancies: The Senate Public Affairs Committee on Thursday approved two teenage pregnancy-related measures sponsored by Senate Majority Whip Mary Jane Garcia, D-Dona Ana.

    SB416 would appropriate $80,000 to the Children, Youth and Families Department “to support a neighborhood-based initiative in Dona Ana County to reduce adolescent sexual risk-taking by helping adults, parents and community leaders develop effective communication skills.” SB419 appropriates $30,000 to CYFD to support Dona Ana County programs that work with young fathers.

    NM Legislative Tidbits

  58. hehehe

    In late-stage talks, Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., pressed for $8 billion to construct high-speed rail lines, quadrupling the amount in the bill that passed the Senate on Tuesday.

    Reid's office issued a statement noting that a proposed Los Angeles-to-Las Vegas rail might get a big chunk of the money.

    Mat, You Are Going To Get Your Train--From LA To Vegas!

    Good old Harry Reid has come through again for his sponsors.

    Ash, is this a good use of the public purse, or would the money be better spent on a medical school in Idaho?

  59. At least one group of Democrats was happy with the development - the Congressional Black Caucus - which was worried about how Gregg would handle counting of minorities in the 2010 Census, which will be one of the major tasks of whoever ends up becoming Commerce Secretary.

    "When Sen. Gregg was first nominated members of the CBC expressed concerns about his commitment to core functions of the commerce department like the census and minority and women owned businesses," said Rep. Barbara Lee, Chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus. "In his statement today, Gregg expressed 'irresolvable conflicts' on these very same issues.

    In light of this, we feel that his decision to withdraw is in the best interest of all parties."

    Can't Serve in Cabinet

  60. Reid's office issued a statement noting that a proposed Los Angeles-to-Las Vegas rail might get a big chunk of the money.


    We've voted to shuttle gamblers from LA to Vegas.

    While our medical school goes unbuilt, and we must listen to Ash talking about rationing medical care.


  61. That's the 'free medical care for everybody' program, which is going to 'ration' you out of some dignity on your deathbed, brought to you by Ash and Company.

  62. The almost 500 hospitals responding to the I.R.S. survey reported spending an average of 9 percent of their total revenues on providing community benefits, including free medical care, education and research.

    Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa, who has been challenging nonprofit hospitals since 2005 to justify their tax exemption, said in a statement that he was disappointed that the study did not provide better definitions and comparable data on the community benefits provided by for-profit hospitals.

    “Neither the I.R.S. nor Congress has done a very good job when it comes to establishing the criteria for enjoying this tax status since the I.R.S. scrapped charity care for its community benefit standard in 1969,” Mr. Grassley said.

    Tax Breaks

  63. Older folk of course are the ones that usually need medical care.

    Brought to you by ASH--

    Will Old Folk Pay The Price?

    Terminal Care, brought to you by ASH.

    Time's up, you get bumped off by ASH and Company.

    I really hope Obama gets lung cancer.

    We'll put him in a 'comfort room'.

    To be nursed by ASH

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Perfect!

    Bob, what you need is a better lobby group. :P

  66. So if the proposed Federal Council does not think a treatment is cost-effective due to the patient's age, then the patient will have to do without for the good of the collective. You will assimilate.

    This already happens in the UK. But according to one medical ethics expert there, that's not enough. Those who suffer from dementia, for example, are not only wasting their own lives and the lives of their families, but they are wasting precious resources from the National Health Service, and so they should just get on with dying. Sooner rather than later, thank you very much.

    Just git on out of here, and leave it to the government to decide who comes, who goes.

    There was a really beautiful opinion I read one time, written by a Federal district judge, and the idea was some of, or even the most, meaningful moments of our lives can come at the very end, for the patient and those around him, and we should do nothing to take that away from people. He said it was our right to live as long as God, or mother nature, allowed us to, and it was a part of the deep meaning of our culture to allow that.

    It's starting to seem this opinion is being filed in the dust bin of our legal opinions.


    Mat, you are right. All we've got right now is the American Association of Retired People, AARP, which isn't worth a shit.

    They might be of some use getting you a handicapped parking permit, but will probably just want to sell you a magazine.

  67. And when he comes in to serve the Messiah his food, he will have an Ash Tray.

  68. Old folk of America!


    Don't go gently into Ash's goodnight!

    Fight, fight, against the dying of the light!

  69. Mat, you are right.

    Yeah, that's the sad part. I wish I wasn't. :(

    The leftist Israeli press is talking about the need for electoral reform, now that Labor is almost decimated. Apparently, that one party not get more than a quarter of the votes is an electoral disaster.

  70. One of my theories is, most of the people pitching sustainable living are debutants: they would not be able to hack the energy conservation and the occasional, selective appliance use that is required during cloudy spells, and they’re really just pining to be part of a government-sponsored crusade that jibes with a ‘feeling’ they have."

    Don't be so dismissive, mat. They've just defined you.

  71. Who is that old guy that kind of speaks for the old folk in Israel, Mat? Can't think of his name. Member of the Knesset. Guy with a colorful past.

  72. Don't be so dismissive, mat. They've just defined you.

    LT, you're not paying attention. New solar technology will not only allow you to draw electricity on cloudy days, it will allow you to draw electricity at night!

  73. Whatever his name is, it occurs to me he might be of some real use to us here.

  74. Member of the Knesset. Guy with a colorful past.

    Yes. Rafael Eitan. He's an old Mossad fellow. His leftist leanings became very obvious, and his tactic of drawing pensioners away from the rightist block did not go very far this time around. The pensioners voted for Lieberman.

  75. That's the guy. Don't really know a thing about him, but just read somewhere he kind of represents the old folk.

    Your opinion is knowledgeable on such things, mine isn't.

  76. Your opinion is knowledgeable

    I just have more practice swinging the baseball bat on those that disagree with me. :P

  77. Swing one on Ash, would you?

    But, you already have.

  78. Swing one on Ash, would you?

    She enjoys it too much.

    There's nothing in all the years she posted here, that was not subversive and insidiously malicious. So I'd suggest to just ignore her.