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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Maliki bitch-slaps Hollerin Joe Biden

The Contemplative Joe Biden

Obama needs to do a Rev Wright on old Joe and get his embarrassing dumb ass over to the Naval Observatory and let him attend to his roses. It is is just a matter of time before Obama will tire of having to pick up after the irrepressible Biden. There simply is no known verbal remedy of kaopectate  that could ever plug him up. Maliki noticed.


Iraq's Maliki says Biden criticism "out of date"
Tue Feb 10, 2009
By Waleed Ibrahim

BAGHDAD, Feb 10 (Reuters) - Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki took issue with the new U.S. administration on Tuesday, calling Vice President Joe Biden's criticism of the slow pace of reform in Iraq "out of date".

Before leaving Washington last week to deliver a major foreign policy speech in Germany, Biden chided Baghdad for failing to settle disputes over the city of Kirkuk and to enact a law dividing oil revenue, among other issues.

"I think our administration is going to have to be very deeply involved. We are going to have to get in there and be much more aggressive in forcing them to deal with these issues," Biden said.

Asked about Biden's remarks on Tuesday, Maliki, an increasingly assertive leader whose followers won surprise victories in provincial elections last month, fired back.

"I believe talk about applying pressure on the Iraqi government or taking hard measures against it no longer works," he said at a news conference in Baghdad with visiting French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
You get the picture but do read on..


  1. Several months ago I suggested that we should give a green card to any potential immigrant that pays...say.. $350,000 in cash for any American house in foreclosure. Thomas Friedman picks up on the idea.

  2. Best to leave Iraq to the Iraqi.

    Especially if we are not going to try to micro-manage their cultural evolution away from tribal politics.

    If we are to continue to try the reformation campaign, we'll need a much bigger military presence, there.

    Since we've promised to leave, the option of surging again, seems dim.

  3. Joe Biden is a national treasure. We're going to be awful needy of some "comic relief" before this is over.

    The U.S. has an "Official" Crazy Uncle.

  4. It is becoming depressingly clear that the Obama Team has no imagination.

  5. I like Joe Biden.

    Anyone that can get 1% of the vote and can keep us entertained has got something going for him.

  6. Wow, what a sadly untrue and inappropriate title.hmmm...what's really going on here? I absolutely love Joe Biden and just about everyone I know feels the same. He's a brilliant, funny and loving gentleman, and a great statesman. He says interesting things, or says things interestingly, but I love it. He's a breath of fresh air over the past 8 years of sneaky lies and dark halftruths. Love ya Joe! ;-)

  7. oh, btw, this is rather pathetic and sophomoric, but there are little children everywhere...we must be patient. Peace