“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Monday, December 07, 2009

A War By Any Other Name...

Months ago the Obama Administration banned the phrase “war on terror”. Now, with a rash of terrorism occurring on US soil, the priority of Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, has not been the safety of American citizens but to fly to the United Arab Emirates to assure the energy providers we depend on that the U.S. government objects to anti-Muslim sentiment in the wake of a variety of incidents in 2009:

1. Major arrests of Americans accused of plotting with Al Qaeda and its allies, including an Afghan American charged in a New York bomb plot described as the most serious threat in this country since the Sept. 11 attacks.

2. Extremism suspects joining foreign networks, including Somali Americans going to the battlegrounds of their ancestral homeland and an Albanian American from Brooklyn arrested in Kosovo.

3. The FBI arresting homegrown terrorism suspects in Dallas, Detroit and Raleigh, N.C., saying that it had broken up plots targeting a synagogue, government buildings and military facilities.

4. Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who once said that infidels should be beheaded and boiling oil poured down their throat, killing 13 people in a Ft. Hood, Texas, shooting rampage last month.

5. A shooting in June by an American convert who killed a soldier and wounded another at an Arkansas recruiting center, apparently a case of a lone wolf radicalized in Yemen.


  1. Halal and Haram, No Makeup In Islam

    It never ceases to amaze, how utterly incomprehensible to a western ear are the voices of the mullahs, jihadis, imams, when it comes to the fairer sex, and sex itself.

    There's something really wrong with these people, it's so unnatural and the men seem so driven, and unhappy. I doubt the Freudian school itself could crack this nut.

  2. Sometimes a single mullah serves as judge, jury and executioner. Hadji Rezai is the mullah judge of the small city of Neka. When Atefeh Rajabi, a young and psychologically unstable girl, refused to be his "temporary" wife, Rezai framed her with the blessings of the high court in Tehran. Allegations of sexual misconduct were fabricated against her, so that she could be brought to “justice” according to the scorned Rezai, who personally hung the noose around Atefeh’s neck. Rezai’s last words to the dying young girl: “This will teach you to disobey!”

    In recent years, as general disaffection towards Iran’s ruling theocratic regime has increased, the number of public executions has also increased significantly.

    I know I'm off the topic of our home growners here, but they all look to the same book.

  3. American Man Named In Mumbai Attack

    Paki father, American mom.

    Maybe he could have grown up to be President, and the founders would turn again in their graves, their understanding of Natural Born Citizen having been perverted so.

  4. Hugh Fitzgerald--

    Hugh | December 7, 2009 3:38 PM | Reply
    "Al-Zahrani's roommates say he was dealing with a lot of problems. He expressed being worried about finishing his dissertation on time. He was also no longer on scholarship and didn't have a job.

    'I would think it was because of the whole dissertation being rejected. But I cannot confirm it, he had issues with his financials. I don't know what he had against that professor,"'said Luis Pena, a graduate student."

    And this is the point. It was personal problems -- his financial proplems, problems with his thesis -- that led him to blame the Nearest Infidel.

    I have written about this many times, and here, for example, is an excerpt from in an article posted two years ago:

    "Fitzgerald: Anything To Do With Terrorism?"

    There has been much discussion lately of whether or not this or that case has anything to do with "terrorism." The Salt Lake mall shooter and the Nashville would-be murderer by taxicab spring immediately to mind. The word "terrorism" may not quite fit if the FBI takes it to mean some kind of organized conspiracy, something done by a group. What should be made clear is that Islam supplies a pre-fabricated mental grid or, to vary the metaphor, a prism through which to view the universe. And on that grid, or through that prism, there is always an Identifiable Enemy, and that Enemy is Always the Infidel.
    Feeling bad? Feeling blue? Feeling things aren't going right for you? It happens to all of us. We blame our parents, our siblings, our children, The System, Amerika with a "k," Capitalism, fate, the stars, our serotonin level, our cholesterol level. Even, at times, we may blame ourselves. That's if you are an ordinary Infidel.

    What if you are a Muslim? You don't have to blame your parents, your siblings, or anyone or anything else except: the Infidel. And you don't need to be part of Al-Qaeda, or Islamic Jihad, or Jaish-e-Muhammad. You don't even have to have been a faithful attender of a mosque. You can be Intel engineer "Mike" (Muhammad) Hawash, married to an American, with Little-League-attending children, earning $360,000 a year. And when the banality and boredom of life assails you, you can return to that Old-Time Religion, that is to Islam, and start reading, and re-reading, with the effects we all know, the Qur'an. Then you can light out for the territories, in this case those territories being Western China, and thence, you hope, to Afghanistan, in order to kill Americans. Yes, you are technically an "American" yourself, but the categories and the loyalties of the Infidel nation-state mean nothing to you: you are a Muslim, and that is the only Category that counts, Muslim as opposed to Infidel.

  5. Deck The Halls

    We've got -8 degrees up on the prairies tonight.

  6. Whit, there are, quite possibly, going to be years when you can't make a buck in the ethanol business. On the other hand, there are probably going to be years when you make a bucket of money.

    Overall, it should be a pretty good, if not downright great, business.

    But, Capitalization will be Crucial. You will just have to assume that "next year" will be crappy, and you will just have to shut down the still, and wait for a better market.

    I think what you really need is the ability to produce about 4, or 500,000 gallons/yr. A man, and a boy, or a man, and his wife should be able to do this.

    Initial investment? Jeez. It could run the gamut. Brand new, cutomized stuff, from the Big ol' Stills S' Us Supply shop, prolly $400,000.00, or so.

    Shopping around, finding stuff that'll work, adapting used items from other uses, maybe thirty, or forty thousand. Maybe, less. If you're a really good scrounger, and hit the jackpot, maybe half that.

    The simplest, and most researched feedstock is corn, of course. You can buy it just about as cheap as you can grow it. Depending on the weather, maybe cheaper.

    An interesting option in Fl would be citrus, or watermelon waste. You need to be very confident of your supply, though. You don't want to spend the money to get set up, and then have your supplier go south on you.

    If you just had to try farming, sweet sorghum might be the way to go. Seven hundred acres should do it. It would be a heck of a thing, though, learning farming, and brewing all at the same time.

    Anyway, if you have any questions I'll be happy to "guess" at them. The guys down at the coffee shop would probably be a lot more likely to be right, though.

  7. Continuing Whit's thoughts as revealed in his mini-thread in the last big thread, I summarize it for myself thusly:

    --2007 SCOTUS gives EPA authorization to move ahead with regulating CO2 with their assinine decision.

    --Late Nov, 2009 ClimateGate erupts, casting the whole climate change scenario into doubt and threatening to bring down the house of cards erected by fraudsters like Mann, Jones, Gore, et al.

    --Dec, 2009 EPA finally reaches an official finding, in Lisa's words 3 years after they presumably began the "endangerment analysis", and right on the cusp of the Copenhagen pow-wow. Lisa is assumed by me to belong to the radical wing of the Adminstration populated by other fellow travellers like Carol Browner, John Holdren, Kevin Jennings, the recently departed Van Jones, et al.

    --Dec, 2009 Gibbs, simultaneously with EPA Administrator Lisa's announcement hinting she'll move ahead , says 0 "...still believes the best way to move forward is through the legislative process."

    --Regulations still have to be drafted, reviewed, and adopted.

    Somebody, actually a whole damned lot of somebodies, is going to have to sign off on the bottom line that CO2 is a poison in order to pull off this scam. I can't wait for them to get on with it, because those foolish enough to put their names to that proposition are opening themselves up for nothing but ridicule, if not legal consequences, SCOTUS notwithstanding.

    I think O is smart enough to distance himself from that fiasco. The EPA can do nothing that Obama ultimately disagrees with. The radical left enviros will scream and carry on. The MSM will continue to distort the situation. There'll be months of bickering ending in a few watered down regulations that won't last longer than the 2012 election.

  8. Melody,

    I seriously doubt your dad made Irish tea.

    Try this:
    Heat a couple shots of Bushmills til it just starts to vaporize. You can tell by sniffing it. You'll get a rush. Don't boil it, and don't linger too long sniffing it, or they'll find you on the floor.

    Dissolve your sugar, maybe a tablespoon or so, in the hot whiskey and pour it into a heated mug. Add a good strong dark roasted coffee. Some like it topped with whipped cream. I like it straight.

  9. Twin Attacks in Eastern Pakistan Kill at Least 66

    Published: December 8, 2009

    LAHORE, Pakistan — Militants set off two bombs on Monday night in one of the busiest markets of this eastern Pakistani city, then sprayed the crowd with gunfire, killing at least 54 people, including many women and children, and wounding at least 150 others, Pakistani authorities said on Tuesday.

    News agencies reported a fresh attack on Tuesday in the same region. A bomb near the offices of the Inter-Services Intelligence directorate in Multan killed at least 12 people, the reports said.

  10. 3 bomb-rigged cars explode in Baghdad; 18 killed

    The Associated Press

    Tuesday, December 8, 2009; 3:45 AM

    BAGHDAD -- Iraqi officials say three bomb-rigged cars that exploded in quick succession across Baghdad killed at least 18 people.

    The officials say one of the three blasts on Tuesday morning occurred outside the Labor Ministry, killing at least eight people there.

    They say at least 10 others died in an explosion near the new site of Iraq's Finance Ministry, whose old building was destroyed in an August explosion. The casualty toll at the third site was not immediately clear.

    The death tolls were given by hospital and police officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to media.

  11. U.S. sees homegrown Muslim extremism as rising threat

    This may have been the most dangerous year since 9/11, anti-terrorism experts say.

    By Sebastian Rotella
    December 7, 2009

    Reporting from Washington - The Obama administration, grappling with a spate of recent Islamic terrorism cases on U.S. soil, has concluded that the country confronts a rising threat from homegrown extremism.

    Anti-terrorism officials and experts see signs of accelerated radicalization among American Muslims, driven by a wave of English-language online propaganda and reflected in aspiring fighters' trips to hot spots such as Pakistan and Somalia.

  12. Does anyone sane really believe that there will be no terrorist bombing in NYC when the trials start?

    AG Holder Among 'Men of the Year' in GQ

    Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. is a maverick. At least according to GQ.

    GQ magazine this month named Holder one of its men of the year, giving him the distinction "maverick of the year." The portfolio includes Barack Obama, Clint Eastwood, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, actors Neil Patrick Harris and Alec Baldwin, and Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter who seems to beat his own records every time he laces up.

  13. The left is catching on to Obama and his disastrous presidency.

    ...Writing on HuffPost, David Bromwich posited that Obama "is almost convinced of the omnipotence of words. When once he has persuaded himself of a thing -- that it is true, or that it is plausible and might become true -- the words that embody his conviction have for him the quality of deeds already done."

    Does that sound familiar? Not only is Obama continuing Bush's war, he's continuing his method of Magical Thinking: the idea that simply saying something is true is the same as its being true. We're getting more eloquent words this time, to be sure, but the same tragic result: endless wars of choice.

    Gates and Clinton now claim that July, 2011 isn't really an actual exit date. Sadly, I believe them. Obama isn't distancing himself from "the Left" with his decision to escalate this deepening disaster. He's distancing himself from the national interests of the country.

    Look at the Huffington Post to see how Obama is doing.

  14. Palin Now As Popular As Obumble

    And she's got no one speaking for her but her dear self, and bob, of course.

  15. The bobs of the world, speak for Sarah, who is going to be in Sandpoint too, her birthtown, in addition to CdAlene, on her trip through this way. But why does the weather have to be zero degrees? Longjohns, got to remember the longjohns.

  16. At least a few attorneys are showing some stuff, resigning instead of going along with the farce that is The Imploding Holder DoJ

  17. Now, the AP is reporting:
    BAGHDAD – A series of coordinated attacks struck Baghdad Tuesday, including three car bombs that blew up near government sites. At least 94 were killed and 120 wounded.

    Are these attacks in Pakistan and Iraq coincidental or coordinated? If they are coordinated, who is responsible? Al-Qaeda? The unassociated malcontents of Islam?

    If al-Qaeda is sending a message who are they sending it to?

    If they will do this to their own people, what would they do to the west if given the opportunity? Have we forgotten that they attempted to kill every single occupant of the World Trade Center? In 2001, they wanted to kill us by the hundreds of thousands at one fell swoop. I don't think that desire has been assuaged.

  18. 'Unreal, incredible' scene at Peahi
    Monster waves today at the legendary Maui surf spot known as "Jaws" attracted the likes of Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama, Darrick Doerner and some of the world's other top tow-in sufgers.
    Surf was up at Jaws off North Maui this morning, Dec. 7, 2009. Some sets reached 40 to 50 feet.

    At least three dozen tow-in teams were reported at Jaws this morning. Among them was David Langer and tow-in partner Harry “Bobo” Pahukoa of Keanae.
    “It was fun. It was just beautiful, phenomenal. The water was pristine, clean and glassy,” said Langer, 39.
    Langer produced and was featured in the documentary “January 10: The Biggest Day Ever Surfed” about the day in 2004 when Jaws saw waves of up to 60 feet to 80 feet.

    Today’s surf isn’t nearly as big as on that historic day, but the promise of 30- to 50-foot swells was enough for surfers like David Rastovich and Luke Egan of Australia and Mike Parsons of California to fly to Maui to join the lineup at Jaws, Langer said.

    Hawaii prepares for 50-foot surf today

    Surfers and surf watchers are expected to flood the north and west shores of O'ahu and Maui today in what is being called epic surf that may be the biggest in 40 years. Surfers were poring over maps, charts and weather information yesterday after waves were forecast today to reach heights of 30 to 40 feet — and possibly 50 feet in the outer reefs around the north and west shores of O'ahu, Maui and Moloka'i.

    Buzzy Kerbox, a Maui surfer, said more than 25 jet watercraft have been shipped to Maui so tow-in surfers can take on "Jaws," off the Hana Highway near mile marker 13.

    Teams of tow-in surfers — those who use jet watercraft to race into waves too big to paddle into — are streaming in to Jaws from Brazil, South Africa and Australia, Kerbox said.

    "Maui Jaws will be the premier spot for surfing," Kerbox said. "We're gonna see some of the biggest waves we've seen since we began towing."
    Now for a little lesson in Hawaiian:
    maipoina wrote:

    from my house in wai'ehu, I overlook wai'ehu beach, kahului harbor, Naska Spreckelsville, Paia, all the way down to Pauwela point. Wai'ehu beach right now kinda flat, small kine nalu, would be good for the stand-uppers. Get about 30 people in the water at kaae road. Not too much action small kine nalu. Because get so much vog( I can't see haleakala) I can only see Naska, It looks like its breaking way outside the papa. Look like going be real big from Naska to Pauwela. I imagine jaws stay booming.

  19. "In 2001, they wanted to kill us by the hundreds of thousands at one fell swoop.
    I don't think that desire has been assuaged.
    The same liberal minds that can imagine global warming cannot imagine that.

  20. Thanks Rufus for the info. I figured you had more committed to rote than I could put together in an evening of Googling.

    That 600-700 acres and the $400 k still is daunting.

    Here's a Forbes article that puts avg production of a cane/sorghum combination at 750 gallons per acre.

  21. GQ must be worse than almost any other media business.

  22. I think they grow cane here for more than a year before harvest.
    ...I'll see if I can find out.

  23. The article also notes that 25K acres should return about $15 million to the Florida farmers. ($600 per acre)

  24. "Once planted, a stand can be harvested several times; after each harvest, the cane sends up new stalks, called ratoons. Successive harvests give decreasing yields, eventually justifying replanting. Two to ten harvests may be possible between plantings.[citation needed]"
    Almost sure they don't do that here, not sure why not.

    It is one of the most efficient photosynthesizers in the plant kingdom. It is a C-4 plant, able to convert up to 2 percent of incident solar energy into biomass.[citation needed] In prime growing regions, such as India, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Australia, Ecuador, Cuba, the Philippines, El Salvador and Hawaii, sugarcane can produce 20 kilograms (44 lb) for each square meter exposed to the sun.[citation needed]

  25. Ode to Forgetfulness

    Makes me think of Rufus on the porch in Mississippi. (Humpback-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I-....)

  26. " Less than half of the total acres is harvested for sugar each year, since the harvesting-to-planting cycle averages 24 months."
    I wonder how they compare yields, and based on what...
    24 months is a hell of a lot longer than sorghum!

  27. It snowed in San Fran Freako yesterday. Al Gore could not be reached for comment.

  28. Bennet says $75 Million/year extra for New York for security for the trials.

    Bennet caller says someone stood in line for 7 hours for opportunity to throw a tomatoee at Palin.
    (He missed.)

  29. Man throws tomatoes at Palin in Minnesota
    Anchorage Daily News - Link:
    Fox TV A man was arrested after throwing tomatoes at Sarah Palin during her book signing today at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn. ... Video

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Why is Sara Palin so despised by those on the left?

  32. Obviously the friggin' dog has more leisure time and money than I do.

  33. SILENCEisDEADLY on Twitter said: "Wife says VA Hospital in San Diego did NOT recognize Pearl Harbor Day today, not even with a Moment of Silence. First miss in her 30 years there. Obama's first Dec 7.

  34. Palin should have thrown her shoes right back at him, preferably spiked heels first.

  35. He missed by ten feet:
    She didn't know about it, but it hit two cops!

  36. It's only terrorism when they target the Left.

  37. Speaking of class envy. You want to see some real class warfare?

    Let the elite environmentals (green nuts) start inflicting their carbon taxes on the working classes. 20% of carbon "pollution" comes from burning forests...third world burning forests are associated with hunter societies moving into agrarian societies. This process we have traditionally understand as an advancement of civilization. Now the greens want to disrupt the traditional process. The critical question is who will pay for it? Have we even begun to address how those societies will be able to advance without the time tested agrarian step? I don't think. So, is the green movement sustainable on a worldwide basis? I doubt it. Poverty does not concern itself so much with being green. I predict that if we impoverish ourselves, our world will be less green than it once was.

  38. Lose the F-22, White House staff told Elmendorf
    Foreign Policy Before President Obama arrived at Elmendorf Air Force Base on his way to Asia in mid-November, White House aides ordered base officials to swap an F-22 fighter jet on display in the hangar where Obama was to speak for a good old F-15 fighter.

    No reasons were given, but the Obama administration fought to cut off production of the pricey F-22 at about half its original order, and aides didn't want him photographed with one of the jets. Elmendorf airmen are said by anonymous sources to have been miffed at what they considered an insult from the White House.

  39. 6% of CO2 Production each year is from man's activities, according to a Miller caller.

  40. Will the tomato hurler be invited to make appearances on Oprah, The View and GMA?

    Will he be seen as a hero ala the Baghdad shoe thrower?

  41. Heroes at Hawaii's Ewa Field defended against Japan attack

    John Hughes, 90, a retired Marine major from Orange County, Calif., said he was sitting at 'Ewa Field waiting for the morning newspaper when: "I looked up and saw planes with a red ball on the side and a torpedo underneath flying low over the mountains. I knew what that meant, and I ran for the guard shack and told them to start breaking out ammo."

    Hughes, who enlisted in the Corps in 1937 at the age of 18, was a sergeant when he was stationed on O'ahu in 1941.

    He said he ran to the barracks, roused the troops and passed out belts of ammunition. The men were armed with 1903 Springfield rifles.

    "I got off a few rounds, maybe three shots," Hughes said. "Then we would start moving the planes. Some planes were on fire and we moved the other ones away from them so they wouldn't explode. We'd fire a few shots and then move the planes. Then go back to firing shots."

    He said the attack lasted for about two hours.

    After the Pearl Harbor attack, Hughes trained to be a pilot at Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida. At the time, enlisted men could serve as Marine pilots.

    He said he flew 150 missions in the Philippines and the Solomon Islands as a dive-bomber pilot in World War II and was a helicopter pilot in the Korean War. The Distinguished Flying Cross is among his decorations. He retired from the Marine Corps in 1964.

    Hughes was never wounded. "That wasn't my job," he said grinning. "My job was to do that to the other guys."

    Daniel Martinez, chief historian of the USS Arizona Memorial, told the crowd that 'Ewa Field was the birth of Marine aviation in the Pacific "and that is why this place is important."

  42. From a Bloomberg interview with Deutsche Bank's Kevin Parker who sees carbon prices soaring:
    He says carbon comes from
    40% from inefficient buildings.
    20% from utilities burning coal and fossil fuels.
    20% from transport stock; cars, trucks, buses, etc.
    20% from forest burning such as Indonesia and Brazil. Indonesia being the third largest emitter.

    Parker thinks that the forest burning issue will be the easiest to deal with. Really?

    Based on Parker's assessment, I would say that energy efficient window companies and insulation manufacturers look like good "buys."

    Hear that Deuce? windows.

  43. There's a link to some photos there.
    Hughes looks great at 90.
    Tough old bird.

  44. What bullshit:
    That apparently does not include
    FOREST FIRES, which devastated half of South Asia last year, not to mention all the fires around the World.

  45. This guy represents the left view.

    Parker says that the developed countries must "front" to the undeveloped countries, 100 billion euros per year or 1.6 trillion over 9 or 10 years. Parker says that money must come from private investors. Later in the interview, he says that beginning in 2012, the price of carbon is going "straight up." He says that the science is settled and the uncertainty around the price of carbon is a drag on the worldwide economy. Banks won't lend and insurers will not insure because of carbon liability fears.

  46. "Survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Gery Porter, left, of the USS West Viriginia, and Woody Derby, of the USS Nevada, stand watching USS Lake Erie pass in review, Monday, during the 68th Anniversary of the Japanese attack that ushered the United States into WWII."
    Probly knew your uncle, Rufus.

  47. Water vapor is orders of magnitude greater as greenhouse contributor, and many orders of magnitude greater in amount in the atmosphere.

  48. whit makes an error

    If they will do this to their own people, ...

    The radicals ARE NOT doing anything to "their own people". They are as separated from the victims as I am from allen.

    whit falls for the Islam is monolithic and all Muslims are one and the same spin.

    There is no clan or tribal link between the attackers and the victims. There is not even a National link, as the Tribal Administration Areas are not "really" governed by Pakistan, never have been.
    Though those that do govern those areas are influenced and funded by the ISI

    If Islam was monolithic, Iran and Iraq would never have fought that war. Iran and Saudi Arabia would be allies.

    But Wahabbists do not recognize other Muslims as being their own people. They are not considered, "the same" by their own reconning.

    Another example of religion not even binding people of the same nationality, by birthright, is in Darfur. Where Arab Muslim kills African Muslim with neither hesitation nor regret.

  49. No volcanoes on that list, either.
    Must not be a factor then?

  50. Nah, not worth the trouble, piddly little volcanoes.
    Small ongoing eruption of Kiluea produces acidic vog that covers all the islands when the winds are right.

  51. The left doesn't despise Sara Palin, they are afraid of her.

  52. 1.3 Million house in Phoenix went for 480 in foreclosure auction, buyer then flipped it a week later for a $200 thousand profit!

  53. See, Linear, that's the problem with this blog. Sarcasm is few and far between and when it does pop up the comment is torn apart like a teacher grading a paper. I'm not saying that's what you did, although, I didn't know exactly how to make Irish coffee until now. I do know that the 8.50, coffee I get at a restaurant is not the same as my dad use to make.

    The truth is, he made a cup of tea and threw a shot of whiskey in it and told his 8 year old daughter is was Irish coffee. Did he share? of course, he did. When he got a head cold that shot missed the tea and went straight for the mouth, he called that 'the cure'.

    And for the longest time, I thought cough medicine came out of a tall skinny bottle that was kept under lock and key. Ahem, that's sarcasm.

    I may not know where commas go or spell words correctly and try to see the good in people when in reality they're not. But I'm not as oblivious as people think.

    So, now if I don't explain, you're gonna perceive what I said as my father being an alcoholic. This isn't the case he rarely drank.

  54. Oh, and there's nothing more heart breaking than seeing a young soldier, in tears, saying hi to his wife, of four months, on national TV.

    I cried right along with him. I have a soft heart like that. My prayers go out to every single one of them.

  55. Irish coffee was INVENTED at the Buena Vista Restaurant in San Francisco. The Buena Vista is still in business. It's a wonderful place to have breakfast, mingle with the locals, and of course sample the Irish Coffee.

    It sits on the bay with the Presidio to your left and within sight of the GG Bridge. It is right off of Hyde St. if my memory serves me....

  56. Next time, I'm in San Francisco, I'll be sure to stop in see where it all began.

  57. heh, the prick threw a tomato at Palin, and hit an officer in the face.

    Put me on the jury.

    To tell the truth I've been a little worried about all this interfacing she's doing with the public, but things is in God's hands I quess.

    Man was it cold here last night.

    Goodmorning, Melody!

    Everyone else too, of course.

  58. Good Old North Beach
    This play, a piece of British frippery called "Bullshot Crummond," was being performed in a theater that briefly and unsuccessfully occupied Carol Doda's old strip club, the Condor. Beyond being the Ur-fake-titty bar, the Condor was famous as the place where a bouncer screwing a dancer was crushed to death by a piano. The piano was fitted with a hydraulic lift that raised it slowly to the ceiling. After mounting the dancer, the aforementioned bouncer accidentally kicked the start lever. Distracted by the throes of passion, he failed to realize that his love was literally, to quote the immortal words of Jackie Wilson, lifting him higher. He was crushed slowly and inexorably against the ceiling and died. Cushioned by his expiring body, the stripper survived.

    It was a sad and instructive tale, and one that should have made the rogues of North Beach change their lecherous ways. Yet so sunk in vice were the Beach's habitues that the only discernible effect it had on male behavior was that for months afterward, a near-total aversion to the missionary position was reported throughout the neighborhood.
    Steve Martin got his start in a little place right around the corner from Doda's Condor Club.

  59. If I got to stand in line in this cold weather, it's gonna separate the men from the boys, the real supporters from the lukewarmers. :)

    I am takin' a folding chair.

  60. MLD
    the bar tenders have been there forever. They will make 10 cups of irish coffee at a time. First, lining up the ceramic cups, pouring a shot of Jamison, then black coffee, then a sugar cube, and finally their cream topping made from scratch.

    A wonderful thing to experience!

  61. You can BING Buena Vista and read all about it!

  62. Bob, anything below sixty is cold for me and anything below fifty, I would wear long johns to work. I use to get teased all the time. My boss would tease and say, "I wish I was there for your first hot flash."

    I'm always cold and my husband won't allow me to turn the heat up to 75 degrees like, I did last year without him knowing until he question the 550.00 gas bill.

    I guess, I'll have to pull the thermals out this year.

  63. Jeeze, MLD whines about us not responding to her, then she gives no response to my outstanding Piano Story!

  64. Though my ass may get frozen to the chair.

    It's at Fred Meyers, maybe most of the line will be inside. It's a pretty big store as I recall.

  65. MeLoDy has a husband? Bob and I will be over in the corner of the bar drinking our sorrows away.

  66. Maybe I should take a thermos of that Irish coffee with me. There's an idea. I might do that.

  67. Bob, Seattle was 16F overnight, some of the outlying areas were in the singles. At least this time we have power.

  68. I knew it, T. And, I've tried to come to terms with it, and move to another, higher level. A man can still dream. Imagination is all.

    Lucky guy, whoever he is.

    Let's have a drink, what say, T?

  69. I know right where the deer are bedded down on my farm right now, without even being there.

    They are down in the deep brush and trees at the bottom of the north eyebrow, out of the wind, huddled together as best they can.

    They'll be ok. They're tough.

    And without snow cover they have plenty to eat, no trouble there.

  70. Don't know why that can up anon. Seemed like an innocent enough comment.

  71. I said, I had a husband last year.

  72. Doug, now that's stupidity. Why would he mount her to a piano when there are much more exciting things in a bar to get fucked on.

  73. Hell of a piano story, al-doug.

    I quess we could say he got it from a high note.

    I won't inquire, Melody, I'll just keep my ears politely open as the days wear on. I do hope you are well.

  74. Bob, lately my wife and I (snooze you lose MLD!) have been into egg nog mixed with Bailey's Irish Creme. With temps in the 20s now I think it should be heated.

  75. Doug: Why would he mount her to a piano when there are much more exciting things in a bar to get fucked on.

    Pope goes to Mount Olive. Popeye vows revenge.

  76. I'm thinking about the thermos of Irish coffee. I just don't want booze on my breath when I say hello to Sarah.

  77. No, Doug it's on my list of things to do before, I die.

  78. I have a piano, Melody.

  79. "I won't inquire, Melody, I'll just keep my ears politely open as the days wear on. I do hope you are well."

    Are you divorcing me, Bob?

  80. Blogger Teresita said...

    "It snowed in San Fran Freako yesterday. Al Gore could not be reached for comment."

    Typical reasoning of the wingnut right! Gee, it was cold today - take that Gore!


    In the grand scheme of things a decade is still a pretty short time but certainly more indicative of trends than a day:

    "The past 10 years have been the warmest decade on record and this year has been one of the five hottest, scientists revealed today as negotiators attempt to make progress on a new international deal to combat climate change.

    While 1998 remains the hottest single year since records began, the past decade has been the warmest period in the 160-year record of global surface temperatures, the Met Office announced. "

  81. Are you divorcing me, Bob?

    Banish the thought. Such thinking is impossible, foreign, repugnant to me.

    I do have a piano, though, one of those big ones, with a big flat top.

  82. We could have Doug play the tunes, as we do the swoons o' the beast with two backs.

  83. "I have a piano, Melody"
    It's a Kawasaki Electronic Keyboard.
    Makes Sheik al-Bob feel like the Big Man on Campus when he scores. hydralic lift, tho.

  84. "The past 10 years have been the warmest decade on record and this year has been one of the five hottest, scientists revealed today as negotiators attempt to make progress on a new international deal to combat climate change.

    Record keeping is now the limit to trends?

    just a note...

    the PEAT bogs of Siberia are thawing out and climate change promoters are using that as a yardstick to measure the disaster that is about to happen by warmer temps...

    PLEASE note... Those same PEAT BOGS had to be warmer for at least 50,000 YEARS to FORM into the BOGS that they infact became..

    SO Siberia was warmer NOT TO LONG AGO, before they kept records of course, and the world did not come to an end...

    AGAIN for the retarded among us...

    Siberian PEAT BOGS exist, they were created NATURALLY over a LONG period of TIME, in the NOT to distant past (but before records were kept)

    If they were created, then the EARTH was WARMER then....

    ponder that morons...

  85. Agriculture Flourished on Greenland.

  86. I have the hydraulic lift.

    With such lofty thoughts in mind I head for the showers, get ready for the oncomin' day, a full plate today.

    Later, darling.

    (don't let that doug turn your head)

  87. He's not what he seems.

    Besides, he's got his Sonia.

  88. ...or screw you to the ceiling. to speak.

  89. Sonia would not be caught dead on a high-tech hyraulic piano.
    My back to nature baby.

  90. We share her Tiki Hut when we're together.

  91. Tiki huts, cabanas, carriage houses...

  92. "Sonia would not be caught dead on a high-tech hyraulic piano."
    ...unlike the bouncer.

  93. It only takes an imagination and a little wine and you can do almost anything, anywhere.

    Just tell her when the piano is being delivered to the hut, you want to learn how play on, I mean play the piano.

  94. Fact 1: Copts do NOT attack Muslim Egyptians routinely and with the connivance of foreign governments.

    Fact 2: Palestinians DO attack Jewish Israelis routinely with the connivance of foreign governments.

    The facts, above, are not given in response to anything or anyone in particular. They are simply facts.

    I addressed the situation of the Copts some years ago in ANOTHER exchange with the resident straw artist. If memory serves, at the turn of the last century at least one-third of Egyptians were Christian. That number has now dwindled to about 4%. The same case can be made for nearly every country in the "Levant", other than Israel.

    Again, this is just a fact, to the best of my recollection.

    An objective view of Jews and Israel would place our friend in the middle of an existential crisis. His already fragile mental health could not tolerate the strain.

    The best approach, I think, is simply to ignore the blather entirely and just move along. Although he will not stop (he cannot), the lack of daily gratification will eventually cause him to find greener pastures.

    By the way, at sunset Friday, we will begin the holiday of Chanukah. For some, this celebrates the defeat of the oppression of a long dead empire. So it has always been. So it will always be. The sons of Amalek will be no exception.

  95. ...but I would just lift the Hut off the ground, not die, and be terminally embarassed as the natives congregate at the spectacle, and look up at me.

  96. See how you think?

    I would say they would be jealous because A)they didn't think of it first B) Sonia is knock out gorgeous and you're the lucky man and C) they're not hung as well as you are.

  97. The Coptics are the original people of Egypt..

    If you actually read about my "handle" "what is "occupation" you will learn that the Jews, Coptics, Druze, Kurds, Berbers (and many others) are all "occupied" by arabs..

    arabs who come from arabia...

  98. "Does anyone sane really believe that there will be no terrorist bombing in NYC when the trials start?"

    We've had these trials before in the US without associated bombings.

    And precisely because the usual security measures will be greatly augmented and geographically expanded, where would you, Haji Mastermind Extraordinaire, choose to carry out your "message"?

  99. Today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, BTW. (And an official holiday. Catholic countries: Gotta love 'em.)

    Act accordingly.

  100. In re Iraq bombings: Lang speculates the SoA have been taken off the payroll and suggests they be put back on, toot sweet. He also adds: Doesn't have to be our money.

    Thing is, the Iraqis were already supposed to have picked up that whole program from us. It's supposed to be their money now.

    Did the Iraqis drop the ball?

  101. Whit right, 'Rat wrong:
    U.S. sees homegrown Muslim extremism as rising threat

    The Obama administration, grappling with a spate of recent Islamic terrorism cases on U.S. soil, has concluded that the country confronts a rising threat from homegrown extremism.

    Anti-terrorism officials and experts see signs of accelerated radicalization among American Muslims, driven by a wave of English-language online propaganda and reflected in aspiring fighters' trips to hot spots such as Pakistan and Somalia.

    Europe had been the front line, the target of successive attacks and major plots, while the U.S. remained relatively calm. But the number, variety and scale of recent U.S. cases suggest 2009 has been the most dangerous year domestically since 2001, anti-terrorism experts said:

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. I must be the result of an immaculate conception.

    How could an ordinary fuck produce such a jewel?

  104. Ok, I'm outta here, to bob's big Palin adventure.

    My engineer and his wife, at least, have the good sense to ask me to get a book for them, which I'll do, if possible.

    Be good.

  105. Dinnerjacket is pissed and saying that the US is interfering with the hidden imam's ability to appear:


    Dude has a screw loose. I though it was chaos that would bring the 12th out of the well. Can he not see that Team 44 is spreading chaos like tiger does his love?

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. Mr. Perfect turns out to be Mr Chaos.
    ...and I ain't talkin dinnerjacket.

  108. "If al-Qaeda [et al] is sending a message who are they sending it to?"

    In the event that your own response is, "To hell with the whole thing," be assured they are sending it to you. And are more than happy to pay the postage.

    Elements of the Bush Admin, bless their souls in hindsight, tried much in vain to get this point across.

  109. About what, doug?

    An increase in crime in the US?

    Cherry picked to find Muslim perps?

    Should we look to crimes of economic terrorism and list the religion of those perps, to find a conspiracy?
    See where that list leads.

    Or should we look to the frat houses that those that wrote the bad loans belonged to, in college?

    Where does normal crime end and a hate crime begin? What drives a hate crime to become a terrorist act?

    "Conservatives" have historically opposed "Hate Crime" legislation, until now.

    It was bullshit when the liberals advocated for special classes of crimes, searching for the perceived motivation and it is bullshit when conservatives do the same.

    Let us not stop at the Church these various criminals belonged to, where they heterosexual, or gays?

    Did the Fort Hood Major have a gay lover? Did he know John Malvo?

    How many banks were robbed by folks nominally Christian, in the US, last year?
    Is it worse to rob the bank teller of $5,000 with a gun or embezzle $50,000,000 with a scam?

    How many American alter boys were terrorized in the last year by pedophile priests?

  110. Well, for Christ's sake, bob, at least don't freeze to death. (Drudge Alert: Man Ends Up Having Two Toes Amputated For Palin!)

    Could you have her autograph a copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for me?

  111. Doug:

    SAS turned back around to Honolulu today. Waves, doncha know.

    The faculty didn't want them plowing through all that during finals.

  112. She's got a week's worth of time share waiting for her and her friends outside San Diego. Sweet/sad end of the voyage.

    And Rat may be interested to know: Looking to the future there's one conclusion she has come to...She doesn't want to work for the USG.

  113. All of our recruiting efforts will have been in vain.

  114. We don't ask questions.

    We just appreciate the day off.

  115. Bob, will explain everything when he gets back.

  116. I just like to use them. It use to piss off a writer friend of mine. She would do the same thing you're doing. She even wrote a whole post on comma use. It just makes sense in my mind when I read it with that comma there. I can't explain it.

  117. C'mon, melody.

    Given that the American language is a literary language, we insert commas where we would insert a pause when speaking.

    And there's no way that you speak like that.

    So what's the point?

  118. I know the rules. And there is no point. Not for here anyway.

  119. "It never ceases to amaze, how utterly incomprehensible to a western ear are the voices of the mullahs, jihadis, imams, when it comes to the fairer sex, and sex itself.

    ...I doubt the Freudian school itself could crack this nut."

    Per Fread, if a man says he hates his mother, it means he hates his mother. If a man says he loves his mother, it means he hates his mother.


  120. And there is no point. Not for here anyway.

    Tue Dec 08, 04:08:00 PM EST

    Then you should be somewhere else.

  121. Why should I leave because I misuse commas?

  122. You shouldn't lave because you misuse commas.

  123. Yes, things should be left to others when at all possible.

  124. This comment has been removed by the author.

  125. Does this UN news release about the 2000s as the hottest decade on record strike anyone else as coming out of left field?

  126. 14,000 people have been killed in Mexico in the last three years and no one knows who is who.

    The Fall of Mexico

    What began as a war on drug trafficking has evolved into a low-intensity civil war with more than two sides and no white hats, only shades of black. The ordinary Mexican citizen—never sure who is on what side, or who is fighting whom and for what reason—retreats into a private world where he becomes willfully blind, deaf, and above all, dumb.

    This is not going well.

    But why, I asked, would soldiers maraud the countryside on a murder-and-kidnapping spree? He replied that the raid was not part of the Mexican government’s war on the drug cartels but a struggle between two powerful cartels: the Juárez organization, headed by Vicente Carillo, and the Sinaloa federation, whose boss, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, is the most-wanted man in Mexico. Gutiérrez said that in this instance the gunmen, whoever they were, had been after people they thought were working for the Juárez cartel.

    “It’s an open secret in Mexico,” he said, “that the army is fighting the [Juárez] cartel to weaken them and pave the way for Guzmán.”

    Juarez is the murder capital of the world and the situation seems like hell on earth:

    The U.S. government estimates that the cultivation and trafficking of illegal drugs directly employs 450,000 people in Mexico. Unknown numbers of people, possibly in the millions, are indirectly linked to the drug industry, which has revenues estimated to be as high as $25 billion a year, exceeded only by Mexico’s annual income from manufacturing and oil exports.

  127. "So far from God and so close to the United States."

    Dr. Edgardo Buscaglia, a law professor at the Autonomous Technological Institute in Mexico City and a senior legal and economic adviser to the UN and the World Bank, concluded in a recent report that 17 of Mexico’s 31 states have become virtual narco-republics, where organized crime has infiltrated government, the courts, and the police so extensively that there is almost no way they can be cleaned up. The drug gangs have acquired a “military capacity” that enables them to confront the army on an almost equal footing.

    “This in itself does not prove that we are in a situation of a failed state today,” Buscaglia wrote. He seemed to be suggesting that the situation could change tomorrow—and not for the better.

  128. Both the Copts and the Palis are victims of oppression, that the Palis are capable of fighting back is to their credit. That the Copts are not demographically capable of the same is of no discredit to their valor.

  129. Rufus Destroys Mailboxes, Cuddles Teddy Bear
    PASCAGOULA, Miss. (AP)
    - Authorities said a Mississippi Gulf Coast man apparently thought he was at his girlfriend's place when he wandered into another couple's home and fell asleep on their couch. Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd told The Mississippi Press that a couple in the St. Martin community found a stranger snoozing on their couch and cuddling a teddy bear late Saturday.
    The sheriff said the couple told the 34-year-old man to leave and he drove off in a dark blue Chevrolet Silverado. Byrd said deputies saw the truck weaving, and at one point it mowed down some mailboxes.

    The man was charged early Sunday with trespassing and driving under the influence of alcohol. He was released on a $1,000 bond.

  130. "The U.S. government estimates that the cultivation and trafficking of illegal drugs directly employs 450,000 people in Mexico. Unknown numbers of people, possibly in the millions, are indirectly linked to the drug industry, which has revenues estimated to be as high as $25 billion a year, exceeded only by Mexico’s annual income from manufacturing and oil exports."
    We're just paying them to become more like us, Whit.

    Part of the grand and glorius plan for the United Americas®

  131. desert rat said...
    Both the Copts and the Palis are victims of oppression, that the Palis are capable of fighting back is to their credit. That the Copts are not demographically capable of the same is of no discredit to their valor.


    Let's cheer on the terrorists...

    If it aint clear that rat is totally deranged then nothing is clear...

    This is why I will not have discussions with him..

    He is unbalance.

  132. He defines and creates "unbalance"

  133. Stanley Fish likes Sarah's Book!

    Her handlers in the McCain campaign wouldn’t let her run (a mistake, I think, even at the level of photo-op), no doubt because they feared another opportunity to go “off script,” to “go rogue.”

    But run she does (and falls, but so what?), and when it is all over and she has lost the vice presidency and resigned the governorship, she goes on a long run and rehearses in her mind the eventful year she has chronicled. And as she runs, she achieves equilibrium and hope: “We’ve been through amazing days, and really, there wasn’t one thing to complain about. I feel such freedom, such hope, such thankfulness for our country, a place where nothing is hopeless.”

    The message is clear. America can’t be stopped. I can’t be stopped. I’ve stumbled and fallen, but I always get up and run again. Her political opponents, especially those who dismissed Ronald Reagan before he was elected, should take note. Wherever you are, you better watch out. Sarah Palin is coming to town.

  134. doug,

    Thanks for the Fish link to Palin.