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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"The SUSPECT is in custody"- Ahem, Barack, Bro, he set his balls on fire and flames hit the ceiling of the plane.

Obama comes out fighting. We will bring a lawyer to a gun fight.

"This was a serious reminder of the dangers that we face and the nature of those who threaten our homeland," says Barack.

A reminder?

"We do not yet have all the answers about this latest attempt, but those who would slaughter innocent men, women and children must know that the United States will do more than simply strengthen our defenses."

Barack, check this, the black Muslim admitted to the passengers that he was part of AQ. AQ has already taken their bows.

In its communique, an Al Qaeda affiliate said Abdulmutallab had coordinated the plot with members of its group, using explosives they manufactured. The website posting was titled "The Brother Mujahid Omar Farooq al-Nigeri's Operation," and it included a photograph of a smiling Abdulmutallab in front of an Al Qaeda banner.

Abdulmutallab has told authorities that the terrorist organization trained him and provided the explosives.

Abdulmutallab not smiling

"We will continue to use every element of our national power to disrupt, to dismantle and defeat the violent extremists who threaten us -- whether they are from Afghanistan or Pakistan, Yemen or Somalia, or anywhere where they are plotting attacks."

Barack, I suppose that means the black Muslim is being interrogated as we speak..Oh, you mentioned he is a suspect, uh does that mean he has a lawyer? His lawyer is allowing an interrogation?

"We will not rest," Obama said, "until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable."

Who is we? After that Barack went back to shooting hoops and playing golf.

The Yemeni foreign ministry confirmed Monday that Abdulmutallab visited several times -- ostensibly to study Arabic at a school in Sana, the capital -- including one trip from early August until early December of this year.

"Authorities are currently investigating who he was in contact with," the ministry said. But one Yemeni official said it might be hard to trace Abdulmutallab's steps, given how many students come from all over the world to study Arabic and Islam in the country.

After, (one would hope, but not necessarily) a major ass-chewing from the White House, Napolitano took to the airwaves to try to minimize criticism over remarks Sunday in which she said the security system had worked!

Without going into details Janet sort of mentioned a little failure to keep Abdulmutallab off the plane.

When asked Monday on NBC's "Today" show whether the system had "failed miserably," Napolitano answered: "It did."

No shit?

"No one is happy. . . . An extensive review is underway," Napolitano said.

In Amsterdam on Monday, authorities said they were investigating whether an accomplice had helped Abdulmutallab board Flight 253 without a passport -- possibly by claiming he was a Sudanese refugee.

We are taking in African Muslim refugees who do not have passports?

No shit? Say again?

We are sending thirty thousand more good American soldiers to fight in Afghanistan to keep AQ out of Omaha and at the same time we are taking in African Muslims into the US who have no identity cards.

? Who da guessed.

In Detroit, it is reported that a scheduled hearing in Abdulmutallab's case was canceled without explanation and that prosecutors continued their efforts to get a DNA sample from him to match against evidence taken from the plane.

Efforts to get his DNA? His balls were on fire. Here is a hint to get some DNA. Check his undies or snatch some of his hair from his head.

Prosecutors? They bring a gun to a gun fight and Obama brings a lawyer. Damn, I feel better.


Detroit terror attack: 'There are many more like me,' bomber warns

Security agencies in Britain and the US are under increasing pressure to explain how the Detroit bomber was able to board an aircraft carrying explosives despite being on intelligence “watch lists” in both countries.

By Duncan Gardham, Security Correspondent Telegraph
Published: 9:25PM GMT 28 Dec 2009

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, had been banned from entering the UK after he applied for a student visa in May to study at a bogus college, Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, has confirmed.

Then, six weeks ago, his family in Nigeria contacted US security officials to express “concerns” that he had become radicalised after he “disappeared” to the al-Qaeda stronghold of Yemen, resulting in him being put on a US anti-terror database.

But because the two countries failed to share their intelligence, neither was aware of the full picture about Abdulmutallab, who hid a potentially devastating explosive device under his clothes and tried to detonate it as an Airbus with 289 people on board approached Detroit on Christmas Day.

Abdulmutallab has given a defiant warning to US investigators, telling them: “There are more just like me who will strike soon.”

Dozens of Islamic militants from Britain are thought to have travelled to Yemen in recent months, where the security services fear they are being trained by al-Qaeda bomb-makers to launch further attacks against Western targets.

Last night a group calling itself al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular (AQAP) claimed responsibility for the attempted suicide bombing on Northwest Airlines flight 253.

In a separate statement, AQAP had earlier vowed revenge for military operations carried out by the Yemeni government earlier this month, which were backed by the US, in which the group claims 50 people died. It said: “We will not let Muslim women and children’s blood be spilled without taking revenge.”

Abdulmutallab, the privately-educated son of one of Nigeria’s most prominent bankers, managed to smuggle his bomb aboard the aircraft by strapping a condom filled with the high explosive PETN to the inside of his leg and then attempting to detonate it using a syringe filled with a liquid chemical. The PETN powder caught fire but did not explode, sparing the lives of all those on board.

Investigators are worried that AQAP has developed what is effectively an “undetectable bomb” involving PETN that can only be found by using expensive and intrusive full body scanners at airports, with huge implications for airport security.

As US agents continued to question him at a prison in Michigan, his father, Alhaji Umaru Abdulmutallab, said he had told Nigerian security officials two months ago of his concerns about his son’s behaviour, then made direct contact with US agents two weeks after that.

Janet Napolitano, the US Homeland Security Chief, admitted that America’s counter-terrorist system had failed, as Abdulmutallab, who had been placed on an intelligence database, should not have been allowed to board the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, having flown to the Netherlands from Lagos.

She said: “Our system did not work in this instance. No one is happy or satisfied with that. An extensive review is under way.”

Meanwhile Alan Johnson suggested Britain’s information about Abdulmutallab - which included his fingerprints - would have been shared with America, only for the Home Office to admit later that the intelligence was not passed on to any foreign law enforcement agencies.

Patrick Mercer, chairman of the Commons counterterrorism subcommittee, said: “The relationship between British and US intelligence agencies is absolutely vital and it doesn’t seem to have done its job on this occasion.

“The relationship has been strained recently, particularly after the early release of the Lockerbie bomber, which caused a huge amount of tension, and this latest episode points to the fact that the relationship is not as well developed as it has been in the past.”

Sources have also told The Daily Telegraph that the intelligence-sharing relationship with the US has come under additional strain as a result of legal action taken by lawyers acting for the former Guantanamo detainee, Binyam Mohamed.

They say that US counter-terrorism officials are having to consider the legal ramifications of sharing information with the British that could then be released by the British courts.

Abdulmutallab’s family said in a statement that they sought assistance from the Americans a month and a half ago, asking them to find their son and return him home.

They added: “We provided them with all the information required of us to enable them do this.”
The student has allegedly told the FBI that he was put in contact with al-Qaeda after getting in touch with a radical Yemeni preacher through the internet.

Sources also said that during his time at University College London he attended the East London Mosque in Whitechapel, where the radical preacher Anwar al-Awlaki, now hiding in Yemen, was invited to speak by satellite link earlier this year.

The government’s COBRA emergency committee met yesterday morning to discuss the case but ministers did not attend.

Questions have also been asked about why further checks were not carried out after he bought his ticket in Ghana, West Africa with nearly $3,000 in cash and did not check in any hold luggage when he boarded in Lagos.

One passenger has even claimed Abdulmutallab initially tried to board the aircraft without a passport, claiming he was from Sudan, in what may have been a further bid to avoid detection.

President Obama has ordered investigations into the screening of passengers at airports and the use of watch lists.


  1. Anyone happen to notice if Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had anything in common with any of the other thousands of terrorists plaguing the civilized world?

  2. Abdula. . . la. . . ma . . .tlab. . a. . mo . . . fo . .

    What the FUCK!?!

    Another one of these worthless pieces of shit with an 'unpronounceble to anyone in their right mind" name.

    Sure, an his lawyer said, "you don't Need no stinkin' DNA!

    "And, you ain't Gettin no stinkin' DNA!"

    "Cause we got . . . wait for it . . . . . wait for it . . . RIGHTS!!!

    YEEHAAWW!!! Honky MuthaFuckers!!!

  3. Were they all Europeans, now I mean real Europeans? No.

  4. RIIIIGHTS!!!!!!!!

  5. They Wuz Muzzies. Muzzie-Wuzzies

    Jes like our Presdint!

    Do I gits the Prise?

  6. No, but as Rufus so apty put it, they were al Hasheem Faruk Hussein el shitburkas of the first order allah akbarring dirt bags.

  7. Muzzie-Wuzzies


    I Gits the Prise!

    I Gits the Prise!

    Mebbe I shud call the Feds. Mebbe they ain't noticed that all these peple being Muzzies.

    Mebbe they'd gimmee another Prise.

    You Rekon?

  8. How bout that? I figgered it out. They all be MUZZIES!!!!!

    I'm calling the Feds. I bet they ain't figgerred it out yet.

  9. It wuz kinda simple though, rreally.

    Jist look at their names.

    They all got Muzzie names!!

    I'm surprized the Feds dint notice that.

  10. Does go back to our Ramadan cookie baking POTUS who had our marines handling the holy of holies quran, Koran, whatever, with white cotton gloves, followed by POTUS with the MOTUS, hoopster, super smooth, melodious, perfectly accented Arabesque, who can kindle the tingle in Chris Matthew thighs.

    Transition baby. We got it.

  11. I'm going to bed. I'll ask my Parole oficer first thing in the mornin. He knows all about givin out prises and shit. All them feds knows about giving out prises and stuff.

  12. White Cotton Gloves to handle that piece of shit Porn Manual.

    We deserve everything we get.

  13. MLD:

    ...Their religion, like yours and mine, is no different. I never felt threatened and I truly feel sorry for the good ones who are alienated for their religion.
    Fri Dec 04, 08:51:00 PM EST.

    ...It sucks that people make bad choices. It sucks that people judge and it sucks that people can't just get along.

    I don't care what kind of evidence you have, I can't believe that a religion teaches to kill.
    Fri Dec 04, 09:12:00 PM EST.

    ...Catholics have more rules than, I have panties. And that is saying a lot. What, I'm saying is that, I don't believe in my heart and I could be wrong, that religion teaches people to kill and that is what people believe Muslims are, killers.
    Fri Dec 04, 10:07:00 PM EST

    Y'all ought to be more sensitive, I reckon. According to MLD.


  14. Until Linear butted in where he wasn't wanted, so out of tune with the foregoing dialogue, that to me was perhaps the most classic exchange here, and had me rolling on the floor.

  15. You both get First Prize, Linear gets an F.

  16. It's odd. That was a long flight. With flames to the ceiling and his balls burning off, you'd think, like Doug said, he'd scream. Deuce said drugs. That's what I want to know--what kind? If he took them in Amsterdam you'd think he'd have shown some signs, or fallen asleep or something noticeable.

    What the hell is the guy like one of these Buddhist of Hindu monks that can meditate themselves beyond there bodies and calming light themselves afire, or what? He doesn't look like the most meditative sort of guy, wonder what the drugs were and when he took them.

    Did he smuggle not only the explosives but some drugs in too?

  17. Actually Melody is right in a sense, true religion doesn't teach people to kill. But islam is a politico/'religious' system.

    And even so, there are people who manage to live lives of worth within it. At a great handicap too.

    Though of course they don't live the perfect life of a Linear Thinker.

    I'm can understand why your wife divorced you.

  18. Right at the end of a great dialogue, Linear takes to the attack against someone who hardly ever expresses a political opinion at all, on anything.

    Linear takes a great big shit, right at the end, and messes it all up.

  19. Instead of attacking Obama, or the Feds, the true target of the piece, Linear attacks---Melody!

    What deep psychological structure, defect or desire is being revealed here?

    Melody! Who of course has never attacked him, that I can recall.

  20. The hell with it. I'm glad I got a lot to do tomorrow.

  21. I seem to recall I mentioned the fact that the muzzie got in without a passport and was shot down..

  22. And whose cousin, if I recall rightly, just got shipped off to Iraq too, which causes her to worry.

  23. and while I am at it...

    why the hell was this goober's arms and legs not snapped?

    why did he still have his teeth?

    why was there no dirty panties shoved into his mouth?

    want to stop islamic terrorism?

    defile the captive... stuff pork in him...

    strip him naked, and piss on him...

    that would make a great photo for tmz

  24. He had no passport. Might indicate an inside job on the other end, but then there was an argument, an American lawyer said, at the counter, which would seem to indicate otherwise.

    A puzzle.

  25. Bob, you are so correct. A true bully always targets the one he believes to weakest. He misjudged you and I suspect he has misjudged MeLoDy.

    His comment was totally out of context, added nothing to the post, and makes him look small and nasty.

  26. Bingo!

    Chummin' for Stella B.

    It worked!

    How's tricks, Stella?


  27. It's uncanny how quickly the totally out of context ploy enters the discussion when a liberal gets her panties in a twist.


  28. Went to the dentist today.
    Complimented him on his smile, in spite of our present condition.
    He agreed that the Vog has been bad and something else was less than perfect.

    I said, no, I was refering to our security situation.

    He lowered his voice and said
    "They've already given the country away" and he went on about specifics.
    Ironic, in that they were having the identical discussion at a more academic level the nite before @ BC.

    It was much more powerful in real life, from an everyday person and friend.

    Very hard to accept the reality of all that has been squandered, sold, and corrupted in our lifetime.

    2 of his three sons are in college, both about to become dentists.

    He talked of how the colleges are overrun with foreign students.
    ...because of preferences, but also because so few natives qualify anymore in any of the more rigorous majors.

    Neither he nor I expected it to get this bad 15 years ago when we were having a great time with the kids on Scout outings and events.

    Others continued to let their kids become indoctrinated in hatred for all the good things this country accomplished, and stood for.

  29. Your dentist ever ask you an essay question when he has his hands in your mouth and you're gagging on your own spit?

  30. linearthinker said...

    Chummin' for Stella B.

    It worked!

    Please, please, please get some rest. You poor thing. Iinear is up at 4am fretting about MeLoDy and setting a trap for Stella. Chumming for Stella in his own words. He came up with the idea, sleepless in his doublewide.

    Those tired frightened dry blue eyes looking up at the stained ceiling, getting up for his third pee of the night, drawn to his $400 duct taped laptop, Stella on his mind.

  31. Stella be mine. I know it's not about me but LT must have done something in the past to be targeted. Bob, you're always on my side, it doesn't matter what I say.

    You're right LT, but if you look between the lines, you'll see that I said, I could be wrong. And maybe I am wrong. But, I still have faith. Faith is faith and instead of using the word religion maybe, I should have used the word faith. In my opinion the two are different. Then maybe you wouldn't be so confused.

  32. 'Don't get your panties in an uproar.' Not twist.

    Twist is a song and something you do with your hips when that song is on. Sheesh.

  33. LT, you got a "Double-Wide," man!?!


    I always wanted one of them. Room to "stretch the legs," and such.

    Man, oh man, I'm proud for ye, cousin. I relly am.

  34. I simply strangle the b.... manning the vacuum that's allowing me to drown, instead of doing her job.

    Luckily the dental hygienist and I get along fine, since she's alone with me, no dentist to intervene before she dies of asphyxiation

  35. And, you got a "Laptop!" too?

    Hawt Dog! Man, you done "struck gold" down there in Dixie, ain't ye Pal?

    Livin Large!

    In Dixie.

  36. BTW, has anyone figured out, yet, what type of stuff this was that was supposed to bring the plane down?

    Was it supposed to "blow a hole" in the wall? "Burn a hole" in the wall?

    "Burn his nuts off" and cause him to "jump through the wall?"

  37. Isn't it interesting, Obama does not want to jump to conclusions about the Nigerian suspect. He wasn't quite so cautious with the white cop from Cambridge.

  38. Stella,

    You like to fish? Let's go fish'n sometime, hon.

    What's yer sign?

    How'd you know 'bout them stains on the ceilin?


  39. Livin' well's the best revenge, Rufus.

  40. Can't tell you about that Rufus. I suspect it had real potential and no doubt AQ tested it. I can show you what happens to an F4 hitting a reinforced concrete wall.

  41. I heard the dumb ass stuffed PETN in his jock strap and tried to light it off with the chemicals.

  42. Stella be starlight....sorry, I don't know where that came from and I don't want to go there. Besides, I have T and Bob.

  43. Maybe the US voting public will realize that giving a good speech and being a good leader are not a given congruency.

  44. No, not fishing. Hunting is more my thing and I supect you are better with a gun than your rod.

  45. Deuce: "The SUSPECT is in custody"- Ahem, Barack, Bro, he set his balls on fire and flames hit the ceiling of the plane.

    At this point we're treating him as a person of interest. We find it hard to believe that a member of the religion of peace would resort to the actions that this person is alleged to have done.

  46. Well, if you won't come fishn' you'll never know, will you?


  47. Melody: Stella be starlight....sorry, I don't know where that came from and I don't want to go there. Besides, I have T and Bob.

    It's a Ménage à trois and Bob is Lucky Pierre.

  48. In the frenzy to paint Mr. Obama pink, it should not be forgotten that the "Texan" allowed hundreds of "suspects" to sit at Gitmo for years, unprocessed. It should also be recalled that he released hundreds more back into the wild to carry on jihad.

    The problem is one of philosophy, not party.

  49. Rufus: "Burn his nuts off" and cause him to "jump through the wall?"

    I'm sure recruitment for Qader is gonna rise. Go to your 72 virgins with your nuts on fire.

  50. Nice music, Allen.

    I'll tape it and play it back on my bass boat whilst trollin for them lurkers.


  51. I suspect it had real potential and no doubt AQ tested it.

    Probably used goats, or worse.

    Imagine a quarter to half pound of det cord going off in a pressurized confined space.

    Folks on that Airbus were very lucky, I'd say.

  52. You gotta admit the Pope did inspire the woman to make a great leap
    of faith
    right there in St. Peters.

  53. Washington (EAC) --- The Transportation Safety Administration announced today that in light of the recent attempted terrorist attack involving an airliner bound for Detroit that henceforth religious fanatics would not be allowed to wear underwear when boarding flights within, originating within, or bound for destinations within the United States and its possession and territories.

    Asked for comment, Jimmy Joe Smith, prophet and president of the CoJCoLDS said, "This is clearly an attack on the Mormon faith. We will continue to wear our Holy Drawers on the ground and in the air. It is not the role of government to free our nads."

  54. Israeli victims of Hamas rocket attacks who hold also Belgian citizenship
    have filed a complaint against Hamas and appealed to a Belgian court to
    arrest the Islamist movement’s leaders, including de facto Gaza Prime
    Minister Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Mashaal...

    ...They said Hamas rocket fire into Israel had violated their human rights...

    ...Belgium's federal prosecutor's office will determine if the complaint against the Hamas leaders has merit.

    I'm holding my breath!

  55. I bet they had some seriously pissed off goats.

    At least, if it worked as well on the goats as it did on Amawhateverthefuck.

  56. When those Yemeni folks invite you to a "goat roast" get ready for a real show.

  57. Gives a whole new meanin to Dinner "on the Run."

  58. Where's Lunch?

    Well, I lit the cord, and the last thing I saw was ol' billy headin over yonder hill.

    Man, I ain't never seen no billy goat jump like that!

  59. T said...

    "I'm holding my breath!"

    Don't...It's never going to happen...Weren't the Dutch all in a dither about some cartoons a few years ago?

  60. T,

    And besides, according to the "World's Foremost Authority", those are merely harmless bottle rockets, fired by impish pranksters. Those Hamas guys are such cards - a laugh a minute.

  61. Why Detroit rather than, say, Pascagoula? The Detroit metroplex surely has more mosques and Muslims than Pascagoula.

  62. The thing that really hacks me off is that the airlines might change their rules and ruin things for the rest of us.

  63. I seem to recall I mentioned the fact that the muzzie got in without a passport and was shot down..

    Tue Dec 29, 05:00:00 AM EST

    Because the muzzie has a passport and his passport was scanned.

  64. The call to prayer in Pascagoula: "Y'all come on down now. Ya hear?!"

  65. The best DHS inside baseball blog. (You didn't know there was one, did you? Neither did I, but thanks to someone at the Corner who is friends with said blogger, now we do.)

    If you like security establishment arcanum and trivia - and it's relevance to the incident under discussion - it's worth a read.

  66. my girl friend once asked me to kiss her where it stinks, so I took her to Pascagoula....(old Mississippi joke)

  67. Another question, Ash.

    TSA full body scan for all passengers regardless of security status: Unwarranted search; legitimate defense of the public safety; or one more goddamned hurdle merely intended to slow us down on the way to the gate?

    Incidentally, here in Bogota you can't get into a shopping mall or office complex parking garage without having the security guys eyeball your trunk and take the bomb-sniffing dog (I have my doubts that they're all really bomb-sniffing dogs) for a walk around your vehicle.

    On the other hand, you may keep your shoes on at the airport but you will be patted down. One line for the ladies and one line for the gents. (And they don't like it when we refuse, but it's the principal of the thing after all.)

  68. Gag Reflex: my girl friend once asked me to kiss her where it stinks, so I took her to Pascagoula....(old Mississippi joke)

    Here we say Tacoma, but it's no joke.

  69. For Rufus:
    I heard that next year Nigeria is expected to come back online with a million gallons per day which will keep prices down in 2010. The same authority said that he expects the world to to hit peak oil in 2015 when we will see a flattening in output followed by a decline. Not to worry though because the fracking is opening up a "new lease on life" with compressed natural gas.

    For Doug:
    The shadow market in real estate is about to come out of the shadows next spring and summer when hundreds of thousands of homes go on the market. (Mine included.)

    For paa trish ahhh:

    It is cold in N.A., madam. Your body is in for a shock when you return. Silk underwear will be more than de rigueur.

    For T:

    Your reference to Lucky Pierre took me to some interesting sites. You're bad!

    For Deuce:

    Saw your call. I was on the road. Will check in with you.

    For bob:

    Enjoy! Be thankful! Find something productive to do.

    For all:
    whit sends his wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!

  70. Allen: And besides, according to the "World's Foremost Authority", those are merely harmless bottle rockets, fired by impish pranksters. Those Hamas guys are such cards - a laugh a minute.

    At the end of WWII, we were the only industrial nation not bombed into the stone age. Then we created the GI Bill to slow the surge of returning soldiers into the job market, and we ented up with the most educated popuation in the world. It's not so much that the U.S. fell, but that the rest of the world has been catching up. All except the Islamic nations, of course. They still can't make a car, a tire, a plane, a calculator, or even the ammunition for
    their weapons. Even your standard everyday crotch bomb is beyond their ken.

  71. T,

    We have spent a vast fortune on protection. What do we get? The same comedy of errors as 9/11. Consequently, like Spengler (the original), the West certainly appears in terminal decline.

    One day, the US is going to take such a hit that even the "World's Foremost Authority" will feel like an XXXXXXX.

  72. "paa trish ahhh"

    Funny. This is how my husband occasionally says it.

    And I saved out a pink pair and a black pair in anticipation of my plunge back into the deep freeze. Along with earmuffs. Gloves. And at least five winter-appropriate scarves.

    No hats. Paa trish ahhh does not do hats.

    And sincere best wishes for same to you, whit.

  73. Yee haw!

    Oh I lie here in the wet patch in the middle of the bed
    I'm feeling pretty damn hard done by, I spent ages giving head
    Then I remember all the nice things that you ever said to me
    Maybe I'm just overreacting, maybe you're the one for me

    There's just one thing that's getting in the way
    When we go up to bed you're just no good it's such a shame
    I look into your eyes I want to get to know you
    And then you make this noise and it's apparent it's all over

  74. She's got a Katy Perry/Uncle Earl edge.

  75. Allen: One day, the US is going to take such a hit that even the "World's Foremost Authority" will feel like an XXXXXXX.

    Nope, the WFA will figure out it's just the XXXX's fault...

    Sadly there are many American XXXX's that share WFA's POV....

    It's my considered opinion that the vast spectrum of Americans still dont "get it" nor will they ever until it's too late, it's just been accidental LUCK that they were born in the here and now, not the there and then...

    Maybe we will dodge the bullet in the short term, there may be years even decades of prosperity without the shoah rearing it's ugly face...

    Maybe I will be an old man passing my Glocks, my Mossberg & my Remington to my great grandson someday (or granddaughter)my last few words will be "Never Again", "Be Prepared" & "Shema"

  76. More music for trollin' on the bass boat.

    Life is good.

  77. Well trish I certainly have no problem with TSA doing a full body scan and asking me to take my shoes off as I pass through security. The dream would be nifty technology that could detect all threats simply by allowing folk to walk through. Unfortunately such technology doesn't exist. Similarly the technology in existence (including 'no fly lists') aren't perfect and can be costly to deploy.

    Is the current problem as bellowed recently by CONservative critics that TSA is to too politically correct to not profile - I seriously doubt it. Profiles are used throughout police and security apparatus. Simple ones based on skin color don't prove too effective I would imagine. Will TSA folk start quizzing folk as to their religious proclivities and other supposed indicators of terrorist intentions as they pass through the gates - I doubt it. I figure most folk here at the bar wouldn't have a problem with it as long as pasty white folk didn't need to bow to such scrutiny but even if only brown folk were to be quizzed the delays induced would be costly and intolerable to most travelers.

  78. "Besides, I have T and Bob."

    Hey, M. What the hell.

    I thought I was part of your posse.


  79. not being an explosive expert I'd venture to guess that one of the problems with blowing things up is having an effective detonator. This recent guy and the shoe bomber both seemed to have smuggled explosives on board airliners but failed to also bring an effective detonator. They failed, thus I'd say they were incompetent. Could a more competent person smuggle a detonator through the current security apparatus? I think it is pretty darn tough. Are 7 hour waits for passengers and heavily thinned flight schedules an effective counter to such threats - I don't think so.

  80. "Brown folk" aren't the problem, Muslims are.

    Take a look at the link. These gentlemen are about as brown as human beings get. However, there is not a single case of record where they or their kith or kin ever participated in suicide- bombing murder or attempted to explode aircraft in flight or into buildings, ala 9/11.

    Non-murderous "brown folk"

    There is a reason for their kindness, as the photo shows.

  81. ...costly and intolerable to most travelers.

    Tue Dec 29, 04:45:00 PM EST

    I believe we've already reached that point - and though I do on occasion try to defend the time-honored government practice of hoovering mountains of money out of the pockets of productive citizens, I am not an especially tolerant individual when it comes to impositions on my time at the hands of the miserable little goblins who gravitate toward TSA.

    The whole airport rigamarole has long since become something akin to inprocessing at a detention facility.

    "They know we'd rather cut our nuts off with a rusty razor."

    - rufus, yesterday

    Just so, rufus.

    The question today is, What did Israel get in return for its 10-month (heavily caveated) moratorium on building in the Settlements?

  82. And Trish is not pasty.

    She is pale.

  83. Elephant Bar Sitcom

    Casting Director's Report

    In a major departure from our policy of casting only those who are not self defined by their avatars, we present Ms T and hubby.


  84. "And Trish is not pasty.

    She is pale."

    If you wore a hat more often, you too could be pasty.


  85. Whit, we're expecting to bring slightly over 3.2 Million bpd online in 2010.

    But, we will lose a little over 3.7 Million bpd due to declines from existing wells.

    I posted This a couple of days ago:

    Date Gain Decline Net
    2009 4742 -3718 1024
    2010 3230 -3755 -525
    2011 3114 -3793 -679
    2012 2275 -3831 -1556
    2013 2400 -3869 -1469
    2014 2350 -3908 -1558
    2015 2830 -3947 -1117
    2016 1085 -3986 -2901
    2017 162 -4026 -3864
    2018 130 -4066 -3936
    2019 0 -4107 -4107
    2020 200 -4148 -3948

    "Gain" = addition from megaprojects.

    Plus, we're Drawing, every day, about 1 Million Barrels out of "Floating Storage."

    And, the OECD is drawing about 1 Million Barrels out of "inventory" every day.

    We haven't even started talking about "Consumption," yet.

  86. trish said...

    "The question today is, What did Israel get in return for its 10-month (heavily caveated) moratorium on building in the Settlements?"

    Pray, tell.

  87. "...we present Ms T and hubby."


    What a hunk.


  88. What's the projected timeline now on Iran's hot-off-the-assembly line nuclear product, allen?

  89. If your rule is to cast only those who are not self defined by their avatars then you must have missed mine. Tsk. Tsk.

  90. trish,

    Re: What's the projected timeline now on Iran's hot-off-the-assembly line nuclear product, allen?

    Pray, tell.

  91. Elephant Bar Sitcom

    Casting Director's Report

    Competition is heating up in the auditions for the role of Trish.


  92. If your rule is to cast only those who are not self defined by their avatars then you must have missed mine. Tsk. Tsk.

    You are very correct. Thank you for pointing that out.

  93. What happened to your avatar, MeLoDy?

  94. Whit, I was fooling around with my profile and it accidentally got deleted and I just didn't bother to upload another one.

  95. They're two years away from the done deal.

    To know that with a fair amount of certainty (it's been reiterated, so I believe there is a fair amount of certainty) is a result of significant, widespread infiltration. On the part of Israel first and foremost; the Sauds; and the Turks.

    Given that it can't be entirely scuttled from within, Israel gets to be everybody's favorite villain again. Flying "under the radar" (we swear to God it was) of the country of its choosing, while we all make speeches about what a regrettable thing it was.

  96. Betting window is open on my SWAG.

  97. Quirk, would it make you feel any better if I made you the ring leader?

  98. "would it make you feel any better if I made you the ring leader?"


  99. Elephant Bar Sitcom

    Casting Director's Report

    MLD, a recent entry under consideration.


  100. Golly LT, I dinnit know you had a blog, I added it to my watch list.

  101. trish,

    Sorry for being abrupt - massive sinus infection, involving the ears as well. There are few things that compare to blasting 8oz of warm saline up your nose several times a day.

    Given what we know today of Muslim homicidal and suicidal tendencies, it would be foolhardy to risk a nuclear armed Iran.

    Seventy years ago, most in the West ignored the "posturing" of a little fellow in Austria. That was a mistake, as Churchill tried to warn.

    Hitler had his Gotterdammerung and the Iranians their vision of a resurrected messiah. One of the great weaknesses of the West is its disbelief in belief.

    I am less confident that “that shitty little country” will play the heavy this time.

  102. Thanks, T.

    I avoid playing the numbers game.

    Visitors are few.

    I like it that way.


  103. "Time and date stamped."


    Step one. Search for allies.

    Step Two. Develop enemies list.

    Based on T's kickass attitude and experience she can be our muscle.

    If for any reason we need an oracle (or a safe house condo in Moscow), we have Bob.

    You and I should arrange to get together to talk strategy.


  104. They're two years away from the done deal.

    If we even know how the 'done deal' is defined.

    And how it may be packaged for delivery.


  105. "Given what we know today of Muslim homicidal and suicidal tendencies, it would be foolhardy to risk a nuclear armed Iran."

    I agree, for perhaps a slightly more nuanced reason. But I do agree.

  106. Obama says 'systemic failure' allowed airline plot

    "...airport security equipment did not detect the bomb-making devices and materials he allegedly carried on board the Northwest Airlines flight..."

    Maybe it couldn't because he didn't.

  107. "I agree, for perhaps a slightly more nuanced reason..."


  108. T the clever one.

    M the nice one.

    P the mysterious one.


  109. You better watch there Q, I have a jealous one on my hands.

    And why am I always the nice one?

  110. Bob Herbert is the progressive's progressive. Here's his thoughts on the Senate healthcare bill and its tax on the middle class.

    Hidden Tax on the Middle Class


  111. "And why am I always the nice one?"

    I thought I just offered you a chance to expand your horizons and escape that stereotype.


  112. trish wrote:
    "I agree, for perhaps a slightly more nuanced reason..."

    Does it really distinguish you from the the wingnuts in the crowd to claim that your support of attacking Iran is 'nuanced'?

    no, sorry dear, it doesn't.

  113. no, sorry dear, it doesn't.

    Tue Dec 29, 07:05:00 PM EST

    S'okay, Ash.

    It needn't.

  114. tally ho and muster the forces I guess...

  115. I'm not going to be among those making the official statements after the fact.

    I know and often reflect the language of those who will.

  116. trish,

    While I take the meaning of your "slightly", it would seem that others are not so swift.

    1. To a small degree or extent

    ...perhaps as slight as the diameter of a hair, or hairs-breadth, i.e. "a very small distance or space."


  117. Back off Ash!

    Her's is a nuanced position. She would like to tell us more but you have to respect her position.

    It could get back to Ed or ...the other guy.

    You know what they did to Scooter Libby when he opened his mouth.

    I know it sounds mysterious but lives are likely involved.

    Just back off.


  118. T the clever one.

    M the nice one.

    P the mysterious one

    Q the flatterer

  119. Obama is the systematic failure.

    What has he done right?
    What strategy has worked?
    What intuition has been proven correct?
    What cabinet appointee has shown wisdom?

    The Hoopster thought he could Alley Oop his slickness to success, instead Barack Hussein has become what most of us here expected, an Ali Oops

  120. all righty then...the man in blue has spoken.

    Is this where I'm suppose to expand my horizon and escape my stereotype?

  121. "Casting Director's Report

    Competition is heating up in the auditions for the role of Trish."

    that would keep me coming back for more.

  122. M,I think I could get a quorum that would agree you would take the road less travelled.

  123. This is one blog where we really do appreciate diversity of thought.

  124. "She would like to tell us more..."

    Three rum and cokes. (It's not REALLY GOOD rum.) And she is about to wander off into rambling incoherence. With a properly placed comma here and there.

    Somebodies else are going to have to pick up the slack.

    Scooter who?

  125. "...the road less travelled"

    Hey, why do I have the uneasy feeling that I have just been slammed.

    And by my sensei, no less.


  126. Don't leave!

    All the plants will die.


  127. Deuce said...

    "This is one blog where we really do appreciate diversity of thought."

    Otherwise, the terrorists will have won. :-)

    Just make certain your opinions are only slightly brown; and I'm not talking shirts.

    What on earth are "winged nuts"?

  128. Warning from Pakistan

    This morning, from a cave somewhere in Pakistan, Taliban Minister of Migration, Mohammed Omar, warned the United States that if military actions against Iraq and Afghanistan continue, Taliban authorities intend to cut off America's supply of convenience store managers and, possibly, Motel 6 managers.

    And, if this action does not yield sufficient results, cab drivers will be next, followed by DELL and AOL customer service reps. Finally, if all else fails, they have threatened to send us no more candidates for President of the United States!

  129. I actually paid extra money to Dell to talk to an American in less than five minutes. There has been no need to use it so, I'm not sure if it's true.

  130. Thanks for the link, BTW, Sam.

  131. MeLoDy: I actually paid extra money to Dell to talk to an American in less than five minutes.

    Then they turn around and give you a Cajun American to talk to.

  132. The Democrats want to unionize the TSA. Lets see how that works out when they go on strike.

  133. "M,I think I could get a quorum that would agree you would take the road less travelled."


  134. Time to pick on Rufus again.

    Elephant Bar Sitcom

    Casting Director's Report

    No casting call for Rufus would be adequate without a representative of peak oil.


  135. Ennui Becomes Us

    “Consider the effects of … so many contradictory “facts,” “truths” and “informed opinions” that people everywhere can essentially select and interpret facts in a way that accords with their own personal, idiosyncratic and often flat-wrong versions of reality… A truth pocked with holes but one that is “true enough” will nonetheless hold sway over those who choose to believe it for reasons political, religious or otherwise because it feels right.

    “Just as individuals are freer than ever before to pick and choose “facts” to fit their personal beliefs, states are now able to engage in what is known as forum shopping…

  136. bob,

    ...loved the vid...hope Ash doesn't see it...He'll never fly again...


  137. Well, if one looks at the payloads of the Hamas rockets, they are not militarily significant.

    They are purely a political weapon.

    As were the Irgun bomb attacks upon Arab markets and cafes, in 1938. Along with the kidnappings and prisoner exchanges that were the stock and trade of the Irgun during 1945 and '46. Kidnapping Judges and Army officers to trade for their captured comrades.

    All techniques copied by Hamas, today. Nothing groundbreaking or new to the region, those Hamas terror tactics.

    Direct equivalency.