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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The US wants this man, Siraj Haqqani, dead. The Pakis resist.

This is rich. I found a little watched video on Youtube of Siraj Haqqani giving an interview a couple of months ago. Who is Haqqani? Quite an asset if you ask our good friends, the Pakistanis.

..."Mr. Haqqani and his control of large areas of Afghan territory vital to Pakistan in the jostling for influence that will pit Pakistan, India, Russia, China and Iran against one another in the post-American Afghan arena, the Pakistani officials said."...

There is a problem. Mr. Haqqani has developed a fondness and adeptness at killing Americans.

Siraj Haqqani has come to the attention of none other than Gen. David H. Petraeus, who met Monday with the head of the Pakistani military, Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, in Rawalpindi. The US wants the Pakis to find and kill Haggani.

The Pakistanis are resisting and according to this article:

..."The core reason for Pakistan’s imperviousness is its scant faith in the Obama troop surge, and what Pakistan sees as the need to position itself for a regional realignment in Afghanistan once American forces begin to leave."

Interesting thing nation building.


December 15, 2009
Rebuffing U.S., Pakistan Balks at Crackdown

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan —
Demands by the United States for Pakistan to crack down on the strongest Taliban warrior in Afghanistan, Siraj Haqqani, whose fighters pose the biggest threat to American forces, have been rebuffed by the Pakistani military, according to Pakistani military officials and diplomats.

The Obama administration wants Pakistan to turn on Mr. Haqqani, a longtime asset of Pakistan’s spy agency who uses the tribal area of North Waziristan as his sanctuary. But, the officials said, Pakistan views the entreaties as contrary to its interests in Afghanistan beyond the timetable of President Obama’s surge, which envisions reducing American forces beginning in mid-2011.

The demands, first made by senior American officials before President Obama’s Afghanistan speech and repeated many times since, were renewed in a written message delivered in recent days by the United States Embassy to the head of the Pakistani military, Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, according to American officials. Gen. David H. Petraeus followed up on Monday during a visit to Islamabad.

The demands have been accompanied by strong suggestions that if the Pakistanis cannot take care of the problem, including dismantling the Taliban leadership based in Quetta, Pakistan, then the Americans will by resorting to broader and more frequent drone strikes in Pakistan.

But the Pakistani leadership has greeted the refrain with public silence and private anger, according to Pakistani officials and diplomats familiar with the conversations, illustrating the widening gulf between the allies over the Afghan war.

Former Pakistani military officers voice irritation with the Americans daily on television, part of a mounting grievance in Pakistan that the alliance with the United States is too costly to bear.

“It is really beginning to irk and anger us,” said a security official familiar with the deliberations at the senior levels of the Pakistani leadership.

The core reason for Pakistan’s imperviousness is its scant faith in the Obama troop surge, and what Pakistan sees as the need to position itself for a regional realignment in Afghanistan once American forces begin to leave.

It considers Mr. Haqqani and his control of large areas of Afghan territory vital to Pakistan in the jostling for influence that will pit Pakistan, India, Russia, China and Iran against one another in the post-American Afghan arena, the Pakistani officials said.

Pakistan is particularly eager to counter the growing influence of its archenemy, India, which is pouring $1.2 billion in aid into Afghanistan. “If America walks away, Pakistan is very worried that it will have India on its eastern border and India on its western border in Afghanistan,” said Tariq Fatemi, a former Pakistani ambassador to the United States who is pro-American in his views.

For that reason, Mr. Fatemi said, the Pakistani Army is “very reluctant” to jettison Mr. Haqqani, Pakistan’s strong card in Afghanistan. Moreover, the Pakistanis do not want to alienate Mr. Haqqani because they consider him an important player in reconciliation efforts that they would like to see get under way in Afghanistan immediately, the officials said.

Because Mr. Haqqani shelters Qaeda leaders and operatives in North Waziristan, Washington is opposed to including Mr. Haqqani among the possible reconcilable Taliban, at least for the moment, a Western diplomat said.

In his reply to the Americans, General Kayani stressed a short-term argument, according to two Pakistani officials familiar with the response.

Pakistan currently has its hands full fighting the Pakistani Taliban in South Waziristan and other places, and it is beyond its capacity to open another front against the Afghan Taliban, the officials said of General Kayani’s response. The offensive has had the secondary effect of constraining the Haqqani network in North Waziristan and driving some of its commanders and fighters across the border to Afghanistan, senior American military officials in Afghanistan said.

But implicit in General Kayani’s reply was the fact that the homegrown Pakistani Taliban represent the real threat to Pakistan. General Kayani argued that they are the ones carrying out attacks against security installations and civilian markets in Pakistan’s cities and must be the army’s top priority, the officials said.

For his part, Mr. Haqqani fights in Afghanistan, and is considered more of an asset than a threat by the Pakistanis. But he is the most potent force fighting the United States, American and Pakistani officials agree.

He has subcommanders threaded throughout eastern and southern Afghanistan. His fighters control Paktika, Paktia and Khost Provinces in Afghanistan, which lie close to North Waziristan. His men are also strong in Ghazni, Logar and Wardak Provinces, the officials said.

Because Mr. Haqqani now spends so much time in Afghanistan — about three weeks of every month, according to a Pakistani security official — if the Americans want to eliminate him, their troops should have ample opportunity to capture him, Pakistani security officials argue.

As a son of Jalaluddin Haqqani, a leading mujahedeen fighter against the Soviets who is now aged and apparently confined to bed, Siraj Haqqani is keeper of a formidable lineage and history.

In the early 1970s, the father attended a well-known madrasa, Dar-ul-Uloom Haqqaniya in the Pakistani town of Akora Khattack in North-West Frontier Province.

In the 1980s, Jalaluddin Haqqani received money and arms from the C.I.A. routed through Pakistan’s spy agency, Inter-Services Intelligence, to fight the Soviets, according to Ahmed Rashid, an expert on the Afghan Taliban and the author of “Descent Into Chaos.”

In the 1990s, when the Taliban ran Afghanistan, Jalaluddin Haqqani served as governor of Paktia Province.

The relationship between the Haqqanis and Osama bin Laden dates back to the war against the Soviets in the 1980s, according to Kamran Bokhari, the South Asia director for Stratfor, a geopolitical risk analysis company.

When the Taliban government collapsed at the end of 2001 and Qaeda operatives fled from Tora Bora to Pakistan, the Haqqanis relocated their command structure to North Waziristan and welcomed Al Qaeda, Mr. Bokhari said.

The biggest gift of the Pakistanis to the Haqqanis was the use of North Waziristan as their fief, he said.

The Pakistani Army did not appear to be assisting the Haqqanis with training or equipment, he said. More than 20 members of the Haqqani family were killed in a drone attack in North Waziristan last year, showing the limits of how far the Pakistanis could protect them, Mr. Bokhari said.

Today, Siraj Haqqani has anywhere from 4,000 to 12,000 Taliban under his command. He is technically a member of the Afghan Taliban leadership based in Quetta, the capital of Pakistan’s Baluchistan Province.

That leadership is headed by Mullah Omar, the former leader of the Taliban regime. But Mr. Haqqani operates fairly independently of them inside Afghanistan.

He funds his operations in part through kidnappings and other illicit activities. The Haqqani network held David Rohde, a correspondent for The New York Times, for seven months, seeking ransom until he escaped in June.

Siraj Haqqani maintains an uneasy relationship with the Pakistani Taliban, said Maulana Yousaf Shah, the administrator of the madrasa at Akora Khattack.

Mr. Haqqani believed the chief jihadi objective should be forcing the foreigners out of Afghanistan, and he had tried but failed to redirect the Pakistani Taliban to fight in Afghanistan as well, he said.

Ismail Khan contributed reporting from Peshawar, Pakistan; Pir Zubair Shah from Islamabad; and Eric Schmitt from Kabul, Afghanistan.


  1. Nice to know the Pakistani Taliban concentrate on Pakistan.

    So if we had done things right at and after Tora Bora, we'd have had passable security quick like.

    ...then if we had private contractors like the one I link from time to time, instead of the State Depts Mega Projects...

    If only wishing could make it so!

  2. Only thing left is to party like it's 1999!

  3. Leviticus 25:10 is on the Liberty Bell, and the original proposed Great Seal of the United States, proposed by John Adams, Ben Franklin, and Tom Jefferson, featured Moses.

    "Three of these men were involved in another little-known chapter of American independence, one that more than any other shows the intimate connection between Moses and the young nation.

    The next-to-last order of business of the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, was to form a committee to design a new seal for the United States. Pendant seals were widely used in the 18th century, and the new Congress must have craved one desperately to form a committee just minutes after they had adopted the Declaration of Independence. As further proof of the seal's importance, the committee consisted of three members, "Dr Franklin, Mr. J. Adams, and Mr. Jefferson." No records of their deliberations remani, but correspondence indicates that each member submitted a proposal to the others. Franklin's proposal reads as follows:

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    Franklin also included a motto: "Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God."

    Jefferson, meanwhile, proposed another scene from the Exodus story. The Israelites, having passed through the waters, are marching across the desert. As Adams describes it: 'Mr. Jefferson proposed, The children of Israel in the wilderness, led by a cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night.' Jefferson also suggested an image for the back of the seal, the semilegendary Saxon rulers Hengist and Horsa, 'whose political principles and form of government we have assumed.' Adams proposed Hercules as depicted in an allegorical painting from the time but dismissed his own idea as 'too complicated.' "

    from America's Prophet

  4. "The other side (for which no depiction remains) was Jefferson's edited version of Franklin's proposal:

    Pharaoh sitting in an open Chariot, a Crown on his head and a Sword in his hand, passing through the divided Waters of the Red Sea in Pursuit of the Israelites; Rays from a Pillar of Fire in the Cloud, expressive of the divine Presence and Command, beaming on Moses who stands on the shore andextending his hand over the Sea causes it to overwhelm Pharaoh.

    The echo of the Exodus language widely used in America at the time is haunting. The committee's report, submitted to Congress on August 20, 1776, offers vivid, behind the scenes evidence that the founders of the United States viewed themselves as acting in the image of Moses. Three of the five drafters of the Declaration of Independence and three of the defining faces of the Revolution--Franklin, Adams, Jefferson--proposed that Moses be the face of the United States of America. In their eyes, Moses was America's true founding father."

    You can follow the history of the Great Seal at which also shows some of the designs mentioned above.

  5. Has Annuit Coeptis (God has favored our undertakings) in Afghanistan?

  6. Way worse than Vietnam.

  7. We got them on the run when we first went in, without too much trouble. We teamed up with that northern alliance and the Taliban went running. It's too bad that Masood fellow got killed, he might have made a good leader.

  8. He fell for a couple of arabs making like they were reporters, with a tv camera packed with explosives.

  9. Apparently "they" have identified Mr. Haqqani either as public enemy number one or the one to make a deal with.
    I recently heard that his network is the one which 'defeated' the Soviets and is the 'one' giving us fits. It was also reported that he has no use for al-Qaeda.

  10. There was never a chance that we could lose in Viet Nam.

  11. We almost won once in Afghanistan. Ironic that dubya wanted to finish family business in
    iraq and kill hussein, but did not wrap it up at Tora Bora.

    We had him, could have killed him and left.

    Mission Accomplished

  12. Miller says Palin was Killah with Shattner.
    Has that been discussed in my absence?

  13. I thot that TV camera had a gun in it, al-Bob.
    Saves a trip to visit the Raisins.

  14. Doug: Miller says Palin was Killah with Shattner. Has that been discussed in my absence?

    I posted the you tube but no one took a look.

  15. Cool,
    thot you might mean your site.

  16. I thot she was on Shatners show, but that was great anyhow.
    Sure comes off as truly happy and much less the phoney heavy dude and dudette, BHO and Big Butt.

  17. Sure, she is happy, doug.

    Has no job responsibilities, gets a lot of TV face time and public adulation across small town America.

    Which was her first career motivation, TV face time.

    Only now, she gets the face time on her schedule, and gets the big bucks for it.

    While Obama gets little pay, less respect, not an once of love.
    Just raw power, that is very constrained, in reality. More constrained than he ever thought possible.

  18. Obama cannot even herd cats

    BBC News - ‎1 hour ago‎

    US President Barack Obama has called Democratic senators to the White House for talks aimed at getting healthcare reform passed by the end of the year.

  19. But on the face of it, Shatner could be President, why he has more command experience than either Palin or Obama.

    He Captained the friggin' star ship "Enterprise", after all.

  20. Job market worsens for recent college graduates

    Unemployment among young adults is worse than the U.S. average. Little relief is in sight.
    For 20- to 24-year-olds, the jobless rate rose four-tenths of a percent to 16% in November, even as unemployment nationally slipped to 10% from 10.2%.

  21. They still seem hellbent on passing healthcare.
    Seem to have leaped over the Liebermann Hurdle.

  22. I think I posted that Shattner video too, anyway I know I've seen it. She seems to have kind of ice in her veins, most times. Good delivery, timing, etc.

    Nope, Al-Doug, The Video Camera Went Boom

  23. Sure comes off as truly happy

    Yes, she does, and I think she is.

    "The right thing happens to the happy man." (woman)

  24. "takes to himself what mystery he can, and, praising change as the slow night comes on, wills what he would, no more he can, the right thing happens to the happy man"

  25. WSJ reports:
    Just don't buy her a nose-hair remover for Christmas.

  26. (but would you take her out with black nose hairs hanging out?)

    Wife, amazingly, still has red-blonde hair, and almost as ancient as me.
    ...meaning I don't have the nosehair conundrum.

  27. So they got to eat (out) the raisins, afterall.
    Wonder where I got the gun idea?

  28. Caligati: PS…can you imagine, our own news media now are so politically correct that they are afraid to report that these were all Muslims

    That's the same reason they are trying to send Naveed Hoq up on an insanity plea for shooting up the Jewish Federation building in Seattle, 2006. He must have been crazy, Islam is Peaceful.

  29. Doug: Wife, amazingly, still has red-blonde hair, and almost as ancient as me.
    ...meaning I don't have the nosehair conundrum.

    You got your good things already. That explains why you don't hit on MLD!

  30. Palin's Climate-gate
    Her skepticism is an about-face from the actions she took as governor.

  31. He was out of his mind, obviously. No other explanation. What else could it be?

  32. better say the e-mails changed everything.

  33. Anonymous bob said...

    Hey Ash, Check This Out--The Divergence Problem


    Hey Bob Check out World of Warmcraft

  34. T,
    Yeah but she's a humpback, so I have to dig a hole when we have sex on our back to nature picknicks.

    (from a Hilarious Miller story I will recount later)

  35. (I refuse to forefeit the missionary position)

  36. So, Miller and two other guys were the warm up acts for Sammy Davis at a Jazz Bar.

    First kid onstage sings a love song and gets booed until he freezes, forgets the words, and begs for help.

    While this is going on, the guy next to Dennis is stressing how you must never lose your cool, just press on with your gig.

    He goes next, gets booed, and yells back:

    "That's a nice humpback you got there, why don't you take her outside, dig a hole, and hump her?"

    Guy comes up and KO's the comedian.

    Dennis, miraculously survives, unscathed.

  37. I've argued that the money proposed to be spent on cap-and-trade would be better spent on mitigating existing problems and any potential problems that may arise from AGW. However, Bjorn Lomborg outlines the issue better than me.

    A Better Approach to Addressing AGW


  38. China cop labeled a martyr after drinking death

    The drinking I could handle but some of the things they force you to eat at their banquets should be outlawed by the UN's Human Rights Council.

    "Chinese academics have estimated that government officials spend about 500 billion yuan ($73 billion) in public funds each year on official banquets, nearly one-third of the nation's expenses on dining out.


  39. rufus wrote:

    "I don't give a damn if they are communists; that Chinese bunch is just about the most competent leadership group in the history of the planet."

    That's about right for a guy who finds the Constitution of "his" country and its authors so fundamentally flawed. Apparently, like so much else, that little dust about "amerika" was just another lame excuse for you and DR Devolution to kick a Jew.

    You may rest assured that the great authors of all cultures, all of whom had an intense interest in religion, will remain on my shelves. Moreover, the Declaration will retain its honored spot, as well as a commission. O, and the Marines will continue to fight your battles, Hoss.

  40. Fuck you, Allen. I fought my own fucking battles.

    I gave'em their due. I said they wrote "one hell of a Constitution."

    I don't have to worship one set of sleazy-assed politiciana, or another, to love my Country.

    And, withholding my approval of my tax money going to finance some Zioniest motherfucker's expansionist plans doesn't make me an anti-semite.

    At least I'm not conflicted on where my loyalties lie.

  41. And, btw, I've never seen Anything in the U.S. Constitution that supported the taxing of U.S. Citizens to give support to foreign, religious movements.

  42. And, you can keep whatever comic books you want "on your shelves;" just don't send me the bill.

  43. rufus: And, withholding my approval of my tax money going to finance some Zioniest motherfucker's expansionist plans doesn't make me an anti-semite.

    American tax payer money does not finance some "zioniest motherfucker's expansionist plans"

    However American money does go to fund building many a camel motherfuckin gazan, iraq, egypt, jordan, afghanistan and several other dog humping scum bags...

    funny are you upset about American tax dollars going for them as well?

    are you upset of the 100 billion a year America is spending on keeping europe safe?

    or are you just pissy about "zionist motherfuckers"

    inquiring minds want to know...

    are you upset of the trillions given to e

  44. it's interesting...

    billions and billions a month spending to support arabia, iraq, egypt et al and not a peep...

    and somehow the LACK of American support for Israel to build homes for those that are made refugees from the africa and arab world is somehow taboo..

    America does not fund west bank settlements.

    America does not give economic aid to israel

    Israel (unlike many) has never defaulted on any loan it put it's name on...

    interesting times when we can IMPORT palestinians from iraq and settle them, with tax payer money, supporting the expansion of islam in America and the bar is silent....

  45. You Goddamned right I am. I don't want to finance any of them. Not a single, motherfucking one.

    And, no, I absolutely DON'T want to finance the defense of Europe.

    Allen, "Great" works, and other pontificating platitous bore me to tears. The fact that some guy a couple of thousand years ago had a cogent thought, or two, doesn't amaze me, and doesn't enthrall me. It just reinforces that there are always a few smart people around; and, of course, we ignore them, now, jut like they ignored them then.

    If you have any "Great Books" on your shelf that describe how to get more of our energy from local sources, and less from foreign, tyrant states, please link the name. Otherwise, I'd rather go for a drive.

  46. They always want to go back to the mythical past, rufus, just like the NAZIs.

    They deplore others as war criminals, but absolve themselves of all wrong doing, despite the numerous unanimous decisions against them.

    Everyone is prejudiced against them.

    They are ...(fill in the blank)...

    There in lies the equivalency of man.

    While the United States should not allow the transfer of monies, permit no loan guarantees and should begin forced divestiture from all Foreign States that are in violation of the Geneva Accords or the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, everywhere.

    Sudan, Iran, Syria, NorK, Pakistan and Isreal leading the list, the Zionists having a 42 year of continuing war crime to atone for. They having more criminal seniority in the dock than any of the others.

  47. rodent says/

    Sudan, Iran, Syria, NorK, Pakistan and Isreal leading the list, the Zionists having a 42 year of continuing war crime to atone for. They having more criminal seniority in the dock than any of the others.

    Hi rat! long time since your last rant? what one day?

    hey, well here is your daily "go fuck your self" rant from me..

    Hope your day is fine, the good news? Israel is stronger than ever and you're still are a Israel hating fucktard!

    Have great day, I hope someone cuts you off and you hit a pot hole...

    It's ok, blame it on me, a JOOOS...

    You are SUCH a loser it's comical

  48. interesting times when we can IMPORT palestinians from iraq and settle them, with tax payer money, supporting the expansion of islam in America and the bar is silent....

    Not me, WiO, I hate it. I'm working here to get Walt Minnick, who voted for Pelosi for speaker, out of Congress. Which is the most effective thing I can do right now.

    And, I got to stand up for Ruf on this one thing. As I recall, he joined me one day in advocating shutting the mosques is America down.

    Correct me if I'm wrong on that, Rufus.

  49. The weather here is following its usual pattern. Hell of a cold snap, then moderating temps with snow, now a melt.

    a 42 year continuing war crime

    What crap

  50. Nope, you're right, Bob. I see no good use to them. The Constitution is NOT a suicide pact.

  51. Although, I gotta admit, we're on real shakey ground with this one. It's probably one of those things I'd advocate in a blog, but "Vote Against" in Real Life.

    Sometimes the anonymity of a "blog" is great for just "blowing off steam."

  52. I'd VOTE to get rid of Mosques in a heartbeat.

  53. rufus wrote:

    "fuck you allen"

    Another stellar performance...phony...baloney...But gesticulated with all the gusto of a pimple-faced kid.

    I didn't, on this occasion, call you an anti-Semite (although you are). Instead, I questioned your loyalty using your own rabid attack on the Constitution and the Founders.

    Indeed, blogs are user friendly.

  54. And, you, Allen, are a fucking liar. You have never read an "Attack on the Constitution" out of me.

    And, you're wrong about the anti-semitism. I'm agnostic, to slightly negative on Judaeism, just as I am on Catholicism, Mohammedism, Pentacostalism, and all the other "isms."

    I AM, however, Strongly Anti-Zionism. Just as I am Strongly Anti-Jihadism.

  55. I may be a pimply-faced adolescent, Allen; but, I'm not a Lying pimply-faced adolescent. I've Never misrepresented anything you wrote.

    And, I've never asked you to pay taxes to finance any of my soulmates in an aggressive land-grab of someone else's property.

  56. rufus,

    Try some originality, for crying out loud! The "liar" routine is DR Devolutions' stock and trade.

    Now, assume you were a Martian, reading for the first time your lengthy screeds on the flaws of the Constitution and the Founders. What impression would you honestly come away with. Yes, I know: I am pushing the envelop; but give it a shot, Sport. Empathy is your friend.

  57. Well, you lying asshole, you just point out One lengthy screed I've published on the FLAWS OF THE CONSTITUTION, and I'll take it ALL back.

    And, Fuck Martians. I don't like them, either.

  58. sheesh, allen, as per usual, blames his misunderstanding upon others writing.

  59. rufus, you say your "anti-zionism"

    who deserves their own country?

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. ummm, WiO, Zionism involves more than simply Jews wanting their own country but that, as you know and as Rat has aptly named you, is misdirection

  62. My post of 12:33pm, this date, rufus, contained nothing about Zionism or the troubles in the ME.
    (It did point out your hypocracy relative to WiO.)

    Your rant about these issues, in response, was another of your strawmen. It was also a red whale. My complaint examined another subject entirely.

    Your type is exactly what's wrong with the country today: hurrah for me and "screw" you. You are exactly the sort Lenin acknowledged as useful fools. He may also have said something about your selling him the rope to hang you...It's hard to remember all the great quotations from Communist icons.

  63. Hai,

    The information about the Taliban in this blog is quite interesting.

    In order to avoid the terrorism in the country each people should co operate with the secuirty people by giving the information through the spy equipment which is installed or given to the public use.