“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, December 18, 2009

'meaningful agreement reached' on climate change.

It is amusing to hear the teminology. The "Change Artist" is doing his mightiest to stop the only change that is truly meanigful and that is the natural change of the climate.

Obama is in a meaningful agreement on holding back the tides of the natural equilibrium of the planet. We know it must be so because he says that it is.

Meaningful to whom and to what? It is as meaninful as any political promise made by Obama and most other politicians. Will it be costly? Yes. Will it be another tax on economies and freedom? Yes.

Will it prove to be meaningful to the climate of the Planet Earth? No. Is it harmless and meaningless? Unfortunately not.



  1. What should the temperature of the earth be? Are we to take a world wide vote? The folks in Nome might vote differently than the folks in Death Valley. Greenlanders, Siberians, Idahoans, might well like a little warming.

    Al-Doug, who lives in a 'perfect' climate, like in the Isles of the Blessed, might want to keep it just as it is, but many another might like it a little higher, or a little lower, depending.

    Can't find any confirmation of that Hot Air report of China and India walking out.

  2. heh, there's been some speculation that the failure to get a world wide iron clad climate agreement is to be blamed on Copenhagen's free hookers, bless 'em. Too much distraction, can't concentrate.

  3. Tiger kept them busy; it must have been something else. :)

    Al Gore gives us The 12 Days of Global Warming.

  4. :) hehheh,ha,ha,ha,

    Those boys at Minnesotans for Global Warming are pretty good, Ruf.

    Look at Day Three, Ruf, there goes Al up the slapping bland of the hockey stick, on a cherry picker rented from Hanson's Rentals!


    When you think the time is right for another round of "Hide the Decline", let me know, I'll post.

  5. Send hoors bob. Tousands and tousands of hoors.

  6. Castro mocks Obama visit to Copenhagen
    Dec 18

    Veteran Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Friday dismissed US President Barack Obama's trip to UN climate change talks in Copenhagen as a "show," and complained that the world's poor will shoulder the burden of any summit agreement.
    Castro's opinion article, titled "The Moment of Truth," also criticizes the "fascist methods" used by Danish police to put down protesting environmental activists.

    "It is already evident that a great catastrophe threatens our species," wrote Castro, 82.

    Perhaps the worst part of the summit "is blind selfishness of a rich and privileged minority that intents to impose the bulk of the necessary sacrifices on the immense majority of planet inhabitants," Castro wrote.

    He opined that "for the chiefs of the empire (the United States), despite their maneuvers and cynical lies, the moment of truth is arriving. Their own allies believe them less and less."

    In the article, which appeared in government-run media, Castro quotes at length leftist Bolivian President Evo Morales and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who both spoke at the summit.

    So a man who (like arafat) has personally executed his political enemies and shot civilians in the street (like arafat) condemns the Danes for crowd control tactics that left no one dead,,,

    The funny this? All of those buds of the "one" are dissing him now...

    castro, chaviez, palestinians, arabs, progressives, radical gays... even the moderate blue dog dems cant stand him...

    It will be funny to watch him go to be the most disliked AMERICAN president of all history, the left , right and center agree, obama sucks

  7. Whatever results from Copenhagen, Obama's minions and cohorts in the MSM will spin it as victory.

    Although, to be fair, while everyone else is repeating the Russian/US nuclear deal is "this close" line, Reuters' headlines says "US and Russia Fail to Clinch Deal."

  8. What I can't understand, is why some in Hollywood, or on the left, seem to idolize Castro.

    He ought to be shot. I think I'd support an invasion of Cuba, to lighten the place up a bit.

    That, I think, we could do, without a hell of a lot of trouble.

    But things seem going the other way right now, with thugs lecturing us, Chavez, Castro, even Mugabe, Ahmadinajad, etc. at the U.N. and at the farce in Copenhagen.

  9. Just ten threads ago, thestoryline was that Obama had done nothing.

    Only our resident liberal, the life long Democrat from Ohio, is disappointed by his performance.

    Everyone else breathes a sigh of relief, as Obama proves as powerless in Washington DC as Bush 42, Bill Clinton and Bush 41 to effect the course and speed of the United States.

    The only "change" has been in the margin notes.

  10. Even the weather hates him.

    Sometime (? opinions differ on the exact time) before Monday evening (some say as early as tomorrow night) The Dems have to round up 60 yays for a cloture vote if they're going to pass HC out of the Senate before Christmas.

    Meantime, they've got 12 inches of ice, and snow on the way, and Lieberman has boogied back to Connecticut for the Sabbath.

    Surrealer, and surrealer

  11. Really, rufus?

    It was 75 degrees here, scattered clouds. Really nice, short sleeve weather, here in the Sonoran desert of the American west.

  12. 55 in Seattle, in December, I like it.

  13. Only our resident liberal, the life long Democrat from Ohio, is disappointed by his performance.

    Nope I am happy Obama is a joke...

    The world now hates him... the country is getting fed up with him, progressives, liberals, tea partiers, palliners, conservatives, commies, and the like are fed up with him, life is getting better...

    I hope that health care reform dies, cap and trade be be shelved and that obama is a lame duck president by march...

  14. 26 degrees...

    gots to love that global warming, going to get 2 inch of white stuff tomorrow and the east coast a blanket of 9-12 inches...

    usual weather pattern is 40 degrees....

  15. Well, neighbor we're in for a biggy.

  16. I'm sorry, I read that wrong, you're getting 2" we're getting 10-20 last I heard.

  17. I love snow as long as it goes away the next day.

  18. Balmy 41 here today. Had a lot of rain last few days.

    I'm used to it, I'm tough, and don't have to put up with a lot of traffic.

  19. I love snow as long as it goes away the next day.

    Why then, you should live with me.


  20. Can you imagine the traffic tomorrow with all this snow and the last weekend before Christmas.

  21. Why is that Bob? Do you get snow and it goes away the next day or are you snowed and you go away the next day?

  22. Here's what happens here, 'cept in the winter dead--

    cold blast, little warming, snow, then the melt

    We call that melt, which always comes with a wind, light or moderate, a chinook.

    This last round was a perfect example of it.

  23. I don't like wind either, it messes my hair and gives me and ear ache. They are sensitive ya ears.

  24. Tryin' to please your weather pattern


    Forever is

    OK with me

  25. Didja read all the love poems I wrote ya, Darling, via my favorite poet, Roethke, couple threads back?

  26. I did and you don't know what it means to me to wake up in the early morning and read all the sereanades from you. I just need you now to stand outside my bedroom window and sing to me and then everything would be complete.

  27. I'd call the addition of Nine thousand dollars of additional money spent of borrowed last wednesday
    a significant change.

  28. MoveOn is livid about healthcare, Greenpeace, Climate Change, perhaps the Secret Service should double up on security for the messiah who turned back the oceans.

    Krauthammer's Take

    I think Copenhagen will go the way of Kyoto, and that means nothing of importance will come out for a simple reason, the American people aren't stupid — as they said in 1999, by a vote of 97-0 in the Senate to the Clinton administration, they are saying to the Obama administration, and it's listening.

    The American people will not accept an agreement where we have serious cuts in carbon emissions imposed on the United States, which will mean a serious constriction of the U.S. economy, a lowering of our standard of living, if the Chinese (who are the largest CO2 polluters on the planet) and the Indians ... do not accept limits, as they will not, because the result of that is

    (a) there is no effect on warming — whatever coal plant America shuts down, the Chinese and Indians are going to open [another] and so there will be no effect on the climate – and

    (b) it will, in effect, be a huge transfer of wealth and jobs out of the West, out of the American economy, into China and India.