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Monday, December 28, 2009

Put Down the Basketball Barack and Fire Janet Napolitano

LOOK AT 3:15 ON THIS CLIP Keep in mind this is a CNN report. It is startling. What a difference a year makes. Now please explain to me why we need more troops in Afghanistan when we have know Islamic radicals from Africa getting a free pass to fly to the US.

Airline 'bomber' had been banned from Britain
By James Tapsfield and Tom Morgan, PA
Monday, 28 December Independent

The man at the centre of the failed Detroit airliner bomb plot had been banned from entering Britain, it was disclosed today.

Home Secretary Alan Johnson said Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had been placed on a watch list earlier this year after UK authorities refused to renew his student visa.

Mr Johnson also said he did not believe that Abdulmutallab was acting alone, and that police and security services were examining whether he was radicalised while at University College London (UCL) between 2005 and 2008.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Mr Johnson confirmed the 23-year-old had been refused a new visa and placed on a watch list last May after applying for a bogus course.

"If you are on our watch list then you do not come into this country," Mr Johnson said. "You can come through this country if you are in transit to another country but you cannot come into this country."

The Home Secretary said US authorities should theoretically have been informed, and he doubted there had been a "hiccup" in procedures.

American officials have said Abdulmutallab was on one of their "long" watch lists, but was not banned from travelling.

The issues being investigated by police and security services in this country included "what happened when he was in this country, was he radicalised in this country, was there any association with whoever may have been behind this plot", according to Mr Johnson.

"We don't know yet whether it was a single-handed plot or (there were) other people behind it - I suspect it's the latter rather than the former," he added.

Security at airports on both sides of the Atlantic has been heightened in the wake of the incident on Christmas Day, when Abdulmutallab allegedly tried to ignite a device as the Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam - carrying nearly 280 passengers - entered its final descent to Detroit.

Delays are expected to continue on transatlantic journeys today with passengers advised to bring only one item of luggage, and facing waits of about one hour.

Mr Johnson said the Government was looking at the use of full body scanners, which some experts have suggested were now needed at airports.

"There is an issue of cost and you always have to get this balance between ensuring that the security of our population which is our primary concern, is balanced against people going about their normal daily business," he said.

"There is an issue of cost, yes, there is an issue of convenience. But we intend to be at the cutting edge of all this technology and to ensure that we put it in place as quickly as possible."

He said answers were needed about how Abdulmutallab managed to penetrate security at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, where he transferred after flying in on a KLM flight from his native Nigeria.

According to US law enforcement officials, the suspect has claimed he received training and instructions from al Qaida operatives in Yemen.

A video posted on extremist websites affiliated with al Qaida on December 21 depicted a bearded man in head-dress, identified as Mohammed al-Kalwi, says: "We are carrying a bomb to hit the enemies of God."

Abdulmutallab's wealthy family have said they believe he was radicalised while attending the British International School in Lome, the capital of Togo. After he broke off contact, they approached foreign security agencies expressing concern about his state of mind and requesting "assistance to find and return him home".

However, police and MI5 have been diverting resources to probe the importance of his London links.

Throughout the weekend search teams combed the imposing mansion block in Mansfield Road, close to Oxford Street, where Abdulmutallab lived in the capital.

Michael Rimmer, a Briton who taught the suspect history at UCL, said his impression of Abdulmutallab was positive, claming the youngster chose to give £50 to an orphanage rather than spend it on souvenirs in London.

Mr Rimmer said: "At one stage, his nickname was 'The Pope'. In one way it's totally unsuitable because he's Muslim, but he did have this saintly aura."

Meanwhile, Abdulmutallab has been charged in hospital in the States with attempting to destroy Northwest Airlines Flight 253.

US President Barack Obama has ordered a fresh review of screening processes to discover whether the authorities should have taken more heed of warnings about the threat the suspect posed.


  1. Bunch of Phoney Losers.
    I'm more convinced than ever that Mr Dorhn wrote that book, not birdbrain.

    Police Are Said to Have Killed 10 in Iran Protests

  2. Since everyone calls me Deuce...

  3. Unlike the other protesters reported killed on Sunday, Ali Moussavi appears to have been assassinated in a political gesture aimed at his uncle, according to Mohsen Makhmalbaf, an opposition figure based in Paris with close ties to the Moussavi family.

    Mr. Moussavi was first run over by a sport utility vehicle outside his home, Mr. Makhmalbaf wrote on his Web site. Five men then emerged from the car, and one of them shot Mr. Moussavi.

  4. Less confusing to the new commenters. You'll get used to it.

  5. The White House condemned what it called the “unjust suppression” of civilians by the Iranian government on Sunday.

    “Hope and history are on the side of those who peacefully seek their universal rights, and so is the United States,” said Mike Hammer, a spokesman for the National Security Council.
    Don't need no stinkin exertion by BHO

  6. Aw, gee, ain't NUTHIN Sacred no more!

  7. Rather than put thirty thousand more troops in the US. lets put three air marshalls on evry flight.

  8. How could that dude have his balls burned off and not scream?

  9. Trail Mix
    Raisins and Toasted Nuts

  10. MattEchoes said...
    This article shows what percentage of foreclosures come from the upper tier markets: Zillow Blog

    As of the end of the second quarter of this year, Zillow estimated that 23% of single-family homes with mortgages are underwater on their mortgages, so expect cure rates to stay lower than they would be otherwise.

  11. What a moron that fat bitch is.
    I have no timer, Deuce.
    Maybe I will @ youtube?

  12. Gorelick was a traitorous crook, but at least she had half a brain.

  13. 7 Beers said...

    "Watch next month, when a known terrorist succeeds in blowing up a plane and killing all 500 on board, and Ms. Napolitano says:

    "The system worked. There were literally thousands of flights this year that did not get blown to bits.

    Within 90 minutes, all flights were notified to make sure that they would not get blown to bits.

    Everyone played a part, the passengers and crew played their parts of dying and I'm playing my part of the brain-dead politician putting the nation into a suicidal coma."

  14. Pilots oughta go on strike until sanity is returned.

  15. Chestnuts roastin' on an open fire, Doug. It's that time of year.

    One thing you might do, just a thought, is, if the old man comes into the US Embassy and says, I'm really worried about the son, you might think about bumping him up the watch list a bit. Just a thought.

  16. That would seem like credible witness to me, insider knowledge. Hell, I'd do it, bump him up the list to A1 risk, damn the PC consequences.

  17. "Should Janet Napolitano be forced to endure TSA screenings for the rest of her life, or merely fired? "

  18. Consign her to a lifetime blogging at Ash Rants?

  19. It was a happy day, in Arizona, when Ms Napolitano went back to her Federal roots.

    It really is a shame that the rumors of her taking Sheriff Joe with her, that they did not pan out.
    Oh well ...

    Good to see that there is spreading civil unrest, in Iran. Couldn't be happening in a better place or at a better time.
    With no obvious US connection.

    Another US foreign policy success that goes unsung.

    Way to go, guys!

  20. 1. Thrasymachus:

    I’ve got a burning object between my legs pretty much all the time. If somebody wants to jump on me and put it out, I just hope it’s a woman.

    I’m sorry but every other commenter here probably has too much class to go after the glaring double entendres, leaving the job to me.

    Seriously this may not be effective terrorism from the standpoint of blowing up planes but I shudder to think what it’s going to do to airport screening.

  21. Today, in keeping with Rat's consultation, the Obama administration decided NOT to use a red felt marker to write a note scolding Iran... the Obama administration, upon hearing our very own Rodent, chose a nice shade of Islamic green to communicate it's unhappiness about the civilians in Iran getting in the way of the Iran's Islamic State's ammo being discharged.

    "We feel it's duty to condemn the protesters in Iran for placing their bodies in front of discharging weapons"

    Rat was pleased at his new job as Asst Sec of Policy at the NSA.

    Reached for comment on the Iranian situation, the Rat stated "America is voting PRESENT and allowing what happens to happen"

  22. The United States has, for a number of years, been funding the infrastructure of unrest, in Iran.
    This was a policy that started with Mr Bush and his "Conservative" staff.

    We know that Team Obama has maintained course and speed with regards US policies in Iraq/Iran.

    What we aare seeing, that collateral damage in Iran, is just what we want to see, what we've paid for. That there is some collateral damage with regards Iranian civilians, not worthy of much mention, by US.

    It is in our best interest to behave as if nothing of note is happening, in Iran, at all.

  23. Or as Rat would spell it duece.


  24. 'Rat has a sexy ally, WIO:

    Andrew Sullivan Unhinged

    Word smuggled out of Teheran has told us that the protestors themselves would like a little U.S. affirmation so they won’t feel they are dying in the dark. And the citizens of our own country could certainly use the reassurance about the values we stand for, via a word or two in behalf of the demonstrators, especially after being subjected to a punishing year-long Presidential apology tour for American exceptionalism.

    But from Obama we get only beseeching admonitions that are far too little and always too late and always undermined by the reluctance with which they are delivered. This has become a vain, small-minded and morally anemic presidency that only someone like Andrew Sullivan could love.

  25. In a way it would be comforting to believe that Napolitano was just that stupid.

    However, I get the feeling she screwed up, knows she screwed up, but throws this shit out there anyway expecting the American people are stupid enough to believe it, thus adding insult to injury. Typical D.C., incompetence compounded by arrogance.

    I doubt she'll be dumped. Too high a profile. We tried to get rid of Janet Reno too.

    I heard she is revising her story today. Don't have the details yet.


  26. Simone BC:


    My point was that, contrary to what Whiskey was asserting, Abdulmuttalab was almost certainly not deprived of a wife or of sexual relations with women.

    His father is from reports a wealthy and influential banker and is after all his father. So his sociopathy is not due to despair over a lack of a wife, nor is it due to grinding poverty.
    Money can't buy you love,
    ...when you're a geek up the creek afraid of the saddle.

  27. Right here Doug, did you miss me?

  28. The suspect says, "There's more like me in Yemen" but ash won't let us put ALL the Yemeni males from ages 18-49 with no luggage and a tourist visa with no return ticket on a watch list and Janet is inclined to agree.

  29. Napolitano Changes Her Tune [Jonah Goldberg]

    She now says that her repeated mantra of "the system worked" was taken out of context. .
    her hackish talking points were a flop so she's pretending she didn't mean what she said and is blaming others for not understanding her.

    I thought the head of the DHS was supposed to have the trust of the American people.

    Again: This hack should be fired.

  30. Yeah, T, I thot you might have something witty to add to my "saddle" comment.

  31. Turns out he bought a round tripper, T.
    But still, no excuse.

  32. Abdulmutallab was treated for burns and was released Sunday to a prison 50 miles outside of Detroit.

    Maybe he has an Asbestos Basket?

  33. Doug: Yeah, T, I thot you might have something witty to add to my "saddle" comment.

    Not much to work with there, Doug, but I do have an interest in saddlehorns.

  34. Shorty Long also sang
    "here come da judge"
    (as did Pigmeat)

  35. I always have horns for the saddle.

  36. Learning From Abdul Mutallab

    5) After the embarrassing debate about Hasan (e.g., "Was he a terrorist?"; second-hand post-traumatic stress syndrome, etc.), I don't think the public will put up with similar contextualization about Mutallab.

    6) The politics of anti-terrorism in this administration will insidiously begin to change, given that there was no repeat of 9/11 between 2001 and 2009 — and that thereafter, signs began to emerge that radical Muslims were reenergized and eager to trump their feat of eight years ago. In such a climate, one must worry more about the passengers on Flight 253 and less about whether self-confessed mass murderer and beheader KSM is given a public venue to explain his hatred of the United States, and is granted rights usually not accorded to such out-of-uniform and self-proclaimed terrorist enemies.
    So a little more
    "Beware of radical Muslim terrorists who want to murder us — and won't!"
    and a little less chest-thumping about dropping the supposedly retrograde "War on Terror."
    Sorry, Victor, but I'm not holding my breath.

  37. This Guy's Been on Every Channel, Every Day for a Year. Now He's Shy?

    At some point, a strategy insisting that unsuccessful attacks are not worth presidential comment starts looking like whistling past the graveyard, or pretending that the incidents aren't a big deal when they are.

  38. Did we know this class?

    "And he claims to have been trained in Yemen — the al Qaeda hub to which the administration has just sent a half-dozen trained jihadists previously detained in Gitmo, and where it hopes to send many more."

    I sure as hell didn't

  39. Sadoughi Hospital

    The New York Times reported Sunday that Tehran's Najmieh Hospital had performed 17 operations on people with gunshot wounds. A doctor said the hospital was treating 60 people with serious head injuries, including three who were in critical condition, according to the newspaper.

    Medical personnel in Isfahan told Tehran Bureau that Revolutionary Guard agents forcefully evacuated some patients who had come for treatment after being beaten at protests. "They brought a few of the injured today to the Al Zahra hospital in Isfahan. One man in his 30s was so severely beaten that he was unconscious and immediately taken to the resuscitation room. Minutes after his arrival, plainclothes agents turned up and ordered hospital officials to immediately transfer the man to the Sadoughi Hospital, which is run by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps," a member of the hospital staff told Tehran Bureau. "As far as I know, there were no reported deaths here," the hospital staff member said.

  40. Ash, we would like your take on events in Iran: Covert/clandestine success story in the making? Or bloody DIY project sadly unexploited and callously unsupported?

    Or. None of the above?

  41. "(I have the distinction of being the only one in my crowd ever thrown out of two coffee shops for talking politics)"

    - Papa Ray

  42. Why ask Why?

    Why ask ASSLEY Why?

  43. Ash is for wimmin's rights.
    That's why he's Pro Muzzie.

  44. You seemed lonely.

    I'm inviting company.

  45. It appears to be going entirely too well for the CIA to be involved.

  46. Gosh, could Iran obtain a democracy all by their own selves WITHOUT the U.S. sending troops to patrol the streets in Strykers for ten years and get their asses blown off? That will blow neo-con theories right to hell.

  47. "You seemed lonely. "
    No Shiite!

  48. Doug: At some point, a strategy insisting that unsuccessful attacks are not worth presidential comment starts looking like whistling past the graveyard, or pretending that the incidents aren't a big deal when they are.

    This guy tries to blow up a plane, and it's beneath Obama to comment, but Obama has time to comment a cop arresting a guy sneaking around a house trying to find a way in, by saying he was acting "stupidly".

    LIBERAL: Lacking Intelligence But Eagerly Reducing American Liberty

  49. Aides to Iran’s Opposition Leaders Said to Be Arrested
    Top aides to Mir Hussein Moussavi were among a number of opposition figures arrested, Iranian Web sites reported, a day after chaotic street battles.

  50. Doug: Top aides to Mir Hussein Moussavi were among a number of opposition figures arrested, Iranian Web sites reported, a day after chaotic street battles.

    "The more you tighten your grip, Governor Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers." -- Princess Leia

    Obama wants to Nationalize health care with a Socialist model. Didn't our grandparents fight the National Socialists in Germany?

  51. What many here do not understand is that Iranian style of democracy is the same as Hama's...

    Do you really think they care what a few thousand protester think?

    Hamas proved that you can actually FLING people off of roof tops and still get the world's cash and respect...

  52. Maybe we should ask Stephen Hayes what he means by "regime change."

    Does he mean regime replacement? Regime refinement? Adjustment?

    Are you waiting for the storming of the palace?

    Wake up and smell the coffee, Stephen: THEY HAVE NO MEANS TO ACCOMPLISH WHAT YOU ENVISION.


  53. Unless the arms come with a self destruct mechanism.

  54. Janet At Work

    Interesting about those caves, Doug.

  55. By the end of 2010 we'll be offering the mullahs the use of our Armed Forces to protect their oil wells, if need be.

    The OECD Nations are drawing down their reserves to the tune of about 1 Million barrels of oil/day.

    On top of that, about 1 Million Barrels/day are coming out of "Floating Storage."

    This, with the OECD still mired in slow growth/recession.

    Even worse, 2009 will probably be the last year in the history of the world that "new capacity" outran "Declines" from existing fields. We're expected to bring 600,000 barrels "Less" online in 2010 than we lose from Declining Fields.

    And, China's going crazy.

    Oil prices will likely go astronomical by summer whether we're still in recession, Or Not.

    This is really starting to look Ugly.

  56. The Iranians know all this.

    They know we'd rather cut our nuts off with a rusty razor than get anything further stirred up in the "Gulf," right now.

  57. "They know we'd rather cut our nuts off with a rusty razor..."

    I was actually going to say "stick our nuts in the gears of a combine" but I think your choice of words is even more vivid.

  58. bob: Napolitano Now Says System Failed But Bush Done It

    I was about to say...if the system worked, why did they change it so you can't get up during the last hour of the flight?

  59. Rufus, me and eight other folks ride a van the 45 miles from Tacoma to Naval Base Kitsap every day, that's how we're dealing with peak oil. We're just early adopters. If oil goes over a hundred bucks again, we're going to do a double-dip recession, shades of 1937. One good thing: Obama will be a one-termer.

  60. I don't know.

    "stick our nuts in the gears of a combine,"

    is "pretty vivid."

  61. Good thinking, T. You are, indeed, ahead of the curve.

    And, yes, it Will lead to a double-dip, and, Yes, Obama has a very good chance of being a "one-termer."

  62. fact is Iran is a clusterfuck...

    Iran has been the focus of all that has been going on for the last 30 years...

    If IRAN could be turned to be pro-western then one of the 3 pillars of radical islamism would collapse...

    dont be fooled thinking the mullahs will go quietly into the night...

    they had NO problem (read about mr dinnerjacket's role in plastic keys to heaven for the kids during the iran/iraq war) sacrificing 1,000,000 people against the baathist regime

    I would love nothing more that iran, thru it's own efforts, became a jeffersonian democracy and joined the nations of the world (including israel) I just dont see that happening without a lot of bloodshed.. And I dont see our fearless leader standing tall in public shouting about the dignity of all mankind and human rights...

    I see him shooting hoops...

  63. Just talking with my engineer, he says 10 State Attorneys General are going to file suit with the Feds alleging vote buying, like Nebraska getting an out on the Medicare/Caid I think it is, in perpetuity, while other states get stuck, and other such stuff. They think the Constitution doesn't call for manoevers like this. Hope they file in some Texas Federal Court.

    The bloom is beginning to come off the rose, seems to me.

  64. "stick our nuts in the gears of a combine"

    Particularily not one of these new ones.

    You wouldn't even be able to find the parts after, nor a pubic hair.

    You don't want to do that.

    Dad got his fingers mangled up in reaper, that was bad enough.

    Always had his left hand in his pocket after that.

  65. Rufus: I don't know. "stick our nuts in the gears of a combine," is "pretty vivid.

    Is that like getting one's tit caught in a wringer?
    The Freight Train of Truth is coming in 2010. Liberals are pennies on the track.

  66. a pecker in a sausage maker? in a pencil sharpener?

  67. The Freight Train of Truth is coming in 2010. Liberals are pennies on the track.

    I think a new term should be used instead of "liberal"

    I am liberal... I support separation of church and state, woman's right to choose, decrim of pot, hell i even enjoy my fair share of porn....

    The term "liberal" as changed... I havent...

    Progressives, Socialists maybe Looters?

  68. I read your first line there WiO, then looked down to take a bite of my eggs and toast, and thought the same thing, looking back up, you've said it.

    We've been hit by being thought of as regressives, opposed to progress, they the 'progressives'.

    How does neo-coms sound to describe them. Maybe a little too like neo-con.

    But you're right, a new term is needed.

    Takers, maybe?

  69. If the US has been supporting opposition to the Iranian regime, it has done so with its usual flair for failure.

    The mullahs will survive and continue to nibble away at US interests in such places as Iraq and Afghanistan.

    As for the Detroit Flash, all that is needed for security is a few hundred billion dollars more. The US is not willing to pay the price for genuine, foolproof security.

    PS: Despite everything, Habu was often hilariously intelligent – merkin, indeed :)

  70. ...dedicated to the Detroit Flash, Ash and oppressed Muslims everywhere...

    Why is everybody always pickin' on me?

  71. Once we got done rolling up Israeli assets, we were just kinda pooped.

  72. A merkin is somebody who lives in Merika.

  73. "At the captain's discretion, passengers can once again have blankets and other items on their laps"

    ...nothing about prayer insensitive...

    nothing about genitalia warmers - Hey, don't laugh, Detroit's cold, you know!

    C4and det-cord have many uses unknown to infidels, e.g. heating beanie-weenies and weanie warming. Ha!

    In-flight security rules eased

  74. "Once we got done rolling up Israeli assets, we were just kinda pooped."

    Oh, to be able to bet on that bit of snark.

  75. And where is Ash anyway?

    He was summoned and failed to appear.

  76. ...but...Confession is good for the soul.

  77. I can call spirits from the vasty deep.

    But do they appear when you call them?

    Habu says goodbye--

    33. Habu:

    Spending Christmas off grid in one of my Montana retreats proved a valuable experience and put some of my theoretical skills to practical pressure.

    Now back in Florida I have watched the events of last day or so and caught up on some back threads. It all leads me to a long developing feeling whose practical time has arrived.
    Over the course of the years since 9/11 I have advocated almost everything I now read on many blogs. I simply did it years earlier and was considered a murderous radical for pointing out such basics as the fact that islam and Christianity are totally immiscible and that we are in a war that will, if we allow it to, go on for decades. Nuke ‘em I said. Kill hundreds of millions so they would see our power. The chorus remained the same, even today, yet everything I proposed has come to be and now, since obama many of you have tacked toward my position albeit remaining to hold onto the fantasy that islam will cease its war on infidels without a huge loss. It will never cease without a mass killing of islams.

    Early on in these predictions they were either not published or after an initial posting I was banned from certain sites. Politico couldn’t handle me eviscerating one of its writers so it immediately banned me after my first parry and thrust with the fellow.

    It is good to see the changes in thinking taking place on various sites anent the dastardly islams. As for me, a new year will bring my silence, across the Internet. Joyous to many I’m sure. Blogging is not living any more so than watching a football game is playing in it. My recent experiences off grid have reinforced living a life with a bit more vigor than blogging through life. I wish you all a great year and wonderful life. Thanks W for all you do.

    Dec 28, 2009 - 10:39 am

  78. Shit, habu has "quit" more times than I have.

  79. bob wrote:

    ...Habu says goodbye--...

    Give it three days. Habu has something in common with OBL and not a few bloggers: He would die without the daily attention.

  80. I really dont understand why our worm of a man President, Obama doesnt have the BALLS to stand up like an AMerican leader and tell the Iranians to embrace civil society and stop all the nonsense, terror and bullshit...

    But he wont...

    What he could do, but wont?

    Fund, arm and support the non-persian minorities right to self determination...

    Now that the Turks have shown their true colors there is not much reason to withhold arms and support for an INDEPENDENT KURDISTAN!!!!

    Think of it...
    The KURDS

    Take a CHUNK out of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria and LIBERATE a people who have been fucked over Islam, Arabs, Persians & More...

    Want to kick the Persian Mullahs in the ass?

    Fund the KURDS, the Balcuchs etc...

    They represent 43% of all of Iran's population

  81. Think Obama will praise the Dane and other passengers who stopped the attack when he makes his statement?

  82. It's hard for Ohumble to praise anyone else, and, they're white, and, it puts a black marker under with an exclamation point under FAILURE.

    This is a delicate PR situation.

    I've come back twice, for Melody.

  83. bob: Think Obama will praise the Dane and other passengers who stopped the attack when he makes his statement?

    Obama will prosecute the macho Dane for assault, to send a message that all forms of violence are not to be tolerated. He should have just let the system work.

  84. WiO, I'm so tired of that whole damn region. Let's not do an Operation Iranian Freedom. Put an embargo on their refined petroleum product imports and let the Iranian people deal with their mullahs.

  85. WiO,

    A united Kurdistan would control 1/6 of the world's oil and gas reserves. The Kurds like us.

    ...never happen...

    O, of ethnic groups, Kurds are most similar genetically to XXXX.

    …never happen…

  86. Thanks for the reminder, Allen.
    Haven't watched the Zohan yet.
    The Real Jew Boy is doing quite well, thank you, wife, kids and all I do believe.
    I liked that goofy golf movie that my wife hated.

  87. XXXX
    No 'skin in the game,
    BUT, a reservoir tip!

  88. 64. RCM:

    Marty @54:

    Actually, I’ve heard that the Boss likes her…some have her pegged as the next Supreme Court nominee from the Obama team.

    Just sayin’…

    I don’t think Obama picked many for their intellect, but either for their ideology, their pliability…or their ruthlessness.


    Forgot about that.
    Maybe we can fatten her up some more and Diabetes will work it's magic.

  89. WiO,

    Not being the "World's Foremost Authority", my statement concerning the Kurds relies upon science (Yuk!).

    ...for the curious:

    The Y Chromosome Pool of Jews as Part of the Genetic Landscape of the Middle East

    And while I don't think you can Wiki it, the science suggests that our ancestors were doing very well in the Fertile Cresent about 10,500 years ago. Again, sadly, this information is probably not available via Wiki. It is readily available, however, within the above referenced, lengthy, technical report (Yuk!).

    "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence."
    ___John Adams (Yes, that Adams - one of the infamous Founders) - Yuk!

  90. I watched the Adams Family myself.


    68. gamehawker:

    Subotai Bahadur @ a earlier related post;
    “Otherwise, that might have been yet another “unprecedented” event”

    Pres Obama called this an “isolated incident

    (he saw your earlier post!)
    Now, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain and his 25 Nigerian friends!
    (currently training in Yemen)
    Still love you dude, but you gotta keep up!

  91. Teresita said...
    WiO, I'm so tired of that whole damn region. Let's not do an Operation Iranian Freedom. Put an embargo on their refined petroleum product imports and let the Iranian people deal with their mullahs.

    A United Kurdistan would be an "Good Thang" to quote the Martha.

    The Kurds are, in fact, one of the regions indigenous peoples who deserve statehood.

    The creation of said state are already being formed within Iraq, as a semi-autonomous area. Now that Turkey has joined syria and iran in it's axis alignment what better way to put a can of whoop ass on those illegally occupying pricks called the Ottomans...


    lol... the visions of plums dance in my mind as the Kurds herd the turks out of Kurdistan, along with the syrians, iranians & iraqis...

    Let's see some map re-drawing...

    want to kill the islamic beast? return the Hussein family to Mecca... fracture Iran into 5 countries...

    make the Alawites become the minority they are...

    throw out the arabs from lebanon... (fucking occupying shitting pricks)

    Empower the Copts and the Berbers to seek their own nations...

    Yep stop the occupation....

  92. Doug: Now, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

    The man behind the voting curtain? We already know Obama doesn't pay him no mind.

  93. According to an old tradition, the Jews of Kurdistan are descendents of the Ten Tribes from the time of the Assyrian exile in 723 b.c. (Roth 1972).

    According to the Mormons, the American Indians, or at least some of them, were from the Ten Tribes. Never did believe that though.

    I read an article one time saying there is something know as the 'wandering gene(s)' found more heavily in populations at the far ends of the world, like towards the end of South America. Whether this is in any way related to the speculated 'Wandering Gene' in Down's Syndrome kids who are know for wandering off, I don't know.

  94. WiO,

    The Atlanta Journal Constitution has been sending mixed messages during the past few days.

    On one hand it insinuates its approval of an XXXXXXXX strike against Iran's nuclear plant; while on the other it chastises XXXXXXX for entering the PA to kill the three terrorists who, days before, had murdered a XXXXXXX rabbi.

    How XXXXXXX handles Iran remains to be seen. Going into the PA for a quick kill sends the right message: We will no longer do the Arafat play, you pay.

  95. bob,

    Since time out of mind, XXXXXXX men have traveled the world over, trading. This may in part explain the presence of XXXXXXX genetic markers worldwide. It may also explain why, even today, far flung vestigial groups/communities of XXXXXXX reside in Asia and Africa. On one occasion during the past few months, I linked to examples of these communities in Africa, India and China.

    I get around

  96. Bob: According to the Mormons, the American Indians, or at least some of them, were from the Ten Tribes. Never did believe that though.

    Not the Ten Tribes, they came over with Nephi on a ship in 600 BC, and when they pissed off God, he made their skin dark as a curse and to keep the Nephites from being attracted to the Lamanites and mixing with them. Apparently Joseph Smith didn't like people with dark skin. You should see the looks me and Miss Fely got in Ogden just having a bite to eat.

  97. Deuce,

    ...for a name change, for a change...


  98. allen said...

    The Atlanta Journal Constitution has been sending mixed messages during the past few days.

    On one hand it insinuates its approval of an XXXXXXXX strike against Iran's nuclear plant; while on the other it chastises XXXXXXX for entering the PA to kill the three terrorists who, days before, had murdered a XXXXXXX rabbi.

    --- do you notice how quiet the press is when Obama uses Predators to liquidate people in Pakistan, Afghanistan & Yemen and yet XXXXX has confirmed that the men they tried to apprehend and shot and killed, had hidden assault rifles in their home that matched the ballistics in the murder case

    allen: How XXXXXXX handles Iran remains to be seen. Going into the PA for a quick kill sends the right message: We will no longer do the Arafat play, you pay.

    ----xxxx needs to be clear, if you expect ONE THOUSAND palestinians to be traded for ONE xxxx corporal then if you murder one xxxx be prepared to loose 1000....

    The valuation of XXXX blood is now official.

    XXXX Blood is about 1 to 1,000

    So no more disproportionate complaints...

    The world has set the valuation...

    Time for the XXXX's to use the standards that the world sets...

    I will invent a new XXXX brucah to cover the guilt the XXXX will have to say on the High Holidays for generations and generations to say...

    Some day we will add the NAME "PALESTINE" to the roster of black hearted shitheads, erased from the earth forever......

    And we XXXX's can do it...

    Just ask the Romans, Greeks, Canaanites, Assyrians, True Egyptians & the famous Agagites... Oh that's right, they are GONE...

    and so shall the "palestinians" join their brothers from the dark side...

    and the XXXX's will raise a glass of sweet wine and toast life...

  99. Muslim suicide bombers in Britain are set to begin a three-day strike on Monday in a dispute over the number of virgins they are entitled to in the afterlife. Emergency talks with Al Qaeda management have so far failed to produce an agreement.

    The unrest began last Tuesday when Al Qaeda announced that the number of virgins a suicide bomber would receive after his death will be cut by 20% next January from 72 to only 60. The rationale for the cut was the increase in recent years of the number of suicide bombings and a subsequent shortage of virgins in the afterlife.

  100. Why do these morons on the media refer to the Niger bomber as "a gentleman"?

  101. That is true, Quirk, I have often spelled it duece.

    Totally a mea culpa, too.

    Just a case of of my give a damn runnin' out, I guess.

    No slight was ever intended.

  102. Sam,

    Re: vagaries of virginity


    This is a classic case of the Peter Principle. aQ leadership has no imagination. What do you do when you run short of virgins? Baa! Baa! Baa!

    And who said the virgins had to be girls of eight years of age?

  103. 77. Mad Fiddler:

    Thanks, Habu, for lots of stretchmarks on my brain.

    By the way, the 1973 kidnapping and murder of US Ambassador Cleo Noel, diplomat George C. Moore, and Guy Eid, Belgian ChargĂ© d’affaires to Sudan were done by the PLO “Black September” faction, on personal telephone orders of the pervert Yassir Arafat.

    Arafat later was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

    It is well to remember the company in which our wonderful Obama of the Towering Intellect wallows.

  104. What will that poor black Transi do when he runs out of Peter, Sam?

  105. Shop AutoZone!

    COLUMBUS, Ohio—Police say an armed man robbing an auto sales store in north Columbus was shot and killed by a store employee.
    The shooting occurred at Advanced Auto Sales at 657 E. 5th Avenue about 5 p.m. Monday.
    According to Columbus police, the shooting stemmed from an attempted robbery. The suspected robber entered the business and asked to use the restroom, then came out showing a gun and demanding cash.
    Police told NBC 4 that the attendant gave the robbery suspect money, but he said it wasn’t enough and began pistol-whipping the attendant. Another employee was able to retrieve a gun and shot the robber.
    The robber was pronounced dead at the scene.
    The employee suffered a broken nose and was treated and released from Grant Medical Center.
    Police continue to investigate the robbery and shooting. No charges have been filed at this time.

  106. Since I wouldn't blow myself up for anything less than 350-400 virgins, I'll never be a suicide bomber. I don't come cheap.

    You should see the looks me and Miss Fely got in Ogden just having a bite to eat.

    That kind of surprises me. (You were eating food weren't you?)

    The daughter has successfully reconstituted my e-mail service which went haywire again. She's a genius.

    Anybody need anything from Costco? We're not renewing, what with Wal-Mart next door. Our last trip.

  107. Anybody need anything from Costco? We're not renewing, what with Wal-Mart next door. Our last trip.

    check out the solar power set up, i heard it's enough to power a light and phone rechargers

    however Apple has a new solar iphone recharger pad...

  108. Building a micro solar generator

    This is a little solar generator he made for camping and fishing. It could come in handy in a power outage as well.

    supplies needed:
    1.26w weather proof solar panel $30.00 (cabelas)
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    12v socket $11.00 (walmart)
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    wire plugs $2.00 (walmart)
    super glue $1.00 (dollar store)

    TOTAL: $84.00
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  109. Blogger trish said...

    "Ash, we would like your take on events in Iran: Covert/clandestine success story in the making? Or bloody DIY project sadly unexploited and callously unsupported?

    Or. None of the above?"

    Sorry I couldn't respond as quickly as desired but I do have a life with the family away from the computer.

    I wish I could give a good answer. My guess is that, no, definitely not a DIY project unsupported and unexploited. Yes to the probability that it is a DIY project but I fear that if we openly rushed in as we Americans tend to do in our bellicose way we would undermine the DIY project. We suffer from the hubris that the world revolves around US. We certainly do have a strong influence and still have a shining city on a hill but the sheen is a tad tarnished.

    I wish I could speak to the covert support we've given but I really have no idea. Have we done much? Have we done a lot of financing of the student groups? If yes, do they know we've done the financing? I really don't know but I sure am pleased to see them rising up against their oppressive regime and I urge that we keep the pressure up as we have ratcheting up the sanctions, letting them know our displeasure at the regimes actions, but not attacking with our military or helping Israel do so.

  110. "Totally a mea culpa, too."

    Your first mistake, Rat, is taking anything I say too seriously. I've spelled it wrong a couple times myself.


  111. It was not that I took you that seriously, Quirk, it's that I had recently noticed that I've done that spelling, numerous times.

    Never thought much of it, except that now that I use this Firefox comment box, it has a spell check while the Explorer did not.

  112. Firefox comment box?


  113. The comment box, on the blog, in Firefox has the redlines under the misspelled words, and no, Explorer did not.

  114. I know explorer doesn't have it, you have to add it to google toolbar. You've noticed my grammar sucks but I never misspell one blessed word.

    I heard FireFox was better than explorer.

  115. A good night.

  116. "I wish I could speak to the covert support we've given..."

    What covert support?

    That's the point, Ash.

    : )

  117. EXCELLENT choice, Trish.

    Good night.

  118. All the patrons that had switched swore by it, then my wife did, too.

    I like it more, but for the favorites are all over on Explorer.

    But so are a bunch of what have become not so favorites, now.

  119. You don't bookmark through google or yahoo? After my computer crashed and I lost all of my favorites, I started to bookmark through them this way if it ever happens again I'll always have them. Or doesn't firefox work that way, being able to have a google or yahoo toolbar? I don't know anything about it.

  120. Melody I put all my favorite bookmarks on my blog, but only to keep my bookmarks from getting to cluttered. I can never ever lose my bookmarks, because it is my hobby to create my own operating system based on Puppy Linux, and the changes are incremental, like a rock garden. If anything happens, I can roll back a week or two and start over.

  121. Doug: Ash is for wimmin's rights. That's why he's Pro Muzzie.

    Oh, you mean like in Saudi Arabia, where no woman can admit to being raped, because she will then become the victim of an "honor killing" by twelve of her own relatives?

  122. The crotch bomber was coached by a couple of muzzies released from Gitmo in 2007 and enrolled in the Saudi 'Art Therapy Rehab Program' but were unable to handle the stresslessness.

    Saudi officials concede its program has had its "failures" but insist that, overall, the effort has helped return potential terrorists to a meaningful life....

    I.e., jihad.

    h/t JihadWatch

    So, it was all Bush's fault after all.

  123. I know what you mean about the clutter. That's why I use the other two you can categorize. I'm not creating any operating system...I buy...I plug in...I turn on...I use.

    What's Puppy Linux?

  124. rat, it import favorites into firefox

  125. I'd love to see a two thousand pound laser guided pork bomb hit that black rock they worship in Mecca. Food warfare. It's biodegradable and Earth friendly!

    MDL: What's Puppy Linux?

    Puppy Linux is a complete operating system that is less than 100 megabytes. It boots totally into RAM, then you pull the disk out and free up your tray (one of those mini-CDs). It just works. Wanna watch a DVD? Puppy does it. Click on a PDF and Puppy shows it. Surf the web. Send email. And install a zillion new programs that are free. My Puppy is so chubby now with Open Office and WINE (that lets me run Windows programs) and stuff from Debian Linux that I claim it as mine: Hacky Linux.

  126. Ennui Becomes Us

    “Consider the effects of … so many contradictory “facts,” “truths” and “informed opinions” that people everywhere can essentially select and interpret facts in a way that accords with their own personal, idiosyncratic and often flat-wrong versions of reality… A truth pocked with holes but one that is “true enough” will nonetheless hold sway over those who choose to believe it for reasons political, religious or otherwise because it feels right.

    “Just as individuals are freer than ever before to pick and choose “facts” to fit their personal beliefs, states are now able to engage in what is known as forum shopping…