“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, December 18, 2009

After all, it is girl's night out.


  1. At least someone is humoring me tonight. I really thought, T, was coming through for me. Surprise. Surprise.

  2. Oh Shit

    I'll be back in a minute.

  3. Honey, if it only takes you a minute you better just stay away.

  4. jeez, I got left behind, with my love poems.

    These girls are, I think
    Quite beyond my description
    But with training very strict
    I consent to subscription

  5. My fortune cookie just said, to pay attention to my nonverbal cues and try turning it down.


  6. You weren't left behind, I responded.

  7. Didn't anybody but me, truly love this old song, by that lovely Lady Judy Garland, who ended up a wreck--


    At her best, she could knock 'em dead.

  8. Wall Street Journal - ‎2 hours ago‎

    Solar-panel maker Solyndra Inc. plans to sell up to an estimated $300 million in an initial public offering, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    McClatchy Newspapers

    ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan, a country that's critical to the U.S.-led war on terrorism, Friday appeared to be sliding toward a judicial coup, in which judges are moving to oust top officials in the civilian government, but without putting the military, or anyone else, in charge.

    Courts summoned dozens of senior members of the ruling political party and were on the verge of issuing an arrest warrant for Interior Minister Rehman Malik as they followed up a landmark Supreme Court decision this week that nullified a legal amnesty that had shielded politicians from long-standing corruption charges.

    The U.S. relies on Pakistan for transit of most supplies NATO forces in Afghanistan and has pressed the government to crack down on al-Qaida and Afghan militants who have sanctuary in the lawless border region, but top U.S. officials are playing down the crisis as an internal matter for Pakistan.

    Just who's running this nuclear-armed country of 165 million - the independent judiciary or another arm of the state - is unclear. The government, led by President Asif Ali Zardari, appeared paralyzed, and a creeping change in command seemed to be under way.

    "It's complete (judicial) control now," said Asma Jahangir, the chair of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, an independent watchdog. "The issue is whether the (democratic) system is going to pack up again (and go away)." She asked why the judiciary was "again" letting itself be used by "the establishment?"

    Jahangir, a U.N. special human rights envoy, said the judiciary wouldn't have acted so boldly unless it felt confident of backing.

    The army, which has dominated the country for most of its existence, is Pakistan's traditional power center, but it's strongly denied that it will interfere in politics again since democracy was restored last year. The U.S. has also said repeatedly that the Pakistani military is staying out of politics.

    "It seems to me that Zardari's administration has lost its moral authority to govern. Power is slipping away," said Najam Sethi, an analyst and newspaper editor. "People are looking instead towards the chief justice. ... The military is pretending to be out of it, but the military will have a very decisive say in everything."

  10. Washington Post - Carrie Johnson - ‎8 minutes ago‎
    US prosecutors have charged three alleged al-Qaeda associates with conspiring to engage in narcoterrorism, attacking what experts say is a widespread source of illicit funding for terrorist groups across the globe.

  11. I'm an oaf, I admit
    But a good one
    I don't take clues
    Too well
    But instinct
    And the basic animal smell
    On that
    I'm laser like.

  12. Okay, where was I? Oh yeah,

    This explains it.

    Harry Reid has to file for cloture tomorrow night, in order to have the "cloture" vote Monday, in order to to have the vote for passage by Dec. 23.

    If he files for cloture tomorrow night without having his sixty votes "locked up, he's taking a huge risk. What if he can't "turn" Ben Nelson, or Joe Leiberman can't get back to town?

    He would be in a hell of a mess. Gotta love that "Warming."

  13. Are you fucking kidding me? Do you do it on purpose or you really can't have a normal conversation?

  14. By MARCY GORDON (AP) –

    WASHINGTON — Regulators have shut down Imperial Capital Bank in La Jolla, Calif., bringing to 138 the number of U.S. banks brought down this year by the weak economy and mounting loan defaults.

    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has been appointed receiver of Imperial Capital, which has about $4 billion in total assets and $2.8 billion in deposits.

    Los Angeles-based City National Bank has agreed to acquire all of the deposits of Imperial Capital, as well as $3.3 billion of the failed bank's assets.

    Earlier Friday, regulators shut down banks in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Michigan and Illinois.


    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. took over the five. Atlanta-based RockBridge Commercial Bank, with $294 million in assets and $291.7 million in deposits was shuttered, as was New South Federal Savings Bank, based in Irondale, Ala., with $1.5 billion in assets and $1.2 billion in deposits.

    Also closing their doors were Citizens State Bank of New Baltimore, Mich., with $168.6 million in assets and $157.1 million in deposits; Peoples First Community Bank of Panama City, Fla., with $1.8 billion in assets and $1.7 billion in deposits; and Independent Bankers' Bank, based in Springfield, Ill. — a sort of wholesale bank that provided services to 450 client banks in four states — with $585.5 million in assets and $511.5 million in deposits.

    Beal Bank, based in Plano, Texas, agreed to assume the assets and deposits of New South Federal Savings Bank, which only had one branch. Hancock Bank, based in Gulfport, Miss., agreed to assume the deposits and about $1.6 billion of the loans and other assets of Peoples First Community Bank. The FDIC will retain the rest for eventual sale.

    The FDIC was unable to find a buyer for RockBridge Commercial Bank, so checks covering insured accounts will be mailed to retail depositors, the agency said.

  15. Not you Rufus the other jack ass.

  16. This is how the left leaning Guardian UK characterizes Obama's visit to Copenhagen:
    But his speech offered no indication America was ready to embrace bold measures, after world leaders had been working desperately against the clock to try to paper over an agreement to prevent two years of wasted effort — and a 10-day meeting — from ending in total collapse.

    Obama, who had been skittish about coming to Copenhagen at all unless it could be cast as a foreign policy success, looked visibly frustrated as he appeared before world leaders.

    He offered no further commitments on reducing emissions or on finance to poor countries beyond Hillary Clinton's announcement yesterday that America would support a $100bn global fund to help developing nations adapt to climate change.

    He did not even press the Senate to move ahead on climate change legislation, which environmental organisations have been urging for months.

    Read it all

  17. I mean, you could say the same thing about me.

  18. Please, no politics tonight.

    I want to listen to some damned good music.

    I've always thought Judy Garland was great.

  19. Those were interesting looks at the year past, MLD. The toilet video is a riot.

  20. Bob, I can always count on you to put a smile on my face. I had a really long day and it didn't end well.

  21. Correction: The whole thing is aimed at "Christmas Eve," not Dec 23.

    Anyway, if Reid files for Cloture tomorrow night, and can't get sixty on Monday, I don't know how long he has to wait to try again.


  22. A few bombings, a Supreme ruling that changes the rules of the game, with the Army "standing by".

    The civilian government ousted, not by the Army, but by the Courts that the General-President had disbarred.

    Before they were re-instated.

    The amnesty, which the U.S. and British governments had helped mediate, set the stage for the return to civilian rule by allowing Malik, Zardari and many others to return from exile to the country without fear of prosecution. Malik had been living in London after fleeing Pakistan in 1998. Defense Minister Ahmed Mukhtar, stopped from leaving the country Thursday night on an official trip to China, claimed that his name was wrongly put on the list of those who had been covered by the amnesty.

    Pakistan's National Accountability Bureau, the official anti-corruption watchdog, went to the courts for the summonses and in Malik's case requested an arrest warrant to pursue corruption allegations going back over a decade, his lawyer said.

    At the same time, courts issued summonses to dozens of senior members of the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party, including secretary-general Jahangir Badar; Salman Farooqi, Zardari's top aide; and Nusrat Bhutto, the elderly and infirm mother of the late former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, the Accountability Bureau said. Farooqi got pre-arrest bail.

    Who's in charge of nuclear-armed U.S. ally Pakistan?

    I've got a couple of those riding crops, in the tack room.

  23. Iran has taken over one of Iraq's oil fields (which is strange since it's not even a "producing" field,)

    and Pakistan is Rapidly coming unglued.

  24. What if the GOP cannot muster 40, is it a percentage of the quorum?

  25. I think they should just take a two week vacation and come back after the holidays. How is anyone suppose to keep up with all this and do Christmas shopping, too?

  26. Rat, I Do Not know. My first "guess" would be that it would be a percentage, (but that's just babbling, inasmuch as I just said I don't know, right?)

    Surely you've figured out by now, Melody, that they Don't Want you paying attention.

  27. I got to tell you, Judy Garland, at her best, was beyond belief.

    The hell with politics.

    Melody, we've got to quit meeting like this.

  28. Well Rufus, have you figured out by now that I really don't give a shit?

  29. Do you even think that I would put my two cents, in your petty bullshit day after day?

  30. That's why we let bob hang out, to amuse you with his sonnets, while the business of the whirled is dissected and observed.

  31. I've always thought, that if we'd just get back to basics, we wouldn't have so much crap, in the world.

    We might have a jealous murder or two, and some lawsuits, but not armies fighting over this and that, not the mahdi from the well, or the old horrors between Jews and Christians.

    At least it would be small scale, and up front, and personal.

    Rufus, put up some southern songs.

  32. The FoIs, MLD, do not think it petty, nor do I.

    We are discussing the future of the united States, for better or worse.

    That the politicos, even with sizable majorities, cannot effect change through the legislature...

    Leaving it to the Courts, both here and in Pakistan to rule on the "important" issues.

  33. Your reading of David and Uriah was ignorant, rat.

  34. MLD: At least someone is humoring me tonight. I really thought, T, was coming through for me. Surprise. Surprise.

    I would never post those kind of pictures MLD!

    Erotica (to me) needs to leave something to the imagination.

  35. When you have your finger pointed at the other, Dirty Dinky, you have three pointed back at thee.

    You always show your personality.

    You are not a well reading man.

    Always to condemn, never to think.

    Never to read more closely.

    I want some Rufus music!

  36. My musical selections were pretty well panned the last time, Bob. I don't think I'll bother.

  37. I've been all up and down the thread, Bob; and I don't see anything about David, and Uriah.

  38. Someday Over the Rainbow--Judy Garland

    And you think, these voices, and people, go to dust?

    No, God creates, and keeps.

  39. I don't think it's petty what you're discussing but the way you discuss it, is repulsive. Which is most of the time.

  40. There is nothing more contemptable than to dishonor the faith placed in you by your military subordinates, boobie.

    To order one to the front, to purposely kill him, so as to steal his woman, that is beneath contempt. Being a civilian all of your existence may blind you to that reality.

    Without a doubt David's actions were a violation of at least two of Moses laws, those not to murder and not to covet.

    David's is a tale of the demise of a fine man, through the having of absolute power.

  41. You can't get off the subject, it's like an obsesssion with you.

  42. I did not bring it up, boobie did.

    I will not let being called ignorant stand, not when it is "Brownshirt Boobie", calling the tune.

    Beat that dead horse, I will.


    Collateral damage be damned.

  43. ”No particular plans for the holidays? If you find yourself in Kentucky, stop by the University of Louisville and check out the newly opened archives housing the papers of Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and his wife, former labor secretary Elaine L. Chao.

    The archives are in the Ekstrom Library. Loop Fans may recall a $14.2 million dollar McConnell earmark that paid for a new library wing three years ago and included an auditorium named for Chao. This new exhibit, as described by Chao's e-mailed holiday greeting card, is a "7,000 square foot facility." She adds: "The gallery is over 2,000 square feet, and features memorabilia, photos, and videos from Mitch's and my childhoods through our careers. In particular, the exhibits chronicle the immigration of our family from Asia to America, our initial years in America, the challenges of assimilating to a different land."

    WaPo Loop

    It would be a long trip but I sure wouldn't want to miss the "memorabilia, photos, and videos" from their childhood and carreers, especially since I paid for it.


  44. That's why we let bob hang out

    Rat's a true ignoramous, Ruf.

    But, don't believe me, if you wish.

    By the way, since Dinky brought it up, just why did David ask Uriah to go to his wife? And, why did Uriah resist?

    We can figure this out.

    If you have a little imagination.

    It actually speaks well for David, I believe, who said, "Lord, I have sinned against thee."

    A big difference from Dinky's " power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts, absolutely."

    An old phrase, but not applicable to this story.

    Trying to paint David in a worse light than those learned authors who created the wonderful story.

    That's Dinky, who can freeze the very sheets, turn the pillow to stone.

    I submit, I think David was trying to find a way out of the situation he had gotten himself into. I submit, I think Uriah was suspicious.

    Just my reading, open to be corrected by WiO and Allen.

  45. Acknowledging the crime does not atone for it, Brownshirt.

    It does nothing for the victim.

    Even a dirt farming fascist should realize that.

  46. You and Huckabee, settling for an "I'm sorry".

  47. My daughter and I are taking a road trip to Kentucky in March.

  48. AS for allowing you to hang out, Brownshirt, of course.

    If it were not for your entertainment value, we'd have voted you out, when you left.

    But no, we allowed you back into the fold, without comment nor complaint.

    Even I thought it'd be entertaining, and it certainly has been.

  49. That'll be fun, especially if the weather breaks early, or if you're traveling late in the month.

    In like a lion, out like a lamb.

  50. goddamn, you are an absolute moron, Dirty Dinky, you don't get the point of at all!

  51. That was a nice video, T.

  52. Dirty Dinky, has never heard of the concept of the return, cause, he's Dirty Dinky. Sinless.

    And, almost, the bigger sin is, to ruin a good night of music.

  53. A) you didn't allow him to come back he chose to, on his own. Why I have no idea. Maybe because, I begged him to.

    And B) Bob has more integrity and couth than anyone here.

  54. Brownshirt, what ever the point you wish to obtain, is fine with me.

    The point that resonates, with me, is that power corrupted David into the worst of human beings.
    He coveted a subordinate's woman and murdered him to obtain her.

    That is the essence of the story, the rest is spin, in an attempt to absolve him of the heinous act.

    If you find some finer point beyond that, good for you and your friends.

    But that's enough, for me.

  55. Rufus,
    What if they break the Rule again and don't read the bill.
    Doesn't that buy a lot of time?

  56. Come on guys, let's go easy on the "Nazi" attacks.

  57. The point that resonates, with me, is that power corrupted David into the worst of human beings.
    He coveted a subordinate's woman and murdered him to obtain her.

    That's the way you want to understand it.

    But, you are not a close reader.

    And, know nothing.

    You are an ignoramous.

    I would listen to you, in tactical matters, in military affairs.

    You are out of your league here.

    Do you not think, o moron, these writers might not have some other point in mind, other than to condemn one of their own?

  58. As for the "Biblical" stories, Bob, I can't help you. I don't even read them, much less try to make sense of them.

  59. Well, I do.

    And, I get pissed with idiocy.

    But, I'd rather listen to music tonight, put up something good, Ruf, or I'm goin' to bed.

    Bless you, Ruf, I love ya.

  60. He left because he left, he came back because he did.

    No one objected.

    We let him back in.

    Perhaps you do not understand "Men's Clubs", but that does not much matter.

    Now, as a low ranking member of the board, he wants to dictate as to the membership of one of his fellows of greater seniority.

    "Bad Form"
    as they say in Neverland.

  61. I guess not, Doug. I suppose the Majority can call for "cloture" of debate any time they want to.

    And, if he can round up sixty votes he'll call for it, tomorrow. And, maybe even if he can't.

    But, I just heard something on TV about a Vote, "tomorrow." Shit. Confused again.

  62. You haven't addressed my exegisis, Dinky.

    The truth is, no one can stand you.

    Goodnight, sweet hallucinations.

    No answer is, after all, no answer.

  63. I read as I do and draw the conclusions that I do.

    If you do not like it


    You have taken the anti-American position for quite a while, now, Brownshirt.

    Across the board, on a myriad of positions. Bordering upon sedition.

    You are danger to the Republic, according to the Anti Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. They are the ones that cast you "Birthers" in that category and they are self-described as:

    "the nation's premier civil rights/human relations agency"

    And they:
    "fight ... all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects civil rights for all"

    These fine Americans, Brownshirt, describe you as a danger to the United States.

    Not me.

  64. Ah, hell, even though I can't stand rat, I'd like to tell you, you are missing a truly great thing in life, not reading these Jewish scriptures, and the interpretations of them, and all the other really good books out there, about all this stuff. Christian, Jewish, and in my view, my darling, Joe Campbell, great lover of American Indians, and all their lore. And, Black Elk Speaks.

    Widen your horizens, man, otherwise, all you will see, is the sunset.

    Good night, Melody, I dream of you.

  65. And, Brownshirt, even allen agreed with my take on the David story.

    Confirmming it when he commented that was why the Founders of these United States did not proclaim a King, but built a government of checks and balances.
    I am paraphrasing and extending his remarks, of course, but they are on the Bar.

  66. "The draft retained plans to limit a rise in world temperatures to 2.0 Celsius over pre-industrial times but added a review in 2016 that would also consider a tougher limit of 1.5 Celsius.

    About 100 nations including small island states and least developed nations, mostly in Africa, want to limit world temperature rises to 1.5 Celsius, saying they are most at risk from droughts, shifts in Monsoon rains and rising sea levels.

    Must be nice to have access to the Global Thermostat.

  67. Besides, there are no welts on that ass.

  68. Who says I don't read that stuff? What makes you think I'm missing out on anything? What makes you think that I don't watch every fricking science channel episode on climate change, the ice age, volcanoes, how the earth was made, blah, blah, blah.

    Because I don't talk about it. Because I would rather think of sunsets and warm beaches and the way people make me feel. Because I would rather hear your voice rather than someone else's.

  69. Ah, There IS a Vote, Tomorrow. Them Sneaky, Ol' Publicans. Here's what's happening:

    The Senate passed Cloture on the Military Appropriations Bill the other day. However, the Pubs are expected to file a "point of order" on the "financial" part of the bill, tomorrow.

    This has caught "Rocket Scientist" Reid by surprise. He told Jomentum to go on home to Ct for the Sabbath. Reid can't go on to the Healthcare bill until the Defense bill is "wrapped up."

    Now, Reid has a Monster Snowstorm bearing down on his doofus ass, Leiberman in Ct, and Ol' KKK Byrd in W. Virginia.

    He's gotta get them back, or turn a Pub, or call it a day till 2010. Professionally-Written Explanation

  70. That is a wonderful video, Melody.

    When I was farming out here, the mountains were always there, heaped upon heaped, heaped up forever, in my imagination, and, something in reality too, upon one another, all the way to MONTANA!

  71. "Now, as a low ranking member of the board,.."

    And what does that make you Rat?

    A high ranking member of the board?


    Hell, the only reason I am on the board at all was because Bob tried to have me kicked out of the bar entirely. That doesn't make him a brownshirt, Allen, only a poor judge of character.

    Oh, did I say Allen. I meant Rat. It must have been the "brownshirt" and "fascist" comments.


  72. The Iranians are still in Iraq. Flag proudly waving.

    You think they're not calling Obamaa, out?

    What if they move on to the next oil field? One that's producing?

    Iraq doesn't have a "conventional" Army to speak of. Does Obama have the stones to direct our Guys to go "Mov'em out?"

  73. As the "occupying" power isn't it "our" responsibility to handle this type stuff?

  74. "Does Obama have the stones to direct our Guys to go "Mov'em out?"

    One would think he would have little choice, Ruf.

  75. Hell, the only reason I am on the board at all was because Bob tried to have me kicked out of the bar entirely.

    Godddammit, I know I've made some fuck ups.

    And, I have apologiized.

    I think I mistook you for someone else.

    Hang me, if you please.

    I think I fucked up with Melody at first, and now I want to go eloping, run, run, run, awaaaay!

    Like King David, I have sinned.

  76. I'm in the gold, Quirk, to Brownshirt's silver and you simply being on the Board, with no oak leaves nor colored clusters.

    rufus, doug and I are senior members of the Board, here.

    With whit and deuce, the patrons having greatest seniority, they having awarded the leaves and clusters.

  77. Wouldn't This be a loverly time for the "Wrong" faction of the Pakistani Army to get control?

    And, inform Obumble that they will not tolerate any more military supplies traversing Pakistani territory?

  78. Wanted to ban you, ban me, ban anyone that he cannot shout down.

    That's Brownshirt tactics.
    Not misjudgment.

    A window to his soul.

  79. A couple of "Combat" Divisions up against a million-man Iranian force, and a smaller force stranded in good ol' landlocked Afghanistan.

    And, the biggest clusterfuck since Jimmah Cahtuh in the White House.

    It just gets betterer, and betterer

  80. Hell, the only reason I am on the board at all was because Bob tried to have me kicked out of the bar entirely.

    Jesus, I'm a bastard.

    My only defense, is, I think I may have gotten you confused with someone else.

    Please, forgive me.


  81. "rufus, doug and I are senior members of the Board, here."

    And what exactly are the perks that go with that position, Rat?

    I mean, just looking at it from my lowly position, it could just mean you guys are the oldest ones here.

    You never cease to amuse.


  82. You better keep quiet about them clusters, and shit, Rat. The way the ME is looking, you'll get our asses drafted.

  83. I takes my clusters down to the Piggly Wiggly, ever friday. They being bettern food stamps, an all.

  84. Well, rufus, the Supremes of Pakistan have certainly told US to take a hike.

    After all that work that Team Bush did, to broker the transfer of power to civilian authority, for their Supremes to nullify the law, that sends a message to DC.
    Doubt they give a hoot whether it is Bush or Obama at the wheel.

  85. I uses the food stamps fer the pigs feet, and the clusters fer the whisky, an beer.

  86. Quirk, that is the entire point of the Elephant Bar, amusement and entertainment.

    We certainly do not effect policy, anywhere.

    If it is not a kick, why play?

  87. "Please, forgive me."

    Forget it, Bob. I thought it was quite amusing at the time.

    You'll find I grow on you over time. Ask Allen. Or Ash.


  88. That shit could get "Crazy" over there in a New York Minute.

    I mean, seriously Crazy.

  89. With whit and deuce, the patrons having greatest seniority, they having awarded the leaves and clusters.

    And, I think, Whit at least, wished he had never hadn't.

    But he can speak for himself.

    I am waiting, o SHIT FOR BRAINS, your exegisis of the Exodus, and what a wonderful story like that might mean for thy CHAINED SELF.

    But, thy hast no poetry in thee, alas.

  90. Although, Rat, it's amazing how many times we're quoted, damned near, word for word, in "places of power" a day, or two later.

    We really do tend to be two or three days ahead of small stories, and a full day ahead of "Major" stories.

    Right now, there's no blog, anywhere, that I can find talking about the "Iranians in Iraq," or the "Supremes in Pakistan."

    Not to mention the "knock-on" effects of these stories.

  91. The folks from the BBC read us from time to time.
    A couple of other thousand folk pass by each month. For those folks, I try to stay civil, polite and amusing.

    Let the other folk get all rattled and nasty. Bringing out their kinsman's Alinsky radical tactics.

    Suits me.

  92. Just scroll up to Brownshirt's last rambling rant.

    Suits him.

  93. I have to agree with you there, Rufus. It does amaze me how far ahead you are on things.

  94. There are no other folk you scare them away.

  95. The Iranians, wonder what their perception is, after those British naval engagements?

    Do we mount up the Iraqis, give 'em air and moral support?

    Send in the US Marines?

    Just let the Iraqi handle it as they see fit?

  96. I love Rufus.

    But, the idea that good old Ruf knows what's goin' happen, is like, making Bob Merlin, the Magician.

  97. Build them nuke plants, is all I can say, fuck them enviros.

  98. What do the Iraqis have? Twenty or thirty old Russina tanks? WWII models, or some such?

    Hardly any artillery. No helicopters (maybe a handful.)

    And, compared to Iran, an itty bitty light infantry (equipped for counter-terrorism, not "War.")

    I doubt if WE have the makings of a True Heavy Armored Division over there.

  99. About 120 Hungarian T72s, I do believe. Maybe a few more, they were going to refurbish the Saddam era tanks that were refurbishable.

    That was upwards of four years ago.
    Never read anything about how that went.

    Doubt if the Iranians are there with anything more than light infantry, but that's just a guess.

  100. "Do we mount up the Iraqis, give 'em air and moral support?"

    If they are in Iraq, get Iraqi buy-in, then whack em. Shock and Awe.

    If the Iraqis balk, expedite our withdrawal. Get the hell out.

    Iran isn't trying to stir up Iraq. They are trying to embarrass the us.

  101. Wonder what Mr Maliki wants done about it?

  102. I doubt that Mr Maliki would want to go to guns.

    But that, too, is supposition.

  103. Well, as WE were discussing a couple of weeks, ago, THIS is the way in.


    347,000 sq mi of mountains, and people that hate us as much as it's possible to hate someone.

    Now, let the local military turn hostile, and tell me how it looks.

    And, we were discussing this weeks, ago.

  104. rats states:

    For those folks, I try to stay civil, polite and amusing.

    what a load of nonsense.

    Rat civil? Polite? Amusing?


    More like Rev Wright with a touch of aryan nation.....

  105. Maliki is Iranian. The very lastest thing in the world, I'm sure, that Maliki wants to do is "Rumble" with Iran. But, what if he doesn't have a vote?

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. Too many "interesting" coincidences all of a sudden.

  108. I think Teresita's "Short Oil" position is looking a little problematic.

  109. rufusL Well, as WE were discussing a couple of weeks, ago, THIS is the way in.


    I spoke about this years ago... hence my name

    "what is occupation"

  110. Bet we do nothing.
    We'll let the Iraqi be the lead dog.

  111. I am politely disrespectful, "misdirection", while on the Equivalency Campaign.

  112. To all involved.
    Arabfats, Isreali, and Abracadabra.
    Afpakistan and Europeons.

    Get off your high horse, it's really just a Democrat donkey.

  113. I feel a Jimmy Carter moment coming on.

  114. What gets me about Dirty Dinky is how he is blind to reading the more subtle passages of the Bible.

    He just don't get it.

    Dirty Dinky thinks King David is 'the power that corrupts, absolutly" forgetting he says, "Lord, I have sinned against thee." And all the rest of the story, which is open to various interpretations.

    I bow to the interpretations of WiO, and Allen, and those folks that know how they interpret their own literature.

    But, I'm placing a bet. Dinky Dink doesnt't know whereof where he speaks.

    I think there is more to this great story, than an old tale about how "absolute power corrupts, absolutely."

    As Dinky Dirty would havd it.

  115. "Bet we do nothing.
    We'll let the Iraqi be the lead dog."

    I think your probably right, Rat. No one (US or Iraqi) seems all that upset about this.

    Merely statements about "diputed borders", "this type of incursion has happened before", "Iraq and Iran began negotiation on border disputes immediately after the Iranian troops left Station 4."


  116. Dirty Dinky

    He's a real real stinky.

    When he gets a girl
    He don't know what to do.

    She asks, "What's it about, my friend?"

    Dinky answers, "There is no end, to hatred, my friend."

    So she says, "Who do you hate, and why."

    And Dinky says, "I think them better than I. I hate them. They might take you, from me."

    And she says, "Relax, the religion of my lover makes no differnece to me, but I like, tranquility."

    He says, "I'm not that smart. I'll kill them at the mart, and in my grave, I'll rest easily."

    And so, this play plays out ,with the folks playing parts, and shouts, with misunderstanding parts.

  117. Torah is a gift for the Jews.

    The only portion of the Torah to be taught to the gentiles (other nations) is the portion that contains the ethical instructions of the noahide 7 laws.

    This is because Torah cannot simply be "read" and is quite confusing to the untrained or unaccustomed.

    When those who do not understand let alone follow the 613 mitzvot try to BRING into the Torah outside POV it is difficult to get the original peoples POV. This is not a fault or a blame but a simple concept to understand if you are not a Jew trying to understand Torah.

    Torah is is like the word shalom. it has several meanings...

    For many it simply is the 5 books of moses...

    But understanding the Torah means that you should not just read the written Torah and ignore the oral torah...

    the oral torah was fully part and parcel of the Torah (capital T for rufus) and in no way also can be simply read like a book.

    To keep it simple when reading the Torah (Chumash) it can be viewed on 4 different levels

    Most people (including jews) read the Torah on the 1st level

    here is the breakdown:

    Peshat, the plain (simple) or literal reading;

    Remez, the allegorical reading through text's hint or allusion

    Derash, the metaphorical reading through a (rabbinic sermon's) comparison/illustration (midrash)

    Sod, the hidden meaning reading through text's secret or mystery.

    One of the basic rules when studing Torah is that you cannot introduce pagan ideals as facts into the pOV it pollutes it...


    you are making a beef stew,,, chopped potatoes, peas, carrots and tasty beef, it fills a nice 12 quart pot, you are ready to eat it, embrace it, enjoy it and someone comes along and adds just 4 tablespoons of cat shit to it...

    It is no longer Torah....


  118. "or turn a Pub"
    Wouldn't that be a fine kettle?
    Snow can blow both ways.

  119. "Unless strong remedial steps are taken in the years just ahead, the debt is projected to rise to 85 percent of GDP by 2018 and 100 percent four years later. By that time, barely a dozen years from now, these sober-sided, deeply experienced folks say, the American economy is likely to be in ruins...

    Top Economists Issue Warning

    To avoid those consequences, these experts -- writing under the auspices of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trusts and the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget -- suggest a series of steps.
    First, they want Obama in his State of the Union address to urge Congress to join in a pledge to stabilize the debt at no higher than 60 percent of GDP by 2018. (Remember, it is 53 percent now.) This would require actions by Congress and the administration to start reducing the projected annual deficits, which add to the debt, starting in 2012."


  120. I am 100 percent for Israel and 100 percent against the koran.

    That is the issue as I see it.

    I wish Israel could become the 51st state.

    I would rejoyce.

    You get a bunch of old lecherish Swedes, and a bunch of interpreters of Jewish Scriptures, you got no problem, just who picks up the garbage.

    We will get along.

    Live and let live.

  121. And, I don't mean there is anything lecherist about the Scriptures.

    We just won't be hung up.

  122. Gary Sandling Gay Jokes
    (Millers internet only hour)

    "You know you're gay when you've got call waiting on your ass."

    "A gay friend wants to put my glasses on my ass so he can think I'm giving him a blow job while he's fucking me in the ass."

    "You know you're gay when you're having sex with 1 guy and thinking about another one."

  123. Jesus Christ, al-dougo, ain't she got a voice!

    When Sonia leaves yoy, just SMILE, my man.

    Holy Christ, I love that singing!

  124. al- Doug--Did you listen to the C2C about the Shroud of Turin, last night?

    Damn you, lookin' at the moon!

    It was a really good discusion, lead by a Jewish guy.

    Here's the odd thing. He's a Jew, by definition, denies the resurrection.

    And this honest, and very intellignent man, says, science can't explain it.

    I'm an Arian Christian, and I can't explain it either.

    He says, it doesn't make a difference to my life.

    I can understand that.

    But he says, I don't know how the image got there.

    So here we sit, a Jew and a Swede, both wondering, after all these years, how in the hell did the image get there?

    I don't know, and neither does he.

    This in one of those mysteries that I would hope to bring us together, rather than separate us.

    It is a mystery, so far.

  125. Christ, Judy Garland is a wonderful singer.

    An American singer.

    No burka.