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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Cop killer goes back for seconds

Seattle police officer Benjamin L. Kelly is being hailed as a hero for his actions early Tuesday morning, in which he single-handedly shot and killed Maurice Clemmons, the man wanted in Sunday's killings of four Pierce County officers.

After an intense, two-day manhunt for Clemmons, Kelly had stopped to check out a stolen car parked on the side of a road in Rainier Valley. Clemmons was outside the car. Kelly recognized him from police bulletins and ordered him to put up his hands, police said. When he refused, Kelly shot Clemmons.

Seattle police officers said they believed that the South Seattle incident - in which Clemmons had the hood up and motor running of a stolen car - may have been an attempted ambush of police officers by Clemmons.

This guy was walking around for two days with a gut shot that had been covered by amateurs with gauze and duct tape.

He was the subject of the most intense manhunt in recent Pac Northwest history.

He was leaving behind a long trail of friends and family who will now all go to jail for aiding and abetting a fugitive (all of whom were too stupid to call it in and collect the $100,000 reward money, which would have at least compensated for the $19,000 they scraped together to bail him out of jail in the first place).

But what was his priority? Get out of Dodge? No, it was to pull over with a perfectly good stolen car, put up the hood, and get ready to shoot the first cop that offered assistance.

Obviously Clemens was a victim, it was racist "justice" in a white society that made him act out and do those things. And all his friends and family who helped him are being harrassed by the Man with charges pending. Expect Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to rush to their defense.


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    Now, that's entertainment!

  2. It happened to me before, Allen, when I used my good looking alter ego to say people were "lesser lights" and stuff.

  3. Now, let's not get too swarmy:

    bob said...

    deuce or whit, could you kindly delete my Tue Dec 01, 02:12:00 PM EST--I may have thoughtlessly violated the lady's copywrite understandings, thanks
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  4. Oh, so that good looking, smart aleck blond was you? I'll have to call a board meeting...impersonating a twit...let me find the by-laws. Don't go anywhere...

  5. Her name is Afrocity, a good writer, a brave woman, a black Repulican in Chicago. I've urged her to write her life up in a book.

    She had a big entry about a Supreme Court decision that might let Blago off, which she was disappointed at. My point was, Obama would probably mention that the current Afghan gov't wasn't so pure, coming from the One in Chicago, I thought, etc.

    I might have used her material in a way she might not approve of, I'm not sure.

    Anyway, you can read her yourself, now.

    I like her.

  6. I read the post as well. At Bob's request I went to delete it, but did not because frankly I did not understand it.

    I still don't.

  7. I didn't think he had violated bubkes, but I am here to serve.

  8. Women line up to claim affairs with Tiger Woods, headline says.

    heh, them women.

    Meanwhile, the radio says some, several, of the cop killers aid and abettors have been arrested.

  9. T,

    You should have said @#f!!:? lesser lights. It's all about finesse, T :)

    Your good looking alter ego was clothed, I'm assuming? If not, please try again.

  10. bob said:

    I like her.

    Doesn't that go without saying?

  11. Bob: Meanwhile, the radio says some, several, of the cop killers aid and abettors have been arrested.

    Unbelievably stupid folks. If this asshole succeeded in bagging a fifth cop, they'd all be up for accessory to murder.

  12. Being dead, he's saved the taxpayers a lot of money. He probably had a shot at an insanity defense.

    Does Washington State have the death penalty now, T?

  13. Bob, we still have a death penalty on the books, but in practice we do not. Even the Green River Killer wiggled out of it. There was a Mr. Rupe who avoided his hanging by eating a bunch of Twinkies until he was 400 lbs and arguing that a hanging would cut his head clean off, thus being a cruel and unusual punishment. He died of a coronary. Then we went to lethal injection. Last time we hung somebody was in the 1990s.

  14. My geography has gotten a little weak in that area. The old Longacres Race Track, I used to go down there once in a while. Gone long ago. Really a nice race track. Ranier Valley, would that be further south than that? If you know where that was.

  15. Now that you mention it, I recall the Twinkie case. Twinkies can be used as a defense at trial, and if you lose, you can Twinkie out of the noose, it seems :)

    Twinkies, the versatile snack.

  16. Bob, Longacres was in that two mile stretch between Tukwila and Renton. They closed it and opened Emerald Downs in Auburn about eight miles south on the Valley Freeway. Rainier Avenue is the continuation of the Valley Freeway north of I-405, as a four lane highway through Renton, then it skirts Lake Washington and enters south Seattle, and Rainier Beach is essentially the southern end of the extended ghetto of Seattle, with your housing projects and "African American Academy" and streets named after St. Martin Luther King Jr, and this runs all the way to the Central District.

  17. There's another race track there now? Good, I might come over to that next year.

    13. leftbrainfemale:

    Why do I want to break out into song every time he says “taliban”? “Hey Mr. Taliban, tally me bananas . . . daylight comin’ I wanna go home.”

    Dec 1, 2009 - 5:08 pm