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Thursday, December 10, 2009

US pays $23,000,000 to Norway for Security as Obama receives Peace Prize.

The chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee, Thorbjoern Jagland, with the winner, Barack Hussein Obama.


  1. Obama to Norwegians: Dinner with the King? Nah, man, just gimmee the gold, and the bucks; got places to go.

    Fuck the Norwegians. They're getting what they deserve.

  2. Rufus: Fuck the Norwegians. They're getting what they deserve.

    I deserve to fuck this Norwegian.

  3. Q- I could not find your post on the bank bonuses vs. the state deficits. Help me out please?

  4. Being provocative is the reason why, I like you so much, T.

  5. Thanks Melody! But I like to think I'm more funny than provocative. But that Norwegian model sure is provocative.

  6. The Nobel Prize win, announced in October, is the result of a nomination, placed on February 1, two weeks after he was in office.

    Since then Obama has chosen to double down on Afghanistan.

    Obama himself said the Nobel decision was less a recognition of his accomplishments and more "a call to action," .

    Can anyone point to something more absurd, but who are the real dummies, the Norwegians or the Americans who created the Obama presidency?

    Why didn't they give him the Nobel prize fore economics as a "call to action" to create some American jobs? Oh that's right right he did.

    We are going to set forth a surge of caulkers to save the republic.

  7. You are funny, T, and I get your humor, too. But I have to think what's going to get me up on that elliptical, your humor or that provocative woman.

    I think the woman won this time.

  8. Teresita said...
    Rufus: Fuck the Norwegians. They're getting what they deserve.

    I deserve to fuck this Norwegian.

    Not hardly...

    She dreaming about middle aged, balding, chubby jewish MEN

  9. A rambling incoherent and often uncomfortable speech, given by Obama, unsuccessfully trying to project some thesis on peace, I guess.

  10. Cliché's wrapped in shibboleths. "The north star of our journey" .

    .."lose our moral compass"

    ..."let us reach for some some arc that stirs in our souls"...

    "strive for justice"

    "clear eyed we can still strive for peace."

    Thankfully it has ended. Uggh

  11. Brokaw thinks this is the new Obama doctrine, a skillful and eloquent speech.

    Why are we cursed with presidents with doctrines and when will Brokaw ever retire?

  12. The Europeans seemed puzzled with Obama's ramble.

  13. Shorter Obama: Fancy ME up here while honcho-ing two wars and underwriting all kinds of devious shit elsewhere you don't know about. Who woulda thunk it?

    Kennedy was a great guy.

    Global warming and economic justice. Also.


    (I would like to thank the folks at NRO for taking the time to watch in my stead.)

  14. I too, trish, managed to miss it.



  16. Blogger whit said...

    Lord Christopher Monckton rips "new ones" in the climate charlatans.

    Wed Dec 09, 09:32:00 PM EST
    Anonymous bob said...

    Professor Ash, are you listening to Lord Monckton?

    I bellied up and listened, for awhile. What a load of crap. He said absolutely nothing other than 'trust me, I know the science is shit'. That is it, that's all he said.... mind you he used a lot of words but that was all they meant.

  17. In my Shorter Obama I left out the part about reserving the right to initiate more wars without permission from any of you slobs. Just War Theory, bitches.

    Obama didn't REALLY go to Oslo to sell war, did he?

    Why, yes. He did.

    And you can only get away with that as a flaming liberal.

    Don't worry, Rat. There'll be plenty of fascinating commentary on this one.

  18. Not having heard the speech but only hearing the commentary on the radio and here so far didn't what he say line up nicely with your beliefs trish? You know, the war in Afghanistan is necessary and good and deserves to be prosecuted? America is a force for good ect?

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  20. Oh, I do not worry, trish, everyone is playing their part, getting their lines right and hitting their marks, just as predicted.

    No change in course or speed, steady as she goes.

  21. ‘It's gross, but it ain't illegal': Judge says teacher not guilty for having sex with student

    A Cobb County judge used a rare procedure to rule that a former Marietta High teacher was not guilty of sexual assault charges stemming from an affair with a 17-year-old student.

    Judge Robert Flournoy bypassed the jury and issued a directed verdict Wednesday afternoon in the case against 36-year-old Christopher King, who admitted to having a sexual relationship with the girl.

  22. "I bellied up and listened, for awhile. What a load of crap. He said absolutely nothing other than 'trust me, I know the science is shit'. That is it, that's all he said.... mind you he used a lot of words but that was all they meant."
    My ass.
    He can cite you chapter and verse of their disgusting lies.
    ...he's been studying this shit since he worked for Lady Thatcher.

    (he told her they should be concerned,
    ...before he learned it was all a fraud.)

  23. Your quote Doug simply serves to underscore my point.

  24. 2164th, here is the post you requested:

    "Harper's Wall Street Index

    Wall Street bonus pool estimate for 2009: $140 billion

    Combined budget deficit estimate for 50 states in 2010: $142

    Total bailout funds committed by the U.S. government and Federal Reserve to Wall Street and auto industry: $1.1 trillion

    Ratio of bailout dollars for Wall Street and auto industry to loans provided small businesses through the stimulus package: 2,933:1

    Percentage of new jobs in the economy created by small businesses during the last 15 years: 64

    Ratio of patents created at small businesses compared to corporations 13:1"

    Wed Dec 02, 08:06:00 PM EST"

    (Link to MarketWatch column)

    Harper's Carper Index


  25. and, in that interview, he did not cite chapter and verse, nor even a single line.

  26. That is an indication, Quirk, of just how small those State deficits really are.

    In relation to the total economy.

    The Federals will step in, of course, to "save" the States. Usurping ever more authority as they do.

  27. The Surge of Cockers,
    Let it be written,
    Let it be done.

  28. With my own State of Arizona, Senators Kyl and McCain, first in line, hats in hand.

    While bemoaning the injustice of all that is Obamamerica.

  29. ...the war in Afghanistan is necessary and good and deserves to be prosecuted? America is a force for good ect?

    Thu Dec 10, 09:07:00 AM EST

    I'd be happier if the way he went about presenting the Afghanistan strategy *to his own fellow citizens* had not been so pointedly, patently misleading.

  30. An absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, Ash.
    You can check him out if you care.
    Do all your posts demonstrate the great depth of your wisdom?

  31. While any attempt to increase the taxes on that $140 billion dollar Wall Street bonus pool is met with howls of derision and claims that the President of the United States is a Communist.

  32. 470 Thousand new claims for unemployment.
    THAT's Progress!

  33. If the tax system were equitable for all citizens, that bonus pool would be subject to Social Security taxation.

    The income cap on FICA contributions could be removed, then the projected deficits in SS spending would disappear.

  34. Actually, it is progress, doug.

    Team Obamamerica has 10 months to get that number to 400,000, at which point we would have real positive job growth.

    Or so it's been written.

  35. The Third Reich lasted from 1933-1945. The Meili Affair occurred in 1997. And some wonder why the Jews on this site might be a little touchy. Hmm...

    Without doubt everything is all better now. Right…

    The Swiss wanted to prosecute the whistleblower

  36. Doug, Whit and Bob pointed to that interview with The LORD as a good place to get the climate change skeptics take on things. I spent the time to check it out and discovered that he said NOTHING about their climate case. Now maybe he has some good arguments but he did not make a single one of them in that interview (well, maybe there was something near the end but I doubt it).

  37. I agree with all your recent posts rat with the exception of the last. If the job situation isn't turned around in the next 6 months, the Dems will be in trouble.

  38. Six months or ten, Quirk, if they get a trend line that can be spun to the positive, count on the media to make the Obamamerica case, even before the results are all in.

    Six months puts US into May or June, still early for a November election.

  39. "That is an indication, Quirk, of just how small those State deficits really are."

    I have to amend my last post as I also disgree with this comment. The $140 billion states deficit involves "real" money.

    I believe all but one or two states have constitutions demanding balanced budgets. Likewise, the states can't print money like DC. That means these billions in deficits equate to cuts in medicaid, cuts in school funding, lost jobs, etc.

    The $140 billion may seem insignificant when compared to the trillions DC is pissing away but it directly affects millions of people.

  40. A thief is a thief, a spy is a spy, despite their "good" intentions and motivations.

    The Banks were thieves and had to make restitution, Mr Meli was a thief and should be held to the law, in that regard, in the country where he committed the crime.

  41. He did not just "blow a whistle" he stole private property.

  42. Which is why, Quirk, the Federals will be stepping in, right on their cue.

    The Federal Reserve starved the M1, growth of under 1% in the 18 months prior to the credit meltdown. That was no accident.

    I think the "best and brightest" miscalculated the total effect or their machinations, but that those machinations are part of the general trend of centralization of authority, I have little doubt.

    No State will default, just as New York City never did. The Federals will cover and then control.

  43. Mr. Meili was granted political asylum by the United States. Since the US government took this action, Mr. Meili MUST have been right.

  44. Mr. Meili merely borrowed bibles.

  45. No, allen, he stole those accounting bibles and gave them to others.
    There was not any mention of any attempt, by him, to return them to their owners.

  46. Maybe we consider that to the case, allen, that he did the "right" thing.

    We redeem thieves and terrorists, all the time.

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Which may be why the Swiss may not extradite that movie producer/director, Polanski, that raped that 13 year old child, oh so many years ago.

    The Swiss version of tit for tat.

  49. Redemption does not change the status of the original offense.

    Just forgives it.

  50. Re: Meili Affair

    The Swiss attempted to hide their war crimes and profit thereby by destroying evidence. Mr. Meili exposed the conspiracy by providing physical evidence of crime. The government of the United States did not consider his behavior criminal and, therefore, granted him political asylum.

  51. Re: Meili Affair cont

    The government of the United States could not "forgive" Mr. Meili for a crime committed within another sovereign jurisdiction.

    What the US government did do was shield Mr. Meili from the force of a self-serving Swiss law that would have allowed war criminals to profit from genocide.

  52. Re: Meili Affair cont

    All the above is predicated upon the belief that sane men consider genocide and concomitant theft to be war crimes.

    Opinions may vary, as do medications.

  53. You blame the banks for the genocide? You believe they were complicit in that?

    Or the actions of those private bankers, in Switzerland, by taking those deposits from those subsequently killed by others, constituted a war crime, in and of itself?

    If not diligently searching for the rightful owners is a war crime, then the Isreali actions on the West Bank definitely qualify as war crimes, as well.

    Which the Swiss do recognize, as such, and that the US has declared to be against the Law of Nations.

  54. As the Isreali do not allow the rightful owners the ability to return to their holdings.

    Just as the Swiss tried to steal those monies from the missing depositors.

    War Crimes all around!
    Proving, again, the equivalency of all the players in the game.

  55. Q is quite correct. State revenues are a zero sum game. Federal deficits are far more squirrely. At a 4% yield a $140B federal deficit takes an annual revenue of $5.6B to service.

    On the spending side the $140B spent will likely end up as $100B in taxable income to someone. At a 25% tax rate the federals have $25B in revenue for a $5.6B cost.

    The states should be so lucky.

  56. Seems that neither absence nor death lessens the claim to title of the original owners or their posterity, to their rightful properties.

  57. As allen says, to deny the posterity of the original owners their property, well, that is a war crime.

  58. 2164th wrote:

    "$25B in revenue for a $5.6B cost.

    The states should be so lucky."

    It might make a politician look good in that first year but the 5.6B is a 'gift' that keeps giving year after year(and getting larger - oh the glory of compound interest!)

  59. There are 6,000,000 businesses in the US that employ workers. If the government had sent everyone of them a prepaid credit card of $100,000 to be used for their business, it would have spent $600B, less than TARP and, and would have created 3,000,000 jobs.

    That is 3,000,000 off unemployment and paying taxes say $10,000 each or $30B. The cost of the $600B would be $24B per year or an annual profit to the treasury of $6 billion.

  60. It might make a politician look good in that first year but the 5.6B is a 'gift' that keeps giving year after year(and getting larger - oh the glory of compound interest!)

    Depends of how the money is used. A large portion could generate future taxable revenue.

  61. But the *investment* banks, real banks, AiG, and all the rich wall street folk would have suffered.

  62. But would the revenue ever catch up to the expenditure? It sounds like a cat chasing its tail. That certainly seems to be the philosophy animating the deficit spending, and the tax cuts (laffer curve) yet the total debt seems to just keep on climbing...

  63. Please do not discuss Jewish, Zionist or Israeli things with rodents...


  64. Russian Nuclear Missile Test Fails, Visible In Norway

    Maybe after giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize for surging in Afghanistan with 30,000 more troops, they can give Putin one for testing nukes.

  65. I always was a cozy leg man.

  66. These long-standing contradictions in voters’ attitudes toward taxes, spending and the deficit are intensified as the U.S. grapples with the most severe economic crisis in decades

    What is contradictory about human nature? Who is not in favor of something for nothing? The problem comes when the majority of the electorate is so infantile as to believe it possible.

  67. soooo,

    This US Constitution, does it only protect you from the government?

    I'm puzzled by the NY Post's publishing of Tiger Wood's text messages. If the gov. did it that would be unconstitutional but it is OK for the Post to do it?

  68. Obama mortgage relief program only helps 31,000 borrowers so far...

    WASHINGTON (AP) - Just over 31,000 homeowners have received permanent loan modifications under the Obama administration's mortgage relief plan, a big setback for the government's embattled effort to stem the foreclosure crisis.
    Lenders say they are having a hard time getting borrowers through the trial period, which can last up to five months. Many homeowners who were given verbal approval for the program have not returned the necessary documents.

  69. Actually requiring Docs for money!
    Kid is finding that out about FHA loans.
    ...I wonder what the latest scams are around that common sense requirement?

  70. Harry Truman once said,

    "No man should be allowed to be President who does not understand hogs."

  71. Under our (US) form of government, all rights are held by the people, derived and inalienable from the Creator. The government exercises only those powers delegated to it by the people. In this, America is unique.

    To ensure that the rights of the people were not infringed, the U.S. Constitution was created to specify and limit the powers of the Federal government. Consequently, only government can behave unconstitutionally. Private citizens may behave unlawfully.

    That’s the myth and I’m standing by it.

    Our second war of independence

  72. What a week! I look forward to the office party tomorrow night.

  73. "He's got his hands in my hair...

    and his lips everywhere..."

    Chrissie Hynde, "Night In My Veins"

  74. "Show me some skin I might bite it...

    I wanna have my wicked with you"

    Ben Taylor, "Wicked Way"

  75. What's this, a porn bar?
    I'm gonna sing "Old MacDonald" w/Bob just to save our rep.

  76. Bob, Doug, Rufus, et al.

    Time to put your money where your mouth is.

    Laura Ingraham interviewed Sara Palin and convinced her to give the red, rogue warrior jacket that she was wearing in the picture on her book "Going Rogue" up for an auction to help "The Wounded Warrior" project and "The Fisher House" charities. For those who couldn't get a signed copy of her book, you will also get a personalized copy.

    You can bid on it by going to

    Laura Ingraham

    Note to Bob: The jacket has not been washed.

    T, you might like to get on this too. You look pretty good in red.


  77. Old MacDonald...elephant bar

    I don't know it sounds like old, fat and horny to me.

  78. T, so there is no misunderstanding, it should have read:

    "T, you might want to get in on this too. You would look good in that red jacket."


  79. And how does a hot blooded lady end up living so far north?

  80. "T, you might like to get on this too. You look pretty good in red."


    "T, you might like to get on this too.
    You look pretty in red."

  81. Quirk said: And how does a hot blooded lady end up living so far north?

    1. I was born in Washington, across the river from Portland.

    2. I'm not hot blooded, I run quite cool. I only drink one cuppa joe every morning. I like smooth jazz and I'm often a little bit melancholy.

  82. Sounds hot to me.

  83. 38. Unsk:
    It has been a long time coming, but the left has finally done it. The effectiveness of our armed services is finished. Army Ranger Michael Behenna has been convicted of murdering an Al Qaeda operative in the field after an IED attack and sent to the slammer for 25 years. And btw the prosecution withheld evidence that would exonerate him.
    In a nine part series.