“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Why in The New York Times Publishing Obama's Radical Connections?

Some 15 years later, left-leaning backers of Mr. Obama have the same complaint. “We’re fully for Obama, but we disagree with some of his stands,” said Tom Hayden, the 1960s activist and former California legislator, who helped organize Progressives for Obama. His group opposes the candidate’s call for sending more troops to Afghanistan, for instance, “because we think it’s a quagmire just like Iraq,” he said. “A lot of our work is trying to win over progressives who think Obama is too conservative.”

Mr. Hayden, 68, said he has known Mr. Ayers for 45 years and was on the other side of the split in the radical antiwar movement that led Mr. Ayers and others to form the Weathermen. But Mr. Hayden said he saw attempts to link Mr. Obama with bombings and radicalism as “typical campaign shenanigans.”

“If Barack Obama says he’s willing to talk to foreign leaders without preconditions,” Mr. Hayden said, “I can imagine he’d be willing to talk to Bill Ayers about schools. But I think that’s about as far as their relationship goes.

It is very simple and quite cynical.

The New York Times has learned that the Republicans are going to make a major campaign against issue of Barack Obama and his radical connections during the last weeks of the election.

At the end of a week when all attention is on the economy the New York Times made the political decisions to assist Barack Obama in all ways possible. They are spinning the story in the best light possible and are working to do their best to limit the affectivness of the McCain campaign tactic.

The final act of the Left Wing putsch in America is unfolding. Once they get a hold of all levers in the US Government, they will never willingly let go. They will game the system and fix it so that it will be impossible to lawfully release them from control.

As a side note, do you care to guess why the Left and Bill Ayers are so interested in education?

You betcha it is time to fire back.

Here is the NY Times article, Obama and ’60s Bomber: A Look Into Crossed Paths


  1. My advice to the Republicans is to turn Sarah Palin loose against Barack Obama and all his left wing associates and connections.

    Give the Left every reason to hate her.

    Pop the bubble built around Obama. Get white Joe six pack off his ass. Recognize the culture war for what it is and fight it.

    The girl can do and she can drag my guy over the finish line.

  2. They have made the move. Do not change the subject. Whatever the question , talk about the radical Barack Obama. Tear his ass up.

  3. Force the Left and the Democrats on defense. Make them defend All of Obama's connections because that is who Obama is.

    Get McCain to shut up about his stupid ear marks. Where the hell is Carl Rove?

    Dig up Lee Atwater. Fire up the Swift boat.

    Anyone still have a good rebel yell in ya? I'll bet the "you betcha" gal does.

  4. Show commercials of "Community Organizers" registering drunks & crack whores to vote with no ID's

    it is war...

    war for votes...

    time for 60% of the registered NON-voting public to get off their asses

  5. Hayden said, “A lot of our work is trying to win over progressives who think Obama is too conservative.”

    Sure, maybe on a personal level deep in the heart of Berkeley...
    I have no doubt that those people think Obama is "too conservative", but on a national level, such is not the case.

  6. Your problem, Houston, is that corn has dropped from $7.80 down to $4.50, beans are back in single digits, and wheat is back to "just barely profitable," and Crazy John is running all around the farm belt bashing Ethanol, and the farm program.

    Every time he opens his mouth another farm state falls.

  7. You just Can't expect a man to vote himself "Out of Business."

  8. Just one thing: Those "Drunks," and "Crack Whores" are Citizens. They have as much "Right" to vote as me, and thee.

  9. Sure Ruf,
    They have the right but we don't need to be encouraging them much less buying their votes.

  10. We need to be WIO, we're just not Smart, and Hungry enough.

  11. Oops, I mean "Whit."

  12. Oh, I see what you mean.

  13. We need to automatically register someone to vote when they pay their property or school tax. Give them an absentee ballot with the receipt and a prepaid fedex envelope, where the fedex man will automatically call on them for the package three times.

  14. I wonder how the public will react to the pork in the bailout bill?

    I think everyone who attached any additional spending ought to be tarred and feathered and run out of the country...

    What nerve! Shameless crooks and thieves.

  15. I submit that the "people" are seeing THIS Renewables to add 4.2 Million Jobs.

    It appears that John doesn't.

  16. I don't think the "people" care one whit about "Pork."

    They want Jobs, affordable gas, and the ability to provide for their kids. That includes medical care, and education.

  17. Above pun purely unintentional.

  18. Top Ten Sweeteners (Pork) in Bailout Bill.

    Okay, Ruf, you may be right about the public it doesn't take a whole town to tar and feather a scoundrel.

  19. read the next post....pass it on to anyone who will listen.

  20. The point is, Whit: The public assumes they're ALL scoundrels. The public will vote it's "self-interest."

    I, honestly, see my family's self-interest furthered more by Obama, than McCain. I think I'm fairly typical.

    I said before, I have 3 main "interests." Defense, especially Missile Defense; Energy, especially soon-to-be-declining petroleum supplies, worldwide; and Health Care.

    Obama was on the "Right Side" of two of these.

    McCain was on the right side of "One" of thses. (McCain's health care proposal makes no sense, whatsoever, to the average citizen.)

    Obama was smart, and got on the "right" side of missile defense. McCain just dug his hole deeper.

    Bottom Line: McNutz just isn't Smart enough to win the Presidency. God help us all.

  21. Rat says my wife shouldn't be allowed to vote in Ohio. Has not 'lived' there long enough, on the home her father built where she grew up. No matter she voted there in the last Presidential election, for Bush, was working at Head Start, the rest home, and on call for substitute teaching until a traffic accident, when she came back here, pays the taxes there and the registrar of elections says she is still on the voter rolls and it's ok. That's not good enough for Rat. But a drunk wandering in from W. Virginia is ok.

  22. The idea of going back to Ohio was to get me registered, an idea we have given up on.

    Rat ought to work for Acorn.