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Saturday, October 04, 2008

OJ Simpson, Thank God Almighty, Guilty at Last.

Guilty on all counts

The jury has reached a verdict in O.J. Simpson's armed robbery and kidnapping trial in Las Vegas, a defense lawyer and a court official said Friday. GUILTY

The jury reached the verdict 13 years to the day O.J. Simpson was acquitted of two murders.

The jury of nine men and three women, none of them African-American, heard from 22 witnesses over 12 days of testimony. Chief among the witnesses were seven of the nine people inside Room 1203 of the Palace Station Hotel and Casino for the September 13, 2007 confrontation.

The evidence included testimony from the two dealers, four co-defendants who cut plea deals and cooperated with prosecutors and hours of often-profane, crackling, secretly recorded audiotapes.


  1. $14.95/day for one of those Pinto Explodemobiles, not bad!

    Bet you could monkey with the mileage too.

  2. Night, Bob.
    No more grrrs? Must be the OJ verdict.

  3. Under Pennsylvania law, you can vote absentee while in prison:
    "Eligibility for Convicted Felons

    The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania ruled on December 26, 2000 that the Pennsylvania law prohibiting convicted felons from registering to vote for five years after their release from prison is unconstitutional. Consequently, if completing an older version of the Voter Registration Mail Application (VRMA) form, a convicted felon who has been released from prison may make application to register to vote by striking through the felony conviction line at Section 9(2) on the VRMA and signing his or her name.

    Convicted felons who are incarcerated on the date of a primary or general election are not eligible to vote, regardless of whether they are registered.


    ... However, pre-trial detainees and misdemeanants are eligible to register to vote and/or to vote by absentee ballot if they otherwise qualify to vote under law."


  4. Philadelphia - As the Oct. 6 voter registration deadline approaches, state Rep. Babette Josephs, D-182nd, of Philadelphia, called on convicted felons to register themselves and cast votes on. Her Republican challenger, center city attorney Wally Zimolong, expressed outrage at her announcement.

    "The fact that Babette would take the time to urge convicted felons - like those that killed four Philadelphia police officers this past year - to register and vote in this election is outrageous. She wants cop killers to vote for her; I want them to stay home or in jail," Mr. Zimolong said.

    In her effort to court former law breakers, Ms. Josephs stated, "If you are 18 by Nov. 4, a citizen and a resident of Pennsylvania for at least 30 days, you are eligible to vote. That includes convicted felons who have served their sentence and been released from prison." Ms. Josephs serves as chairwoman of the House State Government Committee, which reviews voting legislation.

    Ms. Josephs added that those in jail awaiting trial, in prison for a misdemeanor or on probation or parole also may vote.

    Mr. Zimolong blasted his opponent, stating, "I am just stunned that she is actively soliciting votes from felons in a city that is suffering a crime epidemic and continues to bury its police officers. Contrary to what she thinks, those on probation have not served their debt to society - they are still paying that debt."

    The GOP hopeful added he wasn't surprised Ms. Josephs also opposes "two strikes" legislation, which would keep violent criminals, including those that commit gun crimes, behind bars for life.

    "Of all the groups that she could urge to register and vote, she chooses convicted felons. The question the voter should ask is 'why is she doing this? ' "

    Chris Freind can be reached at

  5. I wonder how many will be voting for McCain?

  6. Nor my daughter. (VA)

    Nor my grandmother. (IL)

  7. You could at least have shown us the courtesy of disclosing where they are incarcerated, Trish.

  8. The Law is clear and has been on the books for 8 years.

    If the incarcerated are not yet convicted, their civi rights, with regards to voting must be guarenteed.

    Past felony convictions do not disqualify them as potential voters, in PA. Do not like that Law, move to PA and try to change it. PA retains it's State Right to select voter qualifications, if citizenship is not required, in PA, then it is not. There is no Constitutional requirement for voters with regard to citizenship, if PA wants to use loose residency requirements in an attempt to stimulate civic activity, that is up to them .

    Granted, voter qualifications are not as much fun to bloviate about as birth certificates and wacky preachers, but that is where the rubber meets the road, really.

    As for OJ, the glove fit, so they could not acquit

  9. The election of the President, it is 50 seperate elections, with 50 different sets of voter qualifications.

    There is no Federal minimum "Voter Standard", nor should there be.

    A lot like drivers licenses, in that regard. Each State gets to decide how to qualify voters, like it or not.

  10. So, bob, the Missus has been paying that Ohio income tax, as all patriotic Ohio residents would, for all those years she lived in Idaho?

    You can tell US, with a straight face, that Mrs Bob really is an Ohio resident?

    That is where she is domiciled, where she works and plays, each day?

    Or that che is legally qualified to vote there, if she so chose.

    The two are not the same, are they?

  11. How many days, in the past 4 years did Mrs Bob rise and shine, getting out of bed, in the morning, in Ohio?

    Over 730 or less than 73?

  12. RCP outlines a scenario where we could have a President McCain and Vice President Biden, or President Obama and VP Palin.

    Doubt it'll happen, though

  13. Mrs Bob will be hunted down and captured by the Bounty Hunters
    The DeBarted

  14. More days than not. She had been working at Head Start, the nursing home, and substitute teaching, all three. She got clobbered in a traffic accident. She voted in the last Presidential election there, for Bush. She rented the place to whathisname with the horse Cody for awhile, and came back here. I don't know what the Ohio rules are for sure, but here in Idaho you stay on the voting rolls for four or five, maybe six years without voting, if you don't vote you finally get dropped and need to re-register. She called the registrar in Ohio and was confirmed to be eligible to vote.