“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, October 17, 2008

Let's Destroy Joe the Plumber

Hat Tip: Bobal

I knew that the Politico was nothing more than another shill for the Left. They are worried that Joe owes $1,289 in back taxes. Why that could qualify him to be in charge of the Ways and Means Committee would it not, and oh my Joe is not a member of the plumbers union or guild.

Oooh, you mean he is not part of the scam tax and restraint of trade racket practiced by the union construction trades in America? We cannot have that.

Goodness, Washington DC is a right to work City last time I checked and if you need some real cheap labor, you can go to many many street corners and find all the non-union workers you want and these guys are all non everything, no ID, no SSN, no nothing. The MSM and the Democrats would defend their rights to be there illegally because they are only looking to be part of the American dream. Why the Democrats would be signing them up to vote as well. Those guys are the Democrats ideal of real Americans. Joe, however is a problem.

Joe is a real native American, white, not on welfare, and has a brain to express an opinion. He is also a Republican, sort of. He asks questions of candidates. He did not get a tingle in his leg when in the presence of the messiah. He asked better questions than the pompous prince of mumble, Tom Brokaw. By all means, Joe is dangerous and needs to be taken down a yard or so.

This is a new America and Joe is not the image that we want. He does not have the Michelle Obama anger. Joe does not have to be led out of the wilderness by Barack.

By all means let's destroy Joe the Plumber and show him what it is like to be a real new American.


  1. I've seen the equipment the Plumber uses.

    And I can tell you, it's not Officially Approved Liquid And Solid Substance Control and Manipulating Equipment.

    I think some of it is Chinese.

    To cut costs probably, that dodge.

    I've heard other stuff too.

  2. The Plumber's a Skinhead!

    We know what that means.

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  4. A Plumber Is The Guy He's Fightin' For

    Actually, I know some small plumbing companies that make that much, out here.

  5. The rapture of the hypercar

    Newsletter photo of Obama

    With 320 pound-feet of torque at the flywheel at a breath off idle (1,000 rpm), the ZR1's engine is supremely tractable, quiet and refined around town. The close-ratio six-speed gearbox is slicker than a Glock soaked in KY jelly. The net of it is, then, that the ZR1 sacrifices very little to the war gods, not even fuel economy. You can stick the gearshift in sixth and get 20 mpg at highway speeds.

    But you wouldn't do that, Future, oh no. And neither would we.

    What you would do is line up the ZR1 on some empty straight of tarmac and nail the throttle. To do so is to throw yourself on a horsepower grenade. Even with traction control engaged, the wheel spin is enough to cause the ZR1 to sidestep in a cloud of Michelin-flavored smoke and thunder. A half-second later, the tires hook up and you're drowning in your own spit and hallucinating speed. In less than four heartbeats (3.4 seconds), you've gone through 60 mph and you're grabbing second gear.

    Now the four-lobe Eaton supercharger is fully angered, the gas is pouring down the V8 gullet, and the exhaust flaps are wide open. Can you hear me now? In 8 seconds -- long, loud, delirious seconds with a soundtrack from every NASCAR movie ever made -- you're in three-digit territory.

    It's around here I discovered a fascinating thing. If you punch the throttle at the top of third gear, around 6,500 rpm, where all 638 supercharged horses live, you can well and truly break the rear tires loose. Oh. My. God.

  6. Don't knock Unions:
    They just care about The Children.

    Teachers union donates $1 million to fight Prop. 8

    The union's gift comes as opponents of the initiative to ban gay marriage see a fundraising deficit.
    Think La-Bob linked to SF Story where first grade class was taken to see Mayor Newsom marry off their Lesbo Teacher.

    Think of the OUTRAGE if a Catholic Teacher took her 1st Grade class to her wedding!

  7. T has her fantasy's, here's mine:

    Chrissie Buckley and Davie Brooks do a 69 maneuver until they are all lubed up, and then BHO Serially Center-Punches them in the Ass as they grab their ankles.

  8. "He criticized Republican John McCain as "irascible and snarly" and credited Obama with having "a first-class temperament and a first-class intellect."
    This based on his appreciation for Barry's writing ability as demonstrated in his books.

    Chrissie being too much the Rube to figure out that Ayers is the real Author.

  9. Doug:
    That post at 4:18 is some of the best writing I have read in a long time. thanks.

    When I got to the part about breaking the tires loose when going into sixth gear I said to my myself, "good God" then I read "OMG."

    I loved it...not long from now, will it be only memories in museums, on celluloid, tape and in old men's memories?

  10. This business with Joe the plumber disturbs the "hello out me." I'm serious, it perturbs me that a simple working man who has the "audacity" to question "the One" becomes the target of the MSM.

    I don't need to go into the lefts' fascists tendencies towards political correctness and free speech.

    Of course, there may be some that think I'm paranoid, others are too willing to switch the focus from the candidate to Mr. Joe, the goat in the street.

    Voter registration fraud, voter fraud, voter intimidation, slashed tires, union thugs invading local campaign headquarters, mobilised rent-a-mobs, battalions of lawyers, Political largesse given freely as spoils, rewards and hush money. A willing and complicit MSM to microscopically inspect the opposition. Thugs all.

    The people will get the leader they deserve.

  11. Voter registration fraud, voter fraud, voter intimidation, slashed tires, union thugs invading local campaign headquarters, mobilised rent-a-mobs, battalions of lawyers, Political largesse given freely as spoils, rewards and hush money. A willing and complicit MSM to microscopically inspect the opposition. Thugs all.

    And that was during the Clinton era, the Democrats we now think of as almost benign. Nice rant though, Whit.

  12. As part of the allegedly nonpartisan evening, Alfred Smith IV got up and shared some one-liners that The Ticket passes on to lighten the political load of these next few weeks:

    "My great-grandfather, who blazed a trail as the first Catholic to run for president, would have loved this election. No matter who wins, history will be made, as he made history.

    "If Sen. Obama wins, it will be the first time — we have a vice president from Delaware....

    "And if Sen. McCain wins, the history-making would involve a woman: the first president to have a 96-year-old mother."

  13. :)

    Just as I get up.

    Everybody Loves Sarah--Even Katie Couric Who Pays Her The Highest Compliment A Girl Can Give--Adopting The Hair Style

    I remember when all the broads tried to do their hair like Jackie Kennedy:) Except my sister, who has good sense.

  14. Whit, nothing short of a revolution will do it.

    MSM is as much a part of the enemy as any foreign one. The power of the MSM is total and pernicious.

    The schools and entertainment and courts have a lock on any thought of real reform. When they take down talk radio, it will be time to raise the green flag.

  15. Another thing I got against the MessiO is he'd be the first President younger than me. If my memory still serves.

    The young fool.

  16. Paranoid?

    "October 16, 2008
    MADISON, Wis. — The Racine school district’s use of an eighth grade textbook that includes a chapter on Democrat Barack Obama but nothing on his opponent John McCain is unfair and troubling, the Wisconsin Republican Party argued Thursday.

    A parent complained on an Internet blog about the textbook that includes a chapter on Obama called ‘‘Dreams from My Father.’’

    The school district said in a statement that it has received no complaints about the book, which it first used last school year. Even so, the 21,000-student district said it was reviewing its policies regarding the book’s use in a literature class."

  17. The writings of chairman Barack Fuckarama is already in public school literature. I wonder which old dead white man was pumped.

  18. Had your coffee yet?

    By Ruben Navarrette Jr.
    Special to CNN

    Editor's note: Ruben Navarrette is a nationally syndicated columnist and a member of the editorial board of the San Diego Union-Tribune. Read his column here

    Ruben Navarrette asks whether Obama's cool, calm demeanor will be a plus in negotiating with world leaders.

    SAN DIEGO, California (CNN) -- Make no mistake, Barack Obama is one cool customer. Now, after the last debate, it seems all but certain that the Iceman cometh to the White House.

    Radio talk show hosts and rank-and-file Republicans spent the last few weeks pleading with John McCain to take the gloves off and take the fight to Obama. How's that working out, folks?

    In this week's match-up, Obama snatched the gloves out of McCain's hands and slapped him silly with them. I suppose the hope was that Obama would get rattled and make a mistake. But Obama doesn't get rattled or make many mistakes.

    I still have no idea what type of president Obama would make. But he's an extraordinary politician. In fact, he may even be better than Bill Clinton who, while he had the IQ and EQ, also had the burden of a legendary red-hot temper.

  19. Thinking of Doug and Whit's posts about cars, Here's what I miss.

    Used to water ski behind one something like that. On the lower St. Joe River before skiing was banned there, due to the wakes eroding the banks.

    I admit, the wakes were eroding the banks, and the cottonwood trees might have come to some harm.

    So after I thought about it, I agreed with the decision. But it was a beautiful place to ski, one side of the river to the other, around log booms, around dead heads, jump from one side to the other, see how close you could come to the seagulls.....ahhh, really wonderful. St Joe flows into Coeur d'Alene Lake.

  20. These dumb stupid shits actually believe that world leaders negotiate things and will be impressed with Obama in a crisp blue shirt and a Canali suit. Just like in an old Shaft movie!

  21. I know you're right on that deuce.

    And I think domestically the economy will go from bad to worse in a hurry.

    I think the jitters in the stock market are, a lot of it, about who's going to win. If it's the zero, the market goes down.

    Somebody at BC posted a graph on this subject, suggesting that the probability of O winning was related to market activity.

    Another thing, from the look of those apartments Rezko and Obama put together in Chicago, they could use a guy like Joe the Plumber, like, right now.

    Article said sewage was flowing around inside.

  22. The "Revolution"?

    You all thought Congressman Paul a wacko, beyond the pale. Yet there is the only rallying cry of Revolution, well the only real change candidate.

    Would a "new" US maintain over 700 foreign military installations?

    Would it grow the Government even ever more?
    Even Reagan did, so there is no return to those "Golden Years".

    Think Maverick would join you? Rather he'd be loading the grapeshot, to be fired against the rabble in the streets.

    He and the other DC elites.

    Even in those States where the election is unipolar, Hawaii, California or Idaho, no one but me will advocate crossing either Federal Socialist Party line, with a simple protest vote, let alone the cajones to start a revolution.

    Why starting a revolution, it'd only strengthen the Socialists hold on the Government.

  23. You aske, bob, why 44 Senators, when only 40 are really required.

    Well, there is always a Maverick in the mix, that will flip and "work with" the Democrats.

    So we need a margin built in for that, not all of the 44 wull be loyal and true, all the time. Besides, the WSJ gives a historical view:

    Republicans also feared the worst in 1993 when Democrats ran the entire government, but it didn't turn out that way. On the other hand, Bob Dole then had 43 GOP Senators to support a filibuster, and the entire Democratic Party has since moved sharply to the left. Mr. Obama's agenda is far more liberal than Bill Clinton's was in 1992, and the Southern Democrats who killed Al Gore's BTU tax and modified liberal ambitions are long gone.

  24. 10/16/2008

    Rick Moran

  25. If `Joe the Plumber' is like my plumber, he can go pound sand

    But I don't see plumbers that way. In fact, I carry a major grudge against plumbers. Last year, when we had to do a tricky sink replacement while changing our kitchen countertops, we called a small, local plumbing company we found in the phone book. They set out a plumber and proceeded to rip us off royally.

    To install the sink we'd purchased, run new water lines to the ice maker and replace the faucet, drain pipes and minor accessories -- about five hours work -- the company billed us $2,200. On the itemized bill, they listed the sink basket strainer -- the little food trap that drops into the drain opening that you see in image at right being sold for $1.99 at -- at $159.00.

    The "top of the line faucet" the plumber sold me for $553 I later found listed at $160. To re-install a disposer he charged $324, a service that I later priced at $100 from a major local appliance store.

  26. The New Revolutionaries, not willing to "waste" a vote, in Hawaii or California, let alone wage a revolution.

  27. Thinking about that eight grade text book with the Obama material in it--I'd imagine home schooling and alternative schools would increase. We've had that in Moscow, with a really successful, but from my point of view, kinda whacky school called Logos School, right where I'm at there.

    I've got to give them credit. I see their kids all the time. Always well dressed, polite. They beat the regular Moscow High in the Idaho tests recently, I know. That says something, as Moscow has bright kids, as things go, being a University town.

    If I were a parent, I'd put my kid in something like that, rather than an Obamainstitute.

  28. Fully agree on the Senate.

    Shower time here.

  29. "Whit, nothing short of a revolution will do it."

    Well, that would put us on clearly opposite sides.

    Note to EB: Gonna need more than styrofoam pitchforks.

  30. - McCain kills at Al Smith Dinner -

    Then he turned his fire on Bill Clinton.

    "He's been hammering away at me with epithets like 'American hero' and 'great man,'" McCain noted.

    And on the former president's odd pledge to avoid campaigning for Obama until after the Jewish High Holidays, McCain "you've got to admire that ecumenical spirit."

    "I just know Bill would like to be out there now stumping for Barack until the last hour of the last day," he said. "Unfortunately, he is constrained by his respect for any voters who might be observing the Zoroastrian New Year."

    Hillary got a huge laugh at this.

    Then, of course, there is the media.

    McCain said he told Chris Matthews: "'Maverick' I can do, but 'messiah' is above my pay grade."

    "It's gonna be a long, long night at MSNBC if I managed to pull this thing off."

    Obama, for his part, also won some laughs if not as many as McCain.

  31. Trish, I can support my country right or wrong my country. The operative word is "my." When it becomes their country, the mantra loses something. At another time in history I would have worn gray rather than blue and still felt that I was fighting for my country.

  32. eeewwww, eeewww, it's a conspiracy, it's a conspiracy of the monolith MSM cry the moonbats.....errrr, sorry, cry the wingnuts.

    two sides of the same coin it seems. You don't like what you hear so therefore it must be the conspiratorial MSM controlling everything, creating the truth...riiiight!

    whit wrote:

    "it perturbs me that a simple working man who has the "audacity" to question "the One" becomes the target of the MSM."

    It isn't because he posed a question to Obama but rather because McCain brought him up in the debate to illustrate his point. This whole Joe the Plumber thing confirms, yet again, how 'shoot from the hip' John McCain is. Rash decisions biting him on the ass. Fortunately he won't make it to the white house where his erratic behavior won't have even more troublesome consequences for vastly more people.

    Tell me, folks, when you hire a doctor do you have a reasonable expectation that the doctor should have become licensed to ply his trade? Do you have a reasonable expectation that a lawyer has met some standard of qualification? A gas fitter? An electrician? When you thumb through the yellow pages to hire a plumber to deal with that backed up drain in the basement do you expect that the person behind that shingle should have some understanding of the task at hand? How about bankers? Let 'em pocket ooddddles of money selling you shit?

    Tax folk who earn greater than 250k more then now and those less than 250k less than now should not be a terribly hard concept to wrap one's head around. Pretty good politics as well if you parse the numbers of folks in the various categories (unless of course you political life depends upon those earning greater than 250k to finance your agenda).

  33. Blogger 2164th said...

    Trish, I can support my country right or wrong my country. The operative word is "my."

    You, SIR, are starting to sound like an America hater.

  34. -- Medical choppers rush into high risk --

    While major airline crashes have become extremely rare in the last decade in the U.S., the fatal accident rate for medical helicopters is 6,000 times that of commercial airliners, authorities said.

  35. 'Their' country for me would refer to a small group of political manipulators so skilled as to persuade enough gullible to keep them in power while reducing what's left of the constitution to meaninglessness, imposing laws and regulations that deprive real freedom, of speech, thought, writing, religion, and establishing such overall control as to make the life not worth the living. And it might happen.

  36. Now I'll try to sound like Ash--

    You, TURD, are starting to sound like an American fool.

  37. And "their" refers to whom?

    That will become more obvious with time. It certainly will include all of those who think that it is proper to destroy a citizen because he dares to speak. The Left will have a chance to control this country in a few weeks. If they do so and over time confirm my worse suspicions, "they" will become obvious.

    Ash, there are many definitions thrown around about what it means to be American, if they are all correct then the definition is meaningless. Sort of like having a nice day. The America that I subscribe to is similar to the school of original intent, not the MTV version.

    At some stage a good building becomes bad with too many additions, using poorly chosen material, bad workmanship and shoddy design. It needs to be stripped down to the core and put back into a condition that made it great in the first place.

    That does not make me a building hater, it makes me a good architect.

  38. In re Joe: How did I know Byron York was right?

    It was back during the 2000 campaign season, IIRC, in a Gore townhall meeting, when a man stood up and posed a sharp question regarding taxes or government spending that wrong-footed Gore. Conservatives cheered. The episode spread like wildfire on the web and in the media. Then the inevitable: All of America became acquainted with details of the man's personal life, including, I believe, one bitter ex-wife. Then everybody and his mother, on either side, ran to battle stations.

    But this is, quite honestly, SOP in the political realm. I meant it when I said that politics is a shitty, unsavory business - making certain others, I am happy to note, the cleanest, most virtuous ever by comparison.

    This is *nothing* new nor distinctly Democrat. How do you think political operatives earn their living?

  39. Another great McCain policy proposal:

    'Soldiers don't need to become educated to teach in America's schools.'

    Brilliant, just brilliant! That'll catapult US to the top of the world in academic standing.

  40. Obama made a speech a couple years ago with mention of the Bible, clips of which are incorporated into an anti-Obama ad. Wish I could find the whole speech.
    The clips do have a sort of mocking, know it all tone.

    From what I can see, it shows a man who is ignorant about which he speaks, or is a practiced demagogue.

    He mentions slavery, for instance, in the Hebrew Scripture. While slavery was everywhere in the ancient world, and existed in Israel too, the truth is it was much more benign there, and was limited as to duration and severity.

    He seems to speak as if he is the very first that has noticed some passages in the Bible. If he thinks that he is ignorant, if he is using the Bible as a Christian, which he says he is, for his own political purpose, he is misusing it, as has been done by many in the past. No pastor I have known would speak of the Bible in that way. But rather mention the passage, put it in context of the time, talk about how the understanding has evolved over the years, and try to give some meaning to it for today. None would ever speak in the way Obama seems to do.

    But then I've only seen a very small snippet of what he said.

    Anybody know of that speech and care to post the whole thing? Would be appreciated by me.

  41. 2164th,

    Careful or soon you will sound like Reverend Wright with your condemnations of that which America does...or maybe, what he said really isn't that bad?

  42. I think any soldier that has posted here could teach Ash a lot, given the chance, but it would take a hell of a long time.

  43. Here is another shocker:

    "Retired Gen. Colin Powell, once considered a potential running mate for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), now may endorse his opponent, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), according to Republican sources. But an air of mystery surrounds Powell's planned live appearance Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press," and no one is sure what he will say."

  44. You all thought Congressman Paul a wacko, beyond the pale.

    He is. As is Cynthia McKinney. They both do huge damage to their respective parties. Having replaced these two dolts, their party's platforms and message should gain some traction.

  45. My intuition tells me that the MM deliberately placed these two dolts front and center so as to discredit the Green's political platform and the Libertarian's political platform.

  46. Bobal said, "I think any soldier that has posted here could teach Ash a lot, given the chance, but it would take a hell of a long time."

    Okay, Ash, here's your first lesson:

    Do you remember when John McCain sang a little ditty that went, "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran" ? Collateral damage is a politically correct term the military uses to mean civilians killed in an armed situation (war). It is often the accidental result of servicing the target (killing enemy troops). Sometimes this takes place through incendiary residence (napalm misses the target and burns nearby children). In many cases an entire village will undergo neutralization (every man, woman, and child dies) and the officer in charge must file an adjustment report ("We have accidentally destroyed an innocent village"). Reporters who try to write stories about collateral damage often must submit to a security review (censorship). If they refuse, they can often be persuaded by inquiry systems (whips and hot brands). If not, they will be demoted maximally (killed).

  47. Read Doug's link and tell me how anyone could choose the street hustler. Tested honor should count for something.

  48. "Another great McCain policy proposal:

    'Soldiers don't need to become educated to teach in America's schools.'

    Brilliant, just brilliant! That'll catapult US to the top of the world in academic standing."
    No, Ash:
    Obama refusing vouchers means that Blacks will continue to get the bottom of the bottom of the barrel from our miserable "education" college majors, while HIS girls go to $15 k/year PRIVATE schools, as is the custom for Dems, and 50% of the Public School Teachers in Hawaii.
    Every Lt Col is vastly more well educated than 95% of NEA Teachers.

  49. Sure, it counts for something deuce, but it isn't sufficient to gain the top job. Heck, if incarceration and torture were the only job requirements you'd have a whole bevy of folk sitting at Guantanamo qualified.

    Nice post Kim. Soldiers could certainly teach our children a lot.

  50. One problem with vouchers is you end up subsidizing the rich kids private schools. I do like how vouchers could make schools more attentive to families desires.

  51. If Powell endorses Obama it would show how strong the pull of race is, endorsing a guy whose pal tried to blow up the Pentagon, at a time Powell was in Vietnam, and McCain in the Hanoi Hilton. I've always respected Powell, thought him well. It's kind of hard imagining him doing that, given that history, but, maybe he will.

    If that it what he is going to do, why wait so long? Until he feels he knows which way the wind is blowing? If so, then Powell isn't what he seemed to be. He should have come out up front early on, instead of two weeks before the election. Maybe he is angling for a job, but that's doubtful too, given his age.

    It's a strange year.

  52. A LT Col may be more educated then those teachers but that's not what McCain proposed - LT Col's. Even if he did there is useful knowledge to be gained by learning the theory behind education and teaching.

  53. Here is my favorite stat.

    Congress is hovering around 15% approval rating - odd that the MSM doesn't focus on that as much as Bush's approval, but what the hey.

    Once the election is over and Obama becomes Premier, the Politburo will unleash it's fury on the 85% who disapprove of it.

    Some mandate. This is going to be very interesting.


    Hey Trish, can you give us a spook's take on what this could mean?

    Half of World's Heroin Supply Goes Missing

  54. heck, with a voucher system, muslim's could use taxpayer money to fund Islamic schools. No problems for you with that eh dougo?

  55. "if incarceration and torture were the only job requirements you'd have a whole bevy of folk sitting at Guantanamo qualified."

    I call raging, ignorant dickhead on that one.

  56. obviously there is more to it then being incarcerated and tortured now isn't there?

  57. muslim's could use taxpayer money to fund Islamic schools.

    Good. Others could teach their children to burn down these Islamic schools and expel these Jihadis back to Jihadistan.

  58. Obama Supporters May Spew More Hate Than McCain Backers - Michael Barone

    Where does this urge to suppress unwanted speech come from?
    My answer:
    from the most unfree institutions in our country, our colleges and universities.
    Their speech codes and re-education classes for conservatives who offend someone or other seem to have produced in many liberals the default assumption that if you don't like certain speech, you have a right or even a duty to suppress it.

    This is, of course, contrary to a long tradition of respect for free speech in American liberalism.

    But it is the face of American liberalism I see today—and I find it more disquieting than the shouts of a couple of people at McCain rallies.

  59. D-Day:

    Um, it's not at my house? : )

  60. "I call raging, ignorant dickhead on that one."
    I'll enthusiastically second that!

  61. Since posting this article the Serious Organised Crime Agency has been in touch.

    SOCA has a number of undercover operatives in southern Afghanistan. They tell me this: "Whilst the cultivation and production of opium in Afghanistan is in decline, intelligence suggests there is considerable stockpiling of narcotics by Afghan criminal networks in order to control prices in the growing markets in Russia, China and within the local region."

    I also understand that Nato's top operations commander is calling for more aggressive tactics against the opium trade in Afghanistan. US General John Craddock will tell Defence Ministers gathering in Budapest that troops should focus on "high-end" targets like drug dealers and laboratories.

    Some Nato ministers, however, are concerned that any crackdown would prompt a violent backlash against allied troops.

    It's complicated. Given that the traffickers are not for the most part - and unfortunately for us - the BAD GUYS.

  62. Good. Others could teach their children to burn down these Islamic schools and expel these Jihadis back to Jihadistan

    That qualifies as a pretty good reason to consider the idea, in my view.

  63. We know what the Jihadis teach their children. Time we teach ourselves to defend ourselves.

  64. You have a third.

    A third on the turd. Something in Ash brings out the ad hominem in me. Try as I usually do to avoid it. If he got the shit kicked out of his smary ass it'd bring out the shadenfreude.

    One result of an Obama win would I quit voting yes on the local school bonds. Which I have supported all my life. Fuck it, they're bad enough now.

    I'd give to some private school.

  65. "Even if he did there is useful knowledge to be gained by learning the theory behind education and teaching."
    Wifey took education classes at one of the best colleges in the country, Cal Poly, SLO.
    (The accomplishments of their Graduates prove that point) a consequence, I got TEACHERS EDITIONS of school textbooks.
    ...after about 2 months, we quit using them, as they spent more time on the
    theory(s) behind education and teaching
    than they did on the subject matter!

  66. Why do you think the Kenyans roughed up Corsi, Ashley old sport? Think they got the heads up from the Big O? Or just felt that's what they should do? What's your view? Cause I'm not sure.

  67. Swiftboaters deserve whatever they get.

    ...I'm John Kerry, and I approved this message.

  68. 'Rat decries Kenyan treatment of Corsi as Truther Abuse!

  69. (still figuring how the masterminds placed the charges in WTC 7 to withstand daylong exposure to Kerosene Fueled Fire, then explode, as programmed)
    ...but who knows what the Bush/Rove mind meld is capable of?

  70. Here's another odd decision by McCain - he chose to go on Letterman after standing him up and then enduring show after show making fun of him. But, decision maker that he is, he went back on the show. What did he think would happen?

    "Thursday night on CBS's Late Show with David Letterman, the longtime latenight talk show host kneecapped GOP Presidential Candidate John McCain over his relationship to Watergate planner G. Gordon Liddy.

    "You will also admit that we cannot really control who we interact with in our lives, a hundred percent," said Letterman, referencing McCain's ubiquitous attack against Barack Obama that ties him to a 60's political radical. "I mean, you have ... You have ..."

    McCain interrupted. "Depends on how long we interact with them and how we interact with them."

    Letterman tried to cut in several times, but he was cut off by the candidate.

    "The point is ... The point, the point of this whole campaign, the economy, the economy ..." trailed McCain, counting with his left hand, but ceeding to Letterman on his third 'economy.'

    "Did you not have a relationship with Gordon Liddy?" asked the host.

    "Um, I've met him, uh, you know, I mean, um ..." began McCain.

    "Didn't you attend a fundraiser at his house?" asked Letterman.

    "That's," sputtered McCain, looking trapped. "That's, what ... Is ..."

    "I object, your honor!" shouted Paul Shaffer, Letterman's band leader, only after several seconds of McCain looking like a deer in a car's headlights.

    The host laughed as he stared straight into the CBS cameras, broadcasting live. Smiling, Letterman concluded: "We'll be right back."

    You can see the clip there as well.

    bobal, you are sounding like a sore loser these days and you haven't even lost yet.

  71. What I sound like Ash is I can't stand the sound of your stupid smarmy self, as I've tried to make clear, without result.

  72. Ash,

    What's your purpose here? You want us to vote Obama? Are you voting Obama? What do you want here?

  73. HONOLULU (AP) — Hawaii is dropping the only state universal child health care program in the country just seven months after it launched.

    Gov. Linda Lingle's administration cited budget shortfalls and other available health care options for eliminating funding for the program. A state official said families were dropping private coverage so their children would be eligible for the subsidized plan.

    "People who were already able to afford health care began to stop paying for it so they could get it for free," said Dr. Kenny Fink, the administrator for Med-QUEST at the Department of Human Services. "I don't believe that was the intent of the program."

  74. Ash: bobal, you are sounding like a sore loser these days and you haven't even lost yet.

    The word "sinister" is from the Latin for left, reflecting its evil connotations. It is perhaps no coincidence that many regulars in the Elephant Bar refer to Socialist Democrat Ash as a member of the Left.

  75. I'm with you Mat.

    I move we bar Ash.

    I'm going to the casino for a cup of coffee. Mat, wish you were here, I'd invite you to go have a cup with me. The others too, of course.


  76. Have a good time, Bob. Btw, the new Bond movie is coming out soon. Nov 007. So save some money to take the missus. The previews look very good.

  77. And I'm sure Ashley would disapprove. Evil being such a fine shade of gray, for Ashley.

  78. From all appearances presented to the regulars of the EB, bobal is a very nice guy without a mean bone in his body. So one has to wonder what would motivate someone to try to kick sand in his face everyday? To taunt, provoke and goad him? What kind of person would adopt such a smug, smarmy, self-righteous attitude while attempting to bring bobal down to his level? What kind of character flaw must a person have that compels him to do that? Just wondering...?

  79. "Clearly what we see here is the violence and oppression in the system. We function as an autonomous collective who periodically elect an administrator --"

    "Will you be QUIET!!!"

  80. Where's the one who talks so much about ditz this and that talking about education?

    was your man a prof or senior lecturer at Univ. of Chicago?

    I have some questions

  81. trish said...

    Um, it's not at my house? : )


  82. Ole Cut and Paste Ash

    It makes perfect sense you have an issue with G.G. Liddy. Why? Cause I don't. (paraphrasing Mat)

    The only thing Liddy has ever been guilty of is being too loyal.

  83. Ash: A LT Col may be more educated then those teachers but that's not what McCain proposed - LT Col's. blah, blah, blah

    I'd put the dividing line down around E-7 and above, maybe E-6. Forget the worthless diplomas. See who can run a squad or platoon under pressure. Survive without the morning latte.

  84. I have NEVER even hinted that Bush/Rove/Cheney were involved in 9/11, el doug.

    Not even once, because I do not believe that, not for an instant.
    Never have, never will.

    I do believe that the building was brought down in a controlled demolition. Yes, the charges could survive a diesel fuel fire and still be detonated on command.

    That, even I know how to do, from thirty years ago.
    My own perception is that the building was a target of the Pakistani. For reasons unknown to me.

    But not to others, possibly Bush/Rove/Cheney and it was decided to suppress that knowledge, publicly.

    Since I think that the aQ acted as agents of the ISI and Pakistan on 9/11/01, it is not a giant leap to think they could also have imploded building 7, the real target of the raid.

  85. Ash: ...there is useful knowledge to be gained by learning the theory behind education and teaching.


    Just LOL.

  86. Liddy read one of my missives on the air, years ago. Made my day.

    The memory still brings a warm feeling, a tingling down my leg.

  87. I stood in line and got his book signed one was very cool shaking his hand.

  88. Soldiers learn a lot, and can teach some very important things that non-soldiers tend not to think about:

    Duty and honor.

    These two things can go a long way.

    BTW, as a teacher myself, I think the teachers in the US can do with more duty and honor with educating the next generation rather than just being democrat/commie talking points. The reason why the US educational system is a laughing stock is because your teachers suck.

    And the very first few reasons why I can think of why they suck is because they lack honor in being honest with themselves, their content knowledge, and their ability to teach, and they lack the sense of duty in making sure their students learn what they need to get ahead in life. To a greater extent, that's also true of the teacher unions in the US. And guess which political party the teacher unions are most associated with?

    I had a colleague go to the States for a study trip. She visited some of our equivalents over there, along with a bunch of the notes we use to teach, and the teachers there admitted they could barely understand what our students here in S'pore are learning.

    If I had been there, I would have been inclined to ask them how the hell they could become teachers in the first place, and if they are taking any steps to remedy their pathetic lack.

    I am inclined to gloat, but I also realize that a poorly educated populace of the foremost nation in the world is a recipe for disaster.

  89. DR, what was in Building 7 that 1) would have been worth the risk of US retaliation in response to an overt attack, and 2) could not have been stolen or covertly destoyed without all the attention and "collateral damage" of taking out WTC Towers? I'm not arguing, i'm just curious.

  90. A question to Tom Brokaw. How phony and pathetic is this?

    From M L Staats:

    "Are there times when a new development emerges that you feel a need to want to call Mr. Russert and get his opinion?"

    Tom Brokaw:

    "Several times every day I say aloud, "Timmy, where are you? We need to talk."

  91. Last week, Powell appeared as a character witness at Sen. Ted Stevens’ (R-Alaska) corruption trial, telling jurors that Stevens is someone he trusts completely. "As we say in the infantry, this is a guy you take on a long patrol,"

    Article About Powell Going On Meet The Press

    How could he possibly, having served three republican Presidents, been in Vietnam when Ayers was terrorizing around, and McCain in the Hanoi Hilton, possibly endorse Obama? It would be a shocker.

    Power and pull of race is all I can possibly imagine.

    I'd be less surprised if he endorsed Cynthia of the Greens.

  92. jwillie

    Building: 7 World Trade Center


    Salomon Smith Barney

    Internal Revenue Service Regional Council

    U.S. Secret Service

    American Express Bank

    Standard Chartered Bank

    Provident Financial Management

    ITT Hartford Insurance Group

    First State Management Group

    Federal Home Loan Bank

    NAIC Securities

    Securities & Exchange Commission

    Mayor's Office of Emergency Mgmt

    Tenant List provided by CoStar Group, Inc.

  93. The retaliation was expected and delivered, against the prescribed target package, in Afghanistan.

    To this day there is still public denial that the ISI and Pakistan were and are the sponsors and mentors of the Taliban. That aQ was and is an active covert operative for both the Pakistani and Sauds.

    The target could have been harddrives or documentations, audio tape, not really sure.

    Financial markers or maybe smack on the General President, maybe Dr Khan.

    The target package may have known to be in the building, but not the exact location within it.

    The perfect way to diminish the attack, do something that draws even more attention, be a master of misdirection.