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Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Stupid Son of a Bitch, Harry Reid

How much more irresponsible can you get than this horse's ass. More from our rulers and masters:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., raised eyebrows at a press conference Wednesday when he said a member of his party caucus had talked about a major insurance company being on the verge of bankruptcy. At the time, Reid referred to the company as "one with a name that everyone knows."

Today, however, Reid's office sought to clarify the comment. His spokesman, Jim Manley, said Reid "is not personally aware" of any particular company being in trouble and has "no special knowledge" on the topic. Reid, the spokesman said, meant to refer in general terms about the financial sector and "regrets any confusion his comments may have caused."

-USA Today


  1. Harry sounds kinda like I imagine a eunuch might sound. If you didn't see his face you wouldn't know whether the person talking was male, female or neutered.

    Which of course doesn't say anything about the person, but it always gives me a spooky preternatural nausea, listening to Harry, like, there's something wrong with this person.

    Well, looks like the day of the mob is upon us. Long for Truman, or even Adlai Stevenson.

  2. It will be interesting to see how much time the pukes over at NBC divine the misstatement of Harry Reid as opposed to hmmm...say maybe, Sarah Palin.

  3. The news that Maverick is pulling out of MI, that is just stunning.

    Fits the profile, but even so ...

    Harry Reid, if he's one of their best and brightest, little wonder we're in the shape we're in.

  4. Bob,
    Next time you're in Vegas, take a little drive south of town down to Searchlight. Harry's home town,I think. You can see the big American flag flying over the McDonald's casino/filling station for about 15 miles. I drove around Searchlight not too long ago looking for some hints of Harry's roots. Nada. Like the c of c never heard of him. Nice McDonalds though. Two lane blacktop country.

  5. From what I've heard the Insurance Companies sold off all day, today.

  6. McCain woulda outted the Pork and named names on the bailout had he already been elected. he would secure the borders AFTER he is elected.

    Prior to that, he does the opposite.

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  8. Obama has pulled out of Idaho. And, the boys at Les Schwab, who I just polled, are all voting for McCain.

    Linear, I keep saying I'm getting out of here but something always comes up, get delayed. I was gonna go back and vote in Ohio, now we're reduced to one absentee ballot, which is in the mail.

    Harry's a Mormon, isn't he? If I get down to Vegas I'll check that town out.

    With my wife, once we get on the road, we actually do see stuff.

    Mason-Dixon poll: Close race in Va.

    Oct 2 03:14 PM US/Eastern
    By The AP

    THE POLL: Mason-Dixon Polling and Research Inc., survey of 625 registered voters in Virginia. (13 electoral votes.)
    THE NUMBERS: John McCain 48 percent, Barack Obama 45 percent.

    OF INTEREST: The margin is unchanged from a poll by the same firm done last week, showing the candidates about even in a state that last backed a Democrat for president in 1964. It contrasts sharply, however, with a CNN-Time poll released Wednesday that showed Obama with a 9-point lead.

  9. Neutered, Albob:
    Like W and McCain when talking about Democrats.

    Hard to think of any Males that still speak like men.

    Several GOP women have some guts in addition to Bachman and Palin, who come to my mind first.

  10. I'm not buying any Time/CNN poll. Even if it showed me ahead.

  11. Always safe to assume some Dem Bias in the polls at this point in time, but Big John persists in being Big Dumbass.

  12. I can understand McCain pulling out of Michigan. Obama's pulled out of lots of places. He had a 57 state strategy there for a while. Probably shouldn't have campaign folks making a big announcement of it though. Do it silently.

    McCain kept his promise to take federal money, Obama broke his, McCain has to marshal resources.

    Where are the 527's?

    Where are the Swift Boaters?

    Where are the G-damn America ads?

    That's what I want to know.

  13. Seldom Seen Harry, there in Searchlight, Nevada.

  14. I sound like Hitler raving about fantasy divisions.

  15. The popularity of Mr Strache was not damaged despite photographs being published of him in his youth wearing military uniform at an alleged far-right gathering and also showing Mr Strache raising his hand and stretching three fingers in an apparent covert version of the Hitler salute, used widely in the neo-Nazi scene. Mr Strache said that he was merely signalling for three beers in a pub.

    Anti-muslim Sentiment On Rise In Austria

    Can muslims yodel? Ski? Eat sausage?

  16. That article could have as easily been entitled "Party That Fears Muslims, Terrorism, Sharia Law Gains In Austria".

  17. One thing I just heard yesterday is that Palin's Dad wss a Science Teacher.
    If so, she knows more of what needs to be known re: Technological Issues than the vast majority in Congress.

  18. Bobal:
    Michigan, home to Detroit and the largest Muslim Population in the Country.
    Guess who is a shoe in?

  19. Hollywood could get a cut of the bailout.

    The package making its way through Congress includes tax breaks for shooting in the U.S.

    By Richard Verrier, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
    11:10 PM PDT, October 1, 2008

    Hollywood would get a little unexpected boost from the proposed $700-billion bailout of the nation's financial system.

    The bill wending its way through Congress would provide tax breaks worth more than $470 million over the next decade for movie and TV producers that shoot in the U.S.

    That's not a lot of money, given that the average studio movie costs $106.6 million to make and market, but it could keep some low-budget productions -- and jobs -- from going offshore.

  20. Yup, you're right Doug.

    Wife tells me there's a hell of a big mosque in Cincinnati or Cleveland or somewhere in Ohio.

    An occasional weekend jihadi training camp in the woods too.

  21. Caller:
    I had no problem getting a no money down 8k loan to replace my AC.

    Are you a minority?

    Not yet.

  22. bobal said...
    I sound like Hitler raving about fantasy divisions.

    Thu Oct 02, 05:08:00 PM EDT

    good one

  23. Talk about a Cheap Ass Sleazy Prop:

    As if Gwen I'mfilled w/Shit Could not appear seated in a real chair.

    Po Black Woman in a Wheelchair.

    FDR spins in his grave.

  24. The bailout will probably pass. but our troubles will not.

    Down and down she goes and where she stops, nobody knows.

  25. So, we'll be on the hook for another $5,000 each with no idea where the bottom is...

  26. Whit:
    Cobern hit a homerun on the Senate Floor.

    ...not to be heard outside Talk Radio.

    Explained The Fraud in a Nutshell, Emphasis on making a Mockery of the Constitution.

  27. The Virginia Education Association sponsored "Obama Blue Day" on Tuesday. In an e-mail sent last week, it urged teachers to participate by dressing in blue.

    "There are people out there not yet registered. You teach some of them," the Sept. 25 e-mail reads. "Others, including our members, remain on the fence! Its time for us to come together, voice our unity, because we make a difference!"

    "Let's make Obama Blue Day a day of Action!" the e-mail continues. "Barack the vote!"

    In a statement released to Thursday, VEA President Kitty Boitnott defended the e-mail, saying that it called for teachers to wear blue shirts, but not ones that mentioned a candidate.

    Talk about Orwellian.