“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obama Lied. Ayers Connection to Barack Obama Found


Now put this photo of Bill Ayers in context:

Obama, supported by the propagandists in the MSM, has asserted that Bill Ayers was a man who happened to live in his neighborhood. At the time this photograph was taken, Obama and Ayers were serving together on the board of the Woods Fund. It was in 2001 when Ayers donated $200 to Obama's State Senate campaign fund. Well guess what?

A Blogger at Zomblog did the job MSM missed. He went into the archives of the Chicago Tribune and found an undigitized photo of an Obama review of the Ayers’ book and Obama says, “A searing and timely account of the juvenile court system, and the courageous individuals who rescue hope from despair.” Obama calls Bill Ayers a courageous individual.


Just a few weeks before this review was published in the Chicago Tribune, Obama and Ayers appeared together on a panel about juvenile justice organized by Michelle Obama on November 20, 1997:

Children who kill are called “super predators,” “people with no conscience,” “feral pre-social beings” — and “adults.”

William Ayers, author of A Kind and Just Parent: The Children of Juvenile Court (Beacon Press, 1997), says “We should call a child a child. A 13-year-old who picks up a gun isn’t suddenly an adult. We have to ask other questions: How did he get the gun? Where did it come from?”

Ayers, who spent a year observing the Cook County Temporary Juvenile Detention Center in Chicago, is one of four panelists who will speak on juvenile justice at 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 20, in the C-Shop. The panel, which marks the 100th anniversary of the juvenile justice system in the United States, is part of the Community Service Center’s monthly discussion series on issues affecting the city of Chicago. The event is free and open to the public.

Ayers will be joined by Sen. Barack Obama, Senior Lecturer in the Law School, who is working to combat legislation that would put more juvenile offenders into the adult system; Randolph Stone, Director of the Mandel Legal Aid Clinic; Alex Correa, a reformed juvenile offender who spent seven years in Cook County Temporary Detention Center; Frank Tobin, a former priest and teacher at the Detention Center who helped Correa; and Willy Baldwin, who grew up in public housing and is currently a teacher at the Detention Center.

The quick and glib "CHANGE" Artist

Look at the truth about Obama and listen to slick Obama in his own words.


  1. Will the change artist get away with this?

  2. From the Missouri New Leader:

    "Reality check: The ad is accurate when it states that Obama worked with Ayers, founder of the violent 1960s-era radical group "The Weather Underground," although that's a bit of an exaggeration. The two served on the six-member Chicago Annenberg Challenge board -- founded by Ronald Reagan appointee Walter Annenberg -- that distributed grants. According to The New York Times, they attended six board meetings together. Also according to the Times, Ayers hosted a coffee at which Illinois state Sen. Alice Palmer, who planned to run for Congress, introduced Obama to supporters as her chosen successor. It's a long shot to say Obama 'lied' about his ties to Ayers. When asked about his relationship with Ayers, Obama described him as 'a guy who lives in my neighborhood,' while calling Ayers' actions 40 years ago 'detestable.' Ayers, by the time Obama met him, was a respected college professor teaching education at the University of Illinois. "

  3. How great is this? The media can't hide the truth any longer!

  4. Can't remember where, but that review tidbit's been around for a while.
    (NOT the photo, though)

  5. "I've got nothing to do with ACORN, but my associates there and I join in DEMANDING this harassment stop!"

  6. A Fox News poll asked the question: Does Obama's connection with Ayers make you less likely to vote for him for president or does it not really make a difference to your vote?
    Less likely No difference (More likely - vol.) (Don't know)
    8-9 Oct 08 32% 61 2 5
    Democrats 8% 83 2 7
    Republicans 62% 33 2 3
    Independents 29% 64 3 4

    8 percent of Democrats and 29 percent of Independents said they would less likely to vote for Obama. Republicans need to tie Ayers around Obama neck 24/7 until the election. The friendship, the business association and the coverups. Obama has repeatedly tried to obfuscate much like Clinton saying "It depends on what the definition of is is." Obama very careful with his words which often leads him to stutter and stammer.

    It's also interesting and disturbing that a full 83% of Democrats say that Obama's relationship with Ayers will not make a difference in the way they're going to vote.

    If such a large number of Dems have gone that far left, we could be in for bigger trouble in this country.

  7. The Secret Obama Agenda For A Black Socialist America
    Word is, Rufus will be tapped as Energy Czar:

    7. Oil and gas furnaces will be outlawed and all homeowners will be required to install atheist windmills and pagan (Sun God) solar panels.

    Ms T will head Health and Human Services:

    13. Heterosexual parents who want to have children will be required to attend parenting classes, promise to raise their children to be tolerant of all races and sexual orientations, and get a license to have kids. Parents who violate these requirements will have their children seized and given to deserving gay couples, but the "birth surrogates," as they will be called, will be required to pay for their upbringing and college educations.

  8. They've no doubt been told that Ayers scrupulously tried not to hurt anyone, and wife Bernadine is a victimized Saint.
    ...and now he's a well respected PROFESSOR, so how can THAT be bad?

  9. In their world an repentant terrorist can be a respected professor but a Christian Republican woman governor deserves only ridicule and defamation.

  10. Yeah, by Buckley, Brooks, Noonan, Krauthammer, and etc, too.

  11. My black friends can understand why I can just get over it...

    They see nothing wrong with rev wright and farakhan...

    so in the end, the minority citizens will lose...

    mainstream america will not accept violent groups like NOI as mainstream...

    the moment the ONE is elected is the moment I will resign as a democrat...

  12. Amazing how all these childless old Fart "Conservatives" are letting their elitist prejudices show, unable to hide their contempt for an in the flesh Real American Family.
    How embarassing in front of all their Beltway Buddies.

  13. William Ayers, author of A Kind and Just Parent: The Children of Juvenile Court (Beacon Press, 1997), says “We should call a child a child. A 13-year-old who picks up a gun isn’t suddenly an adult. We have to ask other questions: How did he get the gun? Where did it come from?”

    OMG - Yeah, how come we never asked those questions before...

    Focus on the gun...the gun... ban guns...

    NRA site on Obamas Gun Voting record.

  14. Crossing Paths Daily Obama and Ayers Shared an Office (Update For Three Years) Verum Serum

    This Chicago Annenberg Challenge website from 2002 shows the total amount of funds given to Bill Ayers’ Small Schools Workshop from 1995 to 2001.

    The amount is not the $175K I had reported earlier. According to this page, the total given under Barack Obama’s direct supervision was $1,056,162. Adding that amount to the money given by the Joyce Foundation and Woods Fund during Obama’s tenure brings the grand total to $1,968,718.

    Just shy of two million dollars! That’s a lot of scratch, to put it bluntly. And don’t forget, this doesn’t count the 3/4 million that went to John Ayers during the same time period.

  15. These allegations and efforts to hurt Cindy have been a matter of public record for sixteen years. Cindy has been quite open and frank about her issues for all these years. Any further attempts to harass and injure her based on the information from Gosinski and Clark will be met with an appropriate response. While she may be in the public eye, she is not public property nor the property of the press to abuse and defame.

    It is worth noting that you have not employed your investigative assets looking into Michelle Obama. You have not tried to find Barack Obama’s drug dealer that he wrote about in his book, Dreams of My Father. Nor have you interviewed his poor relatives in Kenya and determined why Barack Obama has not rescued them. Thus, there is a terrific lack of balance here.

    I suggest to you that none of these subjects on either side are worthy of the energy and resources of The New York Times. They are cruel hit pieces designed to injure people that only the worst rag would investigate and publish. I know you and your colleagues are always preaching about raising the level of civil discourse in our political campaigns. I think taking some your own medicine is in order here.

    I ask you to let Cindy McCain carry on in her usual understated, selfless and dignified way. The fabrications and lies of blackmailers are not fit to print in any newspaper but particularly not in The New York Times.

    John M. Dowd
    Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP

    Of course it is preposterous to suggest that anyone at the New York Times has a “sense of fairness.” But lawyers have to say preposterous things all of the time.
    Mind you, Jodi Kantor is the same “reporter” who did a laughable whitewash of Mr. Obama’s pastor and spiritual mentor of twenty years, Reverend Wright.
    But, to be fair, Ms. Kantor is just a paid whore whose job at the moment is to get Mr. Obama elected.
    Related Articles:
    McCain Camp Blasts The New York Times

  16. Taliban kill around 30 people after stopping bus

    Something else to remember about the Taliban a few years down the road when we're trying to make a deal with them.

  17. In a tit for tat world, Team Maverick opts for trading the dirt on Bill Ayers, which only sways 29% of the Independents, for sliming Ms Cindy.

    Which may sway none of the Independents, but does get under John's skin.

    Despite that Ayers has little to no effect on the pro-Obamasan voter, Team Maverick pushes ahead, regardless of the collateral damage. While in fact, since Team Maverick began the anti-Ayers association campaign, McCain has fallen ever further behind.

    Those that favor McCain shout "Stay the Course!" while brother Joe sees the shoals ahead, rings the bell and goes unheeded.

  18. If we just keep quiet about this Lying, Phoney Anti-American Marxist Crook and his Cronies, everything will be all right.

  19. Huh?

    It seems so obvious, to me.

    Team Maverick has set a course, with the Association Campaign, that is ineffective. Has proven ineffective and will remain ineffective. Per whit's poll numbers

    Folks within John's circle, his brother Joe, sees the shoals of electoral disaster, dead ahead.
    (Referencing his published e-mail of last week.) And are ringing the warning bell.

    Just as in Iraq, an immediate change of tactics is needed, for Team Maverick.
    McCain should try to take charge of the news cycle, instead of hiding from it.
    He should be extolling his Economic Plan, 24/7, not Ayers.

    As I say, it seems obvious to me, the Iraq metaphor, so obvious that the basic evidence made it self evident.

  20. The VOTERS that have not yet decided, they do not care, doug.

    Those that do care, ALREADY KNOW!!

    The swing is going agaist McCain, amongst those deciding late, like now.

    His negatives are climbing, due to the state of his campaign. Which has, of late, been the Association attack.

    He should be out front with an Economic Recovery Plan, right now, if he wanted to win.

  21. Here I thought you believed the election was not about sending a message, but winning.

    Silly me.

  22. The fact is, I'm a die-hard Republican; and, I can't stand John McCain's guts. He's ankle-bit my President for eight long years. He stands against all I stand for.

    He stands with the oil companies against biofuels at a time when we see the supply of transportation fuel getting ready to "roll over."

    He stands for "climate change" as we enter the 10th year of declining temperatures.

    He stands for opening our borders to anyone who wants to walk across, and make them a citizen, to boot.

    He stands for the status quo in health insurance when it's obvious we have an untenable system.

    And, my fellow Republicans didn't elect him in the Primaries. Democrats crossed over and raided our primaries in Florida, and New Hampshire to nominate him. Fox (the Wahhabi News) cheerled the effort.

    Piss on John McCain. I still won't swear I'll vote for him.

    And, I don't give a Rat's Ass about Ayers. I've got plenty of friends with disreputable acts in their history (especially if we go back 40 years.)

    And, I don't care about ACORN. That's what they do. It's their job.

    I do care about what he'll do as President. And, you know what, I look at him and I think, "Herbert Hoover." Can't tell you why; I just do. I think he's just dumb enough to be "swayed" by some other dumb sonof a bitch that'll get us in trouble.

    Anyway, I might vote for him; but, it'll be the most painful vote I've ever cast.

  23. A little heard part of the Obama/Joe the Plumber exchange was Obama explaining to Joe that a Federal Sales Tax would have to be about 40%. Fine, roll it out at 40%. See how long that lasts.

    I've been watching Huckabee's new weekend show on Fox News. Good, clean, polite, no screaming. Huckabee tried to get some traction for the Fair Tax.

    * A progressive national retail sales tax.
    * A prebate to ensure no American pays federal taxes on spending up to the poverty level.
    * Dollar-for-dollar federal revenue neutrality.
    * Repeal of the 16th Amendment through companion legislation.

    I'm willing to give it a go.

  24. A national sales tax makes sense in today's changed climate. Our economy was based on excess consumer spending, much of it on imported goods. A car made in Detroit had a greater tax and benefit burden than an import. A sales tax levels the playing field and will encourage US domestic production. A sales tax allows people to defer paying taxes by deferring consumption, which increases savings. Every taxpayer can weigh the trade off between consuming and savings. All of the reduction in consumer spending must be offset by private or national investment otherwise incomes will fall.

    Examples such as national and local infrastructure, new national interstates system for trucking, bridges and non-residential construction, high tech industrial parks, vertically integrated forest industries and alternative energy would all reduce our foreign trade deficit.

  25. October 17, 2008 6:40 AM ET

    (Reuters)—Financial institutions ran to their lender of last resort for record amounts of cash in the latest week, under extreme pressure from the worst global financial crisis in a generation, Federal Reserve data showed on Thursday.

    Banks and dealers’ overall direct borrowings from the Fed averaged a record $437.53 billion per day in the week ended October 15, topping the previous week’s $420.16 billion per day.

    Some analysts are concerned that banks’ dependence on Fed lending might become long term and difficult to change.

  26. Be very careful getting locked into fixed cash.

  27. A little more interesting information on "Net" Oil Imports

    Falling from everyone except Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.

  28. Walking A Tightrope
    Times of India, India - Oct 13, 2008
    Moreover, the rupee must be allowed to depreciate so that the trade balance improves, notwithstanding the inflationary bias of such a move. ...

    Consumer prices flat in September
    The Associated Press - Oct 16, 2008
    "The rapidly disappearing inflation threat is providing the Federal Reserve full latitude to move to an easing bias on rates to combat the recession as well ...

    CEP News
    BOE Likely to Keep Loosening Bias Despite Upside Surprise in UK CPI

    CEP News, Canada - Oct 14, 2008
    (CEP News) Frankfurt - While inflation in the UK reached 16-year highs in September, economists say that the CPI growth rate has reached its peak and expect ...

    Taiwan central bank restates shift to easing bias as inflation eases

    Forbes, NY - Oct 5, 2008
    The governor was outlining a shift in monetary policy bias that was mirrored in a recent string of easing measures. Late last month, the bank announced a ...

    Taiwan central bank to shift to 'moderately loose' monetary policy ... Forbes

    Cramer: It's a Worldwide Crash - Oct 6, 2008
    --inflation. Yes, that's still their bias. We were able to jump-start the economy in 2003 with rates as low as 1%. But our rates are twice that now even ...

    INTERVIEW-Polish cbank may take neutral bias in 09-cbanker
    Forbes, NY - Oct 2, 2008

    WARSAW, Oct 2 (Reuters) - Poland's inflation outlook is improving and the central bank could go into a neutral bias in monetary policy after raising rates ...
    Monetary council members divided over rate hike Warsaw Business Journal

    The Age
    Bernanke, Paulson and the US Government Following Eggertsson Buy ...

    The Market Oracle, UK - Sep 24, 2008
    then to keep an inflationary bias as a credible outcome


    This all means that if you keep you assets in cash, you will lose. That is not a risk. That is a sure thing.

  29. One thing is for certain. All the Central banks and the sovereign funds are paralyzed by fear and are certainly not dumping their dollars. They are all in the printing game.

  30. We will "work through" the Credit Crisis. Basically, everyone's doing the right thing when it comes to that.

    The disaster that awaits us is a continuation, and Acceleration of the Energy Crisis. The good news is that we're in a better situation than most countries. We are farther along in our mitigation than anyone with the exception of Brazil, who, if they didn't have a super-socialist government would be in an Unbelievably Great Position. (They're Still looking pretty good for the long haul.)

  31. Castrol [Andrew Stuttaford]

    The Castro brothers get lucky, it seems, at least according to the Guardian:
    "Friends and foes have called Cuba many things - a progressive beacon, a quixotic underdog, an oppressive tyranny - but no one has called it lucky, until now . Mother nature, it emerged this week, appears to have blessed the island with enough oil reserves to vault it into the ranks of energy powers. The government announced there may be more than 20bn barrels of recoverable oil in offshore fields in Cuba's share of the Gulf of Mexico, more than twice the previous estimate. If confirmed, it puts Cuba's reserves on par with those of the US and into the world's top 20. Drilling is expected to start next year by Cuba's state oil company Cubapetroleo, or Cupet."
    I wonder what this says about reserves in adjoining US waters.

  32. Colon Powell is a piece of crap for doing that.

    And, I used to love the guy.

    It's about race, race, and nothing but race.

  33. Colon Powell has condemned himself. He has proven
    Belafonte right, he was a step and fetch it nigger all those years.

    This is really sad. He has endorsed the guy who's best bud bombed

    Whose best bud is still alive and working on the same projects today.

    Race is at the heart of it. Race is all there is, to Powell, a black piece of crap.

  34. Powell endorsed Obama, aye?

    Figures, since he knows McCain.

  35. I think it's just sad as hell.

    But, I quess it means we can loosen up our language a bit, and call a step and fetch nigger a step and fetch nigger, cause that's exactly what he was.

    Belafonte was right.

    Colon Powell, a man with no principles.

    It's disgusting.

    What a black piece of crap.

  36. He has chosen Ayers and Company over a flawed man, cause the boss is black.

    Colon Powell is a piece of crap.

  37. Figures, since he knows McCain.

    BS. He could have endorsed a Libertarian. He could have stayed out of it. He didn't. The guy is a tribalist. I have no problem with that. But if you're a tribalist, as I am, be honest about it.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. If Belafonte can call Powell a step and fetch nigger, so can I, and do.

    I loved that guy.

    Twas misplaced love.

  40. That it is dismissed as a matter of race and not character, that does make it sad

    But I've never been a Powell fan, either. He and his boy, Bremer, they screwed the pooch, as it were, themselves.

    Powell believes it is a binary choice, just a duece and so many others believe.

    For Powell, it's either, or.

  41. It's a matter of race, showing lack of character.

    Colon Powell, a step and fetch nigger all along.

    I've put him in my mental kitchen.

    He's not welcome on my float trip.

  42. The guy is a tribalist. I have no problem with that. But if you're a tribalist, as I am, be honest about it.

    Yup, you are right, Mat.

    The very thing we have worked to overcome.

    Well, if it can't be done, it can't be done.

    Fuck Powell and all people like him.

    What a piece of crap.

  43. Obama Raises More Than $150 Million in Sept
    Posted by TOM BEVAN

    In a video announcement to supporters this morning, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe announces that the campaign will report raising more than $150 million in September from 632,000 contributors. Both are records for the campaign.

    Plouffe urges supporters to "dig even deeper" over the last sixteen days to help the campaign respond to the "slime" from the McCain campaign and to give the campaign the additional resources to compete in an expanded playing field that includes West Virginia, Georgia, and North Dakota.

  44. It's dangerous. If they push too far, the whites might go tribal too. The whites, who built this nation, might go tribal too.

    They should think about that.

    Colon Powell, kitchen nigger, just like Belafonte said.

  45. Bob,

    I really want you to catch that film I've recommended yesterday, The Bicycle Thief. The movie touches on so many themes, and it does it in such an honest way. Even the topic of tribalism is touches upon.

  46. Every black in America is voting black.

    For no other reason than that the candidate is black.

    Colon Powell is a black piece of shit.

    And I thought he was an honorable man.

    I used to love that guy.

  47. Colin Powell was used by the neocons to sell the Iraq War by rolling out bogus intelligence before the UN Security Council, and he hasn't forgotten. I don't know why he hasn't just made the switch to the Donks in protest, but endorsing B.O. is probably as far as he will go. Fair 'nuff.

  48. If what you say is true, then Colon Powell has condemned himself again.

    No man should let himself be used.

    Colon Powell is a black piece of shit.

  49. So now, all the work we have done on race relations comes down to this--you can't beat tribalism. Just like in Africa.

    So be it. That's what they are, that's what they will get, sooner or later.

    Colon Powell is a black piece of shit, selling out the enlightenment.

  50. Doug: If confirmed, it puts Cuba's reserves on par with those of the US and into the world's top 20.

    It also, coincidentally, elevates Cuba overnight to the top of the list of nations that need US military help to become democratic, bypassing such oil-poor nations as Kosovo, North Korea, and Myanmar.

  51. Young kids died at his command, while Ayers was bombing the Pentagon.

    Colon Powell is a black piece of shit.

    I'm finished.

  52. rolling out bogus intelligence

    And you know this how?

    When the Israelis said that the material when to Syria, Mother Hen Trish and her Jihadi cock-a-doodle-do Ashley were making fun of these claims. When reports of Israel bombing Syria's atomic facilities came, they were still making fun of these claims. So let me ask again, you know these reports were bogus intelligence how?

  53. And you know this how?

    Cause that's what the current meme says, Mat, you know this.

    Cause it's floating aroung in the air, and airheads pick up on it.

    Colon Powell is a black piece of shit.

  54. After all the work we'
    ve done on race relations--you can't trump tribalism.

    By God, it's kind of liberating really.

  55. Colon Powell sent white kids, and black kids, to their death, in a cause he didn't believe in.

    Colon Powell is a black piece of shit.

  56. Whites were so shocked when they discovered that blacks did not care if OJ was guilty or not. He was black and that was all that mattered.

    Probably most whites do no care if Obama is black but almost all blacks do.

    If blacks are that tight getting together to vote, which they are, guess what happens when the get the keys.

    I may be cynical but in a way I am not. Reality is what reality does, expect no more or no less. In politics as in most things in life, it is a zero sum game.

    Obama getting elected is not the end of settling old scores, it is the beginning. This election has always been about race and the Left. It is a marriage of convenience. Remember a few months ago when Al Sharpton was going to shut New York down, and in a panic mode they shut Al down. That is not going to happen when the picnic starts.

  57. you can't trump tribalism.

    It's human nature, Bob. The best we can do is work out a system that takes this into account.

  58. I'm with you, Mat. I think you have the wisdom of the ages there.

    We tried, give us that much.

    I'll try to hit that movie you suggested.

    Trouble is, when I'm awake, the wife is asleep, and vica versa.

    Well, life is as it is.

  59. Let me give you the good news. Colin Powell endorsing Obama is gonna cost Obama votes. Only the white liberal media thinks otherwise. I hope Obama runs ads telling about the support he got from Colin.

  60. I need to call my mother who is a dyed in the wool democrat and see how she feels about Colin's endorsement.

  61. jeez, is it Colin or Colon.

    I've been spelling it Colon, and I didn't mean anything by that.

    Colin Powell is a black piece of shit.

    Amend my earlier comments.

    I had a colonoscopy recently, which I advise everyone my age to do.

    Simple and painless, cost about 2k.

    Freudian slip, maybe?

    Or, egg on face, like Linear says?

  62. We tried, give us that much.

    Bob, as you know I now temporarily reside in Toronto, Canada. This is the most ethnically mixed city in Canada, where everybody lives in their own ghetto community. Everybody is polite, but everybody hires their own. Chinese hire Chinese. Italians hire Italians. Iranians hire Iranians. Poles hire Poles. Gov jobs are doled out to WASPs. Etc.

  63. WASHINGTON - Former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., for president on Sunday, criticizing his own Republican Party for what he called its narrow focus on irrelevant personal attacks over a serious approach to challenges he called unprecedented.

    Shall we count the careers ruined by the Left going after white Republicans over the whiff of unsavory relationships or racism in their past?

    Colin Powell was a general and there is almost no such thing as a general who was is a politician and there certainly is no officer that who aspires to becoming a general that is not a political animal.

    Powell was a Republican because he saw that as a way to advance, pure and simple, nothing more nothing less.

  64. Well, you and I can overcome it, Mat. You can always come to my farm, and I thank you for inviting me to Israel.

    Which I might take you up on, one of these days.

    I am one real estate sale away from doing so, and working on it.

    My life now is nothing nothing nothing, then, bingo, a big one.

    If I get this one done, I'm calling on you.

    And, I mean it.

  65. Tribalism?!

    How convinced are we that any of us can divine motivations behind a national vote? Aren't we still gathering data?

    Let's not forget: issues du jour are routinely misrepresented; mis-information and dis-information abound. Do you not think otherwise?

    I am not convinced we know why Obama may win, if he does. Divination is alive and well in discussions re: our economy and certainly our politics.

    That the divining is as much an industry, a book publishing, buzz-generating, branding and rebranding industry should make us wary of anything one media-agent removed from primary sources, especially when we know those primary sources could be bought and paid for.

    So, let's go and say its Tribalism. Afterall, that will be a great title for an early-in-the-term Obama Presidency screed.

    Who is your tribe? What identities do you hold? Do you think Blacks should identify themselves as you do?

    Fanciful explanations like this forget that Obama may actually just appeal to people who like what he says. Its the determination of which of his sayings was most politically compelling which should matter to us. Is it the spectre of non-interventionism? Is it healthcare? You're telling me its cuz he be black and exposed as such by ruthless investigator, Howard Stern.

  66. I'd be honored to have you, Bob. They surveyed people from around the globe and as it turns out, even with all the problems, Israelis [those living in Israel:] are the happiest people on Earth. I'd love to show you why. :)

  67. :)

    Habu, if you were here, we could do some pheasant hunting today.

  68. Its worth considering if any identities held by Black people were arrived at by means of Reason.

    Or are we assuming they've all been hoodwinked by schiesters?

    Would you consider yourself hoodwinked as a taxpayer, voter or even patriot by the likes of Cheney, Addington and Yoo, wrt their responsibilities pursuant towards our national security?

  69. My problem is, I got one more sale to make, and got to do it right, so Obama don't get my money.

    But if I do, you will be hearing from me, Mat.

    I think I'll get it done.

  70. I reckon pheasant hunting sounds just fine - I'm not, however, Habu. This should be noted somewhere.

    Let me know when we all are meeting up in Israel.

    Is the racially-motivated Obama vote the simplest of all the explanations?

  71. My problem is, I got one more sale to make, and got to do it right, so Obama don't get my money.


    With that kind of money you could buy a couple a properties near the Haifa Technion and rent them to students. Although you better work on your Russian speaking skills if you want to catch the really pretty ones. :)

  72. Pheasant hunting sounds good to me.

  73. I may be out of step on this fine afternoon but I don't think it came down to race for Powell...He's simply a liberal. Obama being black was just the feel good, history making icing on the cake.

    As far as be used to roll out "bogus intel." Today, he reiterated that he still thinks that Bush made the proper decision. He's another man who said that the intel we had was wrong.

    Wrong intel does not equal bogus intel no matter how much the left would like it to.

    I may not agree with the man's politics or the way he handled the State Dept but I wouldn't call him what he has been called here today. I think some of us crossed a line and might want to delete some comments. I won't do it, but, jes sayin'.

  74. No, Whit, I disagree. He served in the Republican administrations.

    He went with the plan.

    He asked young men, both white and black, to go to their deaths in Vietnam.

    While McCain was in the Hanoi Hilton.

    When Ayers was bombing the Pentagon.

    And he knows all about Obama's past.

    It is what it is.

    Delete if you want, but that is what it is.

    Powell is a black racist, like the others.

    Well, I'm taking a shower, and going for a walk, and don't take back anything I've said.

  75. jeez, is it Colin or Colon.

    I've been spelling it Colon, and I didn't mean anything by that.

    Evil genius Doug planted the "Colon" spelling deep in your subconscious, Bob.

  76. Bobal: Powell is a black racist, like the others.

    No. Powell is a 35 year veteran, wounded in Vietnam, who single-handedly rescued several men from a burning helicopter. He was chairman of the JCS during the Gulf War and author of the "Powell Doctrine" which minimizes friendly casualties by applying overwhelming force, rather than the do-more-with-less approach of the neocons. He was troubled by the "false intimations that Obama was Muslim." He stated that Obama has always been a Christian, and continued, "...what if he is? Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer's no, that's not America." So Colin Powell is precisely the opposite of a racist, and he is troubled by the whisper campaign of his nominal party during the run up to this election.

  77. Colin Powell served as a kitchen nigger, just like Belafonte said, and sent youth, black and white, to their deaths, and served the Republican 'machine' all those years.

    And, now jumps ship.

    Colin Powell is a black piece of crap.

    He sent youth to their deaths.

  78. Colin Powell went to the U.N., carrying water for Bush.

    And now he is for the black that was against the whole thing.

    Colin Powell is a black piece of shit.

  79. It is what it is, so obvious for all to see.

  80. He went with the plan.

    He asked young men, both white and black, to go to their deaths in Vietnam.

    While McCain was in the Hanoi Hilton.

    Ummm. Bob, Powell was an infantry captain in Viet Nam at that time, if memory serves me right.

  81. Thanks linear. And it's somewhat jarring to see ol' bobal talking like they do in the I-dee-ho Panhandle, Sandpoint way, or even Huckleberry Finn for that matter"

    "Good gracious! anybody hurt?"

    "No'm. Killed a nigger."

    "Well, it's lucky; because sometimes people do get hurt.

  82. I see Kim beat me to pointing out Powell's service. Nice summary.

    Why do I think Kim uses "neocon" like it's a bad thing?

    I've always been proud of the label after I found out there was a group I belonged to, not being a joiner and all.

  83. Bob, we need you in good health, there be lots of cycling to do on Mt Carmel. Go take that walk. Let me do the cussin.

  84. Kim,

    Bob has addressed the fringe elements from the panhandle and Sandpoint here at the bar in uncomplimentary terms, for what it's worth.

    He'll feel better after he takes a walk. I just hope he doesn't kick his dog.

  85. Kim,

    I take it you're politically to the right of the neocons?

  86. Linear: Why do I think Kim uses "neocon" like it's a bad thing?

    Far be it from me to judge. I merely use it as shorthand for that group of people who (mis)guided US foreign policy in the 2003-2006 time frame. As a student of Sun Tzu I was dismayed by the piecemeal approach to the Iraq War (so reminiscent of the Union mismanagement of the Civil War in 1861-1862) which resulted in TWO battles of Fallujia. You see, when you go to war, first you jack up taxes to get everyone's attention, and get absolutely everyone involved in winning. All hands on deck. Then you give it everything you got. Sixty mile wide swaths through Georgia, 1000 plane firebomb raids, the works. These guys thought different:

    Richard Armitage
    John David Ashcroft
    John Bolton
    Paul Bremer
    Richard Cheney
    Richard Perle
    Norman Podhoretz
    Karl Rove
    Donald Rumsfeld
    Paul Wolfowitz

  87. Don't you call me a racist, you smart ass metrosexual.

    It was Judge Charles Hosack, who grew up next door to me, who was the Judge at the Aryans Nations trial. Pappy was a lawyer then. Chuck was so fired up, he put a lien on all their property, before any judgement. Which was over ruled of course. He just got a little fired up.

    All the Aryans came from southern
    California, and elsewhere.

    You are a smart ass bitch.

    Colin Powell is a black piece of crap.

  88. Powell and Armitage are the Traitors that KNEW THE TRUTH in the Wilson/Libby Affair, and HID THE TRUTH while Bush, Libby, and THE NATION paid for the lies, with the COUNTRY losing credibility in the World.
    ...while our troops were fighting and dying.
    My Ass!
    I had no respect to lose for Powell or Armitage.
    ...but for Armitage it was issue-oriented, and no doubt feeling the same way about Powell means I'm a stone cold Racist.
    Sorry about that implant, LaBob, I couldn't contain my inner evil genius!

  89. Rufus must be over at the peakers' place, or he'd a jumped on Bob by now and demanded Deuce take his name down again.

    Cover the children's ears. They're puttin' up the volleyball net at the family picnic again, Maudie.

    Meanwhile, Habu chuckles.

  90. Powell and Armitage are the Traitors that KNEW THE TRUTH in the Wilson/Libby Affair, and HID THE TRUTH while Bush, Libby, and THE NATION paid for the lies, with the COUNTRY losing credibility in the World.

    Beat me to it, Doug. I was groping through my memory banks for that smarmy Armitage's name, and Kim reminded me.

  91. "“Mr. McCain says that he’s a washed-out terrorist,” Mr. Powell said. “Well, then, why do we keep talking about him?” "
    Powell doing his Slick Willie Routine:
    Either he is IGNORANT, or he is LYING right there.
    ...or else he SUPPORTS giving millions to support Teaching Students Hate Amerikkka Black Separatist Marxist Crap.

  92. Never bet against the Evil Genius, Linear!

  93. As a student of Sun Tzu

    What's taking so long to answer my simple question, Kim?

  94. All the worst kind of crap drifts up here from southern California, white racist slime, metrosexuals, drugs, fuck you attitudes, all coming from California or Portland.

  95. His politics are center left and although he's denies actively seeking a position, he says that if the President calls...

  96. Powell's a politician in uniform. Deuce nailed it at 02:28:00 PM EDT.

  97. Here's the blog of RattlerGator, a black conservative; educated, spors enthusitist, military veteran. He thinks essentially as most of us at the EB do. Now, if he were here having a drink with us would we speak the same way? I doubt it. Would I want to invite him in today? I doubt it.

    Do I think bob is about the best natured, affable, friendly one of us. No doubt about.

  98. All the worst kind of crap drifts up here from southern California

    Barbara Walters

  99. Jeeeeesus Keerist, Bob. I'd scold you but I can't quit laughing.

    You gotta quit falling in love with these strange politicians, and generals.

    I gotta go now before I get in trouble.


    walks away, shaking head, laughing

  100. ...sports enthusiasist...

  101. Bob,

    ..there be lots of uphill cycling to do on Mt Carmel.. !!!

    And your charger for the iZip ebike is no good in Israel.

  102. The Volokh Conspiracy - Outsiders Voting in Ohio

    "A group of us came up with the idea at Oxford. It's an opportunity for a new get-out-the-vote effort," said Marc Gustafson, a 31-year-old New York City resident who is a Marshall Scholar at the University of Oxford in England. . . .

    They formed a political action committee, based in New York, called Vote from Home, and registered it with the Federal Election Commission. They then raised more than $52,000, mostly in donations from friends and relatives, according to federal records. . . .

    By the end of July, they began trickling into Ohio. Some went to Cincinnati; others moved into the Brownlee Avenue house owned by Joel E. Speyer, an Ohio native who moved to New York in 2004. . . .

    Group members said they were motivated to come to Ohio because of problems with long voting lines in traditionally Democratic precincts in 2004.

    With subsequent changes in Ohio law that allowed early voting, the group wanted to get as many people as possible to cast a vote in Ohio. . . .

    In August, they said their stay in Ohio would be temporary. Many said they planned to leave the state in October. Some had to return to school in England by Oct. 12. Others needed to get back to their jobs in other states.
    (link)Bpbatista (mail):
    Unfortunately, Jennifer Brunner has made it painfully clear that she is indifferent to vote fraud in Ohio.
    10.19.2008 10:25am

    (link)A Conservative Teacher (mail) (www):
    Interesting. How much evidence do you suppose has to be gathered before the mainstreem media will begin to even ask the question about voter fraud? Every website I know, including my own, has evidence of voter fraud, all of it in favor of Obama, and people on the street are talking about it too- and yet, no mention of it on any TV channel buy FOX. Thanks for adding to the narrative with this post- I think we're getting a good picture of how it is now possible to steal an election in America for a communist.

  103. Whit,
    Starling doesn't mind the way I talk, he does too, he's black and grew up with the Editor of Wright's Hate Filled "Trumpet!"

  104. Hell. Got work to do. Have to check out for a while.

    Doug's gettin' serious again, so maybe no great loss.

    Breathe deeply, Bob. Always helps for me.

  105. I'm with youself Mat, just need to make a sale, I'll be callin'


  106. Steyn...
    A Reader Wonders:

    "How come when Colin Powell promoted Bush's "lies," he was not someone to be believed or trusted, but now that he's endorsed Obama, he is someone to be . . . believed and trusted?"

  107. This comment has been removed by the author.

  108. And, Rufus, all I'm fighting for is that place on the bench, by the Spokane
    River, before I go to Israel with Mat.

    And, I mean to do both.

  109. Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
    Everybody knows that the captain lied
    Everybody got this broken feeling
    Like their father or their dog just died
    -- Leonard Cohen


    "If our secret thoughts were known, who among us would escape hanging?"

    via Gerard Vanderleun

  110. Class Will Tell

    "The Republicans, alas, are stuck with this election's true and unrepentant revolutionaries. McCain and Palin have each refused, by sheer cussedness, to fulfill the social expectations of others. This may make them poison to undecideds who suffer, more than most, from class anxiety. But do not despise the undecideds. Even conservatives can contract Scheiber Syndrome. Think of David Brooks, Christopher Buckley, David Frum, Peggy Noonan, and George Will. The symptoms? Curiously amplified, obsessively repeated, sometimes elaborately stage-whispered doubts about the Republican ticket.

    There is no cure, but there is an etiology. All share a dreadful secret--their writing is driven by an anxiety to be tastemakers to the gentry, not merely thinkers and entertainers. There is nothing more anxious-making than striving to create taste for the classes, not masses, or even to keep up with it. (The struggle to do so is etched in the lines of Tina Brown's face.) But what the classes think is a matter to which the GOP standard-bearers are sadly but nobly indifferent.

  111. Limbaugh: Where are the inexperienced, white liberals Powell has endorsed?

    Rush Limbaugh said Colin Powell's decision to get behind Barack Obama appeared to be very much tied to Obama's status as the first African-American with a chance to become president.

    "Secretary Powell says his endorsement is not about race," Limbaugh wrote in an e-mail. "OK, fine. I am now researching his past endorsements to see if I can find all the inexperienced, very liberal, white candidates he has endorsed. I'll let you know what I come up with."

    As for Powell's statement of concern this morning about the sort of Supreme Court justices a President McCain might appoint, Limbaugh wrote: "I was also unaware of his dislike for John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Anthony Kennedy and Antonin Scalia. I guess he also regrets Reagan and Bush making him a four-star [general] and secretary of state and appointing his son to head the FCC. Yes, let's hear it for transformational figures."

  112. But do not despise the undecideds.

    ...for they are but a myth. As we shall see.

  113. Ok...

    I know I am full of it...


    24 months ago

    Illegals, High oil, China & Russia gettin big for their britches...

    opec/iran/hugo also getting big and nasty...


    illegals going home here and abroad...

    on paper losses for many of our enemies that sheltered their cash in other markets and our own...

    oil now crashing will send a shockwave throughout opec & russia

    money flight to US treasuries for security over growth...

    china and india's economies stunted........

    iran (which was running a 10% shortfall when oil was $140 a barrel) now sees real issues with oil dropping like a stone...

    iraq oil coming on line..........

    hugo's output down 25% since he took over.....

    iran's output falling....

    mexico wont export within 10 years....

    interesting times...

    art of war....


    we beat the soviets with star wars by out spending what they cound not hope to compete with...

    The chinese refused for 2 administrations to unhook the yuan from the dollar...

    finally after we crashed it, they appreciated it by 18%

    they fueled the cheap money for the subprime loans, did they loose anything?

    now, after a runup of gas prices, our appetite for cheap shit from china has slowed, our exports are exploding...

    several years before all of the the bush admin started the corn sub for ethanol...

    today 500 refineries are open for business...

    did we just witness a soros/currency game/battle?

  114. Let's be honest, one of the luckiest woman on the planet is Oprah Winfrey. She owes her fortune to white woman who love her and believe in her. Certainly she should have backed Hillary. She chose the black man to the white woman. It is a black thing not understood by whites.

  115. 2164th said: Limbaugh: Where are the inexperienced, white liberals Powell has endorsed?

    If you insist on bringing race into it, the answer is: Obama.

    It's that fifty-fifty thing. You do realize that it is equally true to say Obama is white as to say he is black.

  116. So much for wearing that "Palin Power" bumper sticker on the forehead.

  117. Interesting thing about Obama; he had a black or arab father that came and went and was raised by his white mother and later white grandparents in the midwest.

    He talks with a southern black accent, yet has no legacy from the south nor slavery,but he identified with black victimization. He spent 20 years listening to one of the twelve apostles of black victimization. He received the largesse of the best establishment schools in the country as did his wife. His wife exudes victimization and anger, Obama hides his.

    Race is everything to the Obamas , everything.

  118. I'd wager, ameros to doughnuts, that there are a slew of young inexperienced white, black and "other" Lts and Cpts, that Colin Powell has endorsed, over the years.

    He was nonpolitical, in the electoral sense, for his entire career. I do not think you'll find any Presidental endorsement, prior to this.
    I doubt you'd find a single one for any Senator or Congressman.

    He was a military officer.
    He knows John McCain, well.
    Has for many, many years.

  119. It is his knowledge of John McCain that drove his decision, not the race of Obama.

    There are many, many white veterans, in amongst the DC elitists that have endorsed Obama, some even served in the Reagan Administration.

    Are they driven by race or tribe?

    Is the endorsement by Robert Byrd, of Obama, tribal, racial or an act of repentence?

  120. Sure DR, Powell is just being a patriot, doing his duty to save us from the evil doer John McCain. Obama will lead us out of the desert to the promised land of William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and Nancy Pelosi and the diplomatic skills of John Kerry.

  121. That may or may not end up being the case, duece.

    But the Byrd question is a serious one. A Grand Poobah Wizard of the KKK seems to have his political network on the streets, for Obama.

    That West Virginia has moved into the "toss-up" list with an RCP average of McCain +2.4.

    West Virginia, of all places.
    So, it does not seem to merely be a tribal/racial thing.

    Why is Byrd on board?
    Who else want to repent their past sins?

    Colorado and New Mexico. So few Blacks in those locales, they aren't hardly in the vista.

  122. This comment has been removed by the author.

  123. We're gonna get a taste of Cook County ward politics, just as Obama promised.

    The Republicans, John McCain in particular, let those openings slide on by.

    The Chicago Way, Obama bragged of it,
    McCain ignored it.

    Tasty pudding, that.

  124. Open that Chicago cesspool, drain it all the way back to Capone.

    Replay the riots at the '68 Dem Convention.
    The Daley police busting up the protesters and everyone else.

    Obama gave himm the opening, McCain never threw the punch.
    Could have made Chicago the issue, not just a little cog in the machine,
    It was Daley that appointed Ayers to some of those Boeards. Smear the whole machine, politics of the most corrupt kind, Obama didn't "Change" that.
    It's what he'll try turn DC into.

    But McCain never went, there.

  125. Instead we have Obama playing Lincoln.

    He is on the National stage and convincing a sizable portion of the electorate.
    He may even convince himself.

    That the election of Lincoln presaged the deaths of 600,000 US citizens, may or may not be apropos to today's discussion.

  126. Michael Savage is no fan of McCain. Uses words like appeasement and compromise. Doesn't blame McCain for it though. Blames the N Vietnamese way back then. Says McCain's conditioned to avoid conflict, and the conditioning came when he was tortured. Every act of defiance bringing insufferable pain. Pain which he endured then, but which left him more inclined toward compromise later.

    Two-bit pop psychology? Maybe. Doesn't square with his reputation for being a loner and bucking the tide in his own party, but might partly explain his coziness with Kennedy and Feingold.

    Savage sounded like he was channeling rat.

    So, Savage starts his own political party and we're left with pop psychology. And polls.

  127. That the election of Lincoln presaged the deaths of 600,000 US citizens, may or may not be apropos to today's discussion.

    May not. My guess.

  128. Mine, too, lineman.

    But there are others who demur.

  129. He was nonpolitical, in the electoral sense, for his entire career.

    Idiocy and blindness.

    He went to the United Nations for W for God's sake.

    Was he compelled to do so?

  130. Librarians think this about:

    1.2 Personal Privacy

    We support the protections provided by the Fourth Amendment to be secure in our persons, homes, and property. Only actions that infringe on the rights of others can properly be termed crimes. We favor the repeal of all laws creating "crimes" without victims, such as the use of drugs for medicinal or recreational purposes.

    1.3 Personal Relationships

    Sexual orientation, preference, gender, or gender identity should have no impact on the rights of individuals by government, such as in current marriage, child custody, adoption, immigration or military service laws. Consenting adults should be free to choose their own sexual practices and personal relationships. Government does not have the authority to define, license or restrict personal relationships.

    1.4 Abortion

    Recognizing that abortion is a sensitive issue and that people can hold good-faith views on all sides, we believe that government should be kept out of the matter, leaving the question to each person for their conscientious consideration.

  131. Granted, the kitchen nigger never came to Idaho seeking bob's vote.

    Colin Powell is a piece of black trash.

    He'd send kids of any race to their deaths for a little profit.

    Black piece of crap.

  132. He was the Sec of State of the UNITED STATES, bob.

    Not of the Republican Party.
    He represented the UNITED STATES and its' President, George W Bush.

    He was briefed by Tenent, given the photos and other evidence, by Tenet. It was what was believed, by the united States, at that moment, a salm dunk.

    His endorsing Obama does not violate any loyalty to the United States, his position as a past Sec of State, the Presidency or George Bush, personally.

    McCain is not Bush, McCain keeps saying. Thought you believed him.

  133. I'd hate to listen to sailor Bob when he docks at Haifa port. :)

  134. Kingston53 said...

    "To follow up with what Doug said about class. I spent the day at an agricultural fair. Lots of people roaming around with their families. In this part of the country it still takes a lot of work to make $40,000 or $50,000 a year. Most of these people are just making enough to get by. The disdain that the “elites” have for these people and what they hold dear threatens to tear this country apart.

    Why work hard and do the right thing for your family and country when a large number of your countrymen despise you, your religion, and your concept of what this country stands for. Especially when they see that their money is given out with reckless abandon to bail out bank presidents or to fund anti-american leftists at Acorn. I don’t think it will take much more. I had a tile contractor tell me last week when we were talking about the bail out that this country would have been better off if one of the Twin Tower jets has instead hit the capitol, but only if it had been in session."

    65. Doug said...

    The Tile contractor who once played on a level playing field, but now must compete with those that exploit illegals and laugh at the law.

  135. We're not talking about McCain today, we are trying to understand a black piece of crap.

    He stands or falls by himself, and he falls.

  136. "He was the Sec of State of the UNITED STATES, bob.

    Not of the Republican Party.
    He represented the UNITED STATES and its' President, George W Bush.
    And he betrayed his boss and his Country by concealing lies which damaged both, in Wartime.

  137. He lugged water for W.

    Now, he is sucking Obama's dick.

    Black piece of crap.

  138. What a great example of all that we hoped to believe in, a man above politics, a man just serving his country.


  139. The charge against Libby was perjuty, during the investigation, not any guilt of leakage.

    Did Powell talk to GWBush and recieve instruction, doug?

    I certainly do not know, but then neither do you. They may have even told that prosecuter, the one from CHICAGO.

  140. "His wife exudes victimization and anger, Obama hides his"

    As Obama boasted in his autobiography, he had learned early in life how to handle white people:

    "It was usually an effective tactic, another one of those tricks I had learned:

    People were satisfied so long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves.
    They were more than satisfied, they were relieved
    -- such a pleasant surprise to find a well-mannered young black man who didn't seem angry all the time."

    That assuring, even ingratiating, manner
    (and lack of media scrutiny for a year)
    resulted in Obama becoming the frontrunner in the race for the 2008 Democrat presidential nomination.

  141. You always have an excuse for the lie, 'Rat, when you so choose, whether it's for political expediency, or can be explained as perhaps the result of a political conspiracy.

    I say get what is known out there, and let the chips fall where they may.

  142. Home of the Brave? Not in the Elephant Bar, there's a little brown church mouse named Obama running around. Sound the trumpets. For further details, please send a self-abused, stomped elephant...

  143. Maybe you and LaBob BOTH could refrain from the gratuitous insertion of skin color?

  144. bobal said...
    It's a matter of race, showing lack of character.

    Colon Powell, a step and fetch nigger all along

    bobal said...

    Colon Powell is a black piece of shit.

    bobal said...

    Colon Powell is a black piece of shit, selling out the enlightenment.

    bobal said...
    Colon Powell is a black piece of shit.

    I'm finished.

    bobal said...

    Colon Powell is a black piece of shit.

    bobal said...

    Powell is a black racist, like the others.

    bobal said...
    Colin Powell served as a kitchen nigger,

    bobal said...

    All the Aryans came from southern
    California, and elsewhere.

    You are a smart ass bitch.

    bobal said...
    We're not talking about McCain today, we are trying to understand a black piece of crap.

    bobal said...
    He lugged water for W.

    Now, he is sucking Obama's dick.

    Black piece of crap.

    Colin Powell is a black piece of crap.

    Colin Powell is a black piece of crap.

    Well, I'm taking a shower, and going for a walk, and don't take back anything I've said

    You want to know the truth bobal, I've been wondering, seriously, about you these last few weeks. You seem like such a nice guy but my respect for you collapased before today. And now, after seeing your recent posts, my opinion is cemented - you are fuckin' demented. You are a fucked in the head dude. No kidding! Canada is NOT the place for you.

  145. Bob,

    You think if you keep this long enough Ashley will go away?

  146. dream on mattie, dream on. twerps like you and bobal add that little bit of extra impetous to stick my oar in.

  147. What I want to know, is how could any white father sit across the living room, and say to his 18 year old son, "
    Well, if that is what you want to do, I'll support you. It's a good group, folks like General Powell in charge".

    I'd have to say, "In all honesty son, they'll sell you out. Be for W one day, Castro the next."

  148. there is a certain amount of pleasure gained (which out weights the displeasure encoutered) by seeing you squirm, seeing your blood pressure rise, as you defend you indefensible opinions. I am under no illusion that I will persuade the likes of you.

  149. And Ash is the kind of guy, would come in and clean Powell's toilet.

    I've asked he be banned, Mat, it's all I can do.

    I respect deuce and whit on their decision.

  150. I loved that guy. Kind of thought of him as Othello, in my way.

    I am so so so disappointed.

  151. "Colon Powell is a black piece of shit, selling out the enlightenment."

    What part of the enlightenment hadn't been sold out? Did enough of it remain unsold that Mr. Powell is premature in choosing the opposition party?

  152. the gratuitous insertion of skin color??

    It's not me Doug.

    You know me.

    Black chose black, in this case. I'm just pointing it out.

    It is true.

  153. I could see Ash knocking on Powell's office commode door, to see if the General was in his preferred area of repose, or if he'd instead gone to his spinning classes.

    Confirming vacancy, he'd spring into action, like a violently unwinding spring, wielding brushes, solvents and dainty replacement handsoaps.

  154. Ash, you are really not offended because you are cynical as I am, truth be told.

    Bob has not said anything racist because he is not a racist. Recognize disappointment and disillusionment for what it is. It no more complex than that. Maybe I am the racist because I have no disappointment. I expected it and predicted it. It was obvious when black support went over ninety percent and Oprah went for the skin rather than the vagina, when her stock in trade was woman.

  155. Well, 'Rat, I guess that Ayers talk relationship to the polls is not true 100% of the time!
    Obama By Five [Byron York]

    Obama's lead in the RealClearPolitics average of polls has dropped to five points — a fairly significant fall caused when some older polls that showed big Obama margins (a Los Angeles Times polls giving Obama a nine-point lead and a CBS poll giving him a 14-point lead) were phased out of the constantly-updated average. In the current average, the biggest Obama lead in any poll is seven points, and the smallest is three points.

  156. As far as the quote, "Colin Powell is a black piece of shit." which part is incorrect?

  157. But a piece of crap is just a piece of crap, black or white, LaBob, when describing a human, at least, thus I see it as gratuitous in that type of description.
    (black piece of crap)
    Not inherently racist, just not required to convey the same meaning.

  158. Thanks, deuce.

    It's true, I am not a racist.

    Just really really disappointed in General Powell.

    A man I respected, and can do so no longer.

  159. I don't think there is anything gravely wrong with blacks choosing Obama. Let him be there president.

    If he proves a failure, I'd wager it'd be a learning experience for all the newcomers, including those who felt poorly-served by Bush, after electing him.

  160. Because Powell chose black, his race, when the choosing was good. He chose because of race, that is what I think.

    If it was a matter of ideas, he would have stuck with those he served, honorably, earlier.

    I wish we were all the same color.

  161. Powell said: "I would have difficulty with two more conservative appointments to the Supreme Court, but that's what we'd be looking at in a McCain administration."

    What court decisions does Powell have problems with? Does anyone know? If he were a noble man, we would all know. Which judges does he approve and disapprove? Has expressed that before? No, he has not . Why has he not if he is indeed an honorable man? Powell is an opportunist.

    Frankly, who cares what Powell says? Bob does. Bob cares more about what Powell says than you Ash. Certainly much more so than I.

  162. To pre-empt such embarrassing displays of weakness, softer propagandists like Andrew Sullivan and Christopher Hitchens--who once brayed on and on about the left's "hatred of the United States" and its role as a "fifth column" "in favor of surrender and defeat"--have declared their support for Obama. But as Hitchens's recent endorsement in Slate amply demonstrates, he is not quite ready to give up the poisoned sword.

    Obama, he writes, is not a "capitulationist," even if he does "accept the support of the surrender faction."

    If the polls are any indication, Obama will endure this smear campaign just fine, with or without the backhanded compliments of apologetic neocons. And if his election is not quite the ringing victory for civil rights and liberties, diplomacy and cosmopolitanism that we might like, it will at least beat back for a while the idea that defaming these values as traitorous constitutes sound electoral strategy.

    Out of GOP Hands

  163. Something Gravely Wrong when Stern's man on the street in Harlem gets the answers he got:

    Ignorance is expensive.

  164. See, 2164th, you too tend to see color as opposed to the issues or the man as well. If a white man supports McCain is it because he is white, or a man? Call it what you will.

    Yep, Bobal, is disillusioned and disappointed, but he is still, obviously, a racist even if you say he isn't because he isn't.

    Am I offended? Not really - it seems a fact of life, especially in America. I am, however, very disappointed in boba. I had a lot of respect for him despite disagreeing with him on a number of issues. Now, the respect is gone and it is not simply because of today's posts. As I noted before it simply cemented my disreprect. His opinions, really, are not worth entertaining anymore. Fortunately they are easy to scroll unless one wants a bit of mirth.

  165. "Powell is an opportunist."

  166. Doug what you say is correct except that there is sardonic irony in bob's word craft. It is Powell that made this a race thing. That is too obvious to ignore if uncomfortable to some in his doing so.

    Bob, rightly stated early in the thread that he was quoting Harry Belefonte. He used his words in a way that was meant to convey his previous discomfort with it.

    Bob does not need my defense, but his words , actions and thoughts are not racist.

    Ash knows that and he know that I know it as well.

  167. Which State, doug, which State?

    It is about the States, not any National poll. As the States seem to swing, I'll be sure to tell you, so we all know.

  168. Ash, if 97% of the whites vote for McCain I will be delighted beyond belief as well as if I win $100M on the powerball. That will not happen. At the same time that does not happen 97% of the blacks will vote for Obama. Take as many diodes as you need to explain to me the difference.

  169. Biden said he accepted the clarification that Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin offered after saying in North Carolina that she appreciated visiting "pro-America" parts of the country.

    He said 101 soldiers from Washington died for their country in Iraq,

    "So don't even begin to imply that there's one more patriotic part than another," Biden said. "It doesn't matter where you live, it doesn't matter your religion, we're all Americans," he said.

    Pressing On to Election Day

  170. People don't understand how an Obama presidency can help discredit the leftist ideas associated with him, provided you can spot which stories and scandals will resonate. There are many expectations in the movement behind Obama. This is something that could be exploited.

    Especially, if, as the story goes, the legions of young that support Obama have been brainwashed into believing bad policy. Those ideas will need to be opposed somewhere at sometime. The next 4 years are as good as any.

    Problems abound, the spectre of an ineffective Obama administration being but one of them.

  171. I claimed no State, did York?
    The polls simply went in the opposite direction your formula would predict.
    Not decisively, one way or the other, yet.

  172. Howard Stern's man on the street has made Howard Stern money.

    I do not know whether Howard Stern has ever fought for more than his ability to make money. That it coincided with our constitution was mediagenic convenience.

    You'll need more than Howard Stern and his man on the street to fight the organization before you.

  173. Let me state it one more time. Belafonte said, "Powell is a kitchen nigger."

    I have never said that.

    Powell said, "I wish he had not saind that. It was long ago and far away."

    Just from my memory.

    But Powell has now endorsed Obama, who is 180% opposite his former policies.

    Powell is black, Obama is black.

    He endorsed Obama because of race.

    Powell has sold himself out because of race.

    Powell is the racist.

    A man I used to love.

    I would never allow my son to go into that man's army.

    I am not a racist.

    We created the school system here, and dad was a lawyer.

    Neither my ancestors nor myself are racist.

    Powell is the racist.

    But, I think, we tried, and Mat might be right, people just don't get along.

  174. Frankly, who cares what Powell says? Bob does. Bob cares more about what Powell says than you Ash.

    Along with angels and guardian angels there are archangels ishim cherubim seraphim bnei-elohim, and there are snakes.

    Colon Pal was a Republican Secretary of State. Colon Pal will now be forever marked a snake. He's now one you, Ashley.

  175. On a recent visit to New York, I was dog sitting for a friend of mine and listening to Sirius Radio, the satellite station housing shock jock Howard Stern, as well as America's richest home maker, Martha Stewart. At 5pm, instead of hearing a station broadcasting the usual mix of drive news and travel reports, two female voices, one chatty, the other languid, started discussing the merits of the penis and the problems with pastry.

    I was gripped and stayed listening to the show, Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer, for the next two hours.


    Wall Street had dropped to an all time low on the day we met and I asked Alexis if they would be discussing the credit crisis. "Why should we?" she replied. "We're rich.

    Daughter's Outpourings

  176. Bobal: Black chose black, in this case. I'm just pointing it out.

    Powell chose the man who best reflected his ideals. There's no colors. Skin is just skin. That's yet another ideal.

  177. This comment has been removed by the author.

  178. Telling is the fact that Obama still cannot satisfactorily address this honestly and candidly. If that isn't indicative of how he'll "lead", then I don't know what is. The White House may become the Waffle House unless we elect Sarah Palin V.P.