“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, October 23, 2008

John McCain - 1967 Video - How Would You Cut It?

The food was not like in Paris.


  1. I could only pray to cut it 1/10th as strong as he,

    since so many of us are really never tested and he was...

    I as a democrat honor him and will vote for him...

  2. That is the point Sam. We have a choice, one that we know or a stranger.

  3. He'd be a Jane Fonda clone or a Camp Kapo...

  4. If the Castro Brothers are for him,
    I'm against him.

    If Khadafy is for him, I'm against him.

    If the terror groups and Ahmadinejad like him, I'm against him.

    If Chavez is for him, I'm against him.

    If Putin likes him, I'm against him.

    And repeat.

  5. Note, none of these groups are for democracy, and most would put the women in their place, Putin being a possible exception in that regard. A kind of unknown quantify there, though he has had nothing against offing female journalists.

  6. Great Orion

    There's always the stars.

    End affirmative action now.

    And, bless guys like McCain.

  7. Let us remember God's call to Abraham.

    This is where I kinda go on my own way, guided by J. Campbell, rather than Abraham.

    This is a deep subject, open to all kinds of interpretation.

    Read one way, it is the end of human sacrifice, in the mid east.

    That is one way to read it, I think.

    Another way to read it is, one must put one's entire faith in the other.

    That is Luther's way, among others.

    There is a third way, which I think is best, that one must grow up, and try to be a man.

    That is J. Campbell's way.

    The way I feel we are losing, in our modern world.

    I know the Jews, who created this myth, have argued about it forever.

    So, I let them have the last statement.

    It is theirs.

  8. I've been listening to KGO, out of San Francisco, California, tonight.

    They hate Sarah Palin. They can't stand her.

    She is white, Christian, and a good mom.

    They hate her guts.

    You wouldn't believe what they say.

    She is a dummy, according to them.

    They are going to pass Proposition K--which says the cops can't enforece any law on prostitution.

    This will open the entire city up to child abuse.

    That's what they are going to do, there in San Francisco.

  9. Huck and me, we had a great ride.

    Down the river.

    The Mississippi.

    But it's over now.

    End affirmative action now.

  10. October 22nd, 2008 9:19 pm

    Magna cum laundry

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    Undercover agent Larry Grathwohl discusses the Weather Underground’s post-revolution governing plans for the United States on a YouTube video.

    The video is taken from the 1982 documentary “No Place to Hide”. The Weathermen’s plans included putting parts of United States under the administration of Cuba, North Vietnam, China and Russia and re-educating the uncooperative in camps in located in the Southwest.

    Since there would be holdouts, plans were made for liquidating the estimated 25 million unreconstructable die-hards.


  11. Early morning political thoughts

    What the heck is going on with these polls? This morning Zogby has Obama up by 12%. I didn't know that pollsters are listed in the yellow pages under "Rent a Liar."

    At this point, just ignore everything and make sure you vote.
    I don't see how anyone could still be undecided and if they are, I hate to see them vote. I am still trying to decide whether they should be banned outright or simply taxed very heavily.
    The media betray their ignorance when they ask, "Will race be a factor in this election?" And they do it routinely. What kind of a fool can overlook the fact that blacks have been voting racially forever? And this year, fuggedaboutit. This year, the black vote for Obama could approach 100%.

    I am so ready for this election season to be over but I fear a 2000 redux times 10. All these voter fraud stories could mean Florida style court cases all of the country. OMG.

    Oh well, I'll turn off the TV wasteland.

  12. It's weird, for a few minuter last night blogger was showing the Leave your comment box at the end of the thread. Not in the upper right as it has always been, but directly under the last comment in the thread.

    Much, much better. I hope they roll it out.

  13. It is increasingly obvious to me that there is no cohesive American State. That cohesion peaked in the 1950s and started drifting downward in the latter part of the sixties. The year McCain made this interview 1967 is as good a start to place the decline.

    The Republicans spent a lot of political capital trying to expand their base, and that includes both Bush and McCain. The previous post showing the effort with Muslims is particularly naive and pathetic. The Bush family promoted the two highest ranking black officials in Rice, Thomas and Powell. It got them nothing with the blacks. What it did do is alienate many white Euro-Americans by telling them that their priorities are not important or worse.

    The Republican Party needs to stand for something.
    It should start by finding out by focusing on the real, not the imaginary, base which is white. Leave the Urban values to the Democrats. Let them have the rap culture.
    The concept of inclusion does not mean inclusion. It has been corrupted to mean the ratcheting down of public morality, values and the ethics to those of the black ghetto.

    It is an entire month celebrating blackness. Celebrating blackness means disparaging whiteness. Schools teaching about Barack Obama means that they are throwing away someone else, and of course that someone else will be white.

    Focusing on Afro-centricities means diminishing the American European based culture.

    The implications of this are deep. There is no compromise. It really is a zero sum game. There always was and always will be a dominant culture. You conform to the dominant culture by education diktat or social coercion. This is often forced by government and reinforced by mass media.

    Look at our present public institutions. Which among them requires submission or conformance to traditional values? Which culture, if it is not the culture of the Left, is in the ascendancy? What does this mean?

    Simply stated to be one country and one common culture, one wins and one submits.

    The reality is that at some stage it will become obvious to all that there is no longer one America. This election has revealed the deep divisions in America. Barack Obama and the push by the media to force the choice has hastened the day when America will be fractured and the devolution process will accelerate.

  14. It did not allow the images. They have been tweaking a few other things lately.

  15. Very well spoken, deuce.

    I could not have done it better.

  16. Chin up:
    You got to WITNESS it being done in your lifetime.
    From Underground to de rigeur.
    Stormy - The Weather Underground

    Austin Idjiots:
    New Zeal Obama File 31 Grey Power! Ageing Texan Radicals for Obama
    This site has an EXTENSIVE bunch of articles on Barry's ties with Ayers, Dohrn, Davidson, Klonsky, and etc.

    This one has the Ayers/Dohrn Videos.
    New Zeal Obama File 30 Former Terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn Involved in Key Pro-Obama Organisation

    In the series of 9 Videos on YouTube, number Six has the greatest number of bombings documented, but a small fraction of the EIGHT HUNDRED bombing between 1969 and 1971.
    Once Sleepy Santa Barbara alone had two deaths related to the Terror Underground.
    The Ayers LIE about the extent of their involvement and their bogus claim to never to have planned for and CAUSED Deaths.

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  18. Maoist Hardliner & Ayers Associate Comes to Obama's Defense

    To be clear, as it seems always necessary to repeat when Obamaniacs, in their best Saul Alinsky tradition, shout down the opposition:

    This is not about guilt by association. The issue is not that Obama knows Klonsky … or Ayers … or Dohrn … or Wright … or Rashid Khalidi …

    The issue is that Obama promoted and collaborated with these anti-American radicals. The issue is that he shared their ideology.

    ...When Obama and Ayers collaborated together on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) education-reform project, with Obama chairing the board that oversaw funding decisions, CAC underwrote the Klonsky/Ayers Small Schools Workshop with a whopping $1,056,162. And that’s not all. Nearly another million dollars was steered to the Small Schools Workshop by the Joyce and Woods Funds when Obama sat on their boards. The grand total comes to $1,968,718.

    No wonder the Maoist thinks so highly of Obama.

    McCarthy has much more on the Maoist.
    It is a good read.

    Remember-- Old Maoists and terrorists never die... They just teach.

  19. As that nice New York lady said ...

    "How could Bush have been elected, no one I know voted for him?"

    Where in the US do the "conservatives" govern?

    Mississippi? maybe.

    We're on the wrong side of the tide, amigos. Have been for a while. The "other" side has the Crown money, and you all still stay focused on someone John's described as a "washed up terrorist" that no one, that has not already decided, gives a shit about.

    Late deciders, they do not want to WASTE THEIR VOTE, so break for the percieved winner. Always have.

    If yiu do not vote for the winner, your vote is wasted.
    Read that many times, even here.

  20. Advisor to McCain is former Superintendent of Schools in Phoenix, 'Rat.
    Sounds Sharp.
    Bennet says when she was there kids learned Math in high school.
    Know anything about that?

  21. The Phoenix Union Diestrict schools have been a disgrace, for thirty years, doug.

    Maybe she is very old.
    Or maybe she was in some other Phienix District.

  22. DR makes a good point. My point is that let's assume that white Americans are the minority party. How do minority factions act? They act in their own selfish interest and frighten and intimidate the established parties. Act accordingly. One of the first things they did was to boycott commercial ventures that acted against them. That sounds like the main stream media to me.

  23. Boycott GE, Westinghouse and Mickey Mouse.

    Not just the media outlets

    Boycott JPMorgan Chase and General Dynamics.

    Boycott corporate America.

    Shit we just partnered up, with HPMorgan Chase and gotta have that F22.

    Never mind

  24. The F22 = financing Obama support

    That's the Chicago Way

  25. Bank Bail Out, that financed Obama supporters at JP Morgan Chase

    The Chicago Way

  26. You have to start by throwing away the fear of the word racist. Forget the past, look at the relevance of the day. Take all American whites as one group and American blacks as another. Which group by action, not words, but by deeds acts in a more racially motivated manner?

    The "racist" charge and fear of the word is costing you money and political power. The term "racists" had a direct bearing on your savings and IRA. It had a bearing on how you educated your kids. Even the white liberals in DC do not send their own children to DC public schools. Why is that? Too many Jews, Amish, Danes, Swedes, Chinese, Filipinos, English, Canadians, Aleuts, Zoroastrians, Monguls, Japanese, Icelanders, Poles, Greeks, Indians, Welsh, Argentinians, Colombians or Ticos?

    No. There is no problem with any of them. it is simply a black thing. Why is it a black thing? I don't really care, but it is a universal problem and it is a intellectual path where whites fear to tread. Point that out and guess what that makes you, RACIST!

    "I did not even notice that they were all black."

  27. So, Deuce, are you ready to call a spade a spade? It seems you are ready to embrace your racial proclivities, are you? Are you in fact coming out of the closet and stating publicly that you are a racist and that that is a good thing?

    Interesting thesis in that post of yours - the world is divided into black and white. Seems simple enough. How is it the Muslims fit in that hierarchy?

  28. No ash, as usual you humble my appreciation of my powers to convey simple thoughts. I am reacting to other's proclivities. I did not set up one set of lending standards that were designed for minority borrowers. I did not develop the concept of a minority. That is someone else's parlance.

    I do not worry about being called a racist because the term has been rendered meaningless and if it were restored to being meaningful I do not conform to the definition. You have the burden of telling me which of my propositions and statements is deficient and where I have gone astray. I will respond to the idea and your objection but a single word accusation is not enough.

  29. ok, specifics:


    "Take all American whites as one group and American blacks as another."

    Here you have specifically divided the people into just two categories - white and black. This forms the basis for what follows in your argument i.e. 97% of blacks prefer Obama over McCain (leaving aside the accuracy of this statistic) therefor any particular black that prefers Obama over McCain must be doing it because they are black. First off, the 3% that don't prefer Obama immediately refutes your black and white scenario - that black is the determining factor.

    You are offering up an argument which is based on the standard fallacy that IF most of subgroup A exhibits a particular trait THEN an individual in that subgroup A WILL exhibit the trait. You are working from the general to the particular. This then leads to the assumption that Powell picked Obama because he was black when there can be a whole host of totally unrelated to race factors in that decision.

    Back to your argument in general - are you suggesting that race, the genetics of race, is the reason why Powell chose Obama? Does race determine action in your view?

  30. Take a deep breath,, let it out slowly....