“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, October 03, 2008

Forget the Polls....Focus on the Pole Dancer

Meanwhile beware of static electricity:

Wardrobe malfunction: Elizabeth Hurley speaks to the crowd, unaware her underwear is on show at the Bloomingdale's Goes Pink launch last night in New York City-Daily Mail


  1. Imagine Barnie Frank is afraid of that.

  2. That's a fine addition to the thread!

  3. Like a turd in the middle of the dinner table.

  4. Poor Barney. Deluded and fearful he is.

  5. She can hang on there upside down without any hands!

    Look Barney, no hands!


  6. I am now moderated off the BBC, Belmont and Powerline.

  7. Really Deuce? I'd be surprised. Could it be something else causing the problems?

  8. I had my Flight 93 Fantasy deleted @ Froggies.
    Can't imagine why.

  9. A fine demonstration of civil discontent and rage. The potted plants know the soil they grow from.

  10. Maybe Wretch thought I was Doug.

  11. Barney's Breath Probly Smells Like them Phallic Mushrooms.

  12. No Ash, I knocked twice, but never mind I used to get into Studio 54 with just a wink and a C-note just to let them know I still cared.

  13. We haven't even begun to pot yet, bubba. Move that white pawn would you?

  14. deuce was banned in Proctorville, Ohio library a year ago.

  15. One of Barney's Heros:

    Aubrey Beardsley was the most controversial artist of the Art Nouveau era, renowned for his dark and perverse images and the grotesque erotica, which were the main themes of his later work. Some of his drawings, inspired by Japanese shunga, featured enormous genitalia. His most famous erotic illustrations were on themes of history and mythology, including his illustrations for Aristophanes' Lysistrata and Wilde's Salomé.

    Beardsley was also a caricaturist and did some political cartoons, mirroring Wilde's irreverent wit in art. Beardsley's work reflected the decadence of his era and his influence was enormous, clearly visible in the work of the French Symbolists, the Poster art Movement of the 1890s and the work of many later-period Art Nouveau artists like Pape and Clarke.

    Beardsley was a public character as well as a private eccentric. He said, "I have one aim—the grotesque. If I am not grotesque I am nothing." Wilde said he had "a face like a silver hatchet, and grass green hair." Beardsley was meticulous about his attire: dove-grey suits, hats, ties; yellow gloves. He would appear at his publisher's in a morning coat and patent leather pumps.

    Although Beardsley was aligned with the homosexual clique that included Oscar Wilde and other English aesthetes, the details of his sexuality remain in question. He was generally regarded as asexual—which is hardly surprising, considering his chronic illness and his devotion to his work. Speculation about his sexuality include rumors of an incestuous relationship with his elder sister, Mabel, who may have become pregnant by her brother and miscarried.

    Through his entire career, Beardsley had recurrent attacks of the disease that would end it. He suffered frequent lung hemorrhages and was often unable to work or leave his home.

  16. Maybe if we could get W interested in Art...

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. my "reputation" to consider.

  19. Okay, here it is:

    Ron Tecapo


    23 anos

    If you've never had it, you don't know how good rum can be.

  20. Speaking of Afghanistan, I'll repost the Yon links in case anyone neglected to check them out.
    Fantastic Photos.
    also some from a friend's plane, touring the backcountry.

    Like he says, the place is a living museum.

    Death in the Corn Part I of III

    Death in the Corn Part II of III

    Death in the Corn Part III of III
    Brit Wuss can't lift his Weapon!

    Wuss at Play

  21. Realists are a bummer
    ...these days.

  22. Afghanistan, though, that's not done.

    (Sean Naylor: You are wrong, wrong, wrong.)

  23. Better get ready to go to Oregon, then, bob. Obama is up by +9, there.

    Maybe you can make a difference.

  24. Thought I'd put this up for Ash, so he can sip 'n savor. He was pretty tough on Sarah Palin. Read slowly Ash, let your mind lovingly reconsider...;)


    Published in the The New York Post on October 3, 2008

    Last night was a big, big win for Sarah Palin.

    She showed originality, charisma and sass - a style that is refreshing and different in our politics. She didn't just win the vice-presidential debate, she showed that she belongs with Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton as among the best communicators of our modern political times.

    Her sallies against big government were brilliantly conceived and well executed. Her line that she didn't understand how Washington worked because politicians vote for something right after they vote against it, for example, was just wonderful.

    Another classic came when she bit back at moderator Gwen Ifill and opponent Joe Biden and said she'd answer the questions as she wanted to, not necessarily as they wanted her to do.

    Gone, long gone, are the worries about how good or well-prepared Sarah Palin is.

    Most important, she showed how John McCain would bring change to Washington. Would that McCain could articulate his own sense of change as well as his running mate did!

    For his part, Biden sounded like the warmed-over has-been that he is - he seemed to be on downers. Where she was thrilling and exciting, he was hypnotically boring. He seemed like more of the same, while she seemed like a breath of fresh air.

    Without trepidation, she tossed aside the Bush years and spoke of the "blunders" in Iraq. She was able to skewer Wall Street and show Republican opposition to the greed there.

    She even handled Biden very well on his turf, foreign policy - meeting him head-to-head on every issue, and winning.

    Everyone realizes that Palin has been in this field for only five weeks; her ability, nonetheless, to prevail against a veteran like Biden is a testament to her intellect and skill.

    That smiling face, those novel phrases, that informal style - it was all a pleasure and a refreshing change.

    And she got her ticket off on the right foot for October - making the tax issue stick and zinging Barack Obama's economic programs and his big-spending plans.

    The Alaska governor did a wonderful job of displaying her experience and justifying her candidacy in terms of her expertise on energy issues. It's now far harder to dismiss her as an unqualified flake.

    More, she connected in a way that few politicians do: She speaks for us.

    Palin did a lot to help McCain last night - illustrated the best about him. But she did more to help herself - vaulting to a leading role among women in American politics. Her authenticity and unique style will be with us for years to come.

    Last night's Palin victory will have an immediate impact on the presidential race - arresting McCain's fall and slowing Obama's surge.

    The only question is whether it will be enough to reverse Obama's gains of the past week. It might go a long way in that direction.

  25. Ron Wyden, who was a Radical Dem way back when we had a place in Oregon, was on the right side for once, on the Sell Out, at least the first time around.
    Must want to get re-elected.

  26. Don't think it would do any good, Rat, though it's tempting. Only an hour away. But, Oregon was always lost. It's still Ohio, Florida, Colorado etc. It's an odd year. A radical black, and a down home American mom, only ones to generate the excitement. I've been wrong all the way through.

  27. To have already sent that vote to Ohio, how long did your wife stay there, to re-establish that State as her legal residency?

    Did she get an Ohio drivers license, or pay Ohio income taxes?

    At least the down and outers voters, in PA, they really live in PA. They didn't just breeze into town, check out their rental property and scadaddle, like an old time carpetbagger.

    Voter fraud is the rage, all around. And it is legal, no doubt.

  28. Ohio is no holds barred, far as I can tell.
    If it breaths, it's good for a lead.

  29. The China connection:

  30. She's had the home in her name forever, pays the real estate taxes there, periodically has lived there over the years, has taught there, and buried her ancestors there. She qualifies. She called the registrar of elections to make certain.

  31. She got her passport there, and has a driver's license from there.

  32. A group of folks from Roswell, New Mexico, home of the famous UFO crash, won last week's $200 plus million dollar Powerball lottery :)

  33. They can renovate that Museum!

  34. We oughta get Farakahn to put a hex on Obama, and paralyze him with fear of being beamed up to the Mothership.

  35. O.J. Simpson jury is returning with a verdict.

  36. Doug, I'll bet you get your Simpson satisfaction tonight. There are twelve counts ranging from kidnapping to robbery with a firearm and other stuff. They'll find him guilty of something. I'd be really surprised if they didn't.

  37. Judge now knows if OJ is Guilty:
    First defendant guilty on all counts.
    Second guilty on 11 Counts.

    Guilty on all counts:

  38. O.J. guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty.

    Guilty on all counts.

  39. Go directly to Jail,
    do not pass Go!

  40. He'll be led out in handcuffs.

  41. Sept 9:
    When a courtroom marshal warned reporters they'd get kicked out if they talked after the jury entered, Simpson hinted that he'd rather be somewhere else.

    "Can I get kicked out?"

    Simpson quipped.

    "I think I'm going to start talking."
    The Judge Did not agree.
    Probly didn'teven laugh.

  42. 13 th Anniversary:
    1995m I remember it well, 'cause I was pulling Jury Duty here.

    Burned that MoFo!

    (Stealing Budweiser, talk about a Sacrilege!)

    Detectives had a big stack of it piled up right in front of the Jury.
    Thot we should get a Beer Break and watch OJ.

  43. The airline diet: Couple lose 12st after plane could not take off because they were too heavy.
    It wasn't the first time their weight had caused a problem.

    A few years earlier they had been on a boat ride at the London Dungeon with their son and daughter Chloe.

    Mrs Coupe said: 'Both Alan and I sat on the same side of the boat and it tipped over, causing water to slosh in.

    'The man in charge asked us to move to balance the weight in the boat, and the children were mortified.'
    - Drudge

  44. I feel sorry for Ms Hurley but I love those legs.

    A world class beauty.