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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are the Democrats Insane? Vote for Obama and Invite War.

When I first heard the Biden remarks, I was not totally surprised. I mentioned in a thread some months ago that my personal experience with Biden was that he loved to be the center of attention. Well he certainly exceeded my expectations. Now I need to say one thing to the McCain campaign:

Talk about nothing else but this, Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright.

Talk about nothing else but this, Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright.

Talk about nothing else but this, Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright.

Talk about nothing else but this, Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright.


  1. That advice hasn't worked to date. What makes you think continuing it will result in different results? You've heard that Einsteinian definition of insanity haven't you? “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

  2. Let's hope Biden is wrong. If such a "test" presented itself, Obama would probably respond, in his wonderfully decisive and eloquent way, with "Uh... we need to look at this."

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  4. Ash, how would you advise McCain and Palin?

  5. With two weeks left there isn't much they can do to change the trajectory. McCain's strongest argument has always been his foreign policy experience. Unfortunately Palin undermines his experience argument but he could attack Obama on the fears that underlie that Biden comment - the big bad boys out there will probe, challenge, and provoke an Obama presidency simply because he's an inexperienced pacifist who's gonna get his ass kicked all about the world. Not that I believe it but that's his weakness in my view.

  6. Of course the Obama response will be that its just a last ditch effort at fear mongering. Any new President will be probed and challenged. Better thoughtful even keeled Obama then the hot-headed erratic Maverick who's likely to kick the bucket leaving Palin in charge. Imagine the challenges she'd get if ever in the top seat?

  7. let's hear from Biden. He suggested four or five scenarios.

    Ash, All those on the Left would like nothing more than to see dispirited Republicans and conservatives leave the playing field to the inevitable take over by the Democrats. Do not mistake tenacity for insanity. I don't do technical knock outs.

  8. Government Can't Do It All
    (Or Even Most of It)

    By Cal Thomas

    People who put faith in government to solve national or even individual problems are headed for deep disappointment, if it hasn't already arrived. Still, that doesn't stop politicians from attempting to sell political snake oil to the gullible. No one ever lost money betting on the ignorance of the uninformed masses.

    What should be required viewing before the election is "John Stossel's Politically Incorrect Guide to Politics," a "20/20" report critical of the U.S. government's ability to get things done ( The report looked at facts, not opinions, or "feelings" concerning government's inability to live up to the high expectations caused by over-promising politicians.

    Read More....

  9. A historical point, the President who really was tested was JFK and it happened because, by action, Kennedy appeared to be inexperienced, weak and vacillating. It was a self inflicted wound.

    Kennedy committed men to battle in Cuba and did not send promised air support.

    His first meeting with Kruschev was a US diplomatic disaster.

    The backdown on the Cuban Missile Crisis, was because Kennedy dropped his drawers and promised to remove offensive US missiles already stationed in Turkey and aimed at the USSR. The Democrats have spun that to be a clever victory. It was not. It was a fortunate realpolitik compromise brought on by inexperience and naiveté.

    The Iranians clearly read Jimmy Carter correctly. Carter stopped the Iranian military from making a coup when the shah was suffering from terminal cancer. The trusting but foolish Iranian military listened to Carter. That cost most of them their lives.

    The Ayatollah knew Carter was week and humiliated him and attacked the American Embassy. I doubt they would have tried that with Nixon and certainly thought it was time to end the games when Reagan was sworn in as President.

    There is no historical inevitability to US Presidents being tested by our enemies as a rite of passage. There is precedent for the weak and the inexperienced to be challenged.

  10. Definitely the weak and inexperienced are more likely to be challenged and challenged more harshly. Nixon had the 'mad man' aura to help him out. In any case the Ayers Wright thing is old and tired and I don't think it is getting much political traction. Most of its work has already been done so ranting on about it will (continue) to hurt McCain.

  11. Seems to me the ranting and ravings was done by Joe Biden. This thing is far from over.

  12. Just because you can taste blood your own does not mean you are beaten.

  13. I'm referring the Ayers/Wright ranting. Exploiting Biden's comment could help McCain. Late in the game though and Palin hangs heavy whenever inexperience is discussed.

  14. That is true, duece, but to keep storming the same gate, just ain't gettin' it done.

    McCain has to turn the tide, if you realize that on 17Sep McCain was ahead, by +20 electoral votes, at RCP.
    It has been downhill since.
    Now it has Obama +131.
    With ballots being cast, as we speak.

    The "economy" took him down,
    it is what could bring him back.
    In fact it is the only thing that can. Team Maverick would have to announce some type of "Game Changing" proposal. One that would excite the electorate.

    Mrs Palin cemented his more populist flank, but McCain has not advanced in the Center. He's been playing defense with a siege war mentality, while the opponent has many, maby more assets to deploy, on every front.

    McCain refuses to advance on the Wright flank, trying to focus his limited forces on a single and negligable secondary target, Ayers. This, when an aerial assualt against the Chi-town machine could have yielded far better results.
    And rolled up Wright, as part of the collateral damage package.

    John S. McCain is no Robert E. Lee

  15. But Barack H. Obama may just turn out to be the spittin' image of Abraham Lincoln.

    A "Radical" from Springfield, out to save the Republic, from itself.

    Mr Lincoln being elected in 1860 with 39.8% of the popular vote.

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  17. I've never seen anything like it. All the bad guys around the world have come out for Obama.

    Castro Brothers
    The Terror Groups

    Doesn't this tell us something?

  18. The only State where Mr Lincoln's opponents combined total would have defeated him, it seems to have been CA.

    Where Mr Lincoln recieved 32.3% of the vote and the combine total of Douglas (31.7%) and Beckenridge (28.4%) was 60.1%

    Moving four electoral votes
    from Lincoln's total of 180 and adding them to the electoral majorities 60%, of 123 Electoral Votes.

  19. Means that these foreign enemies,
    they misunderstamating Obamasan, too.

    Just like Billary and McCain have.

    As likely as not.

    Only time will tell.

  20. Were the 1860 Republicans Insane?
    They voted for Lincoln and assured a Civil War.

  21. I like to have the feeling that the President is at least on the side of the United States.

    Honestly, I don't even get that, with Obama.

    With Biden, sure, he's been around a long time.

    Vote for Change. Vote Biden.

  22. I still think that, as duece once did, Obamasan is an empty suit.

    Filled by expediency.

    The Mavericks have been trying to fill that suit, with Ayers, and it just is not enough for folks to to change their own focus, they're still seeing that suit filled with their own projections.

    As has been shown repeatedly, not even Obamasan supporters know what's in that suit, when pressed.

  23. It's just really hard to believe, for me.

    The suit's got Ayers in it, and other crappy stuff.

    Other than that, nothing, other than raise taxes.

    I'm still getting over Colin Powell.

    Always admired that guy, till now.

    He's chosen the guy whose book was perhaps literally written by the Pentagon bomber, over McCain, who was in prison, when he was in Vietnam.

    It's taking me a while to get over it.


    Well, the fall colors are out here, now. Beautiful day, here.

  24. G-damn America.

    Let's all have a drink.

    Let's abort the kids, sell Israel down the river, get married in which ever way we can, legalize child prostitution in San Francisco, and have a drink.

    Let's go to Vegas!

    Damn straight!

    Cuban medicine, and open the borders.

    That's what we worked for all these years.

  25. Here, at the Chi-town Trib, the author takes one set of "ideals", pairs it with it's ideological polar opposite and calls them
    "... earmarks of ideals eras. ..."

    Discrediting the idea of smaller government by wedding it to non-progressive Social attitudes. The social activists wanting to use the power of government to their advantage. Exactly what those professing the ideal of smaller government reject, implicitly.

  26. And drugs.

    Let's not forget drugs.

    Our new President grew up on 'em.

    Shoot up, folks, it's the way, the change and the hope.

    Not to push the idea, and make myself sound like bob the good guy, but some of these alcohol babies are really really messed up.

    Add that to a Down's, you got trouble.

  27. They could have filled that suit with a Chi-town politico, for some reason, unknown to me, Team Maverick chose not to.

    They decided not to make "The Chigaco Way" an issue.

    One can wonder why, but that does not change who, what or where of the decision to fight such a limited campaign of discreditation against Obamasan's cultural past.

  28. I know!

    We'll let Ash take care of 'em.

    But, I'm pushing the envelope again.

    I must not do that.

    Help me out Linear. Save me from myself.

    Actually, I'm asking. My blood pressure goes up, I get ticked, thinking about things.

  29. The Librarian Way, bob.

    1.2 Personal Privacy

    We support the protections provided by the Fourth Amendment to be secure in our persons, homes, and property. Only actions that infringe on the rights of others can properly be termed crimes. We favor the repeal of all laws creating "crimes" without victims, such as the use of drugs for medicinal or recreational purposes.

  30. Rat, honestly, when I get to thinking about it, I think the Constitution might be doomed, as it wasn't made for a society like ours is becoming, with mega-cities, and a few farmers in between.

    You and I might argue about the Constitution, but at least we are on the same page, arguing like gents.

    I see something else coming.

    Obama Supreme Court Justices.

    Just do what you want. To hell with the document.

  31. Just do what you want. To hell with the document.


    Sounds precisely what the Bush administration has done systematically.

  32. I can support almost all the things you have been posting about the Libertarians, Rat.

    I didn't grow up in Idaho for nothing:)

    But, we need a strong defense department. And we have to take into consideration the complexities of the modern world, and trade within our own borders too.

    But, I'm with you on the basics, for sure.

    I've voted McCain, to try to keep the worst out of office.

  33. That is just absolutely stupid, Ash.

    For so many reasons I cry to get into it.

    Trashed the Constitution.

    ah man, he hasn't done that.

    Come up with another talking point.

    It's your guy Obama that has said, just let the judge do what he wants.

    ah Christ Ash....

    That's exactly right there why I can't stand Ash.

    An absolute fool, who knows nothing about people's rights, as you learn to do, if you are a country lawyer like my dad, and grew up with it.

    I'm not trying to pull bob the knower here, I just think Ash is a dumb shit, and will say so, until deuce or whit haul me in.

  34. The Wiretap program and Guantanamo Bay are two blatant examples. The expanded authority of the executive and the use of signing statements is another arguable violation of the constitution.

  35. Legislate from the bench.

    Trash the Constitution.

    Ash for Supreme Court nominee.

    Kill the kids.

    Even if they have survived, and are living in a hospital laundry room somewhere.

    Kill 'em.

    It saves the tax payers some money.

    And, one of 'em might be Ash.

  36. Infanticide.

    Ash for the Supreme Court!

  37. What a piece of shit.

    I'm taking time out.

    Going to my corner.


    Before I stoke out.

  38. Bob,

    We all know it's a waste of key strokes, so why bother? A fly is a fly is a fly. You have to accept that, and that's it.

  39. Patio Man Revisited


    ... the shift in public opinion is not from right to left, or from anti-government to pro-government, it’s from risk to caution, from disorder to consolidation.

    There is a deep current of bourgeois culture running through American suburbia. It is not right wing, but it is conservative: a distrust of those far away; a belief in convention and respectability; and a strong reaction against anything that threatens to undermine the stability of the established order.

    Democrats have done well in suburbia recently because they have run the kind of candidates who seem like the safer choice — socially moderate, pragmatic and fiscally hawkish. They, or any party, will run astray if they threaten the mood of chastened sobriety that has swept over the subdivisions.

    Patio Man wants change. But this is no time for more risk or more debt. Debt in the future is no solution to the debt racked up in the past. This is a back-to-basics moment, a return to safety and the fundamentals.

  40. Some very good news:

    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- A settlement in billions of dollars in Lehman Brothers credit-default swaps finalized without any big hitches, an industry clearing organization said Tuesday, adding a note of support to the recent recovery in credit markets.
    "The liquidation process for forward open commitments involving Lehman has been completed," said the Fixed Income Clearing Corporation, a unit of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp., in a notice on its Web site.
    It said it was "pleased to announce that no loss allocations will be imposed on [mortgage-backed securities division] member firms as a result of the liquidations of these forward trades."
    The exchange between the buyers and sellers of credit-default swaps, a type of derivative contract that pays out when a company reneges on its debt, had spooked markets Tuesday. Some investors worriedsellers would be unable to come up with the cash to pay their counterparties, and these no-shows would usher in a new round of bank or fund failures.
    This type of domino effect turned what started as a U.S. housing market collapse into a global credit crisis.
    "Settlement of Lehman's CDS is what has the market on the nervous side," said Peter Cardillo, chief market economist at Avalon Partners, said earlier Tuesday.

  41. Bailing out Lehman Brothers on the backside, instead of the front.

    It is but one purpose, fulfilled, that the Congress authorized all that money for.

  42. "pleased to announce that no loss allocations will be imposed on [mortgage-backed securities division] member firms as a result of the liquidations of these forward trades."

    That means that the buyers paid face value, no?

  43. I don't believe so rat. I think it just means that all the off book credit default swaps worked out without any additional liabilities incurred by the group backstopping the bankruptcy.

  44. Any news on the residual value of Jeb Bush's consultant contract with Lehman?

  45. Wonder who's gonna pick Jeb up, now that he's on waivers?

  46. The scene is the Straight Talk Express, the old Straight Talk Express, in 1999 — the one stuffed with reporters asking John McCain question after question and getting answer after answer, hour after hour. McCain is enjoying himself, even when the reporters, having exhausted all serious topics, turn goofy and play “favorites” with him, asking him his favorite tree (cottonwood), favorite breakfast cereal (Raisin Bran) and favorite toothpaste (Colgate).

    And then there is this exchange that I recorded for history:

    Favorite word, a reporter asks.

    “Principle,” McCain says.

    Favorite dead hero.

    “Uh, Julius Caesar,” McCain says.

    Favorite dead hero within the last 2,000 years.

    “OK, off the top of my head, Lincoln,” McCain says. “Although the more I read and study, the more intrigued I am by Teddy Roosevelt.”

    Favorite living hero.

    “Colin Powell,” McCain says instantly. “Served his country. A wonderful man.”

    Today, McCain may wish to revise and extend his remarks.

    Read More ...

  47. Buffalo Woman.

    She came, according to the myth of the High Plains Indians, immaculate, beautiful, wondrous, and the two Indian lads, there by stream, both looked at her, the Incarnation of Joy.

    And one was amazed, and the other wanted to lay with her.

    He got zapped. The guy that wanted to lay with her. Immediately, first thing on his mind. So the ancient Indian myth of the High Plains goes.

    And, it has meaning today, as always, as good myth does.

    Ash is a fool.

  48. Buffalo Soldiers

    In 1885, the regiment was transferred to the Department of Arizona. Once again the 10th was involved in the arduous pursuit of renegade Apaches under the leadership of Geronimo, Mangus, and the Apache Kid.

    After twenty years of service in some of the most undesirable posts in the southwest, the regiment, now under the command of Colonel John K. Mizner, was transferred to the Department of Dakota in 1891. The regiment served at various posts in Montana and Dakotas until 1898.

    During the Spanish-American the four regiments served in Cuba and fought along side Teddy Roosevelt's "Rough Riders" and other units. While Teddy Roosevelt and his highly political volunteers got more press attention, the 10th Cavalry commanded by Col. John J. Pershing was instrumental in taking San Juan Hill. Many white officers refused to command black units thinking it would hurt their careers. Col. Pershing was given the nickname "Black Jack" because of his loyalty to the 10th and its troopers. It could hardly have hurt his career since he went on to command the American Expeditionary Forces in France in WWI and became the most famous American general of the first half of this century.

    In 1916 Black Jack Pershing was given the assignment of leading a campaign into Mexico to capture Pancho Villa. Pershing requested that the 10th Cavalry accompany him. The year spent chasing Villa proved to be the 10th Cavalry's toughest assignment. Finding Pancho Villa was like trying to catch a rat in a cornfield. Villa always seemed to stay ahead of the Army and avoid capture.

    Picture caption
    At the left Sgt. George Berry of the 10th Cavalry grabs the colors of the 3rd Cavalry which had been pinned down, screams "Dress on the Colors!" and leads both regiments to the top of Kettle Hill. San Juan Heights, Cuba, July 1, 1898.

    Wonder why he didn't scream
    "Dress on the Colored!!" ?
    As he led both regiments to the top of Kettle Hill, in July of 1898.

  49. I don't know what's worse: Biden's total lack of judgment or Obama's stated plan to rely on Biden for his foreign policy advice.

    Glad I voted for Sarah Palin today! I did my part to stave off the collapse of our country.

  50. I'm gonna keep pounding on
    Ash, the fool, and a dangerous one too, cause he wants to kill babies, and that is dangerous, if you are are a baby, until I get banned, by deuce or whit, then I'll go to Israel, with Mat.

  51. Kill the babies.

    Let 'em die in the laundry basket.

    Ash for the Supreme Court.

    Ash is the very worst of what white America has to offer.

    It can't get no better than this.

  52. Wow, "Me" small world! You're not catching the Elephant Bar at its best right now because the realization that Obama has this thing in the bag is setting in, but it's not a bad blog overall.

  53. The photo at this site tells the real tale of racial & tribal bullshit.

    SPC6 Lawrence Joel
    Rank and organization: Specialist Sixth Class (then Sp5c), U.S. Army, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion (Airborne), 503d Infantry, 173d Airborne Brigade

    Place and date: Republic of Vietnam, 8 November 1965

    Entered service at: New York City, New York

    Born: 22 February 1928, Winston-Salem, North Carolina


    For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty. Sp6c. Joel demonstrated indomitable courage, determination, and professional skill when a numerically superior and well-concealed Viet Cong element launched a vicious attack which wounded or killed nearly every man in the lead squad of the company. After treating the men wounded by the initial burst of gunfire, he bravely moved forward to assist others who were wounded while proceeding to their objective. While moving from man to man, he was struck in the right leg by machine gun fire. Although painfully wounded his desire to aid his fellow soldiers transcended all personal feeling. He bandaged his own wound and self-administered morphine to deaden the pain enabling him to continue his dangerous undertaking. Through this period of time, he constantly shouted words of encouragement to all around him. Then, completely ignoring the warnings of others, and his pain, he continued his search for wounded, exposing himself to hostile fire, and, as bullets dug up the dirt around him, he held plasma bottles high while kneeling completely engrossed in his life saving mission. Then, after being struck a second time and with a bullet lodged in his thigh, he dragged himself over the battlefield and succeeded in treating 13 more men before his medical supplies ran out. Displaying resourcefulness, he saved the life of 1 man by placing a plastic bag over a severe chest wound to congeal the blood. As 1 of the platoons pursued the Viet Cong, an insurgent force in concealed positions opened fire on the platoon and wounded many more soldiers. With a new stock of medical supplies, Sp6c. Joel again shouted words of encouragement as he crawled through an intense hail of gunfire to the wounded men. After the 24 hour battle subsided and the Viet Cong dead numbered 410, snipers continued to harass the company. Throughout the long battle, Sp6c. Joel never lost sight of his mission as a medical aidman and continued to comfort and treat the wounded until his own evacuation was ordered. His meticulous attention to duty saved a large number of lives and his unselfish, daring example under most adverse conditions was an inspiration to all. Sp6c. Joel's profound concern for his fellow soldiers, at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty are in the highest traditions of the U.S. Army and reflect great credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of his country.

  54. "...then I'll go to Israel, with Mat."

    amigo, mat's in Toronto, Canada, not Israel.
    Arrange to go spend some time with duece, in Costa Rica, before jumping off the deep end.

    Take the missus, it's a damn lot nicer than Ohio, or the Israeli desert.

  55. Kill your babies, Kim. You are the girl can do it.

    I've had it with this killing the babies bullshit.

    But, Whit is right, there is a penalty to be paid.

    Due now.

    Upon demand.

    By the Lord of Life.

  56. Why does the final scene in Blazing Saddles keep coming to mind?

  57. Well, not the FINAL scene...The RIOT scene.

  58. Guess Who Doesn't Support Free Speech?


    He and most Democrats want to expand broadcasters' public-interest duties. One such measure would be to impose greater "local accountability" on them - requiring stations to carry more local programming whether the public wants it or not. The reform would entail setting up community boards to make their demands known when station licenses come up for renewal. The measure is clearly aimed at national syndicators like Clear Channel that offer conservative shows. It's a Fairness Doctrine by subterfuge.

    Obama also wants to relicense stations every two years (not eight, as is the case now), so these monitors would be a constant worry for stations. Finally, the Democrats also want more minority-owned stations and plan to intervene in the radio marketplace to ensure that outcome.

    It's worth noting, as Jesse Walker does in the latest Reason magazine, that Trinity Church, the controversial church Obama attended for many years, is heavily involved in the media-reform movement, having sought to restore the Fairness Doctrine, prevent media consolidation and deny licenses to stations that refuse to carry enough children's programming.

  59. I'm reposting a link to this piece which explains why the CDS market is much more orderly, transparent and reflective of real market values. In contradiction to the hysteria offered by most "financial journalists", this article describes how the CDS market works very clearly. The author writes about Wall Street for Based on this and several other columns of his that I have read in the last month, he appears to have deep technical knowledge and well-placed market contacts. The linked article, published yesterday, if not earlier, accurately predicted no problems today.

  60. "Get your pies for the great pie fight!"

  61. "Take the missus, it's a damn lot nicer than Ohio, or the Israeli desert."
    What's not to like about the Israeli desert???

  62. After they get rid of Big Mouth Bachman, maybe they'll decide to KEEP free speech.
    ...she kept getting further and further out.
    Started out sane.
    ...she should join the EB.

  63. As compared to the rightous relaxation of Tambor, Costa Rica, there is no comparison.

    Tambor rules.

    No sixteen + hour air trips to OZ required, either.

  64. No blood clots forming in the legs.

  65. Have you seen the Guy at BC that sounds like that J Willie?

    ...think it's Leo Linbeck, or something.

  66. The desert is the desert, doug, if you want desert, go to Vegas.

    Boat on Lake Powell.

    You want a taste of pura vida, go to Tambor.

    There can be a farmer in the jungle
    He won't be out of place.

  67. Don't ever read the BC, doug.

    Wouldn't give him the satisfaction of it.

  68. ,,,and a Hell of a lot of Pineapples @ the Californian, or whatever it's called.
    Hawaii in the Desert.

  69. I gotta find and post the picture my wife took of Pete Rose in Vegas.
    Really Sad.
    Charlie Hustle now weighs about 300 lbs!
    Johnny Bench still looks pretty good, in a Bald Way.

  70. "Yankee bean soup, cole slaw, and tuna surprise."

    "Taxi!...Drive me off this picture."

  71. If your latest hoped for sale does not materialize, bob, let's plan for a Sweet sorghum crop and scalable distillery all on your property. Trusted over to the State and University, with an upfront payment and residuals to your life estate.

    Our insurance man and ethanol expert, rufus, can help out, I'm sure. He has expressed an interest in developing just that business plan.
    Farm and Co-Op disterillies.

    Come back from Tambor, give it a go ...

    Get that land back into production
    for the betterment of the greater society and US, most of all.

  72. Palin also claimed that Obama pays the women on his Senate staff 17 percent less than the men.

    In Palin's view, the potential crises would be sparked by Obama's own actions. Playing off the Republican ticket's previous criticisms of the Democratic nominee, she criticized Obama for:

    _Advancing the idea of invading Pakistan without that government's permission. Obama has said he would authorize an attack if the whereabouts of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden were known and Pakistan's government were unable or unwilling to go after him.


    _Advocating sitting down with "the world's worst dictators" without preconditions. Palin noted that Obama has said he would meet with the Iranian regime even though it has threatened Israel with destruction.


    _Opposing the troop surge in Iraq and voting to cut funding to troops, which Palin said left those in Iraq at grave risk. Obama's lone vote against a funding measure came because the bill did not include a timetable for withdrawal of troops; he followed with a vote for funding and has supported every other funding measure.

    Policies Could Lead to Crises

  73. for the betterment of the greater society and US, most of all.

    If that means us.


    Then I can agree with that.

    I can agree with that, Rat! :)

  74. Challenges for biobutanol companies remain similar to its ethanol brethrens, including the ability to mass-produce the fuels at a low price.

    Cobalt is looking for opportunities overseas, though the company isn't ready to discuss them.

    Life Sciences Partners and Pinnacle Ventures co-led the $25 million funding, which also came from Vantage Point Venture Partners, the Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund, @Ventures and Harris and Harris.

    Plant in '09

  75. Never saw it until Betamax (big as a fucking microwave, remember?) in 82 or 83. I think I've seen it about 50 times.

    (No AFN in Boeblingen, man.)

    Young Frankenstein. Ditto.

  76. Boeblingen, was there for "Reforger '79", man o man.

    Livin' in a mud bog, in GP Mediums with wood pallet floors.

    They has these huge beer hall tents set-up, for GIs. Tried it once, then kept sneaking out, under the wire, to go sample Germany.

  77. The largest undeveloped copper field in the world is in? And guess who bought it.

  78. I was in high school at the time.

    I would later return for the last (real) Reforger - along with the better stuff at Hoenfels and Grafenwoer. And still get a thrill - nothing near like my husband - from hearing the M1s fire up.

  79. Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein were both favorites of me and my pals in high school, at the local Bijou... Duddy Kravitz, Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, Supertramp all of that era...

    ...gettin' dated...

  80. Hawaii Update:
    Tutu's Medical Emergency is the result of complications from injuries she received while being pulled out from under the Bus.

  81. I want to know who is going to pay for it?

    Is it going to be Ashe up there in Canada?

    Or white bob down here in Idaho?

    That's what I want to know.

    Cause I'm tired of paying for abortions, an shit.

    Ash is a white piece of shit, the worst.

  82. We're gonna compare emotional ages, Ash:
    Better touch up on those negative number skills.

  83. Abort Ash.

    Save the world now.

  84. Abort Ash.

    Charge it to unca Sam.

    Save the planet.

  85. Forgot to check back on feedback from when I pasted the white Gruff Scat labeled "Ash"

  86. Midlife Abortions are covered under BarryCare.

  87. It'll be labeled a
    "Preconcious Fetus"

  88. "Somebody go back and get a shitload o' dimes."

  89. Why don't you guys give it a rest?

  90. Man, when I don't hate it, I love this place.

  91. "The sheriff's a (unintelligible.)"

  92. There's no substituting good screenplay.

  93. the opening scene will make you want to watch the whole thing again

  94. My 2008 Predictions, written in December 2007. Horrible track record.

    1. Romney and Clinton in the general, Romney after a brokered GOP convention, Clinton after beating Obama by the skin of her teeth. The election will be close again, like 2000 or 2004, but I cannot foresee which way it will tip.

    2. Oil prices reach a more reasonable $50 a barrel as Iraqi production is jacked up and slow growth tempers demand. Larry Kudlow continues to tell Goldilocks stories, at least until Hillary gets in there and raises taxes.

    3. The United States, assisted by a collapsing dollar, ramps up on domestic manufacture of high-ticket items like cars and planes for export and domestic sale. Troops in Iraq are brought down to a level sufficient to get Romney into office but not enough to allow the insurgency to restart.

    4. China starts making more of the middle-range stuff like refrigerators and television sets, and officially becomes a full partner in the global system, symbolized by the Olympics.

    5. The strong Euro means Europe starts making more of the dollar store stuff, with local Muslims providing the touch labor. This makes them even more dependent on immigration from Algeria and Pakistan. Labor difficulties are not handled with strikes but with car and subway bombs.

    6. Pope Benedict XVI rules ex cathedra, officially closing the door on female clergy and married priests in the Church (currently there are ambiguous statements from JP2 governing that issue). He tempers this by defining Mary's role as co-Redemptrix as Catholic Dogma, beatifies Johannes Paulus II Magnus, and canonizes Theresa of Calcutta.

    7. The writers strike surpasses the duration of the 1988 one, running into the fall season. The long term effect is to kill the sitcom and drama format and completely turn television over to "reality" shows like Celebrity Bowling. Small independent films written by their director/producers dominate the Oscars.

    8. The CD music format finally dies, killed by downloads, both legal and illegal. DVD rental vending machines appear at the front of every gas food mart. Sunglasses with GPS "heads-up" displays and built-in cellphones are the rage. Cars are fitted with computers and sensors that prevent tailgating, and this becomes mandatory by statute.

    9. As the President sleepwalks through his final year in office, Bush Derangement Syndrome begins to go into remission worldwide. After a few incidents of mega-terrorism in Canada and the Netherlands, the non-Islamic world wakes up from their America-bashing dream and finds it it's still a dangerous place out there and the touchy-feely stuff doesn't always cut it.

    10. A tunnel from Gaza to a village in the Negev permits Hamas to kidnap a number of civilians, including children, whose brutal torture is posted on YouTube. Israel responds with a full invasion that divides Gaza indefinitely into eight zones administered by IDF colonels. Abbas proceeds with "final status" negotiations for the West Bank, fearing the similar division and subdivision of Judaea and Samaria.

  95. Boeblingen, was there for "Reforger '79", man o man.

    Livin' in a mud bog, in GP Mediums with wood pallet floors.

    I saw the Reforger storage facilities go in '67-'69. Acres of M-60s, M-113s, and M-109s, bumper-to-bumper, side-by-side in hermetically sealed warehouses. Worked on some of the sites.

    Livin' in a mud bog, in GP Mediums with wood pallet floors. an ass chewing I took from the battalion commander over wood pallet floors. Good story. Maybe some other time.

    Lead-in: ...The colonel entered the operations tent, mud over his boot tops. We were high and dry on wood pallet floors...

  96. RCP has Obama up by 7.2 and Zogby has him up by 10. He's starting to pull out of the statistical "grass" and open up a clear lead with two weeks to go. Now would be a good time for Bush to roll out his October surprise.

  97. Attracting young voters has been a major portion of Obama's strategy to win the election, but he doesn't hold a monopoly on their vote. Obama is expected to receive more than the 55 percent of Michigan's 18-29 votes Sen. John Kerry got in 2004, according to a story in The Detroit News.

    That includes Kaitlin Diemer, a freshman at Baker College who likes Obama's stance on the economy.

    "I don't really like Obama or McCain, but I like McCain a lot less," she said. "I'm voting because I have that right and I feel I should exercise it."

    Gearing Up for Election

  98. Powell May be the only Media Star left w/o blue white Teeth.

    Biden doesn't look close to human with the Orange Face, Blue Teeth, Hair Plugs, Botox. wonder they don't release his brain scans.

  99. "I have some concerns about the direction that the party has taken in recent years," ... "It has moved more to the right than I would like"


  100. Comment by az_lender
    2008-10-11 13:06:17

    And I notice the actual message of the article is, housing in the Bay Area won’t begin appreciating again till 2014. Some of us had had 2012 as an earliest-possible time, because the waves of ARM resets will be finished by then.

    I imagine in the Thornberg universe 2014 is also an earliest-possible date. Any of us can imagine a Japan-like scenario where house prices fall for another decade.

    California and Canada have stopped ordering Maine lobster. Calif because they’re broke, Canada because lots of the lobster moved up there.

    So tomorrow there’s going to be a “save our fishermen” event on the pier here, where $3.50 per cooked lobster buys you as many as you want.

    I remember paying $2.50 in 1957. Disinflation, anyone?

    - Housing Bubble Blog

  101. Consumer spending is also expected to drop, dragging the UK into the worst downturn of all G7 countries.

    The UK is adjudged to be especially vulnerable to the credit crisis because high levels of household debt and low levels of savings.

    As the Bank of England responds to the slowing economy, interest rates are expected to fall half a percentage point at the beginning of 2009 – even though inflation is not expected to drop to the two per cent target until 2010.

    Into '09

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. San Francisco to legalize all sex.


    You'll be able to hire a kid for sex, soon, in San Francisco, and do it legally.

    Bernie Ward would be proud.

    Look what we have come to.

    Look at it.

    Every man must look to his own moral life now.

    The state having given up.

  104. Proposition K has been endorsed by the local Democratic Party.

    Change you can count on, friends, brought to you by the party of Barry.

    Barry BO Obama.

  105. Everything stinking and sordid starts in the big cities in the south of
    California. Then works its way up here.

    And it always revolves around one of three things


    In no particular order.

    The Democratic Party has endorsed Prop K.

    The Party of Ash, and Barry Obama.

    That's the truth of it.

    And if Ash wants to say, "Even I think that goes too far" let him do so.

    We had a pretty good congresswoman for awhile, Helen Chenoweth, who said, "it's too damn cold up here for most of 'em."

  106. I remember when old Bob Newland, deceased, an uneducated man, but a great farmer, who had married one of my dad's sisters, bought us all a great dinner in Chinatown, San Francisco, in the 50's. There were twenty or more of us in the party. Great dinner, the best I've ever had. I remember, you kind of walked around the corner, and all of a sudden, like magic, you were in Chinatown.

    At Christmas.

    Look at it now. A pimp and six whores on every corner. Modern education for you.

  107. I gotta find and post the picture my wife took of Pete Rose in Vegas.

    Which reminds me Doug, did the wife make the trip to Vegas?

    You were asking me about motels and stuff, as I recall. Some time ago.

  108. Get that land back into production
    for the betterment of the greater society and US, most of all.

    ah shit, not a bad plan, if we figure how to make it

  109. You won't be hearing Ash saying anything about it, not about Wright, or Ayers.

    Narry a word.

  110. And so, amigos mio, why is it that it is two weeks out, and only now is the Crown family of Chi-town fame becoming named contributors?

    Ayers and Wright, while the Crowns ride clear


    Lost in the attention given to Obama's Internet surge is that only a quarter of the $600 million he has raised has come from donors who made contributions of $200 or less, according to a review of his FEC reports. That is actually slightly less, as a percentage, than President Bush raised in small donations during his 2004 race, although Obama has pulled from a far larger number of donors. In 2004, the Bush campaign claimed more than 2 million donors, while the Obama campaign claims to have collected its total from more than 3.1 million individuals.

    "It's just unbelievable," said Thomas A. Daschle, the former Senate leader who is a top Obama adviser. "I don't know that anybody could have anticipated that the numbers would be this good."
    From the start, Obama's campaign has designed a fundraising effort that tries to maximize contributions from both small and large donors. That effort expanded in late summer, when Obama prepared to accept his party's nomination and the DNC set up separate committees that would enable top donors to give as much as $65,500 to support his bid.

    The best-known of those committees, the Obama Victory Fund, has catered to party regulars who attended one of dozens of gala events around the country, including VIP gatherings for those able to donate $28,500. The Committee for Change has quietly accepted millions more, in checks ranging from $5,000 to $66,900, from celebrities, corporate titans, Native American tribes and several of Obama's most ardent bundlers.

    They include entertainment mogul David Geffen, Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos, actress Annette Bening, the California-based Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation and members of Chicago's Crown family.
    Among those who have both raised top dollar and donated it are St. Louis developer Bob Clark, Florida lawyer Mark Gilbert, and Hollywood moguls Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg, whose children each gave $37,000 to the Committee for Change.

    The Crowns, longtime Obama patrons, are among a handful who have given across the board: They raised more than $500,000 for Obama's campaign, they collectively gave $18,500 directly to the campaign, they donated $57,000 to the Victory Fund, and they sent $74,000 to the Committee for Change.

    Obama, bought and paid for.
    He's a Crown man.
    Member of the Team

    #52 Lester Crown & family
    Net Worth: $4.0 billion
    Source: Investments, investments
    Inherited and growing

    Age: 80
    Marital Status: Married, 7 children
    Hometown: Wilmette, IL
    Education: Northwestern University, Bachelor of Arts / Science
    Harvard University, Master of Business Administration

    Financier father, Henry Crown (d. 1990), created Material Service with 2 brothers in 1919 after being fired from $4-per-week job. Built into multimillion-dollar business; merged with General Dynamics 1959. Today Lester retains big stake of General Dynamics; stock in Hilton Hotels, Alltel. Also big stake in Maytag, appliance outfit purchased by Whirlpool for $1.7 billion in August.
    Activist spends free time solving global problems: chairs Chicago Foreign Relations Council, sits on board of Aspen Institute. Competitive edge kept sharp with stakes in baseball's New York Yankees, basketball's Chicago Bulls.

  111. The Chigaco Way

    A traget package left unscathed

  112. This girl, she found some "real" issues, not, as described by John McCain, a washed up terrorist.

    Obama’s 2006 Earmarks & the Crown Family
    By SusanUn: on March 13, 2008

    wiki tells US this about the Obama moneyman

    Presumably, the large stake held in Bank One at the time of the 2003 Forbes 400 listing has converted to JPMorgan Chase stock and was derived from an interest in First Chicago, which was enumerated in the 1998 Forbes 400 list as First Chicago NBD shares.

    Recent achievements include brokering a controversial agreement to expand O'Hare International Airport, and spearheading the funding of the new Cook County Hospital (Stroger Hospital). He is a major benefactor of Jewish charities, universities and the Aspen Institute. He is the chairman of the Commercial Club of Chicago and Chicago Council on Global Affairs. His current hometown is Wilmette, IL.

    JP Morgan Chase, another one of those "Nationalized" banks.

  113. Maybe, if Kemper Marley were still alive, Maverick would have had a chance against the Crowns, but doubtful still, even then.

  114. It's quite breathtaking, to me anyway, that the period from 1991 to the present has seen a continuous series of wars and other military interventions. Stunning, actually. Allowing for the occasional pause, we can take this even further back. All the way back.

    Americans in general are comfortable, uniquely comfortable, with the projection of force abroad. It's part of what we do and who we are. It is embedded in our culture. If we sometimes tire of it or fight about it or turn sour over it...there it is.

    I, too, think McCain would be less inclined to intervention than Obama. But I don't believe, foreign policy-wise, that there would be radical differences between the two in practice. Differences of style and emphasis, sure. Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, for instance, will change shape; but they won't end. No one's going to advise that; no one's going to undertake it. And looking down the road, I don't know how far, Central and South America will explode onto the radar again. Will it make a great difference who is in the Oval Office when that happens? Entire industries are devoted to steering our responses.

    None of this is meant to be cynical or sneering. Just to say that one election - this election - is not going to change our stripes. WE are who WE are. And WE live in a Shit Happens world.

  115. Bobal: You'll be able to hire a kid for sex, soon, in San Francisco, and do it legally.

    I hate that slippery slope shit. Hate it. SF is decriminalizing prostitution between consenting adults, and the righties go, "They're coming after your kids next". A state legalizes two gals getting married to each other, and the righties go, "Next thing you know, a 70 year old pedophile will be able to marry a nine year old boy."