“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The LA Times and the Pathetic US Apathy.

A picture tells a thousand words and the sad fact is that if this is an indication of the level of US indignation over press control of the news, then we deserve Barack Obama. We are just not smart enough to do better.


  1. I think I need a break. Maybe time has passed me by, but I do not like what I see. This is 1967 again. I left the Air Force on July 4, 1967. I hated the change that I saw. Most of my enlistment was overseas and it was the first time that I was back in the states since 1963.

    After two weeks of the summer of '67, I was outa' here and back in the military. It is déjà vu all over again. I hate what we have become.

  2. really, you are an AMERICA HATER? Interesting place to slot yourself...

  3. The One has been successfully manipulating others to gain power on other people's dime for 30 years.
    No amateur, he.

    Carefully Nurtured Followers incubated in ignorance care of the NEA.
    Said professionals plowing their profits, energies, and lies back into the Messiah Machine to gain even greater power.

    Ash thoughtfully providing more evidence of an already all too evident reality.

  4. At Gateway, Doug said...

    Racist Fascism = GOOD
    Truth = "Wingnut"

    Barry's the one that threw HIS GRANDMOTHER under the Bus while defending Racist, Hate Bating, Farakahn loving scumbag hypocrit Wright.

    Ignorant, suicidal, criminal loving traitors.

  5. Ash, try and say something sensible for a change.

  6. Doug said...

    Ash thoughtfully providing more evidence of an already all too evident reality.

    I find it ironic Doug, that I've been called an AMERICA HATER numerous times on right leaning blogs, including this one, for criticizing the policies of the US government. The irony is that the proprietor of this right leaning blog is now openly expressing hate for America but guys like you and Bobal have yet to yell out indignantly that deuce is an AMERICA HATER right up there with Rev. Wright. What's worse "I hate what we have become" or "God Damn America"? Seems pretty much the same to me.

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  8. While thousands attend rallies with Mrs Palin, 33 million saw Obama, in his 30 minute show.

    Of those folks that were profiled, not a thinny amongst 'em, but Obama, himself.

    All those that were on the brink of dispair and hopeless helplessness were damn near obese.

    But back to the Lester Crown and one of his hobby businesses, the LA Times. Should the government nationalize that paper, to get at the "news".

    That video tape IS NOT public property, but private. Neither the government nor the public has ANY CLAIM to it, at all.

    The "Right to Know" does not trump the "Right to Own", except in a new "Amerika".

    Which will the "Right" support, public or private ownership?

  9. Over reaching and excessive power seems to be all right, in the US, except when the "other" side gains control of that power.

    That Obama and the progressives could gain the levers of power, well, those that supported the expansion of Federal authority and over reach, are now in a tizzy.

    Look at what they MAY or COULD now do, to US!!!

    Exemplified by the "Long War", the Federals have made the exercise of power an end unto itself.
    Some of us tried to warn of this much precedented turn of affairs, and were accused of loving to wear burkas.

    While it is the wearing of the togas of Empire that had become celebrated.

    When the power is centralized, in an Emperor, then the Republic is dead. A President or Emperor, the power, by any name, smells the same.

    The GOP has so mismanaged its mandate, they have damn near destroyed the Republic, if what appears to be happening, does, on 4Nov08.

    Men like that Senator Stevens, they should be imprisoned for the duration of their sorry lives.

  10. Ash, you dumbfuck.

    Duce was actually expressing his love for America.

  11. To bad, stavr0s, that we are talking about the United States and not America.

    Or should the Mexicans and Canadians get to vote for what the US portion of the continent becomes, too?

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  13. What is it, we've become?

    What has changed, since 1963?

    Where has the balance shifted?

    The answers to those questions are the crux of what's happening now.

    Wright, veteran of the USMC, he loves America, too. Just hated the governance of the United States. That attitude may well change, on 5Nov08.

    "America" really has become an idea, not a geographic place.
    Who controls the idea, now, but Lester Crown and his cohort.

  14. What is it, we've become?

    A $1.4 trillion dollar a year military industrial complex wasting people money and resources on absolutely nothing. It breaks my heart.

  15. Obama will pay my mortgage and fill my gas tank

    There are 60 million motherfuckers just like this idiot that will be voting in spades this year.

    Boy will they be disappointed when Obamasan doesn't deliver jack shit.

  16. hey bro, I followed your link but just found generic news reports on the politics. I was looking forward to some dude/dudette lookin' for a free fill up.

    ohmigod Mats, you've turned into an America hater too. What strange bedfellows :D

  17. errrrr, I guess to keep Rat onside, I should really say "Hater of the United States of America".

    My how things change...

    ...yet remain the same.

  18. Ash,

    Wait 'til the end. Grand finale.

  19. ohmigod Mats, you've turned into an America hater too.

    Explain to me that logic.

  20. hmmm, mattie, you just luv that 1.4 trillion military industrial complex that does "absolutely not/hing" do you?

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  22. hmmm, mattie, you just luv that 1.4 trillion military industrial complex that does "absolutely not/hing" do you?

    I think it's a waste of people money and resources. And that's what I said. But how do you get from that, to me hating America? Please explain your logic.

  23. I'll concede. Criticizing US policy doesn't make you an America Hater. How about if you say "I hate what we have become", does that qualify? If not, why?

  24. does that qualify?

    Why would it?

    I hate ice cream dripping on my hand. Does that mean I hate ice cream?

  25. Mice try there mattie little one but it failed. Hating ice cream dripping is different in kind from hating ice cream. In Deuce's statement he hates what America has become - he hates the America of today, what America has become. Not America leaning on Canada, errr, dripping on Canada, but the thing itself, America. Or, to keep Rat onside, the United States of America.

  26. I'll give you another example. I love marble. But mis-shaped marble, I don't particularly care for. America is the marble. Still confused, Ashley?

  27. I hate what we have become.

    Thu Oct 30, 06:53:00 PM EDT

    How did my mother know, back in 02, that the war was going to tear the country apart? Those were her words. I didn't believe her.

    She was a young officer's wife in '67. A supporter of the war in Vietnam. The next year my father left. At some point, she withdrew her support. Privately.

    We (I say "we" though I recall none of it) were in DC during the demonstrations. It was ugly. Dad was putting the intelligence reports on Nixon's desk. Those days.

    He would spend, oh, 23 more years in the military.

    It's been my entire life. My *entire* life. That's amazing when I stop and think about it. Which I sometimes have occasion to do.

  28. mat, how do you differentiate between misshapen marble and the marble. America is what it is, warts and all.


    We are of similar age having grown up on opposite sides of the 'divide'. I have fond memories of 'the demonstrations' being a young kid in Ann Arbor Michigan. Walking with a 100k plus people chanting peace was pretty cool, but what really grabbed me was the live band playing in the stadium. Now, THAT, was cool!!!!

  29. mat, how do you differentiate between misshapen marble and the marble.

    Because marble has intrinsic qualities, that even mis-shapen marble cannot take away. Same for America.

  30. mat tells us that the US has become a military industrial complex, much as Ike warned US of, in 1960.

    Perhaps that is the change we see about US.

    trish tells us her entire life has been spent in the Federal collective. But did not heed the experienced consul of her mother, who had, as well. Rejected it, in fact.

    Change, it will not come with Obamasan, no indeed. His premier sponsor, is General Dynamics, personified by Lester Crown.

  31. mattie, you are in love with a fantasy, platonic shadows on the cave wall. Time to get real. The Obamamaniacs will be confronting similar reality soon, as well.

  32. rat, why the sudden interest in teh corporate backing of the POTUS? Why weren't you corporate investigative skills, or dialetic skills, prominent with respect to the two Bush administrations? The Carlyle group, Halliburton ect. Mats would love to hear about the fingers of corporate America guiding recent history. What's new this time around? Different players but...

  33. Jews for Obama

    Lester Crown

    Dear Friends:

    While my involvement in politics is motivated by a variety of issues, there is one issue that is fundamental: my deep commitment to Israel and to a strong U.S.-Israel relationship that strengthens both Israel’s security and its efforts to seek peace. I am writing to share with you my confidence that Senator Barack Obama’s stellar record on Israel gives me great comfort that, as President, he will be the friend to Israel that we all want to see in the White House – stalwart in his defense of Israel’s security, and committed to helping Israel achieve peace with its neighbors. I have been honored to know Barack Obama for years, and I am proud to say that he is unyielding in defending Israel’s security. His conviction holds fast whether the threat comes from Gaza or Tehran.
    Few public figures inspire as much hope and optimism as Barack Obama. I have every confidence that, as you get to know Barack Obama’s record on Israel, you will share my excitement about the possibility his candidacy represents and my comfort that he will advocate and support a solution in the Middle East that is consistent with values which we hold dear.

    Please pass on this message to all who are interested.


    Lester Crown, Chicago, Illinois

  34. ...the song remains the same.

    Off to Hilton Head for some golf with the fambly. Maybe we'll cross paths with Bobal as we head for the coast...

    ...oh well, different coasts.

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  36. mattie, you are in love with a fantasy, platonic shadows on the cave wall.

    LOL. You see the shadows, and conclude it is fantasy. But I know that shadows do not animate themselves.

  37. Because, ash, the corporate connections of the Republicans are well known, to all.

    Obama is being portrayed as a Socialist, Marxist and Muslim extremist, when none of those things are especially true.
    He is no more a socialist than McCain or Bush.

    Who has nationalized the US banks?
    Certainly not Hugo Chavez

    Obama is just another in a long list of paid political players, no more, no less.
    He is not a radical, nor a reactionary.
    Left of Center, to be sure, but a Team Crown player, or pawn.
    Depending upon the perspective.

    Just as surely, regardless

  38. Mat, it's just like the Obamasan luv. Projection. "Gladden the heart" said Brit Hume....really, no shit.

    We can all love the America of our fantasy but it's history leads ot all kinds of....

    ...uncouth statements.

  39. I can't, wont' argue with you there rat.

    I still chuckle at the exchange I alluded to above between Brit Hume and Juan Williams on Fox News last Sunday.

    To paraphrase:

    Brit (McCain supporter extrodinaire) said "Well, Obama may win and has soaring rhetoric that gladdens my heart..."

    Juan "Gladdens my hear??? He just another politician ... "

    Brit "Well, you haven't yet drunk the kool aide...

    Working from memory and I'm sure the clip is online but anyway, even old Brit's heart is Gladdened by Obama.

    McCain is toast.

  40. As many would relate, ash, I made few friends amongst the Bush supporters, on the blogs, after early 2004.

    Because I did not support the strategic or tactical policies the Bush Administration and the career military had employeed either in Iraq or Pakistan.

    I percieved we were on a course to failure.
    We've arrived.

  41. Knew "my side" was toast when it was announced the marketing term would no longer be "War on Terror" , but would instead become the "Long War".

    Which by its' very phrasing assured failure, with the people of the United States.

  42. I've been impressed with your thoughtful evaluations and changes of course rat! Even if somewhat sardonically delivered (mild understatement). If only more of us would think before putting our feet in our mouths while parroting the same old same old.

  43. I percieved we were on a course to failure.
    We've arrived.

    Failure to take on the Syrians? That was nonsense.

  44. The failure was to secure the oil while annihilating the Jihadi centre of gravity. Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Saudia. That's how it should have been done.

  45. The Syrians were an option, devastating the Taliban/aQ at Tora Bora was an option, siezing the Iranian or Saudi oil fields was an option, defeating the Sunni insurgents was an option, disarming the Shia militias was an option.

    None were low risk, so none of the options were excercized.
    Instead we built schools in Iraq. We failed to win the war on terror, the war on jihadi extremists or even in obtaining anything resembling justice for the civilians killed on 9-11-01.

  46. After the Turks denied US access to northen Iraq, I advocated landing the 4th ID in Haifa and driving overland to Baghdad, mat.

    As I recall you were concerned about the troops immunization records.

  47. Now the US spends $10 billion USD per month, in Iraq, and calls organizing soccer matches, amongst the Iraqi, proof of ongoing military success.

  48. None were low risk, so none of the options were excercized.

    What was the high risk? The Iranian army? The Paki army? The Saudi army? Gimme a break.

  49. Face it. The Saudis bought you. Pure and simple.

  50. No, the risk was always the percieved disruption of the global economy.

    Which has manifested itself, regardless.

  51. It was not a military risk, but a political one. And an economic one.
    Both Kissinger and George Mitchell were cashing Saudi checks, Personifying the corrupt status of the DC elites, within both factions of the Federal Socialists, in DC.

  52. It was not a military risk, but a political one. And an economic one.

    Following my sequence you could have cornered Saud. There was no political or economic risk. If Saud had refused to cooperate, you could have taken everything. And the world would have thanked you for it.

  53. Perhaps, but we'll never know, now.

    We are where we are, not where we could have been, had we not stayed the course.

    But we did

    Stayed the Course,
    to catastrophic failure.

  54. True.

    There's another option. The green option.

  55. Brother is right. There are an incredible number of idiots that will have this entitlement mentality thinking Obama will solve all their ills.

    Perhaps Ash is one of them. I seriously doubt 33 million people watched Obama's infomerical. MSM can fabricate that number too.

  56. You don't quite get it, do you, Ash? If Rat had his way, the US will be both isolationist yet extremely deadly. A fire breathing porcupine.

    9/11 would have been replied with vicious, no questions asked strikes into Pakistan and Afghanistan, with no consideration at all for the locals. Wipe Al Qaeda out, even if it takes a tac nuke or two, then pull back, leaving nothing but destruction in their wake. No need for nation building or any such niceties. Mess with the US, or even plan to mess with the US, you're dead meat.

    Is that what you think you want, Ash? Are the lives of innocents caught in the crossfire worth it? I know Rat deems them not worth the life off a single US soldier, bnut do you, as a probable internationalist?

    Come to think of it, I sometimes really wonder at the US's restraint. Maybe the world would be a better and saner place if they cut back on the restraint and just let unleash hell. The class always sits up straighter and pays better attention when the teacher cracks the cane.

  57. U.S. apathy may give us this down the road: