“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, October 31, 2008

Does Zogby See McCain Ahead? Google and Youtube Are on Board for Obama.


ZOGBY SATURDAY: Republican John McCain has pulled back within the margin of error... The three-day average holds steady, but McCain outpolled Obama 48% to 47% in Friday, one day, polling. He is beginning to cut into Obama's lead among independents, is now leading among blue collar voters, has strengthened his lead among investors and among men, and is walloping Obama among NASCAR voters.

McCain is up against some very tough tactics that go way beyond the disgraced US media active campaign to elect Obama. I am convinced that Google has also got into the act and has salted the search engines to favor Obama. Clearly something has happened at Youtube over the last few days. All the stories that are against McCain or pro Obama appear to flood out anything that supports McCain. This is happening regardless of the amount of views.

This campaign should wake up a lot of Americans to the fact that the Left has gone beyond being only an adversary. If Obama loses we will see just how ugly it is.


  1. The Gut of Rush spoke today. The gut said, "McCain might win."

  2. It won't make any difference to Aunt Ziatime one way or the other, who wins. If she could bet a decent cane "to hobble around her hovel" there in Boston and some spare change from Obama, she'd be happy. But she won't.

    A blackout from the press has been imposed on the relatives of Obama in Kenya.

  3. New report:

    Ohio employee was ordered to snoop on Joe The Plumber
    By Michelle Malkin •

    October 31, 2008 11:07 PM It keeps getting uglier. The Columbus Dispatch is reporting tonight that an Ohio state employee is contradicting her superiors; the worker says she was ordered to rummage through Joe The Plumber’s records — and she stated the blindingly obvious truth that such searches had never been done before simply because a citizen had come to public light.

  4. Meanwhile Obama has purged his press planes of anything but clones.

  5. I just did a couple of experiments on searches for videos on either youtube or google videos. There is no question that the fix is in. This has happened within the last two or three days. There is no question in my mind that this has happened, probably in anticipation of any last minute releases of damaging video to Obama.

  6. There is NO ONE more influental to Obama's life than Lester Crown, sorry fellas.

    NO ONE that has funneled more cash ito his private coffers,

    NO ONE that has more Corporate connections.

    Warren Buffett and the CEO/Founder of Googgle are amongst his suppporters. The Googgle guy being in his infomercial.

    But sorry again, amigos, Lester Crown wears the crown of Obama sponsor in chief.

    That he happens to be Jooish, just one of those things, the pudding is bitter, regardless of Lester's religious position.

    I aim at the top, not the minions and foot soldiers that you prefer.

    Lester Crown has had more influence in Obama's life than either Wright or Ayers. Whether you like that fact or not.
    Ayers could not have ghost written Obama's books, if Lester had not funded them.

    Cash is King, the kingmaker is a Crown.

  7. There something very creepy about Obama, alright. Anybody that could actually vote against the Born Alive Protection Act is--creepy. Say what you will about abortion, but that living baby is now outside the mother's womb, alive.

    There's something really wrong with anyone that could go that far.

    I don't believe he even
    Wrote His Own Books

  8. This search engine thing is serious. Talk about manipulation of media. The internet, compromised, is far more important than what's his name.

  9. He is a creep and it disgusts me that so many people have fallen for him.

  10. When a person is #52 on the Forbes 400, there are not all that many folk that have more financial influence.

    The fella at #1, Warren Buffett, he is an Obama backer, but he came late to the table. Didn't fund Obama's personal life. like Lester.

    Published: Monday October 20, 2008

    Google chief executive Eric Schmidt plans to endorse Barack Obama this week and campaign for the Democratic presidential candidate, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

    "I'm doing this personally," Schmidt told the newspaper in an interview, adding that the Mountain View, California-based Internet search giant was "officially neutral" in the November 4 presidential election.

    The Wall Street Journal said Schmidt planned to join executives from other technology companies in announcing their support for Obama and would appear at an event in Florida on Tuesday with the Democratic candidate.

    The newspaper did not identify the other executives.

    Schmidt is one of a number of top Silicon Valley executives who have served as technology advisors to the Obama campaign. Craig Newmark, founder of popular classified ads firm craigslist, is also an advisor to the Democratic nominee.

    Now I do not know what this Schmidt felow, or Warren Buffett's religious affiliations are, and do not care. Any more than I knew of Lester Crown's before I began to profile him.

    But in Obama's life story, NO ONE is more important to Oabama, than Lester Crown. If Obama wins, it will be because of Lester Crown's connections, not in spite of them.

    If there is someone more important, you fellas name the name.
    Do not tell US there are others, without naming them, amigos, por favor.

  11. Google is a private business, if you do not want to utilize it, do not.

    If you want to move the blog, do so.

    But there is no Nationalized internet search engine, yet, just private properties, capitialist businesses. As it should be.

    Google is not a public property.

  12. Rat, you've shown that this Lester fellow must be a shit.

    But, look, Obama wants to "spread the wealth around", your wealth, but his relatives live in hovels.

    And he votes to kill babies born alive.

    What a guy.

  13. A restaurant is also a private business, but try and stop someone from eating there because you do not like the way their skin color differs.

  14. Eric Emerson Schmidt (born April 27, 1955(1955-04-27)[citation needed] in Washington, D.C.) is Chairman and CEO of Google Inc. and a member of the Board of Directors of Apple Inc.[3] He also sits on the Princeton University Board of Trustees.[4] He lives in Atherton, California with his wife Wendy.


    In 2007, Schmidt was cited by PC World as #1 on the list of the 50 Most Important People on the Web, along with Google co-Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.[16] He is also on the list of ARTnews 200 top art collectors.[17]

    The Schmidt Family Foundation addresses issues of sustainability and the responsible use of natural resources. Wendy Schmidt, working with Hart Howerton, a San Francisco architectural firm that specializes in large-scale land use, has inaugurated several projects on the island of Nantucket that seek to sustain the unique character of the island, and to minimize the impact of seasonal visitation on the island's core community.

    Schmidt is an informal advisor to the Obama campaign, and is planning to hit the campaign trail this week on behalf of the candidate. [18] He has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the new Chief Technology Officer position which Obama has promised to create in his administration.


    Schmidt left Novell after the acquisition by Cambridge Technology Partners. Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin (with the assistance of executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles, Inc.) interviewed Schmidt; impressed by him,[11] they recruited Eric Schmidt to run their company in 2001 under the influence of venture capitalists John Doerr and Michael Moritz.

    Schmidt joined Google's board of directors as chairman in March 2001 and became the company's CEO in August 2001. At Google, Schmidt shares responsibility for Google's daily operations with founders Page and Brin. As indicated by page 29 of Google's 2004 S-1 Filing,[12] Schmidt, Page, and Brin run Google as a triumvirate. Schmidt possesses the legal responsibilities typically assigned to the CEO of a public company and focuses on management of the vice presidents and the sales organization.

    Still do not know his religion, still do not care.

  15. Obama is a charming version of Jimmy Carter:

    Obama's New Attack on Those Who Don't Want Higher Taxes: ‘Selfishness’
    October 31, 2008 10:58 AM

    On the stump this week, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., has pushed back against Sen. John McCain's description of his tax policies.

    "The reason that we want to do this, change our tax code, is not because I have anything against the rich," Obama said in Sarasota, Fla., yesterday. "I love rich people! I want all of you to be rich. Go for it. That’s the American dream, that’s the American way, that’s terrific.

    "The point is, though, that -- and it’s not just charity, it’s not just that I want to help the middle class and working people who are trying to get in the middle class -- it’s that when we actually make sure that everybody’s got a shot – when young people can all go to college, when everybody’s got decent health care, when everybody’s got a little more money at the end of the month – then guess what? Everybody starts spending that money, they decide maybe I can afford a new car, maybe I can afford a computer for my child. They can buy the products and services that businesses are selling and everybody is better off. All boats rise. That’s what happened in the 1990s, that’s what we need to restore. And that’s what I’m gonna do as president of the United States of America.

    "John McCain and Sarah Palin they call this socialistic," Obama continued. "You know I don’t know when, when they decided they wanted to make a virtue out of selfishness."

  16. Did Google ask you or whit for a racial pedigree, duece, when you set up the Bar?

    That you do not like the way they have programed their product, that is understandable, to be sure.

    Boycott it, if you wish.

    That is how the restaurants were made open, to everyone.

  17. Unless of course you have a brother who lives in a shack and an aunt that lives in slum public housing.

    Talking the talk but gimping a little.

  18. Obama is a danger. That's what I think. It's the first time in my life I've felt a candidate to be a real danger.

    And I think that if he get's in, and the shit hits the fan, as is almost certain, and something quite bad happens, the reaction is going to be against the blacks of America. This isn't fair, as most don't really know what they are voting for, but I think it is reality. It's damned sad.

    When I look at the videos of protests, it's the idiot whites, mostly, doing the running around. The blacks don't seem to be there. Bless them. They're not into this code pink shit, most just want to vote for their guy. But when the reaction occurs, they are going to be blamed. I hope I am wrong. Was talking this over with my wife. She kind of agreed, sort of, with the idea.

  19. I couldn't believe the changes over around Seattle. I got to get out more. There's a freeway around the west side of Lake Washington now, and Belview, couldn't belive it. Going east, the freeway goes all the way to the top of the Cascades. Great for the truckers, to be sure. Makes the trip a lot lot faster, with that new road.

    Went by Grand Coulee Dam on the way over. And took some photos some distance from there, of the 'great falls', the massive 25 or 30 mile wide dry falls carved out when Lake Missoula burst through the ice, washing all that country apart. Impressive.

  20. When the Federal Government went into the Charity business, funding thousands of points of compassionate light, that's when Charity became a bona fide Federal responsibility.

    Charity is no longer a private or religious concern, in is now Government's secular duty.

    No ne here complained about that expansion of the Federal writ, at the time. Social engineering by the Government was accepted, applauded.

    It was compassionately conservative.

    Well, conservative, it never was. Not even very compassionate.
    Instead of having our grand children fund our compassion, as under Team43, Obama is going to bring the account current, through taxes.

    The conservative thing to do.

  21. Pity Obama will not lose because it would have been great to see blacks, Jewish intelligensia, and hard left types completely go nuts.

    But we can - even us moderate Republicans and Independents - take in the lesser pleasure of watching the last Neocons leave the hallways of power, Dubya headed out in just disgrace, the Religious Right becoming partially deranged and weeping at the airport as their Goddess boards a one-way flight for Alaska.
    And all the fun investigations that are about to start on the graft and corruption that infested Bush Administration contracts on Iraq, Homeland Security. Watching their K-Street cabal do some major CYA, and the Wall Street crooks hauled out once the FBI probes are complete.

    The only thing I won’t like at all, is the all but certain Lefty, angry studies academia, and remnant Jewish MSM media effort to brand states that voted for Obama “good states” and the McCain states as ones “still struggling to overcome their racist past”.

  22. Well C4, it will be interesting to see your take on an Obama administration, but maybe not.

  23. I think I prefer the first part about seeing the Left wing nut jobs and the media going nuts. By the way how do you like working on MSNBC?

  24. When we did that tax workout, between Cindy McCain and Joe the plumbers boss.

    $6.6 million USD vs $300,000 per annum, the McCain family paid a lower total percentage of their income than did the boss plumber.
    By a couple of points.

    No reason for that, the McCains and the Crowns, they should pay at least the same, by percentage, of their income, as do the workers of the country.

    That the McCains and the Crowns get by paying less, just not equitable, in a free, liberty based society.

  25. A Cosmic Halloween

    This trip marked an epic change for me in another way. I got my first "what will you have for breakfast young fellow?" at a cafe. That hit like a load of bricks:(

  26. Instead of funding the "Long War" with borrowed money, taxes will go up, to pay for the defense of freedom, in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Seems more than reasonable.
    Freedom is not free.

    I've heard that somewhere, before.

  27. We'll be asked to pay for our compassion and our freedom.

    Which will make US less free.

    The chickens of Empire, coming home to roost.

  28. And, I walked out of the motel room in Bellingham for a smoke, and came face to face, in the middle of the night, with some Homeland Security WMD trucks. Nice trucks, one like an armoured Brink's car, perfect paint. About four or five others, and some trailors. So I asked the gal at the desk, what's up with the Weapons of Mass Destruction trucks?

    Training exercise, came up from Portland, she says.

    So, from a beautiful little berg where mom grew up, and her brother earned a living painting ships in the harbor, and mountain scenes, and rivers (he was a good painter, we also learned he was the vice president of the East Side Kennel Club!) and Lake Whatcom was empty, to WMD trucks. What a world. Bellingham is still nice, livable place though. It has a nice small harbor. Protected well by some islands. Actually a harbor withing a harbor, as all of Puget Sound is a harbor.

    Had fun, was worth it. Went to the Lummi Indian Reservation Casino too. Actually won a little at roulette. The Lummi's, a fisherfolk, nice pictures of the old way of life, canoes, etc. Nice casino, not too big, not too small, just right.

  29. The restuarant analogy, duece ...
    The doors of Google are open to everyone, you just do not like how they arrange their menu or spice their product.

    You want to control the spices used by the cooks in the kitchen, not just access to the door and the seating arrangements.

  30. Bobal, you came all the way over to my neck of the woods and didn't stop in Des Moines for some of Fely's cookin?

  31. DR: Instead of funding the "Long War" with borrowed money, taxes will go up, to pay for the defense of freedom, in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Dollars to doughnuts the Pubs won't be so keen on spreading democracy to the Middle-east if they can't keep getting our unborn grandchildren to pony up for it.

  32. We were going to come over your way, and check out that Ford dealership, but ran out of time. We might be back over in not too long.

    The Austrian gives a good speech! "As every Ohio farmer knows, you can't get a hog to butcher itself"--at @7.50: "drillions and drillions of dollars":)--"McCain has spent more time in a POW camp than Obama in the Senate!"--"if you were in a POW camp, who would you want in that cell with you--Obama or McCain?"

    Good stuff.

  33. I don't get the spice rack analogy. Google is in the information business. People ask for directions and they give them. Straight direct answers are their stock in trade. They are playing a dangerous and foolish game if they slant information based on politics.

  34. ...Early on, Obama's online team, led by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, established the goal of making the most of connectivity by setting up a computer network that would attract volunteers, make it easy for them to contribute time and money, and help them find each other.

    The foundation of that network is the site, where activists can set up home pages, post blog items and sign up for or post events such as canvassing, phone-banking and debate-watching parties. Known as "MyBO" within the campaign and among the activists who use it, the network boasts 1.5 million users and has advertised 100,000 distinct events. West has hosted 61 events advertised through MyBO, she has attended 93 and she has joined 32 of MyBO's groups.

    Hughes credited MyBO at least in part for Obama's big win in the Virginia primary --

  35. Back to our previous post:

    Suspected U.S. Missiles Kill 27 in Pakistan

    By Ishtiaq Mahsud
    Associated Press
    Saturday, November 1, 2008; Page A12

    DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan, Oct. 31 -- Suspected U.S. missiles slammed into two villages close to the Afghan border Friday, killing 27 people, including an Arab al-Qaeda operative and other foreign fighters, intelligence officials said.

    The strikes raised the number of such attacks to at least 17 since August. The surge has angered many Pakistanis and strained a seven-year U.S. alliance with Pakistan, where rising violence is exacerbating economic problems and undermining the nuclear-armed country's stability.

  36. Google is in the advertising business, duece.

    They give the search information away, it is an expense for them.
    Just like this blog is.

    It is a sevice they provide, not their product. Their product is the advertising, they produce eyeballs, readers, users, click throughers.

    It is a business model I know quite well.

    How they package the information, that is how they spice their particularly flavored meatloaf.

    There is no promise of "fairness", just your expectations of high quality service, for free.

    One of the "profit centers" of the information distribution business is the power to manipulate the data flow. To influence events.

    One of the primary motivators, actually. Power and influence well beyond just cash.

    The only way to influence Googles presentation, is to lessen their ability to sell their product, advertising.
    Reduce the number of eyeballs.

    Are we now going to start bad mouthing the Landlord, while using one of its' free services as the meeting hall?

    Google and YouTube,
    nothing for money,
    but it sure ain't free.

  37. Auntie Zietuni In The US Illegally

    It was not immediately clear how Onyango might have qualified for public housing with a standing deportation order.

    Under a deportation order, she has donated $260 (probably all she's got, and she proobably got it from the taxpayers) to the Obama campaign.

  38. Onyango's refusal to leave the country would represent an administrative, non-criminal violation of U.S. immigration law, meaning such cases are handled outside the criminal court system. Estimates vary, but many experts believe there are more than 10 million such immigrants in the United States.

  39. If there are 10 million of those type "illegal immigrants", how can the Federals claim that there are only 12 million illegal immigrants in the country?

    That would mean there were only 2 million migrants that are not being "handled outside the criminal court system." by the Federals

    Which is absurd.

  40. It was apple picking time(almost over, but the cleaning up, it looked like) at the foothills of the Cascades, Rat. Plenty of illegals in that area, I can testifiy. How many people that don't have any legal reason for being here do you figure there are, Rat?

    I've seen so many figures, I have no idea. There are plenty in central Washington, I know that.

    That dry waterfalls area from old Lake Missoula flowing through, quite something to see. Couldn't really see it all, of course, the information center at one viewpoint said it extended 25 or so miles over thataway. Really carved out the countryside.

  41. You know, you'd think Obama would have funneled a few bucks to his relatives, at least during the campaign, just for appearances.

  42. Frankenstein May Lose

    Frankenstein ought to be in jail for tax evasion. Coleman isn't great, but Frankenstein, can't stand the guy.


  43. I've thought that there were 20 million and climbing, bob.

    But that was based upon the 12 million number ... and time.

    But I've read that there were as many as 40 million, most of the Health Care uninsured, which I found hard to believe, but ...

  44. By the way, The Elephant Bar was banned at the Guest House Inn, so, boycott that:) Inappropirate content, you know.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Regardless of this lady's relationship with Obama, the fact that she is in residence, in publicly subsidized housing, would indicate a systematic problem.

    If there are 10 million other folk, in her immigration status. Here illegally and known to and operating within the Legal System, plus all those migrants that are not.

    We'd be at about 30 million of the buggers. Some may even have health insurance.

  47. 37. EyesOpen:

    I worked the phone banks for McCain / Palin this weekend, calling Dems in Philadelphia. Of those I reached live at least 40% were saying they were going to vote McCain/Palin. I could not believe the results I was getting after all of the polls claiming McCain trailing by double digits in PA. If these stats are true for the rest of the state, McCain will more than win the state. Keep your chins up and go volunteer at the nearest McCain / Palin office.

    Oct 29, 2008 - 5:10 pm

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  49. viktor silo said...

    "There was a sentence missing which preceeded your quote about Erica Jong. It should read:

    “My friends Ken Follett and Susan Cheever are extremely worried. Naomi Wolf calls me every day. Yesterday, Jane Fonda sent me an email to tell me that she cried all night and can’t cure her ailing back for all the stress that has reduces her to a bundle of nerves.”

    Ken Follet?? “Eye of the Needle” Follet?? What the hell is he doing hanging around with that piece of sh*t Erica Jong?

    I hope Follet is just banging her. If I thought that he was actually friends with her I would slit my wrists right now.

    Take me now, Lord, I don’t want to see the rest of this movie."

  50. If the Messiah wins....

    and C4 gets his jollies seeing the neocons walk with their tails between their legs out of the picture.....

    I predict, with some laughter....

    Iran will get the ability to use a WMD

    Cities will burn

    Gas will spike to 10 dollars a gallon.

    Shria law will expand to europe & cananda (already happening(

    War will explode on Lebanon by Syria

    Iraq? lol.... Turkey will hit the Kurds hard...

    Iran will play revenge...

    Sunnis will revert to hit squads..

    death will reign as king!

    Congrats to the c4's and DR's wanting to see such a result...

    But I think McCain will win, and in the end, America will be strong enough to prevent such bullshit...

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. C4 and dRat playing the old blame game. A handful of Jewish "Neocons" in subordinate positions, then removed altogether, and Lester Crown, The Big Money Man, they're the king makers. That 80% of the country was for the removal of Saddam, irrelevant. That the DOS the CIA and then the Pentagon deliberately botched what was supposed to be a $25Bn operation to remove Saddam and turned it into a fake war on the "Religion of Peace", irrelevant. It is the Neocons and Lester Crown that we need to remember.

  53. Obamasan's Internet campaign manager is the 24 year-old wunderkind founder of FaceBook.

    The fact is, regardless of how much I hate the guy, Obamasan picked the right people who know how to GoogleBomb, trick YouTube and use the immense power of social media and social networks to kick the shit out of McCain online.

    It's all about tagging and linking. Obamasan has a very adroit Internet organization. Books will be written about how good it is.

    Still, Interwebs can't vote.

    God I pray that McNutz pulls this off in a squeaker. The Left and the Media will literally self-destruct.

  54. A bright spot amidst so much unpleasantness: The Marine Corps Ball is this evening. We tools of the empire, we parasites of America-spelled-with-a-k, shall don our best and make merry.

    I'm really looking forward to this one.

  55. C4 and dRat playing the old blame game. A handful of Jewish "Neocons" in subordinate positions, then removed altogether, and Lester Crown, The Big Money Man, they're the king makers.

    that's because they buy into the theory that most of the world are gullible and easy to steer like cattle and JOOOOS are the ones that hold real power......

    if that is the case why does Israel sit on an oil-less 1/650th of the middle east?

    if we had so much power why:

    has the vatican NOT returned billions of dollars of stolen art, land and property of the jews, and Temple artifacts?

    why is the question of "refugees" only apply to arabs and not the jews (a group that actually out numbered and had more wealth stolen) in 1948?

    why are Jews in America NOT counted as any type of minority?

    why is booze illegal to sell on sunday in many areas of the USA?

    If Jews are the KING makers how and why did Jimmy Carter Get elected?

    If Jews are the one's in control how and why do we still buy 700 billion a year in arab oil?

    no, dr & c4 just parrot the typical age old anti-semitic crap.

    Blame the Joos, Hold the Joos to a SPECIAL Standard that doesnt apply to others...

  56. I could not begin to opine on the why of Jooishness and the baggage they tote along.

    Don't really care one way, or another.

    Lester Crown is Lester Crown.
    There is no "blame" to be garnered for promoting ones' political position, in the US.
    If Obama is elected Lester Crown will have garnered a major victory for his ideological travelers.

    That is not blame, that's a fact.

    It is mat and wi"o" that prfess it scapegoating and blame, when all it is, reality.

    The reality of power. Power garnered by Lester Crown, not because he may be Jooish, but because he owns newspapers, defence contractors and a major share in one of the largest of the Nationalized banks.

    When all the talk is of Wright and Ayers, it is only fit and proper to follow the money.

    It leads to Lester Crown.
    Simple as Simon.
    He happens to profess to be Jooish
    That's just how the cookie crumbles.

    If Obama becomes President, it'll be because of Lester Crown, he gets full credit, which is nothing to be blamed for, not in the United State of America, but celebrated.

  57. A self described progressive Jooish fella, he gets the first black man in the history of the US into the White House, as the primary tenant, not the butler or cook.

    For someone to even think of that accomplishment as a "Fault" to be assessing "blame" for, unpatriotic to an extreme.

    If VA goes for Obama and McCain does not capture PA, it'll be a very short night.

    The celebration is scheduled in Chi-town, Lester and his son, they'll be there.

    My guy, he'll lose, regardless, my ideological underpinnings shattered, by GW Bush and the Republican Party. Left adrift in a sea of progress.