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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Why Woman Should Not Be Bullfighters


  1. Great, now that's going to show up on my youtube history. Heh.

  2. Este torero de mujer necesita piernas más largas para escaparse del assalt de toro con el arma amistosa.

  3. Not to worry, she'll have his balls for dinner.

  4. Hemingway said - to paraphrase - two kinds of people - those who appreciate the bull fight and those who don't.

  5. Don't miss Doug's link to Andre McCarthy in the last thread:

    But let’s face it: The handwriting for what happened last Thursday has been on the wall since 2004. That’s when the Court, in a fit of imperious recklessness nearly the equal of Boumediene, decided in Rasul v. Bush that the jihadists had statutory habeas corpus rights. The handwriting was brought into starker relief in 2006 when, in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, the Court selectively mined and tortured the language of the Geneva Conventions to vest the jihadists with trial rights under Geneva’s Common Article 3.

    This has been coming at us like a runaway freight train. Congress and the administration should have seen it and stopped it. They failed to act, so the cure will be harder now — though we must, for the sake of our security, press ahead with a legislative cure.

    Friggen' Washington...A tranzi dominated Supreme Court, a do-nothing Congress and a go along to get along President.

  6. Hamdan is where the President and the Congress could have drawn the line, instead they went along for the ride.

    The legacy results of Hamdan reside with Mr Bush and the GOP Congress of the time. They could have stood against the "Imperial Court", they did not.

    They let the People down.

  7. My one trip to Europe half of it was spent in Spain, Barcelona and Madrid. Saw plenty of bullfights and still have some pictures. Heck of a pageant, if you ask me. And if they ever give it up, it's
    Spain no longer.

    Dad, on a separate trip, went to the ones in Portugal. Most beautifully trained horses you can possibly imagine, he said.

  8. Rat,
    I agree Hamdan was the travesty. They should have slapped the court down then and there but...

    Some days, I just can't stand it.

  9. well bob, where ya been? You missed a heck of an afternoon here at the 'ol juke.

  10. can Schmidt change things like this? "Somebody asked, 'What's the strategy behind this?' " Charlie Black said of McCain's current foreign travel. "It's simple. McCain says he wants to go to these places, and we say, of course.")

    He'll be judged fast: "Change will be evident as soon as next week, when the retooled, focused messaging machine replaces an approach that has seemed more sporadic," writes The Wall Street Journal's Elizabeth Holmes. "Sen. McCain will focus on the economy every day, pushing a carefully crafted and consistent message."

    "The abrupt shift in leadership, announced to McCain's staff yesterday morning, came after weeks of complaints from Republicans outside the campaign and growing concerns within it about the lack of a clear message, the cumbersome decision-making process, the sloppy staging of events, and a schedule driven largely by fundraising priorities rather than political necessity," Dan Balz and Michael Shear write in The Washington Post.

    Maverick has always been dependent upon his Staff, for his thoughts.
    That's one of the hallmarks of the Maverick I've come to despise over the years of dealing with those Staffers.

  11. Went to a bullfight in Mazatlan one time. Good times.

  12. The slumping dollar has been a key driver pushing oil prices up by half this year. Many investors buy commodities such as oil as a hedge against inflation when the greenback weakens, and a falling dollar makes oil less expensive to investors overseas.

    When the dollar strengthens, traders have less incentive to buy commodities.

    Oil prices are also rising because investors have been pumping more money into the commodity to compensate for what are perceived to be anemic returns elsewhere, analysts have said. The major stock market indexes are all down by double digits since the start of the year.

    Beyone $145

  13. I noticed the broken glass on the way in. Am setting up my 'neighborhood meeting', all at my own expense, so's everyone can come and bitch at my proposed zone change. Hired the former mayor, good guy, a builder, to host it for me, as he's run hundreds of meetings. That way I can't lose my temper. My hope is nobody shows. Set it right after the 4th in the hopes everyone would be gone. :)

  14. Pardon me for asking. What should they be?

  15. Twice in my life there have been minor, very minor, attempts to have bullfights in south Idaho. Shot down, a dead duck, both times. Hunting is ok though, and reintroducing the wolves to chew on the elk, but that's another matter. And dog racing too, is ok. Provides jobs. Dogs trainers, dog handlers, dog undertakers...

  16. shit picker upperers.

  17. What did Mat say that was perilously close? I didn't think anything was close here.

  18. "The legacy results of Hamdan reside with Mr Bush and the GOP Congress of the time. They could have stood against the "Imperial Court", they did not.

    They let the People down.
    McBane Foolsgold, Kennedy Education Bill, Workplace enforcement, Border Security, Dept of Homeland Security, Spending, ROE's, Support for "moderates" over conservatives, Libby et al.
    I wonder how the Pubs lost their way?

  19. "That way I can't lose my temper"
    Famous last words.

  20. I am in favor of female bullfighters. Breasts and Buns in the Ring

    No, not that Betty Ford.

  21. shit picker upperers.

    Thu Jul 03, 11:48:00 PM EDT

    Sam. You've been following me around Bogota.

  22. Larry Harmon, who turned the character Bozo the Clown into a show business staple that delighted children for more than a half-century, died Thursday of congestive heart failure. He was 83.

    Dead at 83

  23. It occurs to me that Republicans, like Democrats, have an outsized view of the Executive.

    What an ironic shame that is.

  24. One wonders, that camp where the US and other prisoners were held, in Colombia, ...

    Was it raided by the Colombian Army or Air Force and razed, once the prisoners were liberated?

    Didn't read anything about the follow on attack, that destroyed the FARC infrastructure.

    All I read was the Stockholm response, hoping the guards would not face retribution, for the prison escape. Not of the Colombian Army air assualting in and burning the compound.

    Wonder what we were thinking?

  25. What you don't don't read.

  26. Jason Ur, a Harvard University anthropologist, recently led a survey of Tell Brak. He believes it was part of a large city that may have predated Uruk, the world's oldest city.

    Uruk is thought to have been built by the Sumerian king Gilgamesh.

    "Ours is a largely urban society, and the nascent urbanization of Tell Brak tells us about the formation of the very first cities in the world," said Ur.

    Syria Dig

  27. While we Librarians know that the Congress and Executive can limit the jurisdiction of the Court, if they wanted to.

    That the Congress and Executive choose not to even try, after Hamdan goes to the core of the debate.

    The United States is involved in a Global War

    The Executive says yes, the Court nay, with the Congress siding with the Court.

    That Republican Congress, in the Summer of '06

  28. It's awfully unfortunate it works that way.

  29. But did it happen?

    That's the real question, that goes both to define success of the operation and the resolve, of the Colombians.

  30. But it does work that way, Rat.

  31. Exactly, trish.

    Unfortunate or not, it is the Republican legacy, as regards the War on Terror, as much as it is the Courts.

    All the more so, when the history of the judicial nominations is known. The Supremes are a Republican set of judges, with only two of the current nine nominated byPresidents from the Democrat Party.

  32. All I read was the Stockholm response, hoping the guards would not face retribution

    I thought that was gracious of the lady. And indeed, the guards are just pawns. Castro used to let the prisoners of Batista go, before he turned the whole island into a prison. It was a good move on his part, showing what a great guy he was.

    While we Librarians know that the Congress and Executive can limit the jurisdiction of the Court, if they wanted to.

    Well, that's true, except I'm not sure the executive has anything to do with it. But Congress has the power to de-ball them, if they had any balls themselves, which they don't, or, simply find too many reasons not too.

  33. Mat, Israel could build a nuclear power generating plant out in the desert if they wished to, that would probably serve the whole country. They choose not to do so. Why, I ask?

  34. The Colombians did an outstanding job.

    Knocked the fucking socks off of everyone.

    And I'm terribly glad.

    We needed this.

    I needed this.

  35. It's very simple, Bob. In life there's really only one choice.

    Deuteronomy 30:19

    I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

  36. The U.S. last month approved legislation that includes $400 million for Mexico under the Merida Initiative.

    McCain said the U.S. also can ``do a better job'' of stemming the flow of guns from the United States to Mexico.

    Prior to his meeting with Calderon, McCain visited the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe, one of the holiest sites in Roman Catholicism, the religion practiced by most Mexicans and many Hispanic immigrants to the United States.

    Drug Trafficking

  37. I signed up for the Obama birth certificat hotline, and here's what came today. I'm too tired to read it, just passing it along.

  38. The President, bob, could veto the Congress's attempt to control the Court.

    But together they can, the elected Branches can limit the Court's jurisdiction.
    Section 8 - Powers of Congress

    The Congress shall have Power To ...
    To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations;

    To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water


    Article III. - The Judicial Branch

    ...the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.

    ... such Trial shall be held in the State where the said Crimes shall have been committed; but when not committed within any State, the Trial shall be at such Place or Places as the Congress may by Law have directed.

  39. Ah, Mat :)

    I'd never thought of that reason.

  40. Rat, right, and if Congress had a veto proof majority, they rule.

    But, Congress might make the argument, this is not a veto-able matter, like normal legislation, it being in the Constitution. Sending it back to the Supreme Court:)

  41. The President could've vetoed McBane Feingold.

  42. Coast To Coast Tonite

    Thu 07.03 >>
    Oil & Economy Roundtable
    Trends analyst Gerald Celente, investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts, and oil expert Matt Savinar discuss how people will fare with the sweeping changes facing the world.

    Going to bed to listen to this. Nite.

  43. "I'd never thought of that reason."

    But the Iranians have. So too the Iraqis. So too the Syrians. So too the Libyans, the Egyptians, the Jordanians, the Saudis, etc.

  44. We need to ring again the bell of respect and devotion to our country. This was emphasized more in past years when school classes started with reading of the Bible, prayer and a salute and pledge of allegiance to the flag.

    We need to "ring" again, in our hearts, the bells of freedom, responsibility, faith in God and dedication to the highest and finest we know that made the United States of America the best nation in all the world.

    On this Fourth of July, just the thought of it can make you feel good all over.

    Ring Liberty Bell

  45. Happy 4th of July!

    As I said before, Americans have a noble instinct. We'll get thru this.

  46. Laurie Anderson - Women and Money

    Bobal you might dig this, it's pretty short, great ending...the sound of a woman actually thinking.

  47. In a statement, the museum said Hitler's rule "stands for an important, though also appalling, turning point in the development of modern Europe" and stressed that Madame Tussauds is "nonpolitical."

    Another wax Hitler stands in the original Madame Tussauds in London.

    The museum, located on the busy Unter den Linden boulevard and near the capital's iconic Brandenburg Gate, opens to the public Saturday.

    Tussauds Museum

  48. We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

    Here's to us, Rat.

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  50. OMG. Did I say that?

    Yes I did.

  51. The 1812 Overture.


    For me.

  52. And, according to the Wall Street Journal, another expert group, the International Energy Agency, is scheduled to report in November that oil-producing countries not only won't produce more oil -- they can't, because of aging oil fields and inadequate investment.

    That means that the price of oil and gasoline is going to continue to rise. It's all the more reason for Obama and McCain, Republicans and Democrats, to agree to increase domestic supplies of all energy and to reduce demand.

    If they were really serious, they'd even institute a carbon tax. If gasoline went to $6 or even $8, it would still be lower than it is in Europe.

    Democrats /GOP to Blame

  53. Outta here. Happy 4th to all. May have to fire up the ol' barbie tonight.

  54. Pardon me for asking. What should they be?

    Thu Jul 03, 11:43:00 PM ED

    Take as long as you like to answer.

  55. They shouldn't be.
    (Men or Women)

  56. There's two kinds of people:
    Nazis like al-Bob,
    and Cool, Compassionate (to animals) Cats like me.

  57. Don't forget Mat:
    What's good for GM is good for the country.

  58. Breakthrough in understanding!

    A Pig Has Learned To Fly In Israel! Porker Takes Flight!

    from Israel Matzav, whom I believe has been studying deuce's techniques.

  59. Teresita, I think your lady at 1:29 is a little, well, light headed. I can't tell if it's a spoof, or if she is serious, but if she is serious, which she can't be really, she hasn't yet heard that women own most of the property in the country. Why, just the other day one rich old bitch gave some billions of dollars to some dogs.

    She is however cute as the dickens.

  60. We know you hate dogs, al-Bob, no need to rattle on.

  61. I don't know there, Doug. That guy could be in some trouble. He might be in for a civil suit at least. Outside the house, sounds like shooting a fleeing felon. He didn't have to go outside the house, putting himself in harm's way. In Florida he might be better off. In Idaho he might have some trouble. You can use deadly force but you've got to feel yourself in real danger. You can't shoot a fleeing felon here, I do not think. Though I'm not certain. These guys hadn't succeeded in even entering. If he felt he was in real danger why'd he got outside the house? How'd it come out, do you know? Anybody die? Did they charge the old guy?

  62. So who was that Creep in the background?
    No compassion here for that long-haired, maggot infested, SOB.

  63. My ass, al-bob.
    This was Texas, not Marin County.
    MF...... were 10 feet away from the old man.
    He says stop, they didn't, he's scart shitless.
    (as you would be)
    Lived a life used to doin the right thing. in extremis,
    he did the right thing.

    Don't go pullin the son of a lawyer crap outta your ass.
    ...or bring up that Joo ass lawyer friend of yours.


  64. No charges were filed, nor will they be, in that Texas case

  65. You should get your facts straight, my man.
    Did you listen to what Joe had to say?
    He tolt the officer they had got in, and had a bag of loot when they came out.


  66. 2 dead men no longer walkin.
    No longer terrorizin the good citizens of Texas.
    All's well that ends well.

  67. He went out to get a license plate number, he hoped.
    Didn't expect to be starin two big young domestic terrorists in the face.

  68. You should recalibrate a little of that hatred you have for animals back where it belongs:
    On your fellow man!

  69. He tolt the officer they got in? I missed that. That makes it different. It was in Texas? I thought it was in California. I tolt you I was tired last nite.

    I won't go pullin' nuttin' mo out my as.

  70. I don't hate no animals. Just like seein' 'em tormented to death in a ring.

  71. In Hawaii, you're not supposed to shoot somebody in your front room.
    ...sposed to find a room to hide in and wait til they come in to kill you.
    Then you MIGHT get away w/squeezin off a round.

    One only, you understand.

  72. Son has a semi-auto shotgun on order.
    ...jury rigged on top of AK-47 Mechanism.

  73. The Florida rule, whatever it is, is best. Just blow 'em away. In Idaho here though you got to be careful. We're still uncivilized.

    You think the crime rate will go down in D.C. with the new Supreme Court ruling? Good test case for John Lott's theory of mo guns less crime.

  74. If I had Limbaugh's bucks, I'd order a Bull Robot with that gun they got in the A-10 inside.
    Take out the torreohomos and the whole damn crowd too!

  75. Lott's rule works wherever it's tried.

  76. Macho Spainards only a half-step removed from Islamonazis wrt to their outlook on wymin and animals.
    No wonder you got the hots for em.

  77. Analyst sees 'ghost town' in Inland Empire L.A. Land Los Angeles Times

    Median home prices in both communities have dropped sharply over the last year, declining 33.6% in Corona and 30.3% in Ontario, according to DataQuick Information Systems. In Corona, the median sales price fell nearly $200,000 from May 2007 to May 2008, dropping from $565,000 to $375,000.

  78. "I flipped it for $200 k"

  79. The Spaniards are a necessary evil so some folk can get all haughty.

    When you going on that veggie diet?

    But wait, plants are living things, too.

    Bose Research on Plants

    [edit] Plant research
    His next contribution to science was in plant physiology. He forwarded a theory for the ascent of sap in plants in 1927, his theory contributed to the vital theory of ascent of sap. According to his theory, electromechanical pulsations of living cells were responsible for the ascent of sap in plants.

    He was skeptical about the then, and still now, most popular theory for the ascent of sap, the tension-cohesion theory of Dixon and Joly, first proposed in 1894. The 'CP theory', proposed by Canny in 1995 [16], validates this skepticism. Canny experimentally demonstrated pumping in the living cells in the junction of the endodermis.

    In his research in plant stimuli, he showed with the help of his newly invented crescograph that plants responded to various stimuli as if they had nervous systems like that of animals. He therefore found a parallelism between animal and plant tissues. His experiments showed that plants grow faster in pleasant music and its growth retards in noise or harsh sound. This was experimentally verified later on .

    His major contribution in the field of biophysics was the demonstration of the electrical nature of the conduction of various stimuli (wounds, chemical agents) in plants, which were earlier thought to be of chemical in nature. These claims were experimentally proved by Wildon et al (Nature, 1992, 360, 62–65). He also studied for the first time action of microwaves in plant tissues and corresponding changes in the cell membrane potential, mechanism of effect of seasons in plants, effect of chemical inhibitor on plant stimuli, effect of temperature etc. He claimed that plants can "feel pain, understand affection etc.," from the analysis of the nature of variation of the cell membrane potential of plants, under different circumstances. According to him a plant treated with care and affection gives out a different vibration compared to a plant subjected to torture.


    Doug's the kind of guy that would waterboard a dandelion.

  80. Newsom said he hadn't known until recently that the city was keeping the juvenile offenders from being deported as part of its sanctuary-city policy, but he added that "ignorance is no defense."

    "All I can say is, I can't explain away the past," Newsom said. "I take responsibility, I take it. We are moving in a different direction."
    This after trying to blame judges, the DA, and etc., to howls of laughter from real people.

    ...on Hannity, a prosecutor said Newsom had committed a federal crime.
    We'll see if he's ever prosecuted.

    Great Credential for a Dem to run for Guv.

    Vs ex-gang member Tony Villar.

  81. Hey man, my precious bodily fluids come first.
    (what kind of freak show would it be if some nasty shit came first?
    A girl anti-magnet)
    I honor the sacrificed animal's ability to nourish my bodily fluids.

  82. Good ol' twosomenewsom screwed his campaign manager's wife without asking.

    Asked about the affair:

    "All I can say is, I can't explain away the past," Newsom said. "I take responsibility, I take it. But we're not moving in a different direction."

    Haven't heard any Bernie Ward news lately.

  83. (why didn't he holt his fuckin breath? a man.)

  84. Tony Villar Screwed the Newswoman that was reporting on him!

  85. After Villar's affair came out, they decided to get all concerned about a conflict of passions, and moved the slut on to some other assignment.

  86. Tony Villar Screwed the Newswoman that was reporting on him!

    No shit? That's funny as hell. Probably on the Fourth of July, too.

    All the way through the fireworks display, to the grand finale.

    With the Newswoman reporting the action live.

  87. I think I'm going to be renting an apartment to some girl from LA. I'll have to ask her about many of these things.

  88. Doug up and eloped, ran off with a Rose.

  89. Ah, lord, we had a prosecuting attorney here, a Mormon, whose father was a Judge for awhile; with a couple other brothers they were all in a law firm together. Well, the guy who had been the prosecutor got the hots for some anchor woman from Spokane, got found out, all shit from hell hit the fan, old man Mosman and the other brothers kicked the offender out of the law firm, took the wife's side, who divorced him, and the poor guy's life went straight downhill after that. And I mean straight down. I kinda felt sorry for him. He really lost it. He got arrested--the former prosecutor mind you--stealing some plants from out front of Winco Foods one middle of the night. Sat in jail for a couple days. Last I heard, disowned by family, friends, the Mormon Church, and his wife and kids, he headed off to some little town in Utah, never to be heard from again. All over a little nooky with the newslady. Who of course left him too. Dad always said Judge Mosmon, the patriarch, was an arrogant, self righteous fool. And I believe he was right.

    All these people were practicing Christ like forgiveness, mind you.

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. My instinct tells me Israel will dispense Christ like loving on the Mullahs and that the Iranian nuke sites will get bombed before the US election.