“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The War Record of the Perfumed Prince, General Wesley Clark

Belgrade Burning

April 5, 1999: Bombing of Aleksinac
The 13th night of air strikes included the first major NATO mistake when an attack on a barracks on the southern mining town of Aleksinac resulted in missiles striking a residential area. Five dead and at least another 30 injured when the three missiles fell 600 m short of their target. The missiles struck apartments, an "emergency centre" and a medical dispensary.

April 12, 1999: Grdelica train bombing
NATO attack on a railway bridge hit a passenger train, killing 14 and leaving 16 injured. The Belgrade-Thessaloniki train had been crossing the bridge near Leskovac, southern Serbia as the air-launched missile released several miles away reached its target.

April 14, 1999: Bombing of a refugee column
On April 14, during daylight hours, NATO aircraft repeatedly bombed refugee movements over a twelve-mile (19 km) stretch of road between Đakovica and Dečani in western Kosovo, killing seventy-three civilians and injuring thirty-six-deaths Human Rights Watch could document. The attack began at 1:30 p.m. and persisted for about two hours, causing civilian deaths in numerous locations on the convoy route near the villages of Bistrazin, Gradis, Madanaj, and Meja.

April 23, 1999: Serb Radio and Television headquarters bombing
Sixteen RTS civilian technicians and workers were killed and sixteen were wounded.

April 27, 1999: First Bombing of Surdulica
At least 16 civilians were killed after two NATO missiles hit a residential area in the southern town.

May 1, 1999: Bombing of a civilian bus
At least 23 people died when a NATO missile aimed at the Lužane bridge north of Priština hit a passenger bus.

May 7, 1999: Cluster bombing of Niš
NATO confirmed that a cluster bomb aimed at an airfield in the Yugoslav city of Niš hit a hospital and a market, killing 14 civilians. A further 60 people were injured in the daylight attack which left unexploded cluster bombs lying in gardens.

May 7, 1999: Chinese embassy bombing
The U.S. admitted that an out-of-date map used by its intelligence operations had led NATO to mistakenly launch missiles at the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, killing three people, injuring a further 20.

May 14, 1999: Bombing of Koriša
At least 100 civilians died after NATO bombed what it said were "legitimate military targets" in the village of Korisa, southern Kosovo.

May 19, 1999: Belgrade hospital struck
A Nato bombing attack led to the deaths of at least three patients in a Belgrade hospital. Parts of the Dragiša Mišović hospital, near a barracks in the Dedinje district, were reduced to rubble.

May 30, 1999: Bombing of Varvarin
11 civilians were reported killed and a further 40 injured when Nato bombers mounted a daylight raid on a bridge in Varvarin, south-central Serbia. Yugoslav sources said local people were attending the town's market when the attack happened at 1pm local time. Witnesses said four cars fell into the Velika Morava river. Rescuers who went to aid of the injured were hit in the second attack.

May 30, 1999: Second Bombing of Surdulica
Nato planes have hit an old people's home at a sanatorium in south-eastern Serbia killing at least 11 people. Officials say the town was hit by four bombs at around midnight, two of which landed on the old people's home. Another building in the grounds of the sanatorium was also destroyed.

May 31, 1999: Bombing of Novi Pazar
At least 10 people were killed and 20 injured in a Nato missile attack on an apartment building in Novi Pazar, southwest Serbia.

Obama hit man and self-appointed judge of McCain's flying skills.


  1. So, the US and NATO forces killed a bunch of civilians.

    General Clark achieved his mission parameters. Sobo is gone.
    No US casualties were incurred.
    Success is near at hand, there.

    I do not believe General Clark was piloting any of the attack aircraft, so those errors in targeting, as in the Chinese Embassy incident, are not his, but the Air Forces of US and NATO to stand responsible for.

    Seemingly systematic of the Air Forces' ineptitude, as further demonstrated by the lack of seriousness in safegaurding the nuclear arsenal of the United States, at home and abroad.

    It seems more a litney of the War Record of the respective perfumed Air Forces. A part of a perfumed military machine, of which General Clark was just another cog, within it.

    Along with John McCain and George W Bush, military experience as either a General officer, or a pilot, does not alone qualify one for President.
    General Grant typified that experience.

  2. Zenster posted this link on Samir Kuntar at BC.
    A disgusting story that is rarely mentioned, whereas the Achille Lauro frequently is.

    Kuntar is the bastard Olmert made a deal to release in this hostage swap:
    Israel Swaps Prisoners for Soldiers’ Bodies

  3. Loyalty, the Palistinians certainly show it, with regards their combatants.
    The Israeli, don't, with regards their civilians.

    Releasing Samir Kuntar, that'll further the peace proccess, fer sure

  4. Wall Street is investing heavily in Barack Obama.

    Although the Democratic presidential hopeful has vowed to raise capital gains and corporate taxes, financial industry bigs have contributed almost twice as much to Obama as to GOP rival John McCain, a Daily News analysis of campaign records shows.

    "Wall Street wants change and wants a curtailment in spending. It wants someone who focuses on the domestic economy," said Jim Cramer, the boisterous host of CNBC's "Mad Money."

    Cramer also does not discount nostalgia for the go-go 1990s, when Bill Clinton led the largest economic expansion in history.

    "It wants a Clinton like in 1992, but not a Hillary Clinton," he said. "That's Barack Obama."

    For both candidates, Wall Street's investment and banking sectors have become among their portliest cash cows, contributing $9.5 million to Obama and $5.3 million to McCain so far.

    It's a haul that is already raising concerns that, as the nation's faltering economy has become issue No. 1, the two candidates may have a hard time playing tough on issues like market regulation or corporate-tax loopholes.

    "No matter who wins in November, Wall Street will have a friend in the White House," said Massie Ritsch of the Center for Responsive Politics, which crunched the data for The News.

  5. A Tale of Loyalty

    Bush base yet to rush to donate to McCain

    Of the 548 leaders of Bush's vaunted money-raising machine, about 43 percent have contributed to McCain, a Globe review of finance reports covering the period through May 31 shows. Even fewer of them solicited and bundled donations from others for McCain, as they did for Bush four years ago.

    About 25 percent of the elite Bush money team gave to another Republican or, in several cases, to a Democrat, but not to McCain. Nearly a third remained on the sidelines, not contributing to any presidential candidate.

  6. I forgot about the mission. The Christian Serbs were trying to prevent the Albanian muslims from completing their Anschluss of Kosovo, The same Kosovo where the illegal Muslim immigrants were killing the Christian Serbs and burning down the churches and building their mosques. The same thing they have done in Baghdad, after that mission.

    Silly of me to have forgot.

  7. Makes one wonder whose side of history America is on. lately

  8. Judged by results, instead of the publicly stated intentions of the leaders of America.

  9. The basic argument, the Mr McCain must be elected, or the Sipreme Court will be forever lost, is foolishness.

    McCain would do no better than Bush41, Justice Souter, or Ronald Reagan's "consrvative choice", refered to as:

    The High Court's Supreme Clown
    By Rich Lowry

  10. "Makes one wonder whose side of history America is on."

    Call Rupert Murdoch and ask him who owns his ass. Same for America.

  11. My point is simple. War is ugly filthy business. McCain, somehow endured what would break most men. He comes from a family of real American military traditions and dedication to country.

    To have his history and credentials compared and ridiculed by the street hustling crack smoking seed of some hippie tramp is in the finest left wing tradition of moral equivalence. That is what the Democrats are selling and America is buying.

  12. Obama in this case being the chief decider, slick emeffer that he is.

  13. "To have his history and credentials compared and ridiculed by the street hustling crack smoking seed of some hippie tramp is in the finest left wing tradition of moral equivalence. That is what the Democrats are selling and America is buying."

    Well said. But the Sauds have the megaphone, and they can do whatever they want with it. And they do.

  14. By Jonah Goldberg

    Barack Obama has a patriotism problem that even Monday's flag-waving trip to Independence, Mo., can't squelch. And it doesn't have anything to do with his lapel pin.

    In part because liberal commentators have such a hard time grasping why patriotism should be an issue at all, and the GOP is so clumsy explaining why it's important, the debate often gets boiled down to symbols.

    Like so much else about Obama, his position on the lapel flag changes with the needs of the moment. After 9/11, he wore it. During the debates over the Iraq war, he stopped because he saw the flag as a sign of support for President Bush. (He started wearing it again in May.) "I decided I won't wear that pin on my chest," he added in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "Instead, I'm going to try to tell the American people what I believe will make this country great and, hopefully, that will be a testimony to my patriotism."

    Make this country great.....(repeat) MAKE THIS COUNTRY GREAT... how dare we let this happen that this country gets turned over to the entitled and angry Obamas! It makes me blood boil.

  15. The Republicans and McCain better drag out some steel fanged junk yard dog that has the bark and bite to start taking the attack to the long thin throat of Barrack Hussein.

  16. war is coming

    let's see how the world looks after flames sweep across ur & persia

    the cedars will burn, set by the persian occupying forces and their squatting populace...

    at the same time the cult of the rock will be unleashed on the 1st christians in the land of the nile, this will also cause waves across the arab squatting lands upon the natives

  17. Wesley Clark didn't question McCain's war record, he just said, "So what?" General Grant was a great soldier but a piss-poor President. It's not like he pulled a Swift Boat on McCain and said he never really was a POW, but hung out with his North Vietnamese comrades for five years and then just made up a story about being in the Hanoi Hilton.

  18. You're missing the point "T". This is a pre-emptive strike to take away the credentials of John McCain. It is a boxer spending two rounds on the abdomen and three on the arms. Obama takes away McCain's ability to counter punch and so far McCain is falling for it. Mac needs to come out of the corner, go to Obama and clock his ass good or he is going to lose his legs come round six.

  19. Deuce,

    Maybe they figure there's still plenty of time for that. First, let's figure if that street hustling crack smoking seed of some hippie tramp is at all an American citizen. September sounds like good timing to me.

  20. DR: Makes one wonder whose side of history America is on. lately

    I understand that the Iraq War of 2003 was the final chapter of the war begun in 1990 when Saddam invaded Kuwait, and I know all about the no-fly zones and the Oil-4-Food program. In May 2003, Bush stood on an aircraft carrier under a banner that said, "Mission Accomplished" and declared victory. That was the end of the War. Happy days. After that point, we sent in Paul Bremer to run the Occupation, and he mismanaged it beyond belief. We aren't in a war, we're in an occupation. You don't win occupations, you can only stop doing them. McCain says he is willing to continue the occupation indefinitely. Obama says he is going to end the occupation rapidly. The American people will decide in November.

  21. 2164th: You're missing the point "T". This is a pre-emptive strike to take away the credentials of John McCain.

    That's precisely why John Edwards won't get picked to be VP, he advised Kerry to ignore the Swift Boat stuff. Obama has read the 2004 playbook and he's playing good "D".

  22. WiO: war is coming

    No, Iran won't do anything until Obama gets in there and they see what kind of deal they can make. If war comes, it will be initiated and executed by Israel, to universal world condemnation.

  23. WiO: war is coming

    No, Iran won't do anything until Obama gets in there and they see what kind of deal they can make. If war comes, it will be initiated and executed by Israel, to universal world condemnation.

  24. "universal world condemnation"

    They're used to it. Hopefully, after 60 plus years, they built some immunity to it.

  25. teresita said...
    WiO: war is coming

    No, Iran won't do anything until Obama gets in there and they see what kind of deal they can make. If war comes, it will be initiated and executed by Israel, to universal world condemnation.

    teresita you are not reading what is going on...

    IN lebanon iran is fighting now as we speak...

    bombings, take overs and more...

    in iraq iran has been fighting all along...

    war is coming...

    regardless of obama or mccain...

  26. If war comes, it will be initiated and executed by Israel, to universal world condemnation.


    oh come oh...

    Iran has supplied hezbollah with 40,000 rockets, new comm gear and fighters, that is a CAUSE FOR WAR ALONG

    as for your point "universal world condemnation" that is LAUGHABLE, is this the SAME world that has no problems with Russia's treatment of Chechnya? Sudan/Darfur? China/Tibet? Iran/Kurds, Arabs?

    No Jew or Israeli gives a flying f*ck about "universal world condemnation" in fact we take it as an APPROVAL if we are pissing off the world we MUST be doing something right...

  27. McCain's battle experience speaks to character - the steel. More than sitting in a command tent and plotting strategy, but something more personal. To dissmiss it or disrespect it is a measure of the chasm between those who know how to survive and those who have done nothing more significant than walk on the Mount, sermon in hand.

    Go ahead make it an issue.

    Make my day.


  28. While I do admire a well done spreadsheet, providing daily, weekly, quarterly or annual results, I'm in the minority.
    Most folk make their decisions on emotion and "good" advice from a "source".

    Mr McCain, while in the military, did serve faithfully and fully. His elite background providing for special handling throughout his career, which turned out to be a two-edged sword for him.

    He has ridden that pony for more than thirty years and it has served him well.

    PIPERSVILLE, Pa. — If John McCain wants to be the first Republican in two decades to win Pennsylvania, he will need help from swing suburbs such as those in Bucks County.
    The challenge is that Bucks County, one of four "collar counties" around Philadelphia, is turning more Democratic.

    For the first time since 1978, registered Democrats have an advantage in the county, outnumbering Republicans by about 3,500 voters. The last Republican presidential candidate to win the county was George H.W. Bush in 1988 — also the last time a GOP nominee won the state of Pennsylvania.

    "There is no way a Republican statewide candidate can lose those suburban counties and win the state," said Terry Madonna, a political scientist at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster.

    Taking Pennsylvania will be tough, McCain said Monday to voters attending his a town-hall-style meeting here in Pipersville, north of Philadelphia. But the Arizona senator said the task is doable if he can persuade voters with his plans to improve the economy, cut federal spending, reduce dependence on foreign oil and prevail in Iraq.

    "I'm the underdog, have no doubt about it," the presumptive GOP presidential nominee said during the meeting at a mechanical construction ompany. "Pennsylvania again may decide who the next president of the United States is."

    Between November and April, Democrats outpaced Republicans in Bucks County by more than 5,000 new voters, according to the county's voter registration report. Madonna attributed that gap to interest in the high-profile Democratic primary on April 22 between Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Jack Field, 78, is emblematic of the newly registered Democrats. The retiree from Bristol, Pa., voted for President Bush in 2000 but went for Democrat John Kerry in 2004. Now an Obama campaign volunteer, Field said federal spending and the Iraq war are "the two issues that killed my Republicanism."

    But Louan Lukens, a social worker, said McCain's experience and character could help him win both Bucks County and the state. "He's a man of the people," she said.

    Filling a gym, doing a town-hall-style meeting in Pipersville, PA, McCain operating as predicted.

    Those 5,000 newly registered Democratic voters will help Obama fill the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, PA.

    McCain is offensive, duece, by his very nature.

  29. federal spending and the Iraq war are "the two issues that killed my Republicanism.

    The alternative is socialized health care, a tax plan based on populist appeal and crayola code-speak, and an energy plan that will do what, if and when developed** - punish the bad oil companies regardless of the pain dominoed down at the pumps.

    Policy is irrelevant in this race, as it is in all races. We get the government we deserve.

    **spreadsheets are not for direct public consumption - they signal that the techs have thought it through to a deeper level. Evidence of serious responsibility. With a war chest, not so hard to do I think. Just a matter of the leader directing that it be done.

    But the international tour beckons.

  30. A crack pipe is more patriotic than an afterburner.
    Trust me.

  31. That may all be true, slade, but a President McCain will not stop those programs.
    Not if passed by Congress.

    He'll horse trade socialized medics for an extra year of Iraq funding, or some such.
    It's how he's always operated.

    The only "conservative" hope is a filibusterable Senate. Beyond that, a President McCain will go with the flow, at least Domesticly, to get his Foreign polciy funded.

    That priority before all others, with McCain.

  32. Agree completely about the Senate.

    In Obama I see another 'perfumed prince.'

    Just doesn't work for me.

    I will be voting policy all the way. And I don't like his, such as they are.

  33. The Wars of Religion Return

    A disciple of Gandhi, Dr. King is celebrated as a champion of civil disobedience against the injustice of segregation. What would Obama say to massive civil disobedience by those who believe the killing of 50 million unborn children since Roe v. Wade is a greater evil than segregating folks by race in public accommodations?

    Would an Obama, who hails the abolitionists and Dr. King, condemn them as divisive? Was not that the charge thrown up at Dr. King?

    The divide between Dobson and Barack is mirrored among many who profess the Christian faith. It split the Baptists. It is splitting the Episcopalians. A traditionalist minority has severed communion over female bishops and homosexual marriages.

    Barack has a "fruitcake interpretation" of the Constitution if he thinks it requires us to give up fighting for justice because it may be divisive, says Dobson. Here, too, he has a point.

    The unbridgeable divide between the two portends a troubled future. Can Americans ever come together if we are divided in our deepest beliefs about morality and truth, where one side believes gay marriage is moral progress, the other holds it a moral outrage; where one side views abortion to be a mighty advance for women's freedom, the other sees it as legalization of mass slaughter of unborn babies?

    There can be no peaceful coexistence in a cultural war because it is at root a religious war. Far into the future, Americans seem fated to face each other again and again "at some disputed barricade."

    By Patrick Buchanan

    Ride to the sound of the guns!

  34. The South Will Fall Again


    Says Obama cannot win in the South, even with an increased black turnout.

    He writes in the NYTimes, so be advsed.

  35. Rat said:
    "The basic argument, the Mr McCain must be elected, or the Sipreme Court will be forever lost, is foolishness.

    McCain would do no better than Bush41, Justice Souter, or Ronald Reagan's "consrvative choice","

    Have to disagree (collegially) on both points. Democrats will intentionally nominate transnationalist candidates like the mistake made by Reagan.

    In the days before the Florida primary McCain via automated phone calls to Florida Republicans promised two things.
    1. To nominate candidates in the mold of Roberts and Alito.
    2. Secure the borders before attempting more immigration reform.

    BTW - Kennedy and Bader-Ginsberg are as tranzi as you will ever see.

  36. Throw Souter in with the tranzis also.

  37. Every fours years it's like the Alamo and this year is no exception. In fact, with the friggin Repubs in such disarray, the situation looks even more dire.

    No conservative should sit at home on election day and let Obama get elected. I don't care how you feel about McCain, the alternative is too unthinkable. Just hold your nose if you have to but do not let the Dems get total control of the US government. I'm begging you.

  38. The Judges he would "prefer", whit, will never get through the "advise and consent" marathon.

    So who he'd "prefer" to nominate is inconsequental. McCain has no political stance that he will not trade away the conservative position of. That is his history, as a politician.

    Both Souter and Kennedy were approved by a Democraticly dominated Senate, I do believe.
    Not sure about Kennedy.
    But McCain, with a Democratic Senate will not prevail and be successful in achieving his goals, as professed in Florida.

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. I don’t dignify the issue of gay marriage with an opinion. Couldn’t care less.

    The moral choice belongs with the mother, not the State - as is the decision of what to eat, drink, smoke during pregnancy. But as with helmets, abuse of individual rights that impose costs on the collective will be regulated by the State. I don’t see it happening in this country near term, but I do see increased and intrusive State mandates on human behavior as a cost-benefit response in the future. We will have to cycle through this pattern a few times before personal responsibility kicks in.

    So far, reversing Roe v Wade is not a policy plank in this campaign.

  41. June 30, 2008, 6:45 PM (GMT+02:00)
    DEBKAfile’s Iranian sources report that an explosion Monday, June 30, at Bidganeh near the town of Shahriar 40 kilometers east of Tehran occurred at a military installation, not a civilian building as Tehran claimed.
    At first, the Iranian authorities reported 15 people were killed, correcting this later to no casualties. The precise function of the targeted facility is not known. While Iran claimed the blast was caused by a gas leak, Western military sources are skeptical and believe the authorities are trying to cover up some sort of sabotage.

  42. The major league jackass who talked to Hersh ought to have his fuckin' neck wrung.

    For starters.

    Then we can take a look at his official facilitator and prepare something yet more painful.

  43. the Fifth Raad Missile Brigade is stationed in Sajjad base in Bidganeh village in Fardis near Karaj and is responsible for launching Shahab 3 and 4 missiles (According to

    It is located west of Tehran, according to google maps, about 45K

    So much disinformation, out there.

  44. Prager at Townhall:


    My bottom line is this: The gulf between John McCain and conservatives is miniscule compared to the gulf between John McCain and Barack Obama. This is true regarding virtually every issue of significance to America. The America that a President Barack Obama would shape, with the help of a Democratic Congress and a liberal Supreme Court, would be very dissimilar from the America shaped by a President John McCain.

    Conservatives who will not vote for McCain are well-intentioned utopians. They are comparing McCain to a consistently conservative candidate. The reality, however, is that McCain is not running against a consistently conservative candidate. He is running against a consistently left-wing candidate. And America cannot afford to have its first leftist president ever. It can afford liberal presidents -- such as Bill Clinton, or Jimmy Carter (who governed as a liberal but became a leftist after leaving the White House), or John F. Kennedy, or Lyndon Johnson, or Harry Truman -- i.e., all the Democrats who have been president since World War II. But the Democratic Party has moved well to the left of liberalism. And Barack Obama is at the left of that left-wing party.

    Furthermore, given the strong possibility of a Democratic House, a Democratic Senate, and a liberal Supreme Court for decades to come, given the number of Supreme Court appointments a Democratic president will be able to make, an Obama victory will move America more radically leftward than ever in its history.

    That is why the argument that an Obama administration will be so destructive that Americans will reject the left and then elect a real conservative to undo the damage done in an Obama presidency is deeply flawed.

    First of all, other than impeachment, there is no way to undo Supreme Court appointments, two or three of which a President Obama would likely make. And given how active most liberal judges are, it won't matter much if the country has some conservative epiphany and then elects a Republican president and Congress. Because even if the Congress and the president will not pass liberal legislation, a liberal Supreme Court will. On almost any social issue that matters -- the right to bear arms, late-term abortion, the definition of marriage, capital punishment, and many others -- a liberal Supreme Court will rule on these issues, and there will be nothing that a post-Obama Republican president, even with a Republican congress, will be able to do about them.

    Moreover, the argument that Americans will have a conservative epiphany after four years of an Obama presidency is predicated on America being greatly damaged by his policies. What kind of mindset welcomes such damage to the country it loves for the sake of potentially gaining politically after the damage is done? Is it, for example, really worth a considerably weakened economy (which Barack Obama's tax and other economic policies would likely lead to), with its widespread suffering and unforeseeable social and political consequences, just to -- hopefully -- get a conservative into the White House four or eight years later?

    And the damage won't necessarily be undone. Even Ronald Reagan, the most popular conservative to ever serve as president, could not roll back most liberal creations. He never could get rid of the useless Department of Education, for example. Nor could a then-popular President George W. Bush do a thing about Social Security even when he had a Republican House and Senate. And how will Barack Obama's successor undo the damage done to Iraq, the Middle East, the War on Islamic Terror, and the credibility of America's assurances to allies once Iraq slides into chaos as a result of America's precipitous withdrawal from Iraq?

    Therefore, as well meaning and sincere as many conservatives are, this mode of thinking -- let the country suffer under a left-wing president, Congress, and Supreme Court and then it will come to its conservative senses -- will likely lead to a downward spiral from which it is hard to see the country escaping for a generation, if it is lucky. Continued...

  45. What kind of mindset welcomes such damage to the country it loves for the sake of potentially gaining politically after the damage is done?

    - D. Prager

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Which of these four Judges will retire in the next 9 years, John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas?


    Which of the liberals, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, David Souter, Stephen Breyer and John Paul Stevens will?

    Makes no difference, they will be replaced by other liberals, in that time frame.
    It must be well remembered that Justices Souter and John Paul Stevens were both appointed by Republicans. Again dispelling the notion that Republicans nominate "conservatives".

    Leaving the Court in the hands of Justice Kennedy, a Reagan appointee, for a while.

  48. Please Don't Feed the Eyeore.

  49. Whoever is the strongest advocate for renewables and energy independence, will win. The conservatives in Congress, the Senate, the White House, better understand this, or else they're toast.

  50. We're DOOMED, but for McCain!

    Whom the money men have already abandoned, before they even signed on.

    But not stepping up and contributing to the RNC, either.

    Of the 548 leaders of Bush's vaunted money-raising machine, about 43 percent have contributed to McCain...

    Even fewer of them solicited and bundled donations from others for McCain, as they did for Bush four years ago.

    About 25 percent of the elite Bush money team gave to another Republican or, in several cases, to a Democrat, but not to McCain.

    Nearly a third remained on the sidelines, not contributing to any presidential candidate.

    Fear not, the moneymen of the Bush GOP and Wall Street do not.

    So far McCain's campaign centers upon fear of Obama, not the positives of John McCain.

    That does not generate support, financial or grass roots.
    Not in Bucks County, PA nor on Wall Street.

    John McCain, leveraged popularity in NH and a $3 million loan into an $84 million USD Federal handout.

    The GOP is sitting on its' hands and the election is in what, a 126 days away?

  51. Have you never read A. A. Milne?

  52. Dear God, not only do you not have children, you apparently were never a child!

  53. I have two of those.

    They both know Milne.

  54. Everyone knows Eeyore, no one knows Eyeore.

  55. So liberal justices will be replaced by more liberal justices. Is that a reason to vote for the Presidential candidate who has been named as the most left-wing member of the Senate?

    Is McCain so evil that anybody but McCain is the rally cry?

    Is the hard-left preferable to a moderate?

    I don't get it.

  56. You should. You've abetted it.

    And here we are.

  57. But we all recongnize an eyesore, when we see it.

    Community Standards being what they are.

    But this week his campaign will try to restore a little of the old McCain style when it unveils his new campaign airplane, the flying Straight Talk Express.

    The aircraft, a Boeing 737-400, which has the “Straight Talk” logo emblazoned on its fuselage, tries to recreate the feel of the back of Mr. McCain’s campaign bus in a special area near the front of the plane.

    No Carbon Cap to Trade on that plane, for the campaign

  58. "You should. You've abetted it."


  59. "No conservative should sit at home on election day and let Obama get elected. I don't care how you feel about McCain, the alternative is too unthinkable. Just hold your nose if you have to but do not let the Dems get total control of the US government. I'm begging you."

    Sure, probably.

    But McCain's still a douchebag - and not a Conservative, small-government Republican.

    "What kind of mindset welcomes such damage to the country it loves for the sake of potentially gaining politically after the damage is done?"

    And, though I don't subscribe to it, this still remains a straw-man for the position of many of the hold-outs, with their position being: "some damage now, for less damage later (and overall)." Politics and history, as they are, not running on four year cycles.

  60. If McCain cannot carry AZ without me, he has no chance, at all.

    To vote for the "less liberal" of the candidates is just an encouragement to stay on that liberal course.

    I refuse to vote for a liberal candidate, because the other candidate is even more liberal.
    John McCain is not a man to be trusted, his word is worthless. As Obama's may be, but I will not vote for him, either.

    No McCain promise made can be expected to be honored, when the tide turns. He believes the employees of the Federal Government to be above the Law. On matters large and small.

    Vote Republican to gain more Justices like Souter, Jones and Kennedy. Those nominated by Republicans and consented to by Democrats. There is the pattern, the one that will be followed by McCain. Let the Republican hold that consent veto, watch 'em bargin hard, or hardly.

    Let's not let a "conservative" lead US to socialized medics, carbon cap & trade, Airbus fuel tankers and open borders.

    Let 'em replace Ginsburg and Jones, with whomever they will. That in itself will change little, not the balance, fer sure.

    Stay true to conservative principles and go with the flow.

    Fear not, Wall Street does not, but more importantly, Team Bush does not.
    They're voting with their checkbooks. Some vote McCain, some vote Democrat, most are taking a pass.

    That's the "smart" GOP money.
    Not even funding the RNC, to fight a rear guard action, in the Senate.

    As noted in the Weekly Standard:

    Very Retiring Republicans
    They'd rather quit than fight.

    by Fred Barnes

    Says it all about the GOP leadership, they'd rather quit than fight, themselves.

    But to a man, I'd wager, they voted to "Stay the Course" in Iraq, where they sent others to do their fighting for them.
    They have no convictions, thusly no courage to fight for them.
    Same as McCain, really.

  61. Actually, what got us here was Republicans and Conservatives carrying water for a big-government "Conservative" President (with due credit as well for the plethora of domestic jackals who made a bad situation worse). A president whose general agenda, coincidentally, was the same as McCain's will be - moderate to centrist domestic policy and open borders, in part to buy support for an activist Wilsonian foreign policy.

    Almost certainly better than Obama in the short run. Probably better than Obama in the long run. But not -good-, regardless.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. Develop a new generation of leadership for the GOP, the current leaders figure it's better to quit, than going down with the USS Compassionate Conservative.

  64. All hands on deck!
    Abandon Ship!
    What hands Sir?

  65. Why is Trish giving Deuce shit about an Eysore?

  66. Just the kinda guys Bowie needed,
    at the Alamo.

  67. He and Charles Schulz were both vets of real wars, Deuce.
    (Schulz for sher, I think Milne)
    Spent the rest of their lives doing something more pleasant.
    ...or at least distracting and rewarding in Schulz's case, at least.

  68. Thomas Paine knew well the leaders of the GOP

    These are the times that try men's souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; ...

    As the elected GOP leadership and their financal backers cut and run, showing their true colors.

  69. "Schulz"
    One beautiful daughter married a Mormon, so the Schulz genes, if not the name, will prosper.

    At 40 something w/6 kids she still looked better than most surgical specimens from Hollyweird.
    What's up w/that?
    At dad's funeral, no less.

  70. After the Clear lessons of '06,
    the Porkers continued to stoke the fire.
    ...and the tapper sponsered BIPARTISAN Legislation.

  71. "Therefore, as well meaning and sincere as many conservatives are, this mode of thinking -- let the country suffer under a left-wing president, Congress, and Supreme Court and then it will come to its conservative senses -- will likely lead to a downward spiral from which it is hard to see the country escaping for a generation, if it is lucky. Continued..."

    Somebody needs to read Gene Healey...

    The current schools + universities + left-wing pop culture institutions + millions of people from places with no history of constitutional or limited government = an steeply uphill battle no matter who wins.

  72. The problem with McCain and the Republican Congress is that they represent the worst of both worlds. Their energy policy is nonexistent. Same old big oil drill drill drill for the only profits they know how to make. While their social conservatism is that of open border amnesty to Hispanic criminals and their employers.

    And no, we don't need no fscking $300 million battery research prize given to GM or some other political crony. What we need is more electricity produced from renewables so we can feed a new fleet of electric cars and trains that should already have been built and running today without causing blackouts on half the continent.

  73. "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it"


  74. Bipartisan Group Of Senators Asks Senate Leadership In Letter To Oppose Delaying Medicare Durable Medical Equipment Bidding Program

    Heiress DiFi, Rockyfeller, Reid, and the Tapper:
    "A bipartisan group of five senators has written a letter asking Senate leaders to oppose a House-approved bill (HR 6331) to delay implementation of the Medicare competitive bidding program for durable medical equipment, CQ HealthBeat reports. The letter -- addressed to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and signed by Sens. John Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), John Kerry (D-Mass.), Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Larry Craig (R-Idaho) "

  75. Craig has a vested interest in durable medical equipment.

  76. I'd like the Bondage Swing Set
    from the
    "Big Lebowski"
    included in my durable medical equipment coverage.

  77. A drunken 78-year-old Swede stole a dinghy after a night out in the Danish town of Helsingor and tried to row back to Sweden, but fell asleep halfway, Danish police said on Monday.

    Rowing Home From Denmark

  78. Sorry, folks,
    I'm still coming down from an adrenaline high, that originated from me washing down the gutter on the street.

    Seems an environazi needed to stop and lecture me about the drought, and him not being able to plant his hippycorn crop and...

    Good thing we sold the farm.

    I'd be in Prison for Homicide.
    Doug Vs the Green Weenies.

  79. What some environmentalists might hail as a victory for primordial nature, others see as an ecological disaster. Traditional pasture, says World Wildlife Fund landscape specialist Ola Jennersten, is a unique ecosystem where a single square meter sustains 75 different species of plants, not to mention butterflies, storks and hedgehogs.

    Once replaced by species-poor new forest, this biodiversity is irretrievably gone.

    Changes in the landscape are as old as human history. But with tourism providing an ever-bigger slice of the economy, there's new impetus to keep some of these ancient landscapes alive.

    Designed by Human Hands

  80. A roommate took a Bio course that included studying a one foot square of earth up in the Chaparral.
    Eye opening.
    Mind altering, if needed.

  81. Ironic isn’t it Sam.

    Change is exactly what the greens live to oppose.

    But Obama’s entire platform is one big sea change.

    Sustainability with a limited venue of applicability.

  82. On the bright side, now that a majority of the Supreme Court has proven it could pass remedial reading, I'm going to look into getting a gun to back up my bow & arrows.

  83. Everybody thinks Obama is the Story.

    The real Story of this election would be a Cinderella win for McCain, sans financial support of Republican money, political support of the Republican machine, personal appeal of a rock star, the squeaky clean background of an amateur,

    Can a maverick with the stigma of age bend the trend lines from the past to wrap around the future?

    In complete and total defiance of compromise?

    Or will a choir boy lead the way?

  84. John would win in a landslide.
    ...if he aped Tancredo on immigration.

  85. Desert Rat: But this week his campaign will try to restore a little of the old McCain style when it unveils his new campaign airplane, the flying Straight Talk Express.

    Speaking of straight talk, McCain supports states' rights on gay marriage (California Amendment 8) but opposes states' rights on gun control (recent SCOTUS ruling on DC handgun ban). Glad to know he's working from a bedrock of principle.

  86. 08:06 -

    I don't know. His platform certainly started out as a big sea change but seems to be leaning more center by the day to rack-up more votes to take this thing out. That doesn't mean he won't break hard left again once he's got the key to the White House.

  87. The political machine in action.

    Stirred, not shaken.

  88. A Message by George Carlin:

    The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider Freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness.

    We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom.

    We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.

    We've learned how to make a living, but not a life. We've added years to life not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor. We conquered outer space but not inner space. We've done larger things, but not better things.

    We've cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul. We've conquered the atom, but not our prejudice. We write more, but learn less. We plan more, but accomplish less. We've learned to rush, but not to wait. We build more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies than ever, but we communicate less and less.

    These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion, big men and small character, steep profits and shallow relationships. These are the days of two incomes but more divorce, fancier houses, but broken homes. These are days of quick trips, disposable diapers, throwaway morality, one night stands, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer, to quiet, to kill. It is a time when there is much in the showroom window and nothing in the stock room. A time when technology can bring this letter to you, and a time when you can choose either to share this insight, or to just hit delete...

  89. "This guy is in favor of homosexual marriage. That's what he's saying," said Thomasson, whose group opposes gay marriage.

    "Virtually in every state people have said marriage is between a man and a woman so he's taking a huge risk."

    Obama's letter appeared on the club's Web site the same day he campaigned in a conservative region of Ohio to unveil his plan for faith-based programs.

    Anti-gay Marriage Measure

  90. Mat -

    George Carlin was before his time. That makes him a visionary but not an idol.

    He belongs in the private space of individuals trying to make sense of things while families and institutions are struggling to define a their roles.

    George Carlin was aligned with the perfectionists. Too many things were too wrong for him.

    C'est la vie. Live with it. And try to improve. George wanted it all. At once.

    I am neither anti nor pro but I think his reach exceeded our grasp.

    I am not inclined to apologize or feel ashamed.

    We have to prioritize the input and analyze the alternatives.

    We will get there.

  91. "He is saying to be truly independent is impossible, but that is the exception that swallows the First Amendment," a lawyer backing the challenge, Steven Simpson of the Institute for Justice, said, vowing an appeal. "People have the right to speak.

    They don't have to apologize for the fact that other people might abuse that right."

    A supporter of campaign finance regulation, Tara Malloy of the Campaign Legal Center, praised the ruling. "The idea that 527 groups are sort of magically independent really doesn't withstand scrutiny," she said.

    Donation Limits

  92. Slade,

    I was emailed that msg in replay to an earlier Carlin skit I emailed to that friend. (Carlin's The Modern Man). I post it here because what Carlin wrote resonates some truth. As for Carlin the personality, you can ask Doug what I think about that.

  93. The Bar is an open advertisement for Anybody But McCain, whit.

  94. Bolivia also has opposed Peru's strengthening of intellectual property laws, a requirement of the U.S. trade deal.

    Morales — a Chavez ally — allegedly encouraged Peruvians to join a national strike on July 9. And he said last month that Garcia, who has moved from left to center and gained a few pounds during his second term as president, looks "fat and not very anti-imperialist" lately.

    Bolivia's vice foreign minister said Morales didn't mean to meddle with Peru's internal affairs, and that Bolivia takes Peru's concerns "very seriously."

    War of Words

  95. "..George Carlin was aligned with the perfectionists. Too many things were too wrong for him.."

    George Carlin on Saving the Planet:

    Slade, I'm not Carlin's attorney, but I am fair. At least I try to be.

  96. Doug,

    What does Mat think of George Carlin?

  97. Mat doesn't think much of dead people.

  98. And it was the most famous son of Independence, Harry S Truman, who sat in the White House during his final days in office and said in his Farewell Address: "When Franklin Roosevelt died, I felt there must be a million men better qualified than I, to take up the Presidential task...But through all of it, through all the years I have worked here in this room, I have been well aware than I did not really work alone - that you were working with me.

    No President could ever hope to lead our country, or to sustain the burdens of this office, save the people helped with their support."

    In the end, it may be this quality that best describes patriotism in my mind - not just a love of America in the abstract, but a very particular love for, and faith in, the American people. That is why our heart swells with pride at the sight of our flag; why we shed a tear as the lonely notes of Taps sound.

    The America we Love

  99. So why didn't you support Bush then?


  100. This comment has been removed by the author.

  101. It sure is "Anybody but McCain", trish, here at the Bar.
    In fact whit post that thread,

    That was the title of whit's thread
    Anybody but McCain.

    Wonderful reading.

    I'm sorry, I remember the two weeks last year when he and Lindsey Graham along with George Bush and Teddy Kennedy tried their damnest to push the Comprehensive Immigration Reform down the throats of America. I'm sorry Senator, those wounds are too fresh in my mind and coupled with issues such as McCain-Feingold, the gang of fourteen, your stance on "torture", and your big government attitude, I just can't support you. I would vote for any Republican candidate before I voted for you.

    Since there are no other Republican candidates, whit's left voting for the worst possible GOP option.

    But to attempt to rally the troops, better give it a break.

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with Anybody but McCain, if they're a natural born citizen and willing to secure the US border and begin to turn over Iraq to the Iraqis, as promised, in 2003.

  104. Eyeore Noun. One who behaves like Eyeore, typically in a depressing and antisocial manner. Offers no opinions to discussions, but will readily complain when results are undesired.
    Her husband is such an eyeore! He never wants to come out with us, and when he does, he just pouts in the corner looking miserable.

    But doesn't fit Rat, but my wife said it fits me, after the lightning took out the computor yesterday. 110 down to 75 rain wind zap

    I'll vote McCain but reserve the right to bitch to high heaven.

    To have his history and credentials compared and ridiculed by the street hustling crack smoking seed of some hippie tramp is in the finest left wing tradition of moral equivalence.

    Well said, d.

  105. 600 Starbucks are closing. High gas prices having some benefit around the nation.

  106. You must remember that some of US know Mr McCain much better than the rest of you all do.

    Up close and personal, where the rubber meets the road.

    Vote for whom you want, vote your principles.

    Think I'll vote for Barr, won't hurt nothin'. May send a message.
    Or not.

  107. Rat-

    I've wanted to ask - do you think global warming is anthropogenic?

    Spreadsheets and all.

  108. "I'll vote McCain but reserve the right to bitch to high heaven."

    Hopefully McCain and the GOP will listen. And hear. Right.

  109. Damn slade, had to look that one up.


    Sun spot cycles is my best bet as to the cause of what ever climate change is ocurring.

  110. The oceans are not warming

    Not on schedule, anyway.

  111. If I'd gotten, or get, to Ohio in time I might change my residency for the first time, to where a vote counts, which it doesn't here, at all.

    Everyone might want to buy a 1,000 gallon fuel tank and fill it up, even with these prices, in case WiO is right.

  112. Isn't it the lack of sun spots causing the little cooling that seems to be going on?

  113. It's all the white crop circles changing the Earth's Albedo/Heat Balance.

  114. I've got some foil Speedos with a crazy albedo.

  115. Seems that sun spots are the internal fires of the sun, raging to the surface.

    So the less sun spots, the cooler the sun, the more sun spots, the hotter the sun is.

    The sun cycles, like most things do. On a scale, however, that is longer than the US electorates attention span.

  116. It's volcanoes melting the North Pole, fwiw.

  117. Hopefully McCain and the GOP will listen. And hear. Right.

    Given the lack of GOP financial support for McCain, I think it is possible to assume his election will be unemcumbered with special interest obligations - relative to Obama.

    Free agent.

  118. All this time I thought it was polar bear farts that caused that ice to melt.

  119. There does seem to be some underwater volcanoes going off up towards the pole. Also like Rat says, the increasing number of polar bear farts, and, the great increase of caribou mating under the pipelines.

  120. Rat -

    I only ask because an emerging plank is that the Right is "anti-science". I am not convinced that fossil fuels are the culprit.

    Which is neither here nor there in the bigger picture of peak oil.

    So I think our eyes are not on the ball of resource depletion.

  121. Penguins are serving as a ``canary in the coal mine,'' and their declining numbers are evidence that people are altering the animals' environment, said Dee Boersma, a biology professor at the Seattle-based university, in a preview of the study that will be published in the July/August edition of the U.S. journal BioScience.

    Populations of the flightless bird have declined by half over the past three decades in Argentina, while in southern Africa the number of penguins fell to about 63,000 from a peak of 1.5 million animals a century ago, the research showed. Fish species eaten by penguins are becoming scarce as people consume more seafood and global warming changes ocean currents.

    ``It's clear that humans have changed the face of the Earth and we have changed the face of the oceans,'' Boersma said in a statement. ``The Discovery Channel and public television are very popular for their nature programs, and those featuring penguins are especially popular.

    Penguin Decline

  122. I am Right and Pro-Science.
    The Rest of the Right is Wrong.

  123. C2C tonite
    Tue 07.01 >>
    Formerly with the L.A. Times news staff, Phillip Krapf will discuss his contact with the Verdants, an extremely old ET race, as well as his encounter with an angelic being.

    It's possible the Verdants are causing the melting of the poles. How verdant is an ice sheet anyway?

  124. We're experiencing a large anthropogenic caused decline in the elk herds, here. Which have steadily declined all my life anyway. The morons(Idaho Fish and Game, USFS, Federal Courts, Nez Perce Tribe) re-introduced the wolves, not cuddly and cute from the elk perspective; the wolf population exploded, the elk imploded.

    We told 'em so.

  125. To admit to Peak Oil would force an acceleration of alternatives, both in the fuels and mechanics of transportation. This both the Oil and Industrial elites would like to postpone, as long as they can.

    Sweet sorghum, which distills like sugar cane, but is a hardier plant, being much less water intensive, would be a viable alternative to using food stock grains, like corn. Even if ethanol from corn dies not effect the market, the perception is that it does. So corn ethanol should not be expanded, sweet sorghum should be.

    It could help fuel the existing fleet hundreds of millions of petroleum powered vehicles. To the tune of hundred of millions of barrels of oil annually no longer imported into America.

    A boon for small towns across the American continent

  126. You need crocodiles, Bob. That'll take care of them wolves.

  127. That would be a fight to see.

  128. The Arab village of Bil'in borders on the Jewish town of Kiryat Sefer, which is probably 25-30 minutes down the road from me. The IDF has been trying to construct a portion of the 'security fence' near Bil'in for many months, and aside from constant interference from the 'Supreme Court' - which has taken all matters of security in this country and made them justiciable

    from Israel Matzav

    We're not the only country where the black robes seem to think they are entitled to run everything.

  129. After more than 150 years of increasing availability of energy and explosive growth of the world population, we are now entering an era of ever decreasing energy availability. The world population will shrink.


    Demand keeps growing and the oil extraction has reached its ceiling. And, as the oil exporting countries use more and more oil themselves, less oil is offered on the export-markets.


    The explosive growth of the world population has been made possible by the consumption of fossil energy. We now have reached the top of the energy-extraction.

    Turning Point of Humanity

    He's got a chart there that says coal will surpass oil as predominant energy source by '20.

  130. There's this great bar in San Francisco, whit - Ireland's 32. Wonderful proprietor.

    It was - was - a favorite of the IRA guys.

  131. "Free agent."

    Good. He doesn't need money, he needs votes. He can start working on that. Right now.

  132. McCain calls for better Federal Illegal Immigration Control.
    ...talking to Sheriffs.

  133. The Chinese are opening a new coal fired electrical generating plant a week, already.

    With the power generated by the Three Gorges project, on top of the expanding coal generation, if China does not introduce an affordable electric car, there is a serious problem with the concept. Despite what the French can get the Israelis to subsidize.

  134. The capacity of existing and planned nuclear plants is far too small to compensate the shortage of energy. A rapid making-up of arrears cannot be expected with nuclear plants

    Thank you, greenies.

  135. Trish is counting down the weeks til originally sinless sees the light.

  136. If it takes months, we know something has gone horribly wrong in the process.

  137. "..Despite what the French can get the Israelis to subsidize.."


    Again, no subsidy. Just a temporary lowering of tariffs. And only 'til 2019.

    Saturday, June 21, 2008
    Project Better Place in talks with Mercedes, Hawaii, and San Francisco

  138. What is sinless missing?
    (Haven't had time to read thread yet)

  139. LARRY KING, CNN ANCHOR: Tonight, crisis. Gas today reaches historic highs.


    But first, we begin with a return visit with David O'Reilly, he is chairman and CEO of Chevron, we thank you for coming, David.


    KING: What's going on, oil and gas prices all time highs, your company making billions in profits, explain.

    O'REILLY: Well let me talk about oil prices first, because they affect gasoline prices. Since last year, oil prices have doubled from about $70 a barrel to $140 a barrel, as you just pointed out. That means oil has gone from $1.60 a gallon to $3.30 a gallon.


    KING: That's what you pay?

    O'REILLY: That's what somebody will pay for that crude that they buy to refine. So when you add 50 to 70 cents per gallon for taxes, in California, it's over 70 cents, you're up to $4 a gallon, you haven't paid to refine it yet.


    KING: So where did the billions of profit come from?

    O'REILLY: Well, 75 percent of our profit is made outside the United States, 25 percent in the United States. Now we do make profits on our crude oil production and our natural gas production.

    King Live

  140. Portugal looking to improve, joins Project Better Place

    Posted Jun 30th 2008 at 5:03PM
    by Sam Abuelsamid

    Project Better Place is set to expand beyond Israel and Denmark with an agreement for Portugal to join the electric vehicle infrastructure project. Portugese Prime Minister Jose Socrates will soon sign on to the plan that will use electric cars from Renault and Nissan. Part of Project Better Place involves setting up networks of public charging points and battery exchange stations. Utility company Energias de Portugal SA is working with other European utilities to create the Grid for Vehicles charging network. Renault and Nissan are expected to spend $500 million to $1 billion on developing vehicles for the project. Portugal's investment in the program is not known.


  141. I knew a guy who worked for Chevron in Angola. Geologist/Engineer of some sort. His job was to look at the charts of oil underground and direct the exact spot where to drill. He was on 250k/year, I think.

  142. I'm reading a book about original sin right now entitled, wouldn't you know, "Original Sin, A Cultural History" by Alan Jacobs. If we were born originally sinless it's hard to see how we'd be having all these problems, on the other hand, if born originally totally corrupt, beyond redemption, it's hard to see how anyone could think of any better state. Thus, the majority opinion in this book seems to be, we're something in between.

  143. Electric stations..

    I thought it took like 12 hours to re-charge? Must be going hi-flo.

  144. Plato is better? No way, José. :)

  145. Sam,

    The "charge" takes seconds. They basically replace the spent battery with a charged battery taken from another vehicle already in inventory.

  146. I may have missed it, but I didn't see Robert Kennedy Jr. mention nuclear in the discussion.

    How long, Lord, how long, till there are no more Kennedys?

  147. areas of vulnerability
    systems disruption
    plausible deniability

  148. With rising inflation and unemployment, Iran's struggling economy offers U.S. diplomats a perfect opportunity to pressure the Iranian government to back off its nuclear ambitions, said Dennis Ross, who served as special Middle East coordinator under President Clinton.

    "If the objective is to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power, you have to put them in a position where they do face a choice. We have to ratchet up the pressure against them," he said.

    "The key is to be able to play upon Iran's vulnerabilities. They do have vulnerabilities, because even though gas is at $150 a barrel, they have very high inflation and very high unemployment," said Ross, who also served as director of the State Department's policy planning staff under the first President Bush.

    Talks with Iran

  149. Deutsche Bank: Project Better Place has "the potential to eliminate the gasoline engine"

    Deutsche Bank has reportedly sent analysts to look at Project Better Place's business plan and concluded that it could be a "paradigm shift" that causes "massive disruption" to the auto industry.

    "We see a potential for a paradigm shift in the way vehicles are owned and fueled," the analysts wrote in the report, which Wired News obtained from Project Better Place. "Looking at Better PLC's model, we conclude that a pure EV should not be more expensive than a gasoline/diesel vehicle."

    According to the analysts, a typical contract would cost $550 a month and provide 18,000 miles a year. Project Better Place would run the charging infrastructure, allowing consumers to charge their batteries at home or at public charging stations.

    Deutsche Bank found Project Better Place customers would pay 7 cents per mile for fuel, even after accounting for the cost of electricity and depreciation of the battery. That is very competitive when compared to the 24 cents per mile Europeans pay for gasoline and the 15 cents per mile Americans are paying (at $3 per gallon in a 20 mpg vehicle).

    The report even goes so far as to say that Project Better Place's approach has "the potential to eliminate the gasoline engine altogether."

    Deutsche Bank also predicts that "entities in 5-10 countries are in the pipeline to announce deals with Better PLC over the course of this year", in addition to deals already signed in Denmark and Israel. The bank also expects other automakers, beyond just Renault and Nissan, to work with the company.

    "Frankly, we are not aware of any reason why they would not sign up for this, as the automakers do no need to commit capital for infrastructure of for batteries under Better PLC's business model," they wrote. "We think companies such as Better PLC have the potential to drive significant change in the global auto industry."


  150. Why Jews Aren't Rushing To Obama This Year


    "Tell them to send everything that flies." Richard Nixon

    I've never understood why so many Jewish people vote for the dems.

  151. There's a political lesson here, which is that the fight to turn the Court from a capricious and imperious vanguard of liberalism into an impassive umpire is far from over. Indeed, the next president will have the opportunity to shape the Court for the next generation.

    Both John McCain and Barack Obama said they disagreed with Justice Kennedy's opinion. But Obama has also said his model justices include some of those who voted with the majority.

    Meanwhile, Obama voted against Justice Roberts and Alito, both of whom dissented from the Court's ruling.

    Indecent Decision

  152. "..typical contract would cost $550 a month.."

    That's what I'm paying now on Lease + Gas on my Honda Civic.

  153. I pay $370/month. Loan and gas. That 550 number is going to have to come down a bit.

  154. Got you both beat. I'm at $179.00 a month for the Nissan with 2k left, which I'd pay off, if my wife had read the contract before signing it. And whatever the gas is, getting over 30mpg average. Since I'm the world's most cautious driver, the ins. is low.

    By the way, my book tells me original sin isn't a Jewish idea, though there were a few of the rabbis of old who discussed it.

  155. What hits me hard is the health insurance. Always rising, as the bill I opened just now testifies.

  156. The government-in-exile has urged Tibetans to stop protesting outside Chinese embassies and consulates worldwide.

    In a concession, Chinese authorities have freed many Tibetans detained in the wake of the rioting, a source with knowledge of the releases said, requesting anonymity.

    Chinese authorities also reciprocated the Dalai Lama's goodwill by reopening Tibet to foreign tourists last month.

    Talks Continue

  157. Behold, I was shaped in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me.

    Psalm 51:5

  158. Right, that was quoted, and much more besides, yet, the rabbinic majority seems to have held a little happier view. Mat, is that right?

  159. You'd best not start writin about MY Mum, bub.

  160. As far as I know, I was not conceived in sin. Speaking for myself.

  161. I think it's an ill-conceived subject.

  162. The universality of sin is certainly a Jewish belief; there are many statements to this effect in the Scriptures, some of them quite famous. "Who can say, I have made my heart clean, I am pure from my sin?" Prov. 20:9 "For there is not a just man upon earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not." Eccl. 7:20 "All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way." Isa. 53: 6 But there seems to be nothing in the Jewish tradition to support the idea of original sin, of an inheritance of corruption from Adam.

    from "Original Sin"

  163. Ford and Starbucks Sales both down 28%.
    Starbucks to close 600 stores/12,000 employees.

  164. Gentlemen, I am certain of one thing, we have much in common :)

  165. Starbucks opening big new store at the Wailea Marriot.
    The rich stay richer.

  166. That'll put a bump in the next unemployment report. Was that news just released? Wonder what the market's going to do.

  167. Bob,

    See: min 2:45

  168. For me, I'm glad to see all those idiotic Starbucks close. What a waste of money. Like a 200 dollar hamburger I read about.

    Ash will get off his yacht, and go into shock, not having a Starbucks near :)

  169. How did Ashley make his millions?

  170. Certainly not some evil profit oriented business, I hope.

  171. Drudge has all the ugly updates.

  172. Like many Beijingers, Liu Qifei, a magazine vendor, assumed that the Olympics would bring real improvements to life in the city. But it hasn't quite turned out that way.

    "Look at this street. The old buildings have been newly painted.

    Just opposite, the buildings facing the street have been decorated. But the buildings behind them are unchanged," said Liu, 55, who plans to watch the Games on television.

    Games Lose some Luster

  173. Living Dead Watch:

    Dem Leader Reid: 'Coal makes us sick, oil makes us sick'...

    No. 1 YOUTUBE

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  175. "The Bar is an open advertisement for Anybody But McCain, whit."

    Not from me, it aint.

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