“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Secession - Go Your Own Way

A recent Middlebury Institute/Zogby Poll shows that : one in five Americans believe that states have the right to secede. The survey finds 18% would support a secessionist effort in their state."One in five American adults - 22% - believe that any state or region has the right to "peaceably secede from the United States and become an independent republic."

..."The level of support for the right of secession was consistent in every region in the country, though the percentage was slightly higher in the South (26%) and the East (24%). The figures were also consistent for every age group, but backing was strongest among younger adults, as 40% among those age 18 to 24 and 24% among those age 25 to 34 agreed states and regions have secession rights.

Broken down by race, the highest percentage agreeing with the right to secede was among Hispanics (43%) and African-Americans (40%). Among white respondents, 17% said states or regions should have the right to peaceably secede."

It seems as if a lot of people in the Unites States on the left and on the right do not like each other and have a preference to go their own way. Hispanics, by 43%, have already established a substantial presence in the American Southwest. They not only have the inclination to secede, they can make it happen within a generation.

African Americans at 40% seems to confirm that the logical outcome to multi-culturalism and diversity is devolution. Sorry about that.


  1. Also a joint interim administration is still not formed.

    The north-south peace deal in 2005 ended Africa’s longest civil war, shared power and wealth, enshrined democratic transformation and created separate north and south armies. The south and Abyei will be able vote in 2011 on possible secession.

    Some 2 million people died in Sudan’s north-south war that also displaced around 4 million. It is separate from the Darfur conflict in the west of the country.

    Abyei Talkin' 'Bout Secession

  2. The best possible outcome would be for Mexifornia to secede, and when the inevitable total bankruptcy rapidly evolved, (it's well on it's way) they'd come begging.

    If another miracle occurred, and our leaders were no longer politically correct morons, we could offer them protectorate status with stiff conditions mandating smaller govt each year, and return to Mexico for all non English speakers until the place once again become self-sufficient.

  3. You thought NIMBYs were bad enough,
    The Left has now gone completely BANANAs:
    Build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything.

  4. Bloody water ran early Sunday outside a hospital in Ahmedabad, India, where a blast on Saturday killed husband-and-wife doctors and two sanitation workers.

    In eastern Varanasi, a deadly explosion interrupted Hindu devotees as they lighted oil lamps to Hanuman, the monkey god, one Tuesday at dusk. In southern Hyderabad, a homemade bomb planted inside a historic mosque killed worshipers on a Friday afternoon. In Mumbai, India’s largest city, nearly 200 commuters on packed city trains died in a series of blasts.

    And, in the most recent attack, 17 back-to-back explosions struck shoppers and strollers on Saturday evening in Ahmedabad in western India, and then two blasts hit the very hospitals where the wounded and their relatives rushed for help, killing 49 people and wounding more than 200.

    - Terrorist Attacks Unsettling India -

  5. Sanctuary For Citizens
    Illegal Immigration:
    Just how many Americans need to be murdered, killed, robbed, assaulted and raped by illegal aliens before San Francisco's Gavin Newsome and other sanctuary-city mayors protect them as well?

    Edwin Ramos, now 21, is being held on three counts of murder in the June 22 slayings of Tony Bologna, 48, and his sons Michael, 20, and Mathew, 16. They were shot dead on their way home from a family picnic. Police say Ramos killed them for briefly blocking his car from completing a left turn down a narrow San Francisco street.
    Ramos had a record.

    On April 2, 2004, Ramos was released to the custody of his mother. Just four days later, he committed another crime just two blocks from the scene of the bus assault.
    Ramos and two other men approached a pregnant woman from behind, and Ramos tried to yank away her backpack-style purse. Ramos was convicted as a juvenile of assault, another felony.

    The police report said city police had "numerous documented contacts" with Ramos and his companion and that both were members of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) street gang. But charges were not filed because authorities could not prove Ramos knew his friend was armed.

    Good that some embrace this as a desirable state of affairs for the future of this country.
    (Or pretend that "Comprehensive Reform," DC-Style will improve it.)


    Girlfriend and neighbor of slain football player Jamiel Shaw ...
    gave dramatic accounts this morning of how a standout high school football star was gunned down earlier this year near his Los Angeles home
    A 17 yr old who should be playing football for Stanford next year, instead lies dead and buried.

    "It's hard," said his mother, Army Sgt. Anita Shaw, who was stationed in Iraq when she heard news of Jamiel's death. "It's like we're living it again."

    The preliminary hearing in Los Angeles marks the first time prosecutors have presented evidence publicly in their murder case against Pedro Espinoza, a 19-year-old Latino gang member who authorities say was in the country illegally when he allegedly gunned down Jamiel.

  6. Trish, I'd be interested in your comments on this:
    Cocaine Sustains War Despite Rebel Losses in Colombia

    A four-decade-old, drug- fueled war is proving immune to U.S.-financed efforts to stop it.

    PASTO, Colombia — Along with Colombia’s successes in fighting leftist rebels this year, cities like Medellín have staged remarkable recoveries. And in the upscale districts of Bogotá, the capital, it is almost possible to forget that the country remains mired in a devilishly complex four-decade-old war.

    But it is a different story in the mountains of the Nariño department. Here, and elsewhere in large parts of the countryside, the violence and fear remain unrelenting, underscoring the difficulty of ending a war fueled by a drug trade that is proving immune to American-financed efforts to stop it.

    Soaring coca cultivation, forced disappearances, assassinations, the displacement of families and the planting of land mines stubbornly persist, the hallmarks of a backlands conflict that threatens to drag on for years, even without the once spectacular actions of guerrillas in Colombia’s large cities.

    For those caught in the cross-fire, talk of a possible endgame for the war seems decidedly premature, even given the deaths this year of several top guerrilla leaders, the desertion of hundreds of rebels each month and the rescue of prized hostages like the former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt.

    “The armed groups are like malaria, evolving to resist eradication and killing with efficiency,” Antonio Navarro Wolff, governor of Nariño and a former guerrilla from the defunct M-19 group, said in an interview. “If anything, Nariño shows the guerrillas may have lost their chance for victory but not their ability to cause suffering.”

  7. Afghan Soldiers Battle Taliban as NATO Leader Warns of Perils to Nation’s Stability -

    The battle came as NATO’s secretary general, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, warned of critical danger to Afghanistan, with foreign fighters and terrorists trying to destabilize the country. He called for greater international attention to the problem.

  8. When Kosher AIN'T!

    What shift do you work?

    Elmer, (17yrs old):

    I worked from 6 in the morning until 11 pm

    Hundreds protest immigration raid in small-town America...
    Out of Jail, into the Street.

  9. And most of that would not have happened had not John goaded him into it!

    'Rat Chortles, but then, we already knew he is a sick man!

  10. - Now Bush Is Appeasing Iran -
    Michael Rubin confirms that W has indeed butt-fucked the country.
    ...and McCain, but that was just to please 'Rat!

  11. That is a rich piece, by Frank.

    Hate to say I told you so.

    With the election just 99 days a way

  12. Condumb to the Rescue:

    The State Department places its about-face in the context of multilateralism. This is nonsense. By agreeing to suspend its demand for a cessation of uranium enrichment, Washington is signaling to Tehran that it need not adhere to three current U.N. Security Council resolutions. Rather than reinforce diplomacy, the White House reveals that its red lines are illusionary.

    While European diplomats hope regime pragmatists might reinject responsibility in the Iranian debate, Ms. Rice's State Department has bolstered Ahmadinejad and his fellow travelers. As Ahmadinejad begins his re-election campaign, he can say he has successfully brought Washington to its knees through blunt defiance, murder of U.S. troops in Iraq, and Holocaust denial. Should he win re-election in 2009, he will have Mr. Bush's whiplash diplomacy to thank for his greatest -- and, given the state of his economy, perhaps only -- victory.

  13. fwiw:
    Yon is in Nepal, getting in shape for Afghanistan, so at least we'll have his reports on the light at the end of that tunnel.

    Miller said he watched a TV show on Train Wrecks!
    Anybody see that?
    Great way to get the wife to roll her eyes, yet again!

  14. At least Rubin didn't rub it in and mention Obama.
    ...but then his expertise is over there.

  15. Obama has little or nothing to do with Executive Branch, yet, doug.

    Much as some may want to, the unforced errors made by Team43 cannot be credited to Team Obama

  16. Anybody else for censuring 'Rat for saying
    "Hate to say I told you so." ?
    If not, certainly that will qualify for the EB lie of the day Award, right?

  17. What I meant was just as he has aided Nutjobs chance for re-election, he has aided Obama's for election.
    ...but of course we all know that.

  18. A pretty damn high percentage of the IMPORTANT unforced errors have Condumbs fingerprints all over them.

    ...comes to mind that she was probably involved in the brilliant idea of disbanding the Army/abandoning the plan that might well have worked.

  19. There is not always joy in being right, doug.

    Sometimes it is down right discouraging.

    But that's the way it is, 99 days to the election.

  20. Funny, but the key to '08 may just be Mexico, oh, I mean NEW Mexico.

    That southwestern State in north America.

  21. And California would not become independent, doug, it'd rejoin Mexico.

    The reconquest a success.
    While you cheer them on!

    You'd rather go with the flow than try to assimulate the miscreants.

  22. 6 of 1,
    Half a dozen of the other:
    Assimilation means sure bankruptcy and social disintegration.
    Be a great Socialist party in the meantime, tho.

  23. Why wouldn't the New State of Mexico Norte come begging just like independent Mexifornia, when the shit hits the fan?

  24. And think how much better national elections would go, with out the Californicated State!

  25. I do not foresee California leaving the fold and I fully expect Sonora to be the 51st State, doug.

    That northern strech of Mexico, from Tampico to Bajw California Sur, the 51st through 55th States in the American Union.

  26. I wonder if Rich has ever scored that many points in a column before?

  27. I'll defer your nightmare for sometime other than immediately before I got to bed!

  28. It is where the Mexican oil is. Bet you ten Ameros that the problems in Mexicn oil production is spelled Pemex, not oil.

  29. Although, the question still stands:
    What occurs when the (INEVITABLE)bankruptcy eventuates?

  30. Nancy and the Clan are Bananas, remember?
    That Oil underground will be safer with them than w/Pemex.

  31. If only Trish were here.
    ...course we'd probly only get sentence fragments that we'd read and wonder about, if we were foolish enough to spend the time.

  32. This has to get today's award for Heartwarming Ingenuity and creative planning, fer sher:

    "And, in the most recent attack, 17 back-to-back explosions struck shoppers and strollers on Saturday evening in Ahmedabad in western India, and then two blasts hit the very hospitals where the wounded and their relatives rushed for help, killing 49 people and wounding more than 200."

  33. Gotta love them Muzzies!

    ...and both countries have Nukes!

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