“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Change or Stammering Shuck and Jive?

Here is an ABC Report on The Chief of Shuck and Jive. Listen to to his smugness talk about himself as Commander and Chief.


  1. I am more and more convinced that this fraud can be beat. McCain has to oil up the Republican attack machine and quit firing his less delicate surrogates.

    Obama's vanity and ego is good target material. Expose his pomposity or he can take this advice

  2. Between Rounds
    Of course, Obama can be beat but right now, people are wondering what happened to the straight talking, fire breathing McCain. Right now, McCain is more like Dole. McCain's flat and he looks tired. It's as if he's been campaigning so long already that he's run of out of gas. That's the problem with being 72; your stamina is always in question, even though few people could have endured the grueling schedules of the presidential candidates. The question on many minds is, Does John McCain have the legs to go the distance?

    Some people think he may be leaning back into the ropes, conserving his strength while Obama punches himself out with himself with one campaign misstep and gaffe after another. They think (hope) that McCain strategy is to attract moderates by not resorting to harsh campaign tactics or attacks. Moderates do not want to see the same old divisive politics. Let us all get along and work together to solve our nation’s problems. Blah, blah, blah.

    You can only use the rope-a-dope for so long. Eventually, you've got to make it a fight. You've got to land enough blows to outpoint your opponent. If you're really lucky and he's exhausted himself, he may drop his hands and if you're not too old and still have your power, you might get lucky and land a KO. If you’ve still got the power. But most likely, you just want to keep it close and hope the decision goes your way.

    People are beginning to wonder when McCain will come off the ropes. The crowd is restless. They want to see a fight. Why isn't he fighting? Obama's not sharp; he's showing some cuts and bruises, he looks like he's off his game? Why isn't McCain taking the fight to him already? McCain in his prime should have been able to put this punk away by the third round. But McCain ain't in his prime.
    Maybe McCain’s trying to make into the 10th round Conventions with enough stamina left to finish out the last three rounds with a flourish. At least that is what I hope because right now, McCain looks tired as he just flicks an occasional jab. Obama on the other hand looks like all style and no substance. Thin arms. No knockout power. Hillary Clinton went the distance, remember? But that old broad was tough, a real street fighter, she wouldn’t go down and she didn’t give up. Obama beat her up pretty good, but he couldn't finish her off. The judges gave him that decision.

    McCain's got to come off the ropes and start punching. Soon. It would be a shame to let the kid take the title with nothing but style points.

    Come on Big John, moider 'im. Let's see the haymaker. Da widow maker! Come on Johnny! Baby needs a new pair a’ shoes!

  3. Good analysis Whit. I sense that Obama has a nascent irritating quality that is just being noticed. His rash pronouncements and policy statements have leap-frogged the necessary investigation and thoughtfulness that should go into foreign policy. He stubbornly will not admit he was wrong about the surge. The consequences will soon be apparent.

  4. You guys are catching on, this is Maverick at his best. There is no, was no "fire breathing" Maverick. Never was such a beast.

    Just a war vet with the power of incumbency and money, in AZ, that was some what popular with liberal Republicans in NH.

    The fire breathing tough guy, that's just projection.

    Can Obama be beaten, sure, but not by Maverick on his current course.

  5. Let Obama choose Janet Napolitano for his VP, and Maverick, like Gore, could lose his own, "home" State in the election.

  6. Rat and Whit make good points. Thinking more about their comments, McCain needs to take the plunge now and pick a VP. He has to go all in and pick someone who has the energy and heft to contrast with Obama. Bobby Jindal is not the guy. He may as well go with Romney or Rudy. I somewhat disagree about the use of old style politics. McCain needs to knock down the idea that Obama is anything other than a slick politician.

    I like Romney.

  7. Maverick will wait, duece, and react to Obama's choice. He will not even try to get ahead of the curve.

    He has gone over to the Rovians. I saw this morning, Maverick's ad blaming Obama for high gasoline prices. Oh, the power of a freshman Senator, like Obama, more than John and the GOP can overcome.

    So much for experience, when a community organizer can control US energy policy, from Chi-town.

  8. 2164th: He may as well go with Romney or Rudy.

    McCain's only chance is to shore up his flagging base. If he picks Romney or Rudy the Evangelicals will stay home en masse. Normally I would recommend Huck, but this is the year of identity politics. So McCain has to go long and pick Governor Sarah "Barracuda" Palin, fiscal conservative, pro-life, gun-totin', churchgoing, beautiful mother of five. Even Bobal likes her.

  9. this JUST IN>>>>

    The Messiah Has Landed in Iraq and simply by touching the SOIL of Iraq he now KNOWS all!

    And guess what? He was RIGHT all along!

    Barack's Apostle just said how Barack was right about the how wrong the surge was, how timelines are needed and how Sec Burns is now talking to the Iranians...


    Glory be the PERFECT ONE HAS RISEN!

  10. Who Killed the Electric Car?

    The suspects

    The last half hour of the movie is organized around the following hypothesized culprits in the downfall of the electric car:

    Lots of ambivalence to new technology, unwillingness to compromise on decreased range and increased cost for improvements to air quality and reduction of dependence on foreign oil. Although these allegations are made about consumers by industry reps in the film, perhaps explaining the film's "guilty" verdict, the actual consumers interviewed in the film were either unaware an electric car was available, or dismayed that they could no longer obtain one.

    Limited range (60-70 miles) and reliability in the first EV-1s to ship, but better (110 - 160 miles) later. Research says the average driving distance of Americans in a day is 30 miles or less and that 90% of Americans could use electric cars in their daily commute. Towards the end of the film, an engineer explains that, as of the interview, lithium ion batteries, the same technology available in laptops, would have allowed the EV-1 to be upgraded to a range of 300 miles per charge.

    Oil companies
    Fearful of losing business to a competing technology, they supported efforts to kill the ZEV mandate. They also bought patents to prevent modern NiMH batteries from being used in US electric cars.

    Car companies
    Negative marketing, sabotaging their own product program, failure to produce cars to meet existing demand, unusual business practices with regards to leasing versus sales. The film only explains this behavior once, saying that electric cars needed fewer expensive repairs and would hence not make the car companies as much money over the long term as gasoline-powered cars. The film also describes the history of automaker efforts to destroy competing technologies, such as their destruction through front companies of public transit systems in the United States in the early 20th century. It also, in one interview, mentions that automakers introduced important safety and emissions innovations including seat belts, airbags and catalytic converters only when forced by government legislation.

    The federal government joined in the auto industry suit against California, has failed to act in the public interest to limit pollution and require increased fuel economy, has promoted the purchase of vehicles with poor fuel efficiency through preferential tax breaks, and has redirected alternative fuel research from electric towards hydrogen.

    California Air Resources Board
    The CARB, headed by Alan Lloyd, caved to industry pressure and repealed the ZEV mandate. Lloyd was given the directorship of the new fuel cell institute, creating an inherent conflict of interest. Footage shot in the meetings showed how he shut down the ZEV proponents while giving the car makers all the time they wanted to make their points.

    Hydrogen fuel cell
    The hydrogen fuel cell was presented by the film as an alternative that distracts attention from the real and immediate potential of electric vehicles to an unlikely future possibility embraced by automakers, oil companies and a pro-business administration in order to buy time and profits for the status quo. The film backs up the claim that hydrogen vehicles are a mere distraction by stating that "A fuel cell car powered by hydrogen made with electricity uses 3 to 4 times more energy than a car powered by batteries" and by interviewing the author of The Hype About Hydrogen, who lists 5 problems he sees with hydrogen vehicles (these are his paraphrased claims, along with exact quotations):

    1. Current fuel cell cars cost an average of $1,000,000. This cost, in his words, "has gotta drop."
    2. Current materials cannot store enough hydrogen in a reasonable space to "give you the range people want."
    3. Hydrogen fuel is "wildly expensive." In his words "even hydrogen from dirty fossil fuels is two or three times more expensive than gasoline."
    4. The need for an entire new fueling infrastructure. He claims "someone's gonna have to build at least ten or twenty thousand hydrogen fueling stations, before anybody is going to be interested."
    5. Competing technologies will improve over time as well. "You have to hope and pray that the competitors in the marketplace don't get any better. Because right now the best car in the marketplace just got a lot better, the hybrid vehicle..."

  11. Listen!

  12. From one of the London papers:
    "I just hope the americans dont vote for obama. He will end up being a more charasmatic version of clement attlee(ie more dangerous) he will be able to charms them into an american version of the NHS and that will be it, the super power will dwindle and china will take over the wordl.
    come on mccain"

    -will, grimsby, uk

  13. It really is déjà vu, Clinton-Dole.

  14. James Woolsey speaks at the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo

  15. I am still hoping someone will come out of the it legally possible for the huffington conspiracy to happen?

  16. The problem is, as DR stated, McCain was never a "Maverick;" he was just an ambitious Asshole.

    He's been sticking his finger in my eye ever since Bush beat him in SC. Fuck him.

    Obama will be a disaster; but, I'm still voting for him.

  17. Rufus,

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger bought a $100,000 Tesla electric Roadster for his own, so there might be some hope for the Republican Party.

  18. NIMH WORKS, and CHEVRON owns control of the patents

    That's the simple truth. GM bought control of NiMH in 1994 (yes, GM once owned the batteries needed for the Prius, so GM is not too swift). But GM tried to suppress them, saying they could not work.

    Toyota's production of the EV-95 battery (95 amp-hours) showed that it was indeed possible to use NiMH to run an EV more than 100 miles on a charge, taking GM apparently by surprise.

    In 1999, the Auto Alliance (AAMA) was dissolved, and Toyota was admitted to the new Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM). GM perhaps was determined never to suffer such a surprise again. But how to give Toyota an excuse to cease production of the pesky, successful RAV4-EV, and the EV-95 batteries it used?

    GM sold the patent rights to Texao on Oct. 10, 2000. Six days later, on Oct. 16, 2000, Texaco merged into Chevron. Now a merger of this size doesn't happen overnight! But why would GM sell to an intermediary, not Chevron?

    Well, Chevron is the successor to Standard Oil of California, and apparently, they could say that it wasn't GM and Standard Oil, this time!

    After the merger, Chevron funded a lawsuit against Toyota, who paid Chevron's unit "cobasys" $30M in a still-secret settlement agreement, and ceased prodution of the EV-95 battery. NO MORE CAN BE SOLD, and Toyota has failed to supply replacement batteries for RAV4-EV, which are all operating on batteries last made in 2002.

    Now if you don't believe, you don't look at the facts. Was this lawsuit just a cover for Toyota to fulfill its part of the agreement, letting them into the AAM? The predecessor AAMA had studiously excluded Asians, now they were admitted. Was the quid pro quo for being allowed to join, just the termination of the RAV4-EV program?

    The RAV4-EV goes more than 100 miles on a charge, still, 6 years after the last one was sold, on NIMH batteries that are no longer sold, which once were in production, but which Chevron (Standard Oil) now controls.

    Those are simple, verifiable FACTS.


  19. Mat, that is the world we live in. McCain, and Obama, are funded by that world. Them's the facts.

    That's why Wall Street, the Big East Bankers, and many Senators, Governors, etc (both parties) Hate Agriculture, and Ethanol/Biodiesel/Biomass/etc. They Can't Control It!

    Bush was the Exception. He, actually, worked pretty hard for biofuels. Going forward, it's a "mixed bag;" but it looks like we might have a slightly better shot with the Dems.

  20. Mat, puhleeze learn how to make links.

  21. Rufus,

    I agree. Them all are bought political whores of the oil mafia their defense contractors and their east coast bankers. But, their oligarchic imperialist system is starting to come apart, and some of their political whores are starting to look elsewhere.

    Which links are you having problems accessing, Rufus?


    THE SET AMERICA FREE COALITION brings together prominent individuals and non-profit organizations concerned about the security and economic implications of America’s growing dependence on foreign oil. The coalition organized by the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS,) promotes a blueprint which spells out practical ways in which real progress toward energy security can be made over the next several years.

  23. The picture in the previous thread, looks like those two are off to bed.

    The product of that union, the future.

    Listen to Mav, he be tellin' the truth, when he says comprehensive immigration reform is his first priority.

    Had a lady tell me just this morning, two illegal families she knew, they refinanced their homes in the US, and went back to Mexico with the proceeds.

    The children in these families US citizens, now being raised in Mexico.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Progress toward a United America growing, despite or perhaps because of doug's efforts.

    To prtect US citizens a US President can and will use military force, in foreign lands.

    As US citizenry become evver more prevelant across the length and breadth of Mexico, it becomes even ever more American.

  26. A variation of the "American" immigration into Texas, when that was still Mexico.

    The US government has gone to great lengths to protect US citizens in Granada and China, in times past. There is a hisoty of US troops invading and occupying Mexico. As it becomes populated with US born citizens, the chances of that occurring again can be assured.

  27. The ones I cain't just "click" on. :)

  28. Metuselah: The RAV4-EV goes more than 100 miles on a charge, still, 6 years after the last one was sold, on NIMH batteries that are no longer sold, which once were in production, but which Chevron (Standard Oil) now controls. Those are simple, verifiable FACTS.

    If that's true, and capitalism works to supress technology that can save us from dependence on foreign oil, then what good is capitalism? Why not go with Euro-socialism, where we still have dependence on foreign oil but at least we get free health care too?

  29. I don't accept that, Tes. That's not free market capitalism, that's an imperialist oligarchic mafia. And there is a good legal case to be made that this particular patent ownership held by Chevron is be rejected and be made null and void.

  30. ..patent ownership held by Chevron is ^to be rejected..

  31. "Nozzlerage!"

    Great link, Mat. I gotta go pass this one around a little bit. :)

  32. "The US government has gone to great lengths to protect US citizens in Granada and China, in times past. There is a hisoty of US troops invading and occupying Mexico. As it becomes populated with US born citizens, the chances of that occurring again can be assured."
    The PC/Corruption Revolution has occured, and somehow the Desert Rat missed it entirely!

    We don't protect our citizens from illegal gang members in THIS country OR in Mexico, NOW, and things sure aren't heading in that direction.

    Hell, we don't even protect our troops in WAR.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. PS,
    Have you ever heard of the welfare state, 'Rat?

    Have any idea how many Hispanic Criminals and low-life Breeders exploit it? many people are
    EMPLOYED BY State and Federal Govts, tasked w/giving away our money, always starting first and foremost w/illegals?

  35. Is my home territory that Linear Thinker Linked to in the Fresno Bee the World you want your Son, Daughter, and Grandkids to have to live in?

  36. Mexico supposedly just stopped jailing illegals in Mexico, or at least they passed a law to that effect.

    Removes the hypocrisy from the charge that we treat illegals badly in this country.

    Smart move by the evil, corrupt, rich, Mexican Motherfuckers, I must admit.

  37. In times past, immigrants used to learn English.

    In times Past immigrants didn't get paid for raising illiterate, violence prone spawn.

    In times past, we had Operation Wetpack.

    But time has indeed passed, whether you missed it or not.

  38. Mat:
    Has anyone accessed the application for those patents at the patent office?


  39. Wind power: A reality check

    High-profile personalities -- including Al Gore and billionaire oilman T. Boone
    Pickens -- have been pushing for the U.S. to get more of its energy from
    renewable sources. The question is, are these plans realistic or just dreams? has the answers.

    full story

    'Swift Boat' backer's new crusade is energy

    Pickens urges Congress to act

    CNNMoney: Oil
    falls $3 on economic worries

  40. Doug,

    I'm not sure I'm understanding what you're asking. Toyota has licensed the technology from GM for their RAV4-EV. And then it was decided that the technology is to go extinct (even though demand exceeded supply both for the RAV4-EV and the EV1).

  41. If Picken's plan works, who cares if he gets richer?

    Al Gore though. (shaking head) That zealot doesn't care who he bankrupts for Mother Earth. Ten years to get off fossil fuels or "it's the end of the world as we know it." The man is either a prophet or an idiot. You tell me...

  42. Looks like CNN is out to discredit Pickens. Why?

  43. "It's very costly, and very inefficient for society as a whole," said Fremont. "Policy makers will have to decide if the benefits are worth it."


    Yeah, spending $700 billion a year importing oil and financing corporate military welfare programs and fake wars is the way to go.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. The US elites wwill need an excuse, doug.

    Look at it this way, 12 million illegal Mexicanss are in the US, averaging 3.2 US citizens per couple.
    Postulate that there are 3 million couples out of the 12 million illegals, or 10 million US citizens with illegal parents, that may well emigrate to Mexico, or about 10% of the current population of Mexico.

    10 million US citizens being brutalized in Mexico, Oh, what a causus belli for US action to protect and serve them, even when outside the US, but in America.

    When those 10 million reach breeding age, having 3.2 children per, another 32 million US citizens living in Mexico.

    Assimulation, amigo, no matter what

  46. That there are some US citizens strongly urging that these minor US citizens be sent to Mexico, along with their parents ...

    Just part of the bigger trap, doug.

    Raising US citizens in a foreign land, as foreigners, but with full US citizenship birth rights.

  47. Tens of millions of them, potentially.

  48. There could easily be 40 million ethnicly Mexican, US citizens living in Mexico in 20 to 25 years, with about the same number of Mexican nationals living in the US.

    No matter who is elected, this go round.

  49. That's got to be better than letting those Mexican parents here illegally, already, stay.

    You really think so?

    Think through the unintended consequences

  50. the argument that conditions in Iraq have improved enough that U.S. combat troops can soon be pulled out. After all, if the political leadership of that surge-blessed country seems to think it's time to contemplate a withdrawal timetable for U.S. troops, why should Americans resist?

    This illustrates the double-bind that Bush, McCain, and the conservative commentariat have created for themselves with their relentless surge-o-mania. If they're wrong and the surge has failed to significantly change the fundamental realities of Iraq, then it's time to get out. If they're right and the surge is succeeding brilliantly, it's also time to get out. Moreover, if Iraqis agree with either assessment, it's definitely time to get out.

  51. Mr Bush explains the cause of the economic challenges facing US, here at a fund raiser for Pete Olson

    Wonder if he and Maverick share the same economic ideas

  52. Doug sent us an mp3 from Limbaugh show today. They did a compilation of Obama's stuttering uh,uh, uh, um's.

    It ran for seven minutes.

    "Uh, uh, are, uh, uh, uh, um. That's -- that's a bunch -- so -- so let me tick these off. Deh... Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, um, uh. So the issue is not a perception that, uh... Weh, weh, let me put it this way. Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, We're -- we're trying to -- you know, we've got a bipartisan group here and -- and -- and, uh, uh, uh, uh, um, uh, uh, uh."

    How long was the actual presser and did he really say uh and um that many times?

  53. GM's biggest problem: lack of credibility

    GM destroyed its own EV1 fan club, even arresting two would-be cash buyers. Instead of selling the EV1 for cash, GM spent money dismantling and smelting them. GM had a niche market cachet, highly visible and fanatically loyal drivers, and GM trashed the whole thing. The EV1 was a car made in the USA, and fueled by American electrons; often, by rooftop solar systems on the drivers home. Former EV1 drivers were, as others, driven to Toyota, and now drive the all-electric RAV4-EV, last sold in Nov., 2002.

    GM even owned control of the only batteries proven to last longer than the life of the car, Nickel Metal Hydride. GM threw that away, too, selling it on Oct. 10, 2000 to Chevron (Texaco). Yes, GM once owned the batteries needed for Toyota's Prius. There's a lack of accountability, with GM staggering on, defeat after defeat, not admitting mistakes such as this huge one.

    By trashing the EV1, insisting on destroying every copy, GM demonstrated its ongoing and continuing dis-interest in more efficient cars. Even when volunteers rebuild a gutted, museum 1997 EV1 so that it can run again, GM orders them to "cease and desist" (only 44 1997 EV1 were donated, the 1999 were crushed).

    GM has never made money at small, gas-efficient cars, and even now views hybrids and EVs as merely a perception problem. It's still waiting for the return of $2 gasoline. GM's "strategy" of rebranding Saturn and Daiwoo small cars runs against the tide of the falling dollar, squeezing their profit margin even more, and showing that they are not serious about a transition to actually building more efficient cars in the USA. They are only interested in bridging the perception gap until what they hope is the return of cheap gas.

    Indeed, GM is still spending money suing California and lobbying Congress to keep MPG standards low, indicating their real continuing interest in making gas-guzzlers.

    It's not just a perception problem, and not just a rotten management problem: GM doesn't make the kind of cars that people want, cares little for customer care, and has permanently alienated a lot of former "consumers".

    Because of GM's prevarication and disinformation about the EV1, and their failure to admit existing technology that could be used, their supposed VOLT suffers from open disbelief among former Electric car drivers, instead of the open-arms that one would think it deserves.

    But blatant GM lies about "why the EV1 didn't sell" (the EV1 was never offered for sale) and its performance indicate that GM is still following its disastrous oil-based policy. Those charged with "engineering" the supposed VOLT still fail to acknowledge the 140 mile EPA range on the EV1, its success at the mission for which it was designed, and lessees' love for the car.

    GM is still lying about the supposed "range problem", a problem created only in the minds of GM enemies of the EV1.

    It adds up to the biggest problem about GM: lack of credibility. No one believes them any more.


  54. The Messiah's address was 41 minutes, Whit.
    7.5 minutes of which dedicated to
    ""Uh, uh, are, uh, uh, uh, um. That's -- that's a bunch -- so -- so let me tick these off. Deh... Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, um, uh. So the issue is not a perception that, uh... Weh, weh, let me put it this way. Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, We're -- we're trying to -- you know, we've got a bipartisan group here and -- and -- and, uh, uh, uh, uh, um, uh, uh, uh."
    But the MESSIAH REMAINS the World's Greatest Orator,
    W, the Worst.
    What Bias?

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    3、酒店小姐去酒店上班都一定要出場接s嗎?酒店應徵妹妹的外在包裝和酒店上班之後的生活問題。 衣服、髮型、化妝、住宿與交通安排。
    4、我梁小尊會不斷的觀察和了解女孩們對這間店的試應度和收入。 女孩們的上檯的情況,是否有賺到錢、是否習慣? 如有不習慣立即做處置。
    5、了解女孩們的酒店上班情形及給予照顧和保護。 酒店工作後的突發狀況、生病、臨時請假、休檔、下檔。
    6、酒店薪資的處理和罰款的了解。 除了將店家的票換成現金之外,也要注意上面的節數或金額有沒有正確。 或是莫名其妙的罰單,也要即時處理掉。
    7、做為小姐的發言人。 因酒店小姐長時間待在店裡的關係,有些問題她也不便多發言。 而經紀人就可以站在她的立場幫他發言,這樣酒店兼差小姐又不會得罪店家的人,也不會委屈到!
    8、酒店經紀給予經驗指導。 沒有人天生下來就會做酒店的! 有時因現場很忙,人手不足就會直接讓女孩們上戰場。 所以酒店經紀在公關上班前就會先教導新人, 公關的基本職責跟應對方法讓新人能夠在短時間內進入狀況。
    9、給予女孩們心理建設。 酒店工作公關的職業病就是越做會越空虛。 因為每天服務形形色色的客人,所須扮演的角色也因客人的不同而有改變。 因此常為了迎合壓抑自己的情緒,這時後酒店經紀就是公關抒發情緒的一個管道, 給予輔導、教育。 以下是我們梁曉尊專業酒店經紀公司的網站