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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Barak's Abortion Machinations

Watch this all the way to the end for Bill Bennett's explanation.
He's a clever man, that Barak Obama. A good Christian, too, he says but personally, his brand of Christianity is alien to me. Against capital punishment but all for abortion or the criminal neglect of a live aborted baby. Exactly upside-down and backwards if you ask me but what can you expect from a church and a "Christian" hospital which carry out late-term abortions and leave the babies to die in the "soiled utility room.?" There's something very disturbing about Barak Obama.


  1. Carville tried his best to spin and change the subject Bennett said, the "facts are the facts." At least Carville was straight up when he said that Obama supports Roe v. Wade.

  2. Roe v. Wade.

    An Obamanation in the history of the US Supreme Court.

    Come on, "The constitutional right to privacy?"

    Sure, let's just make it up as we go along. In other words, a living constitution which reflects "the evolving standards of decency.".

  3. James Carville is the scummiest person in America.

    Obama voted for infanticide, pure and simple.

    Jeremiah Wright on the Board of Directors.

    I see Bill Bennett has gained a lot of weight since he left off gambling in Las Vegas.

  4. James Carville is one of the scummiest people in America.

  5. I'll repeat myself. The Republicans and McCain better drag out some steel fanged junk yard dog that has the bark and bite to start taking the attack to the long thin throat of Barrack Hussein. Take this slick son of bitch down.

  6. We need the McCain of '87:

    John McCain is denying that he roughed up an associate of Nicaragua's president on a diplomatic mission in 1987.

    He says the allegation made by Republican Senator Thad Cochran is "simply not true."

    Cochran told a Mississippi newspaper that he saw McCain grab an associate of Daniel Ortega by his shirt collar and lift him out of his chair.

    Roughing Up a Sandinista

  7. Perhaps McCain will find that dog in Mexico.

    On the face of it, Obama voted for the continuation of the status que, in IL. A very conservative thing to do.

    There is something very disturbing about IL, then. It is a problem much, much larger than just Obama.

    Though he may personify it.

    So, so sad. For US

  8. Thad Cochran, Republican Senator is simply a liar.

    Move on, there's nothing to see here.

    The Maverick has spoken.

  9. I've spent enough hours in Irish bars to so attest.

  10. This is really beyond the pale, but it's the Law, in IL.

    A baby's cry is not necessarily proof of life.
    So concluded Illinois Circuit Court Judge Karen Thompson last November when she acquitted a mother previously convicted in two prior trials of murdering her newborn daughter.

    Thus goes the latest of increasingly stretched decisions by judges nationwide to accommodate legalized abortion – first of unborn babies, then of partially delivered babies, and now of babies who are perhaps delivered but who have not "established a separate and independent life," which was required of babies by Thompson in her reversal.
    Until the umbilical cord is cut or the placenta delivered, a baby is not completely separated from his mother, because the umbilical cord is attached at one end to the baby's navel and at the other to the placenta. It normally takes five to 30 minutes after a baby's delivery for the placenta to be delivered.

    Prosecutors pointed out babies rarely cry at the moment their heads appear from the womb. At that point the torso is still under pressure within the birth canal, and the lungs have not yet inflated. The first cry is usually heard only after complete delivery.

    Some lawmakers have attempted to revise Illinois' antiquated "born alive" definition three times in the past three years in light of medical and scientific advances as well as the discovery of an abortion technique being committed in Illinois and nationwide hospitals that sometimes results in babies being aborted alive and left to die.

  11. But to deny it happened?

    To the point that Thad Cochran is called a liar?

    Well, maybe he is.

  12. "I'll blast the bloody fucker I will!" :)

  13. I like people with controlled tempers. He should have slapped Ortega as soon as they met, just to set the tone, and maybe Cochran too.

  14. I quess we can say Obama held true in his Illinois vote with his mantra of change--in this case the change being from life to death.

  15. "I don't think that Gen. Clark had the same intent as the Swift Boat ads of four years ago. I reject that analogy"


  16. One of the very basic ideas in Judaism is you don't kill the kids. Carried over into Christianity. Don't do as the Canaanites do. But not in Barry's church.

    Catholic League Rips Obama youtube

  17. Catholic League Website Takes On Obama

    They don't like his 'faith based' initiative either, calling it a fraud.

    “If a customer walked into a New York deli and said, ‘Let me have a hot dog on a roll—hold the frankfurter’—he’d likely be thrown out."

  18. Obama was a community organizer.....what kind of bullshit job is that?......organizing losers and free-loaders, fat ass welfare brood sows and their gang banging whelps. McCain lets him get away with organized cracks against his military service? That is not a temper. Christ I would love to be in this fight!

  19. "So I congratulate President Uribe, the military and the nation of Colombia. It is great news.

    Now we must renew our efforts to free all of the other innocent people held hostage. With regard to the three Americans and Ingrid Betancourt -- they had been held many years, as many as six years.

    "Last night, President Uribe and the defense minister did brief us that the operation was going to take place today."

    Rescue in Colombia

  20. 1) THIS Scares Me Shitless and,

    2) These guys were Right when everyone else was Wrong.

  21. Lets cut to the chase---Is Obama The AntiChrist?

    What would Jesus do? Would Jesus vote for Obama?

    I don't ask totally in jest.

  22. Ain't it sweet, sam.

    We got 'er done.

  23. That sounds like some sort of Israeli rescue mission, really well done.

  24. GM shares fall below $10 for first time since 1954

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Shares of General Motors Corp. plunged Wednesday to close below $10 for the first time in more than half a century, on worries about the company's cash needs and speculation about a possible bankruptcy protection filing down the road.

    That's to say, the stock is basically worthless.

  25. GM shares fall below $10 for first time since 1954.

    They suck.

  26. Whit: Against capital punishment but all for abortion or the criminal neglect of a live aborted baby.

    Now post a video where Barack actually says he's for abortion, instead of some righty hack explaining that he is. Nobody is for abortion. Lots of people are against making abortion a criminal offense.

  27. and now of babies who are perhaps delivered but who have not "established a separate and independent life," which was required of babies by Thompson in her reversal.

    jeez, Rat, I didn't notice that.

    Did the baby have a checking account? Established credit? Held down a job?


  28. I was referring to the Colombians but, yes, plainly GM stock sucks.

  29. None dare call it infanticide.
    An Obamanation.

  30. Boy, bob, when I postulated that scenario, no one wanted to touch it. Now someone has an entire blog site dedicated to the proposition.

    All Hands on Deck!

  31. Well, hell, Teresita, there's some statement of his about how he wouldn't want to inconvience his daughters. It was posted at the Bar awhile back.

    By the way, some of your sisters in India are protesting the laws there in a big new way. Strapping suicide jackets on themselves in front of the temple etc. According to an interview with a Hindu I listened to on NPR the other day. Have't blown themselves up yet though, but it keeps people away from them, so they can protest. Kind of remarkable.

  32. Didn't Rufus get Harry's message?
    We gotta quit using oil and coal.
    It makes us sick.
    We take it out of the ground, burn it, it goes into the air.
    Global warming.
    Good thing it's runnin low, Ruf.

  33. I think Doug pointed out Obama's statement about his daughters, if I recall correctly.

  34. We?, trish.

    Was it not the Colombians that pulled of the rescue.

    Or do you agree, we are all Americans, now?

  35. T--As a matter of fact abortion isn't going to be a criminal offense, at least not everywhere, even if Roe were overturned, which would put the issue back to the states. California isn't going to criminalize abortion, for instance. Nor Oregon or Washington. You might have to drive across a state line.

    The discussion was about abortion, especially infanticide, especially that, and the Christian outlook, and the hypocrisy of a Christian supporting the practice. We all know the Catholic Church's moral postion on abortion, but does it go to advocate the criminalization of it, these days? Putting the docs in jail? Somehow punishing the women?

    As a practical matter of our court system today, it ain't gonna happen, I can tell you that. It's unworkable. Women in America won't protest islam's treatment of women, but they'll disobey a recriminalization of abortion.

  36. Honda grows while US auto industry falters

    Wednesday July 2, 7:05 pm ET
    By Tom Krisher

    Honda's small-vehicle lineup fuels growth while US automakers struggle to make more cars

    DETROIT (AP) -- When consumers astonished the U.S. auto industry two months ago by quickly shunning trucks and going for gas mileage, the biggest beneficiary ended up being Honda Motor Co.

    The No. 2 Japanese automaker, with the most fuel-efficient model lineup in the industry, never put both feet into the U.S. truck market, instead focusing on slow-but-steady growth with popular cars like the Civic and Accord.

    It paid off in June. While its major competitors reported double-digit sales declines and burgeoning truck and sport utility vehicle inventories, Honda had a modest 1 percent sales increase. Its car sales were up almost 20 percent from the same month last year, and the Civic and Accord were among the industry's top sellers.



    GM (General Motors) down -15.06% today, to close at $9.98
    F (Ford Motors) down -7.43% today, to close at $4.36

  37. Looks like I'm a little late to the party.

  38. for Rat--

    McCain Survives Campaign Shakeup

    by Scott Ott

    (2008-07-02) — When political campaigns reorganize to revitalize a struggling effort, heads roll. However, aides say Sen. John McCain has survived this week’s shakeup in the McCain for President campaign.

    Under new management by Steve Schmidt, a former political operative for George Bush, the GOP presidential campaign was expected to jettison everyone who has failed to consistently, and effectively communicate the conservative message to voters.

    While Sen. McCain’s name reportedly showed up on the “short list” he has apparently weathered the most recent round of cuts.

  39. I thought Bush was the anti-Christ?

  40. Wed Jul 02, 08:59:00 PM EDT

    Well said, al-Bob.
    But I have faith that T will come up with some catchy retort worthy of Cardinal Ratzinger, if not Pope Benedict hisself.

  41. Monday June 30, 2008
    Senator Barack Obama and The Born Alive Infant Protection Act With Bill Bennett
    Bill Bennett hears first hand from Jill Stanek, R.N., publisher of, of the Chicago hospital that terminated babies born alive and her fight to change the practice.

  42. Gentlemen, May I have your attention please?

    Raise your glasses and join me in a toast to Colombia.

    To Colombia and our guys and girls on the ground there.

    Congratulations and Thank You.


  43. I've read both 40 million & 60 million abortions have been performed, post-Roe, in the United States.

    What other Nation has a higher death toll, in the past 100 years.

    We out performed both Mao & Stalin.
    Left herr Hitler in the dust.

    What better nation for the anti-christ to lead?

    If, of course, there was and will be a Christ to stand against.

    Regardless, we should champion a path to citizenship for fetuses concieved in the US, by legal residents.

    Someone call Maverick, sign him up.
    He's in Mexico tonight.

  44. The grand jury that investigated late-term abortionist George R. Tiller was dismissed today without issuing an indictment.

    The Wichita grand jury declined to indict Tiller saying that it did not find enough evidence of any crime related to abortion laws.

    Sedgwick County formed the citizen's grand jury to investigate tiller.

    Grand Jury Dismissed

  45. The same group that sponsored the 40-60 million abortions insists that we need to import workers to keep the economy going. For some unknown reason, the domestic supply cannot keep up with demand.

  46. 2008 HONDA ACCORD
    COST: $30,000 CAD (after taxes)
    Lease at 0.9% for 48 months
    = $485/month

    The Nissan electric car at $550/month "gas included", looks to be a good deal to me, even in Canada. In Israel, where car tariffs are 100% (A 2008 HONDA ACCORD costs the equivalent of $60,000 CAD), the Nissan electric car is a steal.

  47. Former German foreign minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher said the US has suffered a "large loss of influence and respect" under Bush's presidency.

    Genscher said that Europeans' low opinion of Bush was "without precedent" in the post-World War II era.

    "Something has happened that the Europeans, as good friends of the US, have deeply regretted: a large loss of influence and respect for the US," Genscher told regional public radio SWR last week.

    "We immensely regret this. And the president has done everything to widen the distance between the US and Europe," the veteran foreign minister said.

    Genscher served as foreign minister for 18 years

    He recalled how European countries had pledged their support to the US following the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001, invoking the NATO mutual defense clause for the first time in the alliance's history.

    But Bush had opted for an "alliance of the willing" instead of NATO, which Genscher described as "the alliance of the reliable and capable."

    Genscher, foreign minister from 1974 to 1992 and a member of the free-market and liberal Free Democrats, noted that Bush's ratings were also at an historic low in the US itself.

    The presidential candidacy of Barack Obama should be seen in this context, he said, describing his success as a "kind of cultural revolution."

    "This is an answer to the policies of Bush and it is evident that this incredibly vital American democracy is recovering its powers and making the attempt to return to its great ideals," Genscher said.

    Iraq invasion marks trans-Atlantic nadir

    US-German relations plummeted to a post-war low when Gerhard Schroeder, chancellor at the time of the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, based his successful campaign for re-election on opposition to the Iraq War.

    Genscher was foreign minister under Chancellors Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt and Helmut Kohl, holding office through major changes, such as Brandt's "Ostpolitik" -- opening up to the communist east -- and German reunification under Kohl.

  48. Meanwhile, climate change still remains a thorny issue in transatlantic relations. The EU has unilaterally promised to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20 percent by 2020 below 1990levels.

    But the Bush administration has refused to set mandatory goals for fear of hurting economic growth, citing the need to engage major emerging economies.

    Currently, Bush is in France on his eight-day Europe tour which has already taken him to Germany and Italy. On Tuesday, he attended the annual EU-U.S. summit in Brdo, Slovenia, which focused on transatlantic relations, terrorism, and other global and regional challenges including climate change and food prices.

    Major Differences

  49. That kraut has resume enough, to know.

    I just wonder, trish, because when I said "we" lost those prisoners from the Afghan prison, you were quick to say , oh no, it's they that lost 'em, not we.

    While in Colombia you are quick to put US in the action. Could be that success has many fathers, while failure is an orphan.

    Or that a small footprint country team in Colombia have created real allies, while the tens of thousands of NATO troops in Afghanistan have not.

    So many choices, so much time.

  50. Two protesters enacted what they called a "citizens' arrest" of George W. Bush, leading a man dressed as Bush along the street in chains accused of criminal acts.

    After leaving Rome, Bush arrived in France where he delivered a speech in Paris highlighting a rebound in trans-Atlantic relations which were damaged by the war in Iraq.

    In his Paris speech, Bush confidently pronounced US-Europe relations to be the "broadest and most vibrant" ever.

    Met by Protests

  51. Whit: Raise your glasses and join me in a toast to Colombia.

    Thirty dead labor leaders in the first six months of 2008. Cheers.

  52. Looks like the kraut's a liar.

  53. Maybe you could break your rule and respond to that one, Trish.
    Somehow I have more faith in Uribe than T on this one.

    Maybe "labor leaders" are as nefarious as community organizers?

  54. The people of America, duece.

    United We Stand.

    We wonder how the Germans could have stood by, while the Jews, Gypsies and other European misfits in the new collective were interned and killed.
    How could this moral outrage go unhindered, unquestioned, accepted without protest?

    While here, in the United States an infantcide of untold historic proportions has marched on.

    Whit often refers to US as a Christian country, then questions Obama's form of Christianity.
    But the people of the US have accepted the slaughter of 50 million, of US.
    The most defenseless of US.

    What kind of a Christian nation would do such a thing?

    Sacrificing 50 million lives at the alter of Globalism.

  55. Still, the moonwalkers reported irritation and discomfort from exposure to dust, with symptoms ranging from sneezing, watery eyes and a peculiar smell resembling gunpowder, NASA flight surgeon Jeff Jones told Discovery News.

    "One flight surgeon after a mission was doing microbiological sampling of the (space) suits, and when they opened the containers to check the suits, he had an allergic reaction -- irritation, sneezing, irritated mucus membranes in the eyes and nose. Nothing was serious, but it certainly is concerning," Jones said.

    NASA plans to land astronauts on the moon by 2020 and eventually leave crews on the lunar surface for up to six months at a time. The space agency is figuring out health standards for dust exposure and developing technologies to reduce risks to crews and equipment.

    Health Hazard?

  56. Under the Bush Administration, Americans have lost an unprecedented amount of respect for the Europeans, which polls show now stands at a record low.

    Great point about the 'need' for foreign workers here, deuce. I quess you could call it an 'induced need'.

  57. If you've really been there, to know.

  58. No, whit often says that America was founded on Judaeo-Christian principles. It was Christians that first colonized the continent. The US was a Christian nation. Now it is a post-Christian culture despite the fact that so many claim to attend church.

    I agree, a Christian nation could not sanction the evils we're seeing in this society. Remember my remark about the rotten fruit of a secular society?

  59. Good one at 10:20, bob.:)

  60. Boy, bob, when I postulated that scenario, no one wanted to touch it. Now someone has an entire blog site dedicated to the proposition.

    Day in, day out, dr is one of the most arrogant, narcissicistic persons I have encountered on the web. And most of the time wrong, despite his inflated self-opinion otherwise. And always so happy to find that rarely important and often irrelevant occasion to say "i told you so", as noted above.

    DR - the original PUFF daddy...

  61. Relax j willie, and have a drink. And join us in raising a toast to the capture of some thugs and the release of some Americans in Colombia.

  62. "We," Rat, as in the Americans and Colombians. Both.

    There's a reason Brownfield was high as a kite all day. Actually a number of them. And will probably stay that way for the remainder of his posting.

    (And now I know why my dinner guests were all called to the CAN Friday night. I can forgive them.)

    Gonna be a s'marvelous Fourth in Bogota, I'll tell you that.

  63. Well. Brownfield's not the only one.

    So let us raise our glasses. To these long-sufferings souls who are once again among the free.

    And to FARC: The hemorhaging is about to begin. But you know that.

  64. "I would leave the modalities to the government of Colombia," McCain said. "But I intend to do everything I can do to support an increase in their capabilities."

    Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, issued a statement on the freeing of the hostages as he campaigned in Colorado on Wednesday. He celebrated their liberation and also took a hard line against the FARC.

    "I strongly support Colombia's steady strategy of making no concessions to the FARC, and its targeted use of intelligence, military, law enforcement, diplomatic, and political power to achieve important victories against terrorism," Obama said in the statement. "I congratulate President Uribe and the Colombian government, express my gratitude for everyone who aided in this rescue, and will do everything that I can to assure the success of future efforts to free the FARC's hostages and to defeat this terrorist organization."

    McCain Briefed Before

  65. Light another one,
    just like the other one, j

    Good to see you're back at the Bar.

    I have trotted out the Obama as anti-Christ storyline, two or three times now. No one here was ever willing to take that leap. No matter the distaste the patrons and proprietors have for him.
    No, Obama as anti-Christ was a bridge to far for the Elephant to jump.

    While, as sam put it, the Left has no trouble naming Bush43 to that Biblical position.

    But someone out there, they saw the same possibilities for positioning Obama as I did.

    But took action on it, seemingly being an anti-Obama fanatic.
    Then that bob found the link in his surfing and is spreading the question:

    Barack Obama the Antichrist?
    Barack Obama may be the Antichrist,he has risen up out of no where, he mesmerizes crowds, people are gathering in huge numbers, he is likely becoming the next President of the United States. Do not look only to what I say, but look to your Bibles, to passages in John, Daniel, and Revelations

    Whose lead thread

    Barack Obama: The Audacity of Murder

    Now whit, he can certainly explain himself, if his position is mis-represented.
    Maverick could take some lessons, but he's already experienced.

  66. Doesn't sound anti-Christ to me.

  67. If I Were King I Would Rewrite The Inheritance Laws To Prevent This Type Of Thing

    I wonder if she died in the arms of Mother Church.

    A person ought to be able to give something to the dog pound if one wants, but a better way is to have effective animal control and care laws. The dogs didn't pay the rent in those hotels. It will be interesting to see how this comes out.

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. Sounds quite reasonable @ 11:36 does he not.

    But holding the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act from a vote, that certainly qualifies as anti-Christian.

  70. The embassy had a serious run on Jack Daniels today.

    And Santos (it was he) would not have given McCain that information were he not confident in McCain.

  71. I'm sorry, sinless, did they send you to the sandbox already?

  72. The US is already involved in two wars, add Lebanon as wi"o" insists is already underway and then Pakistan as the fourth.

    President Obama could well declare victory in all of them, becoming a military genius, as prophocized.

    That's just a what if, but to think the US would change course under Obama, is to trust him at his word.

  73. Bob, she said her trustees may use their discretion.

    It ain't goin' to the dogs.

  74. That damned crazy lady neighbor of mine. If it turns out she's right I'm gonna have to start drinkin' more than I already do.

  75. Meanwhile, Citi Investment Research analyst Itay Michaeli slashed his price target on GM shares to $14 from $21, citing liquidity fears.

    "While we do not believe GM is facing an immediate cash crunch, the urgency to shore up liquidity to navigate through a difficult 2008-09 has risen significantly in recent months," Michaeli said in a note to clients. He kept a "Hold" rating.

    Ford Motor Co. didn't fare as well as its crosstown rival. The Dearborn, Mich.-based automaker said its June sales plunged 27.9 percent, blaming surging gas prices for knocking its light truck sales down 35.4 percent.

    $10 for First Time Since '54

  76. It's gonna be a dog fight Sam, and the lawyers have a dog in the fight, themselves. So does the Humane Society though, and they got lawyers too, the dogs. So you got let's see, one, two, three maybe four, packs of dogs fighting over one hell of a big bone. We're not talking no Milk Bone here, we're talkin' big big T-Bones, and endless supply.

    What's you're neighbor up too, the crazy bitch?

  77. The trustees, which may divide into two or more factions, unnamed relatives, the lawyers, the Humane Society, others as yet unsuspected. This is the best thing since old man Marshall.

  78. Yeah that crazy blued haired bitch with the dingo dog.

  79. That's the dog that ate J's stash.

    Never been the same, since.

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. Neither has the dingo dog been the same since. Turned his hair all blue.

  82. Since 1954, back when $10 was really $10.

    The old adage:
    "If it's good for General Motors, it's good for the USA"
    Still right as rain.
    So, so sad, for US.

  83. No blue hair but she's got a dog.

    I don't know what she's been up to. I haven't been invited over anymore. Not sure what I did while I was there. I was pretty drunk 'though.

    When I went into their place (invited) they were watching some tv program and I had been watching the football game at my place before I went over. So I said, 'You guys should be watching the game!' and turned the station.

    May have gone downhill from there.

  84. Fourteen months after taking the drug, 64 percent of the volunteers said they still felt at least a moderate increase in well-being or life satisfaction, in terms of things like feeling more creative, self-confident, flexible and optimistic. And 61 percent reported at least a moderate behavior change in what they considered positive ways.

    That second question didn't ask for details, but elsewhere the questionnaire answers indicated lasting gains in traits like being more sensitive, tolerant, loving and compassionate.

    Researchers didn't try to corroborate what the participants said about their own behavior. But in the earlier analysis at two months after the drug was given, researchers said family and friends backed up what those in the study said about behavior changes.

    Lasting Effects

  85. If it were just Rat, willie, it wouldn't matter.

  86. Rat would be like ash.

    But instead he carries the Bar.

    Because he's one of you.

  87. Gun
    Control Is A Steady Hand, A Steady Eye

    As one poster noted, it will be interesting to see what happens to the violent crime rate now in Washington, D.C.

    A test for John Lott's thesis.

  88. I recall advising you to make a play for the unmarried woman, or something. Maybe you did.

  89. A plane carrying three American hostages rescued from leftist guerillas in Colombia has arrived safely in Texas.


    Colombian spies tricked leftist rebels into handing over kidnapped presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and three U.S. military contractors Wednesday in a daring helicopter rescue so successful that not a single shot was fired.


    In March, historic leader Manuel Marulanda died of a reported heart attack, and two other top commanders were killed. The rest are hunkered down in remote jungle and mountain hideouts, unable to communicate effectively, their income from ransom kidnappings and the cocaine trade depleted by intense military operations.

    Arrive in Texas

  90. No! I know I didn't do that!

  91. Thinking you were single at the time.

  92. The harshest known interrogation at Guantánamo was that of Mohammed al-Qahtani, a member of Al Qaeda suspected of being the intended 20th hijacker in the Sept. 11 attacks. Mr. Qahtani’s interrogation involved sleep deprivation, stress positions, exposure to cold and other methods also used by the Chinese.

    Terror charges against Mr. Qahtani were dropped unexpectedly in May. Officials said the charges could be reinstated later and declined to say whether the decision was influenced by concern about Mr. Qahtani’s treatment.

    Mr. Bush has defended the use the interrogation methods, saying they helped provide critical intelligence and prevented new terrorist attacks. But the issue continues to complicate the long-delayed prosecutions now proceeding at Guantánamo.

    Interrogations at Guantanamo

  93. Teresita,

    What in the heck's going on with the Sonics?

  94. "If it's good for General Motors, it's good for the USA"
    Still right as rain.
    So, so sad, for US.


    No, it's not. It's a great day for the US. And I hope GM and Ford go bankrupt even sooner than predicted.

  95. And before you ask why, they don't deserve to stay alive.

  96. Sam: Teresita,

    What in the heck's going on with the Sonics?

    They tried to shake us down for more money to improve Key Arena AGAIN, at taxpayer's expense, but the city said nothing doing, so they tried to move to Oklahoma City, but they signed, you know, a lease, and just before a judge was about to tell the Sonics to honor that lease, they cut a deal with the city to opt out of the lease for a payment of $45 million, plus another $30 million paid in 2013 if the state Legislature in Washington authorizes at least $75 million in public funding to renovate KeyArena by the end of 2009 and Seattle doesn't obtain an NBA franchise of its own within the next five years.

  97. Hitchens doing it

    Some years ago on a white water rafting excursion in Central America, I did not pay attention to rainy season. The river flipped me out of the raft. In an instant and with no knowledge, preparation, warning or sense of time, I was tumbling under rapids in violent turbid jungle water.

    I was sucked under on the out-breath and already choking on water. Panic came quickly and I only had seconds to resistt its effects. On that morning, I tempted fate and lost, but got lucky. Fate released me to the surface.

    While watching Hitchens on that board, I felt the panic return. I would say and do anything to get off that board. I have never rafted again and have no plans to ever do so.

  98. What Is GM Thinking?


    It's thinking more billions of dollars in government handouts and bailouts so the public can drive its electric $45,000 wonder car.

  99. "I'm sorry, sinless, did they send you to the sandbox already?"

    No. Months of training at least before they'd do that.

    ...And if only all that rode on U.S. elections was Colombia...

    "Because he's one of you."

    Says the person who once claimed, correctly, that there is no Elphant Bar position...and is of course still here.

  100. Some years ago on a white water rafting excursion in Central America,..

    That's what I'm talking about.

    When the blood surges sweat bullets like death.

    You never forget the physical memory of fear.

  101. Ordo ab chao

    I can look that up in five minutes and find "Order out of Chaos."

    No comment.

    Still astonishes me what I have at my fingertips.

    That's a real armpit scratcher.