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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jews for Obama. Why?

US elections: American Jews predicted to vote Obama by significant margin
Ewen MacAskill and Daniel Nasaw in Washington, Wednesday July 23, 2008

Jewish leaders in the US today predicted a big turnout among Jews in the November presidential election in favour of Barack Obama in spite of suspicion about his views on Iran and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Ira Forman, executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council, an advocacy group with strong links to the Democratic party, said: "I think Obama will win the Jewish vote by a large margin. The question is how much?"

Rabbi David Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Centre of Reform Judaism, said American Jews' traditional political affinity with African Americans, born of a shared experience of discrimination and the struggles of the civil rights era, could outstrip concerns among some Jewish voters that Obama is not pro-Israel enough.

"There is a great deal of pride and excitement about this moment in history as we see this real possibility of seeing a black president," he said.

Obama's visit to Israel is partly to counter criticism from his Republican rival, John McCain, that he lacks foreign policy experience but it is also to shore up support among Jews in the US. Although they make up only 3% of the electorate, Jews have been historically important, mainly as activists in the Democratic party and as generous donors. Unlike young voters and African-Americans who have in the past turned out in low numbers - but are both predicted to turn out in large numbers for Obama this time - Jews are dependable about casting their ballots.

Jews tend to be overwhelmingly Democrats, with 65% identifying themselves as Democratic or leaning Democratic, according to a June survey by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, compared to 23% who identify as Republican or leaning Republican.

A Gallup poll in April put Obama on 61% to 32% for McCain.

Forman said that while Jews are concentrated in places such as New York and California, which both vote Democratic anyway, there were also large numbers in states where the outcome is not as predictable: Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Forman acknowledged that African Americans and young voters are likely to defy past experience by turning out in large numbers for Obama but his campaign team would still be looking for Jewish votes. "When you are running a political campaign, you always make the assumption it will be a close race and you have to turn out all your constituencies heavily," Forman said.

Saperstein said Obama has been able to diffuse some of worries about his commitment to Israel, in part through his speech last month at a conference in Washington of the American Israel Political Affairs Committee, in which he promised that Jerusalem would be the undivided capital of Israel, even though he qualified this the next day to say this would be dependent on final negotiations with the Palestinians, who also claim it as their capital.


  1. Why? Well, Jews tend to be well educated and the well educated tend to vote for...Obama.

  2. Ask Horowitz about Death Loving Socialist "Jews."
    (virtually all non-observant)

  3. Jews historically voted democratic...

    I am a democrat...

    Jews historically voted 92% democrat...

    today Jews will vote about 60% for obama of which 70% were hillary supporters

    Today the largest number of Jews in the history of the Republic both in numbers and %'s will vote....

    For the GOP

  4. independent DEMOCRATS FOR MCCAIN

    I am I cried...

    I am said I...

    and I am NOT alone...

  5. I hope you're right WiO.

    I have been very disappointed with during the previous few elections. I thought surely more Jews than ever will vote for the Republicans. The percentages were disappointing for every presidential election.

    I just can't understand why American Jewry doesn't see the threat coming from the left.

  6. Brilliant Folks like the Einstein Brothers still have political views like SuperDave.

    ...I assume his brother Albert Brooks, my favorite actor is also a lib.

    How 'bout non-related Mel?
    It just don't add up,
    but there it is.

  7. All of us have really Stoopid Streaks about us.
    W/Jews it's just almost always regarding politics.

  8. Maybe WIO will be right, and we won't know til after the election, when they register their REAL opinion.

  9. There's also a Jews for Jesus movement. I think Jews just like supporting Messiahs.

  10. teresita said...
    There's also a Jews for Jesus movement. I think Jews just like supporting Messiahs.

    Sorry they aint jews in any way shape or form

    We do not claim them...

    From reform to orthodox, from atheist jews to Buddist jews all agree...

    Jews for Jesus is a fraud.

  11. Why? Answer: Masochism.

    The more disturbing question to ask is, why vote? The game is rigged, why give the game credibility? The only answer, again, is Masochism. Masochism in knowing one is being played and going along with it.

  12. Jews for Jesus is more than a fraud. It's outright genocide.

  13. mətušélaḥ said...
    Jews for Jesus is more than a fraud. It's outright genocide.

    the southern baptist convention spends 112 million a year funding Jews for jesus to try to confuse and convert jews.

    typically this christian group (j4j) has used tactics such as legaling changing their names to nice sounding jewish names, going after the sick, the elderly and back in the early 90's the russian jews that escaped to the usa that spoke little or no english....

    they have on purpose...

    the "ENDING" of Judaism

  14. So the Jews have, historicly, voted en bloc, much like the Blacks. Historicly, 92% for the Dems, wi"o" tells US.

    This cycle, down to 65% for Obama.

    Thanks, for nothing.

  15. Wasn't Hitler a Southern Baptist? Yes, I think he was. Although I can see how some people might be thrown off by his alleged hail-o-ss.

  16. I've been asking myself this question for years. Particularily this year. The four or five Jewish folk I've know well in my life, all democrats mostly, except for my dad's long time partner, staunch Republican. I think it comes from the Jewish outlook on social justice from the Bible. And yet the democrats aren't really the party of the average joe anymore. It's not the old democratic party any longer. Party of the elites, as they like to think of themselves. You can't accuse American Jews of voting only with Israel in mind. They don't.

  17. Don't think they was voting Carter.

  18. If you ever wondered who dreamed up Cosmo Kramer, the hipster doofus with a mistrust of authority at the centre of one of American television's most successful comedies, Seinfeld, then look no further than Larry Charles, a Jewish-American comedian with an encyclopedic brain and ZZ Top beard.


    Charles says other projects he has in the pipeline are too secretive to discuss. He denies that he is directing a new National Lampoon movie, as has been rumoured, and confirms that a recent collaboration with rapper Kanye West for HBO was canned by the network after a pilot was shot.

    He does, however, say that since being introduced to British comedy in detail by Baron-Cohen, he has become a massive fan. "I think it's amazing and singular and a lot of people [Steve Coogan and Ricky Gervais, among others] have been drafted over here.

    No One Will be Spared

  19. Both parties are for Free Trade. So neither party is interested in the welfare of Americans.

  20. hheehheehe--Ash got right in there as lead off hitter in this inning.

  21. Roger Harloff turned hard work, attention to detail and risk-taking into a multimillion-dollar farming operation in Manatee County.


    Harloff, who died Sunday, two days before his 77th birthday, blamed his reversal of fortune on the North American Free Trade Agreement, which began allowing cheaper produce from Mexico to flood U.S. markets in the mid-1990s before U.S. farmers could harvest their crops.


    Although tomatoes were his favorite crop, despite the vagaries of freezes and other weather extremes, he also grew cabbages, cucumbers, green peppers, watermelons and cantaloupes. He also had cattle and citrus operations.

    Tomato Farmer

  22. Ash confuses 'well educated' with intelligent. Some of these 'well educated' arses still think the Marxist isle prison of Cuba is paradise. And read D. Dennet and think they know something.

  23. aye, good comeback there Bobal, but what do you do with the Marxist leanings of Mattie? Dentist therefore well educated, but intelligent? Naw.

  24. Daily Rasmussen--

    Election 2008: Ohio Presidential Election
    McCain Opens Modest Lead in Ohio
    Tuesday, July 22, 2008 Email to a Friend
    John McCain has opened a modest lead over Barack Obama in the key swing state of Ohio. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the Buckeye State shows McCain attracting 46% of the vote while Obama earns 40%. Last month and the month before McCain held a insignificant one-point lead over Obama.

    Seven percent (7%) of voters say they’d prefer a third party candidate over either McCain or Obama and another 7% remain undecided.

    When “leaners” are included in the totals, McCain leads Obama 52% to 42%.

  25. Have you seen the girls in Cuba, Bob? I tell youz, I wouldn't mind getting stranded on that island, at least for a little bit. :)

  26. Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking--

    Romney Tops List of Possible McCain Running Mates

    With Washington abuzz over speculation that John McCain will announce his running mate this week to take some of the focus off Barack Obama's overseas travels, over a third of U.S. voters say Mitt Romney will be the Republican vice presidential candidate.

    Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows Barack Obama attracting 45% of the vote while John McCain earns 42%. When "leaners" are included, it's Obama 47% and McCain 45%.

  27. I haven't noticed any what I would consider totalitarian leanings in Mat.

    Those are the Potemkin Sisters there in Cuba, Mat, brought out to the foreigners only hotels to earn a little cash, and impress the tourists. Try on a sugar cane worker, then tell us about it.:)

  28. Marxist leanings of Mattie?

    You didn't know, Ashley, but me is a Southern Baptist.

  29. These fellows polled Ohio over the same time frame, bob.
    Totally different result.

    Obama holds Ohio advantage

    Raleigh, N.C. – Barack Obama continues to hold a solid advantage over John McCain in
    Ohio, according to the newest survey from Public Policy Polling.
    His lead in the state is 48-40, similar to the 50-39 edge he showed in PPP’s June poll.
    Obama trails McCain 46-42 among white voters, but his 91-6 advantage with African
    Americans gives him the overall lead.
    “Right now Barack Obama is in a pretty good position in Ohio,” said Dean Debnam,
    President of Public Policy Polling. “His standing with black voters is not surprising, but
    he is also doing unusually well with white voters in the state. Whether he can sustain that
    level of support or not will probably determine if he can take this state.”
    The results show a significant gender gap, with Obama leading by 20 points among
    women but trailing by seven with men. Obama leads in all age groups except senior

    Courtesy of RCP

  30. Yeah I know, Rat. Which poll to believe. Rasmussen seems credible to me. That Quinipec or whatever it is always seems off the wall. Some others too. I don't know which one is the best of the bunch.

  31. When Mat joins the Cuban Communist Party, heads with machete for the cane fields, and falls in love with another cutter, then I'll know he's a commie, and loves Cuban women.:)

  32. The two presidents that preceded President Bush embraced the conservative value of getting revenues and expenditures in line. President George H. W. Bush famously reneged on his "read my lips: no new taxes" pledge in order to address the deficits. This was a big factor in his '92 loss. President Bill Clinton, the victor that year, came to Washington with a Democratic House and Senate and pushed through a revenue package that also addressed these deficits. This helped cost the Democrats control of both houses in '94. It was an earthquake, which would come to be known as the Gingrich revolution. Obviously, both Presidents Bush and Clinton made great sacrifices in order to achieve surpluses.

    I was in the Senate in October of 2000 when President Clinton vetoed Republican-passed tax bills of modest amounts because they threatened our surplus. I was also there five months later when President Bush unfathomably promoted a tax cut four times as large as the kind Clinton had vetoed -- a cut of 1.6 trillion dollars. And it passed! President Bush then embarked on an unprecedented spending spree: a prescription drug benefit added to Medicare, an expensive new federal bureaucracy called the Department of Homeland Security and trillion dollar wars overseas, which are creating a new generation of veterans that will deserve physical and mental care at taxpayers' expense for decades to come. President Bush's first veto was not over unchecked congressional pork but over stem cell research!

    The president reversed his predecessors' good, conservative fiscal policies -- responsible stewardship of revenues and expenditures. So who's drunk?

    Lincoln Chafee, Republican.

  33. al-Bob,
    Well educated for some means a Harvard Degree for an ignoramus like Barry.
    For MOST Social Science grads'
    Well indoctrinated.

  34. Arnold for President!
    (at least til the budget gets signed)

    Schwarzenegger plans to slash state workers' pay till budget passes - Los
    Angeles Times

    About 200,000 employees would get the federal minimum wage, saving California
    roughly $1 billion a month. They would receive their back pay after a spending
    plan is enacted.

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is planning to cut the pay of about
    200,000 state workers to the federal minimum wage of $6.55 an hour until a
    budget is signed, according to a draft of the governor's order obtained by The

    The deadline for passing a budget was July 1, and without one California may
    be unable to borrow billions of dollars needed to keep the state solvent.

  35. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Wednesday he will not run for vice president on the Republican ticket, adding himself to a growing number of those pulling themselves out of the race.

  36. Dick Morris says thumbs down to Romney, thumbs up to Powell, Rice or Huckabee.

  37. Romney: A Mistake for McCain
    By Dick Morris

    You've probably heard the story about the tycoon who wanted to bring out a new kind of dog food.

    He spent lavishly. He hired the best marketing person, the top PR firm, the best ad agency, the No. 1 packaging expert, the most powerful distributor -- but the sales were flat after six months.

    He summoned his consultants to a meeting and asked why the food wasn't selling. "The dogs won't eat it," was the answer that came back.

    And so it is with Mitt Romney. Despite outspending his rivals by huge margins throughout the primaries, the dogs won't eat it. He lost Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida and California. The only primaries he won were in Michigan, where Dad was governor; LDS states; and a few states on Super Tuesday in which his California-obsessed rivals couldn't spare the cash to advertise. Only John Connolly in 1968 had a worse cash-to-delegates ratio.

  38. Forgot Lieberman. He would be good too, says Morris.

  39. Actually, I never stepped on Cuban soil, and until the Cubans throw out that commie dictatorship, I never will. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for some of my "more enlightened" Canadian associates.

  40. Great minds working in tandem again, Rat.

  41. "an expensive new federal bureaucracy called the Department of Homeland Security "
    A conservative would have made the case based on National Security.
    With the added bonus of saving Trillions in the long term.

  42. Lots of people in both parties seem to be swimming away from the VP spot. Maybe neither candidate will be able to find a running mate, and the election will be cancelled, saving us.

  43. Of These Polls I think Rasmussen and Survey USA are the better ones.

  44. Should pick Steele:
    His speaking skills put Dumbo to shame.

  45. McCain needs someone who is strong advocate for renewable energy. The Market is leaning Obama, because the perception is that Obama is good for renewable energy, while McCain is really a continuation of the Bush story, that being oil and more wars for big oil.

  46. Turnout models, al-Bob.
    All about turnout.
    St Louie will set an all-time record, is my prediction.
    Chicago may have more Dem votes than the population of Illinois.
    Dumbo worked for ACORN for years.
    No Dummy there.
    Just Crooked.

  47. ..someone who is ^a strong advocate for renewable energy..

  48. McCain's ok with nuclear power. I'm ok with McCain.

    One day Obama is for an undivided Jerusalem, the next for a divided Jerusalem. Seems to depend on just who his audience at the time happens to be.

  49. Mat,
    What I meant was the patent office should have the application for them batteries.
    Would be interesting to see how they are described.

    Pencell NiMh have increased in capacity by 400% in a decade.
    Wonder why THAT NiMh was so special?

  50. Bob,

    nukes = fuel cells = indefinite delay tactic

  51. NiMh is special cause it safe and it don't blow up. :D

  52. from Dr. Bill's web page--

    Cost of Electricity Generation

    Below is a chart of the California Energy Commission's estimate of the cost of electrical energy.
    Cost of Electricity Generation
    Technology Current Cost of Electricity
    (2003 data, cents/kWh)
    Hydroelectric 0.25 to 2.7
    Nuclear 1.4 to 1.9
    Coal 1.8 to 2.0
    Natural Gas 5.2 to 15.9
    Solar 13.5 to 42.7
    Wind 4.6

  53. Mat'sNew Car

    The Lightning GT can go from zero to 60 mph in 4 seconds, just like the Tesla Roadster, and has a range of 200 miles per charge, compared to Tesla's 220-mile range.

    The Lightning GT has a technological advantage over the Roadster, or so it seems, depending on whether recharge time is an issue for owners. The company says the car takes 10 minutes to recharge, if charged from a three-phase power supply (those found in industrial buildings, compared to the residential single phase). The Tesla Roadster has an estimated 3.5-hour charge time from a residential outlet.

  54. and--

    Residential solar PV economics
    Let's look at the economics of putting a 2.3 kWe solar PV system on the roof of a home. With a big splash roof top solar PV homes are now being sold as of January 20,2007 in Roseville California
    Nation's largest solar community to debut. The advertisement in the newspaper says the owner can sell the excess electricity back to the utility and also reap benefits of having their own electricity . After you read what I have written below you will see that the advertisements are completely false. There will be no excess. But so what, there are no guarantees that the solar systems will generate anything.
    The Table below presents the lifetime financial duration of the PV system for 30 years of cost data. The state rebate is $2.50 per Watt. The loan term is 30 years. The system capital cost is $20,000 and the Federal tax credit of 30% is limited to a tax credit of $2,000. The state rebate is thus $2.50 per watt times 2,300 watts = $5,750
    .The total amount financed by the owner is:$20,000 - $5,750 - $2,000 = $12,250
    The home owner can finance the $12,250 for 30 years at 6.2% or 4.10% effective mortgage rate after deduction for interest. This assumes the homeowner is in the 34% combined federal and state income tax bracket. The annual cost of the mortgage is $710, the annual amount of electrical energy generated is 3,022 kWh, the current cost of electrical energy to the homeowner is $0.0798 and I assumes that it escalates 3% per year. The saving in electrical energy payments the first year is thus 3,022 kWh x 0.0798per kWh = $241. But the first year's net cash flow to the home owner is minus $469.
    PG&E tells me that the annual usage of electrical energy varies, but 10,000 kWh is a good number for residential homes with a 2.3 kWe solar PV system on their roof top. Thus the solar PV system would supply about 3,022 kWe/10,000 = 30% of the homeowners electric energy.
    Financial data over 30 years of a 2.3 kWe capacity solar PV system installed on a residential home
    Net Cost
    Cost of Energy

    per Year
    per Year
    3% Escalation

    per Year
































    Conclusions: Notice that for 32 years the homeowner has a negative cash flow. The home owner has only four years out of thirty where there is a positive cash flow. The final sum over thirty year was a loss of $7,117

  55. Yeah, but Prius already has NiMh, the others are sposed to be super NiMh?

  56. Mat,
    Those nuke figures probly include the cost of buying the fuel and nothing else!

  57. hehe, my wife was all ticked off today. Seems the city council is coming up with a cock eyed scheme to charge property owners on how much water runs off from the property into the storm sewer system. Repeat, the storm sewer system. This is something new, and probably was schemed up by some arse in City Planning reading some article in City Planning Magazine about some shit in California. There is going to be a rebellion in Lewiston over this. These people here actually work for a living, unlike those in Moscow. It's why the property taxes are a lot less here.

  58. Bob,

    I don't believe those numbers are reflective of reality. From everything I read, nukes are by far the most expensive of all the options.

  59. SuperJoo:

  60. Would you believe this, Mat--

    Subject: FW: FW: New York Times Where is Obama's money coming from

    This, from a very liberal columnist, helps to validate what many of us have suspected. Maybe the best candidate money can buy and the muslim we all suspect. How much damage can he do with the backing of the middle east?

    Published: June 29, 2008


    Certainly the most interesting and potentially devastating phone call I have received during this election cycle came this week from one of the Obama’s campaign internet geeks. These are the staffers who devised Obama’s internet fund raising campaign which raised in the neighborhood of $200 million so far. That is more then twice the total funds raised by any candidate in history – and this was all from the internet campaign.

    What I learned from this insider was shocking but I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that when it comes to fund raising there simply are no rules that can’t be broken and no ethics that prevail.

    Obama’s internet campaign started out innocently enough with basic e-mail networking , lists saved from previous party campaigns and from supporters who visited any of the Obama campaign web sites.
    Small contributions came in from these sources and the internet campaign staff were more than pleased by the results.

    Then, about two months into the campaign the daily contribution intake multiplied. Where was it coming from? One of the web site security monitors began to notice the bulk of the contributions were clearly coming in from overseas internet service providers and at the rate and frequency of transmission it was clear these donations were “programmed” by a very sophisticated user.

    While the security people were not able to track most of the sources due to firewalls and other blocking devices put on these contributions they were able to collate the number of contributions that were coming in seemingly from individuals but the funds were from only a few credit card accounts and bank electronic funds transfers. The internet service providers (ISP) they were able to trace were from Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Middle Eastern countries. One of the banks used for fund transfers was also located in Saudi Arabia .

    Another concentrated group of donations was traced to a Chinese ISP with a similar pattern of limited credit card charges.

    It became clear that these donations were very likely coming from sources other than American voters. This was discussed at length within the campaign and the decision was made that none of these donations violated campaign financing laws.

    It was also decided that it was not the responsibility of the campaign to audit these millions of contributions as to the actual source (specific credit card number or bank transfer account numbers) to ensure that none of these internet contributors exceeded the legal maximum donation on a cumulative basis of many small donations. They also found the record keeping was not complete enough to do it anyway.

    This is a shocking revelation.

    We have been concerned about the legality of “bundling” contributions after the recent exposure of illegal bundlers but now it appears we may have an even greater problem.

    I guess we should have been somewhat suspicious when the numbers started to come out. We were told (no proof offered) that the Obama internet contributions were from $10.00 to $25.00 or so.

    If the $200,000,000 is right, and the average contribution was $15.00, that would mean over 13 million individuals made contributions? That would also be 13 million contributions would need to be processed. How did all that happen?

    I believe the Obama campaign’s internet fund raising needs a serious, in depth investigation and audit. It also appears the whole question of internet fund raising needs investigation by the legislature and perhaps new laws to ensure it complies not only with the letter of these laws but the spirit as well.

  61. HAVANA (Associated Press) -- Ailing Fidel Castro said Wednesday that Cuba's president was right to adopt a "dignified silence" over a Moscow newspaper report that Russia may station nuclear bombers on the island, and said Cuba doesn't owe any explanation to Washington about the story.

    In a brief, cryptic essay posted on a government Web site Wednesday night, the 81-year-old former president neither confirmed nor denied the Monday report in Izvestia newspaper.

    Moscow is angry about U.S. plans for missile-defense sites in eastern Europe and Izvestia cited a "highly placed" military aviation source as saying, "While they are deploying the anti-missile systems in Poland and the Czech Republic, our long-range strategic aircraft already will be landing in Cuba." Izvestia said this apparently refers to long-range nuclear-capable bombers.

    Izvestia points out that there would have to be a political decision on landing bombers in Cuba, and quoted the unnamed source as saying there have been such discussions.

    While Fidel Castro said the president, his brother Raul Castro, was wise not to respond to the newspaper report, he did not make clear why he was commenting.

    Fidel Castro also said Cuba is not obligated to offer the United States an explanation about the newspaper report, "nor ask for excuses or forgiveness."

  62. The home owner has only four years out of thirty where there is a positive cash flow. The final sum over thirty year was a loss of $7,117

    So it's a tax write-down, and when the owner sells his house to move to a retirement community in Florida those solar panels will have a lot of curb appeal.

  63. al-Bob,
    'Rat will assure us Dowd is a right-wing hack, and those contributions from Saudia Arabia were made by Jews on Vacation!

  64. PARIS (Associated Press) -- The French electric company EDF says that 100 employees have been "slightly contaminated" by a leak at a reactor site in southern France.

    It was the third incident at a French nuclear site in recent weeks and the second at the huge Tricastin site.

    An EDF spokeswoman says the employees were exposed to radioactive particles that escaped from a pipe in a reactor that had been shut down. It says the employees were exposed to radiation far below permitted levels, and went home but will be tested.

    A leak of unenriched uranium at another facility at Tricastin led to a just-lifted ban on water sports and fishing in two rivers.

  65. "This is a shocking revelation."

    I didn't for a sec believe that the obama contributions were legit. But then, neither are McCain's.

  66. ...and he would be right about the hack!
    The Fake Maureen Dowd Email
    Editor's note: The following is the text of an anonymous email that falsely purports to be a column by New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. Read our story about this email and its origins.


    Magazine The Fake Maureen Dowd Email

  67. If there has been illegal activity, from foreign sources, doug, the Justice Dept will be right on that case, in January '09, fer sur.

    Electronic payments, little electronic debits.

    If only Billary were so clever.

  68. I knew it was a fake right away. Too masculine with all those numbers and shit. Maureen Dowd is "fluffier" and wittier.

  69. SUMMARY: Blogs and chain e-mails are spreading a Maureen Dowd column that claims the Obama campaign got suspicious contributions from Iran, Saudi Arabia and China. But the column is a fake.

    At first glance, the chain e-mail looks like an authentic column by Maureen Dowd, the Pulitzer-winning New York Times columnist. It has her byline and a headline that says "OBAMA'S TROUBLING INTERNET FUND RAISING." Some versions even have Dowd's picture.

    But the column is a fake, the latest weapon in the growing arsenal of chain e-mailers who are spreading false information about the presidential candidates.

    The column, which is dated June 29, 2008, says Dowd got a call from "one of the Obama's campaign [sic] internet geeks" who told her the campaign has received a flood of small contributions from overseas. The contributors were difficult to trace, the column says, but they came from a small number of banks and credit cards in various countries, particularly from "Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Middle Eastern countries."

    The column says that "another concentrated group of donations was traced to a Chinese ISP (Internet provider) with a similar pattern of limited credit card charges."

    The column says campaign officials were aware "these donations were very likely coming from sources other than American voters," but they concluded it was legal to accept them. Federal law prohibits foreign nationals from contributing to the presidential campaigns, but donations from Americans living overseas are legal and fairly common.

    The column calls the decision to accept them "a shocking revelation" and says the Obama campaign should be audited. (You can find the full text of the e-mail here.)

    The column is bogus. Dowd told us she did not write it and that
    "It just seems like anyone who is familiar with my column would know this wasn’t me."

    It's not clear who wrote the column. One of the early appearances of the column was when it was posted June 29 on a blog on AZCentral, the Arizona Republic newspaper site, by someone identified as Thomas Moore. In his bio, Moore describes himself as "a retired journalist/technical writer/illustrator" and a fan of Barry Goldwater. His photo on the blog is a computer animation of a man waving a McCain sign, although Moore has no apparent ties to the McCain campaign.

    When someone pointed out on his blog that the column was a fake, Moore wrote, "It appears that I may be the fool for posting the editorial, since I don't find it on the NYT Website, either. I'm checking with the friend who sent it to me, as to whether he copied it directly from the Website."

  70. hmmm, my source for that Dowd article was Dale, a guy here that sends me stuff alot. Nice guy, ready to fight the muzzies any day. Well, I quess I'll mail him that back, it might break his heart though.

  71. This is a bad day for us Obama bashers. Seems a birth announcement has been found in the Honolulu Advertiser Here

    Dangit, can't we make something stick, other than his policies, of course.

  72. bobal

    yeah I saw that a couple days ago on free republic and stopped posting on that topic.

    I think obamas mideast trip will be remembered for his line that even now he would not endorse the surge. giving truth to mccains claim that he would lose the election if it meant winning the war while obama would lose the war if it meant winning the election.

    that sound bite I think rang too true.

  73. McCain's should be doing something to break up all this coverage of Obama, or pretty soon people won't remember who the other candidate is. Damn press and tv, I hate 'em. All democrats now.

  74. Rush's suggestion on Monday was that McCain should be on an oil derrick in the gulf of mexico advocating more drilling.

    McCain's team announced that McCain will be on an oil derrick in the gulf for a photo op tomorrow or friday--but cancelled because of the cat 2 hurricane in the gulf.

  75. 2,000 years later and the debate still goes on. That ruling would seem to mean that being Jewish isn't a biological matter, but a matter of belief. What about my dad's old Jewish partner, who, more or less like Mat, thought it was all mumbo-jumbo? Is he, or rather was he, Jewish, or not?

    Is Mat Jewish?

  76. McCain ought to do just what Rush tells him to do. And what deuce tells him to do. Then he might have a fighting chance.

  77. 'little people who look strange to us.'

    The Irish have know this for years, Sam.

  78. He just wouldn't listen, Charles, no matter how many times and ways we told him.

    Closed Minded Farmer,
    even in retirement.

  79. Now he's embarassing himself and us w/his fake e-mails!

  80. Yes, I hear your chances of seeing them increase dramatically on St. Patty's Day.

  81. You're discrediting the loyal and true Messiah Bashers, al-Bob.
    That's a sin, in my book.

  82. "Because of the surge we were able to go out and protect that sheik and others. And it began the Anbar awakening," ... "I mean, that's just a matter of history"


  83. I shouldn't have said that about the Irish 'little people', who represent, I've read, the old gods gone to ground, after the coming of Christianity. Not aliens.

    The disclosure project is old news to this reporter, and, as Mitchell says, continues apace.

    How can you doubt an astronaut?

    He's right too, that, if they be unfriendly, we're toast.

  84. Dammit, Dale sent me that e-mail. I just sent it on, as per instruction.

  85. Just following orders.

    We've heard that one before.

  86. Dale's probly a little green man in area 51.

    Or Art in Manilla.

  87. I'll take Buz, anyday.
    ...and of course, Hoot Gibson.

  88. Jack Nicholson played a crazed astronaut in a movie whose name I can't recall. Pretty funny movie.

  89. On the Iranian issue, Obama's statements differ from what Israeli leaders have grown accustomed to hearing from officials in the administration of President George W. Bush.

    During his brief visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authority Wednesday, Obama told Defense Minister Ehud Barak that he views the peace process between Israel and Syria as very important. When speaking about Tehran's drive to obtain nuclear weapons, Obama reiterated the importance that he attributes to diplomatic pressure.

    Commenting on Obama's recent statements about his support for a "united Jerusalem", presumably under Israeli control, a senior Palestinian official Wednesday told Haaretz that he advises against taking what presidential hopefuls tell Jewish voters too seriously.

    2 Peoples

  90. Chillingly, he claimed our technology is 'not nearly as sophisticated' as theirs and "had they been hostile", he warned 'we would be been gone by now'.


  91. His role in Terms of Endearment further softened the rebel character he had created for the turbulent 1960s and 1970s. As a womanizing, alcoholic former astronaut, he is a comic and not a tragic figure, a man who does his own thing, hurts no one, and can be melodramatically transformed into a sensitive human being. The part won him another supporting actor Oscar.

  92. - Reno Air Races -
    Hoot was there!

    "In 2007 alone, three pilots died over the course of four days in separate incidents (Gary Hubler, Steve Dari, & Brad Morehouse),[2] prompting the temporary suspension of the event.[3] Races were resumed on Saturday after various safety meetings.[4]"
    Wonder if that will be his first and last!

  93. Israel says Lo-Bama

    They don't much like him, there.

  94. That's a heck of a neat plane, Doug, that Dago Red. Might make a great crop-duster:)


  95. Ideehoe Legend, al-Bob:

    "One look at Gary Hubler's Air Racing website and you can see he means business, he flies to win.

    Gary was never one to fear the ground and most of his flying was close to the ground as an agricultural pilot, but what Gary excelled in was racing and winning.

    In fact, at age 51 he was a five-time champion at Reno National Championship Air Races.

    Gary was from Caldwell, ID and loved to fly and his crew is made of up of a set of superstars indeed."

    16,000 hours!

  96. Teresita:

    We lost 3000 innocent lives on Bush’s watch, and he managed to blame it on Clinton and Saddam, so why would Obama act any different?
    All he has to do is say the whole adventure in Iraq was a mistake from the gitgo.
    Besides, the Iraqis can take care of their own country. People all over the world have been taking care of their own country for thousands of years.
    The only thing we stand to lose is the proposed permanent superbases in Iraq from where the neocons planned to project military power into Syria and Iran and any other country in the neighborhood that frowns at Israel.
    That is what McCain is really thinking about when he says we should be there for a hundred years.
    A vote for Obama is a vote against being the World Cop.

    Zenster said,
    "You’re too kind, fred. Idjits like Teresita would be found, clad in full burqa, nursing away at the nearest imam’s tumescent spigot."


  97. She was for Obama before she was against him before she was for him again.

  98. "We lost 3000 innocent lives on Bush’s watch.."

    What, OBL does not carry a watch?

  99. Tes,

    Honestly, sometimes I get the feeling when I read your posts, that I'm reading scribbles plagiarized from a 6 year old. If that's the intellectual caliber of US gov civil service employ, then the US is indeed in deep shit.

  100. T. is for McCain when she's here, for Obama when she's over at BC.

  101. "What about my dad's old Jewish partner, who, more or less like Mat, thought it was all mumbo-jumbo?"

    I don't think it's mumbo-jumbo, I think religion is a fraud. That said, I fully accept and embrace hebrew Israeli culture and biblical hebrew history. But the Jesus story is a Latin Christian story, tied to a Latin Christian culture. Jesus has little to do with hebrew Israeli culture, at least not as is told by Roman story tellers.

  102. I thought you might say something along those lines, Mat. So, you'd think the definition of a Jew isn't really biological, or religious, as in believing, but rather cultural--that makes perfectly good sense to me, an outsider. I think that what you've said is more or less what my lawyer thinks, as well.

  103. It's biological and cultural. You need both for both to survive.

  104. Though the Jewish branch, the original one, of Christ folk, or Jesus folk, or whatever you want to call them, got pretty well erased from the picture after the Roman/Jewish war. After that it was a parting of the ways, is how I understand what happened.

    I still don't understand, and probably never will, just how Christianity took hold in Europe.

  105. Needed, maybe. Here in the USA we are about as diverse as you can get, biologically, and so far we've made it. We do have, or have had, it may be disappearing, a common culture, very young. It's a different world now, with the machines, and travel, and trade, etc.

  106. But the Jesus story is a Latin Christian story, tied to a Latin Christian culture. Jesus has little to do with hebrew Israeli culture,
    christianity as I've heard it tought these day is deeply rooted in the old testament--and not in the greco roman culture.

    St Paul himself was a Jew's Jew of the period.

  107. That's what the Greeks thought. Same or the Romans. Same for many other multi culti empires. I don't see America to be all that different.

  108. Charles,

    Paul may have been a Jew, but the Jesus story you have today is a thoroughly edited Roman propaganda tale. It bares little resemblance to what might have been a kernel of historical truth.

  109. The New Testament is fully packed with references to the Hebrew scriptures. There's a word for this that I can't think of right now, but much material is pulled from the earlier and incorporated into the new. So much so that practically every reference can be traced back to it in some way. Jesus thus becomes a kind of new improved version of Moses, in this view.

  110. And it's read both ways. The twelve springs and 70 palm trees in the story of Moses and the escape from Egypt is thus read backwards as a reference to the 12 disciples and 70 apostles for instance.

  111. Jesus spends 40 days in the wilderness, the Hebrews 40 years in the desert, etc. etc.

  112. "Jesus thus becomes a kind of new improved version of Moses, in this view."

    This "new improved version" is the old recycled version of Empire, the Tower of Babel. Jews reject this.

  113. Or more concurrently, the Tower of Bobal. :)

  114. :)

    Well I think the early Christians had little idea what was coming after Constantine had his moment, whatever it consisted of, at the Battle at the Malvern Bridge, or whatever the name of it was. The New Testament itself is not an imperial document. Though it's also true you can see signs of sucking up to Rome, for survivals sake, in some of it.

  115. I got to take a shower and get going, Mat, big day. Talk later.

  116. Charles,

    A clue to understanding the real Jesus, is to understand where Jesus spent his time, and where he did not. Jesus was thoroughly anti Roman, and he scrupulously avoided the more Hellenized towns of Israel.

  117. NP, Bob. Have yourself a great day.

  118. Once you start to understand Jesus' real political views, then things start to make sense. The money changing scene. What do you think was so irritating to Jesus? I'll tell you what it was. It was Greek and Roman coinage at the Temple. And you'd have the same scene if it was me there.

  119. Metuselah: Jesus was thoroughly anti Roman, and he scrupulously avoided the more Hellenized towns of Israel.

    On the contrary, if Jesus was anti-Roman, he would have declined to heal the servant of the Centurion in Matthew chapter 8. Jesus is pro-Roman, pro-woman, pro-everybody. It comes with the territory of being the Savior of mankind.

  120. Bobal: T. is for McCain when she's here, for Obama when she's over at BC.

    We're through, you and me, bobal.

  121. I guess you were there, Tes. Anything else you care to report back to us on Jesus?

  122. Dougster said:

    Zenster said,
    "You’re too kind, fred. Idjits like Teresita would be found, clad in full burqa, nursing away at the nearest imam’s tumescent spigot."


    Yeah, real classy blog Wretchard has got there. Its one thing to post a dissenting view, and it's quite another thing to take a dump in someone's blogspace.

  123. Ah, hell T. you're too darn sensitive. You do sound like you're an Obamacon over there at BC, while here you've said 10 times you're voting McCain. Didn't mean no offense.

  124. Okay bobal.

    I like Obama's idea of a surge in Afghanistan, I don't like McCain's idea of staying in Iraq forever. That don't mean I'm going to pull the ripcord on America's suicide jacket.

  125. t says:

    I like Obama's idea of a surge in Afghanistan, I don't like McCain's idea of staying in Iraq forever. That don't mean I'm going to pull the ripcord on America's suicide jacket.

    I wish that america start pulling troops out of japan, korea and germany 1st...

    then speak about iraq and how long...

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